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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 3, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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that's a fluke. [laughter] te ♪ good morning, america. for our viewers in the west on this tuesday morning, an unprecedented leak from the supreme court sending shock waves through the fight over abortion rights. overnight, an apparent draft supreme court opinion. are they going to overturn a nearly 50-year-old precedent established by roe versus wade? justice alito calling the ruling “egregiously wrong from the start.” the reaction this morning and how it would dramatically upend abortion rights across the country. massive wildfire in the west. a new mexico inferno burning nearly 140,000 acres. the evacuations in place right now and the new storm threat this morning after another night of dangerous weather in the heartland.
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desperate to escape. russian forces pummel a steel plant still sheltering up to 200 civilians after about 100 were evacuated. while u.s. officials warn putin may try to annex two russian-backed territories in ukraine. ian pannell is live in the region. also this morning, nationwide manhunt for the capital murder suspect in alabama. this morning, what we know about the corrections officer who vanished with him. royal security breach. how an impostor got very close to the queen's residence at windsor castle without ever showing i.d. depp versus heard. how the former hollywood couple's bombshell defamation case is playing outside the courtroom as amber fires her pr team days before taking the stand. urgent warning about a home-buying scam that can cost buyers their entire down payment. this morning how the secret service is protecting americans from fraud. recovering tens of millions of dollars for victims and their
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tips for how you can protect yourself. ♪ in new york ♪ and lady liberty lively, blake's show-stopping reveal, alicia keys' sparkling skyline. plus, kim kardashian's marilyn monroe moment. who else stole the show on fashion's biggest night? as they say from the red, white and blue carpet -- >> good morning, america. hi, mike. hi, robin. hi, george. good morning, america. got to say hello to gabby and dwayne. dwayne with no shirt on. that was an eye opener for this e early in the morning. that's all from the met gala. much more coming up. >> tip of the hat to his trainer. right to that major breaking news, unprecedented leak of a draft supreme court opinion apparently showing five justices
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voting to overturn roe v. wade. >> crowds gathered after the report was released. we have team coverage of this story and our senior national correspondent terry moran starts us off there at the supreme court. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is a shocking leak out of the supreme court, a breach of traditions of confidentiality and secrecy and trust and if this draft opinion is authentic, and while abc news hasn't independently confirmed it, it does look like the real thing. it means that the conservative justices here are poised to overturn roe v. wade and 50 years of constitutional law and profoundly transforming the lives of women in the united states. overnight tensions flared outside the nation's highest court after an unprecedented leak. [ crowd chanting ] >> hey, hey, ho, ho. roe v. wade has got to go. >> reporter: an apparent draft of opinion obtained by politico
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dated february 10th apparently shows that five conservative justices have voted to overturn roe versus wade and nearly 50 years of abortion rights precedence. the draft opinion is apparently written by justice alito, not meant to be released to the public and is not final but it would uphold mississippi's ban on abortion after 15 weeks and explicitly overturn roe versus wade and the 1992 decision that reaffirmed it, planned parenthood versus casey. the language of the draft is blunt. at times scornful of the landmark decision that protected a woman's right to choose abortion. justice alito apparently writing that, roe was egregiously wrong from the start and calls it an abuse of judicial authority and adds, it is time to heed the constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people's elected representatives. abortion rights groups including planned parenthood sharply criticized this leaked opinion but reminded a woman, it's outrageous, unprecedented, but
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it is not final. abortion is your right and it is still legal. and senate majority leader chuck schumer and house speaker nancy pelosi issuing a joint statement declaring that justices like brett kavanaugh and neil gorsuch lied to the senate, ripped up the constitution and defiled both precedents and the supreme court's reputation. >> they are not going to get away with this. i don't care what i have to do, they are not going to do this to america. there is more of us than there is of them and we are going to fight. >> reporter: but the bombshell report comes as five states enacted strict abortion restrictions and sweeping bans, ready to cut off access to care and 13 states could trigger laws which would immediately outlaw abortion once the court overturns roe. and abortion rights activists can feel their triumph at hand. >> we are so excited of the prospect of the court overturning roe and finally sending this awful decision of the court back to history.
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>> reporter: this leak if proved authentic is a crisis because justices frequently draft opinions and circulate them and votes can change, but it certainly does look like the conservatives are ready to go all the way and overturn roe. george? >> right now it sure does. terry, thanks very much. let's bring in cecilia vega, our chief legal analyst, dan abrams and, cecilia, let me begin with you. shocking for the country. shocking for this white house. >> reporter: exactly. the president just released a statement. he's saying we don't know whether this draft is genuine or reflects the final decision of the court. he believes a woman's right to choose is fundamental. if the court does overturn roe, it will fall to elected officials. he said voters will have to elect pro-choice officials and he wants congress to codify roe v. wade into law. it's tough to overstate how
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seismic this news is in washington. conservatives are opposed to abortion rights praising this decision. democrats are sounding the alarm saying the breach doesn't compare with what's at stake. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are saying the supreme court is poised to inflict the greatest restrictions on rights, not just on women's rights. >> okay, dan, take everybody behind the scenes. these draft opinions are written all the time. likely after oral arguments dated february 10th. this is the way the justices do their work. >> correct. they first have a meeting, conference where they decide sort of where do they basically stand? then someone's assigned to write the opinion, in this case justice alito. that opinion is distributed for discussion. now, it is more than just a, oh, hey, this is something i was thinking about. this is justice alito's initial draft opinion based on that conference, based on these
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agreements and understandings about who is on which side. but there certainly have been cases where justices have changed their side, that alliances have shifted but it's unusual. so expect to see the language change for certain from what we see here, but don't likely expect to see the numbers change, although it's possible. >> terry moran, the missing man here, chief justice john roberts. some would think maybe he would be trying to work behind the scenes to alter that opinion to see if he could shift one of the five to a slightly different position. >> reporter: that's right and there may have been indications that he was trying to do that, that's one of the theories as to who might have leaked this, but chief justice roberts has been an institutionalist and doesn't want the court to take giant steps rewriting constitutional law and transforming life in america. he thinks that will damage the court's credibility. the conservatives say roe is wrong and needs to go. >> dan, if this holds and there
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are five votes to overturn roe v. wade it will accelerate a process in the country that we're seeing every state going its own way. >> there are some states that still have laws on the books banning abortion, just waiting for roe to be overturned. so you're going to see, you know, 20 or so states, maybe a little more, which are banning abortion outright. you'll see the purple states which may restrict abortion more than it is today and then you may see in some of the blue states actually making it more accessible for abortion but you're going to see it state by state decide none of these sort of legal battles over the number of weeks. >> cecelia, we don't know exactly when the final opinion will come out. we do know it's likely to have a big impact on the midterms. >> reporter: the polling has been consistent, the majority of americans believe that the supreme court should uphold roe v. wade. it's been that way for years but abortion not at the top of the list of concerns for voters. it's shaping up to be a midterm to really rally their base and this is the start of what's
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going to be a heated next six months to come. >> no question about it. michael? >> all right, george, the report on roe is already coming in to play in midterm elections with the first test being today's high stakes primary in ohio. it's also shaping up as a major test of former president trump's influence over the republican party. congressional correspondent rachel scott is in cincinnati with the latest. good morning, rachel. >> reporter: michael, good morning. midterm elections, primaries, it's all about support, but it's also about turnout. i can tell you that democrats in this state will be using this report to galvanize their base. the state's democratic party rattled by this news, releasing a statement overnight saying that this proves that reproductive health, abortion, birth control is on the line in this november election. it has been a defining issue up and down the ballot. ohio is one of those states that is likely to ban abortion if it is overturned by the supreme court laterthis summer. this morning all eyes are on the
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republican senate primary. it is one of the most contentious, one of the most expensive races in the country. it will be the first major test of trump's endorsement. the former president throwing his support behind j.d. vance throwing the crowded field a curve ball. vance is hoping trump's endorsement will propel him to victory and told me this is his race to lose. robin? >> many waiting to see what will happen. now to the severe weather. on the move this morning after at least for reported tornadoes touched down in kansas and oklahoma. let's go to ginger with the latest on that and the new storm, ginger. >> yes, so many things to look at here. we'll begin with one of four of those reported tornadoes, this one over omega, oklahoma, captured by koco's chopper. you see the top rotating and then you see the bottom rotating. doesn't have to be the condensation in the middle for that to be a tornado because that is a tornado and we saw damage. thankfully no injuries reported.
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these videos out of monroe. you'll end up with flash y we'ln flooding as a possibility, louisville, lexington, columbus, cincinnati and even pittsburgh make their way into the primarily damaging wind. that starts this afternoon, goes through this evening. but turn back to the plains, wednesday into thursday, george, the same area that's been hit for the last week is going to have more tornadoes in oklahoma and texas and then here from missouri down to shreveport. >> we know you'll be on it. ginger, thanks very much. we now go to the latest in ukraine. a pentagon official calling russian gains in the latest offensive minimal at best but the situation is getting more desperate in mariupol. senior foreign correspondent ian pannell is in ukraine. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, george, good morning, from the outskirts of kharkiv. i don't know if you can hear some of the sound here but we're certainly hearing the sound of heavy battles taking place. we're seeing some ukrainian tanks moving up towards positions but hearing russians firing back, these multiple rocket launch systems.
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the ukrainians are on the offensive pushing the russians back from the villages all around this area. this whole district has been pretty much emptied of residents. we see the debris, the shrapnel, the bomb damage all around here and the residents have been forced to leave as this battle grinds on here and, of course, in that strategic city of mariupol. overnight, russian forces again pounding the azovstal steel plant, the last stronghold for ukrainian fighters and up to 200 civilians trapped in the strategic port city of mariupol. the large factory complex devastated by relentless bombardments. smoke from the site seen in this video circulating online. the russian shelling resumed after the first group of roughly 100 civilians were evacuated from the steel plant. heading for safety in the ukrainian controlled city of zaporizhzhia. more attempts are being made to rescue other civilians, but ukraine's foreign minister saying the process is difficult. >> everything is fragile. things can fall apart at any given moment. >> reporter: now a u.s. official warning russia's attempt to
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annex two more ukrainian territories by mid-may using false referenda to justify their claim. >> fabricated votes will not be considered legitimate, nor will any attempts to annex additional ukrainian territory. >> reporter: this comes as civilian targets come under repeated fire across southern and eastern ukraine. officials released this video showing a secondary school in flames after a russian strike. and to the south in odesa, rescuers rush to the scene of a missile that struck a dormitory reportedly killing a teenage boy and injuring a teenage girl. amid these attacks russia facing setbacks in the country. ukraine's military say this dramatic new footage shows two successful drone strikes on russian boats in the black sea and outside of kharkiv ukrainian forces successfully retaking villages on the outskirts of the city but the shelling of kharkiv continues. hundreds of the residents here the only place left that's safe to live is underground. here we met mikola and his wife
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living between two turnstiles that lead down into the subway and moved here after his home was destroyed by the bombings. [speaking foreign language] "it's hard," he says, the pressure of this war taking a toll on the most vulnerable here. it is becoming clear the russians have run into major problems. we know that the russian chief of staff entered the donbas last week. he stayed there for a number of days. there are rumors that perhaps he was injured but the pentagon senior defense official certainly saying that they can't confirm or deny that. but clearly their advance is going much slower than they expected. the ukrainians are managing to hold them back so far. but it still feels there's a long way to go as it just, as you can hear, grinds on and on. george? >> month after month, thanks very much. michael? now to the growing manhunt for that alabama murder suspect who vanished along with a corrections officer last week. officials now issuing an arrest
7:16 am
warrant for the officer, accusing her of helping him escape. eva pilgrim has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, a nationwide manhunt under way for an alabama corrections officer and a capital murder suspect now on the run for four days. >> we consider both of them dangerous and in all probability both individuals are armed. >> reporter: overnight authorities releasing this wanted poster and a warrant for the arrest of vicki white, a 17-year corrections department veteran now facing charges for helping an inmate escape. vicki, a jail supervisor, left the detention center friday with inmate casey white for a court appearance that authorities now say did not exist. >> we know she participated. you know, now, whether she did that willingly or if she was coerced, threatened somehow to participate in this escape, not really sure. >> reporter: according to the sheriff, surveillance video show vicki white's patrol car
7:17 am
at 9:49 a.m. friday, eight minutes after the two left the jail at an intersection that was not on the way to the courthouse. nearly six hours later the two were reported missing. the timing of all this catching many at the jail off guard. the sheriff saying vicki white was planning to retire. friday the day she disappeared was supposed to be her last day. the 56-year-old had also just closed on the sale of her home on april 18th. this document obtained by our affiliate waay shows she sold it for over $95,000. vicki's former mother-in-law who remained close to white sharing this picture of vicki and her ex-husband saying this escape was totally out of character. >> vicki is not that kind of person. she was always nice to everybody. i can't understand it. >> reporter: authorities are looking at security cameras here at the jail. they're trying to determine if they were having a romantic relationship.
7:18 am
there are rewards being offered for information. authorities emphasize casey is 6'9" and you should not approach them. they're concerned because he is charged with murder he may feel like he has nothing to lose and they consider him very, very dangerous. guys? >> what a story. okay, eva, thanks very much. coming up, the latest on johnny depp and amber heard. their courtroom battle. the actress fired her pr team as she gets ready to take the stand. plus, that royal security breach. what we're learning about the impostor at windsor castle. first, back to ginger. >> we've had this perpetual fire danger in arizona and new mexico. yesterday was really bad. more than 60-mile-per-hour winds and you saw that combo of the calf canyon and hermit's peak fire. that is burning more than 138,000 acres and we've got tough conditions again today. fire weather watches for most of the state of new mexico with red flag warnings and a quick look at the really dry conditions too. your local weather in 30 seconds.
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(vo) command picture hanging strips hold strong and remove cleanly. help protect them in the next. command. do. no harm. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. good morning. i am julian glover. santa clara county could take a stand to boost funding for abortion services. two supervisors announced a plan to secure $3 million for planned parenthood. they expect more women coming to california for abortions as other states shut down the procedure. the plan was announced before the news of the roe v. wade vote. was leaked the board will vote on the increase in funding at its meeting today. >> good morning. checking in on traffic. a new crash we are following an open will be on northbound 880 before 66 avenue. speeds are down to around 30 miles an hour. san mateo bridge with the cdph
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to issuing a wind advisory. traffic is picking up toward the peninsula and will wrap with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza here expect delays a lot longer than usual for your morning commute and that is because we are down one lane due to a crash at a tollbooth late sunday night. julian: thank you. julian: thank you. we will be back with lisa nurse mariyam sabo knows a moment this pure... ...demands a lotion this pure. new gold bond pure moisture lotion. 24-hour hydration. no parabens, dyes, or fragrances. gold bond. champion your skin.
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lisa: happy tuesday. a lot of sunshine. upper 40's in santa cruz. mid-70's today. a warm-up underway with 52 downtown as well as santa fe and half moon bay. toward the east bay valleys, temperatures climbing to the 80's. 57 by the delta and 47 in petaluma. 58 downtown. 76th street san rafael. -- 76 san rafael.
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we warm up even more for your weekend. >> (music throughout)
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♪ welcome back to "gma." that's lizzo on the met gala's red, white and blue carpet playing her signature flute. we'll have much more on fashion's biggest night in our next hour. ♪ hair toss check my nails ♪ a little different from this. >> a little bit, a little bit. following a lot of headlines including the reaction coming in after politico obtained what appeared to be a draft supreme court opinion that shows the majority ready to overturn roe v. wade upending nearly 50 years of established abortion rights precedent. also right now, after at least four tornadoes touched down in kansas and oklahoma, the hard-hit areas bracing for another round of dangerous weather. and new york city has raised
7:31 am
its covid risk alert left to medium with the city surpassing 200 new infections per 100,000 people and recommend masks indoors but not requiring them. hospitalizations have climbed 10% in 25 states. it is national teacher's day. many businesses are celebrating our educators today and all week long for teacher appreciation week. free coffee at barnes & noble. teachers can also find some treats at some mcdonald's. chick-fil-a, staples, office depot and many, many more. >> good for them. >> yes, but it's all week long but this is the official day. we have a lot more ahead including the new scam targeting new home buyers, stealing their down payments. that is coming up. george? now a big development in johnny depp's defamation suit against his exwife. amber heard suddenly replaced her pr team as she prepares to take the stand.
7:32 am
janai norman has more. good morning, janai. >> good morning, george. we're seeing a number of changes, amber heard was initially expected to testify first as the defense prepared to make their case, now it seems they're switching tactics planning first to have a forensic psychologist testify before we hear from heard. signs of turmoil this morning for actress amber heard as the "aquaman" star fires her pr team just before she prepares to testify in the bombshell defamation case against ex-husband johnny depp. >> please be seated. >> reporter: heard hiring a new pr firm that's gone up against depp in the past after facing a, a petition with over 3 million signatures which calls for heard to be cut out of "aquaman 2" and a rush of social media support for depp. #justiceforjohnny depp getting at least 6.7 billion views on tiktok while #justiceforamberheard getting less than 25 million, although the court has yet to hear heard's case. >> the fact of the matter is
7:33 am
he's a far bigger stan than she is. >> reporter: in a battle over "the washington post" op-ed heard wrote where she labeled herself a public figure representing domestic abuse. although the article didn't explicitly name depp, his team argues his career was damaged. now, he's suing heard for $50 million. heard countersuing for 100 million alleging depp physically and sexually abused her, allegations depp has vehemently denied. >> never did i myself reach the point of striking ms. heard in any way. >> reporter: on monday depp's security guard describing an altercation between the two in australia claiming heard threw a red bull can at depp and later spit on him. >> i heard and saw a closed fist contact mr. depp in the left side of his face. >> and whose fist was that? >> that was ms. heard's fist, amber heard's fist.
7:34 am
>> reporter: last week a clinical psychologist hired by depp's legal defense, licensed but not board certifying testifying she suffers from borderline personality disorder driven by an underlying fear of abandonment and histrionic personality disorder, a condition she says is associated with drama and shallowness. >> she had a very sophisticated way of minimizing any personal problems. >> reporter: now heard trying to shift momentum as her team prepares to make its case. >> she hasn't testified yet. so no one knows what she will say and how believable she will be. >> and also taking the stand the couple's former therapist testifying she considered the two to be mutually abusive, though it's unclear what that could mean for the case with so many millions of dollars on the line. michael? >> complicated case, janai, thank you so much. now to that royal security scare. an impostor spending the night just feet from windsor castle at army barracks with the people that are supposed to protect the queen.
7:35 am
maggie rulli is there this morning with the details. maggie, he got in without showing any identification? >> reporter: hey, michael, yeah, exactly. this is a wild story. allegedly that intruder talked his way into the barracks of soldiers whose very job it is is to protect the queen here at windsor. the army spokesperson says they're taking this breach extremely seriously. just hours before the queen returned to windsor castle after celebrating easter in sandringham a shocking breach. an intruder talking his way into the barracks right near the queen's home, spending the night with the cold stream guard, the very soldiers whose job it is to keep the queen safe. the man posed as a priest saying he was friends with the soldier's chaplain. >> no one penetrated these walls and the scotland yard protection is first class, but, of course, it's an embarrassment for the guards and i mean until there is an investigation for the ministry of defense as to what happened. >> reporter: he was never asked for any i.d. as he regaled the soldiers about his time in the
7:36 am
iraq war even claiming to be an ejector seat test pilot. after dining and drinking with them, the imposter was offered a bed for the night. it wasn't until the next morning police were called. >> this is the problem really of the queen being based at windsor castle, not buckingham palace which is more of a fortress. there are public areas here that people are allowed to go to which makes it more difficult to keep it completely secure. >> reporter: it's not the first time the queen's security has been breached. last year a man with a crossbow was apprehended on the grounds of windsor castle and michael fagan managed to get to her bedroom at buckingham palace as depicted in "the crown." >> everybody knows me, i'm on best behavior, bowing and scraping. that's not normal. >> and this is normal? >> reporter: and police have confirmed to abc news they were called to the barracks and removed the intruder adding no further action was necessary. the army is saying the situation will be thoroughly investigated. guys? >> i'm sure it will be. maggie, thank you. coming up next, rebecca jarvis is here with the details
7:37 am
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big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm. we're back now with our series "scam u." with home buyers facing low inventory, many are eagle story make a deal as soon as they can making some vulnerable to fraud. nw there's a new warning about
7:41 am
a growing scheme to take advantage of buyers. our chief economics correspondent rebecca jarvis is here to tell us all about it. good morning, rebecca. >> hi, robin. buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you'll make in your life oftentimes a down payment being your life savings but experts are warning real estate wire fraud is on the rise and if you aren't careful, your money could be gone in the blink of an eye. becoming a new home owner is a dream come true but for some like carly, it can become a nightmare. >> i had gotten an email that day right around the same time i was on the phone. i was talking to the title company. it was instructions on how to send the wire transfer. >> reporter: she says it was a scam. >> i sent the money to the person that had sent it in the email and then the next day i got a call from my closing company and they stated that they had never received the funds. >> reporter: she says nearly $24,000 down payment was gone. >> are you seeing an increase in
7:42 am
real estate transfer wires? >> last year was a breakaway year, unfortunately, for consumers being victimized for real estate wire fraud as they're trying to get their down payment closing obligations satisfied. a lot of times by wire transfer. >> reporter: how does it work? experts say in many cases the scammer sends a phishing email to a broker or title company hacking into their email account. then the scammer will use that information to trick you, the buyer or seller, into thinking they're your realtor or title company. the email address they use is often similar to the one you've been communicating with. they send wire instructions. you wire the money, but the person you thought sent it never received it. >> these emails look very legitimate. >> reporter: the u.s. secret service widely known for protecting elected officials but also responsible for safeguarding the country's financial payment systems. "gma" getting an inside look at the agency's global investigative operation center and how they protect americans from real estate wire fraud.
7:43 am
>> they do what's called a display tactic. >> reporter: investigator steven doherty shows us fraudulent emails from a scammer. >> in their email settings they can actually display the name of the realtor or title agent thert instead of it looking like the actual email address they use. >> reporter: in this case he says the scammers even stealing the title broker's email signature. >> our criminal actor had access to an email account that was hacked and then they copied and pasted this information into their attack email. >> reporter: who is behind this? >> these guys are efficient criminal networks with cells located everywhere domestically in the u.s., eastern europe, middle east, africa, southeast asia, you name it. they are global. >> reporter: secret service says it has recovered approximately $210 million for victims since 2019. but criminals are moving faster than ever. >> we're seeing funds move, you know, before we used to have a 72 to 48-hour window. now they're moving within 24 hour, even faster than that.
7:44 am
>> gone so quickly but time is literally money if you hope to get your money back. immediate reporting needs to occur if any recovery can be attempted. the first thing that the individual needs to do is contact their bank immediately. costly and tragic when this happens, robin. >> what can home buyers do to protect themselves before this happens? >> so i talked to the secret service about this and their tips are check the email address and url used in any communication asking you to transfer money. many people are doing business on their phone. that makes catching this thing slightly different because the addresses can look slightly different. it's harder to see on your phone so the best thing to do is break out your computer before sending out such a large sum of money. you want to verify with the closing agents and parties in advance what the process is going to be before the closing. it should never change. so it is a red flag if you receive an email asking to do things differently when it's time to send money. and finally call your title company before you do the transfer to confirm that your money is going to the right place and, robin, one other
7:45 am
thing the secret service told me this often happens right before the weekend. people are busy. they're trying to get things off their plate. once it's the weekend you're not thinking about your bank so a lot of these scammers prey on that. >> you're right about addresses. it can be just one letter off but it looks so legit. >> that's why you look at it on your computer because then you can really see it. >> people so excited to be closing on their homes. >> it's so sad. >> really sad. >> thank you as always for bringing us great information? coming up next, we have our "play of the day" on this tuesday morning. we'll be right back.
7:46 am
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7:49 am
they wrote it for themselves. ♪ back n back ♪ you might have more ♪ back now with our "play of the day." a young ring bearer had the sweetest reaction to seeing his stunning mom walk down the aisle at her wedding. check it out. ♪ >> hey, mom. >> that is almost 3-year-old pierson who served as a ring bearer at his parents' wedding in detroit. mom, christie, calling his reaction the sweetest moment of her life. >> oh. >> his birthday is tomorrow. happy birthday, pierson. >> oh, he saw his mommy. >> what a sweet -- yeah, he couldn't help himself. >> a special moment. grammy winner sheryl crow opening up as never before in a brand-new documentary and she is going to join us live here in
7:50 am
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welcome back to "good morning america." i have seen so many tweets and people asking me, why has it been so windy? most of those folks are in montana or the dakotas and there's an answer and your mind is not playing tricks on you. it has been windier than normal. places like sioux falls, south dkota, had their highest average wind speed for the month of april. glasgow, montana, same deal so the wind is real and a lot of that came with blizzards and you'll remember that was a pretty stark ifference and real snowy look at april places like bismarck had their snowiest april on record and some spots like sioux falls are still two feet below average so, you know, and just want to share the below average on the west and above there. coming up on "gma," we have so much to get to. the new study on kids eating a vegetarian diet. how they compared to those who eat meat. dr. ashton here with what parents need to know. plus, more of our exclusive
7:54 am
interview with jennifer grey on growing up with famous parents, hanging out at studio 54 and a "dirty dancing" sequel? how chef rick martinez is helping people think differently about mexican food. your local news and weather next. 300 million years ago, there was no africa, asia, americas or europe. just one, big supercontinent: pangea. and today there is still a force connecting those divided by distance, reversing millions of years of rifting. making far feel close. bringing there to here.
7:55 am
>> announcer: tomorrow on -- >> good morning, america. >> announcer: kevin hart plus benedict cumberbatch live and this week we're celebrating moms with the biggest live "gma" breakfast in bed extravaganza ever. ♪ it's gonna be a good day ♪
7:56 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. julian: good morning. we want to check in now. >> the backup at the bridge is starting to get a little bit better. it was really slow earlier. you will be under the limit once you hop onto the bridge. yet across reported. let's talk about the toll plaza at the bay bridge. one of those lands shutdown because of a crash that happens on the night. expect longer than normal delays. lisa: and look at the golden gate bridge. temperatures coming up here in the city through the upper 60's today.
7:57 am
58 in livermore. look for mid 70's across the bay. 80's in santa rosa. england, we are even higher tomorrow. julian: we are watching on the abc 7 bay area news app, we continue next.
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. an unprecedented leak from the supreme court. are they going to overturn a nearly 50-year-old precedent established by roe versus wade? how it would upend abortion rights across the country. "gma" health alert. the new study on kids and a vegetarian diet. how their growth and nutrition compares to those who eat meat and what parents can do to help their kids eat more veggies. ♪ new york ♪ stars in an empire state of mind for fashion's biggest night. alicia keys' sparkling skyline. blake lively's unbelievable unveiling. plus, more reveals. the unlikely twins and kim kardashian's marilyn monroe
8:01 am
show stopper is here in times square this morning. ♪ i had the time of my life ♪ baby is back. jennifer grey is dishing about the "dirty dancing" sequel, growing up backstage on broadway with her famous parents and going to studio 54 while still in school. ♪ i can make your hands clap ♪ get ready to head into the kitchen with chef rick martinez and cecilia. [ speaking foreign language ] >> got that? >> his mission, to change the way we think about mexican food. >> these are real enchiladas. ♪ i'm gonna soak up the sun ♪ and we're soaking up the sun with sheryl crow. the nine-time grammy award winner joining us live and she's saying -- t none to blame ♪ goning tsh.
8:02 am
>> always looking forward -- catch up with her pretty soon. >> absolutely and as we count down to mother's day on sunday, we hear from one amazing mom and her superstar kids. sonya curry wrote a book called "fierce love." looking forward to that. >> they are a beautiful family. first, we have a lot of news this morning starting with the leak of an apparent draft opinion that would overturn roe v. wade, the landmark 1973 decision that laid the foundation for abortion rights so let's go back to our senior national correspondent terry moran there at the supreme court for us. good morning, again, terry. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is just an extraordinary leak. it's hard to describe. nothing really like it in the history of the supreme court and if it is authentic, as it seems to be, it means that the conservative majority on this court stands poised to overrule roe versus wade and roll back for what half a century american women have understood to be
8:03 am
their fundamental constitutional right. overnight tensions flared outside the nation's highest court after an unprecedented leak. >> choose -- >> choose -- >> all: women. has got to go. , ho, roe v. wad- >> reporter: an apparent draft of a supreme court opinion obtained by politico dated february 10th apparently shows that five conservative justices have voted to overturn roe versus wade and nearly 50 rights years of abortion rights precedent. the draft was apparently wrote by justice alito. it was not meant to be released to the public and is not final. but it would uphold mississippi's ban on abortion after 15 weeks and explicitly overturn roe versus wade. and the 1992 decision that reaffirmed it, planned parenthood versus casey. justice alito writing apparently that roe was egregiously wrong from the start and calls it an abuse of judicial authority and adds, it is time to heed the
8:04 am
constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people's elected representatives. abortion rights groups including planned parenthood sharply criticize this leaked opinion but reminded a woman it's outrage, unprecedented but it is not final. abortion is your right and it is still legal. but the bombshell report comes as five states have enacted strict abortion restrictions and sweeping bans, many of them ready to immediately cut off access to care. and 13 states have so-called trigger laws, which would immediately outlaw abortion once the court overturns roe. so this is apparently a draft opinion giving us an inside look at what the justices are doing. the justices often circulate draft opinions and votes can change with each revision, but what happens here may freeze those votes. at any rate it looks like the conservatives are poised to go all the way and overrule roe. >> it certainly does. terry, thanks. let's get more from our chief
8:05 am
white house correspondent cecilia vega. the white house and the vice president is set to speak to an abortion rights group tonight. >> reporter: yes, on the schedule before this leak came but all eyes will be on her this evening. we just heard from the president. he said we don't know whether this draft is genuine or reflects the final decision of the court. he says he believes a woman's right to choose is fundamental and if the court does end up overturning roe it will fall on elected officials to protect this crucial right. he says he's looking ahead to midterms, saying voters will have to elect pro-choice officials. he wants congress to codify roe versus wade into law. polling has been consistent for decades. a majority of americans believe the supreme court should up hold roe, but abortion is not at the top of the list of voters' concerns. this is shaping up to be midterm about kitchen table issues, inflation and the economy. this morning you're hearing
8:06 am
dmocrats use this news as a cry toal the base. patty murray, a democrat, saying we need to fight back with everything we've got. we're very much looking at midterms in a matter of months, six months that are shaping up to be a big fight, abortion certainly going to be front and center on the agenda. george? >> in every state as well. robin? coming up, george, on our "gma" "morning menu," the new study on kids and a vegetarian diet. what parents need to know and dr. ashton will break it down. kim kardashian channeling marilyn monroe at the met ball donning the famous dress she wore to serenade jfk. we'll have more on that dress, plus all the looks from fashion's big night. more of amy's exclusive interview with jennifer grey. what she says about a "dirty dancing" sequel and growing up in the spotlight. lara, you have a special guest. >> i do, george. sheryl crow is with us in times square live and in person. so happy to see her.
8:07 am
we've got a lot coming up on "good morning america." so don't go anywhere. am i suddenly talking with a southern accent? >> yes, you are. >> she has that effect. ♪ i've got no one to blame ♪ ♪♪ here's to the very first influencer in your life... mom! ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ this is how mom shines. find the perfect mother's day gift... zales. the diamond store. when you join ihop's new rewards program, the international bank of pancakes, and start stacking pancoins toward free food, you get a smile on your plate. download the app and join the rewards program today. ♪♪
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8:11 am
♪ i can make your hands clap ♪ i couldn't help it. [ laughter ] >> i know, i know. yeah, even george did it. back with our "gma" cover story. the met gala made its glamorous return, the first monday in may last night and the looks, the major red carpet moments did not disappoint. and neither does janai norman. >> thank you. >> who are you wearing? >> right. you know, i don't even know. [ laughter ] this was rented and this was borrowed. the dress everyone is talking, the dress that kim kardashian wore last night. more on that in a moment but this started before we got to the red carpet. we had a behind-the-scenes look with chloe bailey as she got glammed up for the night and the red carpet was even dressed up to fit the themes celebrating america, an anthology of fashion. ♪
8:12 am
the red, white and blew carpet guilded with glamour. host blake lively with an ode to 1870s new york architecture transforming midentrance, a shimmering bronze dress unfurling to reveal a cascading teal train. alicia keys and empire state of mind bedazzled in silhouette forming new york's skyline and all eyes on kim kardashian, channeling marilyn monroe in the original sheer white dress she shockingly serenaded president john f. kennedy in on his birthday in 1962. >> it's going to be a real moment in fashion and i think in history. >> reporter: a true family affir for the kardashians. kris, khloe, kendall, kylie and kourtney all showing up. the gala returning to its first monday in may after two years of
8:13 am
pandemic postponements. the theme channeling the grandeur gilded age of new york. corsets and glamorous trains and eccentric headpieces. sarah jessica parker's towering feathered hat to cynthia erivo's head wrap a nod to those who once wore them as a necessity and then an accessory. >> they put this on what we end up wearing throughout the ages. >> reporter: sustainability also a focus. emma stone rewearing her 2020 louis vuitton wedding gown. camila cabello stunning in an upcycled two-piece ensemble and the men, skirts. proving that traditional fashion gender norms are no longer a 21st century ideal. so this is the dress that marilyn monroe told a designer she wanted a dazzling one of a kind dress that only marilyn monroe could wear. last night was the second time anyone has worn it since she
8:14 am
wore it serenading president kennedy on may 19, 1962. this is the actual dress. we're not even allowed to touch it. i've seen people put on gloves just to move this for prass. kimthed carpet. she changed after walking the red carpet. it will be on display at ripley's believe it or not hollywood all part of an exhibit opening memorial day weekend that will feature a behind-the-scenes look at kim getting ready for the gala as well as other memorabilia from marilyn monroe and president kennedy. this dress is a big deal. >> where is security? they trust us not to touch it. >> should they? [ laughter ] they do. >> you can be trusted. thank you, janai. >> i have to say, met gala is like the super bowl in my house. the image of me from last night all three girls lying on the bed watching the screen and doing instagram at the same time. >> wow. >> i love that you were with
8:15 am
them. >> i love how you referred to ali as one of your three girls. that's beautiful. >> she may not like it. >> i'll ask her. michael? >> she probably refers to george as one of my kids. it all evens out. we turn to a new study on children and a vegetarian diet looking at whether it could have an adverse impact on a child's health. our chief medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton is here with the results. good morning to you as always, doc. >> good morning, sir. >> tell us about the study. >> i found this interesting because there are a small but growing number of kids in this country who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet. so researchers in toronto surveyed the parents and did tests on the kids ad found there was no significant difference in terms of blood tests, in terms of bone density, in terms of growth for children who followed a vegetarian or vegan diet. so good news from that standpoint. it did not appear to be harmful. >> they did find the study did find that children on a
8:16 am
plant-based diet had similar growth and nutrition compared to those who ate meat. >> that's right, but they did find children who were vegan, vegetarian more likely to be slightly underweight. you've heard me say it before as a nutritionist and a doctor, being significantly underweight can be as bad as being significantly overweight. but as long as it doesn't impact a child's growth curve, that's really what you care about. so, you know, it's something that was significant with this finding, but not found to be or thought to be dangerous. >> if you're one of these parents and want to introduce your kids to more vegetables and possibly maybe have them become just vegan, how do you get started with that because that could be a tough task? >> i think it is and as parents we can relate to that, you know, when you introduce certain things to a child's diet. the first thing i think you want to have a lot of vegetables on hand at all times and put them into every meal. have a lot of color on the plate. the other thing is don't bring junk food into the house. it just makes it more difficult
8:17 am
for everyone regardless of your age and then we have to lead by example. we have to eat more vegetables ourselves and you have to sit down and eat as a family so from a young age our children see us modeling the right kinds of eating behaviors. >> lead by example is always the best way. >> there you go. >> doc, thank you as always. george? now to more of amy's interview with jennifer grey. the actress opening up about her life, career and her family in her new memoir "out of the corner" and more of her conversation with amy. >> "dirty dancing" is not just a part of jennifer grey's past. there is a sequel in her future. we talked all about that and growing up in new york city as a daughter of a famous broadway star. >> nobody puts baby in the corner. come on. >> reporter: it's official, baby is back. >> right now getting as close as we've ever been to, i think, it happening this year, this sequel for "dirty dancing" and i'm executive producing and starring in it and i am playing baby. >> what's your real name, baby? >> it will be at kellerman's.
8:18 am
there will be dancing. there will be a lot of music and romance. ♪ now i had the time of my life ♪ >> reporter: grey was 27 when she starred in "dirty dancing" but the actress was no stranger to the bright lights of hollywood, growing up the daughter of actress and singer joe wilder and oscar and tony award winning cabaret star joel grey. ♪ welcome means cabaret ♪ >> i was calling to see how he was this morning. he goes, i'm really good because i'm reading this and he just had gotten the book this morning. to hear him so genuinely proud of me and it made me feel like a million bucks. >> reporter: grey's parents divorced in 1982 after 24 years of marriage. then over three decades later joel grey publicly revealed that he identified as a gay man.
8:19 am
so when your father told the world that he was gay at the age of 82, how long had you known? >> i found out in my late 20s. when it initially came out, i was just so heartbroken that he wasn't able to live his whole truth for all those years, for a lifetime and that if he hadn't done it that way, then i wouldn't exist. and so my gratitude for him to sacrifice himself so that he could have a family and i got to be his daughter, that to me is an enormous gift that he gave to me. and i just wish selfishly for him he could have been living his truth from the beginning because i believe it is one of the greatest harms one can do to one's self to deny something that involves the most basic
8:20 am
human need which is love and connection to the person that you're meant to love and connect to. >> you write about your remarkable childhood growing up in broadway dressing rooms with your father, watching him on stage and your mother doing the same. >> i grew up knowing i was the luckiest girl in the world. there was no doubt in my mind, my parents loved me, still love me. i have two 90-year-old parents who i talk to every day. everything about my life was musicals and ballet and taking ballet classes and taking piano lessons and meeting and hanging around with people like stephen sondheim and leonard bernstein. >> during the day you're at school. in the evenings you're going to studio 54, and apparently that's not how you're supposed to say it if you went there. you started using drugs and dating older men.
8:21 am
how did that all happen? >> my parents have and always have had a very definitive idea of how things should be done and what they expect. and i was very good at intuiting it and delivering. i wanted to do what they wanted me to do except for there was this other part of me, this teenage part of me that was needing to indivuate, needing to separate from the young, perfect, doting daughter. >> what's the message? what's the reason behind the book? >> what i hope people take away from this book is no one's life is perfect. you don't get out unscathed. for me the most painful moments, the most confounding situations are the ones for me that i have grown the most from and that were, i guess, necessary to get e to where i am today which is happier than i've ever been is
8:22 am
the truth. >> jennifer's book was years in the making. she wrote every single word herself and it's out today, "out of the corner," for everyone to read. >> wonderful conversation. >> yes, it was. let's go to ginger. >> thanks, george. i've got a combo platter of danger and nature. look at this. this is a grass fire and then a thunderstorm comes over it and you get a lightning strike. don't see that every day. you also don't see mammatus clouds every day, one of my favorite types usually after the storm has passed in stillwater, oklahoma. you get that sinking air. you
8:23 am
and it's time now for "pop news" with lara. >> we begin with lady gaga ready for takeoff. last week we told you gaga announced she had been working on a song for the big "top gun" the single.overnight she droppe- here is your first listen of gaga with "hold my hand." ♪ sometime tonight, well, don't you let go of my hand ♪ ♪ you can cry every last tear ♪ >> as big as it sounds here the version in the film will feature even more scoring by the one and only hans zimmer. >> wow. >> gaga also sharing a special visit she had with maverick himself posting these photos of tom cruise at her jazz and piano writes, thank you for coming to the show last night.
8:24 am
i love you, my friend. everyone, you can finally see "top gun: maverick." it opens may 27th. >> yeah. i mean, here we go again. another hit for gaga. we've got more movie news. olivia wilde dropped the first full length trailer for "don't worry darling" starring her darling harry styles, florence pugh and chris pine. check this out. >> welcome to the victory project. we're all here because we believe in the mission. >> what are we doing? >> changing the world. >> what are we doing? >> changing the world. >> that's right. >> what do you think they're really doing out there? >> what do you mean? >> the one thing they ask of us is to stay here where it's safe. >> this looks so good. it's wilde's second feature film as a director and she writes i'm
8:25 am
so overwhelmed with gratitude for the excitement for the movie so far. i promise you will not be disappointed by this extraordinary cast and crew. "don't worry darling" hits theaters on september 23rd. a lot of buzz about the movie. >> a trailer can pull you in and kind of like, we want to know more. >> yeah, it's supposed to be really good. a first for sylvester stallone starring in a tv series for the first time in his almost 55-year career. the three-time oscar nominee teaming up with the creative force behind the hit series "yellowstone" for "tulsa king." stallone playing dwight "the general" manfredi and follows the general after he was exiled to tulsa by his mob family where he resumes his underhanded ways. stallone has been posting clips from the set of this new series, no word yet on when it will premiere but it does happen on paramount plus, the same home as "yellowstone." same creator, yeah, good to see
8:26 am
that. and finally this morning, watch this video as talia tells her very first voice coach she landed the lead role on "wicked." take a look. >> i'm going to be on broadway. >> whoa! i told you when you were 12. >> i know you did. >> oh, my god. i'm so happy for you. >> thank you. you have to come to new york. >> oh, i will now, for sure. when are you going to do it? >> may. >> so exciting. thank you, craig, it says there, talia ad the national tour of "wicked" now officially becomes the lead may 24th and, yes, of course, craig will be there on opening night. coming up, sheryl crow. >> yes.
8:27 am
announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. kumasi: good morning, we want to check in with a look at traffic. jobina: we are going to stick with the bay bridge toll plaza throughout the morning, because we want to track how the lane closure is impacting our commuters. it is proving to cause a larger backup than normal. neither lights came on at 540. one is shut down because of a crash that happened sunday night and we have crawling traffic in oakland on northbound 880 near the coliseum. the crash itself is before davis, blocking at least one lane. reggie:
8:28 am
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8:29 am
the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. >> we have chris o'donnell from ncis los angeles, and jennifer gray and i love mom week continues. >> it is warming up. a gorgeous give the goal -- a gorgeous view of the golden gate bridge. all they sunshine out there with 60 by the delta. highs today are really warming up quick. 68 in san francisco, 73 in richmond, 76 in fremont, mid 80's inland. even warmer tomorrow.
8:30 am
kumasi: thank you, lisa. we will have another update in about 30 minutes and you can always find the latest in our app and on ♪ i'm gonna soak up the sun ♪ you better believe we are soaking up the sun on this tuesday morning. we have nine-time grammy winning multiplatinum musician, sheryl crow here in times square and her self-titled -- go ahead, michael. [ applause ] >> yes. i was holding back until you finished. >> revealing some of the most personal highs and lows of her career that she's -- i can see, you were like ooh. >> she deserves a clap. >> absolutely. you almost did not do this documentary. you hesitated at first. why? >> well, i just thought documentaries are -- you know, when i was growing up they were about people that were already dead and so i was like, do i really want to do it now? i feel like i still got a lot of
8:31 am
living years, but i have a really, really long career by today's standards and a lot has changed as we know and it's -- i think it was a necessary thing to do to tell that story, well, 30, 40 years of touring and playing and having a life, you know. >> especially as a woman in this business. >> woman in the business and things change and also our business in general, like imaging and ageism. i mean, that's a different thing too so it's certainly sexism. i mean, all of it, it's just -- it's a journey and it's great to see a person instead of a celebrity, you know, tell their story, so -- >> over 30 years in the business, people think they know you and -- but you get personal in this book. talk about depression and other things that a lot of people probably didn't know that you had gone through. >> yeah. >> so why is now the time to tell this part of your life? >> i've just really always been really private and i think being my age now it feels a little bit
8:32 am
like a privilege and an honor to be able to sit down and say, you know, people who are very visible and who are doing high-profile work, they're still people at the end of the day. and, you know, we are pretty harsh about tearing people down and if people only think that i'm the girl that did "all i wanna do" and "soak up the sun," there's a whole life that goes behind wanting to write songs and generally the songs that tell the story are not the ones that get played. >> it shows real insight into the creative process. one of your big hits was inspired by a poem. >> i picked up the poetry book and started just kind of freeform, all i wanna do is have a little fun before i die, there's a man next to me out of nowhere. i just kind of acted out the poem and we put this hook in inin --
8:33 am
♪ all i wanna do ♪ -- and that became the song. >> wow. >> wyn cooper, right? >> yeah, professor at vermont. i called him up and said, this is weird, i just borrowed your poem to make a song and i'm going to give you 50% of the song thinking it would not become huge. the next day, he's like, what is happening to my life? >> you have so many hit songs. but you got your start singing a commercial jingle. do you remember the lyrics? >> first one i ever did was for mcdonald's. it was the standard -- ♪ it's a good day for a great day at mcdonald's ♪ but for stompers and doing different voices singing, e-i-e-i-o and aunt bea. >> oh, my gosh. >> you told us during the break your two boys weighed in on your outfit today. >> mom, what are you wearing, your pajamas? yeah, i just rolled out of my bed going to "good morning america," kids. >> have they seen the documentary?
8:34 am
>> i think i'll make them watch it. to be honest, i think they'll be bored silly. later on they might enjoy it. it's a lot of mom talking and a lot of old footage. i don't know. i do want them to see it, though, because, you know, you learn that your parents were people before you were born. >> exactly. >> that's always a shock. >> isn't it? isn't it? >> yeah. >> new music. >> yes. >> based on this and the single "forever" inspired by your boys. >> yes. >> how is being a mother? >> it's the greatest thing ever. i mean it simplifies things. my decision-making process is so easy now. it's just whatever is best for them and the song is inspired by how much stress our kids experience, stress i didn't have. you know, they're so tapped into what's happening in the world and social media always coming at them and to just be able to say to your kids, every moment of your life is a gift and don't be tapped into anything that is telling you untruths about who you are and it's just such a great -- it's the best job i've
8:35 am
ever had. >> no doubt. do you think they'll follow in your footsteps? >> i don't know. i think my youngest son, he's deciding between the mlb and the nba right now. [ laughter ] >> he's not sure which way he's going to go and then my older son is on a fishing team which i didn't know that was a thing. >> what is a fishing team? >> you can get scholarships to colleges on fishing teams. yeah, he's starting on a high school fishing team in nashville and they're doing really well. he is an outdoors guy. >> i'm curious. what is a fishing team? >> i'll get you on the phone with him. you know, i thought fishing was luck but there's more of a science to it. yeah, he's really into it but he's a great bass player too so i don't know. we'll see which one pays more. >> yeah. you are a delight. >> oh, thank you. >> thank you for your willingness to be vulnerable and to show this side of you. >> thank you. >> it's just so important.
8:36 am
>> it's been really a process, but it's been good. it's been a good journey and i'm lucky. i got 30 years of my own business so it's really amazing. >> you've earned it. you've earned it, chickadee and "sheryl" premieres may 6th, showtime. coming up cecilia vega is in the kitchen with chef rick martinez exploring their personal connections to mexican food so come on back to "gma."
8:37 am
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back now on "gma" with chef rick martinez bringing us a new cookbook called "mi cocina." he helps people to know there's so much more to mexican food than tacos and burritos. cecilia vega got a chance to cook with him. hey, cecilia. >> reporter: got a chance. you know i love to eat. this was a dream assignment. i got to eat some of my favorite foods and got to eat some foods i've never heard of. >> so the first thing is called -- [ speaking foreign language ] >> you got to say it slower. [ speaking foreign language ] >> got that? >> reporter: i'm in the kitchen with chef rick martinez and he is schooling me. >> this is a pre-hispanic dish from a small town. >> i had never heard of it. vegan fritters from blossoms, chia and flaxseeds. the verdict? wow, these are insane. for this chef it's mission accomplished through his cooking and new book "mi cocina," his
8:40 am
goal is to make people think differently about mexico and mexican food. >> i feel like americans love mexican food, but they only know maybe five dishes. unfortunately, when mexico is written about or you hear it on the news, it's always negative. and it is an absolutely stunningly beautiful culture and country and the people are some of the most generous and beautiful people i've ever met. >> reporter: a lesson he learned firsthand quitting his job as a food writer in new york, buying a car in mexico and driving around the entire country nearly 30,000 miles visiting every state. he fell so in love with it he bought a house in mazatlan and got a dog and now for martinez who grew up in texas, mexico is home. he wants to share his love of it with everyone. especially mexican-americans. these are real enchiladas. who like him might have grown up not knowing much about the cuisine of their heritage. >> it's still mind blowing for me that a mexican-american, a
8:41 am
stranger traveling across the country was welcomed into so many homes and so many people wanted to share what they've grown or what they had made or what they had cooked with me, a stranger. >> a lot of people might not understand something that you just said. that as a mexican-american you would go to mexico, your motherland, and people might not 100% welcome you in. people think you're mexican, but you're not. you're mexican-american. that's a totally different experience. >> and you're also believed to represent a country that you don't know anything about. you know, i had never been to the interior of mexico. i had only ever been to border towns as a child. >> you're not mexican enough for the mexicans. you're not american enough for americans. the age old problem we face. >> right. i wanted to learn more and so, you know, for me the only way to do it was to go back and explore and try to figure out where i come from, where my family is from, where my food is from.
8:42 am
>> reporter: for martinez it's been a journey of self-discovery that has come full circle. >> what's your favorite dish that your mom used to make? >> there's a dish -- you're going to make me cry. so this was my i'm coming home from college dish. she would always ask what do you want and i would say -- [ speaking foreign language ] and because i also knew that it was the only time that she would also make homemade flour tortillas. like i would open the door and i would get that smell of the pork and then i would hear her rolling pin click on the marble. and that memory is just like -- it's just so embedded in me. >> you're making me think of my grandmother. it's the sound of her making tortillas like that makes me think -- you're going to make me cry too. >> reporter: for both of us it is the food that makes us who we are. all right, guys, i can say it now. [ speaking foreign language ] they are delish. i think you've got some there. these are these vegan squash blossom fritters.
8:43 am
so good. you got some of those legit enchiladas. as you guys eat let me tell the viewers the qr code on the screen, get these recipes, "mi cocina," the book is out today. it is fantastic. you guys want to say it with me. [ speaking foreign language ] >> yeah. [ speaking foreign language ] >> yeah. what i want to say is thank you because i want to eat some more and we're going to go to ginger now. >> thank you, michael. i love a squash blossom recipe. i'll have to try it. this is not file video. nebraska had up to 15 inches of snow, places like colorado, denver specifically, usually have their second highest totals in april and only got a trace so getting more yesterday was something and it's coming with a whole lot of cold air. chicago's high with the wind off the lake, that is going to be icky.
8:44 am
now to a victory for the plaintiffs in a lawsuit seeking reparations for the tulsa race massacre. when a white mob descended on a prosperous black neighborhood in 1921 killing as many as 300 people, a judge ruled that the lawsuit can move forward with three of the survivors of the terror in the courtroom. steve osunsami has this important story for us. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, to you, robin. we talked with one of the lead plaintiffs who turns 108 years old a week from today and she told me that she would like to see a day of justice before she leaves this earth. they are suing for a new hospital and for a victims' compensation fund for the living survivors and other families. [ cheers and applause ] it's a small but important
8:45 am
victory this morning for the three living survivors of the tulsa race massacre of 1921. >> to think and feel this victory is amazing. >> reporter: all three are more than 100 years old suing the city of tulsa, the county, the sheriff and other authorities who they say allowed the massacre to happen. they made their way to court encouraging a judge to let their case move forward where she agreed and if successful their lawsuit could mean potentially hundreds of millions of dollars for the victims and their families. >> is it safe to say you and the other survivors are pushing for payments? >> yes, whatever it takes to replace our loss. >> reporter: mother fletcher, as they call her, was a child when she says a mob of her white neighbors burned down her home and went killing black families. >> you're still afraid? >> yes. oh, sure. sleeping at night and the thoughts stay with you all the time. >> reporter: tulsa's mayor says he doesn't want today's
8:46 am
taxpayers to pay for yesterday's crimes. >> i don't want to settle a lawsuit and have a property tax levied on this generation of tulsans to punish them for something they did not do. >> reporter: the mayor isn't alone. he speaks for a great deal of americans. we should underline that none of these families have ever been compensated for their loss to property or business. for an in-depth look at the tulsa race massacre, be sure to check out our podcast, "tulsa's buried truth" available wherever you get your podcasts or point your phone at that qr code. robin? >> such an important story and one, steve, that i hope that more people will want to know about. just, you know, again, this was considered black wall street. these were people that were told, get a job and they were doing and it was all wiped out. >> reporter: it was one of the most prosperous black
8:47 am
communities in america. many blocks of homes and businesses. it was an economy unto itself created, frankly, by the ugly pressures of america's racism at the time and what happened when this neighborhood was destroyed was essentially jealousy and resentment on the other side of the railroad tracks led to the execution of these families and the burning of their homes. so it was absolutely a tragedy. these families are seeking justice and we could see them see their day in court. >> we could do that. all right, steve. appreciate you being on the story for us.
8:48 am
8:49 am
a persrsh and seth a" with sonya toenth high janai norman got to sit down with her and her famous children as well. hey, janai. qu
8:50 am
relationsh bwe ahildnd getting the three curry kids together with the matriarch momma sonya was as insightful for this family as it was fun. >> draymond green. >> boy, that's it. >> reporter: when you hear the last name curry, you think basketball royalty. but their family lines runs so much deeper than just the hardwood courts of the nba. >> hi. >> reporter: behind brothers seth and steph and sister sydel, a mother of her own baby boy named jackson, stands a giant. >> we've done a great job as parents and i want to be able to celebrate that in a very positive way. >> reporter: sonya curry, the mother of the three curry siblings and matriarch of the family writing a book, "fierce love," telling the story of her life of family, faith and purpose. >> "fierce love," it's the
8:51 am
passion through thick and thin and so to actually know that that works and it came to fruition and watching them and what they do with their children, my grandbabies, as well, because as a parent, you can only do what you can do and so it makes me really proud. it makes me proud of them to know that it means that much to them too. >> standing behind words was very much you as you discipline them growing up. you said that you -- steph's eyebrows went up. why is that, steph? >> you just said discipline and i kind of shook for a second because i went back into -- i went back into the past. >> i know you said that you don't threaten, you promise and you said in the book once if nothing else your kids knew that you may not always be right, but you're always sure. what did you mean by that? >> i guess it goes back to saying -- >> they're all cracking up.
8:52 am
>> don't give them empty threats because then you'll lose respect. >> what is it like for you guys to see your mom following her passions and doing something, writing a book, that makes her feel fulfilled? >> to open up like this and write a book, if it's going to be any good, you got to tell the good, the bad and a little of the ugly. >> she is living out her purpose as well and to -- you know, like she says, do what god is telling her to do and i'm just really proud of her for doing that. >> steph, as you have watched your mom going through this journey and writing this book, what are you most proud of? >> honestly, the answer she just had about all the emotions that she's going through and the vulnerability around it and, you know, we've known her all our lives, obviously, and it's just amazing to see that journey to get to this point where she has a lot to share. i think a lot of people can relate to it. >> did you guys think that was really profound when your brother said you've known your
8:53 am
mom your whole life? >> that was deep. >> i didn't know how else to say that. [ laughter ] >> "fierce love: a memoir of family, faith and purpose" is out today. it was so much fun just sitting with them, hearing them laugh and kind of poke at their mom and sonya -- i said, you're just such a sweet southern belle and she said, no, i'm country. there's a difference. >> don't mess with country. >> yes. >> all right, thank you, janai. i'm reading it. we'll be right back. with less moderate-to-severe eczema, why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within? dupixent helps keep you one step ahead of eczema with clearer skin and less itch. hide my skin? not me. serious allergic reactions can occur that can be severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems including blurred vision, joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines without talking to your doctor. ask your doctor about dupixent.
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8:58 am
8:59 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. kumasi: good morning everyone. here's jobina for a look at traffic. >> we are going to have a live look in oakland. the crash we are following in the northbound direction. still see some slow traffic. you will face very slow traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. once you make it through the metering lights you are smooth sailing into san francisco. lisa: beautiful day out there. santa clara at 60. slower warm up for you. you will warm up in the 60's today. you could see the 60's and the inland valleys.
9:00 am
kumasi: now is time for kelly and ryan. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from "ncis: los angeles," chris o'donnell. plus, some star and author jennifer gray. also, we continue our "i love mom week" with our special mother's day "inbox." all next on "live!" [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> kelly: do we match? no. kind of. >> ryan: same colors. morning, deja vu. [cheers and applause] all right. come on in. pull up


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