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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 19, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> new mask roles. we dig -- ne-yo mask -- new mask rules. where you will still need your mass candy. >>0 -- where you will still need your mask handy. drew: much of the rain is focused in the east bay. you will find scattered light rain into parts of east right now from san ramon, alto mont, even some showers as you move to the south now. there is that rain around san jose. certainly wet spots, 280, as we head towards the morning commute. these showers will mainly exit
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around 7:00 a.m. it is a 1 on the storm impact scale. less than a tension of an inch of rainfall and slick road ways this morning. rain is out of here by 7:00 a.m. a lot of cloud cover this morning for a skies this afternoon. our next storm quickly arrives tomorrow. jobina: this morning mask mandates are dropping after a federal judge struck down a federal mandate. the does not mean masks are going away everywhere, though. >> this morning masks are no longer required on planes and public transit despite an uptake in covid-19 cases nationwide. >> it is for our own protection because obviously covid is still going around. >> people are so tired of wearing mask. >> a federal judge in florida
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appointed by president trump struck down the mask mandate saying it exceeds the cdc's statutory authority. the white house confirmed this means the mask mandate is no longer in place at a federal level. >> the cdc continues recommending a mask on public transit. >> the cdc stressing it is too early to put the mask away and public transportation settings. >> the ceo of major airlines like delta saying it is time to move on, this announcement being heard on board one of its flights. [applause] >> some are making the case that airlines for now should honor its initial masking guidelines. >> some will be masked and some will not be. we are hoping the protection will be enough because our child
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is not vaccinated. >> infection rates amongst children are soaring for the first time since january with hospitalization rates for children under four currently at the highest rate of the pandemic. >overall are up 20% in the last week. >> things are changing for public transit in the bay area as well. amy hollywood is live with what we could see here. amy: commuters do not have to wear a mask on bart for this first time since 2020 now that a judge has said it could be dropped on public transit. >> oh my god. it is to and a half years -- 2.5 years or may be more that n seen thface each other. bart is out on a limb on
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this one. we checked in with other public transport systems in the area. ac transit and vta all say they will still require masks. they are asking everyone to be patient, saying enforcement could very, and everyone needs to be respectful -- vary, and everyone needs to be respectful. kumasi: you can get updates at any time on their website, just had to abc current san francisco supervisor matt haney will be squaring off against david campos in the race for the district 17 seat. haney headed campos, but neither received the 53%.
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that is why the runoff is necessary. jobina: president biden is backing dianne feinstein after reports surfaced questioning her ability to do the job. collings expressed a concern over the 88-year-old's memory lapses. jen psaki was asked whether president biden still had confidence in the senator. >> she has a longtime friend, a pride public servant, and someone he has long enjoyed working with. jobina: the san francisco more -- mayor has added tough year. kurt husband died. governor newsom is expected to talk today about how california is dealing with climate change. the governor is pushing for californians to conserve more water, but some water experts
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say they would like the governor to do more, including issuing mandatory restrictions. california is investing more than $5 billion over three years to support the immediate drought response and build water resilience statewide. kumasi: a spring snow storm has left 100,000 people without power this morning. a powerful nor'easter is impacting the east. it is leading to treacherous driving conditions. in maryland a tree crashed into a home and killed a person and injured four others. let's take a live look from burlington, vermont. this is where the national weather service expects a hazardous morning commute. drew: we have some rain out there this morning. we had this front moved through late last night. it is still lingering and parts
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of the east bay right now. over to the east foothills, you can see 87. we have wet spots. this rain will not last all that long. it is out of here by 7:00 a.m. it is mild out there, luda mid-50's as you step out the door with more cloud cover overhead. 7:00 a.m., it is a mostly cloudy sky but by midday we see some breaks that cloud cover for sunshine. we will end the day today with partly cloudy skies and we are drying out. cooler compared to yesterday. 61 in the city, 64 in oakland, the same in santa rosa, but much cooler along the coast. we have a winter weather advisory until 2:00 p.m. we have chains on 80 but not on 50. slick roads and reduced visibility.
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total rainfall estimates with our next storm tomorrow into thursday, a little bit wetter compared to today. we will look at the three day forecast and find rain returns tomorrow afternoon and lingers into thursday. we will go hour-by-hour in 9 minutes. >> we are taking a look right now at highway 24 where we had an issue westbound near wilder. had a pulldown at the wilder exit. chp had to close that road down and move the pole. traffic is improving heading throws the column cut tunnel. we have a couple of solo spinouts not blocking lanes but we will be following that this morning. jobina: taking a look at the san mateo bridge, heads up if you are heading west -- caltrans
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will close the right lane and right shoulder on the hayward side. crews will be painting the bridge. it starts tonight at 7:00 and the lanes will reopen tomorrow morning. 2 siblings and the timing of their life-saving surgeries. kumasi: a mother go and her baby reunited. how's the
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jobina: new york city police are looking for the man who stabbed a mother to death and stuffed her in a duffel bag. >> police searching for the person seen in this video, then might be trying to find who murdered a mother of to and dumped her body by a busy queens road. >> she was a lovely lady,, always very attempted to -- attentive to her family. >> resolve you had gone out friday night while her husband
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was out of town visiting colleges with their son. she was stabbed multiple times in the basement while her other son was reportedly upstairs. >> what time did she get home? there is a lot of evidence to make sure they are ready to go. >> new details on the clues investigators have discovered. i'm andrew dymburt, abc7news, new york. jobina: the stockton unified school district has promised to beef up security on campus after what police are calling a random, deadly attack. a man trespassed onto a school campus and stabbed a student yesterday. school resource officer detained the man. kumasi: the shasta county mom who faked a high-profile kidnapping will be sentenced in july.
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she pled guilty in court. she initially told authorities she was held captive and tortured. she took an 11th our plea deal admitting she lied to agents. she was staying with an ex-boyfriend and mutilated herself to back up her lies. >> i would call this a last ditch effort. kumasi: she was ordered to pay restitutions. the charges can carry a 25 year prison turn. >> a stolen baby goat has been found to safe all thanks to an alert dog owner. this is video of the happy reunion. look at this turning around! this is the mom and the baby goat. sound effects! it is -- goats r' us tell us a
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dog owner found the goat in san pablo. jobina: i was not expecting it to be that little. kumasi: i know. jobina: this is so good. there is a really exciting part of our report. the animal was taken friday, but listen to what this person had to say. >> in the moment the baby spoke up, the mom ran over. it was so heartwarming. the odds were not up there, but low and behold, we have her back. jobina: i was going to say i want it, but it needs to stay with the mom. terry says the walker knew a baby goat had been stolen after watching a reports at abc 7.
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the baby goat looks healthy and mom is no longer acting despondent and depressed. no word on that person there who took the goat. kumasi: that person -- hopefully they felt ashamed and did what they needed to do, let it go. jobina: put it back! this next story -- brace yourself, my friend. kumasi: i had time to process it. jobina: ok, there is a new name for the new guy, the falcon helping to hatch baby birds at uc berkeley. kumasi: after tallying 10,000 votes, cal falcon says the winning name is alden. not archie, alden. alden now is the falcon that swooped into play -- swooped in to play bird
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boyfriend. that is her man. he is playing father to her children. alden has been sharing some of the workload with annie. drew: officially alden. jobina: alden. do we remember the background? kumasi: alden was the person who took over for grenell in real life and to cover his role at uc berkeley. now they feel this is passing the baton because alden to cover for grenell with annie. the people have spoken. drew: 10,000 of them. jobina: that's a lot! kumasi: archie was my favorite! jobina: you got people on board. batman saturday night? -- that man saturday night?
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we went to an event and a guy came up and said " archie!" [laughter] kumasi: did you create additional email addresses? drew: no. [laughter] jobina: we don't do that! drew: fair and square alden one. the babies are expected in early may i think. we had this front that moved through late last night. the roads are wet and a lot of spots this morning. we are on the tail end of this storm system. there is a live look at san jose. you can see the cars as they go about. we will find slick conditions in parts of the east bay. that is where the showers are focused. the showers are out of here around 7:00 a.m. we will get some sunshine to finish out tuesday. we are tracking a stronger storm
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arriving tomorrow afternoon. it lingers thursday into early friday. the weekend, sunshine, dry conditions, and warmer temperatures -- we will finish the forecast on a warmer note. a lot of cloud cover this morning. the rain exits shortly. low to mid 60's around the bay shoreline. overnight tonight, it is a blend of stars and clouds and numbers in the 40's on wednesday. tomorrow afternoon, we will have scattered showers, some downpours of rainfall estimated between a quarter of an inch and three quarters of an inch. here is 22:30 tomorrow afternoo. thursday morning there. is more wet weather it stays -- thursday morning there is more wet weather. there is our next storm.
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that outdoor plans. lots of sunshine. kumasi: the seven things to know this morning. jobina: two siblings receiving lifesaving surgeries within 24 hours of each other. kumasi: we
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at zales. the diamond store. kumasi: iare just joining us, here are the seven things to know. masks are no longer required on planes or public transit. a florida judge struck it down saying it exceeded the authority of the cdc. jobina: uber is no longer requiring drivers or riders to where masks. -- to wear masks. kumasi: an arrest has been made in a fire at a home depot earlier this month. we will be streaming that live. jobina: it is election day in san francisco. matt haney is in a runoff with david campos.
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they are hoping to fill the state assembly seat vacated by david to when he became sf city attorney. drew: i am tracking showers in the east bay and southbay but rain exits quickly this morning. brighter skies this afternoon, temperatures in the 50's and 60's.y: we have an accident -- sue: we have an accident between danville and san ramon. we are seeing slow traffic coming out of the valley. here is that accident on 680. kumasi: the annual 4/20 cannabis celebration will be back tomorrow. there will be on-site cannabis sales. jobina: a miraculous story from san francisco. 2 siblings just received kidney transplants within 24 hours of one another. there surgeon said in decades of
5:23 am
purser me transplants, it was a first for him. j.r. stone spoke to the doctor and the siblings. >> this is matthew and carswell, siblings who have a rare genetic condition. because of it, both are in dire need of a new kidney until recently. >> we are finishing up dialysis. >> the doctor -- the doctor leans his head in with the phone to his ear and goes " do you want to kidney?" i froze. >> a kidney was now being offered to carswell at benioff children's hospital. >> i get this news. >> as exciting as that news was, it soon got even better for the siblings from antioch. >> i'm half waking up from sleeping.
5:24 am
i just hear her say " it's happening, is happening!" i glanced over and said " what?" the gears in my head started turning, and i immediately got a rush. >> a rush because another kidney had become available for matthew hours after carswell's surgery. >> why don't you bring matthew and so he does not get jealous that his sibling got a transplant? he is going to get one too. >> sibling love in one of their most challenging times yet. the doctor tells us in the thousands of transplants he has performed that he has never given 2 new kidney is to 2 siblings in a 24 hour period. the kidneys came from deceased
5:25 am
individuals in the area who decided to be donors. >> kidney transplant equals freedom. you are allowing me to go to college. >> i'm able to walk pretty well, i'm a kid, but careful. >> dr. hirosei says so far so good. in san francisco, j.r. stone, abc7news. jobina: kumasi! kumasi: that is so sweet. jobina: if you are interested in becoming an organ donor, you can sign up via donate live california. head over to kumasi: if you like a late night snack, taco bell is bringing back one of its fan favorites. the mexican pizza will be on menus again starting next month.
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it was first introduced in 1985, but they cut it in 2020. hundreds of thousands of people signed an online petition demanding people put it back on the menu. all three of us, drew, you may be the only one who has had it. drew: you know what i am talking about? doja cat. she wanted the mexican pizza back and they heard her. kumasi: have you had it though? drew: it's not bad. i like the current drop supreme. that is mike -- i like the crunchwrap supreme. kumasi: a sticky mess all over a local freeway. the mess that caused -- spell that caused the lanes to close down.
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and sudden kidney problems. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. a rare, but life-threatening bacterial infection in the skin of the perineum could occur. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away... ...if you have symptoms of this bacterial infection, ...ketoacidosis, or an allergic reaction, ...and don't take it if you're on dialysis. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. lower a1c and lower risk of a fatal heart attack? we're on it. we're on it. with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc seven news. jobina: reversing the mask mandate. announcements on airplane surprising passengers across the country. kumasi: new details about a fire
5:30 am
at a san francisco home depot. jobina: -- what we expect to learn when authorities from several agencies get together today. it is tuesday, april 19. jobina: it was really coming down on the bridge when i came in. drew: this storm will fizzle out. the rain, the showers, focused in parts of the east bay and south bay. some showers over discovery bay, some light rain from san ramon. we had a shower about an hour ago over san jose. this storm is over in the next 90 minutes. no until 7:00 a.m., we will find -- now until 7:00 a.m., we will find showers in the south bay. a lot of cloud cover by 9:00
5:31 am
a.m., but we will find brighter skies later as cloud cover breaks down eyes for :00 p.m. -- breaks down by 4:00 p.m. jobina: the national mask mandate for planes, trains and mass transit is no longer in effect is no longer in effect. saying it - -- a federal judge in florida struck down the mask mandate. >> i require every passenger in my aircraft to treat each other with kindness and respect. it is all up to you guys right now. jobina: that was the announcement on a southwest flight yesterday. just about all of the major domestic airlines has made masks optional but the cdc recommends
5:32 am
people still wear masks on public transit. kumasi: uber is not requiring drivers or riders to wear masks. they ask riders to only use the front seat, if you have to because of your group size. jobina: we are digging into what this means for public transit here in the bay area. amy hollywood is live with more. amy: police sent out an alert saying they would no longer be enforcing the mask mandate on bart trains yesterday when the decision came down from a judge. the mask requirement from the federal government did cover mask transit. now police will be following that order.
5:33 am
some passengers say they will keep their masks on anyway. >> i think i well because it makes other people feel comfortable. it is not for me. further people i will do it -- for other people i will do it. >> bart will not require masks, but others will. uber did just put out an emails saying masks will no longer be required inuber -- in uber rides. kumasi: there are new signs that russia might be launching its largest assault yet. >> this morning's rush a long
5:34 am
anticipated offensive in eastern ukraine -- russia's longing'tis abated offensive in eastern ukraine appears to be -- this morning, russia's long anticipated offensive in eastern ukraine appears to be underway. in mariupol the azov battalion fighting with ukraine says that russia is dropping bombs on a steel plant where ukrainian refugees have been holed up refusing to surrender. meanwhile, rescue efforts are underway on the outskirts of kyiv where russian troops have withdrawn. we found 2 firefighters from california helping the search and rescue teams. >> there was nothing left, the
5:35 am
flamesurd so hot >> the 2 days but because of the area being under russian control, rescue teams cannot get in. >> russia does not do things just because a door is open. >> malcolm nance, an analyst on msnbc, posting this image of himself from ukraine, holding arrival, writing -- a rifle, writing " i'm done talking." andrew dymburt, abc 7 news, new york. >> kimberly guilfoyle met with the january 6 committee for hours. she was once married to gavin newsom when he was the mayor of san francisco. she served as an advisor to donald trump. she is now engaged to his son
5:36 am
donald junior. she spoke before the riot at the capital. lawmakers are looking at her role, including whether she helped to raise money for the event. kumasi:irefhts peedthis fire at a home depot. re oth ori heard somebody yelling. it was very distinct. >> moments so vivid now turned into permanent memories. a large fire broke out at a home depot years ago releasing a cloud of smoke into the air and turning parts of the store into rubble. >> i see out of the corner of my left eye, a yellow tingey color. >> rick garcia said he was near the fire when it started. fire officials in san jose say they arrested someone who possibly started the fire. garcia said it makes sense
5:37 am
someone started it. >> eyes told the gentleman -- i told the gentleman " unless somebody intentionally started the fire, i suspect it might be electrical, judging by the amount of material that was back there." >> you can still smell the burning chemical aroma coming from the building. they witnesses i spoke to said they realize now it could have been much worse. >> it was three minutes after we all left that a giant plume of smoke rolled through the building, and we knew it was time to leave. >> san jose police have said information about inspections, smoke alarms, and sprinkler systems are under investigation. >> we were watching the ceiling fall down in flames before the fire alarm sounded. >> knowing the fire was possibly
5:38 am
started by someone leaves witnesses thankful no one got hurt. >> i'm a little angry about that. that was a dangerous situation. >> in san jose, ryan curry, abc7news. kumasi: we sent this notification on our abc7news app . we will be streaming that conference with investigators at 11:00 a.m. a breakthrough in a cold case. jobina: inflation is way up this year, and it is getting even more expensive to own a car. we will look at the high cost flying under the radar. first let's get a check on the weather. drew: we are tracking showers in the east bay and south bay. highway four from antioch over to discovery bay, some light showers. this is it in terms of the storm.
5:39 am
it is fizzling out in the next 90 minutes. still some slick spots out there and mild temperatures. here is future whether. by 7:00 a.m. no green on the screen but a lot of cloud cover. midday, some of that cloud cover breaks down into the afternoon. it is a partly cloudy day as we dry out from this morning storm. 64 in santa rosa. 67 the high in san jose. jane controls currently on 80 but not on 50. looking at the next three days, today it is increasing, sunshine but our next storm quickly arrives tomorrow evening. we will timeout this next storm
5:40 am
and previewed the forecast coming up in seven minutes. sue: that weather is affecting your drive on this tuesday morning. the golden gate bridge is wet. the caution signs say wet roads, watcher speeds. that is good advice -- watch your speeds. that is good advice. looks like it is wet here at the san mateo bridge too. up the -- overall, just some general slowing out of tracy for a 40 minute ride from tracy todublin/ pleasanton -- to dublin/pleasanton. approaching san ramon, you have traffic backed up towards sycamore valley road, so give yourself some extra time this morning. watch those speeds. the roads are
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>> investigators have made a breakthrough in a cold case involving the happy face killer. the body of a woman has been identified as patricia skip all of oregon. keith hunter jespersen send a letter to the santa clara county da's office with a drawing of a smiley face admitting to the crime. patricia's sister says she is finally getting some closure. >> the detective came to my house and first thing i looked at her and now -- knew. it is hard not having anything to hold onto. jobina: jespersen is serving a life sentence with no
5:44 am
possibility of parole. we have more information on a mummified body found inside a wall. they have identified the body as that of joseph mejica. they -- surgeons -- they identified him using a serial number on a plate in his ankle. the victim's mother told us her son was a transient. his remains were discovered after tearing down a wall. kumasi: guster day a bucket of glue spilled across the freeway. some -- yesterday a bucket of glue spilled across the freeway. some cars that drove over the adhesive were damaged. a caltrans sweeper truck helped clean up the mess. jobina: inflation is way up this
5:45 am
year. it is getting even more spendy to own a car. >> new cars are expensive these days, up more than 12% from last year at this time. buying a used car? wow! they are up more than 40% from a year ago, and buying a car may be the easy part. owning, driving and maintaining, will cost you plenty to. a website has been looking at how much we pay for gasoline state-by-state. >> drivers in your area could be expected to spend 3% of their monthly income on gas alone. suv drivers, they are at 4.6% of their monthly income, which is insane. > rebecca fisher would agree. she and her husband are spending more on gas than they have ever spent before. >> i spend $600 with my husband
5:46 am
working from home three days a week. >> california drivers could count themselves likely. they spend more for gas at the pump, but it is often a smaller portion of their home budget than for those living in other states. >> it is surprising california is not up there in the top 10 of states spending the most percentage of their income against gas prices. >> those living in the southeast to earn less and drive further making gasoline a larger percentage of their budget, as much as 5%. let's talk about auto insurance. >> don't get me started. i just got our aaa renewal and i was floored by how much it has gone up. >> really? >> with discounts, the bill was
5:47 am
$3000 a year for two vehicles. >> auto insurance is a cost of that is flying under the radar. >> it is an instance of inflation hiding in plain sight. if it becomes more expensive to pay for a new car after an accident or to repair your vehicle, that will all result in your insurance getting more expensive. >> how much more? in california again, we pay more up front, but because our incomes are higher overall, and state regulations control pricing, the budget pinches less than in other states. >> while drivers are spending a little bit less than 1.9% of their annual income on car insurance, the average premium they gave in san francisco is pretty close to $2200 per year.
5:48 am
that is higher than the national average. jobina: in california if you get a speeding ticket, expect to pay $776 more for your insurance. if you get in an accident, you are looking at an extra $1400 a year. you can send michael finney your stories about anything having to do with money. head to kumasi: the annual 4/20 cannabis celebration will be back in person tomorrow. this year it is going to be sponsored with food and entertainment and for the first time there will be on-site cannabis sales. that means some people will not be allowed to enter the event. >> if you are under the age of 21 you will not be allowed
5:49 am
within the facility, so this is going to be the first time this is done. you will be turned away. proof of age will be required. kumasi: mayor breed says members of city agencies will be on hand to check id's. shuttles will be available to take people to part when the event and -- bart when the event ends. jobina: look out for a new console called the play date. manufacturing issues delayed last year's release. orders should be on the way by the middle of next month. drew: do you have to crank it? jobina: i don't know. i should have looked up how to play it. i'm unsure. kumasi: it is cute. drew: it is tiny. kumasi: i want the yellow one.
5:50 am
drew: when you play on it? -- what do you play on it? mario? probably not. snake! jobina: my favorite that came on my phone was ms. pac-man. drew: great game. very my- did yoha a razr? jobina: my mom had a razr. i miss those times! drew: let's talk about the weather we have. we have this front that moved through. just some lingering showers now in the east bay and in the south bay. we will find increasing sunshine before our next storm arrives. some slick roadways are our biggest issue. showers will exit by about 7:00
5:51 am
a.m. they will not last all that much longer. a stronger storm arrives on wednesday./ for the weekend, we are tracking sunshine and warmer weather. today we will go into the mid 60's. a lot of cloud out there this morning. we will find increasing sunshine as the day goes on. tonight it is partly to mostly cloudy skies and numbers generally in the 40's. we will bring back the second hf of wednesday and the showers on and off linger through thursday morning. here are the rainfall estimates. it does turn gusty at times. it is scattered showers out there. here is wednesday afternoon, rain arriving first in the north bay. as we go through the evening, scattered and light in nature. thursday morning, more weather weather out there. another round thursday
5:52 am
afternoon, been more showers friday afternoon before the storm gets out of here for the weekend. just unsettled thursday and friday. there is the weekend -- we are brighter, warmer. kumasi: booster break -- jobina: jobina: booster breakthrough -- jobina: booster breakthrough. moderna releases its data.
5:53 am
5:54 am
jobina: elizabeth warren is asking wyatt is not easier to i'll your taxes -- why it is not easier to file your taxes for free.
5:55 am
she says turbotax has used extensive lobbying to prevent americans from filing their taxes for free online. intuit is being sued. kumasi: you can talk products in your own to graham post, even if you are not -- instagram post, even if you are not an influencer. you will not makea commission though -- make a commission though. kumasi: most people tag anyway. i think so. jobina: what is new? kumasi: let's talk about these new cats. dozens of feral cats are invading the oakland coliseum and they are not likely to be relocated. jobina: animal control officials say if the wildcats are removed
5:56 am
other wild felines would take their place. officials have hired an outside group to capture the cats, are neuter them, then return them to the coliseum. the coliseum will secure the covers on trash containers to reduce the cats'food supply. drew: what an outcome. good for them. we have some scattered showers on the east bay, but the story is quickly diminishing. dentistry level we go. we have -- down to street level we go. here is our san mateo bridge camera. clouds linger for the morning. the afternoon is brighter. temperatures top out in the 50's and 60's. kumasi: we are checking in on the newest residents. jobina: a concerning medical mystery coming to light.
5:57 am
people from the same high school avella paying brain tumors in multiple -- developing brain tumors in multiple generations. kumasi: when kids need medical care, they face life-changing experiences. they miss out on the things that make being a kid fun. starlight children's foundation programs entertain and inspire hospitalized kids. learn more at you're a champion. you're not a quitter.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> meijer mask arsenal. the mandate for airports and the transit suddenly know more and
6:00 am
it means different rules depending on what you ride in the bay area. >> booster defense. moderna revealing brand-new research on its booster against top variants. >> live doppler seven showing very active morning of rain. how long will be dealing with a wet weather in the next round coming soon. >> good morning everybody. it's tuesday, april 19. drew: we've got some wet weather out there this morning. isolated showers this morning. some of those cells have popped up in the east bay from union city over to livermore. this is only for the next hour. we will find light scattered showers. slick roads are the biggest concern.


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