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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 20, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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airbnb in l.a. and robbed. school that turned into a plan of action.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> live look outside across a wet golden gate bridge. rain coming down in much of the bay area. thank you for joining us. >> let's get right to abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel tracking the rain. >> an energetic storm. i want to show you live doppler 7. the moisture has shifted into the east bay. moderate in pockets around danville, walnut creek. also around the peninsula. redwood city. you see somewhat weather. rainfall intensity about a quarter of an inch per hour. in the south bay in the santa
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cruz mountains, it is spotty. you are the last to get the moisture. a light level one storm. thunderstorms in northern california. in the bay area going into tomorrow. first thing tomorrow morning, give yourself extra time. the commute will take longer, it will be slower. there will be some wet roadways. 8:00, still dealing with showers. the system is not done. i will be back to give you an hour-by-hour look at the timeline coming up. >> you contract the weather. any time on the abc7 bay area app. it is on roku, amazon fire, android tv, and fire tv. >> nearly 100 students from san mateo high school tested positive for covid-19 following the school's prom. tim johns has reaction from families and more on the changes coming to other problems in the school district. >> it is supposed to be one of the most magical nights of any
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high school's. but the recent prom turned out far from ideal. >> i was not very sick, i had a sore throat for a couple of days. then i had congestion. >> following the event, 90 out of the 600 students in attendance tested positive for covid. unlike other schools in the area, masks at the prom were optional. the superintendent says all of the cases have been mild. >> this has been a really hard year for kids. and we need to keep having as many activities as we can. >> that sentiment shared by many students in attendance. one of the 90 to get sick. >> overall, i think it was perfect. it was a great, fun time. >> her mother is the president of the san mateo high school parent-teacher organization.
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while she supports masking in general, the decision to let the prom be mask optional was made in accordance with san francisco's health guidance. >> you have to weigh if you are willing to sacrifice what will happen if you get covid, and you have to quarantine versus if it is worth it to go out and have a good time. for something you can do only twice in your life, really. >> because of the san mateo outbreak, to schools will wrap up their protocols ahead of their own prom. >> we will be more careful about activities. we will test more students before hand to make sure they are not going into the dance covid positive. >> in san mateo, tim johns. >> today, abc7 news anchor kristen sze asked the department chair about the prom cases. >> that is really concerning. i think we all want the schools to stay open, but it is an awful lot of covid around. there will be a period of risk
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for a few weeks where the case is not only go through, but the kids that might have spread it to other kids. the classroom has become a riskier place than it would have been and was a month ago. >> if you want to ask our experts covid questions, we have a link on abc7 >> with an arson suspect in custody, residence near the burned down home depot in san jose say there is a level of relief. questions remain about how and why the fire spread so fast. the investigation continues. abc7 news reporter amanda del castillo leo explains more information surrounding the suspect is coming out. >> this surveillance footage obtained by abc7 news offers a glimpse into his suspected theft spree. said to have spent months before he allegedly set fire to the home depot in san jose on april 9. court documents allege he
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visited new star beauty supply at east ridge mall on march 27. he is seen putting an item on the counter, then quickly taking off with it. for a moment, he's stopped by the locked door. in the end, he reportedly got away with a wig valued at $270. an impact to that business, but small compared to the $17 million of inventory lost at home depot, with millions more anticipated in building costs. >> that had to be someone's -- it went up so fiercely. >> residents living nearby reacting wednesday. a day after authorities announced he allegedly set the fire as a diversion to steal tools from the store. he faces aggravated arson and theft charges dating back to october 2021. he could spend 14 years to life in prison. >> devastated.
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it is still super unbelievable, everything. it is a surprise it was just one person. >> he needs to go away for a long time. he almost destroyed the neighborhood. >> beyond relief, there is reflection. >> when i drove away, i told my mom say goodbye to the house. because there is no way it is going to survive. >> a collective understanding things could have in much worse. for cheri, who runs a daycare out of her home, she's grateful the fire happened on a saturday, when kids were not there. >> i don't want to cry. if by any chance this would have been any other day, i would have had eight children here. >> a cement fence is all that separates her property from the home depot, leaving her wondering about the fire suppression system and witness claims sprinklers and alarms did not work the way they should have. san jose fire says that is all under investigation. in san jose, amanda del
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castillo. >> a former oakland priest with a long criminal history will be back in court tomorrow. stephen miller keithley is accused of driving drunk and causing a crash on saturday that killed a rossmoor man. the district attorney said to allegations for a lewd act on a child under 13 years old. he previously served six years in for molestation charges involving a girl in truckee. he was at the center of a sexual abuse allegation when he was in oakland diocese priest in the 1970's and 1980's. he was removed as a member of the clergy in 1987. >> all bay area transit agencies say masks are recommended, but not required. in the south bay, we did not see anyone getting on or off of eta light rail train without a mask. >> we are all in it together. there's still covid around, still a chance people can get sick. >> i saw passengers and people
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being unhygienic. it is not safe for the passengers. we are going to have to go back to square one. so we should keep it for now. >> the president is introducing the mask mandate at next week's board meeting. tweeting covid cases arising again, and we must keep riders safe, especially those immunocompromised or under five and not yet eligible to be vaccinated. >> votes are being tallied, but it is clear san francisco's supervisor won the special election. what happens to district six, which he leaves behind? the mayor will appoint a new supervisor. whether they will oversee the tenderloin is in limbo. the city's remapping, and it could become part of district five, led by dean preston. phil matier explains why it is key for the mayor to appoint the right person. >> right now, the tenderloin is
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at a critical point. the point is the emergency stay is over, but she's got to have continued support and continued pressure politically and administratively if she's going to change that neighborhood. >> the mayor plans to seek community feedback after getting so much input on the school board member she appointed after the recall. >> four tourists from northern california followed and robbed. police searching for the suspects and $70,000 worth of property. >> 4/20 crowds return, how we gave a boost to businesses. >> earth day friday. third and fourth graders in east oakland giving back to their community. what they are
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>> a night on the town in los angeles turned into a nightmare for four men in northern california -- from northern california. they were robbed of up to $70,000 worth of clothing, jewelry, and handbags. the robbers followed them from a restaurant near beverly hills to their airbnb. they noticed a luxury suv following them and drove around until they thought the vehicle was off of their trail. when they pulled into the driveway of their rental home, three men armed with guns forced them inside. >> this makes it a much more serious crime. it is a kidnapping, which when we catch them, it would be punishable up to life in prison. >> one victim was pistol whipped. no one was seriously hurt. >> a san francisco man who spent more than 30 years in prison for a crime he did not commit was released from custody today. tara campbell was there for the
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emotional reunion with his family and friends. >> cheers in his first moments of freedom in 32 years. followed quickly by hug's from his family. son pedro holding on. the feeling says is too much to put into ws' mr ou try and express, you can't really express it completely. y nvof muering a friend in 1990. a conviction overturned monday by a san francisco superior court judge. [applause] >> he embraced the attorneys who fought for him. the northern california innocence project putting the case in front of the d.a.'s innocence commission 18 months ago. >> people -- justice needs to be done. and i'm really happy.
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>> he cited the support of family, his attorneys, and his faith for getting him through. >> i was thinking i was going to lose my mind every day. but when you put faith and your faith is attached to god, you have to keep going. >> the director of the northern california innocence project by his side. >> it is why we have fought for 20 years to correct the eyewitness identification procedures used so mistakes like this don't happen. >> the district attorney' rou, greatea condu newvestigatn,ngew witnesses. it ultimately resulted in the exoneration. >> i'm still grasping the whole situation. it is 32 years that got taken away from me and him. but i glad he's home. we have a lot of catching up to
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do. >> as for syria, he is grateful, considering himself one of the lucky ones. >> we got a lot, no doubt in my mind. it is a little bit more behind me. and my same situation -- there's a lot of people in my same situation. >> today, thousands of marijuana enthusiasts celebrated 4/20 in an event sanctioned by the city. >> happy for 20. >> people traveled to hippie hill to celebrate the marijuana filled festival after a two-year hiatus during the pandemic. it is the first year the city allowed legal marijuana sales in a farmers market. third >> >> and fourth graders in east oakland doing their part to build a better bay area after their school was closed due to a bug infestation. students turned it into an opportunity to improve the local environment. j.r. stone has the story this
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earth month. >> they may barely be bigger than the trees they are holding, but these third and fourth graders in oakland have referred to themselves as a tree army doing their part for earth day. >> in the neighborhood of the school, door to door asking if they want a little fruit tree. >> the project was inspired after their school had to be shut down last year for two days due to a flea infestation. they learned later the cold weather would have likely killed nearby flee bigs. cold weather never came. >> the whole school, it was hard for me and others. >> they learned about global warming and grew concerned. a month after the fleas, this eagle soda -- showed. up on the soccer field when your >> >> environment is out of balance, strange things start happening. so it was really trying to bring
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balance back through community. >> soon afterwards, they came up with the idea of planting more trees. teachers found a group called common vision to donate trees and kids went to work. offering to plant them for neighbors at even giving sculptures to families to go with it. >> the thought was to put trees to help the earth. so there is less global warming. so it is more balanced. >> some people were really nice and offered us things. >> most of them were nice. but some of the rest were like -- not interested, busy, having a bad day. >> they planted 50 trees in neighborhood yards as those in one out of four homes said yes to a new tree. students took the remaining 70 trees home to be planted in their yards. >> it is something the kids will never forget. because it was not easy.
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making change is not easy. that is what we had to keep telling them. if everybody said yes, they would have thought that is how the world works. so they got a concentrated version of how difficult it is to make change, but how good it feels when you succeed. >> j.r. stone, abc7 news. >> that is so great. turning our attention to the rain all over the bay area. >> let's get schooled on that. >> the rain focused right now. in the east bay, the peninsula. that is a great lesson. let's get you to live doppler 7 in the street-level radar. moderate pockets of rain around redwood city, middlefield road, san carlos. heading into san ramon. el costa boulevard. dublin, about a quarter of an inch per hour. rainfall totals, one third of an inch in santa rosa. nothing measurable in san jose. .10 inches san francisco.
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pockets of moderate rain for the morning commute. areas of low visibility. these are the main concerns. could see ponding on the roadways. especially with brief downpours. guests at 31. 26 in napa. temperatures in the 50's. this is what you will face for parts of your morning commute. slippery roadways. golden gate bridge camera, raindrops on the lens. showers for the morning commute, possible thunderstorms and hail. sunny and warmer for the upcoming weekend. a light level one system. light to moderate showers off unexpected. thunder and hail chance. rough surf and gusty winds. hour-by-hour, this is what we are facing. what roadways at 5:00. 7:00 a.m. in the east bay. san francisco peninsula and south bay. a big break for the next batch comes in at 9:00. this is when we could see potential for some hail
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accompanied by thunderstorms. 5:00 a.m. friday, lingering showers. pretty much done. additional rainfall totals. most areas between a quarter to 6/10 of an inch. a few spots will pick up less. beach hazard statement as the surf's up. runs until saturday morning. high risk of rip currents and waves due to the large breakers. winter storm warning in the sierra. conditions until friday morning. one to two feet of snow. three feet for the peaks. that warning above 5000 with white out conditions with winds definitely holding off on travel. 40's and 50's on temperatures. breezy in the morning and wet. cooler day. mid-50's to the mid 60's. scattered often on showers. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. could see some thunderstorms with hail and the light level one system. lingering showers friday morning
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>> an orphaned mountain lion cub on the road to recovery after it was found extremely underweight. it was named rose and taken in
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by the oakland zoo, where she's receiving round-the-clock care. she was first spotted by hikers near san francisco. she's slowly raing energy. she not beeleased into e because she lacks basic skills to survive. she also can't stay at the oakland zoo because of lack of space. the zoo will help find her a forever home. they are cute that size. >> they are, and hopefully they find a home. the 49ers have a deebo samuel problem. >> diebel social media handle is 19 problems. the problem now is making him happy. he issues a trade demand. does he really want out, or to get paid?
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abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> we are not sure what he wants, but deebo samuel clearly is not happy. imagine eight days before the nfl draft. espn's jeff darlington broke the story about the trade demand. some suggest he's upset about how he's being used both receiver and running back. he liked it last year. he was the key for the offense. he wants a new deal, more money. receiver salaries have gone through the roof. i'm wondering if the issue is tied to guaranteed money, especially if he would still be used in the backfield. he tweeted this, a reporter's job is to make stories, only people know the truth about the situation, troy danny and deebo samuel. and then he deleted the tweet. stay tuned. warriors left for denver with andre iguodala, whosespasmsmpor. warriors up 2-0.
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they expect the nuggets to throw everything at them in game three. >> it is important to stay even keel, it is about winning 16, and respecting your opponent. having appropriate fear, knowing they are more capable of evening out the series if we don't come in and do our jobs. >> marcus smart arriving. defensive player of the euro. the nets built a 17 point lead. he had only 17 points on four-17 shooting. boston comes back. jason tatum, huge three point. smart driving, finishing with the left. celtics winning 114-107. this is my hand. celtics up. onto baseball. greeting the giants at citi field. happy birthday brandon belt. turned 34. celebrating with a bomb off of chris bassitt. the first hit he's ever gotten on his birthday.
11:31 pm
giants take the lead off of chris bassitt, who took the loss. the carlos rodin opposition looking better -- acquisition looking better and better. fewer than 3000 fans in oakland. nice catch by that fan. scoreless in the fifth. kevin gutierrez up the middle. elvis andrus cannot come up with it. cedric mullins gets another grounder to andrews. a high throw. stephen gets hurt when mullins runs past him. baltimore winning 1-0. sports on abc7
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>> that will do it for tonight.
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thank you for watching. >> all of us, we appreciate your time. on jimmy kimmel, nicolas cag >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, nicolas cage, vanessa bayer, and music from noah cyrus, with cleto and the cletones. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you. thank you. very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. [ cheers and applause ] thanks for watching, for joining us on a high holiday if ever there was one. it's 4/20. do you know the origin of 4/20? it's kind of interesting. in the '70s in


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