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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 21, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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overnight. we are waking up with wind, slick roads, and the chance for thunder and hail. kumasi: here is live doppler radar. look at what is going on. drew is tracking your weather right now. jobina: an vice-president kamala harris and former president barack obama will be making stops. kumasi: and one of disneyland's oldest attractions is getting a total overhaul. what could it be? [laughter] jobina: come on back, reggie. good morning, everybody. it's thursday, april 21. kumasi: let's talk about the rain, drew. drew: let's go to live doppler 7, we will take a tour in the east bay first, because we see those bright colors, yellow,
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red, even discovery bay right now. the highway for this morning is slow go in areas because of heavy rain. lighter showers from san jose up to fremont, so 86, 680 in this region getting some slick conditions. on a scale of one through tomorrow morning with light to moderate showers. we will time out the storm, coming up in about nine minutes area kumasi? kumasi: developing news this morning, the justice department is preparing to appeal the ruling that struck down the mask mandate federally. the cdc says it is still necessary. jobina: this comes as hospitals are experiencing an uptick nationwide. here is reporter i could -- ike ejiochi. ike: this morning, the justice department officially filing an appeal of a florida
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judge's ruling that overturned the nationwide mast mandate. this comes out after an official request an official request by the cdc, saying masking and public transportation corridors are necessary for the public's health. they also take into account president, not letting a federal judge decide policy. >> we want to preserve the authority for the cdc to have in the future. >> i think it support and they appeal that ruling -- it is important they appeal that ruling. ike: public health experts speaking out, denouncing the decision. >> a single judge overturning a rule put in place by public health professionals means we are putting many people at risk. ike: new infection rates have grown by 23% in the last week. 32 states and territories have
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seen increases of 10% or more in that same time. hospital admissions are up too. for now, the rules remain inconsistent -- no masks needed on flights, but you may need to put one on inside the airport, depending on what city you land in. >> it's quite confusing. ike: the cdc's concern goes beyond the mandate, set to expire on may 3. they want to have the authority to put mast backup in the future in case of another surge. kumasi: here in the bay area, more changes are coming to masks on public transit. on muni, masks are now optional, but that might not last for long. amy hollyfield joins us live right now. amy? amy: hi there, we had its muni bus -- we had a muni bus with its sign reading masks
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recommended. the chain is now in place here for muni, but changes could be coming again. you are no longer required to wear a mask on public transportation in the bay area. masks are recommended, or as the muni sign said, masks advised. here is a glimpse into the thinking that went into this decision from transit officials. >> our safety and other executive management discussed this and decided it was the way to go. the state has lifted its requirement as well, so currently there are no formal requirements on the county, state, or federal level. amy: but bart is not done discussing this, with the bart board member rebecca salzman saying she will be introducing a mask mandate for the board to vote on, because she says they must keep riders safe.
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she did not say how long the mandate would be in place if it is approved. there could be changes again, but for now, masks are recommended on public transit, not required, but all the passengers we have seen so far have been wearing their masks. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7news. kumasi: right now, we have mask rules on our website for bay area airports and public transportation. you can find it anytime on our app and jobina: vice president kamala harris will be in the mission bay area. while there, she will also speak with expectant families and health care workers who take care of new moms and babies. former president barack obama is also scheduled to visit the bay area today too. he will be speaking at stanford at 12:15, speaking on the way we
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consume information and the threat it poses to democracy. kumasi: and supervisor matt haney won the special election for district 17. what happens to district six, the district he is leaving behind? london breed has appointed a new supervisor, but it is still in limbo. the city's remapping and istive.we explain why it is keyr mayor breed to appoint the right person for the tenderloin. >> the tenderloin is at a critical point. the emergency is over, but she has to have continued support and continued pressure politically as well as administratively if she is going to change that neighborhood. kumasi: mayor breed says she is planning to seek community feedback after getting so much feedback on the school board member she appointed. jobina: a man who was jailed for
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a crime he did not commit has finally been released from custody. [applause] jobina: family and friends united with joaquin ciria after his first moments of three to -- freedom in 32 years. a san francisco judge overturned his conviction. the north california innocence project put the case in front of the da's innocence admission 18 months ago. >> any day. you know, when you fight, and you fight, you don't givepyou h. >> it's 32 years that were taken away from me and from him, but i am glad he is got lot of catchip do. jobina:a'onatn is
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the first to be granted by the commission since being established in 2020. it's not just rain, snow is hitting the sierra right now. we will take you there live with you chain controls and good news if you ski or snowboard. and egging into the suspect of the depot fire in san jose. the alleged crime spree leading up to the blaze. >> every day i go to the mailbox to get mail for our house. it's one of my jobs and i hate it. jobina: ok, i am interested in her story. you at 6:00, a genius idea to get past your chores. this young girl's inspiration to save the earth and do a great job. drew: i feel her. live doppler 7, we are tracking rain this morning, moving through the east bay right now. we do have a chance of thunderstorms popping up. we will take a closer look at this chance, also snow falling in the sierra right now.
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jobina: a rainy bay area and snow we sierra this morning, taking a live look from the snowflakes coming down. it's making many snowb oarders and skiers out there happy. palisades is extending its closing day until may 15 because of recent snowstorms. the resort has seen up to three feet of snow in the past week. the palisades will have tacos longest ski season. this could make up for the record-breaking dry season
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they have seen through march. drew? drew: we have a winter storm warning in effect until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow above i've thousand feet, heavy snow one to two feet -- 5000 feet, heavy snow one to two feet. up to three feet on our highest peaks. we will look at the snowfall totals tomorrow after the snow is through. back here at home, it's all about the rain this morning and the threat of a thunderstorm today. between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m. today, if a thunderstorm does pop up, we have a risk of hail. a risk of showers, take the umbrella with you. we will have the showers moving through from time to time, it's also cool out there, 50's to low 60's. a beach hazard statement, be aware of swells as high as 18 feet and a risk of recurrence over the next two days. how are we doing on the roads this morning?
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good morning, sue. sue: good morning, everyone. metering lights were on this morning, and we have standing water and hydroplaning potential. you will need your windshield wipers on as well, both are needed this morning. we had an earlier problem westbound near the island that has been cleared, still slow on the span. 880 past the coliseum, moving nicely here. we do have a potential for lots of high, standing water. be careful out there. 20 incidents of hydroplaning and solo spinouts. a 45 minute drive out of the central valley. jobina: crashing for clicks. i youtuber had his plane go down near santa barbara now hearing from the federal government. and a new birthday bar be made for one of the most recognized people in the world. and a scary situation in southern california. four men from northern
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jobina: new developments in a youtubers plane crash near santa barbara. the faa has determined he intentionally crashed for clicks on social media. >> that's why i always fly with the parachute. jobina: robert jacob is known as a prankster on youtube. video from november shows him jumping out of a plane with a parachute, leaving no one to pilot the plane. in a letter obtained by abc news, they say jacob purposefully operated the flight with the purpose of the plane to crash. his pilot's license has also
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been revoked. kumasi: a night on the town in los angeles turned into a nightmare for four men from northern california. jobina: they were robbed for more than $70,000 worth of clothes, jewelry and handbags. the robbers followed the tourists from their restaurant in beverly hills to their airbnb. they noticed the luxury as you be, but when they pulled into the driveway of their rental home, three men armed with guns forced them inside. >> this is a much more serious crime. it's a kidnapping. when we catch them, this will be punishable up to life in prison. kumasi: one victim was pistol whipped, but no one was seriously hurt. in the south bay, we are learning more about the crimes of the suspect accused of burning down the san jose home depot is accused of committing.
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this offers a glimpse into the suspected theft spree. the 27-year-old visited new beauty supply on march 27, putting an item on the counter and then quickly taking off with it. in this theft, he reportedly got away with a weighted -- with a wake valued -- wig valued at $270. there is a wave of relief with the suspect now in custody. >> relieved, but devastated. it is still super unbelievable, everything. i am surprised it was just one person. kumasi: authorities say goqui set the fire as a diversion to steal tools from the store. he is facing aggravated arson and theft charges that date back to october 2021 and could spent 14 years to life in prison. jobina: and a young girl in
6:19 am
colorado is saving the earth. kumasi: and she is using junk mail as a fertilizer. >> every day i go to get mail from the mailbox. it's my job and i hate it. it is estimated that 100 million trees are used every day to produce junk mail. kumasi: izzy hayward says she wants to do something with all the junk mail her family gets, so she is recycling the paper into seed bombs. they cut it up, mix it with seeds and water, and leave it to dry. >> this one is already sprouting, but you throw it out somewhere and it starts growing. if it rains, it breaks open. kumasi: ok. izzy's goal is to inspire more people to make seed bombs from their own backyards. jobina: one of disneyland's oldest attractions is getting a
6:20 am
major transformation. tarzan's treehouse will be fully re-themed. the company did not confirm what the new theme will be, but many guess it will be encanto, because one character has a room filled with greenery, trees and animals. tarzan's treehouse opened in 1962 as the swiss family tree house, based on the live-action film swiss family robinson. ok. drew: this is one of the attractions that, ok, we are just kind of like, scoot past. jobina: why is that? drew: there is a lot of walking around, it's not very action-packed. kumasi: tarzan wasn't enough. drew: no. that's my take on that ride. let's talk about the rain out there, welcome news. live doppler 7 showing heavy hitting in the east bay, where we find the most issues. here is street level on live
6:21 am
doppler 7, san ramon, pleasant, and livermore. 580, 680, it's some wet roadways. highway four has been impacted a lot this morning. from concord to antioch to brentwood, anywhere from light to moderate rain falling at this hour. i want to point out, see the cloud cover right here? this will be the focus for some thunderstorms possible this afternoon, potentially between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m., we could see some thunderstorms pop up. a live look, water on the road right now with a stormy sky overhead. it's a mild rain, low to mid 50's for most of us as the showers move through. on the storm impact scale, it will stay unsettled through tomorrow morning. light showers on and off at times, and rough surf along the coastline. there is future weather -- 1:00 p.m., you see the scattered showers popping up. that's a chance of a
6:22 am
thunderstorm. more wet weather later this evening and tomorrow morning. much of the rain is focused on san francisco, oakland, and points to the south. lighter rain in the north bay, with the current trajectory of this storm system favoring areas outside the north bay showers. today, upper 50's to mid-60's as the showers move through. overnight tonight, we keep the wet weather in the forecast with temperatures in the 40's. setting the stage for a gorgeous weekend, mild to warm conditions for early next week. guys? kumasi: good morning america is coming up at 7:00 on abc seven. jobina: and ginger zee is in tifton, georgia with a look at what is ahead. ginger: i am along i-75 in south r you,lls s and will be talkinge pre pntur
6:23 am
wgein soyituation. otncdi mass confusion, after the justice department is appealing the ruling to end the mask atching the investigation at the request of the cdc. and americans are getting ready for a summer of revenge travel -- sounds so -- wow. how to get away with the deal in the demand driving prices up. and robbins one-on-one with magic
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(music throughout)
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drew: 6:25 a.m., and we are tracking showers out there. much of the rain focused in the east bay, some showers working through the south bay, and the theme today is on and off showers as the storm system moves through. a lot of storms to tahoe and the sierra, chain controls in place and expecting one to two feet above 5000 feet.
6:26 am
a chance of a thunderstorm later on this afternoon -- kumasi? kumasi: happening today, it's queen elizabeth's birthday. the british monarch is 96 years old, so there is a new portrait to mark this occasion. it shows the queen with her two fell ponies, bybeck kade and nightingale. the queen has been staying out of the public eye since contracting covid. and barbie is getting the royal treatment. they are releasing a queen elizabeth doll to celebrate 70 years on the throne. this is part of barbie's tribute series and goes on sale today at $75. the doll is dressed in one of the monarchs most iconic outfits. and a tradition returning,
6:27 am
full of life and rhythm. jobina: yes -- carnival in brazil is back! ♪ jobina: yes, we love it! kumasi: i am so happy at his back. jobina: -- it is back. jobina: the, kumasi. control of the city was handed to carnival king momo, and everyone soamba'd their way down the street. they are ready to party for the next two weeks. and this is overnight -- this was it. looking amazing. i want to go to this. kumasi: i want to go to. my friend wanted to go to the one in barbados, but it is
6:28 am
already booked up. you could go in 2024, i have to say. you have to get an outfit, you have to get a band, you have to be. you can't just show up. jobina: my friends went to carnival in brazil pre-covid, and their outfits were amazing. you have to wear sneakers too. kumasi: next at 6:30, return of the unruly passenger. those people banned for causing a scene could be coming back before you know it. the plan from three major airlines. jobina: and living life as a couple planning to retire on a cruise ship, and why they think you should do it too. kumasi: after
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just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news.
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jobina: top stories right now at 6:30, mask mandate on and off, from bart to muni and the tsa. the mask mandate appeal, where you could go mask free today, and what could add it back next week. kumasi: and president biden set to unveil a first of its kind policy for the entire country today. his two main plans of attack. jobina: oh yes, that is what you will be finding out on your commute this morning. gross and gray, take it slow. drew is tracking a level 1 storm. kumasi: i didn't write that. jobina: but i did read it. drew: cute and stormy out there. i like it. refreshing, cleanses the air of the pollen. but it is kind of a slow go if you are traveling to work or
6:32 am
wherever you are going this morning. let's go to live doppler 7, a downpour has popped up right over alameda -- or san leandro, rather, and it is moving slowly over 880 right now. from brentwood, antioch, light to moderate showers. in the south bay, scattered showers around santa clara, lo pedis, so it is gray out there and we will have showers in the forecast throughout the day. we will take a look at those chances, coming up in about nine minutes. jobina: you can track the conditions wherever you live anytime on the bay area app. since muni dropped its mask mandate at midnight, all bay area transit agencies are recommending mask. they are not required, but the rules may change again on bart next week. abc seven amy hollyfield is here
6:33 am
to make sense of it all for us. hi, amy. amy: it is still confusing out here. one muni bus sign will say masks required, and another bus will go by that says masks advised. so they are making the change slowly, and about every bus passenger we have seen so far this morning is wearing a mask. but they don't have to. all the bay area transit agencies around on the same page for now, that masks are ig bringing back masks, but masks are recommended on public transit. although the agencies have decided to follow the order from the federal court, the debate rages on, with some saying we need masks and others saying it is ok to go without. >> i am a firm believer that we
6:34 am
should still wear masks on public transit and airplanes. we are all in it together. there is still covid around and there is still a chance people could get sick. >> we are in the best phase of the pandemic that we have ever been in in this country. hospitalizations are low despite cases going up, and vaccinations and immunity work better than masks. amy: a bart board member still wants masks. rebecca salazar put out a tweet saying she will be recommending a vote on a mask mandate because they need to keep drivers they've. more coming, but for now, masks are optional on public transit. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7news. jobina: alaska, delta, and united airlines say they will allow passengers band for not
6:35 am
following mask rules to fly again on a case-by-case basis. this comes after the federal mask mandate was struck down for planes and public transport. united has banned about 1000 flyers for refusing to follow the mandate. nearly 100 students from san mateo high school have tested positive for covid-19 following the school's prom earlier this month. kumasi: and this is prompting changes coming to other proms in the school district. 90 of the 100 students that went to the dance tested positive. masks were optional. >> this has been a really hard year for kids, and we need to keep having as many activities as we can. >> i was not very sick. i had a sore throat for a couple of days, like two, and
6:36 am
congestion. i think it was worth it. kumasi: on our 3:00 p.m. show -- >> jobina: kristen zee will speak to bob walker about the cases. >> we want the schools to stay open, but there is a lot of covid around. there will be a period of weeks where those cases not only go through, but they might spread it to other kids. this has become a riskier place than it would have been a month ago. jobina: if you want to ask any covid questions, we have a link on our website, president biden is scheduled to deliver remarks today and discuss russia and ukraine. this after president putin
6:37 am
canceled his tack on a steel plant in mariupol. there are civilians, mostly women and children and the elderly, seeking shelter at the steel plant. abc news will bring us a live, special report and the president speaks. that's around 6:45 this morning and you can watch it on all of our platforms when it starts, including our 24/7 streaming app. kumasi: happening today, president biden's drug control policy is being introduced to congress. this has two pillars, addiction and drug trafficking. this will prioritize harm reduction, access to substance use disorder treatment and the disruption of drug trafficking. today, florida house republicans
6:38 am
are expected to vote on whether to strip disney, abc 7's parent company, of a special district in that state. this is to punish disney for publicly opposing florida's don't say gay law. the special district was formed in 1967, allowing disney to provide its own services like firefighting and waste disposal, and avoid local regulations and taxes. the disney company has not commented. college student sleeping on the street -- the crisis at san jose state and the group planning to do something about it. also, taking a live look at the big board at the new york stock exchange right now, we are up about 230 points. plus, grabbing a broom and the dustpan for the denver nuggets. where you can go in san francisco to watch them win game three. and a study showing what we
6:39 am
already know -- students facing discrimination -- students of color facing discrimination across the country. what can we do to change it? drew: 6:39 a.m., and we are tracking some wet weather out there this morning. street level first of all in the south bay, scattered, light showers right now as parts of c -- campell, san jose, and san leandro right now pushing to the east right now. 680, even 580 this morning getting in on that rain. this cloud cover right there, that's what we call a jet stream. that will give us the focus of the thunderstorm possible later on this afternoon, between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m. level 1 through tomorrow morning, light to moderate showers and a chance of thunderstorms later today.
6:40 am
by 1:30, this is where we are tracking a chance of a thunderstorm popping up. the biggest threat would be hail later on today. a brighter, drier, and warmer weekend on the way, but let's say good morning to sue and see how we are doing this morning on the roads. sue: we have wet roads this morning with hydroplaning potential, also high winds for a couple of our bridges. you can probably see the caltrans signs warning you of that. also, the bay bridge is gusty this morning. the golden gate ridge not reporting high winds, but you need to hang onto your steering wheel here. two lanes for your northbound commute heading back to marin county. walnut creek, and earlier accident on north 680 that is out of lanes now, by the 24 interchange, headed southbound out of concord, it's an eight minute drive to 24.
6:41 am
we have a report of an accident on 880 at hayward near wynton. a lot of slowing in the southbound direction, i will check with chp and see if they may be mistook the direction of this accident. a little bit of slowing at 92 northbound, but we will check back in just a bit with more news, traffic and weather.
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and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her....
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ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds. i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. jobina: happening now, wildfire in arizona is forcing many from their homes. a state of emergency has been declared after flames destroyed 200 homes and structures.
6:44 am
residents there describe it as "horrific." >> you just don't know. you don't know if you're going to come home to anything. >> once i got up there, i saw everything was gone. all the houses that were there earlier, except for one, all burned to the ground. jobina: at least 1000 animals have been taken to shelters. kumasi: lawmakers are demanding answers after a false alarm triggered a full evacuation of the u.s. capitol over a stunt plane. the plane was heading to the washington nationals game, where a person was set to parachute into the ballpark for military appreciation night. but before the plane could get there, the drama began. >> there was a miscommunication. i am trying to hand you off to figure out what exactly you are supposed to be doing, because you are awol on altitude. kumasi: it took nearly half an
6:45 am
hour to clear up the confusion. lawmakers are blaming the faa for the chaos. house speaker nancy pelosi's demanding accountability after what she calls and outrageous and heightening mistake -- frightening mistake. the faa is conducting a review. >> no more lowe. give us homes. jobina: 75 members and supporters of the student homeless in alliance marched across campus. they say the school is not living up to an agreement negotiated under sdsu's previous president to provide beds to students in need. >> we want to see transparency as well for all the other students, what assistance is
6:46 am
offered for them. >> we can do more for them. we can communicate better, collaborate better. i am talking to the group. jobina: dr. perez agreed that quick access today that is key to making good decisions. kumasi: and an effort to make college debt free for students. this is called the middle-class scholarship 2.0, over 160,000 students could get funding by the fall semester. this could make an impact for low and middle class families. jobina: for your morning money report, air travel is heating up for the summer, it's the strongest ever seen in the three years in the industry. people are itching to take a vacation. for many, it first time -- it is the first time they are
6:47 am
traveling since the start of the pandemic. they are looking for busy routes where there is a lot of competition between airlines. >> prices are not good right now. you can snag something good when it comes up. >> americans can expect to pay more for airfare than they have paid in the last 10 years. jobina: according to hopper, the average price for a domestic flight is $360. tesla profits speeding up. the electric car maker that moved headquarters out of the bay area reported record first-quarter earnings, topping $3.3 billion, seven times more than a year ago. by the company warns this pace might not keep up, with many of its costs rising and costs of high-end electric battery materials becoming harder to find. and you can see we are up about 277 points on the big board at the new york stock exchange.
6:48 am
kumasi: one way people are trying to combat rising prices on groceries and gas is by going to food banks. food banks are seeing a huge influx of people, and california food bank says they need at least $120 million from the state this year, and $60 million in funding after that. governor newsom is proposing a one-time boost of $50 million for the fiscal year that begins on july 1. this is in addition to the $8 million provided to base funding in recent years. a seattle couple is planning to spend their retirement years out at sea, on vacation forever. this is a decision they made out of the passion for cruising, but they also say it is more cost-effective. they can afford about 100 a day or less for the two of them, $100 a day to cover their living expenses, so they booked
6:49 am
a bunch of cruises. they booked about 86 cruises this year for about $89 a day, and say it is well within their retirement budget. they can -- they say this has also offered deep discounts on future trips to future programs. they will be going to mexico, canada, alaska, japan, and other vacation spots. and are they airbnbing their actual home when they are out? jobina: i think they sold it. we are out to sea. drew: i have never been on a cruise. jobina: i love it. it is all there. they have a club, casino, the food, the flies, the golf -- everything. drew: golf? i saw a roller coaster on that
6:50 am
cruise. kumasi: hit up a disney cruise. drew: i will not yuck anybody's yum, but that's not my cup of tea. showers in the east bay and south bay this morning, pressing a little closer. discovery bay, brentwood, san ramon, we have those scattered showers this morning. a peppering of light to moderate showers, and this is the trend for today. we have scattered showers with us through the next 24 hours as the front moves through. here's the san mateo bridge. wet roadways across much normale because of the wet weather. low to mid 50's for most of us right now, so it is a mild rain as it moves through on the storm impact scale, level 1 we are tracking through tomorrow morning. future weather showing you later
6:51 am
on this afternoon, another round of pop-up showers. this is the best chance come between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m., of seeing one pop up. a strong, northwesterly swell through saturday morning, and as we see tomorrow morning, one to two feet above 5000 feet, our highest peaks could see several inches of snow. we will drop into the 40's -- accuweather seven-day forecast, the rain is out of here tomorrow afternoon. the weekend looking gorgeous, it is warmer, and dry -- dry conditions, guys. jobina: after a bug infestation forced this school to close last year, students turned it into an opportunity to better their local environment. the students came up with the
6:52 am
idea of planting more trees. teachers were able to find a group called common vision to donate the trees, then they went to work, offering to plant the trees for neighbors. one out of four homes said yes to a new tree. >> we wanted to plant trees to help the earth, so there are less global warming. it gets more cold, it is balanced. jobina: students took the remaining 70 trees home and planted them in their own yards. and if you recently bought a ge fridge from best buy or home depot, ge appliances is recalling several french door refrigerators with bottom freezers. the bile -- problem? the freezer handle can detached, causing you to fall. they have received several reports resulting in 37 injuries, including three that
6:53 am
were serious. they were sold at home improvement and appliance stores between 2020 and 2022. you will find a full list of the models involved in the recall on our website, kumasi: just in time for earth day, best buy has launched an electronic recycling program. best buy will come to your house and recycle two items, like a fridge or an old tv. the service is available for $200. best buy says it has helped customers recycle more than 200 billion pounds of electronics and appliances in the last 13 years. jobina: instagram wants you to leave your tiktok on tiktok instead of trying to post them on instagram as reels. it is changing its ranking algorithm to favor original content, so creators will get more credit for their original videos and photos, which could help them build a bigger audience. kumasi: the warriors are in
6:54 am
denver this morning, probable for game three tonight. the warriors are up 2-0 and expecting the nuggets to throw everything they've got at them. >> we've got to be on edge, on guard tomorrow, reacrowd, for tr denver to bring it and make a few adjustments. >> we play really good basketball, but we just did what we were supposed to do. the next game is the most important and serious. >> it's important to stay even keeled, respect your opponent, no they are more than capable of evening out the series if we don't come in and do our jobs. jobina: tip-off is at 7:00 tonight in denver. kumasi: and the warriors are inviting dubnation to watch along. you can test your skills on the
6:55 am
sport court and take advantage of photo opportunities. you have to register in advance at the chase center website. the warriors are also having a watch party for game four on sunday. jobina: kumasi, this energy is giving me 2018. i feel it. i am believing. kumasi: i hope so. we deserve that. we deserve a parade. jobina: thank you. kumasi: we were so close with the nfl and that didn't happen. jobina: it's time, it's time. kumasi: i want to claim it with you, friend. coming up next, the seven things you need to know today. jobina: you can also watch our newscasts live and on-demand on apple tv, android tv, fire tv and roku. download the app and start streaming now. kumasi: a live look outside -- this is beautiful. where is this? 55? is this the
6:56 am
♪♪ ♪ let's go out of town for the summer ♪ ♪ i wanna go across the trees ♪ ♪ just take my hand ♪ ♪ we will have fun till the sun goes down ♪ ♪ and we'll start over again ♪ ♪♪
6:57 am
kumasi: 6:57. here are the seven things to
6:58 am
know this morning, starting with drew. drew: we are tracking wet weather this morning, live doppler 7, as we zoom in closer, these are in the south bay right now, and on and off showers throughout the day. we will keep the rain in the forecast throughout the day, the chance of a thunderstorm later on this afternoon. jobina: and following a wet and windy commute for your thursday morning. we got reports of several accidents. the bay bridge metering lights on at 5:60, and a sig alert just issued for a five car accident blocking two lanes north of marinwood. kumasi: and masks are optional on muni. this is the latest public transit authority to follow the federal ruling.
6:59 am
jobina: and barth has ended its mass mandate for now, but that could change again. rebecca salzman will be introducing a mass mandate to vote on, because she says they must keep writers safe. kumasi: and russian president vladimir putin has canceled his attack on a steel plant, ordering his troops instead to block all exit routes from this sprawling plant. jobina: and queen elizabeth turns 96 today, and there is a new portrait with her ponies. will rk her birthday at her beloved same bring them estate. kumasi: special report. >> the white house now working on providing hundreds of millions more in military aid for ukraine. ukraine. the biden administration also moving to fast track ukrainian refugees coming to the u.s. beginning next monday is administration says americans will be able to apply to the department of homeland security to actually sponsor ukrainian
7:00 am
citizens, dubbing the operation united for ukraine. the president already promising to take in 100,000 refugees, and at this hour russian forces, agency you know, are intensifying their attacks. we have been reporting here. this is part of the new offensive, russia says, focusing on the eastern donbas region. the russian front extending 300 miles. ukrainian forces are refusing to surrender in the crucial port city of mariupol. the last remaining fighters are refusing to surrender inside the massive steel plant, a ukrainian commander acknowledging in the last 24 hours they are out numbered by the russians ten to one, warning they are possibly facing their last days if not hours inside the steel plant. abc news unable to independently verify reports about 1,000 civilians might also be inside the plant for shelter. up to 120,000 people are still mariupol.o be trapped in - to surrender, mariupol would give russia, of course, a


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