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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 20, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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south cannabis products at e sanctioned event at golden gate park, abc seven news reporter ryan curry spoke with the vendor about what this means for the industry. sky is seven and flying over hippie hill tuesday as crews prepare for the cannabis celebration for 20 the annual day in april usually draws thousands to robin williams meadow and hippie hill . but for the last couple of years, the event wasn't held due to the pandemic. we're asking everyone who comes to attend this event. to come with excitement and happiness and a desire to have joy. during the event. london breed announced the event would return wednesday, along with a major change. cannabis vendors will
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now be allowed to sell at the event. we encourage people to purchase legal and safe tested product. cannabis dispensaries were allowed to stay open as essential businesses during lockdown, but some vendors told me they rely heavily on 4 20 celebrations for much of the revenue. which is why they are excited. those celebrations are returning with the pandemic and just kind of in general the way the world's been the last few years. i mean, there's a lot of anxiety. so henry runs pipeline dispensaries in san francisco. aside from the city's sanctioned events, he thinks in general, all san francisco businesses will benefit from wednesday's festivities, working with our communities and our neighborhoods, too. to really kind of, you know, get things back on track, but they kind of push things forward. san francisco is requiring anyone choosing to partake in the 4 20 celebrations this year at hippie hill to be 21 or older. they say they will be checking i d. s henry says he is excited to see cannabis enthusiasts hopefully enjoy the cannabis celebration. it's just a really, um you know,
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wonderful opportunity for everybody to get together and to celebrate something, so i think it's gonna be great. ryan curry, abc seven news and rain won't arrive in the city until later this evening, so it should be dry for all the festivities time now, 508 am here's live doppler seven. the sweep showing you were dry right now. our next storm is to our north or one picture. here's the front that's going to move through here over the next couple of days. it's just beginning to bring rain to eureka. rain first arrives in the north. they later on this morning, and then there's shower spread south. later on this evening, so location very key as to what you will see in your sky today and how warm you will get the south bay, the east bay of the peninsula a lot of sunshine upper sixties to lower seventies but in the north bay, we see a loter with on and off showers this morning and early afternoon temperatures in the upper fifties to lower sixties as we go hour by hour. let's show that rain arrival at noon. it's beginning to rain in the north bay. it stays there throughout the early evening about 89 pm we see those scattered showers working
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through the city, the east bay around the south. bay. and tomorrow morning. we are expecting a wet morning commute for your thursday, so take a look at the three day forecast. today tomorrow and friday. we all have a one on the storm impact scale. it's not raining the entire time. but at this stage rather unsettled with on and off scattered showers. we'll talk about what's in store for your weekend forecast also snow coming to the sierra with the winter storm warning as well. we'll have that in about eight minutes, but first, let's say good morning to sue and see how we're doing on the road this morning. not bad, drew. not bad. good morning, and we are watching your wednesday morning commute fog free at the golden gate bridge. there was road work as i was coming across this morning. at about quarter to four, and that road work has scheduled to be picked up at five o'clock, four lanes in the southbound direction, two lanes in the north bend direction and right now it is wide open, empty there and very easy commute through the bay bridge this morning, we had some earlier roadwork in the westbound direction on the eastern side that's before the tunnel and then things have picked up. no problems there as you make your
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way into san francisco, obviously, no metering lights yet for early morning commuters. we are getting a start out of tracy up and over the ultimate past. we have a high wind advisory for the beneath the bridge this morning and taking a look at the peninsula. we had this earlier accident south. wanna one near willow that has been cleared. all is green, which is good ladies. thank you soon rules for them. not for me, the rocky road for some workers returning to the office and controversy surrounding personal protective equipment purchased during the pandemic, abc seven news i team has uncovered the ongoing costs for taxpayers to siblings who each got a kidney transplant over 1 24 hour period now on the next step of recovery. and a live look outside at 5 10. we'll be right back. and trust. oh, is the number one heart failure brand prescribed by cardiologists and has helped over one million people. it was proven superior helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take interest to it pregnant, it can
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>> mise colorado man accused of murdering his wife. here's abc news reporter kaylee hartung. ia shocking decision to drop the murder charge against barrymore . few barry and his daughters
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are relieved. they, too want to know where suzanne moore. few is nearly two years after suzanne moore if you disappeared from their colorado home on mother's day day the d.a. explaining the the more hopeful the search for and discovery of the victim's body would be concluded well before trial. weather has complicated the efforts. the defense attorney claiming if they had gone to trial her client would have been exonerated. >> not a single ounce of physical evidence has been found connecting him to the alleged crime. >> coming up at 7:00 a.m., what prosecutors are saying about future charges. >> san mateo police announced the arrest of two men. investigators are calling this a revenge killing.
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police say they are responsible for the execution style killing of -- he was killed in front of his san mateo home in october, 2020. >> not only were these suspect lying in wait to commit this murder but they carried out without any concern for public safety, our city. >> investigators say the killing was retaliation for a deadly house fire that claimed the life of an 85-year-old san mateo woman. those reportedly the grandmother of one of the men in custody. >> unanimous vote by supervisors just setting a strict new rule for how long police could store a rape kit. it comes two months after jason attorney reveals police arrested a woman this year based on dna
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collected in a 2016 rape kit. she plans to sue the city. >> two san francisco police officers and one retired officer are under arrest used of tampering with evidence. retired officer mark williams was accused of unlawful possession of a machine gun. in a separate incident, officers kevin lyons and kevin seen were accused of flushing drugs down the toilet. all three voluntarily surrendered. >> to an update on the abc 7 i team investigation regarding personal protective equipment purchased during the pandemic continues to cost taxpayers. it has been four months since the i team shows you billions of dollars in ppe left outside in the rain in san mateo county.
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called the board of supervisors he rented three warehouses store the ppe at an ongoing cost of $25,000 a month. >> that's why we are looking into building our own. long term and makes more sense. >> it makes me quite sad. i think about it quite often. we have to move forward. this was not the county at its best. >> the county manager revealed much of the ppe expires this month looking at alternative uses for downs, face shields, and looking for responsible ways to retire -- recycle that material. >> this year, we are asking the legislature for another three
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quarters of a billion dollars. we are moving aggressively. the remarkable team let us out of the last d>> the governor end californians to reduce water use. some -- >> do as i say, not as i do. some bosses are saying the same thing, not following their own advice when it comes to returning to the office from google, bank of america, bloomberg is reporting executives are pushing workers to return to the office in person to boost collaborations. the bosses themselves are somewhat exempt. a survey by future forum shows
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35% of employees are in the office five days a week. workers are not having it. according to the survey, employees who are not happy with flexibility are now three times as likely to say they will definitely be looking for a new job in the coming year. that is a bad combination. at least if i leading by example i will be like ok, we are all on board here. >> i will be resentful real quick. you don't know because you aren't here either. right? [laughter] >> it's really interesting, being here in the city, mondays and fridays are very quiet. wednesdays are crazy.
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today, pat. get in before 8:00. it is nuts. rain returning this weekend for most of us. the shower spreads out this evening. a live look from our rooftop camera. it is wife this morning. it is unsettled through friday. dry and warmer for the weekend. this is all after saturday and sunday looking great. today through friday, on and off showers. it is breezy. a strong northwesterly swell will develop. a chance of thunder tomorrow. hour-by-hour later this afternoon, they sit there and through much of the afternoon. it is not until 4:00 or 5:00
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p.m. that the rate spread south. then it stays unsettled through tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, and friday morning. this is a pretty decent storm what we talk about late april numbers. a really good estimate, some of us could see half an inch of rain through friday morning. a winter storm warning begins at 5:00 p.m. we are talking 1-2 feet of snow. some of our highest areas could see three feet. travel could become difficult tomorrow. we had showers returning today. morning showers friday. the weekend looks absolutely beautiful, sunshine, that warm weather continues for early next weekend. >> two area siblings on the road to recovery after both undergoing kidney transplant. >> this is an update to the
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story we brought you yesterday morning. they both have a rare genetic commission that impacts their kidneys. they both got news that the kidney doctors were available so over one 24 hour period they underwent surgery. mackey was ready to going back to being a kid. >> so happy for them. >> coming up, the seven things to this morning. >>
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>> here are the sev thig. this conflicting abc news say te wanted to announce new military aid for ukraine as soon as this week. it could be the similar -- similar to the package unveiled last week. >> authority say a 27-year-old man lit the fire that destroyed
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the blossom hill home depot in san jose. that was the real motive. >> san francisco supervisor matt haney is declaring victory in his bid to take over the district 17 state seat for the assembly. the votes are still being counted but he has 63% of the vote so far. >> showers returned today. later this morning and they sense -- spread south throughout the rest of the root -- evening. >> wednesday morning commute, light out there so far. we do have roadwork. it is light here in the west commute direction. roadwork is eastbound. >> 420 festivities are returning after a pandemic hiatus. they are allowed to sell cannabisn park. you have to be 21 or older to go. >> instagram users can use money
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from nonprofits to celebrate earth day. you can add a link to donate to nonprofit. you can choose from more than one million registered charities. all the money will go directly to the nonprofit you pick. metta is also updating its client sector to educate users about the climate crisis and debunking this information. >> the board of supervisors unanimously approved an ordinance we got -- requiring businesses to offer disposable containers. dining restaurants will be required to have usable containers and utensils. they plan to charge copy shops a $.25 surcharge on cups. >> april is earth month. to celebrate, national geographic partnered with stations including abc 7 right here in the bay area.
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>> we really wanted to bring a little bit of nature into the urban city environment. just wanting to bring in some blues and greens to this busy intersection. >> this is a time lapse of alice at work. hopefully it inspires all of us to explore and restore the planet. we will share more about alice and the project later this month. disney is the parent company of nacchio -- natgeo and abc 7. coming up at 5:30, a new place for foodies to enjoy. i'm excited to talk about this. it is italian food. >> higher education for less, the move that could make it cheaper to go to college in the
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peninsula. >> then he of you -- one way to better control your feelings and help your kids through the transition area -- transition. >> ♪ ♪ how's he still playin'? aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength. reduces inflammation. don't touch my piano. kick pain in the aspercreme.
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don't touch my piano. >> building a better bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> new questions about the massive home depot fire in the south bay. what was the suspect's intent? the information prosecutors have revealed about the man now charged in the crime. >> and developing news on the c.d.c.'s travel mask mandate. the president's response when asked whether we should cover our face on planes. >> get ready for more wet weather. drew is checking the return of rain in the bay area. >> good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, main 2. >> we're going to check in for more on the weather. >> hi, guys. find the next storm just beginning to move into northern california right now. here's l doppler 7 along with satellite. this is the front that will
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bring us rain not only today, but also tomorrow and early friday. ahead of that, we're still a little mild out there. temperatures waking up in the 40's and 50's right now. a live look from our rooftop camera, it's really quiet, light winds, dry. but that will change. here's how the day shapes up. we have partly cloudy skies first thing. rain arrives in the north bay later this morning and it hangs there throughout much of the afternoon. it's in the evening the showers spread south across the rest of the region and bringing light rain through friday morning. the storm impact goes, this is a level one we're tracking, a strong northwesterly swell, even the chance of some thunder. we will go hour by hour, time out the storm coming up in about nine minutes. >> thank you, drew. developing news on the c.d.c.'s travel mask mandate. there's still a chance that the justice department could appeal this ruling. but the agency is waiting to see what the c.d.c. determines moving forward. abc news reporter has more on what the white house is saying. >> this morning the federal mask
5:31 am
mandate on planes and public transportation is gone. a federal judge in florida overturning the c.d.c.'s travel mask mandate. according to the f.a.a. from january 2021 to april 12 of this year, the agency recorded over 7,000 unruly passenger reports, with at least 5,000 of those incidents mask-related. not everyone is championing the decision. white house covid response coordinator tweeting about the mandate reversal, calling it deeply disappointing, saying the c.d.c. should have been given more time on a decision and suggesting people continue to mask up on planes. president biden also weighing in. >> should people continue to wear masks on planes? >> that's up to them. >> the department of justice says it will appeal the decision if the c.d.c. concludes that a mandatory order is necessary for the public's health. the department also questioning the precedent behind the decision. can one federal judge overrule
5:32 am
the c.d.c. on public health matters? right now the infection rates are climbing across 33 states. united airlines says it will allow customers who were banned from their flight due to mask violations back on their planes on a case-by-case basis. abc news, washington. >> local experts are talking about the changes to the mask mandate, and this comes as transit lifts requirements for passengers this morning. abc 7 news reporter is live in san francisco waiting to see the commuters arrive. hi, amy. >> hi, good morning, yeah, they can arrive here on their a.c. transit bus without a mask on. as soon as they hop on a muni bus, they have to put it back on. it's a little confusing here in the bay area. there's not a universal decision or agreement on the mask issue here in the bay area. a.c. transit is complying with the court ruling that struck down the federal mask mandate on public transportation, so masks are not required on a.c.
5:33 am
transit. but other transit agencies in the bay area, like bart, muni and v.t.a., are still requiring masks. >> we're interconnected. v.t.a. has connectionness to bart, and bart has connections to cal train and other agencies. and so we want to make sure that we're giving passengers the most updated information, and we're also staying on the same page to make things as easy for passengers as possible. >> but once you get to a bay area airport, you can take the mask off. airports have dropped the face coverings requirement. it's very confusing here. depending on which train or bus or airplane you choose, that will determine whether you have to wear a mask. local transit officials and health officials say they do still recommend masks on public transit even if they aren't required. reporting live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. you don't have to wear a mask in your ride share anymore.
5:34 am
lyft followed uber's decision, removing the mask requirement after a federal judge voided the federal mask mandate on transportation. the reaction from drivers seems to be mixed. >> the serious safety issue. like i said, i don't care to wear this mask, but i'll wear it if it's going to keep me somewhat safe. >> i'm super happy. i feel very happy inside, because this means everything is getting back to normal. >> usualer and lyft both say drivers can decline rides for passengers who opt not to wear masks without it impacting their driver rating. we've lived with a lot of uncertainty in the pandemic, and we're going through it right now with the dropping of the mask mandate for travel and transit. >> sevenre immunocompromised, many are anxious about rapidly changing masking rules. a cleveland clinic psychologist says you can't control other people's actions. we know that, of course. but you can find ways to control anxiety, and that can be done with relaxation techniques such
5:35 am
as walking and meditation. children may also be feeling anxious over masking changes. give them time after school to decompress. >> when you're rapidly changing from one set of rules to another and the expectation is you have to be beyond, as much as you can provide that buffer, i think it will go a long way. >> experts say explain to your kids about why these changes are happening and let them know there are still steps they can do to protect themselves. we're learning new details about the man accused of starting that massive fire that burned down a home depot in san jose. >> the question this morning is, what was the intent? 27-year-old dylan of san jose made his first court appearance yesterday afternoon. he's facing several charges, including aggravated arson. prosecutors say the fire was part of a string of thefts he allegedly attempted that day. abc 7 news reporter has more on what's next in this investigation. >> prosecutors tuesday pointing to theft as the real motive
5:36 am
behind the blaze that burned down the blossom hill road home depot on april 9. dylan, the san jose man seen here in court, is believed to have started the fire. >> the evidence shows that the suspect who had earlier that day stolen items from a nearby bass pro shop lit the fire in the home depot and tried to leave the store with a cart containing stolen tools. >> santa clara county d.a. says it was stopped by a home depot employee, but got away by getting in another person's car. the crowded building burned, he continued a theft spree that took him to an east bay macy's. the 27-year-old is faced with several charges, including aggravated arson, which could land him in prison for 14 years to life. >> it certainly is an arson in the sense that he apparently intentionally started a fire. the question remains whether it's aggravated arson that he
5:37 am
intended to burn down the home depot or put lots of people in jeopardy or was he just intending to distract security? >> legal analyst and former prosecutor steven clark weighs in on the man's alleged behavior. court documents show that between october 2021 to this april, he was suspected of being involved in a number of thefts, stealing merchandise from various businesses with values ranging from $270 to $5,000-plus. >> it appears that he's someone that has committed a number of thefts and has been doing it for a long time, but that doesn't necessarily make him an arsonist. i think people are going to ask why did this fire get started in this small way to distract security apparently, but then turns into what we saw happen so quickly. >> it's difficult without all of the information yet available, how exactly this fire was precisely lit and then how quickly it spread.
5:38 am
and so it is possible that there's enough combustibles in an area to overcome what the ratings of the fire protection systems are. >> san jose fire chief robert going on to say it is possible to have a fire like this even in a protected structure. he says the department is still working to establish exactly what the status of the fire protection systems were in that building. >> i'm thankful that my office, the d.a.'s office, is not prosecuting a multiple murder case today. >> the d.a. says the store is reporting 17 million dollars in inventory loss alone. the cost of the building he says is also in the millions. on tuesday home depot issued a statement to abc 7 news saying they're thankful to first responders for their fast response and an investigation that led to this arrest. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> we live streamed the district
5:39 am
attorney's news conference on our abc 7 bay area connected tv app. you can use the app to watch all of our news casts live and on demand. it's available for apple tv, android tv, amazon fire tv, and roku. >> the ongoing drought has put unprecedented stress on bay area trees, killing them in record numbers. as you may know, pg&e crews must inspect their condition to make sure trees don't fall on power lines and start a fire. abc 7 news got a firsthand look at the process in the east bay hills pg&e specialists go tree by tree, checking for decline and marking the ones that need to be trimmed or chopped down completely. oak trees and pines are suffering the most. >> not only has it created an atmosphere for sudden oak death, we're seeing a lot more sudden oak death, and insects that structurally compromise the tree and sustain these trees, but of course it increases the fire threat. >> that's why pg&e inspects the trees several times a year.
5:40 am
crews will make another round in the east bay hills this fall. >> giving hope to inmates, the program at prison in marin county now believed to be the first in the nation. >> netflix announcing it lost subscribers for the first time in more than a decade. the change that could be coming to make up for it, but first, we're going to get a check on the weather. >> good morning. we're tracking rain returning later on today. live doppler 7 showing you we are currently dry across the bay, but we'll go to the north, and there you can see, this is our next storm, it will slowly move south throughout the day and linger through friday morning. today we'll have showers first arriving in the north bay later on this morning. for most of us in the east bay, peninsula, south bay, it's just a sunny day waiting for that rain to arrive later this evening. temperatures in the 60's and lower 70's. let's go hour by hour, time out this next storm. so we go throughout the early morning, and then you see by noon, rain beginning to move into the north bay, and that will be the case throughout the
5:41 am
afternoon. rain primarily in the north bay before that sun sets and showers spread south. by 8:00, 9:00 p.m. we're tracking showers through the peninsula, the east bay, approaching the south bay. we do anticipate tomorrow morning's commute to be a wet one. this is 4:00 a.m. on your thursday, so scattered showers do linger for thursday and friday. so take a look at the 3-day forecast, we have the level one through friday, again, it's not raining the entire time. we're just unsettled through the rest of the week. so off and on showers, and then by friday afternoon the storm is out of here, setting up for a really beautiful weekend. we'll show you that in about eight minutes. but first, good morning to sue and see how we're doing on the roads this morning. >> depends on where you are, as always. san rafael, looking great southbound 101, making your way through central san rafael all the way through mill valley and you will and over the golden gate for about a 19-minute drive from san rafael. take a look at the east shore freeway, crowding up. all those headlights heading westbound to points beyond, no
5:42 am
claims here, no accidents, i should say, just a lot of cars. and we're going to take you to the north bay now, where we have a sig alert. this is on gurvnville. it's remote, but it is a thoroughfare. it was a wine truck and a john deere tractor. both flipped over. there is a sig alert to take river road if you're trying to get between 116 and 101. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> it is a reality check for netflix this morning. the streaming service reported a huge loss in subscribers, and now it may be adding commercials to make up for it. here's abc news reporter. >> overnight, netflix stock plunging as much as 25% after the streaming powerhouse announced it lost subscribers for the first time in more than a decade. >> just when you think it couldn't get any worse, it just
5:45 am
does. >> netflix blaming more streamers and russia's invasion of ukraine. the company ended the first quarter with 200,000 fewer subscribers than the end of last year. >> we're seeing a lot of the subscription fervor that was going on during the pandemic, we're seeing it starting to slow down. >> after increasing its monthly cost in january, the basic netflix plan is now about $10. but according to a new study, more than 60% of people think they shouldn't have to pay any more than $7.50 per month for a streaming service. so in order to lower its price, netflix is now looking at cheaper ad-supported subscription plans. >> advertising is inevitable. you're going to have to do it, not just to acquire new subscribers, maybe to even retain the existing subscribers. >> netflix is also hoping to cash in on nonpaying subscribers. they currently have 222 million paying subscribers, but estimates pass words are being
5:46 am
shared. a potential new revenue source. >> they really haven't gone after these people. >> netflix isn't the only streaming service hurting. roku, spotify, and disney also traded lower tuesday. >> whatever netflix decides to do probably a lot of other services are going to emulate that in some way. >> netflix says after suspending its service in russia, they lost 700,000 subscribers, and they expect to lose another two million around the world this quarter. abc news, new york. >> san quentin prison is now believed to be the first prison in the nation to have a community college campus. for decades the prison has provided various higher education classes to inmates, including a college preparatory program. the community college gained accreditation this year, and those who have gone through the prison's education system say it makes a world of a difference. >> they're not just giving you an education, they're giving you
5:47 am
hope. you know, they're giving these individuals hope. we're in a place where basically hopeless. >> private donations fund the college and the staff comes from some of the top universities, including stanford and u.c. berkley, any generation population inmate with a high school diploma or g.e.d. certificate is eligible to attend. >> tuition at community colleges on the peninsula could be coming soon. the san mateo county board of supervisors passed a resolutions supporting a billed that would waive or reduce enrollment fees. a staff report finds tuition and other living expenses can cost more than $15,000 for community college students. the state senate and assembly would need to pass the bill in order it to go into effect. if you have a certain type of student loan, it can soon be wiped out. the biden administration is set to cancel nearly $4 billion in student loan debt over what it calls historical failures. at least 40,000 people in the public service loan forgiveness program and the income-driven
5:48 am
repayment plans will have their debt cancelled immediately. now to some trash talk. the zero waste movement is going viral thanks to some social media influencers. >> this morning they are sharing easy ways to go green so you can save some green on "good morning america." >> one of the biggest things you'll see in your trash most likely is food waste. composting is one of the most important and biggest steps that an individual can take. besides that, you'll see items like textiles, personal and beauty care items. this aluminum can, this is from an old can of beans. when you use what you already have at home, that is the most sustainable thing you can do. >> it is. the average american discards about 4.9 pounds a day. you can watch a full report on the zero waste movement coming up on "g.m.a." at 7:00, including more tips on ways to rethink what you do with your trash. my friend was in town from atlanta on friday, and she was so impressed with all the things we have around the city.
5:49 am
we went out to eat, and then when we were living to throw away the stuff, it was like, recycle, compost, glass bottles. she was like, whoa! >> they don't have that in atlanta? >> no. my family, then they got confused. >> we have pictures. >> the pictures are so cute. >> people walk up, and you see the hesitation. >> four pounds, that's a lot. >> it is. that makes sense. all right. let's go outside, show you what's happening. partly cloudy skies over the city right now. we are anticipating more rain coming our way for most of us, the rain doesn't arrive until this evening. it first arrives in the south or the north bay later today, and then we all see showers off and on through friday morning. here's the forecast headline. our next storm moves in later today. it's just unsettled through early friday, and then we're dry and warmer for the weekend. here's the storm impact scale.
5:50 am
the level one through friday morning, off and on showers, a strong northwesterly swell with beach hazard statement along the coast tomorrow. and there is a chance of thunder tomorrow. so hour by hour we go. later today, here's noon. showers first in the north bay, they linger there for much of the day, and then in the evening wet weather starts to sink south. overnight scattered showers throughout the entire region. just anticipate tomorrow morning will likely be wet in spots with slick conditions as you go to work. rainfall estimates, the next 48 hours, this is a pretty good storm for april. we're talking about some spots seeing well over half an inch of rain as it moves through. also some snow covering through the sierra. winter storm warning, up to three feet possible in our highest peaks. that would be the 5:00 p.m. today. so tomorrow, certainly difficult driving conditions as the winter storm moves through. highs today cooler in the north bay where the rain arrives first. warmer moving south. a lot of sunshine in the south bay. temperatures in the upper 60's. then rain spreads across the entire region overnight tonight. so 40's to low 50's as we track
5:51 am
showers. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. off and on showers through friday morning. we dry out friday afternoon. that sets the stage for a really beautiful weekend. get the outdoor plans ready. lots of sunshine, warmer weather by sunday. early next week, wide spread 70's away from the coast. >> thank you, drew. new at 6:00, a modern marvel finally complete. the new building that will redefine midtown manhattan. >> and the italian food haven finally getting ready to open here in the bay area. >> and new numbers from the a's showing how many fans were at the home opener.
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> despite the a's being in first place, after 12 games, their fans are not heading to the oakland coliseum. >> last night the a's announced an official crowd of just 3,748
5:54 am
people. and that is the smallest attendance for an a's game in nonpandemic seasons since 1980. at monday night's home opener, the a's only drew a crowd of 17,500. possible factors include the a's trading away the four biggest stars in the spring as the team slashed the payroll and the team raising ticket prices in the off-season. the a's did win, beating the orioles 2-1 last night. >> the italian food haven is finally opening in the bay area. super excited about this. according to the chronicle, the three-story food mecca is scheduled to open in the next few months. the space will include two restaurants, a wine bar, coffee bar, a market, seafood counter, yes, my friends. this is like everything. gelato, and teas and pasta selections. the company is hiring 300 people with two job fairs this friday and next.
5:55 am
this is italy's second california location. the first opened in 2017 in l.a. >> a popular low-calorie ice cream is about to be easier to enjoy. halo top cartoons, you leave it on the counter to let it thaw. now it's come up with a creamier recipe. the company is also introducing a new flavor, chocolate cake batter. >> loving the story. live doppler 7, along with satellite, showing you we are finding wet weather making a comeback to northern california. here's the next front beginning to move into eureka right now. it slides south throughout the day and will bring us off and on showers through friday morning. right now we are dry. here's the toll plaza. partly cloudy skies out there. the sun slowly gets up here. rain arrives first in the north bay later this morning, and it will sit there through much of the afternoon. not until later this evening showers will spread south. there's a level one on the storm impact scale. we'll bring rough surf tomorrow, the beach hazard beginning tomorrow morning through saturday morning. we could see breakers up to 18
5:56 am
feet. just know there is the high risk of rip current and sea waves into the early weekend as the storm moves through. >> thank you, drew. new at 6:00, the traffic thickens. the newer survey showing a cleaner commute in san francisco may be in the rearview mirror. >> plus the return of 420. this year the smoke-out is hoping to do much more than years past. >> and this driver, this is not good. high speed, a bay area chase spanning multiple counties. >> and the wild way it finally came to an end. >> and a live look outside. 5:56, we'll be right back.
5:57 am
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6:00 am
again. the costs that you will see when you fuel up this week and the chances of it going higher for the summer. >> much-needed rain returning, a live look outside this morning tracking on and off showers for you this morning. >>20. >> if you have plans today, you want to timeout the rain? >> for most of us the rain is impacting later this evening and the storm will linger through friday mornings. you can see the wet weather beginning to move into northern california. 40's and 50's right now. not too chilly this morning. you still need the jacket outside. dry and partly cloudy skies, the day looks like this with rain first arriving in the north bay this morning. hanging there through the afternoon. not until the evening or overnight, the showers spread across the region. it's


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