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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 10, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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wow. these are really intricate. some of these really are creative. i'm like you would love to che breaking news as we come on the air. russian forces gathering in the east, gearing up for what could be the decisive battle in eastern ukraine. new satellite images show an eight-mile-long convoy of hundreds of tanks and military vehicles on the move as russian forces seek full control of the east. civilians are being warned to evacuate before it's too late. an international airport destroyed by russian air strikes. ukrainian soldiers digging in, some admitting they're frightened about what comes next. tonight, what we're learning about the russian general just named to command the operation and his brutal war record in syria. workers at the scene of that deadly train station missile attack. taking away a stuffed animal caked in blood, now evidence of a possible war crime. a survivor arrives in poland and speaks of the horrors she witnessed.
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and the grim number from urkaine's prosecutor general that more than 1,200 bodies have been discovered in the wake of russia's retreat from the kyiv region. our terry moran reports from lviv. also tonight, the new severe weather threat. millions face powerful storms and possible tornadoes to start the work week. we'll time it out. new york city mayor eric adams now testing positive for covid. more than 20 of washington's political elite have also tested positive, including several people in president biden's inner circle. what dr. fauci said today about the risks to the president. is there a split within the january 6th committee? new reports that some members want to hold off on a criminal referral for former president trump. what vice chair liz cheney is saying tonight. the warning to americans tonight. the state department says don't travel to china. and how the covid lockdown there could affect everyone in the u.s. it's down to two candidates in france. could a far-right challenger oust emmanuel macron? the presidential election that could reshape politics in europe.
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a reward is being offered tonight for information about a chilling triple murder at a gun range. the dead, all members of the same family. and tiger woods wraps up his masters, and makes a big announcement about his future. good evening, everyone. thanks so much for joining us on yet another busy sunday. i'm linsey davis. as we come on the air tonight, we're seeing evidence that russian forces are regrouping and gearing up for a renewed assault on ukraine. these satellite images show a large military convoy more than eight miles long with hundreds of vehicles, as russian forces seek full control of the east. and ukrainians are getting ready. these soldiers using blue tape on makeshift uniforms to identify their allegiance. digging trenches. some with equipment that appears to be old.
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but they say they'll fight with anything they're given. one volunteer acknowledges that everyone is scared. and it's not just the soldiers. thousands made it out through humanitarian corridors this weekend. many waiting for days to be able to leave. being told to flee the east before the expected onslaught. today, a russian air strike destroyed the airport in dnipro. you can see the smoke rising in the distance there. the death toll of the train station hit by a missile friday has risen to 57. officials working to preserve the evidence for a war crimes investigation. and we're learning more about the russian general in charge, his disturbing record from the war in syria. terry moran leads us off tonight from lviv. >> reporter: tonight, this dire warning from a top government official in eastern ukraine -- "evacuate before it's too late. make the most important decision of your life." the decisive battle is coming in the east. new satellite images show a russian military column. hundreds of tanks, mobile artillery, and other vehicles
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extending at least eight miles heading east, as russia masses forces there. military analysts say russia is preparing for a major offensive, driving from territory they control in the east westward towards izyum, slovyansk, and ultimately the strategic city of dnipro. where today a russian airstrike destroyed the international airport. you can see the smoke rising in the distance. ukrainians on the eastern front lines are digginin many of them, like vandal, are volunteers working with the ukrainian defense forces to ready trenches, tanks, even uniforms. >> everybody a bit scared. that's normal, that's war. nobody's sure he'll return to home. yeah. nobody's sure he'll see his family, his girlfriend, and others. so everybody be scared. >> reporter: and they are right to be. the kremlin has appointed a new commander in ukraine, general aleksandr dvornikov, and he's
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got a grim track record. he led russia's brutal campaign in syria in 2015, that human rights investigators say targeted civilians and flattened cities. >> no appointment of any general can erase the fact that russia has already faced a strategic failure in ukraine. this general will just be another author of crimes and brutality against ukrainian civilians. >> reporter: ukrainians say they've killed seven russian generals so far. but the russian way of war, no matter who's in charge, has proved savage and brutal. that awful and now iconic image of this blood-soaked stuffed animal, left behind at the kramatorsk train station. it was collected by police today who plan to send it to the u.n. as evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by russia. tatiana peregorda was one of the 4,000 or so there that day when a russian missile screamed from the sky. now she's finally arrived to safety in poland with her baby, and describing the horrors she witnessed.
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"some people were injured, without parts of their bodies. small children were on the floor. we saw it all." the endless exodus from the war zones continues. more than 4,500 ukrainians were evacuated through humanitarian corridors so far this weekend. and ukraine's prosecutor general says more than 1,200 bodies have been found in the kyiv region since the war began. that number is still rising. today, local police in buzova discovered this grave and the bodies of at least two civilians. the daughter of one of the vi in nearby borodyanka, shock still hangs in the air at the scale of the destruction there. >> i don't really believe my eyes. that it is possible, there's no any single reason why to do it. i could understand a natural disaster but it's not a natural disaster, it's not natural at all. >> reporter: officials still expect dozens of victims may be under the rubble.
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maria says she knows her daughter and son-in-law are among them. "my children have been under the rubble for 36 days," she says. now she cares for her grandchildren. orphans of putin's war. ♪ there is loss and grief everywhere. here in lviv, hundreds gathered to pay respect to two soldiers killed in combat. one of them, 42-year-old yurih ruf, died defending luhansk. he volunteered the first day of this war. his friend says, "he gave everything he had. his life was for ukraine." >> so many laying down their lives on behalf of their country. let's get right to terry moran, in lviv for us. terry, senior u.s. defense officials have been warning that occupying the donbas region is a major objective for the russian army. their previous offensive has by all accounts failed. will this be different? >> reporter: it will.
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and ukrainians think so. that's why they say the time is now for the united states and other countries to provide heavy weapons. tanks, and artillery. because the russians tried the lightning thrusts at kyiv and other places. and now it looks like they'll deploy their strength, sheer manpower and firepower in a grinding assault that could last for months. linsey? >> terry, thank you. and once again, millions in the heartland are facing a new severe weather threat. with strong thunderstorms, large hail, and possible tornadoes. let's get right to danielle breezy from wkrn in nashville, welcome back. time this all out for us. >> reporter: linsey, we're tracking another round of dangerous storms targeting a large part of the country. this threat begins to unfold over the next 24 hours. first, focusing on parts of the southern plains into missouri.
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by later monday, cities like dallas and little rock bracing for severe weather. tuesday, the threat zone is much larger. stretching from texas into the midwest. damaging wind gusts, large hail, and tornadoes are all possible. the storms shift to new orleans, wednesday. and chicago on - a rough week ahead for so many. linsey? >> we'll of course be tracking those. danielle, thank you. tonight, new york mayor eric adams is the latest high profile politician to test positive for covid-19. the 61-year-old was at the gridiron dinner, where now more than 70 guests have tested positive. adams says he's displaying only minor symptoms. president biden was not at the event. he's having a quiet weekend in delaware. where he attended church this weekend. but several people in his inner circle have tested positive. maryalice parks with what dr. fauci said about the risks to the president. >> reporter: tonight, new york city mayor eric adams testing positive for covid-19, the latest in a string of high profile cases. his spokesperson writing, he has a raspy voice, no other symptoms, but will be cancelling public events for the remainder
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of the week. adams adding he plans to take anti-viral treatments now available, and encouraged others eligible to do so as well. the mayor, who is vaccinated, seen recently at events around the big apple. his office showing him with robert de niro at a film festival and playing catch at yankee stadium during opening day. last weekend he attended the elite gridiron dinner in washington, d.c., too. organizers telling us this weekend that more than 70 covid cases could have been linked to that one event. including several in president biden's inner circle. there have been no reports any of those people have been seriously ill. our jon karl asking dr. anthony fauci about what lessons should be learned from the event. >> it's going to be a person's decision about the individual risk they're going to take. >> reporter: fauci insisting that the protocols around president biden are sufficient. >> the fact is he could get infected. we hope he doesn't. we do everything we can to protect him. but, remember, he's fully vaccinated. he's doubly boosted, and most of the time, people who get anywhere near him need to be tested.
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>> maryalice, joining us from delaware, where she's been following the president. we heard dr. fauci defending the protocols in place to protect the president. what are you hearing about any additional precautions? >> reporter: we've pressed the white house on this, but they say they're sticking to the policies they have in place. and they point to the fact that the president has that second booster. that helps them feel confident. they say he plans to travel more this next month, including two trips this week. linsey? >> maryalice, thank you. tonight, questions about whether or not a house panel will recommend criminal charges against former president trump. the move would be symbolic, with the doj stepping up its own investigation. here's alex presha. >> reporter: tonight, questions about where or not a house panel will recommend criminal charges against former president trump. in court documents filed last month the january 6th select committee stating it has basis for "concluding that the president and members of his campaign engaged in a criminal
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conspiracy to defraud the united states." >> it's absolutely clear that what president trump was doing, what a number of people around him were doing, that they knew it was unlawful. they did it anyway. >> reporter: cheney refuting the new york times report that the committee is torn. some worry a criminal referral which would be largely symbolic may backfire, politically tainting the doj's expanding investigation into january 6th and the days leading up to it. tonight, signs that investigation is expanding with stop the steal founder ali alexander now cooperating with the doj. while a referral could pressure attorney general merrick garland to open a criminal investigation into the former president, there's concern it could be used as political fuel for the gop ahead of the midterms. >> i think it's a lot more important to do what's right than it is to worry about the political ramifications. >> reporter: president trump has denied allegations he broke the law. we reached out to the committee, and they said they remain
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focused on providing answers about january 6th, and to help ensure that nothing that happened on that day happens ever again. and we've learned that steven miller will appear before the committee this week. >> alex, thank you. next tonight, the state department is warning americans against traveling to china. and here's britt clennett, from hong kong tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the state department is urging americans to reconsider traveling to china as the country pursues a zero-covid policy with mounting restrictions and lockdowns. the u.s. pointing to arbitrary enforcement measures including the risk of parents and children being separated. non-emergency staff and diplomats' families also now allowed to evacuate from shanghai. tonight, china calling its covid policies science-based and effective, and slamming what it described as the u.s.' groundless accusations.
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still, despite efforts to control covid, cases are rising. shanghai,with over 25 million residents, now the site of china's biggest outbreak of the pandemic. after a nearly two week long strict lockdown, the number of daily positive infections in the city reaching 25,000. but only 1,000 of those showing symptoms. >> over the past two years, the zero-covid strategy was effective. but now, this approach is showing diminishing returns. >> reporter: the government now forced to deliver groceries to some of its residents. even truck drivers held up from taking goods to major shipping ports. the stoppage disrupting global supply chains. >> we're seeing shutdowns within the region which we know can cause delays. it is something we are closely monitoring. >> reporter: feeling pressure,
5:45 pm
authorities now have announced plans to separate shanghai into high and low risk areas. but there's no clear timeline of when the lockdown will end. they're now allowing some parents to stay with their kids. linsey? >> britt, thank you. we move to france, where it's down to two candidates in the presidential race. could a far-right challenger oust emmanuel macron? lama hasan reports from london on the race with far-reaching implications. >> reporter: tonight, the fight for the french presidency, the two main contenders emmanuel macron and his rival marine le pen casting their own votes in this high stakes election. all of it overshadowed by the ongoing war in ukraine. he is the incumbent, boosted by his diplomatic efforts on the world stage confronting russian president vladimir putin. she is the challenger, a far-right nationalist, and a longtime admirer of putin who has vowed to leave nato if elected. a move that could destabilize the western alliance that has opposed putin's war. polls show a ight race, with le pen's numbers rising, closing in on macron. >> marine le pen seems to have made a very effective campaign.
5:46 pm
she appeared as more moderate, less extreme. >> reporter: macron won a sweeping victory over le pen five years ago, but this time it's different. while the president has looked abroad, le pen's populist message has reached french voters concerned about the cost of living. >> especially because our current president has refused to hold the debates which could have been interesting as well. >> reporter: supporters on the streets of paris desperately rallying people to the polls. >> my main argument is that if they don't vote, who will vote? >> reporter: early results suggest that macron may have won the first round. but there's a bigger battle ahead. with none of the candidates securing 50% of the votes, they're expected to head for a run-off in two weeks. >> lama, thank you. tonight, christianity's holy week has begun on this palm sunday. pope francis calling for a truce in ukraine. as he celebrated mass in a packed st. peter's square. many in the crowd holding ukrainian flags.
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this is the first time in two years that they've held the traditional outdoor mass. still ahead, a reward is now being offered in a triple murder at a gun range. and what we're learning about the tragic death of quarterback dwayne haskins. if you have type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure you're a target for chronic kidney disease. you can already have it and not know it. if you have chronic kidney disease your kidney health could depend on what you do today. ♪far-xi-ga♪ farxiga is a pill that works in the kidneys to help slow the progression of chronic kidney disease. farxiga can cause serious side effects including dehydration, urinary tract or genital yeast infections in women and men, and low blood sugar. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may lead to death. a rare, life-threatening bacterial infection in the skin of the perineum could occur. stop taking farxiga and call your doctor right away
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wife, and teenage grandson, were shot and killed in a robbery just as they were closing up friday evening. the range is about 50 miles southwest of atlanta. 40 weapons stolen, along with a security system. tonight, tributes continue to pour in for pittsburgh steelers quarterback dwayne haskins, killed yesterday, struck by a dump truck in florida. the exact circumstances are still unclear. he was just 24. former steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger said on social media, his smile and zeal for life will be missed. when we come back, what tiger woods had to say on this, the final day of the masters. sy why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it. hide my skin? not me. and for kids ages 6 and up that means clearer skin,
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which can lead to dehydration, and may worsen kidney problems. the choices you make can help control your a1c. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. to the "index" now. and this shocking video from clay county, florida.pan operat ride at the county fair friday night, caught between two metal pieces. the sheriff says the man was retrieving a hat from beneath the ride when the floor closed in on him. he was freed after 15 minutes and taken to the hospital for tests. officials say the ride did not malfunction, and was put back in service. some fishermen in california are being hailed as heroes. >> are you guys okay? or are you in trouble? >> no, we need help. >> okay, stand by. stand by. we're getting you. >> the men were in the right place at the right time when they spotted two 16-year-old girls who'd been swept to sea by a rip current. the girls were struggling with hypothermia in the 53-degree water. neither could stand up when the men pulled them to safety. one of the rescuers said, "thank god we were there."
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tiger woods wrapped up his 23rd masters today. getting a big ovation while wearing his customary sunday red. but there would be no green jacket. woods shot 6 over par, finishing the tournament at 13 over, and far down the leaderboard. he now says he will play in the open championship in scotland in july, as he continues his recovery from that devastating car accident. when we come back, how the next supreme court justice is inspiring an entire generation. your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... ...with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some...rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb. serious infections and blood clots, some fatal;
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and now her success is inspiring other young people to believe the same. >> the ayes are 53, the nays are 47. this nomination is confirmed. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: as history was written this week, students at this charter school in philadelphia started revising their own plans for the future. >> there's finally a black woman on the supreme court. >> it's amazing to see someone up here who looks like me and my friends, my family. >> reporter: once a star debater at miami palmetto senior high school, students held a pep rally in her honor. they see judge ketanji brown jackson's success as proof they can do it, too. >> whatever your passions are, you can go forth with them. >> seeing someone from the same sort of environment i came from achieve one of the highest positions in this country, it instills a lot of hope in me. >> reporter: after watching judge jackson deliver her remarks in the rose garden,
5:58 pm
these eighth grade students at a prep school in ohio rejoiced. >> we've made it. all of us. all of us. >> because she's a woman in power, and she's a woman of color, that's inspiring. >> you can see their faces ligh. they were very happy. >> reporter: a watershed moment that is inspiring so many to see just what is possible. >> judge jackson has opened a the lot of doors. people won't think that, because there's a black woman on the supreme court now. there's no, you can't do it, because you're a black girl. because this is a black woman who did it. >> congratulations, judge jackson! >> such an inspiration. they see it and know they can be it. "gma" first thing in the morning. david muir right back here tomorrow night. i'm linsey davis in new york. have a great evening. good night.
5:59 pm
night. what was burning is the fire underneath the pier structure. next on abc 7 news at six a difficult and dangerous firefight for crews in the east bay. we're learning today that we all may feel an economic impact of yesterday's massive fire at the port of benicia. sunny skies as we take a live look outside, but spring showers are in the forecast when the rains and an unexpected turn for san francisco police. watch what happens when officers pull over a driverless car abc 7 news at 6 starts right now. from abc 7 live breaking news right away that breaking news coming out of the east bay where all westbound lanes of i-580 and oakland are shut down as the chp investigates a shooting on the freeway. take a look new video just into
6:00 pm
the abc 7 news room from our crew on the mean shows an suv there just riddled with bullet holes in the passenger side window the back window appears to be completely shot out. the chp is diverting traffic to highway 13 and is asking drivers to avoid the area. we will bring you updates as soon as we get them on the abc 7 news app with that we say good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm dionne lim. let's get to our live team coverage providing the latest developments on the two huge fires in the bay area abc 7 news reporter tara campbell is live for us in south san jose where a shelter-in-place order was just lifted this afternoon for those living near the fire, but we begin with abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard. he is live for us in theast port biciand cornell officials say the fire was extinguished at about 30 this afternoon, i mean 10 hours after it started. thing was huge. it really was deon. what a fire.