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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 2, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight, breaking news from ukraine, just hours after the dramatic escape from that steel plant in mariupol. now, the raging fire there. video circulating online showing brutal russian attacks igniting that massive fire at the plant in mariupol. it comes after those images, video from a group of ukrainian fighters, showing civilians emerging from that plant, climbing over the rubble. many seeing daylight for the first time in weeks. now, the scene unfolding at that plant and ian pannell from ukraine tonight. back here at home, the severe weather threat as we come on the air. tornado watches up right now, after those horrific images, that ef-3 tornado, winds up to 155 miles per hour. ginger zee timing this out. the urgent search tonight
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for a murder suspect and now an arrest warrant for the woman, the corrections officer at the jail who disappeared, too. tonight, what alabama authorities are now saying about key surveillance. the pandemic and tonight, new york city raising its covid alert level. infection rates in the northeast approaching their highest levels in nearly three months. what new york's mayor is now saying tonight. a former philadelphia police officer now charged with murder tonight for allegedly shooting a 12-year-old boy in the back during a gun fight. pierre thomas standing by. the "uss george washington" and tonight, an alarming crisis onboard. it's believed seven crew members dying by apparent suicide. three lives lost in just the last month. what the navy is now saying tonight. a former new york city police officer is now the first person convicted of assaulting another officer during the january 6th capitol riot. what he now faces. the breaking headline late today. the alarming security breach near windsor castle. paying tribute to country music star naomi judd. what we're learning about her
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death. her final performance just three weeks ago. and what she told our robin roberts about mental health and depression. and welcome back, charlie. charlie gibson teaming up with his daughter kate. good evening and it's great to start another week with all of you at home. and we begin tonight with the breaking developments in the war in ukraine. tonight, russia now claiming to have hit 800 targets in a single day, just hours after civilians emerged from that steel plant in mariupol, after so many weeks sheltering there and then being trapped there. tonight, reports of a raging fire at that plant now. those searing images from the azov battalion posted by ukrainian officials. women, children, and elderly ukrainians seen emerging from that steel factory. many seeing daylight for the first time in months. tonight, news of the raging fire there. russia renewing its attack on
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that steel plant. black smoke filling the sky. far too dangerous for anyone else to get out. it is unknown how many are still inside, but it's believed to be in the hundreds. abc's senior foreign correspondent ian pannell from ukraine tonight. >> reporter: tonight, relentless russian attacks sparking this raging fire at that massive steel plant in mariupol, seen in video circulating online. ukraine saying no civilians were evacuated today. we just spoke to ilya samoylenko, a spokesman with the far-right azov battalion who is at the plant. >> the azovstal plant is constantly under fire and the city is under fire. >> reporter: today's strikes coming just hours after about 100 civilians escaped from that plant, mostly women, children, and the elderly. finally emerging from the cold, black depths below the factory floor. most haven't seen daylight in weeks. this video filmed by the azov battalion. in buses, they finally began their journey to safety, but no news tonight whether they've reached ukrainian territory yet.
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nina says during the bombing, the floors were caving and shaking, walls peeling off. utterly traumatized, she says, "i finally saw the sky today." ukraine claiming new victories, releasing video they say shows drones destroying two russian boats. america also sending drones here. and in another strong show of support, house speaker pelosi lead a congressional delegation to kyiv, meeting zelenskyy over the weekend. across ukraine, intense shelling has driven people underground. this subway station is now home to more than 700 people. men, women, children, on a platform with a train that's going nowhere.
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some have lived here since the start of the invasion. it's shocking to witness. we're deep below ground. there's a railway car there. you can see children are here playing. there are hundreds and hundreds of people living here. some of them have been here since the start of the war. this is where they sleep, it's where they eat, it's where they wash, it's where they hope and they pray that this war will come to an end soon. natalia has been here since day one. she introduces us to the other residents of this subterranean community. they are now her neighbors and friends. like mykola, who sleeps between the turnstiles with his wife. how do you cope with the mental pressure? "it's hard," he says. "you're in a cellar within a cellar and if you go outside, there are explosions, windows shattering. you have to run." the pain of what they endure is all too clear. ♪ natalia sings an old ukrainian folk song with vitaly called "what a moonlit sky." but there is no moon down here, no sun neither, just sadness and fading hope. natalia just wants to go home. today is her 68th day
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underground. >> extraordinary images. ian joins us from a bunker in the second-largest city of kharkiv, where he was just reporting from. and ian, we reported here on the broadcast that the u.s. believes russia's offensive in the eastern donbas region is well behind schedule. we've now learned a top russian general has visited the donbas region. what more have you learned about the purpose of that visit and obviously, as we're on the air tonight, what more do we know about that raging fire at that steel plant? >> reporter: yeah, david, i mean, the general, as you say, is the head of the russian armed forces. we learned that he spent multiple days in the donbas, according to a senior u.s. defense official. now, presumably he's there to see first-hand why this campaign is going so slowly and making so little progress. the pentagon describing it as plodding. but no confirmation whether or not he was actually injured, though, reports suggesting he was there, but the pentagon saying it can't confirm or deny that. as you say, a fire raging at the
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steel plant. when we spoke to the spokesman for the azov brigade tonight, he also confirmed that the fire had been raging throughout the day, that the site had come under attack. we're also learning, finally tonight, that there are new plans to try to get those last 100 to 200 civilians still trapped inside there out and to safety, but no news whether or not that's going to happen. david? >> let's hope so, with that fire raging. ian pannell leading us off here on a monday night. thank you, ian. back here at home tonight, that severe weather threat for millions of americans. the tornado watch tonight for much of oklahoma and southern kansas, after those horrific images of that ef-3 tornado from andover, kansas, look at this. authorities tonight now saying it had winds of 155 miles an hour. you can see it ripping up homes and buildings there, on the ground for more than 12 miles. let's get right to chief meteorologist ginger zee timing the threat again tonight. hi, ginger. >> reporter: hi, david. we just got a brand new tornado watch that now extends east all the way to little rock, arkansas. so, the threat is real, it is happening at this moment.
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you see the warnings, which are the red boxes there. from arkansas back to just north of lawton, oklahoma. and that really long line from oklahoma city up to ponca city, that's likely damaging winds, which can do just as much damage, right over i-35. it eas tonight, it will lose a little bit of its power. but then, it will start to reinforce itself, grab that heating of the day, and the ohio river valley, including columbus, ohio, cincinnati, louisville, kentucky, and pittsburgh will have to look for damaging winds. and just as only one day goes by before they get hit again, oklahoma opens up on wednesday, david. >> so, on the watch, both tuesday and wednesday, and ginger, we'll see you tomorrow mrning on "gma." in the meantime, next here tonight, the manhunt for an escaped murder suspect and now an arrest warrant has been issued for the woman, an alabama corrections officer, who disappeared along with that suspect. authorities say she was supposed to be escorting the suspect from the jail to the courthouse, but what the surveillance shows instead. abc's eva pilgrim from alabama tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a wanted woman.
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an arrest warrant has now been issued for a corrections officer accused of helping a murder suspect escape from an alabama jail. >> we know she participated. now, whether she did that willingly or if she was coerced, threatened somehow to participate in this escape, not really sure. >> reporter: vicky white now charged with permitting or facilitating escape in the first degree. friday, she left the lauderdale county detention center with inmate casey white for a courthouse appearance that authorities now say did not exist. the 56-year-old was a 17-year corrections department veteran and current jail supervisor, who broke department policy transporting casey white by herself. authorities say she also claimed she was going to go to the doctor after court, but they've found no evidence she went. friday also set to be her last day, after she submitted retirement papers the day before. >> those of us who work with vicky white and have worked with her for years, this is not the
5:40 pm
vicky white we know, by any stretch of the imagination. >> reporter: the escape sparking a nationwide manhunt for the pair, who are not related. according to the sheriff, surveillance video shows vicky white's patrol car at 9:49 a.m. friday, eight minutes after the two left the jail, at a intersection that authorities say was not on the way to the courthouse. >> there was not enough time for them to even attempt to try to come to the courthouse and then get out there and be at that red light eight minutes later. >> reporter: the two reported missing nearly six hours later. her car showing up abandoned in a nearby shopping center parking lot. >> we consider both of them dangerous d in all probability, both individuals are armed. >> reporter: 38-year-old inmate casey white serving time for a violent crime spree in 2015, had been at that jail in 2020 after facing new charges in the fatal stabbing of 58-year-old connie ridgeway. he was moved after a plan to escape was thwarted but returned in february because of court
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appearances. the news comes as this document obtained by our affiliate waay shows vicky white just closed on the sale of her home on april 18th, selling it for over $95,000. her mother says vicky white called her friday morning to check on her dog. pat davis later learning her daughter had disappeared. >> i doubt she's ever even had a speeding ticket. but i mean, she's always been, what i say, a good person. and like i say, this is all a shock. >> reporter: u.s. marshals offering two rewards, $5,000 for her, $10,000 for him. and they're really hoping for any tips that will point them in the direction of what car these two could have switched into. authorities are also still trying to figure out the relationship between the two. now looking at security video of their interactions here at the jail. david? >> all right, eva pilgrim in alabama tonight. thank you, eva. now to the pandemic, and tonight here in new york city, they have raised the covid alert level. infection rates in the northeast approaching the highest levels now in nearly three months.
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wat new york city's mayor is now saying about what the city is prepared to do. and the rise in covid cases in children now up 61% in just the last two weeks. here's abc's erielle reshef tonight. >> reporter: tonight, rising new covid infections pushing new york city to raise its alert level from low to medium risk, but for now, officials are strongly recommending masks indoors without requiring them. >> wear your mask, get vaccinated, get boosted, and we can weather this storm. >> reporter: infection rates across the northeast, fueled by ba.2 and its subvariants, are now at their highest point in nearly three months. at the same time, researchers are tracking two other omicron subvariants, ba.4 and ba.5, linked to a spike in south africa, where cases have tripled in the last two weeks. >> we see the ba.4 and 5 variants right around the corner. so we have to be very cautious as we think about the next few months and the potential for another surge that we've essentially seen every few
5:43 pm
months at this point. >> reporter: for now, the u.s. has seen just a handful of cases of ba.4 and ba.5 in 16 states. tonight, 30 states and territories are seeing hospital admissions climb. and health officials are trying to keep americans out of the hospital by making the antiviral drug paxlovid more accessible. charles bunting says he started feeling better within hours of taking it. >> i was like -- wasn't i dying three hours ago? i'm telling you, it was insanely like that. >> reporter: paxlovid can cut the risk of hospitalization by nearly 90%. doctors say treatments, along with vaccines, have changed our fight against covid. >> if we can get all of those things to the right people when they need them, we could be in a situation where people are no longer ending up in the hospital and no longer dying of covid-19. >> reporter: and new york city officials say that they are keeping a close eye on the numbers and they are not going to wait to act until hospitalizations become a crisis.
5:44 pm
right now, mayor adams says that is not the case and they say that they are going to do everything they can to keep the city up and operating. david? >> all right, erielle reshef here in new york tonight. thank you, erielle. to philadelphia tonight, and a former police officer has now been charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of a 12-year-old boy. prosecutors say the video shows the officer knew that the boy was unarmed and on the ground when he fired the fatal shot into his back. here's our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas. >> reporter: tonight, a philadelphia police officer charged with murder in the killing of a child, in a case that painfully illustrates a city awash in illegal guns and too much violence. 12-year-old thomas siderio is dead, killed in march when he was allegedly fatally shot in the back by officer edsaul mendoza. >> it is certain that thomas siderio, at the time he was shot, was essentially face down on the sidewalk. >> reporter: authorities claim that siderio, along with the 17-year-old juvenile who was wanted for questioning, were
5:45 pm
standing on a street corner when officer mendoza and others approached them in an unmarked police vehicle. they say siderio, the child, then fired a shot that crashed through the back window of the police car. mendoza pursued on foot. the boy ran, police say eventually tossing the gun to the side. >> any shooter who puts the gun down on command, gets down to the ground on command, cannot be shot in the back. that's an execution. >> reporter: officer mendoza was fired following the shooting. he's being held without bond, charged with first-degree murder, third-degree murder, and voluntary manslaughter. david? >> all right, pierre thomas tonight. thank you, pierre. tonight, a retired new york city police officer is now the first person convicted of assaulting another officer during the capitol riot. a federal jury rejecting thomas webster's claim that he acted in self-defense when he tackled a metropolitan police officer, grabbing his gas mask and authorities say beating him with a metal flag pole.
5:46 pm
webster, a 20-year veteran of the nypd, faces up to 20 years in prison. tonight, the u.s. navy says it is preparing to offer off-ship housing now to sailors living aboard the "uss george washington," a massive aircraft carrier docked in virginia. it comes after a troubling number of suicides, seven apparent suicides, three lives lost in just the last month. here's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: for nearly five years, the aircraft carrier the "uss george washington" has been docked in newport news, virginia, undergoing a major overhaul that includes refueling the ship's two nuclear reactors. tonight, the pentagon confirms to abc news that since 2019, seven sailors assigned to the warship have died by apparent suicide, three just last month. mary grast's son xavier sandor was found unresponsive on the ship from a self-inflicted gunshot on april 15th. >> it was a construction site and he worked 12-hour shifts at night. so he couldn't sleep during the day on the ship.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: he told his parents about the cramped, hot, and noisy conditions. >> we were always, "xavier, it will get better," not knowing, really, what the conditions really were. it's going to haunt me for the rest of my life. >> reporter: the navy says, as of this week, 260 of the 400 onboard will now be permitted to live off-ship, with plans to get more off the ship in the coming weeks. the top navy enlisted sailor says he understands conditions on a docked ship are tough and that the navy should do better to manage sailors' expectations. for now, the navy says they are investigating these deaths and will immediately implement mental health support on that ship. david? >> all right, stephanie ramos, thank you. tonight, the supreme court has ruled unanimously that the city of boston violated the first amendment when it rejected a civic group's application to raise the christian flag on a fag pole outside city hall. the city had cited separation of church and state. the justices found the city never said that flag pole was
5:48 pm
for government use, so flying a religious flag would not violate the separation of church and state. when we come back on a monday night, the alarming security breach we learned of near windsor castle. and what we're now learning about the death of country music star naomi judd. (vo) verizon is going ultra! with 5g ultra wideband in many more cities, you get up to 10x the speed at no extra cost. plus six premium entertainment subscriptions, included! like disney+, music, gaming, and more! (mom) delightful. (vo) saving you over $350 dollars a year. and for a limited time get a 5g phone on us! no trade-in required. (mom) amazing. (vo) this is the offer you just can't miss! verizon is going ultra, so you can get more. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year. ♪ claritin provides non-drowsy symptom relief can't miss! from over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens, day after day. feel the clarity and make today the most wonderful time of the year. live claritin clear. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance
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vaxed and boosted, but the show must not go on." guest hosts starting tomorrow, by the way. speedy recovery, jimmy. and welcome back, charlie. charlie gibson, who anchored, of course, "gma" and "world news tonight" for years, returning to abc news with a new project. he and his daughter kate on "gma" this morning, launching their new literary podcast called "the bookcase." the first episode featuring an interview with oprah, debuting today. when we come back here tonight, country music's mother/daughter team, and the tributes tonight to naomi judd. this mother's day, show mom that you worship the ground she walks on. or in this case, stands on. the new anti-fatigue comfortmat from weathertech is a gift she'll appreciate all year round. it makes standing comfortable in the home or office and comes in a variety of colors and finishes. and for mom's vehicle, there's cupfone, floorliner, cargoliner, and seat protector. show mom that she deserves the best with an american made gift from weathertech. mom's gonna love this! happy mother's day from weathertech. (customer) [reading] save yourself?! money with farmers?
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♪ love can build a bridge ♪ ♪ between your heart and mine ♪ >> reporter: 14 number one singles, five grammys, and more than 20 million albums sold. ♪ love and only love ♪ ♪ can join the tribes of man ♪ >> reporter: over the weekend, daughters wynonna and ashley judd issuing a statement, saying, "we are shattered. we sisters experienced a tragedy. we lost our beautiful mother to the disease of mental illness." the very next day, they showed up at the country music hall of fame, determined to be there to honor their mother, where the judds were scheduled to be inducted. >> my heart's broken, and i feel so blessed and it's a very strange dynamic to be this broken and this blessed. >> reporter: naomi judd spoke about mental health and her battle with depression with our robin roberts.
5:58 pm
>> they see me in rhinestones, you know, with glitter in my hair, that really is who i am. but then i would come home and not leave the house for three weeks and not get out of my pajamas, not practice normal hygiene. it was really bad. >> why now, naomi? why do you share this now? >> because what i've been through is extreme. my final diagnosis was severe depression, treatment resistant, because they tried me on every single thing they had in their arsenal. >> reporter: wynonna judd saying their family gathered together and prayed around their mother. that performance just three weeks ago. ♪ don't you think it's time ♪ ♪ love and only love ♪ >> we will treasure her voice. good night. building a better bay area
5:59 pm
moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. i think it just needs to stop it's just unnecessary. we got a lot of hard-working people here that are just trying to get a good night's sleep. yeah, but they can't because of this chaos and mayhem on the streets of san francisco. why isn't anyone doing anything about it? good evening. i'm amidates and i'm dan ashley. thanks for joining us a crowd of hundreds packed onto city streets over the weekend for a sideshow that created a real nightmare for neighbors. it really did and today some are questioning the police response abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard covered the issue all weekend, and he's here with new details cornell. yeah. almadan, some neighbors didn't ask for revving engines and the smell of burning rubber, but that's what out of the weekend. they want sideshows to stop and a quicker response by police. this was the scary real-time wake-up called neighbors got
6:00 pm
early sunday a sideshow burning rubber across the inters. and of harrison and main near the bay bridge and you could smell the rubber coming up. i mean, it was brutal smell, you know fireworks going off in the intersection, you know, just loud tire screeching. it's just a nightmare for everybody. and neighbors believe 300 people are more showed up to watch skid marks were left behind in the intersection witnesses say police arrived about 15 minutes. the side show began. i think the response time should have been quicker we have a police station and a fire station down. so i don't know what can be done. the sfpd says officers responded to three side shows across the city over the weekend the department declined our request for an interview but in a statement said in each incident, the sfpd stunt driving response unit arrived on scene and is conducting investigations for