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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 15, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight, the new threat from vladimir putin about u.s. military aid to ukraine. and on this weekend when easter, passover, and ramadan converge, new clashes in the holy land. the pentagon now saying it was ukrainian missiles that struck and sank russia's massive warship. now the counterattack on a missile factory near kyiv. and moscow's official warning to the u.s. against arming ukraine, threatening, quote, unpredictable consequences. inside that terrifying new york subway attack. the city now honoring those transit workers who raced in to save lives. and tonight, new details about the suspect's moves, from the moment right after that attack, to his arrest on an east village street. millions traveling this holiday weekend. long lines and anxious waits at the airports.
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the skies so busy, one union saying pilots are so exhausted it's a safety threat. this, as a new storm arrives in the west, and is now heading east. ginger zee standing by with where the threat will be by easter morning. twitter's countermove to elon musk's takeover attempt. the poison pill devised to stop the buyout. so will it work? and what is musk's plan b? >>olte in jerusalem. palestinians and israeli police facing off, hundreds injured. now, tonight, fears that tensions will spiral out of control. the surreal scene in shanghai. the city on covid lockdown, police in hazmat suits forcing residents from their own homes to make room for a new quarantine ward. road rage caught on camera. a driver drove over a woman, then backed over her again, after what was a minor traffic accident. tonight, that driver charged with attempted murder. and celebrating jackie robinson, number 42. the man who broke the color barrier took to the field on
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this day 75 years ago. good evening. it's great to have with us on a friday night. i'm cecilia vega, in for david. as we come on the air, with easter, passover, and ramadan all falling this weekend, millions hitting the road for what is expected to be one of the busiest travel days of the season. but we begin with the war in ukraine, and russia's new threat for the u.s., after the humiliating loss of its warship. tonight, the pentagon says it does believe the ship was struck by two ukrainian missiles. and russia issuing a warning, stop arming the ukrainians or face unpredictable consequences. that russian warship is at the bottom of the black sea. a military and psychological defeat. russia striking back, shelling a missile factory near kyiv, and
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threatening new attacks on command centers. that warning about arming ukraine came after president biden announced an $800 million package of new military aid. shipments going out this week from dover air force base in delaware. but russian forces appear to be close to capturing mariupol. the ukrainian commander making an urgent plea for help. and now with russia preparing for a major offensive in the east, our james longman is close to that fight in the city of dnipro, and he leads us off tonight. >> reporter: tonight, russia's revenge. strikes on the outskirts of kyiv, including on a factory that makes the anti-ship missiles, like those used to destroy russia's prized warship. for the first time, the pentagon has said it believes that two ukrainian neptune missiles hit the moskva, russia's black sea flagship, sinking it. ukraine claims more than 400 sailors, including the captain, were killed. that would make it the most significant naval loss sustained by any country in more than 40 years.
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>> translator: the less weapons the russian federation that attacked our country has, the better for us, the less capable they are. >> reporter: and as the war enters its 51st day, the heaviest fighting in the east. this new video circulating on social media shows ukrainian and russian soldiers firing at one another on a road in the donetsk region. as the u.s. begins delivering the $800 million worth of new weapons to ukraine, tonight, an ominous new warning. russia sending a formal diplomatic message to the u.s. and all nations arming the country, demanding they stop sending weapons or risk unpredictable consequences. with so many military setbacks for russia, this stark assessment from the cia. >> none of us can take lightly the threat posed by a potential resort to tactical nuclear weapons. >> reporter: ukrainian president volodomyr zelenskyy also saying the world should be ready for this deadly scenario. >> i think all of the world, all the countries have to be worried because you know that it can be
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not real information, but it can be the truth. for them, life of the people is nothing. >> reporter: russia's withdrawal from areas around the capital means more brutal discoveries every day. more than 900 bodies, mostly civilians, have been found in the region. and in bucha's now infamous mass grave site, 350 alone. war crime investigators have begun their forensic research. and further south, the battle for mariupol rages. more than a month of endless bombardment has reduced the city to this, but fierce pockets of resistance remain. the commander of ukrainian marine forces battling to break the siege issued this urgent plea for help. "it can be done, and it must be done as soon as possible," he said. ukraine says 120,000 residents are still stuck there, and possibly thousands dead. but if russia completes its occupation, the true figure may never be known. >> just so much devastation there. james joining us from dnipro,
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ukraine. james, you've been reporting on the accusations of russian war crimes for so many weeks. showing us these horrific scenes. now the ukraine is asking the u.s. to declare russia a state sponsor of terrorism? >> reporter: that's right. a u.s. official confirmed that president zelenskyy asked president biden to declare russia a state sponsor of terrorism. this is all about finding ways to pressure and isolate russia. if designated, russia would join countries like iran and north korea on that list. cecilia? >> that would be a significant move. james, thank you. we're going to turn back home now. new york's mayor honoring the transit workers who jumped into action in tuesday's subway attack. the mayor saying the quick thinking, rushing to get passengers out of harm's way saved lives. and now, there are new details on the suspect's moves after the shooting. where he spent the night, and how he managed to hide in plain sight before calling the police on himself. janai norman on this story once again.
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>> reporter: we're hearing from those being hailed heroes tonight. for the first time, the brave new york city transit workers speaking out. >> passengers were coming off the train, falling to the floor. i was shouting to people, get on the train, get on the train. get on the train. >> reporter: train conductor david artis, describing the tense moments he rushed to get passengers out of the smoke filled subway car to the safety of another train across the platform. artis, along with train conductor raven haynes, risking their own safety to help evacuate the station. >> once you see smoke, the first thought is, i need to make sure that there's no one physically on my platform. >> reporter: both would lead first responders to the injured passengers. telling abc news they tried to stay brave and calm for their passengers. >> it's like natural instincts kicked in. because as long as we are calm, cool, and collected, our passengers can be calm and collected. >> reporter: police now say the suspected shooter frank james blended in with those fleeing passengers. and getting on that same train leaving the scene. and tonight, police piecing together his movements. sources telling abc news the suspect checked into the chelsea
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international hostel on west 20th street in manhattan the night of the shooting. the hostel denying james stayed there tuesday, but adding that he has stayed there in the past. emerging the next morning and wandering the streets of lower manhattan, hiding in plain sight. at 10:30 a.m. witnesses spotting him sitting outside a restaurant on canal street, appearing to charge his phone. a few hours later, at the famed katz's deli on the lower east side. at 1:42 p.m., james is taken into custody, ending the nearly 30-hour manhunt. the 62-year-old is now being held without bail. federal officials have charged him with carrying out a terrorist attack on a mass transit system. he faces up to life in prison if convicted. and late today, the nypd thanking new yorkers for helping find the suspect. five people will split the $50,000 crimestoppers reward. and the police commissioner saying the public is who the nypd serves, and are often the department's best partners. cecilia?
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>> janai, thank you. we're going to turn to the millions on the move tonight. the start of a long holiday weekend. travelers taking to the skies and roads for easter and passover. despite the rising air fares and renewed concern about the virus. 31 states and territories seeing an increase in new cases of 10% or more. here's gio benitez. >> reporter: tonight, one of spring's busiest travel weekends now under way. today and monday are expected to be the busiest travel days nationwide. united alone with more than 400,000 passengers a day. delta with nearly half a million. >> i think it will be one of the busiest passover easter weekends we have seen in recent history, perhaps the past three or four, even five years. >> reporter: airfare also up by 40% for domestic flights just since january. this comes after several weekends of mass cancellations blamed on weather and pilot shortages. in fact, the southwest airlines pilots union writing to the ceo,
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saying pilots are so exhausted, it's the company's number one safety threat. in a statement, southwest saying weather and airspace delays led to fatigue in march, and that calls from pilots too tired to fly are a result of the system working as designed. >> this is the industry certainly paying a price for perhaps underestimating how quickly travel would rebound after covid. >> reporter: and now, with the ba.2 subvariant fueling a fresh covid wave, federal officials this week extending the transportation mask mandate until at least may 3rd. new cases and hospital admissions now up 10% or more in many parts of the country. >> once something becomes dominant, usually about a week or ten days later, you start getting a pretty good sense of what's happening with hospitalization. certainly by two weeks, i think we'll have a much clearer picture. >> reporter: and keep in mind, on average, more than 2 million people are already screened at u.s. airports every day.
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this weekend could really break pandemic records. cecilia? >> gio, thank you. all the millions traveling this holiday weekend will be watching the weather. tonight, a new storm moving into the west as parts of the south are bracing for severe weather. let's go to ginger zee. ginger, track it all out for us. >> reporter: cecilia, southern missouri and northern arkansas are under severe thunderstorm watches right now. we have severe weather possible yet tonight around the cold front. and it's very windy in the great lakes. as has been been for a day or two. you go west, and you see the new storm. the sierras should pick up up to 15 inches of snow. the bay area, some rain. they always need that. 5 1/2 feet of snow fell in parts of oregon just this week, and they'll get more. but on easter sunday, mobile, shreveport, jackson, mississippi, have to be on the lookout for severe weather. cecilia? >> ginger, thank you.
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and late today, the white house announcing plans to open public lands to oil and gas drilling. and raising the federal royalties the companies pay to drill for the first time in a century. the move comes as president biden has promised to bring gas prices down. next tonight, twitter's board of and next, twitter's board of directors trying to block elon musk's $43 billion bid. members agreeing on a poison pill strategy that could slow or prevent a corporate takeover like the one musk proposed. but as kaylee hartung tells us, >> reporter: tonight, after elon musk's bid to take over twitter, the company's board fighting back with a corporate defense tactic known as a poison pill. if musk or anyone else acquires 15% or more of the social media platform, twitter will allow other existing shareholders to buy additional shares at a discount. just last week, musk disclosing that he now owns more than 9% of the company, making him one of the largest shareholders.
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>> it puts a blockade up for musk if he wants to go down the corporate raider route, to ultimately limit his ability to build shares. >> reporter: it's twitter's latest move to box out the world's wealthiest man. last week they offered him a seat on their board. when he found out he wouldn't be allowed to publicly criticize the company, he turned it down. >> twitter has become kind of the de facto town square. >> reporter: just hours after announcing his $43 billion offer to buy twitter, on twitter, musk appearing at a t.e.d. conference, saying his buyout is extremely important to the future of civilization. but he was evasive when asked what he'll do if his offer is rejected. >> is there a plan b? >> there is. >> reporter: twitter says this plan is similar to other plans adopted by publicly held companies in comparable circumstances. musk is known to be unpredictable. it's a wait and see game for his next move.
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>> kaylee, thank you. recovery is seas now, tensions in jerusalem eerupting at one of the holiest times of the year for jews, muslims, and christians. palestinians and israelis clashing at the al aqsa mosque. more than 150 israeli forces storming the mosque. here's lama hasan with the latest. >> reporter: tonight, jerusalem on a knife edge after stream security forces stormed the al aqsa mosque, one of islam's holiest sites, with muslim worshippers gathered for friday prayers. firing tear gas and stun grenades inside the mosque, more than 150 palestinians were injured, and at least 4 israeli soldiers were wounded. israeli officials insist they waited until after prayers and released this video, which they say shows palestinians throwing stones and fireworks below at the western wall. the site sacred to both muslims and jews, where the
5:45 pm
haram al sharif and the temple mount are located. clashes here ignited an 11-day war with militants at the gaza strip last year. tensions already extremely high after several recent attacks inside israel, including a gunman opening fire at a bar in the middle of a bustling street in tel aviv, killing three israelis. tonight, the holy city is calm. but some fear it's fragile, with passover taking place during ramadan. as well as easter celebrations. the israeli prime minister saying they're preparing for any scenario. cecilia? >> lama, thank you. tonight, in rome, pope francis at the coliseum marking good friday. thousands of pilgrims and tourists were there holding candles. the pope did not mention the ukraine war by name. but at the end of the service, he prayed that god disarm the hand raised by brother against brother. still ahead on "world news tonight" this friday, inside the
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hazmat suits. authorities were there to force some residents from their homes so their apartments could be used as temporary quarantine facilities. shanghai is at the center of chna's current covid surge. the city has been under lockdown for weeks. hot and dry conditions helping to fuel a deadly wildfire in new mexico. the mcbride fire has already burned more than 6,000 acres, claiming the lives of two elderly people trying to evacuate. more than 200 homes have been damaged or destroyed, and mandatory evacuations remain in effect. when we come back, the horrifying attack captured on camera. a man allegedly trying to run over a woman after a minor traffic accident. ybe it's anothl at your favorite diner... or waiting for the 7:12 bus... or sunday afternoon in the produce aisle. these moments may not seem remarkable. but at pfizer, protecting the regular routine, and everyday drives us to reach for exceptional. working to impact hundreds of millions of lives... young and old.
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♪ ♪ we believe there's an innovator in all of us. ♪ ♪ that's why we build technology that makes it possible for every business... and every person... to come to the table and do more incredible things. and to the "index" now. terrifying new video in the case of a new jersey man, under arrest and charged with attempted murder in a case of road rage. police say vincent jean and a woman were involved in a minor traffic accident. he then began pursuing her after she tried to take pictures of his vehicle. he then drove over her, backed
5:52 pm
up, and drove over her again. the woman was rushed to the hospital and is in critical condition. and in new york, broadway is extending its mask mandate until at least the end of may. theaters went dark at the start of the pandemic, only resuming performances last fall with strict masking and vaccine protocols. many theaters now ending those vaccine mandates at the end of this month, but those masks must stay on. and it turns out that infamous football tom brady used to throw what was thought to be his last touchdown pass will not be sold after all. $518,000 is what it fetched at auction less than 24 hours after the seven-time super bowl champ announced his retirement in january. well, that retirement lasted all of 40 days. the buyer and seller have now agreed to nullify the sale. and when we come back, remembering the great jackie robinson. 75 years after he broke the color barrier in baseball and changed the world. why hide your skin if dupixent
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finally tonight, baseball stadiums across the country are honoring the great jackie robinson. 75 years ago, the dodgers first baseman put on his uniform with the number 42, changing baseball and history. today, in stadium after stadium, a tribute for the number 42. it was 75 years ago today, april 15th, 1947, ebbets field in flatbush, brooklyn.
5:57 pm
a young jackie robinson on the field with the brooklyn dodgers, the first african american to play in a major league game. he would go on to win rookie of the year, beginning an electrifying hall of fame career. today, tributes from all over the country. at new york's citi field, where the rotunda is named after him, this statue, nine feet tall, towers with robinson's retired number. every player wearing 42. robinson's granddaughter right there too. >> the granddaughter of jack roosevelt robinson. sonia pankey. >> reporter: and in times square, at 42nd and broadway, today it's jackie robinson way. former players and managers honoring his legacy. >> he went through things that i can't imagine what he's gone through. >> he would light up a room. he stood for more than baseball. >> reporter: he didn't just break the color barrier on the field, he was a leader in the civil rights movement.
5:58 pm
jackie's son david remembering when they attended the march on washington. >> he was a man of few words, but a man of action, responsibility. >> reporter: and tonight, his granddaughter vowing to continue his legacy. >> carrying his legacy forward is the most important job that we have as grandchildren, to ensure that the next generation understand the commitment, the sacrifice he made to social change. >> what an amazing legacy it is. thanks for watching. i'm cecilia vega. have a great weekend.
5:59 pm
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. spencer: dan: people selling stolen items. >> i'm dion lim. dan: i'm dan ashley and we are continuing our coverage of where stolen goods end up in san francisco. drew: -- like dion: luz pena is in the district would have had is an uptick. luz: several vendors said the people who set up shot in the mission district are creating a different dust difficult environment for families emphasis on trying to recover from the pandemic. before the pandemic, andrew sanchez was a construction worker and now he is doing this.
6:00 pm
he has set up shop on 24th street in the mission district of san francisco. how much you pay for these things? you pay seven dollars for them and you sell it for nine dollars. >> he's making anywhere between $.50 to two dollars per item. do you know if any of these are stolen? you don't know, you just by the method we market. he says he would never steal. he bought everything you see here, though he does not ask where the items are coming from. his profits he pays the bills and the rest he sends to his kids in mexico. one is going to college and the other is in high school. lately he says business has been difficult. two years ago, how many vendors were here?


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