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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 30, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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people living nearby say it's a dangerous drive and tonight we hear from the sister of a man who died when his truck drove off of pescadero cliff. we also learned today. what caused the death of a young san jose officer the case now a police investigation. my home country, ukraine woke up to a terrible new reality the reality of war. a bay area resident from the ukraine is turning to her community to help save her homeland abc 7 news at 5 is next. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. i'm torn. my mom is torn. i mean we were expecting him home.
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this heartbreaking a devastating unexpected loss for a family after a pickup truck plunges into the ocean in. hale county good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm dion limb a man from santa cruz county is one of two people who died in that crash last night at pescadero beach investigators believe the driver was heading west on pescadero creek road when he apparently drove through the highway one intersection and a parking lot careening down a cliff and into the ocean. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard spoke with the driver's sister i came out here. just you know, i don't know to see. see what what was left. i found his shoe elizabeth. anaya came to pescadero state beach to mourn her older brother ippolito the chp told her family. he was one of the victims found inside a toyota tacoma truck after it crashed into the water friday night around 8:45. he was new turn 40 this year. yes three nieces. a mom added my sister.
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i'm just playing right now elizabeth fears the other victim found inside the truck may be her brother's girlfriend's young daughter, but the girlfriend is still missing permission that leads us to believe that third party may have been in the vehicle the time of the crash. so we're working you try to locate that third party the coast guard says that search was called off saturday morning after a third person could not be located. the chp says the truck ran that stop sign here at pescadero creek road. it crossed highway 1 into the beach parking lot and kept on going into the water. a broken pose and torn landscaping marks the spot where the truck plunged 30 feet into the water neighbor. rob talbott says it's a dangerous stretch of road. this is like the six or seventh time in recent. in the last 30 40 years that people are on pescaler road and they just think the roads going and they're expecting maybe big signals and there aren't any the chp says the crash is under
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investigation this area. he was barbecuing with a few friends elizabeth knows her brother ippolito was near the beach friday but is struggling to understand how it ended in tragedy over here. find answers all the san mateo county coast cornell bernard abc 7 news. moving on to new developments stanford nurses are set to end. strike after reaching a tentative agreement late last night 5,000 nurses at the stanford hospital and lucille packard children's hospital hit the picket lines last monday. the union says the agreement includes a 7% wage increase this year along with another 5% next april and an additional week of vacation. union membership will vote this weekend on whether to approve the agreement results are expected on monday. stanford healthcare tweeted a statement about the agreement saying in part quote throughout the negotiations of the party's continued to work in good faith and have now accomplished our shared goal of agreeing on
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contract terms. we can be proud of well abc 7 news has confirmed the cause of death for a rookie san jose police officer and former, san jose football star. john packer died from a fentanyl overdose at a milpitas home last month. that is the determination from the santa clara county medical exam. packer was just 24 years old. san jose's police chief says the circumstances surrounding his death are under investigation. in the east bay at least two suspicious fires burned in your i-680. both fires happened overnight near each other in martinez the first started at about 12:30 am on the southbound side of 680 near pacheco boulevard, the second burned near the pacheco off ramp of northbound. i-680 about an hour later. the cruiserable to make a good stop. there's a bunch of kennels here with dogs. they were not affected the are on the other side of this ravine they also were not affected. yeah, we threw a lot of resources at it pretty quick.
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this is going to be how the season. is already and fire wildfire preparedness week begins tomorrow the nonprofit california fire safe council says the state had its driest first quarter ever recorded. developing news now in the war in ukraine a ceasefire allowed some civilians to evacuate a steel plant in mariopol when they had been sheltering the building has been then badly damaged by russian missile strikes abc news reporter. alex pershay has details on the latest russian offensive. russia's defense ministry says their high precision missiles were responsible for the deadly attack on an apartment building among those killed in that attack a ukrainian journalist that blast not far from where the un secretary general was meeting with ukrainian president zelinsky earlier this week in kharkib at least three missiles struck in industrial complex sending plumes of black smoke billowing. the sky ukraine's national guard releasing a video on saturday
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claiming to show a strike on russian military equipment in the car key region nearly 400 people in kharkiv have been detained under anti-collaboration laws punishable by up to 15 years in prison if found guilty of helping russian forces further south, russia, still vying for control of mary opal but is being met with resistance from ukrainians at that steel plant earlier this week secretary. is lloyd austin called putin's nuclear rhetoric dangerous and unhelpful and we urge russia to stop escalating the rhetoric with respect a nuclear weapons and do the right thing is in the war today. meanwhile in the wake of putin's moved to cut off natural gas supplies to bulgaria and poland other large consumers of russian gas including germany, and italy are looking to find other workarounds if an expands the cutoff as he's threatened alex pershey abc news washington actress angelina jolie visited a boarding school and medical institution today in the western
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ukrainian city of laviv. military officials there say she talked with children who were injured in a missile strike by the russian military. julie is a united nations special envoy for refugees, but the un says her visit today was a personal one. moving on to the peninsula where the generosity of the bay area was on full display to help the people of ukraine. members of the foster city lions club at the farmers market this morning collected donations for refugees. the club has already raised $50,000. well beyond their original goal of 25,000 money will be used by food clothing medicine and other essentials for refugees one member had family in ukraine everyone counts every prey accounts every good word. count every support counts every good thought. ounce she is so right you too can donate to the foster city lions club through their website. and for other ways to help the people of ukraine, we've put together a full list of verified
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groups and nonprofits sending donations and supplies to refugees. all of it is at our website action. supporters of to turn a richmond district street in san francisco permanently car free hit the pavement today to spread their message this group of environmentalists pedestrian and biking advocates parade down lake street lake between arguello and 28th has been car free since the pandemic the sfmta extended its car free status last august. this group argues street should be traffic-free for good if you're you're going east west take california take gary take foot and if you create that space thousands of your fellow san francisco's as we've seen we'll take you up on it. we should point out not everyone is a fan of the idea saying the closure of the street makes driving in the city even more difficult the mta held public meetings, but has not yet come to a decision.
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well just ahead coachella is over but music can still be heard in the california desert. talk about an encore the festival this weekend that is bringing music fans from across the nation back to indio. we are great neighbors the north beach and chinatown. ain't that the truth a celebration of food culture and coming together to san francisco. neighborhoods joined forces during an event build as an opportunity to bridge the far east and the wild west. i'm spencer christian looking at some sharp changes in our temperature range over the next few days going up and then down and then up again. i'll have the accuweather forecast in just a moment when 87 news at five continue
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matriarch of grammy winning the judds has died her daughters, winona. ashley judd announced her death today saying quote we lost our beautiful mother to the disease of mental illness. naomi judd was 76. old judds were to be inducted into the country music hall of fame tomorrow, and they had just announced an arena tour to begin in the fall the mother-daughter performer scored 14 number one songs in a career that spanned nearly three decades. some of the biggest names in country music are performing this weekend in southern california after a two-year hiatus because of covid the stage coach country music festival kicked. yesterday at the empire polo club near palm springs headliners include thomas rhett, carrie underwood and luke combs proof of vaccination. testing or masking is not required to attend the event it all runs through tomorrow. we'll check it out two different neighborhoods came together and celebrated food and culture
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today. noodlefest kicked off asian american pacific islander heritage month in chinatown and north beach this afternoon almost 30 restaurants from both neighborhoods came together to showcase their specialties. the festival was last held back in 2010 and community leaders say it was important to restart the event as a way to show support for each other after a tough few years. coming out of three years of pandemic and businesses are just trying to get back up on their feet. so we thought it'd be really important to have an event for a chinatown and north beach to encourage people to come back like we're open we're here and we're so excited today is a beautiful day and people are very enthusiastic. they show support to bring people back. they first have to come back to chinatown the local people then the tourists will come back to this greek city. that man has so much energy and i swear he never ages now another way. noodlefest has changed instead of each neighborhood battling each other for the best dish
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with judges like martin yan and food critic soleil ho from the chronicle. they judged each neighborhood separately in order to show unity. what a great day. the warriors advancing to the nba western conference semifinals is no laughing matter for fans of one comic it seems there is just too much happening at the chase center the change made after the arena ends up double booked. christian i'll give you a close-up look at the ups and downs of our temperature range in just a moment as abc 7 news at five continues.
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the warriors return to the court tomorrow to face the grizzlies in round two of the nba playoffs. now while the game will be in memphis. chase center is throwing a free watch party at thrive city. this was seen there last sunday during game four in the first of the playoffs domin.
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came out in full force to catch the game on a 3100 square foot outdoor video board the watch parties also feature activities, including live entertainment photo ops and a kid zone. now don't forget you can also catch game one between the warriors and grizzlies right here on abc 7 coverage starts at 12:30 tomorrow afternoon immediately followed by after the game. ant speaking of chase center. there's actually too much going on there officials there. say the warriors playoff game at chase center on may 7th has actually led to the rescheduling of a performance by comedian jokoy that was scheduled for the very same night. that show will now now be held on may 5th. all this last day of april is the final day of earth months earth month and this mural at hate and divisadero street in san francisco painted by local artist alice lee check it out all of this part of a nat geo planet possible public art project in april national
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geographic partnered with abc-owned television television stations to mark earth month. you can learn more about alice's process and inspiration and check out the work of other muralists next on 5:30 on localish stroke of genius right here on abc 7. our shifting gears to the weather and spencer great day for festivals if you want to be outside, really anything it was beautiful out there deon, but it's really really breezy though. let's take a look at our first wind speeds right now. you can see how gusty it is near the coastline especially with wind speeds over 30 miles. in some spots is breezy all over the area, but still a very pleasant day. mainly sunny skies a little bit cooler by a few degrees than at this time yesterday. so let's take a look at current temperature readings. this is the view from sutro tower looking out over san francisco where it's currently only 59 degrees 64 oakland, we've got upper 60s and mountain view, san jose and santa clara 55 at half moon bay. here's a view from mount tam looking down onto the onto parts of san francisco. we see a few clouds off in the distance there, but the sky is mainly blue.
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it's 70 degrees right now at santa rosa 62 petaluma and half of 67 low 70s at fairfield and concord and 64 and livermore and our view from our rooftop camera here at abc 7. looking across the embarcadero. these are our forecast features will be sunny breezy again slightly warmer tomorrow, but then gusty and much cooler on monday, but temperatures bounce back on tuesday and wednesday with an almost summer like warm-up overnight forecast animation looks like this. mainly clear skies old patch or two of fog disappearing quickly in the early morning hours. so we start the day with sunshine tomorrow then tomorrow night some high clouds move through little system swings through northern, california on monday morning. it may produce a patch or two of drizzle near ukiah. that's about it. we don't expect any rain here in the immediate bay area overnight lows. we'll be mainly in the mid to upper 40s inland and around the bay and then tomorrow's highs about 57 at half moon bay 65 here in san francisco around the bay shoreline mainly low. 71 at oakland and at san mateo inland areas will warm to the upper 70s in most locations, but
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some will hit 80 or above we expect a high of 80 tomorrow antioch 84 at fairfield and here is the accuweather 7-day forecast notice a sharp drop in temperatures on monday. it's going to be gusty and much cooler than temperatures rebound rather sharply on tuesday back into the mid 80s inland mid 70s around the bay we could see 90 degrees on wednesday in the warmest inland spots. as the warming continues and temperatures. drop off again on thursday and going into the end of next week. we'll see temperatures in a more seasonal and steady range. yeah. all right, sounds good spencer. thanks getting to sports chris alvarez joining us. now. what's happening with the warriors? yep, a lot of happening with the warriors time to make a move to memphis the warriors getting ready for the grizzlies in the next round plus say different kind of splash --, there goes the beer. there goes the nachos watch out sports next.
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under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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it . chris alvarez the warriors at the practice for this morning before hopping a flight to memphis. they get ready for game one of the western conference semifinals tip off 12:30 right here on abc 7 followed immediately by after the game similar to the nuggets the warriors dropped three of four to the grizzlies in the regular season the warriors held the two seed in the west most of the regular season until memphis took over down the stretch. a lot of it has to do with john rant, but because of that surge the grizzlies open with home court advantage to begin this series dubs don't mind opening in a hostile environment. well, we'd rather be at home, but we're not so, you know, we we look at this as a chance to get out to a quick start, we've had a couple of days to prepare
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now and we'll be ready to go it's all about game one just coming out with a good effort you want to win that game and like he says still home court advantage right away and change the tone of the series from the start your sunday afternoon plans have been made warriors grizzlies game one right here on abc 7 immediately followed by after the game with larry carey and a dial a donald. excuse me baseball now the nationals this baby still. got that 10-run loss on friday. and so am i bought him three giants down two nothing two out rally time tyro estrada the gap in left center two. rbi doubles gonna tie this game top of the 643 game jason bossler leads off the sixth is going to be a splash homer to write at the touchdowns in mccovey cove the giants score four in the sixth and this washington air coming up right here would actually extend the inning ground ball throws gonna get away and brown and gonna score from second all the way in the home 8-3 giants in the top nine three nine three game two
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down and darren roth makes a great catch. watch out. in left giants win 9-3 that looks to take five of six in the season series against the nets tomorrow a's and guardians this guy going for a foul ball. there goes the ball. there goes the beer and no. he's gonna be sleeping on the couch tonight. that's just that's just my guess bottom five is down one. nothing sheldon noisy making noise second homer of the year that ties things up. ace fans loving it top nine still tied two on two out and cleveland's richie palacios deep drive to center christian pache. oh, that's a tough play runs into the wall two runs score and it's three one. item 9 potche or tine run at the plate. he's got a chance for the ground up short will end it a's fall 3-1. they look to avoid the sweep tomorrow the nfl draft finished up today. the niners made several picks including these very last pick which is actually a badge of honor called mr. irrelevant. he gets a bunch of party thrown in his honor and the niners took a guy. we've all heard of in the football was actually pretty
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good iowa state quarterback brock party who won every cyclone passing record. no mr. irrelevant though though has ever thrown an nfl pass. gm john lynch on that pick said he's relevant to us. so not mr. relevant to the niners dion. can you imagine like a newscaster draft and you're like coming out of college and going to a market like where am i going? and then they get the call and you put on a hat. well, wouldn't that be cool? yeah, that is if i get drafted because wouldn't you feel terrible if you didn't? oh, it can be undrafted in still make it oh, that would be awesome. we could have be a big spectacle we could have you know sponsored. yeah, we'll think about it chris. thanks. we're coming up a special day for one of the most celebrated streets in the nation next paying tribute to an iconic highway that helped change the way of life across america.
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5:29 pm heart-healthy support every day. big milestone today for the highway that opened up the country to so many americans. route 66 is turning 96 years old now when it was built it connected chicago and santa monica making cross-country road trips possible retro diners oddball hotels and some pretty incredible scenery of the american west. out at the drive route 66 has been largely replaced by highways, but you can find parts of the historic highway around the country. and that's all the time we have for this edition of abc 7 news at five. i'm dion lin for chris and spencer and all of us here. thanks so much for joining us. we will see you right back here in just about 30 minutes for abc
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7 news at 6. >> oh, i just knew i wanted to be an artist ever since i was a little kid. >> today, on a special "stroke of genius," we're traveling the country with national geographic to celebrate earth day...foth. >> you know, i'm honored to do that. >> ...with special guest nat geo explorer asher jay... >> so, we have four cities that contain these gorgeous murals. >> ...inspired by national geographic photographers. >> i think it'll add a little bit of wonder and curiosity in people's lives. >> all kinds of neighborhoods, all kinds of people. >> there's, like, so much bigger stuff out there. >> i'm inspired to take my art to the next level. >> four mural artists show us a stroke of genius. >> hi, i'm asher jay, a national geographic explorer, and i'm here in bushwick, brooklyn. national geographic partnered with abc owned television stations and brought to life
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