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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  May 3, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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naomi judd. the half of the legendary mother-daughter duo known for their hits like "love can build and finally tonight, honoring country music legend naomi judd. the half of the legendary mother-daughter duo known for their hits like "love can build a bridge" died over the weekend after struggling for decades with depression. sunday night her daughters appeared on stage at the country music hall of fame to honor their mother. naomi judd was 76. and that's "nightline" for this evening. catch our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here same time tomorrow. thanks for the company, america. good night.
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>> building a better bay area,
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moving forward and finding solutions. this is abc7news. [chanting] >> i am really upset. >> it feels like i jumped into a time machine and went back. >> it is a historic moment. >> this is very upsetting to both sides. dan: tonight, protests on the steps of the supreme court and surprise across the country as the court appears poised to overturn decades of established abortion rights. an apparent draft opinion obtained by politico shows the conservative majority of justices is ready to overturn the precedent set by roe v. wade. ama: abc7news reporter j.r. stone joins us now. reporter: i spoke with four congressional law experts around
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the country who called what we are learning unheard-of and earth shattering and response has been rapid. california governor gavin newsom said he and state leadership are working on an amendment to the state constitution to enshrined the right to choose. >> i was shocked and appalled. reporter: a professor was a supreme court clerk for justice harry blackmun. the author of the roe v. wade opinion that established abortion rights for women. now an apparent draft a supreme court opinion obtained by politico shows the conservative majority of justices is ready to overturn nearly 50 years of rights, a president since roe v. wade. >> it really is insulting. i was thinking that justice blackmun, my old boss, must be turning in his grave. reporter: the document which
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politico said it obtained from a person familiar with the court proceedings as mark first draft and dated february 10, 20 22, 2 months after oral arguments were heard. uc hastings professor joel paul commented on this possible leak. >> obviously, someone on the court, a clerk or justice must have leaked this opinion in protest to the majority view. reporter: the arguments in the dobbs case, five justices hinted that they were ready to do away with the viability standard. justice samuel alito is the lead opinions apparent author. it would -- if it were to hold as written, it would upend abortion rights across america effectively allowing each state to set its own policy. all said he is surprised that the court would need to rule on this. >> they have already restricted
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a portion -- abortion rights in so many parts of the country that 90% of the counties no longer provide abortion services. they did not need to strike down roe v. wade. it is a self inflicted wound and will call into question the legitimacy of the court in the future. reporter: the drafting is a fluid and dynamic process. sources familiar with the internal operations has told -- have told abc news. justices can always change their mind. >> in 1992 just as i was beginning de klerk, when the court was deciding planned parenthood against casey, the original opinion would have overturned roe v. wade. but at the last minute, one justice changed his mind. reporter: everyone tonight talking about the apparent supreme court leak. how rare is a leak? jewel paul who you heard from
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their says he is only aware of one case in the 1800s. the belief is that justices would make a final call regarding unresolved abortion cases in the next two months. ama: along with proposing a state amendment, the governor called the draft opinion and appalling attack on the rights of women adding, i am furious that my own daughters and sons could grow up in an america that is less free than the one they were born into. we have to fight and we will not be silenced. dan: in recent months, the governor and other leaders have said they want our state to be a sanctuary for women especially if roe v. wade is overturned. planned parenthood said women has come from as far away as alabama and texas. today, cindy chavez and susan ellenberg held an event at the planned parenthood center in east san jose. they are requesting $3 million
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on behalf of planned parenthood to provide more abortion services and primary care. >> we know these numbers are going to increase with what is happening with roe v. wade. if it is overturned, we will see an increased spike and we are preparing across our affiliate to see more patients coming from out of state. at least 26 states are poised to ban abortion which is a staggering number. dan: the $3 million requested today would go towards increasing medical and behavioral health services, expanding testing capabilities and increasing training. the proposal goes before the full board of supervisors for a vote tomorrow. when news of the leaked roe v. wade opinion for sproat, we sent this alert on our bay area at. if you want alerts like this in the future, download the app from the note patients -- turn
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on the notifications. ama: delays on the bay bridge. a tractor-trailer halloween oversized steel girders destroyed a booth sunday evening. a car ran into debris after the crash. rich officials tell abc 7 that repairs could take through friday. they are trying to figure out how to repair the sensors. although tollbooths are set to be removed in the next few years. the bay bridge will be the last to have its booths removed in 2026. there were no injuries and last night's crash thankfully but a drunk driver and a box truck crashed into lane 14's tollbooth nearly 35 years ago killing the attendant. dan: confusion tonight over the future of the garlic festival. a san joaquin county asparagus event organizer announced his group was stepping into takeover but testable officials in gilroy are saying that is not the case. and fresno is getting in on the veggie events.
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our reporter explains it all and has new details. reporter: social media husband spiraling since sunday when this facebook post went out. a mention of the gilroy garlic festival not returning and it's traditional format and the organizers behind the san joaquin asparagus festival would be hosting the garlic festival teasing more details to become. >> it will still be a garlic festival. reporter: tony is the president and ceo of the asparagus festival in stockton and he says and official announcement on his car lick event will come thursday maintaining he has never claimed the festival would be affiliated with gilroy. >> they announced they were done. i am just trying to keep it going for the nonprofits and the agriculture and the people. reporter: in late april and after more than 40 years the gilroy testable association announced financial challenges
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had forced organizers to reimagine the tradition for me 22 and the future. the scrawling festivals at christmas help park have come to an end. three smaller events are planned in their place. stockton is not the successor of the beloved event. >> the stockton event has nothing to do with gilroy's cherished homecoming. we are a little confounded on why they said what they said. >> i don't know the motivation behind the organizers throwing that out there. i hope they have a great festival. reporter: the past president and current board member tom klein says it's clear success brings duplication adding gilroy got its idea for its garlic festival after one of its organizers visited france decades ago. he said anything celebrating garlic is a testament to what the association has done for 43 years.
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the first national garlic festival comes to fresno in a few weeks aiming to spotlight fresno county which produces nearly 80% of the nations garlic crop as the true garlic capital of the united states. in the south bay, abc7news. dan: we will keep you updated. the surgeon general of the united states held a town hall in san francisco. our reporter was at that event that focused on rebuilding a more connected society as we recover from the pandemic. reporter: dr. murphy's job as the surgeon general is to lead the country on pressing health issues and now he is helping americans recover from the last two years of isolation urging them to reconnect again. >> if we do not have strong connections with one another and trust and community, it does not matter how good our vaccines are for covid. reporter: during a town hall,
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part of san francisco's civic engagement center, the doctor addressed the crowd to speak about the importance of mental health. >> it is really awesome for the doctor to come to san francisco which is very digital first and to bring another viewpoint which is it is not just about online. we still have this need. reporter: the doctor spoke about pandemic preparedness and said we are equipped to combat the new omicron variants recently detected in the u.s. >> we have reason to believe that the treatments will continue to be effective. reporter: and a key tool is pharmaceuticals. the biden administration purchased 20 million courses of paxlovid. when will they be available? >> we have an abundant supply now and we want people to get these medicines. you can go to to find
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locations around you. reporter: we asked about children under five years old, the only group of americans who are unable to get vaccinated. you mentioned you have a daughter younger than five years old. do you believe by june there will be a vaccine authorized for children? >> the fda is doing everything they can. they do not have all of the data from the companies that of run the trial. they are standing by ready to fully evaluate it to get the vaccines to kids. ama: late-night talkshow host jimmy kimmel tested positive for covid-19. he made an announcement in a tweet saying our daughter wrought us covid though we ask her not to. all feeling fine. i am double vaccinated and boosted but the show must not go on. demi kim a live heirs after this newscast. a comedian will be filling in for jimmy kimmel starting tomorrow. atwell, jimmy and we wish you the best. dan: after a string of
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robberies, oaklands police chief sits down with abc 7. what he is revealing about the investigations. ama: a grisly side affect the drought. bodies dumped in lakes. dan: and waiting out a black bear. the vacaville residence on alerts. meteorologist:
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dan: oaklands police chief spoke
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only with abc 7 about a string of armed robberies over the weekend including four that happened on saturday. the most outrageous involved a couple visiting from georgia robbed in the middle of the afternoon near jack london square. the police chief told me today that our group is responsible for this robbery and the others that place. >> we are investigating a couple of robberies we believe are connected to these individuals. we are seeking the help of the community. if they have information that might help us identify the vehicle or the individuals that may have been involved in this crime, that would be helpful but we are working to link this robbery with others that happen in a 24 hour period saturday night into sunday morning. dan: chief armstrong encourages everyone to be aware of their surroundings at all time especially at night. they are increasing police presence particularly around jack london square. ama: we are hearing from the
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family of a rookie officer who died after a fentanyl overdose. fentanyl toxicity was ruled to contribute to the death of acker last month. he was a star football player at san jose state and was found dead at a home in milpitas. family members sent us a statement saying, there was no indication that he was involved in illicit activity and he was heavily against it as evidenced by his profession. he joined the police department to make a difference in his community and did not want the police to be seen as a negative entity. they also told us they want him remembered as a person that brought good to the world. dan: a gruesome discovery over the weekend at lake mead, the country's largest reservoir. it would not have been possible probably if not for the ongoing drought. authorities located a body stuffed in a barrel beneath the
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water. officials say the decrease has led to shocking discoveries before and this likely will not be the last. >> the nearly 90 year history of this lake, there have been a number of airplane crashes. this area was habit -- inhabited by native americans. we expect artifacts that will be in some cases thousands of years old. dan: the water level is 1050 feet above sea level, 160 feet low is level 20 years ago when it was last considered full. ama: vacaville residence are on high alert after a black bear was spotted roaming city streets. it was first seen in the north or jury -- north orchard neighborhood. solano county is a natural habitat for black bears. >> just in the kitchen. i heard voices.
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i saw police in our backyard. i said, what is going on and they pointed up in the tree and there was a bear in the tree. ama: authorities are advising residents to bring in their trash cans after pickup and do not approach the bear. the department of wildlife is monitoring the bear. dan: even with some pretty clear conditions across the bay area, it was the first day of smog season. today is a good day to remind all of us that we should try to drive less. during the warmer weather months. smog or ozone pollution is forecast to reach unhealthy levels and on that subject, let's talk about the forecast. ama: let's get to sandhya patel. sandhya: tomorrow will be a good day to walk to work if you can. ren weok dplevenhigh
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as the ridge builds in, we will feel the warmth. not as cool as today. 2-5 degrees below average for this time of year. reversal starting tomorrow continuing on wednesday. the winds will switch around as the ridge of high pressure builds in. more out of the north, 25-27 miles per hour mainly around the north bay into the afternoon. at 8:00 in the morning, still comfortable. heading towards the lunch hour, 60's and 70's. 2:00 p.m., we see 80's showing up as well in our inland valleys. that is not where the high temperatures will end up. breezy, not quite as windy as earlier. winds are starting to subside. the air quality will still be good for tuesday.
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moderate on wednesday and thursday for parts of the bay area the warmth or the heat builds on wednesday. the san jose camera, a lovely view looking at the shark tank. a cooler end of the week. slight chance of showers in the north bay on friday. a windy pattern for the weekend. temperatures from the 40's up to the 60's. a look at the winds and they are still gusting over the higher elevations. wind sheltered valleys will notice temperatures plunging by morning. lake and mendocino counties under freeze warnings and frost advisories. the warnings and advisories from 9:00 until 12:00. protect sensitive plants. clear skies in the morning. upper 30's, low 50's and a little breezy for parts of the north bay especially in the afternoon. a warmer day.
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plenty of sunshine. 80 in gilroy. downtown san francisco, 68. north bay, sunny skies. 80's around napa and santa rosa. 75, union city. 80 in livermore appeared the rain chance is not looking promising. 90's on wednesday. this is a system that will go into the pacific northwest friday afternoon and evening. we could see a little sprinkle of activity in the north bay. noticeably warmer with summerlike heat on wednesday and breezier and much cooler for the end of the workweek with gusty winds. they will be coming back this weekend. i know. dan: it is that extra hold hairspray. ama: people with plaque psoriasis, are rethinking the choices they make. like the shot they take.
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[phone rings] sorry. is this where they're gonna put the statue of liberty? liberty... are we married to mutual? cut. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. sportscaster: draymond green's flagrant foul to that resulted in an ejection was not downgraded by the league today. that rolling not being lessened was a topic of discussion ahead of tomorrow's game to tomorrow in memphis. it is important to note that if dream on picks up two more
1:36 am
flagrant points this season, the result is an automatic one-game suspension. >> i am never going to change the way i play basketball. it has gotten me this far. not going to change. >> i just want him to be himself and make the plays he is capable of making and impact the game and be draymond we expect. and hopefully not get into a situation where an interpretation of rules can go against him. sportscaster: abc 7 is the place to be saturday night. we have game three, warriors and grizzlies. name one of the other western semifinal, phoenix hosting dallas. devin booker scored a 15 of his 23 in the first half. phoenix up 15 at the half. luka doncic scored a game-high 45 for dallas but joe vale magee with the steel and goes coast to
1:37 am
coast for showtime. they go why your to wire. 121-114. a's and rays, the coliseum. this is why you bring your glove. six pitches in, it is 1-0, visitors. oaklands offense struggled. this was the only hit until the seventh. oakland finished with just two heads. the ball bounces over christians head and goes to the wall. diaz scores all the way from first. 6-1 the final. same teams tomorrow.
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time. right now on jimmyne, including adams and eleanor roosevelt. >> but there was somebody else who embodied a historical figure. am i right, will? >> you're right, and it wasn't me. exactly 60 years ago, marilyn monroe attended president john f. kennedy's birthday party and sang him happy birthday in a gold sparkly dress. you remember that whole thing. now that bob mackie gown, it's back in the spotlight thanks, of course, to kim kardashian. the met gala mainstay borrowing the $5 million dress from the ripley's believe it or not museum in orlando. kim telling vogue she lost 16 pounds in just three weeks in order to fit into that gown. and of course kim dyeing her hair blonde to complete the transformation into marilyn. by the way, kim changed into a replica dress after making it to the top of those stairs, so that way if anything happened at the party inside, it would be to the replica dress, not to the
1:41 am
marilyn dress. >> weren't we just talking about that, will? about when you wear iconic dresses and you're like, it takes one person to step on you or spill something. >> and then it's over. >> oh, my gosh. she looked stunning. i liked it. >> by the way, this is how she did it. she said she would wear a sauna suit. i don't really know what that is but a sauna suit twice a day, run on the treadmill. she completely cut out sugar and carbs and ate, quote, the cleanest veggies and protein. you said it there, 16 pounds, three weeks. >> don't try it at home. she has chefs, all the doctors on hand. >> that is correct. >> you, sir, keep going to planet fitness. coming up, actress jennifer grey out of the corner and back in the spotlight. plus the new push to solve the 25-year-old jonbenet ramsey murder mystery. later, turning a three-bedroom house into a hive of pods accommodating more than a dozen people under one roof. why? we'll tell you. you're watching "world news now." to say something.


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