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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 2, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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rubber across the inters. and of harrison and main near the bay bridge and you could smell the rubber coming up. i mean, it was brutal smell, you know fireworks going off in the intersection, you know, just loud tire screeching. it's just a nightmare for everybody. and neighbors believe 300 people are more showed up to watch skid marks were left behind in the intersection witnesses say police arrived about 15 minutes. the side show began. i think the response time should have been quicker we have a police station and a fire station down. so i don't know what can be done. the sfpd says officers responded to three side shows across the city over the weekend the department declined our request for an interview but in a statement said in each incident, the sfpd stunt driving response unit arrived on scene and is conducting investigations for each location at this time.
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no arrests have been made, but our investigators are working to identify those involved a few months ago they seized six vehicles. and since we passed the legislation to have stronger enforcement locally, actually the trend is going down. in 2020 supervisor asha safaii helped create the police task force to crack down on dangerous side shows allowing officers to impound cars used in the events for at least two weeks. he says the law is helping to reduce the events. but because san francisco was down about 500 police officers. it affects the enforcement being short on officers does play into the overall lawlessness in the city that does happen from time to time we can balance being dedicated to justice reform and still holding people accountable when they do these types of things to denigrate our city. we're doing the best we can do we need more help obviously. do we need more bodies without a doubt police officials say
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better intelligence is needed across social media to intercept sideshow events before they happen. that's another avenue that we have. to monitor and and pick up the chatter to learn about these events. now if you're caught participating in a sideshow you can be arrested fined and in addition to having your car seats for two weeks much longer for repeat offenders cornell bernard abc 7 news. patients on social media how else can these sideshows be prevented almost some neighborhood advocates would like to explore solutions on making popular sideshow intersections difficult or downright impossible for sideshows to happen, but temporary roadblocks or traffic enforcement on weekends, but you know some say if that happens folks may just find someplace else to perform. yeah, so true. all right cornell thank you. less than an hour ago oakland's police chief talked live only with abc 7 news about a string of armed robberies over the weekend and including at least four that happened on saturday.
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the most outrageous involved a couple visiting from georgia robbed of $40,000 in cash and possessions in the middle of the afternoon near jack london square police chief laron armstrong told me that he believes a group of individuals are responsible for this robbery and the others that took place as well. we investigating a couple of robberies and we believe are connected to these individuals. we are seeking the help of the community if they have information that might help us identify the vehicle or the description of the individuals that may have been involved in this crime. that would be helpful, but we are working to link these this robbery with other robberies that happen during a 24-hour period saturday night into sunday morning. chief armstrong encourages everyone to be aware of their surroundings at all times, especially at night. he says they are increasing police presence particularly around jack london square. we use the abc 7 news app to alert you to our live interview with chief armstrong this afternoon download the app now
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and customize it set the alerts for the places and the topics that you're most interested in. for taking a live look at the bay. toll plaza, really light traffic at this hour cars here are actually down a lane to use. that's because a big rig crashed into a toll booth last night followed by another car tollbooth 13. ripped out it was on the right hand side of the plaza as you approach it thankfully no one was hurt. this is the second. are crash into a toll booth the last one was fatal happened about five years ago 2017 in the lane right next to last night's crash the toll taker in the booth was killed when a box truck driven by a drunk and high driver slammed into a line of cars and into the booth officials have not replaced that booth and likely will not all toll booths across the bay area's seven state-owned bridges are set to be removed in the next few years. we're taking a live look at some of the bridges now people haven't worked in the is march of 2020 governor newsom ordered them out because of the pandemic the golden gate bridge hasn't
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had human toll takers since 2013 right moving on us school district already in turmoil is now losing an important member of the school board oakland unified has been dealing with declining enrollment school closures and teachers going on strike now a disillusioned school board member announces. she's going to step down abc 7 news senior education reporter leeann melendez down with shanti gonzalez to talk about why it's so hard to be a board member in oakland these days and leanne is in the newsroom with that story land dan a lot to handle now school board member shawnee gonzalez told me she had two goals when she started that job to invest in teachers by giving them more training and development and number two to organize parents to become more involved in their education their children's education instead. she says she found school board that spends too much time distracted on issues that have little to do with how students
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in oakland are doing academically. and we all want to live in a community where people are treated with dignity and respect after more than 70 years as an oakland unified school board member shanti gonzalez is candid about her abrupt departure. your main concern is that most schools are not meeting students academic needs. yeah. what's problematic about that? is that a students aren't getting their needs met most. not getting their needs met b that that's been hurting our enrollment for 20 years. now. here's the data from oakland unified over 47% of high schoolers are one or more years below grade level in reading 44% are behind in math 53% of elementary school students are not reading at grade level with nearly 60% of students below grade level in math gonzalez insists that the board is forced to spend too much time on other issues that have nothing to do with a student's academic needs. this is not the first board member to complain jodi london served for 12 years. when the school district gets
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caught up in crazy protests and teacher strikes it sends parents away and if we're really concerned about ensuring that we have a good education system for students in oakland for a long time to come we need to really buckle down and figure out how we going to educate kids in her departure letter to the community gonzalez is also talked about the challenges of working with the teachers union. it's not the teachers who have a problem with but it's with the union one of the challenges that i see. is that our union has consistently resisted any efforts to incentivize or attract student teachers in hard to fill subjects, you know, chemistry physics math languages and particularly special education. why is that? they just don't believe in differentiating salaries. they believe that you know, everybody is a teacher. everybody should be paid the same. so we reached out to the oakland education association and here's what they told us.
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director gonzalez will not be missed. we hope the next director will listen to and keep their commitments to district six students and families rather than closing their schools and what some school board members told me is that we've lost that ability to agree to disagree now they claim that if you disagree you are often told you are wrong end of discussion and/or labeled a racist. and gonzalez says it's hard to make any kind of progress for students dan under those conditions. yeah, it's just so emotionally charged in other issues leanne with gonzales gone who gets to decide who fills that school board position, right? so that's something that i didn't. myself until recently. so here's what i found out so people will be nominated for that position and then the school. it has 60 days to appoint someone now, let's say they don't disagree. they can't agree on someone then. it's up to the county superintendent of education to
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call a special election. and by the way, dan, i was already told that the school board will begin those discussions on may 11th when they meet i see okay, leanne. thank you very much. keep us posted. new at 6 a new step in the oakland a's new ballpark the bay conservation and development commission now recommends that the plans to build the park at howard terminal be allowed to move forward. the commission is recommending removal of the port priority use nation from howard terminal that would allow the development of the port into a ballpark and housing to move forward now, this is only a recommendation nothing is final until the vote on june 30th. mayor libby schaaf responded cheerly quote today's report is great news oakland and our region. pandemic parklets, they helped restaurant. stay in business during some of our strictest covid restrictions now they're coming down. some by choice some not. i'm meteorologist sandy patel gusty and cooler start to the work week, but big changes are ahead. i'll tell you all about them coming up.
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they've stopped short of a full-scale. out nearly all of the city's 22 million residents will have to go through three rounds of mandatory testing. and today amazon is ending its covid sick leave policy, which workers who tested positive seven days of paid leave now us employees who come down with covid can take five unpaid days off to recover vice president, kamala harris has tested negative for covid-19. she's been cleared to return to the white house tomorrow the vice president tested positive for the virus. days ago as we reported her press secretary says she was prescribed the antiviral treatment pax-lovid last week and has a negative was negative on a rapid antigen test today and we spoke with abc 70's special correspondent dr. alok patel during our 3 pm program called getting answers today. he's a member of our vaccine team and says even with so many places relaxing indoor mass rules. he's still recommends taking the cautious approach. there's no if i'm asking if it's
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it into our setting if i'm going to the grocery store if i'm going to the airport, i'm wearing a mask. i'm wearing a well-fitting k95 mask or if an n95 mass depending on the situation. now in the meantime, san mateo is telling businesses to make changes to their parklets those outdoor dining spaces that popped up during the pandemic restaurants will be allowed to keep parklets permanently if they meet new requirements abc 7 news reporter ryan curry shows you what changes have to be made and why? sawing wood and loading pieces into a truck. that is the scene across san mateo as out. dining is set to change ct has told us to like tear it down and would like just put the tables and umbrellas anise kumar and his family owned momo's downtown. he says they spent $8,000 building the parklet and soon we'll finish tearing parts of it down if we can make it again. like we will like to do it again. he will still be allowed to use
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tables and chairs for outdoor dining, but san mateo is forcing him to make changes. the city is letting parklets stay under certain circumstances. san mateo says these parklet changes have to be made to meet certain new guidelines and one of those crucial guidelines is making sure they're ada compliant. really important actually for our businesses who've invested so much to bring their their parklets into the design guidelines, which are ada accessible councilmember emirates lee says many restaurants have been threatened with lawsuits for their parklets not being ada compliant the city's new parklet rules force businesses to meet those requirements. we see this as an important. you know an important step to protect the future of vitality of the downtown but also to preserve the businesses that have struggled so hard to be here, but does not have a grant program in place to help parklets pay for the construction. that is something lee says could change lewis cohen the president of the san mateo business
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association says the program is great, but he thinks the city should be able to do more to help i think in this case they could do a little better and i think they're tempting to you know, it's a work in progress in san mateo ryan curry abc 7 news. the market managed to eke out a small. to read this monday closing in the green across the board. the dow added 84 points closing at 33,061 the nasdaq gained more than 200 the s&p. up 23 all businesses are the backbone of our economy and they're getting some support straight from the white house during small business week abc 7 news reporter. tim. johns has the story. for many small businesses in san francisco's chinatown the past few years have been a struggle for survival with many having to close their doors for good. he's kind of like a heavy heart, you know a lot of people are free of going out there's three and here, you know in order to help them get back on their feet
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the bite administration kicked off a national small business week in san francisco on monday with small business administrator, isabella guzman. in a series of roundtable discussions with local stakeholders small businesses are the ones that create the products and services that we depend on in neighborhoods every day guzman says the administration is focusing on new initiatives to help kickstart their growth chief among them ways to help small business owners expand their digital footprints, but how they can improve their efficiencies and their operations for their economic model and how they could grow revenues with more customers. well, that's welcome news to many. chinatown some say they worry it might not reach everyone especially those who come from minority communities were cultural and language barriers can stand in the way most of them. i think english is not there first language and it's hard for them to communicate to others of, you know, their needs and everything, but as we continue to recover from the economic challenges of the last few years
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guzman says the government is here to help lending a helping hand to those who need it most. we see a lot of opportunities on the rise in for small businesses and it's about making sure that they're ready to level up and get the capital a need to power that recovery in san francisco tim abc 7 news. all right time to find out how our weather's gonna pan out for the week. yeah, sandia patel is tracking that for sounds like it's going to get a good bit warmer sandy. yeah as soon as these winds really drop off which will be tomorrow, dan and alma we're going to see those temperatures spike. i want to show you where and when and just a moment, but first, let's talk about those wins right now 33 miles an hour in santa rosa 24 sustained sfo is gusting to 33. and so those gusty winds prompting a wind advisory. that's up for the a coast until 9 o'clock tonight for lake county until 10 pm tonight gus to 45 miles an hour. we've already seen those wins coming up to that level. and even surpassing that at the
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altamonte about 53 miles an hour earlier, so those winds could blow any tree limbs down cause a few outages or blow around unsecured. so keep that in mind, it's a dry cold front that has passed through that brought us. the gusty winds behind it. and that's why we're experiencing also a change in the air mass notice how much cooler it is compared to 24 hours ago down 11 in santa rosa eight degrees cooler in san jose and 7 degree drop in concord temperatures right now mid 50s to low 70s highs today. we're only in the upper 50s to low 70s anywhere from a couple of degrees to five degrees cooler than average but not for long take a look at these. live pictures beautiful views from all four of our tower cameras right now, but it is breezy to gusty outside from our emeryville camera nothing but clear skies right now gusty winds through tonight wins east temperatures will soar tomorrow and it's going to get much cooler for the end of the work week windy year for the weekend and there could be a few drops late in the week hour by hour we
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go 43 to 44 mile an hour winds tonight at 7 o'clock. you will notice those onshore winds continue through tonight, but then start to switch direction as we had towards tomorrow. northerly wind will help to push those temperatures up right now. it's looking like about 25 to 30 miles an hour. just around parts of the north and the east bay where you'll notice that it is the breeziest, but it's still not going to be quite as windy as it is right now. we do have freeze warnings and frost advisories for lake and mendocino counties tomorrow morning. that's where temperatures. into plunge upper 20s to low 30s. so make sure you take precautions to protect those sensitive plants 30s 40s on those numbers it is going to be clear and breezy up to the north and the south bay tomorrow afternoon. it's going to be a warmer day 79 in san jose 80 in gilroy on the peninsula mid-70s, palo alto mountain view 63 in half moon bay. so not quite as warm on the coast to 68 downtown san francisco in the north bay 76, san rafael 80 in vallejo, santa
6:21 pm
rosa in the east bay 74, oakland. 76 degrees fremont the sun will be shining. it's going to feel warm 84 degrees there in pittsburgh 86 fairfield 80 in livermore. now as far as that rain chance, it's a system that's going to clip the far northern end of our viewing area. looks like sometime on friday. there's another one coming through that could potentially bring us a few drops as well. but for now we're gonna go with a big warm-up bay inland some are like warmth on wednesday 90s inland 60s coast side a slight chance of a few drops in the north bay on friday certainly cooler and windier for the weekend dan okay. sandy. thanks so much. well, you've heard of tiny homes as a way to help the bay area's housing crisis tonight. see the concept taking a step further what are living pods stay with us.
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. area is unaffordable for so many people especially if they're starting a new job or working as an intern a new concept sleeping in small individual pods in a shared house is being tried in silicon valley. it's an example of how the bay area economy is evolving to find solutions for affordable housing abc 7 news reporter david louis shows us what pod living is like and whether it could help build the better bay area. the rent for a three bedroom two bath house like this in palo alto could easily run 6 to $8,000. the residents are paying just $800 per month. well, they share the kitchen and
6:25 pm
other spaces the 14 residents sleep in pods a bit larger than a twin bed, but our pods are actually eight feet tall. so it gives enough room for like bigger people and like also like some wiggle room, so they're not like the japanese capsules. they're a little bit larger she and co-founder james stalworth wanted to address the need for affordable housing. they try to do this in new york, but ran into objections palo alto doesn't set a limit on renters in a single family house. they also found a cooperative landlord. we told them about our concept and the benefits of it and how it would help people and the landlord was interested. residents are all in their 20s getting started or doing internships luis alonso from peru loves access to the kitchen sleeping in a pod is fine for me. like i don't need like a bigger space. it's just so i can every night like when they go to sleep. and just one bed in a year. the idea went from a concept.
6:26 pm
affordable housing for 20 at two sites finance mostly by savings and family. i don't mind depleting my savings like this like as long as i'm able to bring this to the world, that's all i really care about for now brownstone shared housing is operating here in palo alto also in bakersfield and if the concept takes off they hope to be spreading nationwide in palo alto inside a pod david louie abc 7 news. it's like dorm living on a whole new level. yeah, it is. it's fascinating and it's obviously working for some people and it is a solution for some because the housing crisis is so serious. yeah, amazing. all right. well, there is danger on the streets of san jose. the city is on record setting pace for pedestrian deaths and slowing it down means all hands you know their names, you know their music tonight. bringing american idol alumni back to the show
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getting people out ukrainian civilians have finally been able to evacuate from a steel plant in the city of mary pole where they've been 12 russian troops attacked the city many of those so now returning to their homes repairing the damage caused by russian forces as abc news reporter faith. abubay shows us ukrainian forces are reportedly holding their own against the ongoing russian onslaught in the east tonight ukraine's ministry of defense reporting new victories on the battlefield officials say multiple. settlements in the harcuve region are back in ukrainian control as intelligence officials in the uk. say more than a quarter of russia's military units dedicated to the war in ukraine are likely combat ineffective near snake island on the southwestern tip of the country. ukraine's military says this video shows their forces destroying two russian patrol boats using unmanned combat drones us diplomat christina covine in levieve monday promising more american support
6:31 pm
to the ukrainian people. will continue our efforts to do everything possible here on the ground to help ukraine win this war convene on a day trip back to laviv for the first time since us diplomats rushed out of ukraine during russia's invasion, which is now in its third month over the weekend health speaker nancy pelosi in kiev with the congressional delegation meeting with ukraine's president volodymyia zielinski to be there for you new videos show more. means of devastation in ukraine through high school region the attack setting a century-old architectural monument on fire ukrainian officials. say the acclaimed structure had survived two world wars. meanwhile at the end of style steel plant in mariopol an estimated. a civilians and hundreds of ukrainian soldiers remain trapped in underground bunkers hoping to be evacuated more than a hundred women and children making it out this weekend among them natalia. osmanova.
6:32 pm
who stands for two months they lived in darkness and in fear and according to a senior pentagon official russia's top general valerie. zarasimov spent multiple days on the front lines in ukraine's eastern -- region last week possibly to gauge the situation on the ground. the official could not confirm reports that jurassemov was injured during that trip in washington faith. abubay abc news. if you want to help the people of ukraine, we've put together a full list of verified groups and nonprofits sending donations and supplies to refugees told on our website slash take action. we're following a out of washington. the politico is reporting that the supreme court may soon. vote to overturn the landmark abortion case of roe v wade. the report is based off an initial draft majority opinion obtained by politico and written by justice samuel alito in that draft dated from february. and labeled as a first draft political quotes justice solido as saying that roe was
6:33 pm
egregiously wrong from the start and that it must be overruled politico also quotes alito as saying in the opinion of the court to quote it is time to the constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people's elected representatives. now the opinion lists the five conservative justices as being part of the majority on the decision politico notes that deliberations by the supreme court on controversial cases. it's often fluid with justices often changing sides and opinions going through multiple drafts before being released. the court's ruling would not be final until published likely sometime in the next couple of months. planned parenthood just sent out this tweet in response to politico's report quote. let's be clear. this is a draft opinion. it's outrageous. it's unprecedented, but it is not final abortion is your right and it is still legal. new details tonight on a murder case that's gripped the peninsula for more than six years. now a san mateo county. judge is refusing to seal a settlement amount.
6:34 pm
being paid by hillsboro aeros tiffany lee in 2019 a jury acquittedly of the killing of keith green the father of her two children, but she was sued for wrongful death by green's mother lee agreed to court and lawyers on both sides asked the judge to keep the amount sealed so that the public would not know how much was going to the children girls who are now ages 7 and 9 now in a decision issued on friday. the judge said case law does not support keeping the settlement secret but said he would give the attorneys a chance to appeal green disappeared on april 28th, 2016 after meeting lee outside the millbrae pancake house. his body was discovered weeks later along a dirt road near geyserville. no one has ever been convicted of his murder. it's only the beginning of may and san jose is on pace to set a new record for pedestrian deaths for the second year in a row abc 7 news reporter. dustin. dorsey has to look at what it will take to make streets safer.
6:35 pm
despite effort from the city county police and department of transportation right now the streets of san jose. just not as safe as they should be things are not going well to put a mildling two more accidents brought us to 29 fatal collisions and 31 total deaths more than halfway to the record high of 60 fatalities in one year. we were at 16 deaths at this point in 2021 as san jose tied the all-time mark, this is really a tragic year. it's frustrating and it's surprising. i think that over the country we've seen this this uptick in fatal and severe crashes and with that authorities all over the nation are struggling to deal with two more lives were lost over. weekend in san jose along city streets the first right here on capitol avenue near 680 where pedestrian was hit by a car and then on sunday a bicyclist was killed while crossing capital expressway when a pedestrian or bicyclist, you know, i'm not trying to victim blame here. i just want to share facts when they're making bad decisions on
6:36 pm
where to cross busy streets, you know things like this happen efforts to reduce traffic deaths come down to factors like education enforcement and engineering the city has and continues to engineer new life-saving measures with not much. difference back to the matter is just that this trend especially here in 2022 is accelerating faster than we can possibly. a fit roads meanwhile police say overall staffing issues have taken numbers of officers available for enforcement from around 50 to less than 20 and yes, it is true. i mean more officers out there writing tickets that should change driving behavior, but unfortunately right now we don't have officers to deploy. so what is the answer to solving this deadly problem? the city says it may be a matter of educating pedestrians cyclists and drivers to be more aware of the dangers on the road. this is an all hands on deck kind of problem and we need the public to be one of those team members too. any vehicle colliding with the pedestrian. i mean the pedestrian is going to lose so we need a collaborator of effort from everybody in order to save it comes down to all of in san jose
6:37 pm
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customers louis vuitton represents luxury and excellence. however, an experience with a return put one customer's loyalty to the test 7 sides michael finney is in the newsroom with the story michael. hey, dan as san leandro man says, he's a regular customer a louis vuitton stores worldwide so he didn't expect what happened to him. brad troutman holds up to louis vuitton iphone cases. it's just one of his many purchases from the luxury brand. i've always been a designer person, you know even as a young teenager, you know buying like designer clothes that my parents wouldn't buy for me. he shopped around the world for the product and has been treating himself at least once a year with his favorite designer. brad used his bonus money to spend more than 4,000 on a louis vuitton watch along with a watch band. he knew right away. he had made a mistake. so the watch was too heavy for my wrist because i had pretty
6:41 pm
small wrists as you can see and brad arranged on the sixth day of louis vuitton's 30 day return policy to return both items. there's a problem with the watch band. it was a stainless steel and he's like there. inches on it. i'm like really brad described the scratches as something you need a magnifying glass to see he suspects the sales clerk possibly may have scratched it when he used a screwdriver to remove a few links. i was not happy. i mean, i've had a really long relationship with louis vuitton. i mean, i bought more things than i'd like to admit that's louis the time would do was to give him store credit. he refused to accept the offer and then it's funny. i watch channel 7 all the time. i was like, you know what? let me reach out to michael phinney the manager from louis vuitton quickly called him after we contacted the store brad received an apology and a complete refund. i really do appreciate you guys helping me because i i really was at my went stand.
6:42 pm
at what? we're here for now lou of vuitton had comment for our story. i want to hear from you. send me your stories about buying a home buying a car paying off a loan anything that has to do with money. i want to hear about both your triumphs and your frustrations. so go to abc 7 on your side to share your story. as always good work michael. thanks. wind and warmth. they are the two big features of this week's forecast. sandy explains which one you'll notice more
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. the met gala in new york the first time it's been in person after two years of covid disruptions fashion's biggest night is returning to usual spot the first monday of may at new york city's metropolitan museum of art the met gala made its debut in 1948 or once an idol always an idol tonight alums return to american idol for a special show george panacchio from our sister station in los angeles has a sneak peek. american idol is celebrating 20 years of being on tv with a special reunion concert. they several past winners including 2003's reuben stuttered and jordan sparks from 2007 the idols reflected on the
6:46 pm
biggest lessons. they learned from being on the show. the work ethic like i will say like the one thing that they instilled us is that always be on time number one, but be able to handle curveballs like there is always something you happen here. on set when you're doing this show and so you have to be prepared for anything and they definitely prepare you for that. i would agree to be honest anything after idle. is a kid i call it music boot camp for sure. there's a lot of fun moments, but it's a lot of hard work and it's a lot of sleepless nights and curveballs sacrifice. so if it's what you want to do, you got to believe in yourself. you got to know yourself and believe in yourself to do it, matt. happy congratulations the winner from 2018. poppy shared the best piece of advice she received on idol. it came from judge katy perry. don't let anybody change you,
6:47 pm
you know be yourself and it might sound like simple advice but truly like going with my gut and and second to my guns has has made, you know has helped me make a lot of really important decisions in in my career since idol and for me lionel richie follows me on instagram. so if i die tomorrow it's been a life. well lived tonight celebration will also feature scotty mccreery david cook, lauren, alaina, kris, allen and more george panarchio abc 7 news. is going to be great catch america idol at 8 o'clock tonight right here on abc 7. happening today the start of spare the air summer smog season. this is live. look at driver's crossing the golden gate. bridge cars are the biggest source of summer smog pollution. so when you can use a different way to get where you need to go good advice always let's turn our attention now as we start another week i'mma to the forecast. yes, sandia patel has the latest and warmer less windy and
6:48 pm
warmer, maybe yes, you got it online dan. let's take a look at the air quality right now. it's good because of the winds acceptance san francisco. we have moderate air quality take a look at a beautiful live picture from our santa cruz camera. yeah, you can see that. there's sun out there. it's gonna be good still for the the entire bay area tomorrow, but as you look at air quality forecast as those temperatures continue to i'm the warming begins tomorrow, but it really starts to get felt around wednesday when we see 90. showing up inland to the air quality begins to decline so we will see moderate air quality wednesday good to moderate on thursday. back to good on friday live doppler 7 lack of rain right now as we check out what's ahead for your tuesday? it's going to be warmer weather noticeable around the bay in inland where you'll be in the 70s and 80s right near the coast though in the 60s. it's going to be sunshine from coast to inland on wednesday. there are the 90s showing up i think enough of a sea breeze and some fog on wednesday at the coast. it's not going to warm that much
6:49 pm
thursday. we start to notice the downward trend in those numbers and friday that cooling contin. so for those of you who don't like the warm weather, it's just a two-day deal the accuather seven-day forecast showing you that mid 80s to low 90s next couple of days inland low to mid-60s coast side, and then we'll cool it off for you friday. there's a slight chance that maybe a few drops show up best possibility in the north bay, and then the winds pick up over the weekend and it's a cooler pattern that is setting up. danana. okay, good. yeah nice to silva chance of rain. all right. thanks edie. let's get to chris alvarez. he's here sports tonight lots of warriors stuff to talk about. oh, yeah, lots of warriors stuff to talk about is an off day for the warriors and grizzlies, but no lack of things to discuss including draymond green and his ejection from game one how might this affect grace play the rest of the series. answer that question in sports. answer that question in sports. fantastic things start to happen when you step aboard a princess cruise. doors open up for you, your favorite drinks start finding you. and everything seems to be... just how you like it.
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available at your local sponsored by united way bay area draymond green's flagrant, foul two which resulted in an ejection during yesterday's game one win over the grizzlies was not downgraded by the league today that play and decision not to lessen. the penalty was the topic of discussion during today's off day for tomorrow's game too. now this green falcon's brandon clark was ruled as unnecessary and excessive green. foul clark with a hand across the face and as he went up and clark came down green grabbed the jersey attempting to prevent clark from further potential injury. it's important to note if green picks up two more flagrant points this postseason. that will result in a one-game
6:53 pm
suspension so something to keep an eye on dre says he's gonna keep playing hard. i'm never going to change the way i play basketball. it's gotten me this far. it's got me three championships four all-stars defensive player of the year. not gonna change now if i take the bite out of the way i played then we go home early and i don't know how to take bite out that don't really work for me. i ask steve kerr. like i said, i just want him to be himself and make the plays he knows he's capable of making impact the game be physical. be demonstrative be draymond that we expect but hopefully not getting a situation where interpretation of rules or the way somebody might see it can. go against no time to dwell for the dubs draymon's death and the rest the team back at practice today and preparation for game two tomorrow in memphis. the win last night was the 25th consecutive time golden state has won at least one road game. that's an all-time nba record, but they are well aware that memphis is more than capable of tying things up before game three saturday night. you'll see that right here on abc 7.
6:54 pm
they lost game one to minnesota and one for the next five. so we have a lot of respect for for this team. young up-and-coming team great athleticism. we've been through this before, you know, you you win one game and you move on to the next one and it's a long series. you just got to take it one step at. dubs are back on seven saturday. we got game three grizzlies and warriors from chase immediately followed by after the game larry carrie at donald myself. that'll be and always is a lot of fun nfl news. the 49ers have resigned cornerback jason verrette to a one-year deal win healthy. he is a premier defender in the secondary, but injuries have been the issue. he played in just 15 games since originally signing with the niners in 2019. you saw it there missed last season almost a whole year after trying his acl in the season opener at detroit. 2014 first round pick has 133 tackles and seven interceptions in 40 career games and hey, did you see this?
6:55 pm
it's royal robbery in baseball royals cardinals and st. louis. casey outfielder, michael taylor. make it a spider-man move. oh, take it away a home run from andrew kisner in the fifth. that is some sort of athleticism and definitely glovely put your zack greinke tip in the cap. unfortunately though that amazing play. still resulted in a one-nothing loss for the royal sports on abc 7 sponsored by united way bay area. i'm i want to ask you what was the best t-ball place you see anything like that on the weekend craziness nothing quite yet, but i'm telling you she's getting good with batting every now and then we get a good little line drive. it's not bad. i have some friends that have kids and i see some of the t-ball videos and they hit the ball and they run after themselves. have you seen that? i have? yep. i've seen mine though. yeah, she's been added a couple of months right maybe like a month or month and a half seasons almost over though. oh it is once maybe the only
6:56 pm
season too deep. oh not quite as passionate though. well, alright. thanks for all right coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8 watch american idol followed at nine by shark tank, then the good doctor comes on at 10 and stay with us for abc 7 news at 11. and remember abc 7 news is streaming 24/7. it's lovely as chris said get the abc 7 bay area app and join us whenever you want wherever you are. that'll do it though for this edition of abc 7 news. we thank you so much for joining us. i'm amidates and i'm dan ashley for sandy patel chris alvarez all of us here. we appreciate your time. hope you have a nice evening and that we see you again for abc 7 news at 11. good night.
6:57 pm
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♪♪♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants-- a church organist from woodbridge, virginia... a ferryboat deckhand from lewes, delaware... and our returning champion-- a tutor from toronto, ontario, canada... ...whose 19-day cash winnings total... [ applause ] and now hosting "jeopardy!"-- ken jennings. [ applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. and, welcome, everyone, to the first monday in may with mattea. as this is her 20th appearance with us
7:00 pm
on the "jeopardy!" stage, we thought we'd reflect back on some of what we've learned about our champion over the past few weeks. although mattea lives in toronto, she hails from halifax. she's taken the lsat and now tutors others preparing for that test. she once crashed a car in slow motion and didn't drive again for six years? her childhood nickname was either poor cinderella or porcelain gorilla, depending on who you ask. and she owes much of her "jeopardy!" success, she says, to her high school debate coach. what we don't know about mattea is will she become a 20-day champion today, tying julia collins for the 5th longest streak in "jeopardy!" history. it's a big day for mattea but also for adam and becky, our challengers. welcome and good luck. let's see what the categories will be for you in the "jeopardy!" round. we begin with... ...presented by the news team at wplg. then... after that...


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