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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 19, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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depot fire was deliberately set. dan: we have a winner in today's special election to fill in assembly seat from san and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds.
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i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. >> a suspect and possible motive behind the massive home depot fire in san jose. >> 4/20 celebrations returning to san francisco this year and there is a major change. >> doctors and scientists have strong reactions to the mast mandates being dropped on planes. sandhya: level one storm on the way. a timeline coming up. abc7news starts right now. >> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. dan: new details tonight about the man officials say started the massive fire that burned down a home depot in san jose. the question now -- what was the intent? thank you for joining us. ama: the suspect is 27-year-old
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dyllin jaycruz gogue of san jose. he faces several charges, including aggravated arson. prosecutors say it was a string of thefts that he allegedly attempted. he was arrested on friday, april 15 nearly a week after the fire. amanda has more on what is next in the investigation. amanda: prosecutors pointing to the real motive behind the blaze that burned down the blossom hill road home depot on april 9. dyllin jaycruz gogue, seen here, is believed to have started the fire. >> the evidence shows the suspect, who earlier that day stole items from a nearby bass pro shop, lit the fire in the home depot and cart containing stolen tools. amanda: jeff rosen says he was stopped by a home depot employee
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but got away by getting into another person's car. adding, as the crowded 11,000 square-foot building burned, gogue continued a theft spree that took him to an east bay macy's. he's faced with several charges, including aggravated arson, which could lend him in prison for 14 years to life. >> it is certainly arson in the sense he apparently intentionally started a fire. the question remains whether it is aggravated arson that he intended to burn down the home depot or put lots of people in jeopardy, or was he just intending to distract security? amanda: legal analyst weigh in on the man's alleged behavior. between october 2021 to this april, gogue was suspected of being involved in a number of thefts. stealing merchandise from various businesses with values ranging from $270 to $5,000 plus. >> it appears he is someone who
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has committed a number of thefts and has been doing it for a long time, but that does not necessarily make him an arsonist. people will ask why did this fire get started to distract security apparently, but then turns into what we saw happen so quickly. >> it is difficult without all the information yet available how exactly this fire was precisely lit and how quickly it spread. it is possible that is enough combustibles in an area to overcome what the ratings over the fire protection systems are. amanda: the fire chief going on to say it is possible to have a fire like this even in a protected structure. he says the department is still working to establish exactly what the status of the fire protection systems were in that building. >> i'm thankful that my office,
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the das office is not prosecuting a multiple murder case today. amanda: the store is reporting $17 million in inventory loss alone. the cost of the building is also in the millions. on tuesday, home depot issued a statement saying they are thankful to first responders for their fast response and investigation that led to this arrest. i'm amanda del castillo, abc7news. dan: san francisco buildings lit up in red, white and blue as ballots are being tallied in the runoff election for a seat in the election. matt haney has a lead over david campos, getting 63% of the vote. the winner will fill the district 17 seat vacated by david chu when he became city attorney. haney took to twitter and declared victory. the runoff was necessary because neither candidate got 50% of the vote in february special election. ama: a unanimous vote by san
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francisco supervisors is setting a new rule for how police can store rape kit dna. that limit will be 60 days. the vote comes two months after the district attorney revealed sf police arrested a woman this year based on her dna that was collected in a 2016 rape kit. she plans to sue the city. the new sixty-day storage rule will apply to other crime scene evidence. dan: two san francisco police officers and one retired officer are under arrest, accused of tampering with evidence. retired officer mark williams is charged with unlawful possession of a machine gun after he was allegedly found with a firearm that was missing from evidence. in a separate incident, officers kevin lyons and kevin cien are accused of concealing or destroying evidence, including flushing drugs dthe department e voluntarily surrendered today. ama: more rain is coming our way this week.
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let's get to sandhya patel with more on when you will see the showers where you live. sandhya: as early as tomorrow afternoon in the north bay, and across other areas by the evening. let's check out the light level one storm on live doppler 7. it is our next round. this one looks like it will deliver more rain than what we saw the last round. let's take a look at the timing. 4:00, it is in the north bay. like to moderate showers spreading into 9:00 p.m. fast forward to thursday, we have a thunderstorm threat which means the potential is there for hail. as you check out the next seven days, it is a one not just tomorrow but thursday and friday as well. i will be back with the hour-by-hour timeline showing you how long you how long the wet weather will stick around coming up. dan: thanks. a developing news with the mask mandate for mass transportation. the department of justice will appeal the ruling striking it down if the cdc says the mandate
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is still needed. most major domestic airlines have made masks (s) and amtrak along with writer companies have dropped their rules altogether. there's also confusion since individual transit agencies and airports can still require people to wear masks. the president was asked about the ruling during a visit to new hampshire today. >> mr. president, should people continue to wear masks on planes? >> that is up to them. >> would you like to appeal the ruling the judge made striking down the mandate? >> i have not spoken to the cdc yet. dan: the cdc is still recommending people mask up when traveling. ama: abc7news reporter j.r. stone joins us live in the newsroom and you spoke with doctors and scientists about the situation on planes. j.r.: the reaction all over the place from those who are traveling, but from doctors and scientists, much more concerned. we are now seeing faces at the
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airport and on planes after a federal judge struck down the transit mask mandate. reaction from doctors, a bold one. >> it sets really scary precedent for a time when we think about public health emergencies and whether or not judges and politics can override what the cdc is saying. >> even companies like delta calling this an ordinary seasonal virus in a press release. it is not ordinary and not seasonal yet. j.r.: while travelers are choosing to unmask, others are not. we spoke with researchers who studied aerosol dispersion and covid transmission on airplanes. in 2020, sean was part of a group that found covid transmission reduced more than 99% on planes due to high air exchange rates, hepa filtered recirculation, and downward circulation. >> 50% of the air is coming in fresh, 50% through the filter. j.r.: the study did not account
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for people sneezing or talking to you in close proximity without a mask on. one research scientist questions the moments getting to that plane. >> i think my biggest concern with the change in the mask mandate is really the crowded airports. j.r.: just as areas across the country have varied in mask use, the same appears to be happening again. the doctor flew when the mandate was dropped. >> everybody kept their mascot. j.r.: they flew from washington to omaha. >> i just flew today and i was shocked. it is 80% plus people are not wearing a mask and the airports are packed. j.r.: it really depends on where you are. while bart, uni and vta are keeping mask requirements in place, ac transit is dropping theirs. masks will be voluntary starting tomorrow.
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back to you. ama: thank you. on our website, we have a list of the policies for each individual bay area airport and transit system. dan: as we continue, tomorrow is the big day for bay area cannabis shops. how they are preparing for 4/20 celebrations. ama: marin county makes new efforts to go green. the crackdown on restaurant plastics. dan: and behind the scenes of a new mural in san francisco. ama: next, what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live. jimmy: tonight, we say goodbye to black-ish. >> i have never been to dinner with anthony just the two of us. >> she just recently started liking me. [laughter]
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dan: 4/20 festivities are returning to san francisco tomorrow after a hiatus. the city is allowing vendors to sell cannabis products at the sanctioned event in golden gate park. ryan curry spoke with a vendor about what this means for the industry. ryan: sky 7 flying over hippie hill as crews prepare for the cannabis celebration 4/20, then you will date in april usually draws thousands to robin williams meadow in hippie hill. the last couple of years, it was not held because of the pandemic. >> we are asking everyone who comes to attend this event to come with excitement and happiness and a desire to have joy during the event. ryan: the mayor announced the event would return wednesday along with a major change. cannabis vendors will now be allowed to sell at the event. >> we encourage people to purchase legal and safe tested product. ryan: cannabis dispensaries were
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allowed to stay open as essential businesses during lockdown, but some vendors tell me they rely heavily on 4/20 celebrations for much of the revenue which is why they are excited those celebrations are returning. >> with the pandemic and how in general the world has been the last few years, there was a lot of anxiety. ryan: jesse runs pipeline dispensaries. aside from the city's sanctioned events, you things all san francisco businesses will benefit. >> working with our communities and neighborhoods to really kind of get things back on track, but to kind of push things forward. ryan: san francisco is requiring anyone choosing to partake in the celebrations this year at hippie hill to be 21 or older. they say they will be checking ids. henry is excited to see cannabis enthusiast fully enjoy tomorrow. >> it is a really wonderful opportunity for everyone to get together and to celebrate. i think it will be great. ryan: ryan curry, abc7news.
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ama: now to the environment and climate, both key to building a better bay area. governor newsom went to butte county to discuss impacts of the drought and the states response. he spoke to the hydroelectric power plant. >> this year, we are asking the legislator for another three quarters of a billion dollars, likely more. we are moving aggressively. remarkable team that led us out of the last route. now we are entering this 30 year, in the third year of this new drought. it will require all of us to be more creative, more flexible. ama: last week, the governor announced the expansion of the campaign to encourage californians to reduce water use. some water experts would like to see the governor do more, including issuing mandatory restrictions. dan: the ongoing drought has put unprecedented stress on bay area trees, killing them in record numbers.
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pg&e crews must inspect the conditions to make sure the trees do not fall on power lines. today, we got a firsthand look at the process in the east bay hills. pg&e specialists go tree by tree looking for decline and marking the ones that need to be trimmed or chopped down. they say monterey pines and oak trees are suffering the most. >> not only has it created an atmosphere for sudden oak death and insects to compromise the tree, we are seeing these dead and dying trees, but it increases the fire threat. dan: that is why pg&e inspects the tree several times a year. crews will make another round this fall. ama: marin county has taken the first step to ban single-use plastic containers and utensils. the board of supervisors approved an ordinance requiring businesses to offer compostable containers for to go food. restaurants will be required to have reusable containers and utensils.
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the county plans to charge coffee shops a $.25 surcharge for disposable cups. a second vote is set for may 10. dan: april is earth month and national geographic teamed with abc owned television stations in four cities across the country including us. ama: we caught up with a local artist today. >> we really wanted to bring a little bit of nature into the urban, city environment. just wanting to bring in some blues and greens into this busy intersection. dan: take a look at this time lapse of alice at work. this amazing mural is part of natgeo's public possible public art project. it helps to inspire all of us to restore the planet. we will share more about alice and the project later this month. for now, you can see the mural in this person in san francisco. very nice. ama: that looks great.
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it was nice to do it today when it was not raining. dan: that is changing though. sandhya: today was a good day to do it. tomorrow, we will bring in some rain but not until the latter part of the afternoon and into the evening. let's check out what to expect beginning tomorrow night. this is a weather alert continuing through friday morning. watch out for slippery roads. possibility of hail and lightning thursday. rough and dangerous serve as the storm system on live doppler 7 is developing. it looks like a winter storm. i know it is spring. it is heading in our direction and we are seeing some clouds ahead of it. as you check out the rainfall totals, it was about 200th in san jose. everyone else in between so it was a light system. 40's and 50's out the door. san francisco looking good tonight. the next-door moves in tomorrow afternoon. we are looking at drier and
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warmer weather for the upcoming weekend. light level 1 sto.we will see o, breezy conditions. strong northwesterly swell with the thunder and hail chance coming on thursday. the storm picking up the swells. the beach hazard runs until 3 a.m. saturday. there is a risk of recurrence with large breakers. as we go hour by hour, you will see the rain begins to start moving into the north bay. into 7:00 p.m., we start to see some bands of showers in the east bay. it is really early thursday morning we will see some brief downpours, especially across the santa cruz mountains and south bay. the next wave comes through thursday night into friday morning. a few light showers friday morning at 4:00 and then it is pretty much winding down by lunch hour on friday. rainfall estimates, most of you between 2/10 and one half inch but there will be some letter
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spots that will pick up over one inch of rain in the far northern end of the viewing area. winter storm warning at 5:00 tomorrow night. heavy snow expected with windy conditions above 5000 feet. the peaks could pick up as high as three feet but white out conditions because of the winds so hold off. you will be able to enjoy the snow afterwards. 20 inches at kirkwood by friday night. morning temperatures, 30's, 40's. rain and the north bay and elsewhere, temperatures in the upper 50's to low 70's. one wednesday afternoon through friday. off and on showers and then week dry out for the weekend. bumping up the temperatures into the 80's inland. sunday, 60's coast side. nice variety coming. ama:
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yes, you! and you. and you too. making sure you feel taken care of, that's what a princess cruise is all about. get the princess treatment with up to 40% off cruises to alaska. dan: we want to update you on a story we first brought you at 11:00 yesterday. two bay area siblings are back home tonight and on the road to recovery after both undergoing kidney transplants. 19-year-old and 11-year-old, they both have a rare genetic condition that affects their kidneys. earlier this month, they both
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got news that donor kidneys were available. over one 24-hour period, both underwent surgery at children's hospital. carswell hopes to one day go to college and matthew says he's ready to go back to just being a kid. they certainly deserve that after what they've been through but doing great. ama: great to hear. the giants on the road and the a's are home. dan: larry beil is here with sports. larry: the a's a straightaway some all-stars but one of the guys they got in return looks like he's got all-star future. say hello to christian
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>> abc 7 sports presented by river rock casino. larry: after sweeping in
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cleveland, the giants moved to new york where they got swept in a doubleheader today. let's start with the nightcap. big crowd at citi field, checking out the tom seaver statute. logan webb could not makie it out of the fifth. pete alonso barely beat the throw home. 2-0, mets. max scherzer struck out 10 over seven innings, allowing just one hit and one run. mets win game two, 3-1. let's rewind. earlier in the day, alex cobb left the game in the fifth inning with what looked like a groin injury. he limps off. giants. they took the lead in the taft. estrada grounded and it pulls pete alsonso off the back and they call him out. bottom 10, lindor. up the middle, rbis single. good night, game over.
11:30 pm
mets win it 5-4. a's and orioles. this is going to be me in a few years. could be very short time. 1-0 o's. kelvin gutierrez. look at the catch by christian. the hand-eye coordination after falling down. yeah! only runs of the night for the a's come in the sixth. two runs score. a's up 2-1. zach jackson going for his first big-league safe, gets anthony santander. that is strike three and you were ballgame. so the ice. blue jackets and sharks playing air guitar in the tank. scott, his second goal of the period. bats it out of the air. sharks win 3-2. snapping a 10 game losing streak. nba tonight, uns hosting the --
11:31 pm
suns hosting republicans. final seconds -- hosting the pelicans. final seconds. devon booker fist bumps the baby. he had 31 in the half but left with a tight hamstring. brandon ingram. pelicans tied the series 1-1. sports on
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ama: that is going to do it for us tonight. thank you for watching. dan: for sandhya patel, larry beil and all of us here, we hope you have a nice evening. stay tuned for jimmy kimmel.
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the cast of black-ish coming up. >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- from "black-ish," anthony anderson, tracee ellis ross, marcus scribner, miles brown, yara shahidi, marsai martin, plus music from amber mark. with cleto and the cletones. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. hi, everyone. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for joining us on a big night here at abc. an emotional night.
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