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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 2, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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now at five, the big rig crashes into the bay bridge toll plaza. ukrain theeareggigm uswe, wh80 s monday, may 2. reggie: we kick it off with a look at the four cast. we are talking about 80's this week? lisa: this week but not today. the effect of some cooler air complements of gusty northerly wind will be with us throughout the day. 50 in san mateo and 51 in hayward. pretty breezy from san francisco , 30 miles per hour but we have
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a wind advisory first -- for the coastal north bay in winds could gust up to 45 miles per hour. it's dark out there right now but as we get through the morning hours, the clouds will begin to thin out so we will be partly cloudy and the wind will pickup with highs mainly in the 60's. a few low 70's in land. we will be talking about the warm up in detail coming up. kumasi: if your commute takes you across the bay bridge, you will notice another lane of the toll plaza is now closed. that's because a big rig slammed into a tollbooth last night . we are tracking what this means for computers. amy: prepare yourself if you are headed this way. another lane closure and this one because of this crash last night.
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it is closed and is right next to a lane that was already close because of a car wreck years ago. the debris has been cleared out but traffic will be impacted. a big rig track -- crashed into a tollbooth around 9:30 p.m. last night and the impact ripped tollbooth 13 off its foundation and into a lane of traffic stop a car then crashed into the debris. no one was hurt and the drivers were all ok. this is the second major crash into a tollbooth of the bay bridge. the last one was fatal that happened five years ago in 2017. the toll taker in the booth was killed when a box truck driven by a drunk and high driver slammed into a line of cars and into the booth. officials have not replaced that booth and they likely won't. the state is moving toward eliminating all tollbooths and using an open road toll system and tolls will be paid primarily
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through fast-track in that project should take a while. 2026 is the target year for completion. that's down the road but today, the issue at hand is these close lanes with traffic moving fine now early but this could possibly be an issue as the morning commute picks up. jobyna: thank you, i will track this as well for everyone. you can see the bay bridge toll plaza will be lane 13. that will be impacted throughout the morning. i will keep you posted on drive times. it's moving freely right now but the chp issued a wind advisory for the bay ridge toll plaza so i will keep and i on that as well. reggie: thank you.
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open police are looking into a string of armed robberies. there was at least for saturday. a couple visiting from atlanta where the victims and the thieves got away with $40,000 in cash and possessions. we share their story. >> peace has been broken, my heart is hurting but i am thankful and grateful to be alive stop > what was meant to be a happy day turned into a nightmare scenario saturday. the atlanta-based couple were in oakland over the weekend to celebrate the 91st birthday. hours before the party, the pair was robbed it gunpoint while walking to their car. >> i still see the guns. the only thing i was waiting on was the shots. >> as he and his wife were walking out of a restaurant around 1 p.m., they suddenly found themselves surrounded by three men step two of them had guns pressed against his head post-up they say
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between the two of them come the thieves stole around $40,000 worth of goods. items including cash for their trip, her purse and jewelry. in spite of the loss, he was determined not to let it ruin the reason he came into town and the first place, his grandmother. >> those guys took a lot of items for me but they left me with my life and that was the most beautiful thing that i could show up at that party. >> despite the traumatic experience, they were moved by the outpouring of support they received from others nearby and they say one minute particular stayed with them for hours after the incident to make sure they were ok. >> we had people coming to us placing money in her hands and saying they were sorry for what happened and they don't want us to have that impression of their city. >> as the couple gears up to head home, they don't know what the future holds.
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they plan to take it one day at a time. >> everything has been violated. my peace, my heart and me personally, i don't know what to expect when i get back home. kumasi: house speaker nancy pelosi led a congressional delegation into ukraine. this the first since the russian invasion began in february. this comes as a cease fire mariupol has allowed some ukrainians to escape. we will check back in and a moment. reggie: dr. joe biden is traveling to romania and slovakia and will spend the mother's day weekend showing support for ukrainian refugees. from a 5-9, she will meet with u.s. service members and representatives along with government officials. the mother's day holiday will
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include a visit with you any and refugees, mothers and children displaced by the war. lisa: we are looking at some changes today and that was a preview there. a late-season cold front to the north of us will miss some rain stop for us, it's about the wind and cooler temperatures today. the breeze is coming back along the peninsula and gusty along the coast. a little bit of patchy fog with temperatures 10 degrees cooler today post-up then we will get into a summerlike warm up for tuesday and wednesday. it was pretty for the airport and as wthug afternoon, by about 2 p.m., we will have a dry cold front passed through and that's when the wind picks up out of the northwest, 36-46 miles per hour through the afternoon post-up it
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will be breezy to gusty in the inland valleys. we get that wind shift and that will allow for a big warm up tuesday. this will take us to the warmest day of the week which is wednesday. very windy conditions today and temperatures held down into the mid 60's. this is cooler than we have had since the last you days but we will reverse the trend. jobyna: good morning, we will start talking about the wind as well because we are seeing them on the traffic front. there is a wind advisory issued for the bridges. there is a wind advisory at the toll plaza and i will keep you
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posted on the traffic in that area. a minor slow down san rafael to san francisco. reggie: three boisterous boys and a career he is girl at a local wildlife sanctuary. kumasi: the family of a rookie san jose police officer who died after an overdose is commenting on his death. reggie: prison break manhunt, the search for a murder suspect in the corrections officer may have helped him get out. kumasi:
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champions do. and you're a star. and you shine. that's what you do. that's what you do every day. [inspirational music] reggie: who killed jonbenet ramsey. her father is supporting a new petition to try and find the person who killed her. it asked the governor of colorado to launch a new investigation and additional dna testing. he wants the testing done by an independent agency, not the boulder police department. she was found dead in the
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basement of her parents home in 1996. the police department responded to the petition saying that you state-of-the-art technology and that continues to be at the forefront of its investigation. kumasi: a manhunt is underway this morning for a murder suspect and the corrections officer who may have helped him escape from an alabama jail most >> in version manhunt. >> he was angry and wondering how that's possible. >> the capital murder suspect is still on the run along with a corrections officer after breaking out of the jail friday morning. >> we are convinced that she assisted him. did she do that willingly or was she somehow coerced or forced to help him? >> vicki's mother sent a message to her. >> just come home, that's all she needs to do, turn herself in
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and come home. >> coming up at 7 a.m., we will have a live report from outside the detention center where the plot unfolded. this was your gma first look. reggie: we are hearing from the family of a rookie san jose police officer who died after a fatal overdose. the corner fentanyl talk city contributed to the death of the 24-year-old. he was a star football player at san jose state and was found dead at his home and police are investigating and family members said there was no indication he was involved in illicit activity and he was heavily against it as evidence by his chosen profession. he joined the san jose police department to make a difference and he did not want the police to be seen as a negative entity stop they said they want him remembered as someone who brought good to the world. kumasi: santa clara county super
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size are -- supervisor was to greenlight $300 million for planned parenthood stuff this is in anticipation of seeking abortion surfaces. she expects california to be a sanctuary state abortions because of the restrictions being and i could across the country. [no audio] reggie: there is a month of events for asian american pacific islander heritage month. after they lost their job during the pandemic, the open tiger bunny studio to inspire others to go for their dreams. the celebration yesterday featured musicians and drinks and jewelry. two more celebrations are planned for wednesday, may 15 at
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the russian hill location. kumasi:kumasi: a popular wildlife sanctuary has some new residence, warthog piglets. this is the four of them with their mom. they made the announcement on their web page. the parks is mom and dad are proud and they were born in early april and the timing couldn't have been better. the park says they moved into a brand-new habitat in february just in time to get them ready for the new family. reggie: they are so cute. kumasi: now we have to name them. how are we going to keep up? reggie: i don't know. kumasi: very cute. lisa: a windy day in safari west and we will kick in those ends
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later today with a dry cold front that will push into the bay area. the rain has stopped around sonoma county we will get some very gusty wind with the wind advisory along the coast in the north day. 50 right now in foster city and 51 in san bruno. about 47 in redwood city and a wider view shows temperatures in the 40's in napa and 51 in hayward post-up we were a little cooler 24 hours ago we're starting out this morning a little bit much -- milder but we will reverse that trend. our surface wind will gusts to 30 miles per hour in the city. oakland is already breezy. once the front moves through, we will pick up the wind and it will feel pretty blustery. through 8:00 p.m., the clouds will clear. -- through 8:00 a.m., the clouds
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will clear and it will be bright and brisk for your monday. the wind is coming out of the south to start out and then the northwest look at the colors. the wind carries all the way into the delta's of pretty gusty day today and on tuesday, we get the offshore wind with temperatures much warmer. we will see 80's and could see that in san francisco on wednesday. looking at tuesday, mid 60's to low 70's across the day and low 70's in land st.the coastal move up a little bit as the atmosphere dries out. still a few 80's in land but cooler as the sea breeze returns and that will be the key to the weather for the next several days post-up getting back to normal for the weekend with spring conditions where we have
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the wind allowing for some of the cool down. looking at friday, a weather system could move into the sierra nevada's, maybe 1/100 and this will bring in the cooler weather and breezy wind as we get behind the offshore flow thursday into next friday and the first part of the weekend. only upper 50's in half moon bay. numbers in the mid 60's and a couple of 70's out there. it will be breezy out there. we are looking at numbers in the 70's but most of us will be in the 60's. through the middle of the week, it is warm tuesday through thursday and we are cooler friday and could see raindrops late friday into saturday with maybe mountain snow as well. pretty up and down week ahead. reggie: coming up, the seven
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things you need to know this morning. kumasi: celebrating naomi judd. reggie: it is about 5:19 a.m. as we look outside on this monday morning who do you think you are?
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kumasi: 5:20 a.m. in the seven things you need to know this morning. they tollbooth has been heavily damaged after it was hit by a grade. the debris has been cleared up a traffic has been impacted. jobyna: the lane impacted at the toll plaza will be lane 13, currently closed as we bring you a live picture from the bay bridge toll plaza and no delays at this moment stop reggie: a silver alert has been activated for this woman missing. she is an 83-year-old. she was last seen last night wearing pajamas. kumasi: number four, new york arch bishop made a surprise visit to ukraine. he's been in the region meeting with refugees. lisa: starting out with temperatures on the cool side
5:22 am
and the wind picks up with highs mainly in the 60's. reggie: neighbors in san francisco's selma neighborhood said there after another sideshow. police have made no arrests but say they were working to identify the people involved. kumasi: netflix stopped work on meghan markle's animated series. it says it was a strategic decision and they dropped several programs. reggie: friends and family are giving a lot of props to country star naomi judd who passed away suddenly as 76. this came one big before her and her daughter were inducted into the country hall of fame. i am of -- i am naomi judd. >> we are hearing from ashley and wynonna judd after the testing of their mother. >> my mama love you so much.
5:23 am
she appreciated your love for her. i'm sorry she couldn't hang on until today. >> they announced her debt saturday, tribute and illness but not elaborating further stop at the induction ceremony last night, they discussed her final moments. >> we all gathered around her. >> they were inducted one day later. >> i didn't prepare anything tonight because i knew mom would probably talk the most. [applause] >> naomi and wynonna took country storm -- took country music by storm in the 1980's. they recorded 14 number one hits. she spoke -- she spoke about her struggle with depression. >> my final diagnosis was severe depression, treatment resistant
5:24 am
because they tried every single thing they had in their arsenal. >> her family insisted that her induction ceremony go on as planned and she took a moment to shine a light in her big sister. >> i love you and i'm proud of you and mom was always part of you. >> the judds reunited in april at the cmt music awards, singing one of the most iconic song. ♪ >> it turned out to be their final performance. the judds recently announced a farewell tour for the fall, making her death all the more unexpected. naomi judd was 76 years old. kumasi: happening today, princess charlotte is celebrating her seventh birthday. her parents shared three new photos of their only daughter. they show her outside and one,
5:25 am
she's hugging the family dog and the pictures were taken in england this weekend. today is a public holiday in the u.k. so charlotte is off from school. a man who makes custom game controllers has come up with this, he turned a fisher-price toy meant for babies into a controller for his xbox. it's fully functioning for the game console and still has the original fisher-price sound effects. if you can do it, do it. reggie: why not? it was probably cheaper as well. coming up, the country the just reopened its doors after a two-year lockout because of the pandemic. kumasi: the tech company ending covid pay for those who test positive. reggie: the warriors gearing up for game two against the grizzlies. kumasi: a live look outside at 5:25 a.m., we will be right back.
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because with everyday low pricing on quality in-stock products and on-trend styles, you can really bring your living room to life. discover floor and decor today! building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. julian: a tollbooth at the bay bridge ripped off its foundation and are tracking the impact this morning of this crash when it might mean for your morning commute. kumasi: a local woman helping save dogs left behind in ukraine, the unlikely duo who has no plans to slow down anytime soon. julian: new concerns about record gas prices.
5:29 am
good morning and thank you for being with us, it is monday, start of a new month. let's kumasi: check our forecast. lisa: good morning, we are looking at temperatures that are pretty typical, in the upper 40's and low 50's. 51 in hayward and the wind will pick up today and it will be the coolest day of the week in the wind will come in behind the cold front with wind gusting to 25 miles per hour. close to that at the airport and the city so the wind is beginning to increase through the middle of the afternoon and gusty along the coast and upper elevations. by 9:00 a.m., it's in the 50's and cool in the 50's and cool and the wind starts to blow. it's warming up in one but not as warm as it's been. most of us will be in the 60's with northwesterly wind today and partly cloudy skies3.we do a big-time reversal as the winds shift to an onshore
5:30 am
component, warming us into the 80's in some spots tomorrow. details on that coming up. julian: a heads up if your commute takes you through the bridge toll plaza. a big rig slammed into a tollbooth causing a big mess. we go live to the scene with the latest. amy: good morning, you don't see debris out here anymore from that crash but take a closer look. you will see the impact is still here. a closed lane and the tollbooth is gone. a big rig crashed into a tollbooth around 930 p.m. last night and it rips that tollbooth right off its foundation and tossed it into the lane of traffic. a car than crashed into the debris. it was a chain reaction but no one was hurt. the tollbooths are empty and the drivers were all ok.
5:31 am
this is the second major crash into a tollbooth at the bay bridge and the last one was fatal five years ago. the toll taker in the booth was killed when a box truck driven by a drunk driver was also high slammed into a line of cars and into that booth. officials have not replaced that tollbooth and they likely won't. the state is moving toward eliminating all tollbooths at all bridges across the state and there moving toward using that open toll system where tolls are paid through fasttrack. that project could take about four years. 2026 is the target date to get them cleared out with the day bridge being the last one. these tollbooths will still be here but now we've lost two of them to crashes and that will probably impact your commute this morning as the lane is still close.
5:32 am
traffic looks ok now but expect some delays later on this morning as the commute heats up. kumasi: the mother of san francisco district attorney has died. he was able to make it to new york city yesterday morning and time to say goodbye. she had cancer and was a member of the radical group the weather underground and spent 22 years in prison in connection with a deadly bank robbery. after her release from prison, she went on to earn a doctorate and taught as a professor at columbia university and was 78 years old. julian: new york archbishop cardinal timothy dolan made a surprise visit to ukraine, spending the night in the country. he crossed the border into poland hours ago with his delegation. he has been in the region since friday, meeting with humanitarian aid workers and refugees. he told a reporter that he wanted to see what was happening
5:33 am
in the country himself. >> in general, the people were confident, hopeful and grateful for the help they got. that was uplifting for me. julian: cardinal dolan was not the only high-ranking official to visit poland this weekend. house speaker nancy pelosi led a delegation meeting with president zelenskyy. she is the highest level u.s. official to visit since the war started two months ago. a forest hill woman is teaming up with a world champion sled dog razor to help save dogs left behind in ukraine. this unlikely duo has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. >> the face of one of dozens of dogs rescued in ukraine by one of the worlds best sled dog razor's. -- racers. he offered up help. >> we posted on facebook.
5:34 am
if somebody needs my help, i have a special transport for dogs exiting from ukraine and i just go next day. >> he and a team of are evacuating dogs left in the shadows of war. >> we even support dogs without legs after he was bombed. we fought for his life but we lost him. >> they've saved 250 dogs and cats were also delivering 60 tons of dance of lies to shelters and -- tons of supplies to shelters. >> we do it with dogs and cats and kids because they need help stop >> helping to keep these efforts dogs. >> i've been in business for over 25 years in san francisco and i had a doggy daycare and a dog training facility. i just love dogs.
5:35 am
>> her instinct was to get over there but of battle with chronic lime disease nearly stole her life. that also put her on the sidelines. >> i had experience and illness not long ago and it prevents me from doing search-and-rescue work anymore. >> organizing a fundraiser to help fund the field to get these dogs over the border and into safety. >> the fundraiser is to keep them on the road stop he's got shelter on wheels because of what he does in the world championships, sponsors for getting free dog food. it's just perfect. i really want to keep him moving. >> as for igor, he talks to us from france where he just won his eighth world championship and will soon back to the rescue in ukraine. kumasi: taking a look at the economy, there are growing
5:36 am
concerns about rising gas prices. it's about the prices that truckers are paying that could affect all of us. we are tracking this issue this morning. jobyna: diesel prices are hitting an all-time high. they are reaching $5.30 per gallon which is up two dollars from this time last year. what this means is that the price changes can increase inflation which puts a strain on all of our wallets. diesel is essential to the supply chain with all heavy duty trance trucks and trains use diesel as well as cargo ships. higher prices on everything is to be expected in the pain is immediate for truckers. >> i'm losing money. to be honest, i don't know what i can do. jobyna: oil companies reporting rising profits, some up to four
5:37 am
times higher than last year. democrats are proposing legislation that would allow the federal trade commission to monitor prices and go after oil companies. . julian: thank you. now to the latest pandemic headlines. contra costa county will announce a plan to refocus its emergency response to covid. the path to zero initiative blame to reduce preventable death in the fda has announced a meeting next month to talk about the request for emergency evacuation for its vaccine. the request has been pending since january. officials in beijing have enacted sweeping restrictions. all of the city's 22 million residents will have to go through three rounds of mandatory covid testing. amazon is ending its paid leave, paid covid leave for its worker starting today. employees will have to use sick time or take unpaid leave if they test positive.
5:38 am
the company is not paying employees if they need time off to which test results. kumasi: new zealand has read opens to tourists after two-year lockout because of the pandemic. taurus from over 50 countries can get back into new zealand after restrictions were dropped. you can see how emotional those reunions were. one man traveled from ohio to meet his partner at the airport. >> it's been two years since suspension of wondering if and when and never knowing if the moment was going to come. julian: kumasi: more than 3 million tourists visit annually and now the real test will be when the southern hemisphere summer starts in december. a massive sideshow tears of a
5:39 am
san francisco street waking up neighbors. -- the early morning chaos. julian: a sunday stroll in san jose with a special meeting, the latest post-pandemic come back. now we check in for a look at the forecast. lisa: here is a cold front that is pushing through northern california. we are already feeling the effects and gusty southerly wind and northwest winds this afternoon. temperatures near 50 in san carlos. warmer than yesterday with wind picking up and that is mixing the atmosphere with that slightly warmer start. 25 mile per wind gusts and they will bill this afternoon. that wind advert is read 1 p.m. through 9 p.m. along the north they coast where winds can gust up to 40 miles per hour. for the rest of, us out of
5:40 am
the south. 45 mile per hour wind here but still very easy and gusty across the bay. ions to the north that the offshore component, allowing for a big warm up on tuesday. this will dry out the atmosphere. in the south bay today, highs will be around seven day. tomorrow near 80 and mid 80's and then we get a cool down by the end of the week. 65 in fremont 67 in richmond with low 70's and the winds throughout the day. jobyna: good morning, a big slow down for commuters coming out of concord. southbound 242 just south of concord avenue, speeds are to 11 miles per hours in the area and it will not pick up until you
5:41 am
reach walnut creek because of a stalled car blocking at least one lane. i will let you know when it clears. the headlights are traveling south found and everything is moving smoothly. if you are tng towar the bay bridge toll plaza, we have lanes shut down. that tollbooth area is pretty much destroyed and close this morning. our drive times are green across the board. the main thing is the slowdown in concord.
5:42 am
5:43 am
kumasi: the women killed in a crash and he's san jose was not in a crosswalk. it happened saturday night and north capitol avenue near
5:44 am
interstate 16. the prescription involved in suv traveling northbound in the driver got off at 680 was merging onto capital when he hit the woman. the second suv behind the car also hit her and she is the 17 pedestrian to be killed this year in san jose. city leaders have been struggling to improve safety. julian: being a spectator at a sideshow could possibly get you in legal trouble in one city. the pittsburgh city council discussed new order in this ordinance. it would make it against the law to attend a sideshow on private company. they will have a meeting today in california let law prohibits such as but does not cover enforcing anti-sideshow stores on the property. the downtown san francisco intersection is filled with skidmarks after massiw
5:45 am
arly sunday. crowds took over maine street and it was a scary wake-up call for those live in the area. we spoke with neighbors who said they have had enough. >> it was insane. i was in my apartment last night and got home from a flight to get a good nights sleep. >> this is what hundreds of neighbors woke up too early sunday morning, a big sideshow. this was near the bay bridge. >> my window was closed last night and you could smell the rubber. it was a fruitful -- a brutal smell and fireworks going off, just a nightmare. >> so many cars. >> sideshow spectators were everywhere in these telltale skidmarks were left behind. >> five or 600 people were there, maybe more.
5:46 am
>> other neighbors grab video showing traffic lack -- backed up for blocks and blocks. >> the city needs to something about it. they need to get the police here on time. >> witayole 15 minutes after thl sideshow began. in many cases, officers are outnumbered. >> not only are we outnumbered but we are likely outgunned as well because people are bringing automatic weapons to these events and firing off indiscriminately. >> another sideshow was reported about the same time across town at geneva. the department is working on a coordinate response >>. we are doing the best we can. we need more help and we need more bodies. without a doubt.
5:47 am
you just feel like you were rolling the dice. >> neighbor say many drivers participated in the sideshow and took off before police arrived. julian: in san francisco, police say no rest have been made and investigators are working to identify those involved. the stump driving response unit arrived on scene and is conducting investigations for each location. julian: kumasi: in honor of international workers day, hundreds for racial justice. the rally started at embarcadero plaza in several groups re-created the 1934 may date march of market street and that protest led to the unionization of all west coast shipping ports in the united states. this dates back over a century fight for the eight day work day. -- eight hour workday.
5:48 am
in north bay, there was a long list of demands from participants in an international workers day protest in santa rosa. they joined the call for immigration reform yesterday and they want the county to provide hazard pay and disaster insurance for workers in evacuation zones and are asking the county sheriff to stop working with ice undocumented workers. julian: in the south bay, calle his back. the first event of the season took over the streets yesterday in the event is part of a citywide program to get people outside following covid-19 closures. nearly five miles of san jose's treats were closed allowing people to walk and bike. >> this is a citywide event that really celebrates and invites
5:49 am
san jose residents to experience their city. julian: the parks and wrecked apartments planning anotherviva calle event this spring. let's look at the forecast. lisa: somebody is excited most now it will be warm, just a brief two day event. it warms up and cools off. today is the coolest day of the week. you need to grab your jacket today because the wind will build. the system to the north to the love for gusty winds in san francisco along the peninsula and a wind advisory this afternoon for the coast and parts of the upper elevations in the north and east bay hills. looking at 46 in mountain view. we are looking at the wind
5:50 am
beginning to build. it's been kind of greasy all night long so from oakland to san francisco ahead of the system and then the system comes there we get north westerly wind and the wind shifts tomorrow. partly cloudy this morning gusty and sharply cooler today with 5-10 degrees cooler. we had a mild day yesterday with the wind backing off and a reversal today. the summerlike warm up for tuesday then wednesday looks to be the warmest day of the weeks of back to the 50's this afternoon with the wind very strong, over 40 miles per hour. we should see upper 60's in oakland in mid-60's today and some of the warmer locations in the south bay. introsa said down from yesterday's reading stop we will talk about the big warm up
5:51 am
tomorrow with upper 70's in san francisco for wednesday with widespread 60's at the shoreline. julian: thank you. the pandemic pet boom, there is a growing push to make the return to the office fuzzier and the type of business is most willing to make that happen. kumasi: another win on the road for the warriors, the watch party at home as the team gets ready for game tw
5:52 am
this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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julian: a great start to the week for any warriors fan . . they won their game one thriller to start this series. the final moments of the game, klay thompson with the three-point shot sealing the win for the warriors.
5:54 am
it felt sweeter after being sidelined years with two devastating leg injuries. >> that was a fun night. the two years i had an back to feeling the highs and lows of basketball, it's awesome. julian: the warriors need three more wins to advance to the next round of playoffs. there was a controversial ejection yesterday's game and tomorrow night's game two at memphis at 6:30 p.m. kumasi: the warriors will host another watch party for game to outside. warriors fans pack to the area to cheer on the dose. -- the dubs. >> this, great to celebrate.
5:55 am
>>s gh kumasi: all the watch parties are free but you have to rsvp on the chase center website and the party tomorrow starts at 5 p.m. julian: that's a good time right there. a piece of baseball history has sold at auction. a bat used by jackie robinson in the 1949 all-star game just sold for more than $1 million. that was his rookie year. he became the first person of color to play in the major leaks. his daughter gave the world get -- gave the bat to golden auctions. his jersey last year sold for more than $4 million. lisa: this is a preview of what you can expect in the coming few days. today it's all about the wind and cooler temperatures and we will get into the 60's and 70's
5:56 am
than 80's for tuesday step upper 70's and near 80 for san francisco on wednesday and 70's so this is underdone for wednesday. near 90 inland london we will be in that cool down toward thursday but well above average. a wind advisory for the more coast of the north bay and looking at higher elevations with dusty northwesterly wind. kumasi: new at six, the first ever piece of niners gear you can take on the road and it will be released in a few minutes. julian: plus, keeping and i on the backup of the bay bridge toll plaza. a nasty big rig crash and we are back live with a check for your morning commute. >> my piece has been broken in my heart is hurting but i am thankful and grateful to be alive. kumasi: two tourist from georgia being rocket gunpoint, the
5:57 am
warning of what happened. julian: at 556, we take a live look outside and this beautiful monday
5:58 am
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i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. kumasi: top stories right now. big rigs, big crash. the tollbooth collision that could cause serious delays to your morning commute.
6:00 am
>> urgent evacuation's in ukraine. the cease fire allowing some citizens to evacuate. >> he attacked me and i ran faster, he followed me. >> i turned around to run and he lunged again and pat me on my butt. kumasi: first it was a feral fox, and now, it is this turkey terrorizing the nation's capital. multiple agencies trying to cage this aggressive bird that apparently has an attitude. julian: tased him 400 yards? he has some legs on him. clearly, we have a lot to get to. kumasi: we are going to chart -- start with a check of our forecast. lisa: we do have the wind to contend with today and


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