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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 16, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. the nba playoffs are finally here in the bay area golden state warriors. notched their first playoff win this evening in the first game of round one beating the vernuckets, it was the first ever playoff game at chase center. good evening. i'm jr. stone. you're watching abc 7 news at 11. let's get right to abc 7 news sports. anchor chris alvarez. you were out there. i don't think many people expected what we saw tonight a blowout. yeah. that's pretty fun jr. maybe they didn't expect it. but hey here. we are the warriors played their first playoff game since the 2019 nba finals in there very first as you mentioned at chase center, curry returned tonight against the nuggets after sitting out the last month with a foot injury, but he didn't start steve kerr said yesterday. they're going to ease him back into action.
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so curry would sit the first half of each quarter playing the final six finish with 22 minutes. thanks to the man who did start this place jordan pool playing his first ever playoff game had what he know 30 points third most by a warriors player in their playoff debut. we did though catch up with stephen curry one-on-one after the game one win. whose idea was to come off the bench tonight? collective effort a lot of smart minds back there and our athletic training room and our coaches is trying to figure out how to make my minutes the most impactful so playoffs are all type of just you know, be ready for you know, whatever whatever is necessary. we'll see how it goes the rest of the series but obviously missing, you know a month and for three weeks not really be able to be on my feet. it's been a quick ramp up to get ready to play and today was always the goal. so check that off the box now. i just got to figure out how to responds and try to keep building. we want to be playing for two
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months. yeah, so it's not just about this, you know this first game just trying to you know, ramp up appropriately and get my written back. how impressive was jordan's first playoff game. so, you know the league is all about us what we're all about. he's prepared for this moment. he's got his his mind his body his game, right? be ready for the big lights and you know, obviously his confidence is in himself is what drives at all so excited that he you know took advantage the moment gave us a lot of energy obviously, you know dropping 30 was amazing and we're gonna need more of it throughout this series and hopefully, you know the rest of the playoffs he saw steph was looking dapper there. i did ask him. where did we get the jacket? he goes, i'm not giving away all my secrets chris. so steph always dapper and a major shout out to the warriors pr staff raymond ritter and crew. we had literally the whole team on after the game. i mean, it was great and after the game show. that was you think we could see sweep here. well, they won the one i mean
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you have to win the first game to have a sweep. so a lot of adjustments to be made in game too. and i think that's the biggest thing. what will the warriors do in response to what the denver nuggets are gonna do but off to a good start you can't get a sweep unless you win game one, so they have that chance right now chair. chair. thanks so much chris. yeah. moving along happening tonight the cross at top san francisco's mount davidson is lighting up the night sky, the easter tradition is now in its 99th year abc 7 news reporter tara campbell was there for the preparations and has more on the extra significance this year. a towering testament to tradition the iconic mount davidson cross lighting up the san francisco sky for the 99th year and nobody knows the history of it quite like jackie proctor. she's championed this site for decades and even penned a book great to have this tradition. continue the more than 300 foot tall cross being lit the night before easter helping guide those gathering for sunday sunrise service.
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it but the regional chapter of armenian american organization. i think it's amazing that this has been going on since 1923. and that people have been hiking up here before dawn as many as 50,000 people when the cross was lit 1934 and during world war two and this cross sits atop the highest peak in san francisco. and when people gather easter morning it will mark the first sunrise service since the start of the pandemic i bet there will be a lot more people coming. know because of it didn't happen for two years and can't take it for granted anymore. she says the cross represents. hope something a lot of people need right now the steer they're gonna have a minister from the ukrainian church. because of what's going on there, it was lit up in blue two years ago to honor the essential workers and the person responsible for literally lighting it up says he's excited people will be gathering. again this year i have a van full of lights theatrical type
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lighting and i might light it up 30,000 watts of power. it means so much to so many people. i mean, what does that mean? you it means to me that i did a good job. and it makes people happy and that's exactly it says jackie this massive monument offering a moment of peace. there's so many challenges that we face all the time between covid and wars and politics. i think this is something innately rejuvenating about that and we need that kind of spiritual uplift tara campbell. abc7 news 99 years great to see that well after. two years apart many bay area families are counting their blessings around the seder table tonight in person millions locally and around the world gathered to commemorate passover the festival commemorates. the israelites escape from slavery and departure from
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ancient egypt for many families passover seder has taken place over zoom the last couple of years because of covid but this year it's an in-person reunion to celebrate passover's message of freedom. the jewish people were bound in egypt for hundreds of years, and they said it's impossible to escape and god showed them the way he said look i could break these boundaries and now i'm giving you the power. so that you should go and break out of boundaries, which is really what life is all about. a symbol of passovers matzah the torah instructs people to eat matzah on on the first night of pass. are joining us now with a look at the forecast for the remainder of this holiday weekend still a lot of easter egg hunts out there. tomorrow is spencer christian. okay, jr. you're right about that. i'm going to start with a look at tonight's conditions because it's going to be chilly overnight under clear skies, which is a good indicator for the weather for easter sunday. so as you look at the forecast innovation overnight notice an absence of clouds. the morning gets off with a bright sunny skies. so for all outdoor activities or
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going to sunrise service bright skies tomorrow and by afternoon, we'll be looking at high temperatures ranging from 55 it half moon bay to 58 in san francisco. mainly mid-60s right around the bay shoreline highs inland up to 67 in san jose 68 at concord up in the north bay. mainly mid-60s from san rafael to santa rosa to napa. it's going to be lee easter sunday, but rain is coming next week and i'll have a look at that a little bit later jr. thank you so much spencer. well, oakland police are looking for a motive behind today's two deadly shootings two men were shot just after 5 am near 73rd avenue and san leandro street one of the men a 26 year old resident died at the scene. the other unidentified man died. hospital according to the bay area news group authorities are trying to determine whether the shootings may be linked to a nearby large party. these are the 36th and 37th homicides investigated by oakland police this year. well in livermore police are
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investigating after a 15 year old girl was found dead last night police say someone called 911 after spotting the girl in a car near colder canyon road and merit gay common the girl appear. have a gunshot wound police say the case is being investigated as a homicide investigators say they do have a person of interest. well thousands of stanford nurses could soon be without health insurance if they go through with the strike set the start on april 25th abc 7 news reporter. tim. johns has been tracking this story for us today and has details. after months of failed contract negotiations 5,000 nurses across stanford healthcare said they're going on strike starting april 25th. colleague borges is one of them and the president of krona the nurses union. she says among other things she and her colleagues are asking for increased wages and higher staffing numbers. you are world-renowned institutions. you need to be able to you know
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make our work environment such that people want to come here and that people feel supported that they're here on saturday stanford released a statement to abc 7 news regarding the nurses decision. it reads in part while we respect our nurse's rights to engage in this work action. we pointed that the union has chosen to strike. we are proud of our nurses and have proposed highly competitive contract terms including market leading pay and proposals that further our commitment to enhance nurse staffing and wellness in response to the strike stanford also announced that would suspend some benefits for those choosing to participate a separate statement to abc 7 news partly reads quote. we have notified the union that nurses who choose to strike will not be paid for any shifts. they miss in addition employer. health benefits will cease on may 1st for nurses who go out on strike and remain out through the end of the month in which the strike begins while stanford says the move is standard
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practice and that employees will be able to extend their coverage through cobra. it has infuriated the nursing an online solidarity petition has gained more than 15,000 signatures. i don't know if they were using it as a tactic to scare nurses to say, you know, look you walk out and this is ts. but it didn't it has backfired. the nurses are more angry than before and while both sides say they're ready to sit down at the negotiating table once again for now, it seems a strike is all but inevitable in san francisco tim johns abc 7 news. we'll still head on abc 7 news at 11:00 covid cases are climbing doctors weigh in on what precautions to take before any gatherings tomorrow. today in the east bay a well-deserved retirement celebration for the woman who went down in history as the oldest active national park ranger serving in the us. and this coming week marks the 116th anniversary of the 1906
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that's endless yummmm for just $6.99. milestone today for an american pioneer ranger betty reid soskin at hundred years old was honored at a retirement ceremony in richmond abc news. anchor whit johnson has a look at her legacy. i want to thank you for helping us fulfill its mission and thank you for your unwavering resolve and your service to this great nation. today a special retirement ceremony for the oldest national park ranger in america betty read soskin people need heroes. and i'm maybe one of those i
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think it's important. oh follow our passion. girl need passions betty starting her part career at age 85 helping to launch the rosie the riveter world war two homefront national historical park working there for nearly 15 years sharing stories from that era the struggles of black women and men and what she faced born in detroit. she went on to marry and raise a family near oakland, california. she worked as a file clerk during world war two as a young woman of color. i could have been either working in ag. culture or i could have been a domestic servant working in a jim crow union hall was a step up engaged in her community and in local politics eventually applying for and getting a job as a park ranger in 2007. to pay tribute to this trailblazer the bay area even naming a school after her the betty read soskin middle school. tonight as she celebrates
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another milestone she leaves us with an important reminder. it is so important that we go back and revisit history as it was lived in order to get a baseline against which measure how far we've come with johnson abc news, new york. what an incredible woman there? well, monday will be the 116th anniversary of the 1906 great, san francisco earthquake and fire when the big one strikes again, the city wants its residents to be prepared. you need to call and say this is your rescue team if you can hear my voice walk to me. this is only a drill the fire department held this exercise to get its newest members of the neighborhood response team or nert volunteers ready to confront a disaster these trainings and community volunteers are critical for the city's ability to handle a quake fire or other disaster train volunteers. the bread and butter of our
11:17 pm
success they can lead other volunteers or other neighbors they or have a direct connection to the fire department to give us information that we need after the disaster and they practice their skills so they can be ready to save lives. the fire department says there is always a need for people to become nerd volunteers. well on the subject of keeping san francisco safe former mayor, willie brown honored three dedicated civil servants for their roles in protecting the city. this is a time period in which we always every year. they appropriate respect and homage to those of fires out in 1906. there'd be no san francisco without. the mayor as we've called him over the years. out of vintage survivor fire helmet at the annual 1906 quake and fire luncheon at john's grill. he had to make up for the last two luncheons which were
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canceled by the pandemic. the recipients were guardians of the city trustee david barley, san francisco fire lieutenant jonathan baxter and former fire chief. joanne hayes white a lively evening of food friends and hope helped raise money for an organization that calls itself the safety net of the safety. that the san francisco community health centers 35th anniversary show of hope gala brought out an enthusiastic crowd of supporters this evening and you recognize that gentleman there abc 7 mornings. anchor reggie a key mc tonight's fundraiser, which took place in person for the first time since covid struck the centers provide critical medical care. it's tenderloin location focusing on the lgbtq community and people of color. we have folks tonight. are part of that early fight? pioneers blazing a bright trail in the service of the most underserved in our communities.
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the center also had the unwavering support from other members of our abc news family who proudly made up tonight's full house of generous supporters and donors. you can see the whole morning crew there spencer, right? that was the event to via tonight. what a special night that pastor bedtime. yeah. i didn't think they stayed up this late but four great cause when i woke up this morning, the roads were still wet outside. they were you know that rain stay with us for a while, but we've got sunny skies coming our way for your sunday, which is great news and some rain next week right now that we're looking at relatively calm wind all around the bay area except in san francisco where we have 26 mile per hour winds. it's pretty breezy here in the city and 24-hour temperature change shows. it is significantly cooler all around the region than it was in this hour last night. so let's move along and take a live view from sutro tower looking out over san francisco. where right now, it's 48 degrees temperatures are dropping 49 in oakland 50 at san jose mount a few 4641 and half moon bay santa clara 47. the view from the south beach
11:20 pm
camera looking along the bay bridge, which is busy at this late hour 45 degrees right now, santa rosa down to 42 at petaluma 40 at napa mid 40s at fairfield and concord at 42 at livermore and the view from emeryville looking out over the column bay waters. these are our forecast features. that will be chilly overnight. well, it already is it's going to be cold in some spots sunny easter sunday next storm will arrive late monday into tuesday, and we can expect a rainy pattern lingering through most of next week overnight. we'll see just a few high clouds. passing by skies will otherwise be clear which allow for temperatures to drop into that chili range up in the north bay. look for lowe's. 32 at santa rosa and lakeport 36 at napa over in the inland east bay 37 livermore 39 will be the lower concord down in the south bay, san jose will drop down to 41 degrees morgan hill 38 and on the coast. it'll be chilly 41 half moon bay 38 at santa cruz highs tomorrow though. we'll bounce back up. it's well, not a a warm range but a mild range. south bay 67 at san jose and santa clara 72 will be the high
11:21 pm
at morgan hill on the peninsula mainly mid-66 at redwood city 64 palo alto on the coast breezy and cool with highs around 54-55 degrees in most coastal locations downtown san francisco have a maximum temperature of 58 tomorrow off in the north baylor 66 in novato and santa a 65 in sonoma 64 napa the east bay 63 at oakland and san leandro castro valley 64 and the inland east bay will warm up into the upper 60s to about 70 at fairfield and brentwood and on we go to the forecast animation starting noon monday. our next wave of rain will be poised. to move through the bay area it'll start to push through monday evening into tuesday. we'll get a little bit of a break late tuesday and then another wave of a more substantial wave of range starts to move in wednesday morning. it's going to be wet wednesday and thursday and through the night thursday night into early friday before that rain tapers off much needed beneficial rainfall. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast each of the storms next week. we'll rank only one on the
11:22 pm
strong impact scale storms of light intensity, but that's good because it's going to rain for all day so we don't want heavy rain producing flooding and other difficulties by the end of the week. we'll see skies becoming partly sunny on friday and finding next saturday a drying out and warming up to the 70s again, which is a sort of typical range of highs for this time of the year. we certainly need the rain. yeah, we do. yeah, and there's going to be snow in the sierra also, which will help the snowpack there. well, you're full of good news tonight. that's me. that's right. that's right. yeah, we'll i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex. available at your local retailer and club.
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. please also welcome his former co-star. well a special reunion for tom hanks the actor throughout the first pitch yesterday at a cleveland guardians game joined by yes none other than wilson his volleyball co-star from the movie castaway. despite being a bay area native hanks has been a cleveland fan
11:26 pm
for decades according to the team after a quick pause to catch a run basically a runaway wilson, right there hangs delivered the ceremonial throw. what a moment. that was join right now by chris alvarez who is here with the preview of sports even more exciting stuff here in the back. yeah, cleveland was playing the giants and have won the first two games in that series, but we're in a little talk a lot about warriors coming up here in sports jr. the warriors back in a big way playoff hoops were at chase for the first time ever in the band back together. stephen curry makes his return alongside clay. drayan. how about jordan pool highlights? and a big win over denver sports is next.
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sponsored by river rock casino the warriors are back in the playoffs the first time since
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2019. it was also the inaugural playoff game at chase center game one against denver felt just like the old days with a new star making his playoff debut. stephan curry is back, but tonight he was a dubstitute. that's okay because they have a pool jordan pool. splashing from steph rangen jp just getting started steph came in with six minutes left in the first quarter shooting wasn't there but he was dishing look at the assist here finding a splash whether clay thompson corn. clay had 19 in his first playoff action since 2019 then dream on the poster everyone doing it for the warriors late second quarter warriors. go small ball pool. euro step hoop and the foul so nice we show it twice. what a play from jordan steph did have 16 points and here you see curry gonna hit the three before the buzzer. that's good dubs up 11 at the half and his family was in attendance. you see aisha and the kids third quarter pool from way downtown.
11:31 pm
good, it was his night by the fourth denver was just refusing to guard pool who finished with the game high 30 warriors win game one 123 107. we always were saying peak at the right time we a lot this season and figuring it out on the fly in terms of what the rotations are going to look like but to have me andre draymond clay back out there on the floor was fun. great great start and think our experience will hopefully shine as we as we keep going through this. i mean, i wish i would have couple more shots, you know, but i'll be better. monday and i'm just grateful to put this warriors uni on and get a win. yeah, and then just have fun man. it was fun out. it was fun out there. this was the first time in maybe all year that we had our whole including andre and and you can see it. it looked like the warriors, you know, we took care. all and we attacked and defended
11:32 pm
well, and it was a great game, but it's just one game. so, you know, we got a we got to come back. and do it again. one-on-one with jordan pool coming up later in sports mavericks or without luca don chitch hosting the jazz masks kept it close utah stars shining bright. there's donovan mitchell one-handed slam. he had 32 for the spider under a minute ago. jazz up one royce o'neil only had three points and here they are big dagger right there. jazz win 99.93. they take a seriously, john morat and the grizzlies hosting the teen wolves in game one pick it up third quarter carl anthony towns spinning and winning. oh my 29 points in 13 rebounds for cat, but morant trying to lead the comeback jaw. so smooth and blast softly the team high 32 or the griz these guys can fly but anthony edwards had a game high 36 in this playoff debut. perfect eight for eight from deep in the t-wolves win. 131-17 game 2 is tuesday abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock
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casino, jr. thanks so much chris much more to come on abc 7 news at 11 this weekend could break pan. -- pandemic travel records many travelers will be paying extra and the tax deadline. quickly approaching, that means a prime time for cyber criminals the information they're after and how to protect
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a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. welcome back a terrifying scene at a south carolina shopping mall shots ring out inside leaving more than a dozen people hurt overnight now police are
11:37 pm
making progress in the investigation as one person has been arrested. here's abc news reporter christine sloan with more on what we're learning about the motive. a terrifying scene unfolding at a crowded mall in columbia, south carolina. hi there like 20 30 instructors have a long multiple shots pride inside them all coming. area police responding to reports of shots fired at the columbiana center saturday afternoon officers blocking access to the mall as they went. with long guns. oh my god this video taken from inside the mall shows the chaotic scene you seen blood on the floor. you saw people on gurneys, you saw people with bandages on them and i saw multiple people with gunshots. the only thing i'm thinking is my children their home, and i'm in the mall and shootout employees and shoppers were originally told the shelter in place police clearing stores one
11:38 pm
by one and escorting everyone out. we all injured no fatalities. i repeat no fatalities 10 suffer. gunshot wounds six are stable. we had two that were injured during the stampede official. set up a reunification center at a hotel not far from the mall where family and friends could find each other investigators. do not believe the shooting was random. we believe that the individuals that were armed knew each other and they were some type of conflict that occurred christine sloan abc news, new york. well scientists are keeping a close watch on two new covid subvariants of omicron. they could be 25% more contagious. that's as national case counts. keep ticking upwards. they're up in 10% 10% that is in 31 states over the past week gatherings and events or resuming and health officials are urging people who gather to wear masks and take precautions given the uptick in the number
11:39 pm
of people getting sick in the us. we know how to out there together safely now if you're going to see somebody high risk get a test before you do that. boston is preparing for that city's big marathon on monday. the first time it has been held since the pandemic hit the city's mayor is urging the 30,000 runners from all around the us and 122 countries to stay out of the race if they feel unwell or test positive. well a live look tonight at san francisco international airport will millions of americans are on the this holiday weekend easter passover and ramadan or bringing families together from around the country for many it's the first time in two years since these gatherings have taken place. america's airports say they are ready to handle the expected crowds. we are over 85% of pre-pandemic level in our overall staffing and so we have enough of an option to serve the customer to come to his airport.
11:40 pm
everyone who is traveling is paying more this year domestic airfare is up 40% since january gas prices are also up up 80 cents a gallon on average across the country. well 144 million of us are facing a monday deadline to file our 2021 federal taxes. the last minute frenzy is a time when cyber criminals target people with scams to steal passwords and other confidential information abc 7 news reporter david louis looks at what the thieves are after and what we can do to protect ourselves. as pressure mounts to file your taxes on time cyber criminals are stepping up to take advantage that you're too busy or distracted to notice. they're targeting you they'll send out emails appearing to be from the irs seeking personal data passwords or a pin or a text message with attachments or links are gilliland is ceo of redwood city base to linea which design solutions to manage
11:41 pm
access to corporate information systems. this is prime time for thieves to pray on. payers, you're in a hurry. you want to get your taxes done? and so they'll be sending you emails or trying to target you to get you to click and give up information. and then the other one is after you've submitted your taxes. you want to get paid right away. you want your money back and so they'll be focused on sending sending you emails to try to trick you and giving up your information to either reroute your tax return and they'll be trying to trick you saying i will give you your money back faster if you sign up for this and me your information the problem. this once you've fallen for the scam, there's no easy fix gillian recommends changing your password immediately and to use two-factor authentication. that's when you need to enter a second password usually numbers that are texted to you before you can log in there has been concern that russia might be stepping up attacks on american citizens in retaliation for sanctions over the war in ukraine. however, delinia doesn't see evidence of that. they take the resources that
11:42 pm
they were using to steal money from us citizens. moving that now to maybe try to attack the infrastructure or track some of the other sort of defense industrial base companies. the best line of defense is to slow down and think before responding to any effort to get personal information or to click on links anyone who is doing that or any email you see like that is probably a scam and you shouldn't click on it in redwood city david louie abc 7 news well still ahead on abc 7 news at 11 this holiday weekend is giving families a chance to catch up on traditions paused by the pandemic and it's the festivities that are giving small businesses a big helping hand i'm spencer christian bright skies for easter sunday, but clouds and rain for much. next week. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up when abc 7 news at 11:00 continues.
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were held across the bay area today celebrating the holiday and welcoming spring abc 7 news reporter cornell. bernard has a look at some of those festivities. no easter egg was safe in berkeley's willard park where hundreds of kids were on the hunt with their baskets. how many exits you get three angela scott's two daughters were in it to win it. i think it's great. i got a lot of activity so they having a good time games big bubbles and a do are part of this year's. egg hunt extravaganza, the annual event has been on pause since 2019 looks like a lot of families are happy to have it back. i think we had around 400 pre-registrants, which is about the amount in previous years. so people are really excited to get out. in san francisco drag performers
11:47 pm
entertain the crowd at the castro easter block party egg stravaganza. there was an egg hunt here, too. bunny, we need to start buddy pictures sandra ortega waited in line for the bunny with her family. it's something to do. like to celebrate eastern the kids down tula explore a little bit. that's exactly what the castro merchants association was hoping for this block party designed to give some love to small businesses, which have had a tough go. the castro is probably been one of the hardest districts in the entire city because of the pandemic using businesses and we really need to get people off of amazon and back out into their local neighborhood small businesses. and i think this is a great step forward. everybody's coming in getting treats. it makes it makes a huge difference jeffries natural pet foods on noe street. lot of new customers. it really does bring people in and everybody is ends up in a good mood and you know, it just
11:48 pm
lightens up the neighborhood especially after you know, almost three years of silence. so i love snowboard check it out the easter bonnet contest happening right now on the stage four events like this are planted the future the next one planned for pride weekend in june in san francisco cornell bernard abc 7 news train right now by spencer christian, you said looking forward to some ag events tomorrow exactly and easter egg hunt at my home with the kids grandkids. that is have you ever get like you want to jump in there get i've always jealous, of course. i want to win. i want to exit anybody else. the weather will be nice. it's going to be very nice a little chilly overnight though low temperatures going to drop into the upper 30s. a lot of our inland areas and down to nearly 40 right around the bay but sunny skies tomorrow and highs from only mid 50s to the coast because it may not be many easter eggs going on at the coast right around the bay shore line that we'll see some mid-60s inland areas will be up to the upper 60s tomorrow and here's the other 7-day forecast.
11:49 pm
we've got some rain coming next week. that's good news. so sunny skies tomorrow sunny for most of the day on monday, then we may get a little light rain monday night, but tuesday looks like a better chance for rain and wednesday and thursday some steadier more widespread rain than we're going to get early in the week. so that'll be beneficial and toward the end of the week. we'll see. so clearly on friday and then a sunnier milder day next saturday. so getting all the stuff we need a couple of sunny days and a few rainy days only a one on there, but every bit helps. yeah, absolutely everybody, especially now with the drought being so severe so we get a series of light storms. the ones would get beneficial rain, but we get the sudden rush. water and the localized flooding and all that. so this this 7 day forecast is one and proud of i think a frame it love it. thanks we'll be right back. thanks we'll be right back. i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term.
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when kids need medical care, they face life-changing experiences. they miss out on the things that make being a kid fun. starlight children's foundation programs entertain and inspire hospitalized kids. learn more at rock casino the warriors cruise to a big win over denver in their first playoff win since
11:53 pm
the 2019 nba finals in a guard had a big game for the dubs, but it wasn't stephan curry who came off the bench the first time in almost five years. it was third year man. jordan pool pool had 30 points in his very first playoff game the third for a warrior in his playoff. a bunch of memorable plays in great shots. you see him splashing all over the court. his confidence was high and then this drive. well, this is something special hoop and the foul afterwards i caught up with jp after a very memorable game one jordan no fear in this game. about a week ago what you thought it would feel like in the first playoff game. you said? i don't know now, you know what it feel like i was exciting. a lot of energy a lot of emotion that you can tell that the details need to be focused on and we've got to find ways to just fight throughout the game and continue to play all type of school. it was a little bit of a mystery as to whether steph would start what that did for you. when did you find out that you were starting and then kind of just took off from there? for the game. okay. i mean being able just to be
11:54 pm
ready for anything any already, obviously we wanted to make sure stuff is all right and is they're so lucky to have him back throwing a court to get off to the start you did. can you describe to the fans what it's like to be in the zone? the state locked in you know, everything you practice everything you drill come in be simple. don't try to do too much and just play your game last one after the game. i saw you shared a really nice moment with gary payton senior if you can tell us a little bit about what that moment was like what he said to you after the game. he's gave me a few words of encouragement. obviously. he's all the famous, you know, so blessed to get any type of advice and worse for him. so being able just to hear what good after the game was awesome. pretty cool. jordan pool has the swag. he also has a pool party shirt in the warrior. i think you are pregame. yeah little pool party action we got going on. so if you get your hands on one of those. arctic summer t-shirt. yeah, they are hot sellers right now. yes, they are the next time we see the giants at home will be tuesday, april 26th. they'll host the a's on friday
11:55 pm
the giants open. in game road trip spanning four cities. they took game one in cleveland home opener yesterday and today a game two from cleveland. the autographed crowds getting bigger and bigger around giant assistant coach alyssa knack in giants. no hit into the fifth, but then they break through brandon belts two out two runs single up the middle ties things up captain getting through and now tied bases loaded one out wilmer flores sharp ground ball. he's in a hustle trying to beat this double play and he's safe at first and belt scores the go-ahead run. they add another to go for two bottom of the ninth though gets dicey closer jake mcgee with the first two guys on settles down though. come back her. and it'll flip it over. the game is over giants win. 4-2 the chance to sweep tomorrow. how about the a's in toronto? matt chapman and mark cutsay with a big hug chappie receiving his golden glove award from last year pretty cool. the jays let him do it against the a's top three a's up 3 1 runner on for sean murphy and that poll is just absolutely gone. 452 foot blast a way way deep
11:56 pm
center five one a's as you see that replay it was just crushed but the j's chappie. about his second home run of the year coming up two-run shot and all of a sudden we were tied at five going into the ninth inning which to a gooe for christ homer of the year. remember, he's the main guy the aes got back in the mat olson deal a's beat the jays seven five to the ice sharks and stars on joe papelski. bobblehead night former sharks captain, of course now with dallas first period sharks lose sight of tyler seguin and he tips it in one nothing dallas in those uniforms second period on the power play but it's the stars the two on one michael raffle will put it in stars win. 2-1, san jose's losing streak. now at nine, let's kick it soccer the quakes hosting nashville sc san jose trailed one nailed tied up in the 52nd minute bend it like jeremy of boba see there we go. one one nashville regains allegiance 11 minutes later. hanny muktar, kicking that thing
11:57 pm
out of mid-air his second of the game made it 2-1 nashville and then san jose we know like to stay in the game. 72nd minute off the corner kick of boba see his second goal of the game quakes though. still looking for their first win though. pick up a point in the to draw abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino jr. thanks so much. well, that's it for tonight. i'm j r stone a congratulations to the warriors abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 for spencer and chris. thank you for joining us. have a great night. have a great night. want more restful sleep? nature's bounty gives you more with sleep3. the first ever triple action sleep supplement with 3 unique nighttime benefits to help you get a great night's sleep and wake feeling refreshed. live bountifully. nature's bounty.
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