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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 29, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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p.m. on air and on livestream to answer your questions. i'll tonight, an american killed while fighting in ukraine. president biden responding late today. a 22-year-old former marine working for a private military contractor helping ukrainian forces. his wife confirming his death to abc news saying he went there to help people. the u.s. state department warning americans not to travel to ukraine. new video online showing russian missiles destroying a residential building. a prominent journalist killed. john kirby urging the kremlin to tone down its rhetoric about nuclear weapons. kirby becoming visibly emotional, discussing atrocities in ukraine. back here at home, news on the long awaited covid vaccine for children under the age of 6. the time line now.
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possible fda authorization expect as early as june, and dr. anthony fauci on the possibility of a longer lasting vaccine aimed at reducing to need for more frequent booster shots. the severe storm threat as we come on the air impacting millions. tornado watches at this hour. the system pushing east over the weekend. rob marciano timing it out. oklahoma lawmakers pass a new six-week boshs ban, similar to the recent law in texas. the bill would ban abortions before most women know they are pregnant. legal challenges already lining up. the bottom dropping out of the stock market. the dow plunging nearly 1,000 points. amazon suffering its worst day in more than 15 years. for the second time this week, a baseball game interrupted by gunfire. high school players ducking for cover. a sheriff in new mexico facing backlash for releasing the trove of evidence from the deadly shooting on the "rust" movie set. a lawyer for the film's armorer calling the release inconceived
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and unnecessary. night two of the nfl draft. football's future stars ready to take center stage. good evening. it's great to have you with us on this friday night. i'm whit johnson in for david tonight, and as we come on the air, the tornado watch. millions on alert for dangerous weather. we'll goat rob marciano with the track in just a moment. but we begin with the war in ukraine, and the first american civilian to die fighting alongside ukrainian troops. former u.s. marine willy joseph cancel working for a private contractor in ukraine, leaving a wife and young son back home. president biden reacting to the loss late today. meanwhile in kyiv tonight they are taking stock after relative calm. a flurry of missiles overnight. the mayor of kyiv said vladimir putin was sending a message
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after zelenskyy met with the u.n. secretary general. the battle still fierce in eastern ukraine, this video released by the russian defense ministry, but a senior u.s. defense official saying tonight that russia's war has not gone to plan, and that their assault on the east is behind schedule by at least several days. and tonight after russia cut off natural gas to poland and bulgaria, the european union is reportedly preparing to phase out their use of russian oil. that money they pay for that oil, funding putin's war. abc's senior foreign correspondent ian pannell leading us off in kyiv tonight. >> tonight, a pentagon plea to russia to tamp down the nuclear saber rattling after threats from the kremlin. >> we urge russia to stop escalating the rhetoric with respect to nuclear weapons and do the right thing. end the war today. >> reporter: kirby appearing to choke up as he talked about vladimir putin's atrocities in ukraine. >> it's difficult to look at
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the -- sorry. it's difficult to look at some of the images and imagine that any well-thinking serious mature leader would do that. >> reporter: russia's war has not gone to plan. having failed to take the capital kyiv, a senior u.s. defense official assessing they're now having trouble with their offensive in the east and are wine schedule by several days, describing it as a potential knife fight. and tonight, the first american civilian fighting alongside ukrainian troops has died. former u.s. marine willy joseph cancel, his wife confirming his death to abc news, say saying in a statement, he went there wanting to help people. he always felt that was his main mission in life, adding, my husband was very brave and a hero. the 22-year-old had been working with a million tear contractor in ukraine and was a full-time
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correction officer in tennessee. he believes behind his wife and young son. tonight, new video of that missile strike on kyiv late thursday. videos online showing the moment russian missiles rained down, destroying a residential building. killing prominent ukrainian journalist verahiric. seen here in a selfie video on the street of kyiv. these latest strikes coming just over an hour after president zelenskyy met with the united nations secretary general. artem was in his apartment when the first mitcssile struck and w the next attack incoming. you saw two missiles come in. >> yes. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: i can't imagine how terrifying that must be. >> yes, yes, lucky man. >> reporter: in mar yuping, new
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attempts to rescue civilians trapped in the massive steel plant failing. we contacted the azov battalion, fighting alongside ukrainian forces trapped in that bunker. abc news couldn't verify the video's authenticity. unable to contact them directly, we sent questions about the conditions there. residents trapped for weeks describe the hell of daily life. it was a massacre, he says, shells, rounds, scary things, but we endured. victoria says simply, it's like when she show you the last days of the planet. we were thinking, this is it. >> those horror stories continue more than two months into this war. ian pannell with us again tonight fromkey. and ian, i want to go back to the american kill in the ukraine. we heard from the president late
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today for the first time. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, whit, the president calling the death of american willy joseph cancel very sad. and u.s. officials doubling down tonight, urging americans once again not to travel to ukraine, as russia ramps up its attacks in the east and the south of the country. whit? >> ian, thank you. tonight there is news on the long awaited covid vaccine for the youngest children, those under 5 years old. the fda announcing meetings in june with authorization expects some time that month, and dr. anthony fauci weighing in on the possibility of an updated and longer-lasting vaccine. here's abc's erielle reshef. >> reporter: for millions of parents of children under five, tonight a potential timeline for the fda's review of the pfizer and moderna vaccines. an advisory panel is now planning to meet on june 8th
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21st and 22nd, with authorization expected sometime that month. with covid cases up 44% among children, many parents say they want a decision soon. >> it's frustrating to watch the numbers to go up and to say, well, there might be another delay. we're just gonna wait a little longer. we've waited so long we can't wait any longer. >> reporter: but dr. anthony fauci today trying to reassure the public that the fda is studying the data as quickly as it comes in. >> the fda is not delaying anything. the fda needs the information, not all of which has been presented to them yet, to make a determination. and i think there's a misinterpretation that they're holding on to data that they should be moving on. that's not the case at all. >> reporter: it comes as parents are weighing the evidence, too. the moderna vaccine was found to be 37% to 51% effective against infection in kids under six. but doctors stress those numbers were similar in adults during the omicron surge. more importantly, they say, data suggests the vaccine will cut the risk of severe illness. >> we should be realistic and let parents know that the goal of this vaccine is to prevent
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severe illness and hospitalization, not necessarily to prevent every single covid-19 infection or those mild cases. >> erielle reshef joining us now. that fda panel meeting in june will also discuss a wider booster rollout, and dr. fauci says that could include an updated vaccine to target multiple variants? >> reporter: that's right, whit. on june 28th the fda panel will also discuss a knew vaccine and booster campaign for the fall. dr. fauci saying he hopes americans will have access to a longer lasting vaccine so they don't have to get a booster every four months. whit? >> thank you. next, millions of americans in the patho dangerous weather tonight. tornado watches from oklahoma to nebraska at this hour. this tornado here striking nebraska in the past 24 hours. now they're bracing for more while in the west, critical fire danger. let's get right to abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano. rob, a difficult night ahead in
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parts of the midwest. >> yeah, whit, and it's becoming an expansive storm with a lot of hazards. three states under tornado watches. nebraska through kansas, all the way down to the texas border. flood watches post in the areas that have the blizzard just last week. this thing presses to the east. going to have a lot of wind around it. severe tlet tomorrow is milwaukee, chicago, through illinois into the heartland. the wind, dry air, severe fire threat for new mexico, through the high plains. dry air, dry fuel and ripping winds that will spoke new fire threats. uneasy night for many. >> important to pay attention to local weather alerts in your area. thank you. now to oklahoma's governor expected to sign the second of two new anti-abortion laws effectively ending most abortions in that state. it's the latest southern state to impose strict limits, forcing women to travel greater distances to seek abortion services, and all of it as the supreme court is preparing to
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rule in a case that could overturn roe v. wade all together. here's abc's rachel scott. >> reporter: tonight one of the most restrictive abortion bills in the nation now on the desk of oklahoma's governor awaiting his signature. it bans abortion after six weeks before many women even know they're pregnant. >> this will not save just one life. this will save many, many lives. it has been proven so in texas. it will be so here in oklahoma. >> reporter: it's modeled after that restrictive law in texas, deputizing every day citizens to file lawsuits against anyone they say aids or abets an abortion. the reward at least $10,000. >> this bill is incredibly intrusive. it reduces individual freedoms and it's just plain wrong. >> reporter: since the texas law passed, a surging number of women from that state have traveled to oklahoma to get an abortion, a 2,500% increase according to planned parenthood. but soon, oklahoma won't be an option either.
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it joins a number of mostly southern states that recently imposed new restrictions on access to abortion, forcing women to travel even further to get the procedure. >> you're putting people in a terrible position where they have to choose between their job, caring for their children, and getting the health care that they need. republican lawmakers i spoke - with, unmoved. what is your message to women who say, this should be my choice? who say they should have the decision, they should have the choice to decide what they want to do with their own health? >> i think there's unique dna. i think it's a unique living human being in the womb. and so i believe that the decision over your health -- is tremendous. the decision on someone else's health -- i think is different. >> reporter: this bill will go into effect immediately after the governor signs it -- all but stopping abortions in the state. then in august, an even tougher law will go into effect,
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outlawing abortion entirely in oklahoma, except to save the life of the woman in a medical emergency. that oklahoma bill will be challenge in the court, and all of it comes out of the supreme court decision this sum thaerl determine the future of roe vs. wade, but tonight abortion advocates say we could be in the final days of abortion freedom in this country. whit? >> rachel scott in washington. thank you. we'll look for your in-depth report on oklahoma's new abortion restrictions next week on "nightline." turning to the news on the economy. april closing with new losses on wall street. the biggest sell-off in almost two years. the dow falling another 939 points today, nearly 2.8%. tech stocks leading the plunge. amazon suffering its worst day in more than 15 years. next, developing news out of florida tonight. three miami-dade correctional officers charged in the beating death of an inmate, in court today ordered held without bond. inmate found dead in a van while
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being transferred to another facility and tonight, newly released surveillance video. here's elwyn lopez. >> reporter: tonight, new surveillance video shows the moments before prosecutors say a south florida inmate was beaten to death by several corrections officers. that inmate ronald ingram seen walking on his own in february escorted by prison guards and later carried into this transport van, legs dragging, head slumped. >> his numerous ribs broken caused a punctured lung. >> reporter: today a judge has denied bond to christoper rolon, kirk walton and ronald connor. those officers now facing murder charges. officials say the february incident began when ingram allegedly threw european at one of the officers. he was serving life in prison for murder and set to be transferred to another facility.
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>> regardless of the crime, inmates that come in our system have a right to do their time free from victimization and abuse, and we failed in this case. >> reporter: whit, a fourth correctional officer was also arrested today. he is also facing murder charges related to that inmate's death, and another bond hearing will be held in may. whit? >> elwyn, thanks. next tonight, growing backlash after the release of a trove of evidence in the fatal shooting on set of the movie "rust". the family of halyna hutchins angered at the release of body cam video and the embattled armorer in a letter to the d.a. pushing back at comments by the sheriff. . here's kaylee hartung. >> reporter: tonight, growing out rage over authorities' handling of the deadly "rust" shooting investigation. a lawyer for the film's armorer hannah gutierrez reed calling the release of a massive trove of evidence "ill-conceived and
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unnecessary" leading to an "erroneous implication." >> there was several text messages and emails in reference to the use of possible live rounds on a different movie set. that's concerning. >> reporter: following this appearance on "good morning america," gutierrez reed's lawyer demanding the santa fe county sheriff amend or retract his statements that they say has led some to conclude the armorer brought live rounds on an earlier set as well as "rust's." >> so here's the box that i got them out of. >> reporter: the film's weapons and ammunition provider describing controversial text messages gutierrez reed sent him months before the "rust" shooting, while she was working on another film. >> she wanted to shoot live ammo ou gs,hevie guns. and i said no, obviously. >> reporter: but gutierrez reed's lawyer saying hannah has never brought live rounds on any movie set nor has she ever fired any live rounds on any set on which she has worked, including the "rust" set. within the hours of video released, officers' body cams showing the rush to try to save halyna hutchins' life. her family condemning the sheriffs's decision, saying, the damage your office has done is irreparable. tonight, how those live rounds
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got on set is still a mystery. as the sheriff takes heat over their initial response to the crime scene. >> we accept the critiques. if you don't go back and look at how you can do things better then we're not doing the best job that we can. >> reporter: whit, legal experts say releasing this much information while an investigation is still ongoing is incredibly unusual. authorities are waiting for the fbi's ballistics and firearm analysis, which they said could be key to determining if charges are filed. whit. >> kaylee hartung, our thanks to you tonight. when we come back, gunfire erupting during a baseball game. high school players running for cover, and news tonight about dolly parton, her sudden change of heart. (all): hail, caesar! pssst caesar! julius! dude, you should really check in with your team on ringcentral. i was thinking like... oh hi, caesar. we were just talking about you. ha ha ha. yeah, you should probably get out of here. not good. ♪ ♪
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ask your dermatologist about opzelura. . for the second time this week, a baseball game interrupted by gunfire. [ gunshots ] there you see the shooting during a live stream of a high school game in chicago. players running off the field and dropping to the ground when shotted were fired from a nearby car. no one was hurt. major league baseball suspending los angeles dodgers pitcher trevor bauer for two years without pay. he's accused of violating the league's domestic violence and sexual assault policy. he was placed on leave after a woman claimed he assaulted her last year. bauer, who can lose about $60 million says he will appeal, denying the allegations, quote, in the strongest terms possible. when we come back, news about dolly parton.
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>> to the "index." former tennis legend boris becker sentenced to prison for bankruptcy fraud in london. the three-time wimbledon champ receiving two and a half years behind bars. the judge slamming him for not paying his debts by hiding millions in real estate and loans. at 17 he became the youngest men's singles champion in history. night two of the draft just moments away. jacksonville jaguars making travon walker the number one pick, walker promising his new team, you won't regret it. the draft resumes just minutes from now on abc. and dolly parton singing a different tune about her nomination to the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. she now says she'd be honored to be voted in and if so, she'll
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accept gracefully. voting ends today. when we come back, the inspiration behind the microphone.
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finally tonight, the voice of the hendrixen hawks, america strong. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the nest. >> meet benji garcia, the beloved announcer for softball in hendrickson high school. >> my name is benji garcia, and my job here at hendrickson high school is announcing softball games. >> reporter: the 20-year-old, a recent graduate of the school is on the autism spectrum. >> it impacts me by being afraid to talk to people sometimes. >> play ball!
3:58 pm
>> i love to say, up next! and say their name up next for your hendrickson hawks, avery howl. >> reporter: benji's late father joey loved sports, passing along that passion to his son. >> before he passed away from colon cancer he watched a lot of sports. i started to get into the sports when i was in sixth grade. >> the more he does it, the more confidence he gains. >> reporter: as a young child, benji spoke only a few words and struggled with conversation. >> i would be afraid to talk to people. >> reporter: but now, thanks to the incredible support of his community, benji has found not only his voice, but his calling. >> the final score, hendrickson, 13, conley, 1. >> now that i come to think of it, i came a long way. >> and you're inspiring all of us. way to go.
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>> announcer: the following is a potential presentation of espn on abc. las vegas, are you ready? >> day one brought us drama. >> the commanders have traded. >> blockbuster trade. >> emotion. >> it is a wild night. >> some surprises. >> lots of noise. >> and there are many more stories to tell. >> welcome to the nfl draft. >> about hard work paying off, dreams coming true, families sharing pride and joy. the call of every name spreads love. ♪ loving you until a rainbow in the sky ♪ ♪ loving you


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