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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 1, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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surprise guest speaker nancy pelosi stepping into the war zone for an overnight meeting with ukraine president zelensky. good morning. it's sunday may 1st. i'm j r stone in for liz kreutz. let's first start with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa arjun. alrighty, good morning to you. it's a quiet start to may temperatures a little bit cooler out there, but a nice start to the day with the sun coming up underneath that mostly clear condition. there's a look at live doppler 7 where a system is sliding to the east of us and that's going to help warm us up quicker. there's santa cruz 45 degrees right now temperatures will be in and around 70 degrees there later today 45 in mountain view. it's 49 downtown 46 in oakland with 42 in santa clara exploratorium camera, you can see how clear it is low 40s, santa rosa 50. conquered and it's cooler mainly around napa mountain view and oakland this morning. there's the bridge no wind to speak of and as we get into the
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noon hour upper elevation north winds allowing for 60s and 70s bayside in inland still cool and breezy at the coast upper 70s and upper 60s for the shoreline and inland valleys by about four o'clock today jr. thank you so much lisa. we begin with the war in ukraine. it's the russian assault escalates this morning. surprise unannounced visit to the middle of the war zone. house speaker nancy pelosi of san francisco traveled to the ukrainian capital of kiev on saturday. this was new video sent from ukraine's president. zelensky speaker. pelosi is the most senior us official to meet with ukraine's president since the war broke out more than two months ago. we believe that we are visiting you to say. thank you for your fight for freedom that we are on a frontier of freedom and that your fight is a fight for everyone and so our commitment is to be there for you we fight is done.
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speaker pelosi was joined by four other congressional lawmakers on thursday. president. biden asked congress for 33 billion dollars in additional funding aimed at supporting ukraine over the next several months. this morning new video is now giving us a new picture of one of the country's hardest hit areas abc news reporter christine sloan has president biden is saying about those covering the conflict on the front lines. across ukraine people continue to flee to safety at least half the residents in the eastern city of lemont in the fiercely fought region of donuts have fled since the start of the war saturday around 20 people most of them. lee boarding a minivan so you the woman saying they are shelling all the time. the windows had been smashed in our house. the missiles are in the yards further south new satellite images show the destruction of
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mariopal much of the city reduced to rubble ukrainian officials say about 100,000 residents. there are in mortal danger due to the attacks, unsanitary conditions and a shortage of food and water. maria nikolaeva among those still in the bes city peter --, we were hungry shells were hitting near the house. she says we were thinking this is it the end russian forces focusing on ukraine's east and south after failing to capture the capital city of kiev, but kiev is not immune to attacks by russian forces a missile strike late, thursday killed prominent ukrainian journalists vera herek at the white house correspondents dinner president biden praising the ukrainians and the journalists covering the war. seen the courage of ukrainian people because of the courage of american reporters in this room and your colleagues across the world around the ground taking their their lives in their own hands. a tax are coming from both land
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and sea russia now claiming. they hit ukrainian power substations using caliber missiles fired from submarines in the black sea in his address saturday president zelensky calling the conflict a quote senseless war and added. is more russian soldiers will be killed in the coming weeks christine sloan abc news. york coming up on this week the ukrainian ambassador to the us will be sitting down for an exclusive one-on-one conversation on the very latest with the russian invasion. you can watch the full interview on this week with george stephanopoulos at 8am this morning right right here on abc 7. new this morning neighbors in san francisco kept up late into the night because of multiple sideshows ripping tstetsht videt on the corner of harrison and main streets right near the bay bridge overpass witnesses. tell us it got going around 12:15 am with fireworks spray
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painted graffiti and charred streets from all of the burnt rubber. they say the cars jammed nearby roads. so police couldn't get and another sideshow was reported later on in the balboa park neighborhood around 1 am witnesses said there were at least 500 people at that location police have not said if any arrests were made or if any cars were towed. this morning a family is devastated after a pickup truck plunges into the ocean and san mateo county a man from santa cruz county is one of two people who died in that crash at pescadero beach investigators believed the driver was heading west on pescadero creek road on friday when he apparently drove through the highway one intersection and a parking lot careening down a cliff and into the ocean abc 7 news reporter cornell. bernard is heading and hearing from the driver's. they came out here. just you know, i don't know to see. see what what was left.
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i found his shoe elizabeth. anaya came to pescadero state beach to mourn her older. ippolito the chp told her family. he was one of the victims found inside a toyota tacoma truck after it crashed into the water friday night around 8:45. he was a new turned 40 this year. he has three nieces. a mom and dad my sister, i'm just blank right now elizabeth fears the other victim found inside the truck may be her brother's. runs young daughter, but the girlfriend is still missing. we see the information that try to locate that third party the coast guard says that search was called off saturday morning after a third person could not be located. the chp says the truck ran that stop sign here at pescadero creek road. it crossed highway 1 into the beach parking lot and kept on going into the water.
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a broken pose landscaping marks the spot where the truck plunged 30 feet into the water neighbor robbed talbot says it's a dangerous stretch of road. this is like the six or seventh time in recent memory in the last 30 40 years that people are on pescaler road and they just think the roads going and they're expecting maybe big signals and there aren't any the chp says the crash is under investigation this area. he was barbecuing with a few friends elizabeth knows her brother ippolito was near the friday but is struggling to understand how it ended in tragedy. on the san mateo county coast cornell bernard abc 7 news heartbreaking story right there. well new developments this morning and the ongoing strike of stanford nurses. the two dueling sides have reached a tentative agreement 5,000 nurses at the stanford hospital and lucille packard children's hospital first hit the picket lines on monday union
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says the agreement made friday night includes a 7% wage increase this year along with another 5% next april and an additional week of vacation union membership will vote sometime today on whether to approve. the agreement results are expected monday stanford healthcare tweeted a statement about the agreement saying in part throughout the negotiations the parties continued to work in good faith and have now accomplished our shared goal of agreeing on contract terms that we can be proud. happening today hundreds of marchers will take to the streets of san francisco and cities around the country for may day may 1st. also known as international workers day is held worker marches and rallies for dec. aids this is video from one last year organizers say this year's events are especially important. going issues of income inequality racial injustice and covid-19 the march in san
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francisco kicks off at 10 am along san francisco's embarcadero a march and rally is also planned in san jose at 10 am going from roosevelt park to city hall. happening today the second round showdown begins the semifinals of the western conference golden state warriors going up against the memphis grizzlies in the nba playoffs proven veterans of the warriors have had tough fall with a young crew of talented grizzlies golden state last played on wednesday winning their first round series against the denver nuggets this time of the year a little extra rest never hurts four days is kind of ideal really so you in theory you get to keep your rhythm, but you have little time to prepare. we had a good practice today and now we'll fly out. so we feel like we've had you know really ideal kind of prep time going into game one. also, it brings the opportunity where just who's gonna be the
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better team in this particular series and we're excited about the opportunity. i was a start on the road going into a hostile environment. hopefully get a good start. prayers start these western conference semifinals on the road because the grizzlies had a better record season wide during the season while the game will be in memphis. chase center is throwing a free watch party at thrive city starting at 11. am the game will air on the 3100 square foot outdoor video board. we're also be a host of activities including live entertainment pictures and a kids zone. you can catch the game game one here between the warriors and grizzlies right here on c7 coverage starts at 12:30 this afternoon immediately followed by after the game join right now by meteorologist lisa arjun we've been talking about your blue all day. she's gonna talk more about is coming up in weather? yeah, not sports. good morning, emeryville. now more 40s than 50s out there to start may. so a little bit cooler right
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now, but a warmer finish still a little bit of a seabreeze. we'll talk about it next. also ahead catering crime after suffering arriving the pandemic of bay area catering company is struck by thieves, but the truck mysteriously returns just hours later plus. we have great neighbors the north beach and chinatown. it's a neighborhood noodle takeover celebration of food and culture that has two san francisco neighborhoods everyone's a multitasker these days. and with supersonic wifi from xfinity, your internet can multitask too. it's got gig speeds to the most homes... advanced security that blocks billions of cyber threats. and enough power for a house full of devices. plus when you get xfinity internet and mobile together,
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naomi judd the matriarch of grammy-winning group. the judge has died.
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her daughters, winona and ashley judd announced her death yesterday saying quote. we lost our beautiful mother to the dise. of mental illness the judds were to be inducted into the country music hall of fame today. they had just announced an arena. to begin in the fall the mother-daughter performers have scored 14 number one songs in a career that has spanned nearly three decades. naomi judd was 76. to the north bay after barely surviving the pandemic a north bay catering company had its only delivery truck stolen this week only to be found with missing parts abc 7 news reporter tim john spoke to the owner who says with their busiest time of the year just around the corner. they're now wondering what they'll do next. for the past 26 years terry eberly has run her catering company. keita, morin out of this small storefront in san rafael since 1996. she and her company have survived many ups and downs, but
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earlier this week. they were dealt another blow my chef came into the kitchen on thursday morning and did not see the van in the parking lot where we always park it. at some point between the close of shop wednesday and opening on thursday. someone stole everleigh's only delivery van a vehicle that one of her employees found several hours later a couple of blocks up the road on this hill where it still stuck realize that they took the catalytic converter catalytic converter thefts have skyrocketed in recent years around the bay area and across the nation a trend that can cost victimized car owners thousands of dollars to get their vehicles fixed money ever. we says she us doesn't have do i want to put $5,000 into a 26 year old van and fix it up. maybe i do. i don't know and with her business finally starting to get back on its feet after nearly two years of pandemic related restrictions, but we says she's unsure of what she'll do next. this vehicle is valuable. it may not have a book value,
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but it's really valuable to us to get our equipment to and from events. i believe says she has filed a police report with lpd and says despite the challenges in front of her she'll survive one way or another understand. we're all going through hard times and you know, we've got to do what we can do to survive and do but to do things to small businesses that are just coming back. it's really a low blow. it really really is in san rafael tim johns abc 7 news. happening today in the south bay the first vivica, san jose of the spring will be held. the event is part of a citywide program to get people. side to enjoy parks and outdoor spaces following covid-19 closures nearly five miles of san jose streets will be closed to cars allowing people to walk bike or skate through neighborhoods the city parks and recs department is planning another event later this spring it begins at 10 am mission here at abc 7 news is to build a better bay area through this
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pandemic by bringing communities and is closer together? this weekend a san francisco festival is back after a 12-year hiatus abc 7 news. anchor dion limb discovered that isn't just a way for two neighborhoods to case good food. it was a show of solidarity and rebirth after several tough years. it was a celebration of food and cultures of san francisco's north beach and chinatown. professed kicked off asian-american pacific islander heritage model. we're almost 30 restaurants from both neighborhoods came together. thank you you to showcase their specialties. this is our jam. pasta, it's with fresh. pesto that we make. it's an agave pesto with toasted pine nuts a little bit of durrati tomatoes are imported from italy and then of course shape parmigiano-re. is one of my favorites it was a way for the community to learn something new like dumpling making and try new cuisines.
6:18 am
it's really fun because i probably wouldn't have gone to all these different restaurants. otherwise the supported by the office of economic workforce development and the chinatown community development center among others was proof both neighborhoods were back in business after a tough few years businesses are just trying to get back up on their feet. so we thought it'd be really important to have an event for a chinatown and north beach to encourage people to come back like we're open we're here and we're so excited. we have great neighbors the north beach and chinatown. so all of us should be united and bring more people back doodle fest was held in 2010 back then neighborhoods competed against each other for which dish would reign supreme, but this time judges like martin yan doled out awards to both communities to show togetherness and solidarity for brighter days ahead dion limb abc 7 news. one organizer told abc 7 news that tickets to this year's noodlefest sold out in less than two days. they're playing to hold the
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event again next year join right now by meteorologist lisa arjun noodles. and warriors and noodles and american idol tonight, maybe both. yeah, i can get on board with that. why not right sounds like a plan. i'm dressed for it. good morning. everybody looking at live doppler seven where it's quiet for the beginning of may we have some active weather to the north of us to the east of us and that all keeps our sea breeze going gives us a wind shift and kind of switches things up the next couple of days as we look at santa cruz pretty quiet with temperatures in the mid 40s right now low. these today maybe a few degrees cooler this afternoon 49 in san francisco oakland though. you'll be warmer. it's 46 right now 44 in mountain view with a warming trend less wind on the peninsula, but the seabreeze will not be absent 47 san jose 48 and half moon bay and sutro here where it is nice and clear a little haze the sun coming up at 6:13 and as five minutes ago 42 santa rosa 41 in
6:20 am
napa with 50 in concord. so with that wind at this upper elevations, this is what's going to help us warm up, and we've had winds over 40 miles. our mount diablo 20 to 30 miles an hour in the north bay and over all the temperatures are cooler in oakland. you'll notice that this morning stepping out the door mount tim here. you can see the city from the mount tam with around 40 in our coolest locations. we will have that breeze not as windy as yesterday it's that typical onshore flow, but as we get into your monday winds are getting gusty tuesday and wednesday, they're offshore and it's going to be quite warm around here a preview of summer as we get through the ten o'clock hour it's quiet. but by three o'clock, we've got a sea breeze san francisco. you're not going to escape that but it will be less windy than yesterday so that yesterday it was pleasant, but you certainly felt that wind the winds died back into the overnight hours, but this is when we have our windiest day, this is monday
6:21 am
where at 9 o'clock in the morning. we've got gus and then by four five o'clock 30 to 40 miles an hour, so if you're keeping track of that you'll know that today. a couple of degrees warmer in the south bay than we're cooler monday the warmest stays for everyone will be tuesday. wednesday should be the hottest day could see a few 90s in our inland valleys today upper 70s for you in concord 71 in fremont with 73 at the beach in santa cruz the accuweather seven day forecast. so we've got more wind tomorrow and then tuesday and wednesday. it's a heater about there. even the coast is in the 60s. we'll cool it off. thursday can't deal with that heat too long around here. are nice weekend coming up next weekend lisa, you know last time the warriors played on the road thrive city had 2,000 people and they have another watch party. you're you're forecast i think is good for those people because that's a watch party. that's outside. oh, yeah. yeah. i'm on board. there we go. well, it's the top 10 showdown on american idol tonight on abc
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sure, feels good when you get it right. and with the number one powered toothbrush brand recommended by dental professionals. philips sonicare makes it easy for you to always get brushing right. philips. us now and joins us now from new york to tell us what's coming up on seven o'clock on good morning america. good morning coming up on gma some hope in ukraine about 20 ukrainian civilians evacuated the besieged steel plant and mary youthful during a ceasefire as house speaker nancy pelosi and other us lawmakers make a surprise visit to kiev meeting with ukrainian president. zelensky. plus president biden making an appearance at the white house correspondence dinner overnight with journalists politicians and
6:25 am
celebrities the event returning after a two-year break due to the pandemic and recent covid outbreaks among washington officials and celebrating the life of country music legend naomi judd her legacy and impact on country music and what her family said about her death and struggles with mental illness. it's all ahead right here on gma. thanks so much. whit will happening tonight. we are down to the top 10 on american idol the final 10 and tonight. you'll get to vote for who will advance when the contestants sing it out in the live disney. joe one contestant is a young man who overcame a major challenge reporter sandy. kenyon tells us christian guardino's story to the stage. he's the pride of patchogue and each week hundreds gather at his uncle's restaurant in that long island community to cheer on christian. guardino. they've been doing viewing parties and the turnout has been
6:26 am
insane. la where he's preparing for sunday evening's big show christian told me that win or lose. he's already learned so much as a musician and performance wise when it comes to singing and and work in a stage and connecting with song. this is not his tourist tv show but when christian appeared on america has got talent the teenager had already faced the challenge that would have intimidated just about anyone. i was born i was diagnosed with a very rare retinal disorder called libra's congenital amorosis and that's caused by a gene that's missing in your eye at the age of 12. he was rapidly going completely blind. that's something that that messed me up for a little while. what do you know and his family took a chance on an experimental form of? therapy that restored his sight. in fact, the treatment proved so successful. he testified about its effectiveness to government regulators. they wanted to share the experience that they wanted to hear the stories. they wanted to hear what it was
6:27 am
like going from nothing to seem all these new incredible things for the first time. and it's been a blessing. so now others. faced with his rare condition won't have to go blind and that feels as though about dope me up with my confidence to do what i'm doing today. i'm sandy kenyon abc 7 news. and you can watch all of the drama of american idol right here on abc 7 tonight at five and stay with us for abc 7 news after the show. still to come on abc 7 mornings into the battle zone. we're hearing from the san francisco nurse helping on the front lines in ukraine ever since war broke out plus a return to tradition jokes flying from the first president to attend the white house correspondence dinner in six years and president biden years and president biden stepped up with his best set of my perfect day at denny's i'm trying to be good... but then i see uncle charlie's fries. so i reaaaaaaaaach across the table.
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took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc.
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news an attack on ukraine now targeting civilians and a top ranking us official from san francisco making her presence known this morning plus truth matters american democracy is not a reality show. it's not a reality show. one of the few serious moments from last night's white house correspondence dinner. once the comedy got rolling the clapping turned to laughter from there. good morning. we'll get to those stories and more in a moment. let's start this half hour with a look at your weather. here's meteorologist. lisa arjen. good morning to you. hi, jr. and well, it is a nice start to the day a little cool in spots. we're looking at mount tam here. where wins out of the north are going to help warm us up a bit today. nine, san francisco 44 in mountain view. it is 47 in san jose 48 on the coast and this is our view from vollmer peak mount diablo on top has been a little bit breezy low
6:31 am
40s petaluma and napa with 45 and livermore. so it is colder in oakland and san jose santa rosa five degrees colder nine o'clock. we're in the 60s plenty of sunshine. we have our sea breeze coming into play in the afternoon. so a slow warm-up right around the bay shore, but we'll still make it. into the upper 60s there to perhaps some low 70s around fremont upper 70s though. you can see those yellows as we get into our interior north bay valleys the fog comes back tonight, and we've got a much cooler monday details on that in a few minutes chair. thanks so much lisa now to the russian invasion of ukraine entering day 67 this morning house speaker nancy pelosi is finishing a surprise face-to-face meeting face meeting with ukrainian president zelensky new. shared by the ukrainian leader showed pelosi in kiev with a congressional delegation that included jason. colorado jim mcgovern of massachusetts and adam schiff of
6:32 am
southern california pelosi speaking later said quote our commitment is to be there for crane until the fight is done meantime this morning hundreds of civilians and soldiers are sheltering in a steel plant in the ukrainian city of mariopol. it's the last remaining holdout for ukrainians in the bombed-out city these new satellite images show neighborhood after neighborhood bombarded into ruin by russian attacks. russia is now intensifying. it's assault in the east and south of ukraine this after failing to take the capital kiev after a major. effort there now to a story that we brought you early on in the russian invasion and one that we have followed a san francisco nurse making his way into the front lines of the war abc7 news reporter tara campbell has been keeping up with them and has more on his experiences. chaos and kiev the ukrainian capital struck by russian missiles crews responding
6:33 am
thursday night among them a nurse from san francisco a lot of lacerations a lot of minor concussions. we'd people come to us. bleeding so we'd clean them up dennis otoshi is a long time volunteer with the american red cross serving alongside his ukrainian counterparts and he's traveling into some of the hardest hit towns in eastern ukraine including butcher and ear pain. we had to wear body armor and helmets because there was still the risk of minds and also booby traps and while witnessing the horrors first hand he is in some ways he feels spared with exception of one body, which was believed to be booby trap. i didn't see the horrific images that the rest of the world saw helping in the aftermath treating the wounded transporting people to hospitals and getting the elderly to
6:34 am
safety. we track down their relatives and we would take a grandmother of a babushka into key for example, in fact, i believe there's an image that shows us with one of the babushka's in the back of our vehicle traveling to kiev to be reunited with her daughter the window would frost up always like wipe it with her arm in order to hey, where am i going? am i really going to safety and despite being in ukraine on his own dime. dennis says he doesn't have plans on returning to san francisco any time soon. the widower says, he's fortunate to have the finances to keep going. i would like to be here. it's going to be a long long time before we get any semblance of normality here. and as far as the mental toll of the mission, dennis says he finds some peace in the people's hope this whole i think it's keeping them going and i think
6:35 am
that will stick with me tara campbell abc 7 news. for other ways to help the people in ukraine. we've put together a full list of verified groups and non-profits sending donations and supplies to refugees. it's on our website abc 7 slash take action. back to tradition in washington dc the white house correspondence dinner resumes saturday night with laughter celebrities and the usual jokes. it is my great honor to be speaking tonight at the nation's most distinguished super spread events. late night personality trevor noah hosted the event. it's the first one to be held since the start of the pandemic president biden is the first commander-in-chief to attend the dinner since 2016 his predecessor donald trump boycott at the event president biden took the stage with lots of swipes and a bunch of one liners.
6:36 am
this the first time president attended this dinner in six years i it's understandable. we had a horrible plague. followed by two years of covid everyone who attended the dinner had to test negative for covid-19 before the event some sat the dinner out given the rise in cases including dr. anthony fauci. in the south bay a pedestrian walking in east san jose has been hit and killed by a car. crash happened 28th traffic death on san jose streets just this year and the 17th pedestrian city leaders have been struggling to improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety in the bay area's largest city.
6:37 am
this morning abc 7 news has confirmed a cause of death for a rookie san jose police officer and former, san jose state football star. san santa clara county medical examiner says deshaun packer died from a fentanyl overdose at home in milpitas last month the san jose police. chief says the circumstances surrounding his death are still under investigation packer was just 24 years old. some supporters hoping to turn a richmond district street permanently car free in san francisco. hit the pavement to spread their message this group of environmentalists pedestrian biking advocates paraded down lake street yesterday. stretch between our guelo and 28th has been car free since the pandemic started group argues. the street should be traffic free for good. if you're going east-west take california take gary take food. and and and if you create that space.
6:38 am
thousands of your fellow san franciscans as we've seen we'll take you up on it. well, not everyone is a fan of the idea saying the closure of the street makes driving the city even more difficult. the mta has been holding public meetings, but has not yet made a decision. we'll still ahead on abc 7 mornings let it snow the lake tahoe ski resort now staying open through memorial day weekend plus glasses giving power the artificial intelligence now. painting with google glasses granting countless people some all new independence. here's a live look of the bay bridge right there and you can see the ferry building on the right side beautiful morning as the sun rises. lisa argent will have your forecast a few minutes.
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this phone? fewer concert tickets. this phone? more concert tickets. and not just for my shows. switch to xfinity mobile for 30% less than t-mobile. new and existing customers get amazing value with our everyday pricing. switch today. comedy show at chase center plan. next weekend has been rescheduled due to the warriors playoff game at chase center now being on may 7th officials say
6:41 am
the funny is funny world tour by comedian joe coy will be moved up to this thursday all tickets from the original date will still be valid for entry. well some of the biggest names in country music are performing this weekend in southern california after a two-year hiatus due to covid the stagecoach country music festival enters. its day today at the empire polo club in the palm springs area. headliners include thomas rhett, carrie underwood and luke combs proof of vaccination testing or masking is not required to attend the event. well good news for skiers and snowboarders palisades. tahoe is staying open through memorial day weekend the olympic valley resort formerly known as squaw valley saw seven feet of snow in the month of april. it is extending the current season to stay open fridays saturdays and sundays through may 30th. palisades tahoe says, this is one of the longest winter seasons in the region that's great news to right there
6:42 am
meteorologist lisa argent with more on what's going up in weather. yeah overnight lows have been bottoming out at or below freezing. the mountains so good for them and back home here. we've got more 40s this morning. so it's a cooler start. we'll look for a lot of sunshine today and temperatures climbing for some of you. we'll talk about your entire sunday forecast and we come back. and it was a different kind of splash hit scene yesterday. there goes the beer and there goes the nachos plus a preview of the big game today. for the dubs sports is next. foare you looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom? i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations thanks mike! too often, homeowners hire the wrong contractor.
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♪ ♪ hazy morning in san francisco, but you can see the buildings. there's nothing like looking at that skyline, especially on a warriors sunday warriors taking the court at 12:30 this afternoon. well speaking of sports in sports. alex cobb is set to return from the injured list to start for
6:45 am
the giants and the series finale against the nationals first pitch. is that one at oracle park and the a's will avoid being swept by the cleveland guardian's first pitch there 107 at the coliseum this afternoon the game everybody's talking about the warriors open their playoff series against the memphis grizzlies at the fedex forum tip-off set for 12:30 right here on abc 7 followed by toyota after the game. the dubs will be makingventh ape conference semifinals in the last 10 years. here's abc 7 sports anchor chris alvarez with a preview in this morning. good morning, the warriors at the practice floor saturday before hopping a flight to memphis as they get ready for game one of the western conference semifinals later today 12:30 tip off right here on. 7 followed by after the game similar to the nuggets the warriors dropped three of four to the grizzlies in the regular season. memphis won 56 games compared to golden state's 53. so the grizzlies open with home court advantage to begin this
6:46 am
series, but the dubs don't mind opening in a hostile environment. well, we'd rather be at home, but we're not so, you know, we we look at this as a chance to get out to a quick start. we've had a couple of days to prepare now and we'll be ready to go. it's all about game one. just coming out with a good effort. you want to win that game and like you said still home court advantage right away and change the tone of the series from the start. no need to change a channel your afternoon plans have been made warriors grizzlies game one on abc 7 immediately followed by after the game with larry. perry and a doll giants host the nationals this baby still upset about the giants 10-run loss on friday. it's okay youngster bottom three giants down two nothing two out rally time tyro strada finds the gap in left center to rbi double ties the game top the six now four three giants jason fosler leading off the sixth with a splash homer to write part of a forerun inning. get open for the giants top the
6:47 am
ninth now liner to left darren ruff. what a plate in the game giants win 9-3, they'll look to take five of six in the season series. later today a's and guardians this guy going for ball doesn't make the catch and he loses the beer and it goes right there on. lady presumably his significant other bottom five a's down one. nothing sheldon noisy making noise second of the year ties things up. over the night still tied two on two out cleveland's richie palacios deep drive to center christian pache can't make the play guardians take a 3-1 lead and the a's fall by that score. they'll look to avoid the sweep later today nfl draft finished up on saturday the niners made several picks including the very last pick in the draft, which is actually a badge of honor called mr. irrelevant. he gets a bunch of parties thrown in his honor and the niners took a guy who's actually pretty good iowa state quarterback brock purdy who owns every own passing record nearly. no mr. relevant, though has ever thrown a pass in the nfl.
6:48 am
gm john lynch on that pic said quote he's relevant to us. purdy says he'll have fun with it, but he's got goals. outside looking in yeah, i guess it's a funny thing and i'll embrace the role and have some fun with it for sure. but at the end of the day, you know, i'm trying to go and help a team win a super bowl. so that's where my mindsets at with it. pretty cool warriors and grizzlies on abc 7 it's the place to be send it back to you. thanks so much chris join right now by meteorologist lisa argent and her warriors blue predicting it i'm taking them by six. well, that's good. i'm taking it. what did i say? last time you i believe you said 12. yeah. i'm holding you to it. i've marked it down on my sheet here. alright, let's let's go for it. good morning. everybody. love doppler 7 here and it's a quiet start to may although the system here will allow for a bit of a warm-up for us. so there's several weather systems to the north of us that will influence our weather, but it's not going to bring us any
6:49 am
rain emeryville bright out there and temperatures in oakland. in the mid-40s 49 in the city. it's 44 in mountain view 47, san jose, santa clara 42 and half moon bay 46. so all those 40s no wind out there has allowed temperatures to drop off and low 40s in the north bay with 50 in concord and 44heelso this mni the winds have been in the upper elevations. they've been out of the north mixing the atmosphere mount diablo's been at 40 miles an hour mount saint helena over 30 miles an hour. and so that's another reason why we don't have the fog we're cooler the here at the surface is still but as we get into the next few hours the warm up begin. hidden upper 40s as you get further south along the coast here and we'll see temperatures in and around the 70 degree mark here, but back home much cooler than that from montara to stinson and pacifica today. so the seabreeze is with us, but it's a warmer day elsewhere than the gusty winds come back into play for your monday and then by tuesday and wednesday, it's an
6:50 am
offshore flow that allows for a rapid warm-up. we're talking temperatures. well above normal wednesday looks to be the warmest day throughout the afternoon. that seabreeze 25 to 30 miles an hour, but we won't be quite as gusty as we were yesterday and that allows for more 70s to near 80 inland so overnight it's a calm night until the early morning hours. when we're pretty breezy to windy throughout the afternoon 30 maybe. 40 mile an hour winds here upper elevations will even more gusty and so average temperatures will be below average as we get into your monday as for the numbers into the afternoon just in the 60s for most of us a few low 70. up towards our inland valleys and we're back into the 50s here with maybe that 40 mile an hour wind gusts at the coast tuesday. look what happens a big rebound mid 80s inland 70s returned to the bayshore and then by wednesday. yeah that heat is in place a little bit of an offshore wind and we're warming up.
6:51 am
even more so to near 90 inland pleasant day even at our beaches with those winds moving a bit slower highs today underneath all that sun from the low 70s the peninsula the near east bay and up in wine country. i'm getting a little warm upper 70s there the winds with us at the coast and 75 in san jose looking at near 80 in antioch in the accio. there's seven day forecast. so we're back to those gusty winds for the start of the work week with temperatures down a good six degrees or and then tuesday wednesday, we're back to much warmer weather and thursday back to the cool down that roller coaster ride continues and into next weekend. we're still dry and looking at some pleasant weather. so no coat today. maybe unless you're at the coast and then cool it for everyone tomorrow lisa. i think most people would say a one day break. even if it's just one day break from those winds is a win-win. yeah, i would agree. thanks so much. well remember those google glasses from full of years ago
6:52 am
they were once billed as the next big thing in tech but never really went too far today that technology is being used again this time. it's helping the visually impaired sea abc 7 news reporter david. louis explains how it works go ahead and just pull them over your ear like normal. neeraj gupta is hoping these special glasses are going to be a life changer after starting to lose vision. 20s from a progressive disorder he had to stop driving and working in finance if there's some technology out there if there's some way that can help. in my daily life, i will do what it takes to regain my independence to still live a normal life a dutch firm and vision has taken the newest iteration of google glasses and added artificial intelligence. it says double tap to scan the text so i didn't try. sounds like it took a picture. yeah, they can capture and then read aloud text labels or signs in front of the user. matter of seconds english
6:53 am
mccarthur conan says this opens a new world for the blind and visually impaired. vision reads over 60 different languages including right to left languages like hebrew arabic and so on it reads handwritten languages handwritten scripts as well and vision glasses can create a database of objects and faces. so what a user walks into a room the glasses will describe who were what is there and when a user needs help the glasses will call an ally displaying what the user's glasses are seeing then they can have a hands-free call to help the user navigate a complex center. we've got two big conference rooms. in front of you to the left to my left. okay, great. i'm always trying to figure out am i at train station is the right direction i'm going and when i get on the train, is there someone sitting in front of me about 1,000 people are using envision classes. there are 3,500 costs is sometimes covered by insurance new features are being added such as the ability to detect between a one and twenty dollar bill in the field of vision.
6:54 am
there are lots of choices but the envision glasses definitely are going to be a game changer in terms of giving people more flexibility in terms of mobility as well as independence in palo alto, david louis. abc 7 news up next a well-deserved. thank you gift volunteers stepping up to give a fresh coat of paint to this neighbor's entire house if you have advanced non-small cell lung cancer, your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently.e with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread, tests positive for pd-l1, and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene. together, opdivo plus yervoy helps your immune system launch a response that fights cancer in two different ways. opdivo plus yervoy equals a chance for more time together. more family time. more time to remember. opdivo and yervoy can cause your immune system to harm healthy parts of your body during and after treatment. these problems can be severe and lead to death. see your doctor right away if you have a cough;
6:55 am
chest pain; shortness of breath; irregular heartbeat; diarrhea; constipation; severe stomach pain, nausea or vomiting; dizziness; fainting; eye problems; extreme tiredness; changes in appetite, thirst or urine; rash; itching; confusion; memory problems; muscle pain or weakness; joint pain; flushing; or fever. these are not all the possible side effects. problems can occur together and more often when opdivo is used with yervoy. tell your doctor about all medical conditions including immune or nervous system problems, if you've had or plan to have an organ or stem cell transplant, or received chest radiation. here's to a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about the combination of two immunotherapies, opdivo plus yervoy. thank you to all those in our clinical trials.
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♪ ♪ how's he still playin'? aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength. reduces inflammation. don't touch my piano. kick pain in the aspercreme. here are the winning numbers from last night's 20 million dollar powerball drawing 14 21, 37 44 63 and the powerball of one. no one matched all numbers so that means monday's jackpot grows to 27 million and the winning numbers from last night's super lotto plus drawn three, 15, 21, 35 46 and 18. there wasas one jackpot ticket that won 38 million dollars sold at a san diego 711. wednesday's jackpot drawing. well then move to seven million
6:57 am
dollars. well in bay a hundred year old american war hero getting aerd gift edrd gci is a decorated veteran who helped save the lives of 300 fellow soldiers during normandy rebuilding together silicon valley and volunteers from the campbell civil engineering company sandus repainted his entire home and east san jose yesterday garcia bought the home new in 1954 and has been part of the fabric of the south bay ever since here is lisa with a final look at our weather and boy, that's one that makes you feel good. yeah. nice story there i can morning everyone it's sunny out there and we'll look for temperatures in the today over in oakland fremont, san mateo so up a few degrees still breezy to windy at the coast and maybe 80 in antioch. yeah, you were there seven-day forecast cooler for your monday those wins kicking up and much warmer tuesday wednesday. it only lasts a couple of days, and then we cool back off by the
6:58 am
end of the week still dry though not looking at any real big changes quiet to start may jr. thank you so much. well, thanks for joining us on abc 7 mornings. i'm j r stone along with lisa arjun. don't forget we have you covered with dubs on seven later this afternoon catch game one between the warriors and grizzlies right here on abc 7 coverage st covert 12:30 followed by after the game. we got two words to say go dubs. c7 news continues at 9 am have a great day. great day. before treating your chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more, you're not the only one with questions about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine before they even start, with about 10 minutes of treatment once every 3 months. so, ask your doctor if botox® is right for you, and if a sample is available. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection
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causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be signs of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue, and headache. don't receive botox® if there's a skin infection. tell your doctor your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. in a survey, 92% of current users said they wish they'd talked to their doctor and started botox® sooner. plus, right now, you may pay zero dollars for botox®. ask your doctor about botox® today.
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good morning america. breaking overnight, surprise visit. house speaker nancy pelosi leading a delegation of lawmakers to ukraine meeting with president zelenskyy. >> my commitment is to be there for you until the fight is done. >> the new evacuations from a besieged steel plant as ukrainians take drastic measures to stop the russians flooding their own towns. plus, the visit from angelina jolie. the president's appearance, joe biden attending the white house correspondents dinner overnight. the mass gathering raising covid concerns after a number of west wing cases. navy deaths -- the military
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