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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 13, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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and wake feeling refreshed. live bountifully. nature's bounty. announcer: building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. dan: as crime continues to rise, and staffing within the san francisco police department is shrinking, the impact now hitting every neighborhood across the city. >> we can focus on one or two things with the staffing we have. something's got to give. and that's -- dan: something has to give. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley. >> so what is the chief and the san francisco police department doing to deal with the staffing shortage and just how long is it going to take? dan: abc7 news reporter steph steph spoke -- stephanie sira spoke one-on-one with chief bill scott. reporter: staffing sthortages within the san francisco police department have hit a new low. the department struggling with declining retention rates as nearly 600 officers short. >> officers are leaving for better pay in other departments.
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reporter: sfpd released this department today saying staffing levels have been steadily declining over the past three years. to put it in perspective, on average, 100 officers are either retiring, resigning, or being terminated from the department each year. and chief scott says it's gotten so bad the department is implementing a new rue tension unit designed to help keep officers on the force. things like offering better training, equipment, and most importantly, salaries. >> there's a time where i think san francisco probably had the most competitive salary. knows times are not anymore. we have cities that have better salaries, better bonuses, better incentives. they're getting some traction with that. reporter: as the department struggles to stay competitive, the impact hits all of us. so far this year, crimes like larceny theft up 29%. car break-ins up 32%. nene 911 response teams across all priority levels are increasing. tracy mccray the president of the city's police officers association told us last week
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these problems will be facing the city for the next decade. >> that's being real. that's giving you the honest answer. it is going to stay the same. reporter: a grim outlook the chief agrees with. do you think the reality of crime here in san francisco as tracy pointed out is here to stay? >> i agree. in principle. we know that officers matter. we can focus on one or two things with the staffing we have. we can't focus on everything. reporter: the luxury of foot beats where officers patrol major corridors is gone. at least for now and the declining number of academy graduates is only exacerbating the problem. compounded with the fact around 25% of recruits don't make it. >> some of them drop out on their own. backgrounds. they don't meet certain qualifications. reporter: which is why two of the city's top officers say it's a long road ahead. until we all see real change. >> if we even can. >> something's got to give. and that's where we are right now. reporter: stephanie sira, abc7 news. >> across the bay the oakland
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police department has 652 officers which is about 400 below where it needs to be to be considered fully staffed. and just yesterday, the chief spoke out about the crime in his city and pointed the finger at the judicial system. today, the alameda county district attorney's office weighed in on the county's emergency bail schedule. >> the judges in alameda county have not been holding people accountable for committing violent crimes in the city of oakland. far too many people have been let out of custody after being caught with firearms. zero bail has contributed to the increase in violent crime in oakland. >> the d.a.'s office says it too has petitioned the county's top journals and the bail committee to return to the pre-covid bail schedule. it sent out a statement saying in part, far too many individuals who have been released under the emergency bail schedule continue to engage in criminal activity. we have seen an escalation in the seriousness of the crimes being committed after release
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without bail. the need to return to the original bail schedule is equally critical the statement goes on to say. the district attorney is advocating for a return to the pre-covid bail schedule for those who are on probation or parole or those with prior convictions. >> and livermore, police are investigating a side show that ended in a shooting. officers say just before midnight, there were reports of cars driving recklessly at chestnut and north m street as officers arrived they heard gunshots and found one person who was shot. police say the man shot had been trying to record license plates of the reckless drivers which led to a confrontation. the gunman took off but was arrested not far away at marietta boulevard and alameda drive. >> a whield chase in an oakland oday. police say bounty hunters tried take a wanted parolee into custody just a few hours ago. that suspect ran for it. making it is on the roof of homes and jumping from rooftop to rooftop like a movie along third street.
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then the man broke into a house and barricaded himself in the basement. the family upstairs heard the commotion and ran tout. officers say the suspect tried setting a fire. a police dog was sent in and then this happened. >> and they tried getting him out. he struck a police dog with a pipe a stick and right now we're negotiating with him because he's in a crawlspace suspect we can't get to him. >> he started a fear, tore up the basement and who he is what else he is doing down there. dan: officers tased the suspect and fired at him with a bean bag shotgun and took hip to the hospital for evaluation. the police dog he is accused of hitting is reported to be ok. >> more calls to prohibit ghost guns came today from leaders around the state including right here in the bay area. today, california leaders like san jose mayor sam lacardo and group every -- and moms action action pushed for passage of assembly bill 1621. one of many bills targeting ghost guns which are guns made
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from premanufactured parts. they can be ordered online and put together at home. they're not registered and they don't have serial numbers. making them untraceable. >> the city of san jose, we seized 287 ghost guns in the last 14 months alone. it's about a quarter of all the illegal guns that are -- our police department seesed in our city. ama: monday, mayor lacardo and livy schaap were in washington, d.c. at the white house as president biden announced a measure for new federal regulation on ghost guns. a.b.1621 in california is set to be heard in committee in sacramento on tuesday. dan: well, now to our developing news on the subway shooting in new york. the suspected shooter is now in custody after a 30-hour manhunt but the way he was caught was slightly unusual. for more details on the investigation now let's go to abc7 news reporter who is in the newsroom with late details. reporter: well, it was an unusual capture. police were able to find the suspect, frank james, after he
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called the new york police department to turn himself in. he gave them his name and a description of what he was wearing. telling them he would be at the mcdonald's in manhattan. shortly after that, police did find him near the east village. and this is video of his arrest in the area. >> the searchers responded to the mcdonald's and not in the mcdonald's. and they start driving around the neighborhood and looking for him and they see him on the corner of st. marks and first and they take him into custody. he -- no incident taking him into custody. >> jameis was arrested shortly after that tip around 1:45 in the afternoon. james is now facing federal terror-related charges for shooting 10 people and injuring others on the subwayed morning in brooklyn. police found a credit card on scene and keys to a u-haul truck that helped them tie james to the shooting. as of now, the new york city police commissioner says they do not know his motive. investigators will be analyzing james' social media posts and
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youtube video. james will have his initial federal court appearance tomorrow. he could face life in prison. in the news e- dan: stay with abc7 news for more on the new york subway shooting. you can track developments on the abc7 bay area streaming tv app. just download it for roku, apple tv, amazon fire and android tv. >> time for weather and dan, we're getting ready for a little rain. dan: we are which we love to see in april. for details abc news meteorologist sandhya patel. sandhya: yeah, dan, liz, this is a welcome sight without a doubt. we've seen a few showers under .01 inches in parts of the north bay. i want to show you live doppler 7 and we are seeing some light rain in yuckia -- ukiah, south state street, old r some schlepry roadways out there. as we take a look back, you will see those showers that came through. but -- bodega pay picking up .07 inches. more to come.
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a light level one system:the pacific northwest is getting hit. northern california getting hit with the steadier rain. it's coming in our direction. so the north bay has the showers tonight. as we go into tomorrow morning's commute, look at that 8:00, we start to notice those wet weather is starting to spread. across other parts of the bay area. this isn't the only system. we have two more coming in the accuweather seven-day forecast. i'll be back with a closer look at when the rain chances will come in coming right up. >> thank you. a large group of students from marin county have tested positive for covid-19 following a trip to washington, d.c. the school district says over 50 students tested positive before returning to class this week. abc news -- abc7 news reporter ryan curry has more. >> an annual trip to washington, d.c. returned for eighth graders the marin school district but many students who went on the trip contracted covid. the marin school district says 50 students tested positive. many of them were vaccinated and are experiencing only minor
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symptoms. >> it ended up with them getting covid. but it's not going to be -- >> brett was part of the marin school trip but wasn't near the group that had the outbreak. he is immunocompromised and advocates for people to get vaccinated. he thinks thanks to the vaccine those students' symptoms will remain mild. >> people who got vaccinated and thebe they -- then they got covid and not getting really sick. >> this comes as various people in the nation's capital including members of congress test positive for the virus. >> so i feel fine. and the good news is i've been vaccinated and double boosted. i think i got the variant that is very prevalent on the east coast. >> health experts say we are in the endemic phase when it comes to covid-19. and they say part of that phase includes us having to return to normal activities. even if that means occasionally mild cases pop up. >> i think that we're not in the business of, you know, shutting down large events at this point. or even in the near future to tell you the truth.
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>> dr. peter at ucsf saidexpect normal spikes occasionally. >> we are doing decently well in the bay area even know cases are increasing a drop in the bucket compared to where we were. >> he feels safe attending trips and events as long as those around him are vaccinated. >> as long as everybody around is vaccinated, it's not nearly like as frightening or threatening to me. >> ryan curry, abc7 news. dan: a surprising announcement today from the principal of lowell high school in san francisco. according to "the san francisco chronicle," joe ryan dominguez emailed parents to say he will step down as principal at the end of the school year. in a letter to the school community, dominguez blatcheed the school district saying his decision to leave was, quote, solely based on my desire to apply my passion for education in a district that values its students and staff through well organized systems. fiscal responsibility and sound
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instructional practices as the path forward, as the path toward equity. his resignation comes after the school board voted to replace lowell's merit-based admissions system with one that is lottery base. >> a state task force on reparations for slavery held its first in-person discussion in san francisco today. the meeting was at third baptist church. it tossed a chance for community members to participate in a conversation about the state possibly paying the african-american descendants of slaves. the task force recently voted to limit restitution here in california. governor newsom signed legislation creating this reparations task force back in 2020. making california the first and only state to officially establish a team dedicating to studying the impact of slavery. dan: still ahead one peninsula city is a step closer to its goal of ending homelessness by the end of this year. the ground breaking and aggressive time line under way to get people off the streets in redwood city. >> a cornerstone movie theater
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liz: san mateo county broke ground on a navigation center in redwood city. dan: as tar tar explains it is -- tara campbell part of a goal to end homelessness this year in 2022. reporter: this 2 1/2 acres in redwood city to be transformed into transitional housing. helping san mateo county get more people off the streets and out of encampments. >> we need a better standard of short-term care. and solution for these individuals experiencing homelessness. reporter: and the soon to be navigation center is designed to do just that:the multistory complex will be made up of 240 pre-fab housing units as well as provide social services to help people get back on their feet. brian greenberg is with life
5:16 pm
moves the nonprofit is on the ground helping those experiencing homelessness. >> this facilities is going to be all about through-put and moving people from encampments to here to permanent housing. reporter: the $57 million project is largely funded by california's home keep program. offering those without a home a place to call thome. >> people see that it's a warm, non-stigma advertising environment. -- that it's welcoming. people will move in out of their encampments. reporter: the county is moving quickly on this project breaking ground with the goal of helping it complete by the end of the year and all part of their commitment to ending homelessness in 2022. and redwood city is leading the way. >> we can no longer dance around the edges of our housing and homelessness crisis. reporter: the mayor devoting her entire state of the city address in march to ending homelessness. >> visionstero is this initiative -- vision zero is this initiative to completely functionally end homelessness. and redwood city is committed to
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partnering in that. reporter: redwood city offering up the land for this project. another piece says the mayor to solve a complicated crisis. tara campbell, abc news. -- abc7 news. liz: the state is pumping $70 million to turn six sites into housing units as part of the home keep project. one of those sites is the golden bear inn on san pablo in berkeley. berkeley will get $16 million for the project. the 44 rooms there will be turned into 43 permanent supportive housing studios to get people off the streets. altogether these six new home key sites will create 232 units of affordable housing. dan: after the break, a major crash in the north bay involving a bus, leaving nine people injured including three who needed to be hospitalized. we'll tell you w
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i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex. available at your local retailer and club. available at your local dan: nine people were hurt in this crash in roanoke park. -- rohnert park. the department of public safety
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tells us that sonoma county transit bus was stopped at the intersection when the white utility truck veered right into it. of the nine people hurt, three were taken to the hospital. the driver of the pickup suffered major injuries. the bus driver was also hurt. the intersection was closed for a couple of hours. around lunch time today, for the investigation and cleanup. liz: a construction supervisor gave the all clear on the track minutes before last month's caltrain crash in san bruno. that is according to a preliminary report issued today by the national transportation safety board. federal crash safety investigators say the engineer hit the emergency brakes after seeing three construction vehicles on the tracks but that was not enough to prevent the impact. the report does not say who was at fault for the march 1 14 people were hurt. seven seriously. caltrain says they're committed to working with the ntsb to finish the full report. dan: all right. let's turn back to the weather. rain is coming.
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sandhya: some true april sho showers. sandhya: we're not giving up on winter just yet, dan and liz. we will enjoy these showers and two more round coming besides this system right now. so let me show you live doppler 7 up to our north we're getting a wintry mix of rain and snow. we've seen some showers in the north bay. they've been very spotty. right now on street level radar, ukiah, berk hill drive some wet weather right now across highway 101. the showers are going to remain confined to the north bay area tonight but tomorrow everything will change. live doppler 7 you can see quite a bit of cloud cover. here's a view from our mount tam camera and you can see the clouds rolling in. 55 in the city. 57 in oakland. it is cool out there still. san jose 61. half moon bay 54 degrees. at least not as windy as it has been the last couple of days. beautiful view from our emeryville camera looking toward the golden gate bridge. mid 50's to upper 50's from santa rosa to petaluma and concord 58 and lever more 57
5:22 pm
degrees. the clouds are gathering from our san jose camera right now. as we take a look at the forecast headlines. first system tonight, tomorrow, two more rounds of rain into early next week and it is going to be brighter and milder. just in time for easter. current system is a level one. tonight through tomorrow we're expecting the rain in the north bay this evening, it spreads tomorrow, and look out for slippery roads. especially for that morning commute. so let's time it out. at 9:00, north bay is seeing the wet weather as we head toward tomorrow morning, still in the north bay at 5:00, a little drizzle in the east bay but by 8:00 a.m. you start to notice the showers are starting to move across other parts of the bay area. 2:00 in the afternoon, we are looking at light rain across the region and pretty much winds down late tomorrow night. rainfall totals looks like everyone will measure anywhere from .01 inches toward brentwood to about a third of an inch in half moon bay and cloverdale picking up more than that. a winter weather advisory for the jerry until 11:00 p.m. above
5:23 pm
5,500 feet. eight to 14 inches of snow. carry those chains. expect delays as the snow will be coming down and as you take a look at this, this is just taking you right on through early next week with all three systems. when we're talking about nearly three feet of snow, at donner, close to two feet at kirkwood, hey, we'll take it. this is good news. morning temperatures, not as cold tomorrow. 40's, 50's. thanks to the cloud cover and the rain. tomorrow afternoon, make sure you have your rain gear. numbers will be in the 50's, 60's, still on the cool side and wet out there. accuweather seven-day forecast a lit level one system for tomorrow. friday, we have a chance in the north bay. but it's saturday that everyone will see wet weather in the morning. sunday, it is brighter and dry for easter. and then another opportunity for rain late monday night. going into the first half of tuesday. liz and dan? dan: good stuff. ok. thanks, sandhya. liz: the historic a.m.c.kabuke
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>> moments ago a glimpse at a very encouraging moment at chase center. steph curry back on the practice court. our cameras were there as he did his full post-practice routine. a pretty good sign that he is on track for game one of the playoffs on saturday which is right here on abc7. curry needs to complete a scrimmage tomorrow before the warriors will clear him for return. but this is a very positive step in the right direction. dan: fingers crossed. the earliest tickets for san francisco's biggest music festival went on sale today. but they're already sold out. the pre-sale for outside lands, also known as eager beaver tickets, and v.i.p. tickets, went on sale this morning and they sold out in a matter of hours. the concert lineup hasn't even been announced yet. organizers say it follows the festival's tiktok account for hints about who will be performing. outside lands takes place august 5-7. at golden state gate park and have great acts and not a surprise it sells out quickly. liz: people are ready to do
5:27 pm
something. finally tonight, dress that is belong in a fantasy storybook are on display at the legion of honor museum in san francisco. dan: we saw a preview today of the exhibition. dedicated to the chinese premier designer. 80 exquisite dresses are on view, all of the dresses are inspired by chinese artistry and embroidery. the dresses are not made for retail or ready to wear. they are pieces truly of art. >> it draws references from a myriad of influences, from her own chinese cultural history to european court life and architecture. liz: pop singer and beauty guru rehannah wore one of the creations to the met gala in 2015:the exhibition wopay couture fantasy will be open saturday through september 5. dan: all right. check that out. it looks fantastic. liz: it does. dan: world news tonight with david muir is next. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley.
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liz: i'm liz kruetz. for sandhya patel and all of us here thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you at 6:00. have a great everyone's a multitasker these days. and with supersonic wifi from xfinity, your internet can multitask too. it's got gig speeds to the most homes... advanced security that blocks billions of cyber threats. and enough power for a house full of devices. plus when you get xfinity internet and mobile together, you can save hundreds off your wireless bill compared to t-mobile. it's for you. get xfinity gigabit internet for $49.99 a month for 12 months when you add xfinity mobile with unlimited data. switch today.
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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. the suspect wanted for the horrific subway shooting in new york city under arrest. where he is tonight, how they got him. and the federal terror charge tonight. what we've now learned. video showing suspect frank james arrested by police in new york's east village, about 29 hours after allegedly setting off those smoke canisters, then opening fire on a crowded subway car pulling into a brooklyn station. ten people shot, five critically. many more injured. tonight, authorities saying tips leading them to the suspect. and they believe that one of those tips could have been the suspect calling in himself. what he allegedly said in that call. tonight, authorities revealing the terrifying timeline. how this all played out on that train. this evening, the rv


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