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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 28, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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made effort, planned and took baby brandon. reggie: the case of baby brandon. the case now in court today. the question, why kidnap a three-month-old boy? kumasi: and masking up again on bart? the decision that could come today and how long you need to keep wearing. reggie: good morning, we have a lot to get to. kumasi: let's get to lisa. lisa: the wind has been up through the overnight hours as a cold front has pushed through. as you look at live doppler 7, you can see a batch of clouds there, and that isthose -- thatm alive with those gusty winds. mid-40's and the north bay, so upper elevations have seen winds over 50 miles per hour, mount tam at 47 miles per hour, and it
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is gusty iil. that ithwind advisory is with us through the late morning hours. by 8:00, all in the 50's for the most part. sunny skies, 11 :00, temperatures in the upper 50's through the low 60's. by the afternoon, upper 60's inland today. kumasi: thank you, lisa. now to the case in the south bay, the suspect accused of helping kidnap baby brandon are in court today. emotional words from the baby'sd safe, and she feels better now they are reunited. kumasi: amy hollyfield has more on the clues coming in this case. amy? amy: police have not said the motive behind the kidnapping and the mother says she also doesn't know why her baby was kidnapped. here's a look at those three
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suspects. the mother did say in an interview with univision that she does know two of them. neighbors and family members have said the woman, 48-year-old guadalupe a ramirez, met his grandmother at church and was obsessed with the baby, and then convinced her to go to walmart with her. while she was gone, the baby was kidnapped from the home while they unloaded groceries from the car. the baby was dehydrated when he was found after being away from mom for so long, nothing to eat, nothing to drink, no milk, no formula, but otherwise is in good condition. she describes how she reacted when it turned out her son had been found. >> very emotional. it turns out -- it feels like my soul came back to my body.
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when he was left, my heart was gone. i feel like i had died. amy: she is now focused on thanking everyone for their support and help, and wants to see justice. she says no mother should ever have to go through this. reporting live in san jose, amy hollyfield, abc7news. kumasi: happening today, oakley's police chief is set to provide an update on the search for alexis gabe. the 24-year-old was last seen on january 26 in antioch. her car was found on a residential street the next day and the keys were still inside. the family says gabe's ex-boyfriend was with her the night she was last seen. officers searched her ex-boyfriend's home, but have not made any arrest. julian: former marine trevor reed is back on american soil. he was released from a russian
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prison after being detained for three years. texas congressman august pflueger tweeted videos of him arriving overnight. his parents got emotional as they watched video of him on the tarmac in turkey, walking to freedom. he passed the russian national who had been traded for his release. >> he could hardly walk. he looked like he had been shackled and we started crying. he was an in good shape, good condition young man. he is not coming home that way. julian: he was arrested after a night of partying and drinking, accused of assaulting a russian police officer, something u.s. officials say never happened. kumasi: moderna has submitted a request to the fda to authorize its covid vaccine for kids under the age of six. they are the only remaining group not eligible to be vaccinated. moderna reported its pseudo-'s
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pediatric vaccine generated a strong immune response with n o severe risk -- no severe risks. the company says it is also designing a study to look at the potential for third shots for kids under six. once the fda gives the green light, the cdc will still have to sign off for the youngest americans can get their shots. julian: you could soon be required to wear a mask on bart once again. the meeting at -- the agency will take up the issue at its meeting today. all of the bay area's transit agencies stopped enforcing the mandate when a federal judge struck down the biden administration's federal mass k mandate. kumasi: and last night, the warriors beat the nuggets in game 5102-98. steph curry leading the way with 30 points.
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>> tonight was a weird feeling because we had not been there for a while, but we wanted it so bad. it made it a lot more difficult on ourselves. but we still remember how to do it, which is a good feeling. >> we are not satisfied, obviously, but it is something we can be proud of, especially for the last two years, getting banged up and not having our whole squad together. now that we are finally nearly whole, it's been a great time in the playoffs again. we look forward to the next round. kumasi: the warriors will face the winner of this series. memphis is leading 3-2. game one will be signed -- sunday afternoon or tuesday night. julian: and a warning for wild animals. this man showing you what not to do if you see one, and there is concern over what experts are seeing in northern california. plus, open to the public after
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lisa: good morning to you as we look at a foggy mount tam right now. the sun coming up in another eight minutes or so. 48 in the city, 50 in oakland, and a brighter shot from our exploratorium camera. a lot of sunshine on the way, but the wind will keep its cool today. 41 in petaluma, so pretty chilly out there. not all of you are experiencing wind. that's mainly in the upper
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elevations. a little breezy at the surface. if you are up for a hike or bike ride this morning, you will feel the wind into the afternoon. stopping this at noon time, we have wind gusts over 30 miles per hour at the coast, so it will be breezy to windy today with the coolest day, temperatures mainly in the 60's. jobina: let's take a look at the roads. it's been a great morning commute and you can see that here, this is the one place where you will see the delays. this is the bay bridge toll plaza and metering lights have kicked in. you can see the traffic building there. now to oakland, 880 at the coliseum. headlights are going to the south bay there. things are moving nicely in that area. the drive times showing you things are in the green. the drive to san jose, 14
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minutes, and 11 minutes poke at tino, to make that commute. julian, back to you. julian: we are getting a look at the highly anticipated avatar sequel. >> outstanding. julian: the movie now has a title -- avatar: the way of water. this was revealed at disney's cinemacon presentation yesterday. this picks up more than a decade after the events of the first film and follows the sully family as they navigate a new series of challenges. some people have eagerly been awaiting the release of this sequel. new at 6:00, brunch with friends that got turned all upside down. a woman's experience that is going viral. and from drones to the reader don't bellagio fountain, las vegas is pulling out all the stops for the draft on abc 7.
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and as we take a live look outside, a beautiful shot of the sunrise as we start your day. we will be r
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julian: we are seeing more negative interactions between humans and wild animals. a bison charged a man who was approaching behind it at yellowstone. and the marine mammals center says these interactions tripled from 2020 22021. everything from people dragging animals to the water, touching them, poking them, or crowding them for pictures. most of the time there are serious consequences. >> often, states of malnutrition, injuries,
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entanglements with fishing gear, it's better to never interact with them physically. resist the temp tatian to pick -- temptation to pick them up, touch them, get too close. use the zoom mode on your phone. julian: they rescued a seal that was taken to sausalito for rehab. kumasi: and an appeals court has overturned a judge's order that stopped the clearing of homeless encampments near interstate 80. the department of transportation is also not required to provide other housing for men living in anemeryville. the encampments pose, according to caltrans, critical safety concerns. the order that protects residents against eviction is
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set to expire on saturday. there is a new mural in san francisco's chinatown. leaders are calling it the perfect way to honor the rich history of asian culture in san francisco. it honors the incredible work done by the 12 a api heroes featured on the mural. >> we are proud to feature asian american voices in the process and lift up their voice. kumasi: among the faces is that of betty an ong, the first person to alert authorities to the 9/11 hijackings. li a reservoir in san francisco, abandoned more than 80 years, is a new spot to enjoy the outdoors. mayor london breed and city officials celebrated the opening of francisco park. students at a nearby elementary school will have a plot for a community garden at the park. >> i watched the park for
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-- being built for a long time. now it is finished, it is a really nice park. i am excited because i really like the grass and play area. i hope our class can come here a lot. julian: kid approved. the 4.5 acre park is the largest to open in the city's corridor in nearly 40 years. kumasi: now you can repair your own iphone. apple has launched its do-it-yourself service in the u.s. it makes repair kits available for several iphone versions. tools can also be rented for $49 a week. you can find it at selfserv and m.i.t. researchers have developed these paperthin speakers. they weigh about as much as a dime. they are so thin, you could cover the entire inside of a car
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or wallpaper of a room and turn any surface into a potential audio source. among other things, it could be used for immersive movie theater experiences or theme parks. julian: all new at 6:00, the phrase bottoms up takes on a whole new meaning for a woman and her friends at brunch. [laughter] julian: this is lindsay clark. kumasi: oh no. julian: lindsay, how did we get here? apparently she is ok, and restaurant employees had to waster up by her legs after she fell behind the booth. she was trying to retrieve her friends jacket when it fell behind the booth, and she fell as well.
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kumasi: of my friends record me with my legs popping up over the back of a booth when i am two mimosas in, that is not a friend. julian: they might have been deeper than two mimosas in, kumasi, for that to be happening. kumasi: you are the queen of brunch, aren't you? lisa: good morning, everyone. live doppler 7 showing you some cloud cover that has pushed its way through the loop here. we've got northwesterly winds and the golden gate and also 48 downtown, 50 in oakland. average readings today on top of the northwesterly winds putting a chop on the bay with maybe some whitecaps, 40 in concord, livermore, 45, and gusty winds throughout the day. we will relax tomorrow, bringing us a warming trend and milder,
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warmer weekend. the average highs in the low 70's, mid 60's today, so it is cooler than average, 74 tomorrow, saturday, a little warmer on sunday, and we have 80's into next week. highs today with the gusty winds in the upper 50's downtown, so that is a cool day for you. 56 in half moon bay and mid 60's in the south bay, we've got that upwelling happening in the ocean because of the cold, cold water co to the surface. if you are thinking about spending any time at our beaches, it will be chilly the next several days. that accuweather forecast featuring sunshine, but the warmer temperatures holding off until after lighter winds. notice we will keep it cool at the coast with no rain for the next seven days. julian: sounds good. thank you, lisa. let's turn to ginger zee, with a look at what's coming up this
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morning on gma. kumasi: good morning, ginger. ginger: great to be with both of you this morning. coming up, the latest on breaking covid news for parents and their young children. moderna asking the fda for emergency use authorization for its covid vaccine as -- for children as young as six months old. and more on the prisoner swap. u.s. marine trevor reed is back on u.s. soil. and model haley bieber is well -- opening up about her health scare. she had a stroke at age 25, and what doctors say caused it. and saying goodbye to hit show -- all that and more,
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lisa: good morning to you. highs around the bay today featuring a lot of sun, but
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breezy. upper 50's in the north bay, and windy, upper 50's by 2:00. you should see mid 60's this time of year, more like low 60's as we come through the 50's in the morning. finally, looking at the numbers on the peninsula with the wind, low of 66 today. julian: the future stars of the nfl will kickoff their careers under the bright lights of las vegas tonight as the draft rolls into town. since city is ready to put on a show like only it can. under the backdrop of water and neon, crews rehearsed the show that we will get to see tonight. it features the logos on the fountain of all 32 pro teams. they will be also celebrating the nfl experience, with a free fan dome. >> they can get autographs, meet
6:25 am
players, and get close to the draft and what's going on. see all the action that is happening there. julian: tonight and tomorrow night, 300 drones will launch into formation, showing the logo of each nfl team. kumasi: this morning, abc news reporter david hartung is getting a sneak peek at what you can expect at the nfl draft. >> how many people will be filling this place? >> this will be jammed. once you get outside the structure, it is a sea of people. kumasi: for the first time ever, the draft is right in the heart of vegas. no matter when future players hear their names called and walk across that stage, you can count on seeing a lot of excitement. >> i am trying to gauge how fired up they are, really. they are usually trying to figure out a defensive mode. kumasi: you can see more of
6:26 am
kaylee hartung's sneak peek coming up on gma. and live coverage of round one starts at 9:00 tonight. that will be followed by wheel of fortune at 10:00 and jeopardy at 10:30. stay with us for multiple news on abc seven news :00. julian: -- seven news at 11:00. julian: and stay with us, a big cat spotted in a bay area neighborhood. a possible mountain lion roaming around. kumasi: and fires in another bay area town. the person posting them is caught in the act. julian: and the next tactic to prevent fires this season, teaching you to stop small fires yourself, the calfire class. kumasi: happy thursday.
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under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins.
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all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. julian: your top stories right now at 6:30, a mother's reunion. the mom of baby brandon in a brand-new interview sharing any parent'worst nightmare. the suspects in her child's kidnapping due in court today. >> it's clear that we e rehieravof the pandemic. kuma:he tth ohis latest covid wave. past and w seeask maatesagain? the outlook week ahead -- for the week ahead. julian: and there is a woman racking up points right now and jeopardy, trying to take amy schneider's place. kumasi: good morning, everybody. it's thursday, april 28. julian: let's get a start with lisa's forecast. lisa: a sunny start, but areas
6:30 am
of fog at 11:00. as we look at the current numbers right now, they are on the milder side due to the wind, in campbell, 42, 46 in mountain view, 51 and 50 respectively, cool at 45. surface winds over 17 miles per hour and through novato. some of you not experiencing much wind, but you can see mount diablo at 47 miles per hour. we've got sunshine, 50's at the julian: now to the video you have likely seen by now. this suspect walking off and kidnapping three-month-old baby brandon. but now, he is finally back in his mother's arms, and she is talking about that ordeal in a brand-new interview. amy hollyfield is live in san jose with that account, as the
6:31 am
three suspects in the case are expected to appear in court today. good morning, amy. amy: the big question has been motive, and police have not said what the motive was behind this kidnapping. the mother says she does not know it either. she does not know why her baby was taken. carolina says baby brandon is doing great. she said in an interview with univision that he was dehydrated that he was found, but he is ok and she is doing much better too, now that he is back in her arms. she was at work when she got the call that her three-month-old him had been abducted. >> i didn't know how to react. i fell to the ground and there was a moment i can't explain. it is something i lived through and don't even know how to tell you, but it was really difficult. i don't know -- i hope no other mother goes through this. amy: here is a look at the three people police arrested. the mother says she knows two of
6:32 am
them. 42-year-old guadalupe ramirez met her grandmother at church and was obsessed with the baby. the suspects are expected to make court appearances today. ayala's husband is in jail, and she said that people should not speculate that his situation played a role in this crime. amy hollyfield, abc7news. kumasi: it appears we are in the middle of a new wave of covid-19. but more people are testing at home, meaning public health departments are not able to get a full picture. but researchers are looking at what is being flushed down the toilet. we got access to stanford's environmental engineering lab, where wastewater samples are processed. researchers are finding high levels of covid in almost all of the cycles they test in the bay area. >> the concentrations are
6:33 am
similar to what we saw during the delta surge in 2021. a re-doubling four weeks. kumasi: researchers are also finding evidence of the latest variant, ba.2.12.1, causing a lot of cases on the east coast. and google is celebrating its return to san francisco offices as it welcomes workers back. it is also doing something to drive economic recovery, teaming up with the golden gate association from month-long event promoting a dozen restaurants and cafés around the area. google employees will get a discount at those spots starting in may, and the company will provide funding for the ggra, and participating businesses. julian: parents say kids fell behind in school during the pandemic. according to a poll by the public policy institute of california, four out of 10 parents said their kids suffered mentally and emotionally because
6:34 am
of school closure. it was also the slowest to resume in person learning last year too. three out of four parents support the state's decision to no longer require masks in the classroom. the oakland teachers have formed a new group called schools in labor against privatization, also known as slap. the plan to build a new stadium at howard terminal and oakland unified's plan to close 11 public schools are connected to billionaire don fisher. fisher owns the a's and has an interest in kipp charter schools. >> the problem we have is that kipp, along with the oakland a's , are owned by the same family. the fisher family. there is a push to close public schools to turn them into charter schools to privatize the schools. at the same time, there is a push to privatize property.
6:35 am
julian: the international longshore and warehouse union is planning a full shutdown tomorrow, the same day oakland teachers are planning their one-day strike. we have reached out for comment but have not heard back. kumasi: a democratic lawn -- lawmaker is hinting that president biden may forgive more student loan debt and extend the moratorium on payments. the president told the group that -- what he does about both proposals. federal figures show 43 million americans carry student loans worth $1.6 trillion. julian: cal fire's learn to burn program is helping fire -- citizens take fire prevention into their own hands. the low, controlled burns
6:36 am
decrease wildfire hazard by burning the top layer of fuel. it also helps with drought by allowing the rain to penetrate the soil. >> is one individual, i cannot deal with climate change, but i can make my property more resilient to what is going on with climate change and make it more fire resilient. julian: that was ted you heard from. this is his land now, one of the areas he burned. you could hardly tell. the trees are growing back, but the low-lying leaves and pine needles are still gone. kumasi: an belmont police are advising residents to be cautious after a mountain lion -- possible mountain lion, sorry. the cat was reported near the end of a wood drive around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. you should call police if the mountain lion is spotted again. the uc system soon paying full tuition for certain students starting in the fall. this in order to "write
6:37 am
historical wrongs." and the big board at the new york stock exchange, looking good. and losing your creative spark -- why you might be more limited during your workday if you have been logging on to zoom. and don't forget, you can watch us for a whole extra hour now. we are live from 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. on the bay area streaming app. download it for your phone, tablet, roku, android tv, or apple tv. lisa: live doppler 7, looking at some cloud cover here, and we have some breezy northwest wind. where is drew? drew is not here. maybe drew is at the beach, right? santa cruz in the mid 40's, going for a high today in the low 60's, so that is cool and pretty out there. he six in the city, -- 46 in the
6:38 am
city, 48 and half moon bay. wins have been about 50 miles per hour at about 3000 feet, so very gusty. 40 in santa rosa, numbers have dropped inter there, and breezy in livermore with wind in the 40's. here is a look at our temperature profile throughout the day. over 30 miles per hour, everywhere 20 to 25 miles per hour. these are northwest winds, so it will feel cool until 3:00, 4:00. little change until dinner time and as the sun sets, the wind will ease up. today will be one of the cooler days, mid and upper 50's at the coast. 63 in fremont and the accuweather seven-day forecast, warming up tomorrow, just in time for the weekend. karina: you mentioned the windy conditions. chp has issued a wind advisory. let's take a look at the cameras out there.
6:39 am
this is one of those areas, the san mateo bridge, where traffic is building here heading west bound to the peninsula, but it is moving fine for now. no accidents to reports that's the good news. here's the richmond-san rafael bridge, and taking a look at our drive times right now, highway four starting to see those delays from antioch to hercules, 45 minutes. 85 to the airport there, nine minutes to make that drive. no accidents to report, just windy conditions out there. so
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kumasi: new developments that are nearly two decades in the making this morning. the oakland police department is showing signs of optimism that it may soon turn to page when a judge decides to end the departments federal oversight. ryan curry joins us with what this means for police and the changes that still need to be made. ryan: good morning. oakland police are entering this your long period, according to the judge in charge of this case. oakland police has to prove its changes will be long-lasting. the police chief and oakland mayor libby schaaf spoke on the news this week. this started with the 2003 settlement to enact 52esidl judt were aus of brutalizing people on the streets in some neighborhoods. this is a welcome sight not just for the department, but for civil rights attorney john burris, one of the lawyers who filed the initial court case. we have better checks and
6:43 am
balances in place, more accountability if an officer does not conform properly or long -- lawfully. >> we are proving to the public we have reformed. julian:julian: the court noted one area needs to be dealt with, how it disciplines its officers to eliminate racial disparities. the police chief says they are wo these adjustments and meeting with more of their minority officers to hash out some of these current issues they are dealing with. ryan curry, abc7news. julian: and a picture-perfect view behind him. thank you, ryan. a major step to making college education more accessible and affordable. this fall, uc will make sure in-state tuition and fees will fully cover california residents who are federally recognized american indian, native tribes.
6:44 am
the program will be systemwide. kumasi: happening today, new york's city council is expecting to delay a lot requiring employers to disclose salaries on job listings. the laws designed to give applicants, specifically women and people of color, a better shot at fair pay. but business leaders are pushing back. they sent a letter to the city council, saying the letter could create dissatisfaction with current employees. they claim the salaries being offered now are higher than historical averages because of the lack of workers and because of inflation. the video you see here is about an alabama lunchroom worker, who is being told she now owes more than $23,000 because of a payroll error. christine got a letter saying she was overpaid for six years and had three options to pay back the money -- either in a lump sum, a yearly payment, or to have $325 a month taken out
6:45 am
of her check for the next six years. two other employees say they got similar letters, including a teacher who was told to repay $33,000. >> you can run into problems with federal wage law. the longer it is to pay, the more likely the employees will have a stronger argument to keep the money. kumasi: they are now combing through state law to determine whether the workers are obligated to pay back the money. julian: all eyes are on the first-quarter earnings coming from one company in particular this morning. twitter on the heels of that buyout deal from billionaire elon musk. twitter nearly missed on revenue estimates, reporting $1.2 billion, compared to the 1.2 $3 billion expected by analysts. they beat monetize will daily active users with 120 9 million users, versus 227 million
6:46 am
expected. and samsung's profits are up more than 50% for the first quarter. the south korean tech giant reported more than $11 billion in operating profit in line with analyst projections. the solid earnings come from sales of its memory chips, which were up 40% year-over-year. but samsung warned that long-running supply chain issues would persist, leading to component shortages for its devices. shares were down about one quarter of a percent in trading. and a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway this morning. we are starting up 168 points for the second day in a row here. kumasi: inflation continues to go up at levels we have not seen in 40 years, and food prices are a big part of those increases. there are lots of ways to spend less money when you are shopping for food. one way to save is to look at
6:47 am
buying store brands instead of well-known brands. store brands are made specifically for your supermarket. >> store brands, we have found, can cost as little as 25% les s then the name brands. and the quality can be as good as or better than than the name brands. kumasi: consumer reports also says if you shop at the same store frequently, make sure you get a loyalty card. you can also save money by using shopping apps to help you find the lowest prices, store specials and coupons. this morning, we are hearing from haley beaver, opening up about her recent stroke, calling it the scariest moment of her life. >> i felt this really weird sensation that traveled down my arms and my shoulder all the way down to my fingertips. all of the doctors came to the conclusion that it was a perfect
6:48 am
storm that led to me having a small blood clot. one, i had recently started birth control pills. second, i had recently had covid. the third thing, i have recently gone on a really long flight. kumasi: the 25-year-old model said she had to have heart surgery after suffering this mini stroke, which was caused by a clot in her brain. you can watch this coming up on gma at 7:00, right after abc seven mornings. julian: the first carnival cruiseship to start its journey in san francisco will start its journey today. they will be heading to alaska, hawaii and mexico. the cruiseship has shown as -- shows at the phantom lounges, a pool, water slide, and an adult only area. it is set to depart tonight
6:49 am
from pier 27. kumasi: in the average price of a one carat man-made diamond engagement ring is $2300. that's more than $6,000 less than a natural diamond. analysts say sales of engagement rings with manufactured diamonds increased more than 60% compared to last year. new at 6:00, thank you love bathtime? think again. a trail camera captured this lively black bear splashing around in a pond. the video from monday showed the bear enjoying the water. the department of fish and wildlife is warning people in the tahoe area of increased bear activity because they are coming out of hibernation and they are planning a pause. so cute. julian: [inaudible] [laughter] kumasi: that's actually really cute.
6:50 am
i would be really happy if i saw this. i would be really happy. julian: stay far back as the bear freshens up. kumasi: stay back from the bison. lisa: that's the bear that is going to pull the car door off. we are looking at a sunny start to your thursday. it's also breezy in spots around hayward, livermore, sfo, and elevations in -- seeing wind gusts in excess of the 40 miles per hour. 48 in oakland, 48 in san jose and 48 and half moon bay. the bay looks calm at the exploratorium camera, but a bit of a chop out there. 44 in napa with 46 in livermore. our wind advisory is highlighted here for the north and the east
6:51 am
bay with wind at 60 miles per hour, which could bring some unsecured objects down, blowing around in your backyard. as we look at hayward and livermore, windover 20 miles per hour there and novato has been dusty. -- gusty. but san jose not feeling any of those winds. upper elevation from mount tam to mount diablo that's why we are looking at the wind advisory until 10:00 to half moon bay, 20 miles per hour and hawkeye near 30 miles per hour. we are into a clear day with sunshine and by early tomorrow, some high clouds visiting us, but numbers will, up on your friday. today it is cooler, 56. 64 in oakland. a little bit below average on the north and south end of the bay. mid-60's in san jose, 68 in concord. notice a five degrees jump tomorrow inland as well as
6:52 am
bayside, still cool at the coast, and in the weekend we are warmer, especially on saturday. looking milder around the bay and more 80's into next week. karina? julian: i will take it from here, thank you, lisa. police are investigating a hate incident in the north county. a man was spotted putting anti-semitic fires and anti-vaccination messages on cars. a woman told police she confronted the man, but he told her he had a right to free speech. the central marin police chief called the hate speech "unacceptable. they are still looking for the man responsible" for leaving these flyers. kumasi: and amazon's alexa can now announce if you are seeing a person or package. the feature works with video doorbells and security cameras from ring and google
6:53 am
nest. it can pull up a live video feed. and when a person or package is detected, you can activate the floodlights or a smart lock. julian: google is adding more ways to remove your information from search results. it will get rid of search results containing your address, phone number, bank account numbers and more. it will also remove nonconsensual or intimate personal images. the users will have to give google urls linking to that unwanted information they want to see gone. kumasi: for us, zoom meetings and videoconferencing during the pandemic has become a way of life, but is it crushing our creativity? researchers say gap. even though the technology keeps us from spreading germs and viruses, virtual meetings can detract from brainstorming.
6:54 am
here is the reason. we are so focused on the face that pops up in the box, we do not let our eyes or minds wander, and that is what researchers say is needed to get our creative juices flowing. while it is considered rude to stare at somebody in person, it is expected when you are on a zoom call. julian: new at 6:00, we are hearing this morning from the 23-year-old breaking records on jeopardy. she is on a win streak after capturing 17 games. she won last night by just one dollar. talking to good morning america about how she prepares for the game. >> in terms of preparation, i would say, i try to focus only on the aspects of the game i can control. there are so many things you don't know going into a game -- what the categories are going to be, who your opponents are and their strengths and weaknesses, the daily doubles. so focusing on reading the clue and coming up with a response as quickly as possible, so the host
6:55 am
finishes reading and i am ready to buzz in. then i am not getting distracted by anything else. julian: she makes it sound easy. the conversation continues on gma at 7:00 this morning. you can watch her compete on jeopardy on abc seven. kumasi: you also need to be extremely intelligent and on it. julian: 17 games in a row? and more and more players have been hitting these streaks lately, so we need to study so we can get up there. kumasi: i will support you. [laughter] julian: maybe if i had someone else. kumasi: teamwork. up next, the seven things you need to know today. julian: and you can see
6:56 am
6:57 am
kumasi: 6:57. here are the seven things you need to know this morning. moderna has submitted a request for fda authorization for its covid vaccine for children younger than tics. image irna executive hopes that
6:58 am
authorization could come in about a month. julian: trevor reed is back in the u.s. after spending nearly three years detained in russia. texas congressman august pflueger shared videos of him returning overnight. kumasi: and a san francisco mom is asking for justice in their return of her three-month-old son. the three people acute of his kidnapping are expected in court today. julian: and bart is considering another mask mandate. face coverings might be considered for july 15. lisa: and mid to upper 50's on the shoreline, upper 70's by the delta. kumasi: and you are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights turn on at 5:43, slow from the incline, backed up to 880's over crossing , but no accidents to report as of now. kumasi: number seven, the nfl
6:59 am
draft is kicking off tonight in las vegas with your first round. the nfl created a floating mainstage and red carpet in the center of the bellagio fountains. ok. this includes a projection on the fountains featuring the logos of all 32 pro teams. of course, you can watch the draft right here on abc seven at 5:00 p.m. what all did i just read? a floating stage? wow. julian: a floating stage, drones coming in too. they are pulling out all the stuff. karina: i will definitely be watching that. julian: an unforgettable experience for all the guys getting called up tonight, for sure. kumasi: this makes me want to plan a trip to vegas. julian: oh, so if we don't see you in the morning, we will know where kumasi headed off to. kumasi: karina: i'll go with you.
7:00 am
julian: thanks for joining us for abc7news this morning. the news good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, we are starting this thursday with breaking covid news for parents and their young children. moderna asks the fda for emergency use authorization for its covid vaccine for children as young as 6 months old, with hospitalizations now projected to rise for the first time since january. also this morning, the former marine held captive in russia for nearly three years returning to the u.s. after that top secret prisoner swap. what trevor reed's parents are saying about his health. and the new details about the negotiations amid the war in ukraine.


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