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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 21, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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mandate whiplash. >> vice president kamala harris and former president barack obama both set to visit the bay area today. >> and watch for rain on the roads. really coming down in the east bay overnight. will it last all day? >> the warriors on the road for the playoffs. the party happening in san francisco as the team takes on denver in game three tonight. i am prepared for a sweet. -- sweep. we want to start with a check on the rain. every time i walk out, i'm shocked. when it is heavy, what is this? >> and late april? >> you're waking up to a lot of rain in some spots. bright colors in live doppler 7 and pops of yellow and orange. even parts of south city, we
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have heavy rain. from oakland and have your showers, this is live doppler 7 these pops of red indicating rain is calling at two inches an hour. this is heavy rain encountered on the roadways this morning. this is low visibility as the downpours move through the east bay. widely scattered light showers and heavier showers in san mateo but that is the theme for the day. on and off showers to friday morning and the chance of thunder today and rough surf. just know that showers in the forecast throughout the entire day, so you want to take the rain gear with you. we will time out the storm for you. drew: kumasi: the justice -- kumasi: the justice department is appealing the ruling that struck down the federal mask mandate. >> hospitalizations and covid cases are experiencing an uptick
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nationwide. reporter: the reason for this appeal is based on precedent. should a federal judge be allowed to overturn a decision made by a public health agency? the justice department officially filing an appeal of a florida judge ruling that overturned the nation's travel mask. it comes at the official bus from the cdc. in a statement, the agency says in order to require masking -- the order to require masking remains necessary. but they are also taking into account precedent, not letting a judge decide public health policy. >> we want to preserve that authority for the cdc. >> i think it's important they appeal that ruling because it is important we are able to switch back to wearing masks if there is another variant. >> public health experts are speaking out, denouncing the decision.
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>> a single judge overturning the mandate means that we are unnecessarily putting many people at risk. >> it comes as covid cases are on the rise. new infection rates have grown by nearly 23% in the last week. 36 states and territories have seen increases of about 10% or more in that same time. for now, the masking rules on public transportation remain inconsistent. no masks needed on flights but you may need to put one on inside the airport depending on what city you live in. the cdc's concern goes beyond the mandate that was set to expire on may 3. they want to have the authority to put masks back on in the future. ike ejiochi, abc news, washington. >> starting today, masks are optional for all bay area
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transit agencies. but it may not last for long. amy joins us live with where things stand right now. reporter: i just saw the electronic sign that said masks required, so this is so new, they haven't even changed the signage yet. this just happening, making the decision. now all bay area transit agencies have decided to drop the requirement. you're no longer required to wear a mask. they are recommended. here is a glimpse into the thinking that went into the decision from transit officials. >> the other executive management discussed this and decided it was the way to go. the state lifted the requirement as well. currently, there are no formal requirements from a state and federal level.
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>> barth isn't finished discussing this issue. a board member tweeting out saying that she will be introducing a mask mandate for the board to vote on because she says they must keep writers safe. there could be changes again but masks are recommended on public transit, not required. amy hollyfield, abc7news. >> we have an article that outlines the mask rules at bay area airports. you can find it any in >> vice president harris will be in the bay area and plans to visit mission bay to address the health crisis facing new mothers area while there, harris will also speak with expecting families and health-care workers that take care of new moms and babies. former president barack obama is scheduled to visit the bay area
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today. and it would, he says he is discussing changes in the way that we create and consume information. in the threaded poses to democracy. -- and the threat it poses to democracy. >> what will happen to the city's district six? mayor re is appointg supervisor. and whether that person will be overseeing the tenderloin, that is still in limbo. the city is redistricting and it could become part of district five led by supervisor dean preston. phil explains why it is key from mayor reed to have the right person to replace. >> the tenderloin is at a critical point. the emergency stay is over but she has got to have continued support and continued pressure politically as well as administratively if she is going
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to change that neighborhood. >> she plans to seek community feedback. >> the largest ski resort extending its closing date. recent snowstorms allow the resort to push it back to may 15. in the past, the resort saw up to three feet of snow. the resort will have lake tahoe's longest ski season. it could make up for the record-breaking dry spell. here is a live look right now. snow was coming down and we are going to check in with drew because may 15. that is a long time to be up there. >> we are talking snow levels at 5000 feet. chain controls on 80 and 50. big rigs are not allowed on 80 because of the snow falling.
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we are expecting one feet to two feet, the highest peaks could see three feet of fresh powder. that is great news this late in the season. we are tracking heavy rain across parts of the east bay. let's go to live doppler seven where you can see from oakland, these pops of orange and even red. that is very heavy rain right now as the moisture moves through the east bay. it is wet right now as you cross the bridge. we will timeout this line of heavier rain. antioch expecting heavier showers and this is pushing off to the east. mored through the morning and theeron teoon. chancngnderstorms lat ths
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rmrection cteed entire ththreat of a this afternoon. if it pops up, hail will be the biggest concern between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. the rain 50's to low 60's. take a look at the brighter forecast. let's see how we are doing on the wet roads this morning. >> we have wind advisories for the bay bridge. the golden gate is also pretty gusty this morning. hydroplaning an issue. be aware of standing water and flooding and pooling. that is the biggest hazard for you this morning. you can see roads are slick here. the east freeway crowding up this early thursday morning. we have an accident on bay
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bridge. expect delays as we go out to the morning. >> the warriors are in denver this morning. andre iguodala has had next -- neck spasms but he has improved. the warriors are expecting the nuggets to throw everything they've got at them. >> we have to be on edge, on guard tomorrow. to be ready for their crowd, their energy. and maybe make some adjustments. >> what are we supposed to do? the next game is the most important in the series. >> it's about winning and respecting your opponent. they are more than capable of evening out the series if we don't come in and do our jobs.
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>> tipoff is at 7:00 in denver and it will be a party. >> the warriors are inviting dubnation to watch the game on the big screen at thrive city. it begins at 5:30 p.m. tonight where you can enjoy lawn games, and take advantage of photo opportunities. you do have to register on the chase center website. the warriors are holding a watch party for game four on sunday. >> new information about the man accused of setting this fire at the san jose home depot and his alleged crime spree. >> and a really scary story. a man targeted in a home
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>> and night on the town in losl nightmare for four men from california.
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jewelry, and handbags.d of up early yesterday morning, the robbers followed tourists to their airbnb. police say the group noticed a luxury suv following them and drove around until they thought the vehicle was off their trail. but when they pulled into the driveway of the rental home, three men armed with guns forced them inside. >> which makes this a much more serious crime. it is a kidnapping. when we catch them, this will be punishable for up to life in prison. >> one victim was pistol whipped but no one was seriously hurt. >> people in san jose serious -- say there is a level of relief a suspect is in custody but they have questions about how the fire spread so fast. our reporter tells us more information surrounding the suspect is coming to light.
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>> this surveillance footage obtained by abc7news offers a glimpse into a suspected theft spree, said to of spanned months before he allegedly set fire to a home depot on april 9. court documents allege that he visited new star beauty supply on march 27. he is seen here putting an item on the counter and quickly taking off with it. for a moment, he stopped by a locked door but in the end, he got away with a wig valued at $270. and impact to that business but small in comparison to the estimated $17 million of inventory loss at home depot with millions more anticipated and building costs. >> it went up so quickly and so fiercely. >> reacting wednesday after authorities announce he set the
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fire as a diversion to steal tools from the store. he faces aggravated arson and theft charges. he 27-year-old could spend 14 years to life in prison. >> absolutely relieved and devastated. it is still super unbelievable. everything. i'm surprised it was just one person. >> he needs to go away for a long time because he almost destroyed the neighborhood. flexible lava leaf there is also a reflection area cracked when i drove -- >> beyond relief, there is also reflection. a collective understanding that things could have been much worse. she is grateful the fire happened on a saturday when kids were not there. >> if by any chance this would have been any other day, i would've had eight children
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here. >> a cement fence is all that separates her property from the home depot, leaving her wondering about the fire suppression system and witness claims that sprinklers and alarms did not work the way they should have. >> san jose fire says that is all still under investigation. abc7news. >> and orphaned mountain lion club is recovering well at the oakland zoo. >> that was much more than i thought. >> this is rose. hackers first spotted her at san mateo academy. >> it is also the pose. >> she is ready to fight. >> look at her ice cream and her bottle. the oakland zoo took her in
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because she was really thin and events are giving her round-the-clock care. they say she is slowly regaining her energy but will not go back into the wild because she doesn't have basic survival skills. she also can't stay at the oakland zoo because they don't have space. this a was planning to figure out where she will go next once she is healthy. our housing issues in the bay extended all the way to the zoo. >> sorry, girl. >> we are good. >> that has been. just moved to san francisco. >> she is feeling better. she is feeling herself. >> we all get angry from time to time.
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good morning, everybody. it loved opera seven is pretty active out there. i want to take you to parts of the east bay where we have downpours working through walnut creek. these are indicating heavier rain. 680, oakland, this is getting very close to danville right now. heavier showers working to the east bay with lighter rain on the peninsula. these showers are pushing into the south bay over the next hour or so. this is the walnut creek camera where downpours are following with a lot of water on the roadways. people going slower than normal because of the wet weather. a slower than normal commute. see this cloud cover right there? we are watching that. that is called a jet stream and will bring us a chance of thunderstorms later on this afternoon. temperatures right now in the low to mid 50's. through tomorrow morning, the showers and thunderstorms chance later on today will have rough surf on the coast line.
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this afternoon, between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. is the best chance of having the thunderstorms and more wet weather later on this evening. expect showers again for the friday morning commute. total rainfall less than half of an inch, but this is a good season snowstorm or rainstorm we are having across the bay area. saturday we have the risk of rip currents along the coastline because this storm is moving through. a lot going on this morning with showers and a thunderstorm chance later this afternoon. this storm is out of here tomorrow evening. look at the weekend. sunshine, dry, warm and then a lot of sunshine early next week. >> it is queen elizabeth's birthday. the british monarch is 96 years old. you can see the queen here with her ponies. the picture was taken in front
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of a magnolia tree last month. the queen has been keeping out of the public eye after recovering from covid earlier in the year. the palace that she will mark her birthday privately. also this morning, barbie is giving the queen the royal treatment. mattel is releasing a limited edition queen elizabeth doll in the -- in honor of her 96th birthday. the doll is part of the barbie tribute series that goes on sale today from $75 and you can see the doll is dressed in a monarch's most iconic outfit. >> i'm good with that. >> comingevenstow is mor oming for the summer of revenge travel.
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and swiffer partners with the american lung association to support clean air. you're probably thinking that these two are in some sort of lover's quarrel. no, no, no. they're both invested... in green energy. and also each other. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do? >> if you are just joining us, we have rain moving to this morning and downpours working to the east. they live look showing raindrops on the lens. showers on the forecast afteron.t the day anddeosr wet comme. the big culprits this morning.
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we do have an accident westbound it off to the right shoulder just near treasure island. >> masks are optional, the latest bay area transit agency to follow the federal ruling saying masks are recommended, but not required. >> barth has ended its mask mandate for now but that could change again. president rebecca salzman says that she will be introducing a mask mandate for the board to vote on because she says they must keep writers safe. >> russian president vladimir putin has canceled his militaries attack on a steel plant. the last ukrainian stronghold in the port city. instead, they plan to block all exit routes. >> you may see secret service vice president kamala harris is set to visit a hospital and meet with workers and patients as part of an effort to address the mental health crisis facing new moms. >> the warriors are hosting a
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watch party tonight for game three in the series against her. they are up 2-0 against the denver nuggets. tipoff is at 7:00 tonight. >> if you are planning to travel the summer, expect to pay more for airfare as the result of increased demand from travelers that have not gone much of anywhere. here's gio benitez. >> as the summer travel season approaches, the masks come off at least for now. excitement building for the so-called summer of revenge travel. united ceo saying overnight the demand is the strongest it has been in my 30 years in the industry. >> much of it is pent-up demand for travelers that have traveled minimally because of covid. >> it also means higher prices. average domestic airfare spiking up to $360. it was $100 less this time last
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year. >> americans can expect to pay more for airfare than they have in the last 10 years. >> but there are deals to be found. >> we see rapid fare sales all the time. >> tips for how to stave -- save and stay safe. >> if you are thinking about buying one of these electric luxury sedans, get ready to pay. the battery has a range of 300 miles and has a theater screen. the starting price is $120,000. preorders are available and deliveries are expected to start later this year. electric vehicles or to account for 50% of the company sales by 20 -- look at this screen. is that eight? worth it? >> if i could ride in the backseat i would say yes.
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that means i would need to afforded driver. i won't go down that road. if you get one, call us. a local indoor play center banning one specific food and it has nothing to do with allergies. >> a covid outbreak at prom. what schools are doing after dozens of students got sick. >> a rainy start to the
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♪ ♪ how's he still playin'? aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength. reduces inflammation. don't touch my piano. kick pain in the aspercreme.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward in finding solutions. >> more mask changes, will writers still wear them. >> tracking what whether on and off and there is a chance of
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thunderstorms. it is thursday, april 21. >> take the rain gear with you out the door this morning because scattered showers in the forecast all day today. we have been tracking this downpour and working through the east this morning. san ramon now approaching antioch so highway 4, 6 80, certainly 24. it is wet and slow going this morning. lighter showers along the peninsula and just beginning to push into the south bay this morning as the storm system moves through. the storm is with us for the next 24 hours area a chance of thunderstorms later today and rough surf. his a live look with the downpour moving through. the rain is filing this morning and we will keep the showers in the forecast all day. on and off scattered showers on and off this afternoon between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m..
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we will take a closer look. >> since muni dropped its mask mandate, all bay area transit agencies are recommending masks. they are not required, but the rules may change again. if your head is spinning with all of this back and forth, amy is here to make sense of it all for us. good morning. >> passengers can now ride the buses or the trains in san francisco without wearing a mask area so now all agencies are in line and have decided to drop this. they are all on the same page for now. bart is still talking about bringing back masks, but for now, they are recommended on public transit, not required. even though these agencies have all decided to go ahead and follow the order from the federal court. the debate still raises -- rages on.
5:32 am
others saying it is ok to go without. we are all in it together. there is still covid around. >> we the best place in his pandemic. vaccines and immunity work better than masks. >> a bart board member still wants masks. rebecca salzman put out this tweet saying that she plans to introduce a mask mandate for a vote because she says they still need to keep writers safe. no word on how long that mandate would last if it is approved. more changes could be coming, but for now, masks are optional on public transportation in the bay area. in san francisco, abc7news.
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>> almost 100 students from san mateo high school have tested positive for covid-19 following the school's prom on april 9. >> tim johns has reaction from families and more on the changes coming to other problems in the school district. >> it is supposed to be one of the most magical nights of these highschooler's life. the recent problem turned out far from ideal. >> i was not very sick. i had a sore throat for a couple days. and then congestion. 90 tested positive for covid. masks at the prom were optional. all the cases have been mild. >> this is been a hard year for kids and we need as many activities as we can.
5:34 am
>> one of the 90 to get sick. >> it was a great fun time. >> the president of the san mateo parent-teacher organization, she supports masking in general but the decision to let the prom be mask optional was made in accordance with the guidance. >> are you willing to sacrifice what will happen if you do get covid and you have to quarantine versus is it worth it to have a good time? for something that you can do only twice in your life, really. >> other schools in the district will ramp up their safety protocols ahead of their own proms. >> we will be more careful about the activities and we will test students beforehand to make sure that they are not going into the dance covid positive.
5:35 am
>> on our 3:00 p.m. show getting answers, we talked to the department of medicine about the prom cases. >> it is really concerning it i think we all want the schools to stay open. but that is an awful lot of covid around. there will be risk for a few weeks where those cases not only go through, but the kids might spread to other kids. the classroom has become a riskier place than it would have been a month ago. >> if you want to ask experts your covid questions, we have a link on our website. >> resident biden is scheduled to deliver remarks and provide an update on russia and ukraine as russian president putin canceled his military's attack on a steel plant. he ordered his troops to instead block all exit routes from the sprawling plant.
5:36 am
city council claims there are at least 1000 civilians, mostly women and children and the elderly seeking shelter in the steel and iron works plant. it is unclear how many ukrainian troops were defending the site. >> a former oakland priest with a long criminal history will be back in court today. 75-year-old stephen miller is accused of driving drunk and causing a crash on saturday. the district attorney's office has added to allegations for lewd act on a child under 13 years of age. he previously served six years in prison for molestation charges. he was also at the center of sexual abuse allegations in the 70's and 80's. he was removed as a member of the clergy in 1987. >> the trial of the father will be held in monterey county.
5:37 am
a judge just announced the location three weeks after granting a defense motion to move the trial of paul and ruben for as the county. the concern was pretrial publicity. paul flores is charged with first-degree murder. ruben is accused of being an accessory after the fact. smart body has never been found. >> house republicans are expected to vote on whether to strip abc 7's parent company of its special district in the state. the move is pushed by governor ron desantis and seen as an effort to punish disney for publicly opposing florida's don't say gay law. the special district was formed in 1967 and allows disney to provide its own services like firefighting and waste disposal, avoiding many local regulations and taxes. disney has not commented. a stunt in the sky that in that up causing a lot of confusion at the u.s. capitol.
5:38 am
wyatt triggered a full evacuation. >> and a touching birthday surprise for a teen in the east bay. let's get a check on this rainy weather withdrew. >> live doppler 7 we have snow coming our way over the next 24 hours. chain controls, expecting three feet of fresh snow above 5000 feet. back at home, a wet morning out there. we are tracking the downpours and still working to the east. from san ramon up through antioch and concord, certainly highway four and 680, 580, a slow go in the east bay. we will timeout the middle portion of this working through antioch this morning. to the peninsula we go. we have light to moderate showers and now light showers filling in the south bay. it is a live look at the san jose camera with drops on the lens. we are pretty much seeing showers across the entire
5:39 am
region. rate and the forecast this morning and later on this afternoon, we have a chance of a thunderstorm. the storm prediction center has placed the entire bay area under a slight risk of thunderstorm later on today. if one does pop up, the biggest threat would be some small hail. highs today with the showers taking the rain gear with you. it is a cool day with temperatures in the 50's and 60's. thankfully the storm is out of here just in time for the weekend. we will show you that coming up in about eight minutes. say good morning to sue. >> wet and windy. we have wind for bay area bridges. drew has been mentioning we have standing water and the potential for hydroplaning. filling in, take a look at that solid stream of headlights on into the macarthur maze. we do have an accident on the bay bridge right near treasure
5:40 am
island and it has moved off to the shoulder. we are looking a very slow traffic and a slight delay at the toll plaza, but not so bad. you can see the red on sensors. once you get past the island and pass the accident, it is still pretty slow to the western portion of the span. we have 20 different accidents. slow your roll this morning because it is really going to help. we will be back with mo
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>> lawmakers are demanding answers after a false alarm triggered a full evacuation of the u.s. capitol. the plane was headed to the washington nationals game where somebody was scheduled to parachute onto the ballpark field.
5:43 am
but before the plane could get there, the plane -- the chaos began. >> [indiscernible] >> it took nearly half an hour to clear up this confusion. the stunt went on as planned. it lawmakers are blaming the faa for the chaos. nancy pelosi is demanding accountability for what she calls and outrageous and frightening mistake. the faa says it will conduct a thorough review. >> san jose state university's interim president will meet with students demanding he do more to help classmates experiencing homelessness. yesterday around 75 members and supporters of the student homeless alliance marched across campus. essay then isn't living up to an agreement negotiated two years ago to provide other support services for students in need. the original agreement was
5:44 am
negotiated under the previous president, dr. steven perez assuming the goal. >> we want to see transparency as well for the other students so they know what kind of assistance is offered to them and what they expect. >> it makes sense and i think we can do better. i think we can do more, communicate better and collaborate better. >> dr. perez agreed that quick access to data is essential for making good decisions. at third and fourth graders in east oakland are doing their part to build a better bay area. >> after a bug at the station forced their students to close, they turned it into an opportunity to better their local environment. >> they may be barely bigger than the trees they are holding but these third and fourth graders in oakland have referred
5:45 am
to themselves as a tree army doing their part for earth day. >> going door-to-door asking if they want more. >> the school had to be shut down last year for two days due to a flea infestation and they learned later that cold weather would've likely killed nearby flea eggs. cold weather never came. >> it was hard for me and other people. >> the kids learned about global warming and grew concerned. a month after the fleas, this eagle showed up on the soccer field. >> strange things start happening. right? and so it is really trying to bring balance back to the community. >> the kids came up with the idea of planting more trees. teachers were able to find a group called common vision to donate trees and the kids went to work, offering to plant them
5:46 am
for neighbors. >> the thought was to help the earth so there is less global warming. like it is balanced. >> some people are really nice. and most of them are nice. but some of the rest were like, not interested. just having a bad day. >> the kids planted 50 trees as others said yes to a nutri. students took the remaining 70 trees home to be planted in their yards. >> it is something the kids will never forget because it was not easy. you know, making changes not easy. everybody said yes and they would of, that's how it works. so they got a really concentrated version of how
5:47 am
difficult it is to make change and how it feels when you succeed. >> it is beautiful. >> an indoor play center is banning one particular fruit because of its smell. in fremont, they share this post on instagram that reads, dorian's band fear that the fruit's signature smell will linger and cause a public ruckus. not a public ruckus. i know. i haven't pulled up so we can discuss this because it comes after a report of a potential gas leak on tuesday but it was later found that a customer brought it. >> what do they say it smells like? >> look at this picture. you see that? you see the picture? i guess the smell is not the best. >> it does not look appealing. >> does it taste good? is it healthy?
5:48 am
it looks like it is hard to get at. it is a combination of savory, sweet, and creamy all at once. subtle hints of chives mixed with pattern sugar. like diced garlic and caramel poured into whipped cream. >> diced garlic? so we have powdered sugar and diced garlic? >> it is described as the most foul-smelling fruit in the world. the aroma has been compared to raw sewage, rotting flesh. i will let it go. >> no wonder it is a public ruckus. >> i feel sorry for the person that brought it in. >> they should know. they should know.
5:49 am
they should know. people still do it. there has been fish here at 7:30 a.m. yes. i have smelled it. [laughter] >> she said i'm so sorry for my boiled egg. and then you opened it. but at least she acknowledged. >> sorry. it >> but you need the protein. >> the benefits outweigh the small cost. rotting flesh. [laughter] it is raining out there this morning. it is late april and we have a storm on our hands. we love to see rain this late in the season. light showers from san jose, sunnyvale, stanford. we have a lot of wet roads out there this morning. they are trackin creek.
5:50 am
we have that wet weather and pops of yellow on your screen from bay pointe and pittsburgh. the walnut creek camera, it's busy out there with wet weather. out extra time to the commute. -- add extra time to your commute. light to moderate showers and the chance of thunder this afternoon. it is that chance later this afternoon thunderstorms are popping up. or rain later this evening and even tomorrow morning, more showers with a friday morning commute. rough surf and we could see breakers up to 18 feet. we can see three feet over the highest peaks. highs in the 50's and 60's as the showers move through. tonight, more showers with temperatures in the 40's.
5:51 am
this storm is out of here tomorrow afternoon, setting up a beautiful weekend. >> a couple seems to live life on a cruise ship for good. they have a good reason why you may want to think about it. >> and a fridge recall. the appliance one company says canada up hurting you.
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> if you recently bought a ge fridge from best buy, lowes, or home depot, listen to this. ge appliances is recalling 150,000 french door stainless
5:54 am
steel fridge is because the handle can detach when you try to open the freezer drawer and you could fall. ge has received 71 reports resulting in 37 injuries including three that were pretty serious. the consumer product safety commission says the fridges were sold at home improvement and appliance stores between 2020 and 2022. a full list of the models involved on our website. >> instagram once you to leave her tiktok's on tiktok instead of reposting them. the platform is changing the ranking algorithm to favor original content. creators will now get more credit for their original videos and photos which could help them build a bigger audience. >> changing it up. >> trying to hold us back. and east bay teenager got a sweet birthday gift. >> and amazon delivery driver
5:55 am
has cerebral palsy and is nonverbal. alexander drove his truck to the walnut creek home and surprised him with his very own best -- vast -- vest. >> for him to get to go into a van and made a driver up close and have his own gear is just a really special treat him. -- for him. >>'s mom says he loves all delivery trucks but there is something about the amazon drivers. >> that is sweet. >> good for him. live doppler seven tracking a storm moving through. we have downpours in the east bay that we have been tracking all morning long from san ramon to antioch and concord and rio vista. certainly, highway four as you make your way from concord to antioch to and from, it is a heavy downpour working through.
5:56 am
light showers and sunnyvale. we have a lot of wet roadways out there. here is a live look at the san mateo bridge right now. we see a lot of rain on the lens and water on the roadways. these on showers are with us throughout the day. it just stays unsettled through today and early tomorrow morning. keep the showers in the forecast. scattered showers mid-day into the afternoon between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m. with the chance of a thunderstorm popping up. we could see some hail later on today. kumasi: earth day accept all year long. the way one young girl is helping save the world today, tomorrow, and every day. >> and a commitment to the tenderloin. solving the root causes of the issues in the neighborhood and the reason it is hitting a critical point in its future ahead.
5:57 am
kumasi: finally free. the san francisco man wrongfully jailed for 32 years now sharing his first moments. >> a live look outside right now. th
5:58 am
5:59 am
>>ing a bay aa, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. jobina: happening right now at
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6:00, heavy rain moving in here. this is video from the east bay overnight. we are waking up with wind, slick roads, and the chance for thunder and hail. kumasi: here is live doppler radar. look at what is going on. drew is tracking your weather right now. jobina: an vice-president kamala harris and former president barack obama will be making stops. kumasi: and one of disneyland's oldest attractions is getting a total overhaul. what could it be? [laughter] jobina: come on back, reggie. good morning, everybody. it's thursday, april 21. kumasi: let's talk about the rain, drew. drew: let's go to live doppler 7, we will take a tour in the east bay first, because we see those bright colors,


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