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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 12, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news the judges in alameda county have not been holding people. memorable for committing violent crimes in the city of oakland far too many people have been let out of custody after being caught with firearms zero bail has contributed to the increase in violent crime and open. the oakland police chief. they're not mincing words as he takes aim at alameda county judges blaming them for allowing violent criminals back out on the streets. good evening, and thanks for joining us. i'm liz croight and i'm dan ashley. afternoon, a visibly angry and frustrated oakland police chief discussed the recent deadly shootings in his city abc 7 news reporter leslie. brinkley was there and has the details. the gun violence is unrelenting.
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oakland's police chief showed this video from april 8th at hillside and richey street. the number of firearms are officers are coming across every day. is unbelievable. we've already recovered 400 firearms and 2022. that's a 30% increase compared to this same time last year, so it's not getting better. it is getting worse. we are seeing people have more access to these weapons and willing to use them in our community in just the last week a homicide and robbery by lake merritt another victim found murdered in a vehicle an on-duty security guard at one of oakland's. adds homeless encampments shot and killed and a 15 year old girl camilla brown gunned down the 34th person to lose her life in oakland so far this year according to the oakland police officers association the city ranks last among california
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cities for safety on monday oakland mayor libby schaaf met with president biden to discuss new regulations to track ghost guns. this has become a revolving door. that our officers are working hard every day to make this city safe. to only find out that the individuals are coming right back on the streets. the next day and sometimes even sooner. this emboldens people it says to people that there is no accountability. i can commit these crimes and don't have to worry about being prosecuted. that makes our community less safe. the chief says judges have to get tougher and oakland needs more resources. i'm leslie brinkley abc 7 news. let's get to our developing
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story out of new york where a manhunt is underway tonight after that shooting on a subway train during the morning commute as i saw a lot of people coming out of train station. one of them was injured. i believe it was a lady getting shot right in her leg and a lot of people was coming up from side to side screaming yelling asking for help. here is what we know so far. this happened just before 8:30 local time on a manhattan bound and train as it was entering the 36th street station. this is rush hour. then the train filled with smoke and then a single gunman opened fire ten. people were shot five of which are incredible, but salt condition and about 30 minutes ago new york investigators gave an update on the case. they announced a person of interest abc 7 news. anchor karina nova joins us with what they said about the manhunt karina. yeah, there is an active search going on for that suspect right now. there's also a $50,000 reward for him and we now have a picture of who police are
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looking for the person of interest in that shooting is frank r james at a news conference in new york less than an hour ago. the mayor of new york city promised police will find the attacker. and we will in this epidemi and that will capture the individual responsible for today's attack. we will capture him and prosecute him to the full extent of the lord. this afternoon authorities found a van, they believe belonged to the subway shooter police say it was rented in philadelphia by that person of interest again that 62 year old frank r james. they were able to track that u-haul van after finding a credit card at the scene of the shooting authorities. say the suspects started shooting around 8:30 this morning on the n train in brooklyn. he opened two smoke grenades and fired a gun 33 times 10 people were shot during their morning commute some others were injured
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in the but no one has life-threatening injuries. there was people banging into each other. there was smoke everywhere and then there was people lying on the platform. it was hell fine and people just terrified. authorities say they found a handgun three magazines four smoke grenades a hatchet gasoline a bag containing consumer grade fireworks and that u-haul key at the subway station in brooklyn and as of right now there is no motive live in the newsroom karina nova abc 7 news. okay, karina karina. thank you very much a mass transit systems here in the bay area nola cross the country for that matter are asking the public to keep an eye out for suspicious suspicious activity in response to the new york. boy shootings san francisco police bart and vta all say they are are no known threats in the bay area at this moment, but each has added police presence in the metropolitan transit areas bart police. chief ed alvarez says, they increased patrols today and gave
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an update on cameras on the system. and bart has since put cameras in all the trains. we have numerous station cameras on platforms and our parking lots we have well over 4,000 working cameras in our system that we use as an investigative tool and has helped to help solve a lot of crimes in a lot of instance that have happened in our system. in san jose the vta is increasing transit patrol visibility on the light rail system aboard trains and at light rail stations throughout santa clara county. they say canines will be patrolling the system randomly to sniff for explosives throughout the week if you see anything suspicious, of course, you are asked to immediately report it to the police and stay with abc 7 news for the very latest updates on the subway attack in new york. we're sending push alerts like this with new information and live video as it comes in. load the app now and enable the push alerts to get breaking news on your phone whenever it happens. you details in the sacramento mass. shooting a short time ago police
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have released a name and a photo of an additional suspect and chula payton seen here is wanted on a number of felony warrants including domestic violence and gun charges investigators believe that peyton was one of at least five shooters involved in the incident three people have been charged in connection with the shooting on april 3rd, and we have new details about one of the men who has already been arrested the la times. ports that smiley martin was awarded 7,500 from sacramento county about a month before the shooting martin's lawsuit claimed a guard allowed rival gang members to attack him he was serving time in 2018 on an assault charge martin faces charges of being in possession of a machine gun in connection to this month's shooting he along with 11 other people was wounded in the violence that left six people dead in the south bay today former ufc champion kane velezquez appeared before judge now this comes more than a month after he was
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arrested for attempting to shoot a man suspected of molesting one of his family members abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey has the latest now from court. it was round three in the courtroom today for former ufc champion cain velasquez the first time he appeared in court in more than a month and it was quick as his legal team requested to have his plea hearing today postponed until may 6th as we indicated the judge today. we are going to file another motion asking that he be released velasquez has been held in jail without bail after he was arrested for premeditated attempted murder of a man suspected of molesting a young family member of velasquez you hey, this is a guy that should be in prison for the first time since his arrest velasquez released a statement on social media today that said in part. this story is complex and slowly unraveling as we speak to the true victims of this case. may god give you the strength to come forward though. it is most difficult to relive the pain that has happened to you in speaking. the truth justice will be served
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in your own true healing will start. he also think the community for the continued support. i believe the same team my i have kids. that comes first before anything one of alaska's best friends and former ufc champion. daniel cormier was among the crowd supporting the fighter. he did not want to be on camera. but cormier told us he is sad for his friend and hopes. he could get out legal analyst jim hammer says the focus on the molestation case and these sort of sentiments from friends and family is the best approach for the defense. so the extent he can ship the sym. pathy who might feel well, it's horrible we did but god you know who wouldn't be upset like that and do something like that. that's a super important part of the case, which is not going to happen just in the courtroom, but outside trying to lay the groundwork for potential jury. trial looking ahead velasquez will also face a judge in late mate to decide the future rights velasquez has to maintain possession of the gun used in the shooting that left one injured along monterey road in the south bay in march harry galarte jr. the man suspected of molesting
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velasquez's family member is set to appear in court tomorrow. came pre-k jose dustin dorsey abc 7 news sunnyvale's department of public safety is investigating a child rape case involving a retired teacher and they say they fear there could be more victims police arrested anthony james phillips yesterday. he is charged with raping a child in 2009. well, he was a teacher at cupertino middle school in sunnyvale. the accuser was a student at that middle school at the time investigators say when they questioned phillips. he confessed he admitted to having sex with this victim and admitted to many of the details that the victim had shared with us. phillips retired from teaching three years ago, but is currently a volunteer softball and basketball coach at fremont high school investigators suspect that there may be more victims as we mentioned if you believe someone, you know has been a victim you are asked to call sunnyvale, please.
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the reading woman arrested and charged with faking her own kidnapping has signed a plea deal according to sacramento be as part of this plea agreement. sherry papini will admit the 2016 kidnapping was a hoax papini vanished in november 2016, but was found a few weeks later in yolo county tied up and injured. she was arrested last month and charged with lying to federal agents and wire fraud. for the break the benicia fire department releases its initial findings into the cause of that massive weekend fire at the port plus an update from the golden state warriors on steph curry's status. and whether he'll be ready for this weekend's playoff gam entresto is the number one heart failure brand prescribed by cardiologists and has helped over one million people.
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want more from your vitamin brand? get more with nature's bounty. from the first-ever triple action sleep supplement... to the only 24-hour vitamin c to heart-healthy support every day. get more with nature's bounty. chief says this weekend's massive fire at the port of benicia appears to be unintentional investigators. say preliminary findings show the fire started on or near the conveyor belt system near the
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base of the silos. they're still looking into whether there were electrical or mechanical issues of some kind valero. benicia uses the port refinery to process crude oil into gasoline valero says it is working with city and federal agencies to assess infrastructure damage so the oakland called still for large events abc 7 news reporter ryan curry looks at why stadium? officials think it's time to end this rule officials at the oakland coliseum are asking for a change as the bay area continues its recovery from the pandemic oakland is still requiring people to show proof of vaccination for indoor events and large gatherings on february 1st, when all of the counties were beginning to relax some of the requirements oakland adopted its emergency ordinance henry garner the executive director of the colosseum authority says event staff are worried the mandate will limit them from booking events.
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he says his board will meet on friday to talk about the issue. we are getting signals from promoters and from some of the artists that oakland stands alone. what is the discussion with your board going to be like on friday? is it the idea to send a clear message to oakland? asking them to modify this or perhaps even lift the mandate. well, that is my recommendation deaths and hospitalizations remain low in the bay area and vaccination rates are high dr. monica. gondia. at ucsf says we need to embr the endemic phase of covid and she says that includes lifting mandates. it's in the population, but we have high rates of vaccination and endemic management really does mean dropping vaccine mandates and vaccine passports. gardener says call seem events bring in vital tax revenue to the city and county if the mandate prevents them from scheduling future events. he fears other places in the bay area will benefit from it that's important to us because otherwise we're not on level
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playing field with the other venues in our competitive region ryan curry abc 7 news well moving on now today the golden state warriors offered an update on steph curry's recovery as we hit the playoffs ab. 7 news sports director larry beale is here in the newsroom now with more and how likely it is larry that will see steph this weekend for the first game of the else cross everything down everything things appear to be trending in the right direction for steph and the warriors, but we may not know whether he's really going to play in game one of their playoff series maybe right up until game time saturday night curry got hurt against the celtics almost a month ago when marcus smart went diving into his foot the diagnosis strained ligament and today bone bruise was added to the injury report. although the warriors told me just a few minutes ago. the bone bruce was always there. so it's not a new injury now steph. we'll get back on the court, but team drills or practice yet. the warriors. they're not going to let curry play until they're sure he's healed. so the schedule really is get
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involved in a scrimmage on thursday, see how he does and then friday is really the key day because the team wants to see if there's any swelling in that foot if there's pain the war is not going to push this they'll even wait if it means missing a game or two. not an easy answer, you know, i think each day will determine. you know where he is and what he can do the following day and the end of the week. we'll determine whether he's ready or not. so within that it's hard to hard to predict much really would not be surprising to see the warriors wait until game time to announce whether steph is playing. there's no advantage to tipping off the denver nuggets as to whether curry is playing so we just have to see thursday the scrimmage friday the examination to make sure that he's really okay and paying free and then if he is good to go and we see steph saturday right here. all right, larry as you said cross everything. yes. we'll see join us saturday is
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the warriors begin. quest for an nba title against the nuggets tip office at 5:30 right here on abc 7 then stay tuned for after the game. and still ahead a new report suggests that california could save massive amounts of water by making just a few adjustments the suggestions that could the suggestions that could reportedly cut urban what are you recommending for muscle pain? based on clinical data, i recommend salonpas. agreed... my patients like these patches because they work for up to 12 hours, even on moderate pain. salonpas. it's good medicine
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group is suggesting that we can still save massive amounts. water in california the study from the pacific institute focused in part of water used for homes and buildings. they found that by replacing lawns with drought tolerant plants and swapping out older washers and dryers for high effic. a models the state could cut its urban water usage by nearly half. by adopting these efficient appliances and fixtures and landscapes and we can be recycling and reusing more of our wastewater and capturing storm water. so it's really highlights what i think are important opportunities for us. they're far more than i think many have have thought about and now we need to do the hard but important work realizing that potential. the report also argues the state could nearly triple the amount of water we reuse by investing in infrastructure and expanding water purification facilities. this week with the weather we do
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and meteorologist sandy patel is tracking a little bit more rain sandy. that's right. we have several opportunities for rain, dan and liz i want to show you what it looks like right now and then we'll talk about our wet weather in the forecast gusting to 41 at sfo 32 in oakland hayward nap. yeah, it's another windy one, but not nearly as strong as what we experienced yesterday a few passing clouds. other than that plenty of sun this afternoon. it is cooler than average for this time of year and to our north in the mountains. we are seeing some snow showers still passing through look at this view from our santa cruz camera. it is just absolutely good air quality blue skies overhead 52 in the city 56 in oakland upper 50, san jose santa clara chile and half moon bay. you need that jacket from our golden gate bridge camera, seeing the sunshine right now 58 in santa rosa 53 in petaluma 60 degrees fairfield these temperatures below where they should be for this time of year and it's going to stay that way as we head into tomorrow. it's a shaky view from our
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emeryville camera as we look back towards the golden gate bridge chilly again in the morning not as windy tomorrow thankfully. periods of rain expected this week and dry and milder for easter more rain coming our way early next week freeze warnings frost advisories 1 to 10 am for parts of lake and mendocino counties temperatures anywhere from the upper 20s to the mid-30s. there will be potential for frost and freeze damage. so your sensitive plants need to come inside or get covered temperatures in the morning here in the bay area anywhere from the mid 30s to the mid 40s passing high clouds and then in the afternoon, not a whole lot of change. i mean you're looking at mid 50s to the those 60s more cloud covered to the north where you have the best possibility of rain tomorrow that's in the north. so it's a level one system tomorrow afternoon through thursday scattered showers expected anywhere in the bay area light accumulations as we time this out for you tomorrow evening. you will notice at 8 o'clock some wet weather starting. move into our north five o'clock thursday morning some scattered showers for the commute. it's not going to be a
5:24 pm
widespread event thursday afternoon. still some wet weather going and then we get a little bit of a breather another system coming in quickly on friday going into saturday. so in terms of rainfall for this next system a hundredth of an inch in san jose to about 1400 santa rosa a little more in cloverdale. there is a winter weather advisory that will go up tomorrow afternoon through thursday afternoon for the lake county hills. looking at several inches of snow difficult travel conditions sierra going under a winter adv weather advisory. tomorrow until 1 pm thursday 6 to 14 inches of snow above 4,500 feet is where that advisory will be in effect. so travel will be definitely difficult accuweather 7-day forecast chance north tomorrow afternoon evening. it's a level one for thursday friday chance north again and then wet for everyone saturday easter is dry and bright and we have another one monday afternoon into tuesday. yeah, isn't this great liz dan. that is great. we have an easter egg hunt i'm
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with our everyday pricing. switch today. renovation of san francisco's portsmouth square just about half an hour ago, san francisco
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supervisors voted to proceed with the removal of the concrete pedestrian bridge connecting chinatown's portsm. where with the hilton hotel this is part of a 66 million dollar improvement project of the historic plaza a majority of chinatown residents support removing. the bridge groundbreaking is expected next year. alright, finally tonight the oakland zoo has a new guest that's on the road to recovery. yeah hikers spotted an orphan mountain lion cub near san fr the weendose washeakland zoo vet hospital on sunday doctors there say she's estimated to be about five months old but weighed just eight. owns when she was first brought in most cubs that age weigh about 30 pounds. well, i think well it appears rose had not eaten in weeks, but she is now receiving around the clock care the folks at the zoo say they're guardedly optimistic about rosa's chances for a full recovery. very sweet. yeah. all right. well this time with david muir's next. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley and i'm liz corey's for sandia patel and all of us here. thanks for joining us.
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tonight, as we come on the air in the west, a special edition of "world news tonight" from brooklyn. the manhunt for hours for the gunman who opened fire inside a new york city subway. shooting at least ten people, five in critical condition. breaking now, what abc is lea learning about a person of interest. tonight, the harrowing images of the attack. police say the suspect riding the train during rush hour, putting on a gas mask, pulling out a smoke canister, unleashing it on passengers. smoke filling the subway car. the suspect then began shooting as the train pulled into the brooklyn subway station, headed for manhattan. those ten passengers shot, many more injured, rushed to area hospitals. strangers helping victims. schools sheltering in place. tonight, abc news learning the gun might have jammed, saving lives.


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