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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 27, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> new details on the kidnapping of a baby and san jose, including one connected to the baby's family. dan: thank you for joining us. three-month-old brandon cuellar was kidnapped monday afternoon and found 24 hours later, miles away from where he was taken. >> police say one suspect is a family friend, abc 7's reporter joins us. zack: the suspects include two adult men and one adult woman and it is the woman that police and was a friend of the family that baby. police shed more light on the
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suspects, but say there is more to uncover. this is three-month-old baby brandon cuellar. his kidnapping monday have the community on edge and generated national and international attention. 20 hours after his kidnapping, he was found in this and a neighborhood, 12 minutes from where he was taken, inside his home while his grandmother was unloading groceries. his grandmother, speaking to reporters last night, did not want to talk about what happened, but did express gratitude. >> [speaking spanish] reporter: she said baby brandon was happy as doctors performed tests on him. with his safety and short, the investigation into what happened continues jose roman portillo. the suspects are 28-year-old jose roman portillo, 43-year-old yesenia guadalupe ramirez and 37-year-old baldomeo sandoval, all from san jose. >> they were booked into jail and have charges of kidnapping,
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conspiracy to commit kidnapping, child adoption and home of -- home invasion. zach: san jose police say ramirez was a family friend. she was interviewed by police and they say her story changed and she was detained as a person of interest. >> preliminarily, we believe that female was in contact with one of the suspects that came to take the baby. we don't know how long that communication lasted. and then, there was a third-party party, identified as well, who played some role in this kidnapping. zach: police say the motive is still being investigated. they also say they had eyes on the man that led them to find the baby. a 4:50 a.m. tuesday, california would patrol tweeted out a description of the man. san jose police, telling us at the time, they couldn't confirm the chp information. a woman saw that description, later saw the man and called
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police. police saying they do the man' is whereabouts before the tip. >> we didn't want that person to know. that is why. we were already watching the vehicle and a new where the vehicle was when that tip came in. zach: police say it does not appear the three suspects have any connection to the baby's father, who now is incarcerated. those suspects are facing charges including kidnapping, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, home invasion on child abduction. police say the charges may change as the investigation progresses. zach fuentes, abc 7 news. dan: more questions to be answered, thanks. the suspect in this case, yesenia guadalupe ramirez, had some sort of relationship with the baby's family. abc 719 reporter stephanie sierra is digging into public records and is here with more on their connection. -- abc 7 i team reporter
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stephanie sierra is digging into public records. stephanie: we are hearing from neighbors and our partners at univision that ramirez formed a friendship branded's grandmother through church and family mothers -- family members say ramirez was obsessed with brandon. neighbors told univision she came to the home with grocery coupons, likely vouchers, and tried to convince the grandmother to go to walmart to buy food and supplies for th baby. we are told, within minutes of their arrival back to grandma's house, 28-year-old jose roman portillo was seen in this surveillance video, walking out with baby brandon inside this white baby carrier. the neighbors reinforced, this entire plan was premeditated. >> these people coordinated the effort and took baby brandon. grandma did exactly what we want people to do. they went shopping, took the
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baby inside first, thought the bait was inside the apartment. she was not pretty, did not know about this plan. at this time, we don't believe she is involved at all. stephanie: according to investigators, there are four apartments very close together in the apartment where the baby was taken. one of those neighbors reportedly attends church with the grandmother. it is still unclear from the family how close a relationship grandmother had with ramirez. at the apparent friendship was enough for the grandmother to trust ramirez to go shopping. i am stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. dan: so strange. did the family or neighbors have any details on a possible connection between ramirez and the third suspect, baldomeo sandoval? stephanie: dan, family members told our partners at univision that there was an understanding that ramirez and sandoval may be in a relationship. that is not confirmed by investigators. and it is still unclear role
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sandoval had. we will keep digging in. dan: thanks stephanie. >> major consumer news tonight -- after more than 45 years, the legal cap medical malpractice awards is about to be increased. it is a major victory for consumers, but especially those of color. 7 on your side's michael finney has been covering the campaign to change the law for more than a decade. michael. michael: at least many people think there is a big payday for those who wind medical malpractice lawsuits for pain-and-suffering. here in california, nothing could be further from the truth. in 1975, we limited the legal rights of patients and their families who are harmed or killed by medical negligence. that little boy is stephen olson. at two years old, he was the victim of medical malpractice. and here he is today. a jury ruled in his family's favor and awarded $7 million.
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but that money was never seen. here is stephen's dad, scott nelson. >> the jury awarded him $7 million for his pain-and-suffering. once a jury left the room, the defendant's lawyer asked the judge to lower it to 250,000 dollars, which he had to do because of the statute. michael: boards cannot allow higher payments, by law. jury awards for pain-and-suffering are frozen in time at $250,000. >> this is the loss of sight, hearing, anything other than wage loss or medical bills. and they have set this cap at 250 thousand dollars in 1975 and it hasn't been adjusted for inflation or anything for nearly 50 years. michael: anyone can get caught up in the medical malpractice system, but there is a racial justice aspect to this that looms large. the ama, as recently as last
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year, outlined pervasive health inequalities for african-americans. civil rights attorney john burris. >> when you look at the overall process, you see the health care african-americans get is substantially less than others get. michael: charles johnson's wife died in the hospital when there for the birth of their second child. such a go to trial, he believes it is a case of malpractice. >> they literally add insult to injury because not only is the value of human life cap at $250,000, it doesn't allow the family to seek justice. michael: a ballot measure this november would have allowed voters to decide if they cap should be increased. but behind-the-scenes negotiations concluded with a deal increasing the cap. next year, the cap will increase to $350,000 for urszula injury at $500,000 for wrongful death. the cap will continue increasing at $40,000 and $50,000 a year for 10 years and after that, it
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will increase 2% a year. there is a lot to be done before this deal is final. but we will know in 30 days how things will go. dan: michael, thanks. drop conditions in northern california are prompting drastic measures down south. the metropolitan water district of southern california declared a water shortage emergency yesterday for its 6 million customers in los angeles, ventura and san bernardino counties. under this order, customers must reduce nonessential water use. some will only be able to water outside one day a week. those failing to cutback will face stiff fines. >> santa clara county is planning a gun buyback committed romantic increase in ghost guns. the incentives being offered. chris: chris alvarez live at the chase center, less than two hours to the tip-o
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local leaders are searching for ways to combat the rise of gun-related issues and are holding a gun buyback next month. abc 7 reported dustin dorsey explains what makes this one different. dustin: in our country, leaders are facing a threat of gun violence like never before, especially in children. >> five kids die every day in our country, 22 kids get hurt, from being shot somehow, by accident or inflicted by each other on themselves. these numbers are ridiculous come over 1800 children dying a year. dustin: local leaders have been fighting to curb gun violence in santa clara county and hope to do this through a no questions asked gun buyback next month in mill pedis -- mill pedis -- milpitas.
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>> because we haven't had a gun buyback into years, there has been public attention not only to gun violence, but ghost gun, which we are collecting. austin: the county has seen dramatic increase in these homemade firearms and are offering greater incentives to turn ghost guns in. a ghost gun assault weapon pay out $200 to the person bringing it back in $100 for a handgun, rifle or shotgun. they are accepting ammo and magazines as well. the hope is that the anonymity will lead great results. >> the first event in sunnyvale, they collected close to 500 guns. >> any got off the street is a good thing. >> exactly. >> i expect we will collect 500 or more from this gun buyback as well and i see this as one of many tools to reduce gun violence. this can help reduce suicides, accidental discharges and domestic violence murders. dustin: the gun buyback will
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take place on, may 22 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the milpitas community center. dustin dorsey, abc7news. >> neighborhood groups are joining forces with police to combat crime in the sunset neighborhood. a supervisors says he received money to receive the sunset safety network. one business owner says his is one of many that has been broken into. he provided this video and says robbers once used a blowtorch. he welcomes the new crime-fighting effort. >> the good thing out of all of this is that the community and police were working together to help communities to make sunset a safer corridor. i am happy to see this happening. >> a full-time community organizer will bring together police with business owners to work on public safety and initiatives. dan: the warriors looking to close out their playoff series against the denver nuggets. >> they are back at chase
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center. that is where abc 7 sports reporter chris alvarez is live tonight. chris. chris: i basically live at chase center these days. not complaining, never would complain about this. the warriors, looking for their first playoff close out when in building history. your number three, they have a chance to win game five tonight. look over my shoulder at jordan poole, one of the more emerging stars of the warriors team that is warming up. what are the big story on this team has been stephan curry and when he will return to the lineup. multiple reports, including from espn, that curry will start tonight. he has recovered from the foot injury. it is supposed to be steph curry, clay, and draymond green. steph curry missed the final month of the season with a foot injury. his minutes have steadily increased, scored 33 points in the game for loss to denver. curry and head coach steve kerr
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have been asked about him and this morning, the coach was tested by the media in a different way to reveal tonight's starting lineup. >> who isn't starting today? >> i think i made the right call in terms of the spirit of winning, and giving yourself and your team the best shot. everything should line up to that end we should be able to handle whatever decisions or whatever role we have to assume based on what the answer to that question is. >> you go through the scenarios of what is the best way to win that.ame that you are playing, so, if i didn't just show up, that would be the easiest. chris: that was steph curry in the pregame shoot-around. he stepped up in the last 10 seconds. i imagine they won't reveal the starting lineup until we see them come out at about 7:00. back to what is going on live right now, jordan poole, either
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way, he will play a huge role. it is going to be a lot of fun here tonight at chase center. much more coming up at 6:00 with myself and larry and maybe by then, we will have the starting lineup. if not, we will know by 7:00 when the game tips off. dan: it will eventually be revealed. great stuff. thank you. >> after 12 hours of public comment and debate, the san francisco supervisors voted to keep part of jfk drive and golden gate park closed cars. our abc7news reporter took a closer look at the implications and white continues to be controversial. reporter: jromenade -- a new name for what some hope will be a new way of life inside golden gate park. >> it makes it more parklike and that is what golden gate park is. reporter: the conversation around cars versus pedestrians began way before 1967, when park came car free on sundays.
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here is a little history. >> when the park opened, there were no cars in golden gate park. then there was a big fight and a decision to allow cars if it would only travel eight miles or less in the part. reporter: now, sec. of jfk promenade from stand-in to transverse drive will look like this 24/7. >> it is more present -- pleasant to be walking. you can ride your bike. reporter: opposing voices were expected. this is san francisco, after all. >> it 11 ace the opportunity to get into the park, people can that can't walk in the park or ride a bike into the part. reporter: here is an example. deborah dietz volunteers at the garden behind the conservatory of lowers. she must now parker car a few blocks away on holiday wagon to % since 1992. it is a hassle. it is a tremendous hassle. reporter: lisicki promises to
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work with people like her to make navigating the park easier. >> and i feel very confident, especially with those who had challenges with access, that we are going to be making changes. reporter: those changes will be a work in progress which will include shuttles, free parking access to the garage for people with disabilities, and pop off areas at the concourse for those visiting the de young academy of sciences at the japanese tea garden. now that the car issue has been settled, some are concerned closures may extend to slow streets created during the pandemic. >> many people 11, but we have to think about the amenity to get around san francisco street -- many people love it, but we have to think about the ability to get around san francisco streets. reporter: that, the mayor says, could turn into a complicated debate. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. dan: wins are continuing and getting stronger.
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let's check the weather. >> how much longer, sandia? sandhya one more day. everybody says this is getting old. san mateo wins, 20 four, san jose 28 miles per hour. it is an onshore wind in some areas, experienced cooler weather today because of this. it went advisories going up for the north and east bay at 8:00 tonight, gusting 45-60 miles per hour, may knock over tree limbs and caused power outages and low unsecured objects around. keep that in mind. as we look at a live picture from oracle park, the flags blowing in the wind, the giants take on the a's. grandma? before you go. it is going to be windy, ending at 51 degrees. here is the next cold front
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coming in. once it passes through tomorrow morning, it is a dry friend, we're going to see winds increasing between late tonight and tomorrow morning. be ready. numbers right now, 50's to the 70's. lovely views from golden gate bridge to emeryville and santa cruz. you can see the whitecaps, definitely choppy waters from our center is camera with his guys up above. the winds wrapping up tonight, clueless day tomorrow, temperatures below average and then the warming begins. 6:00 tonight, 30-37 mile-per-hour winds, the strongest writer the coast, over the hills and through the passes. in the wee hours of the morning, still windy. then, the winds pick up across the bay area as we had to tomorrow afternoon and evening. that is the concern, that those winds will be ramping up enough where they might cause issues. a frost advisory 12:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. in lake county. they are sheltered from the winds. make sure you protect any
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frost-sensitive plants. windy tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 30's, 40's. patchy low clouds out there. afternoon eyes with windy conditions ranging from the mid-50's to the low 70's. a lot of sunshine from the coast to england. as we check out early next week, this computer model still wants to bring in wet weather on monday. the sierra, and makes of rain and snow. but right now, the other computer model is keeping everything to our north. at this point, just a slight chance. windy and cooler tomorrow. the winds will relax friday, allowing temperatures to rise. and that warming continues. on saturday, a mild day near the bay and inland before we bring in a slight chance monday, warming backup tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you. dan: another new park in san dan.
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someone spent a big chunk of change to buy betty white's oceanfront home in carmel. according to "sfgate,", the four-bedroom home sold for
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nearly $3 million over the asking price. ama: betty white died in december, a couple weeks before what would have been her 100th birthday. the house was completed in 1981. dan: a reservoir in san francisco abandoned more than 80 years ago is a new spot to enjoy the outdoors. ama: check out the newest park. mayor and city officials celebrated the opening of an cisco park in russian hill today. students at a nearby elementary school will have a plot and community garden at the park. >> i have watched the park being built for a long time. now that it is finished, it is pretty nice. it is a nice park. [laughter] i am excited because i really like the grass and the play area. i hope our class can come here a lot. dan: mayor breed took part in a ceremonial watering ceremony to open the park. the 4.5 acre park is the largest open in the urban core in 40
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avoid grapefruit during treatment. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. tonight, american trevor reed released from russia. the u.s. marine veteran heading home now, held prisoner for nearly three years. tonight here, my interview with his parents in texas. what their son said to them in his first phone call. what president biden said to them when he called. new reporting here tonight on the dramatic series of events. the scene unfolding on a tarmac in turkey. the u.s. and russia exchanging prisoners. images seen on russian tv. trevor reed looking frail and malnourished, escorted onto a plane by russian officers. reed swapped for a convicted russian drug trafficker in prison in the u.s. tonight here, what about the other americans still being held in russia? paul whelan and wnba player brittney griner? and trevor reed's parents tonight with a message to all of the other fa


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