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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 3, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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to a very important topic, the supreme court of russian battle. it is the reason in las vegas college student claimed the salesforce tower today. it is why clouds gathered outside the supreme court in washington. all because this is a decision that could change our country for generations to come. ama: will have live team coverage tonight looking ahead to the future and what is happening right now, including a protest in san francisco. first, though, we want to hear from this man who called himself the pro-life spiderman, about his claim to the top of the salesforce tower today. he spoke with abc 7 news reporter stephanie sierra. what did he have to say? stephae: mas desamps usesf the pro-life spiderman. he says his track of the tower was not a spontaneous decision. in fact he says it was preplanned month ago. he arrived from las vegas around 7:00 this morning and took in uber street to salesforce tower.
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why did he do it? antiabortion activists associated with the hope to raise $100 to support recommended charities to, quote, "stop doctors from killing babies two he scrubbed the building, that's when he first started planning this using google maps to access the building. he has no regrets claiming the skyscraper, and he enjoyed giving people a thumbs up, who were filming him inside. if he could, he says, he would do it again. >> i was on my phone. i wanted to post videos when i was up there. i was playing music and stuff, just trying to stay calm will you are up there. i cut my feet. and i hunger for one hand and to kind of show off just for fun. so give than video. stephanie: according to him, the crime had nothing to do with the
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leaked draft to overturned roe v. wade. he is a senior at the university of nevada las vegas, and says he that are climbing around five years ago. since starting the claim around fi that :00 this morning, he says he has raised money for his effort. he says the only thing that went wrong, from his perspective, is he got thirsty towards the end of the climb, but at no point was he scared her that he was going to follow. ama: this is not the first time. done something like this. stephanie: not at all, he claimed area hotel in las vegas last year to protect covid restrictions. he was also arrested then, too,, but those charges were dropped. today he was arrested and charged with misdemeanor trespassing and resisting arrest. he said he had zero regrets and he would do it again. ama: stephanie, thank you.
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dan: all eyes were skyward on the kramer as he made his way atop salesforce tower so precariously. reporter luz pena talked with people who watched it all happen. what a spectacle. luz: yes, the claimer was posting on instagram as he climbed to 60-plus story building, and he was just saying, as stephanie mentioned, that he was thirsty. many people were looking up for almost no covers. anywhere you looked, from the sky, the ground, and inside the salesforce tower, all eyes were on this fan, free roaming the tallest building in san francisco. >> all four sides of the building is last. you can see him from wherever. luz: romeo was on the 31st floor of the tower. he describes his coworkers running to the windows. >> oh my god. kai: what impact the 31st floor, they moved up to the 32nd and
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just kept following him. luz: eddie garcia was working in downtown san francisco. >> he started climbing over here at the side part and he basically just gone all the way up, the road by little, straight and sideways. luz: san francisco police and fire closed off mission street as many feared the worst. the claimer, whose name is maison des champs, goes by the name pro-life spiderman. he kept waving at workers as he climbed up. at some point he updated his instagram followers thousands of feet up in the air. >> at here at salesforce tower. whoo! it's! going good. i just wish i had a little bit of water. luz: on his website, he says he is a finance major at the university of nevada, las vegas, who recently started to climb skyscrapers to end abortions. this comes hours after a preliminary decision was leaked, that the supreme court could
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strike down the landmark roe v. wade decision. san francisco police officers arrested him immediately, when he made it to the top. >> charges he could be facing our trespassing, obviously claiming a tower without permission of the building owner, and also resisting, delaying or obstructing the investigation. officers made multiple attempts asking him to climb back down. luz: many saying that this is not the best way to get his message across. >> i worry about individual and the people on the street who could have gotten hurt. i am glad it ended safely. >> a lot of people were, like, hey, let's take pictures. no one did that. luz: maison des champs is missing two misdemeanors, one for trespassing and a second for resisting arrest by sfpd officers. in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. dan: thank goodness it all ended safely. thank you. if you have our app, you were
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able to watch the kramer live. we sent out a push alerts around 8:30 this morning. watch our livestream anytime. it is available on the abc seven bay area streaming app. downloaded for your device. ama: rods are gathering in san francisco to protest for abortion rights. tim: as you say, i am here at the intersection in central san francisco. there was a massive protest with many speeches for the past hour. moments ago they began walking down market street here to go to other parts of the city. i want you guys to see some of the scenes we have been seeing for the past hour or so. but look at some of this footage. we talked organizers. -- >> what we do? >> stand up, fight back!
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neonate not just rallying for abortion rights, but five wide range of women's rights. they tell me that they view the leaked supreme court opinion is a call to action. >> we think the only way to maintain roe v. wade and women's right to privacy and to have control over our own bodies, especially other young women in the south and other places where it is now illegal, the only way that we can defend our rights is by being in the streets. tim: will follow these protesters as they continue to walk down the streets of central san francisco. one thing that several of them told me is that even though this is just a draft opinion released yesterday, they do not have any confidence that roe v. wade is struck down the u.s. conquest will intervene to codify abortion rights for women across the country. back to you. dan: also happening now less than a mile away, in large crowd of abortion rights advocates
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gathered at the federal building in san francisco. they have been there since about 5:00, roughly one hour. for salable crowd, as you can see. the rally was organized by the group national mobilization for reproductive justice, san francisco. they are planning similar rallies in federal buildings around the country promising to show up in larger rallies in the days, weeks, and months to come. . they are well represented there tonight as you can see. crowds have also gathered in front of the u.s. supreme court, for and against abortion. more than 1000 advocates demanding the president biden and fellow democrats defend the right to abortion. ama: what do changes by the supreme court mean for us here in california? abortion rights change at the stage level? let's continue our coverage with reporter leslie brinkley, live in walnut creek. leslie? leslie: lots of work is happening right now in sacramento, as legislators cobbled together a constitutional amendment
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guaranteeing the rate to an abortion. meanwhile here in walnut creek, a handful of protesters at this planned parenthood clinic. those protesting outside this planned parenthood clinic were cautiously optimistic about roe v. wade we will return this summer. >> hoping for a change of mind of those who work here and are in the abortion industry. leslie: these two women declined to have their faces used on camera or their names, but they are with a group intent on blocking access to abortion. >> we are therefore for our country and for the road recognize the sanctity of human life. leslie: california is already charging ahead with a full-scale effort to expand abortion rates. >> and will be introducing that cost additional amendment that will make it crystal clear that reproductive rights in california, including an specifically abortion, are protected. we will not back down.
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we will double down. leslie: that constitutional amendment affirming the right to abortion income for you is likely, with democratic support, to get a two thirds majority vote in both the assembly and the senate, which would then land a spot of the rubber ballot. >> there is a sense of urgency. we have been under attack. this makes it clear that this is a real threat. leslie: there are also 13 bills now before the state legislature to bolster abortion rights in california, from protecting doctors, to expanding clinic locations and access. there is the expectation that women from other states where abortions are banned could come to california for abortions. >> we anticipate an increase in patients coming to california for care, which will mean that californians' access to care will be affected by the fact that we will have this surge.
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>> california is and will continue to be a beacon of hope for any individuals seeking reproductive health and abortion. leslie: whether you are a supporter or opening of a beto o'rourke question rights, the new developments mean abortion rates are about to take centerstage here in california -- ama: so what should our expectations be on abortion rights for the summer? leslie: going forward, as you heard, california is putting itself up to be a safe way, a haven, a refuge for women from other states who are seeking abortions if the supreme court indeed follows through and there is a final decision to rollback roe v. wade. we have 13 bills making their way through the legislature right now. on top of that, a constitutional amendment that will ultimately be voted on this summer. we will know going into the fall
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if this is in the ballot. i expect to see protests, rallies, and a lot more. leslie brinkley, abc 7 news, leslie, thank you. dan: there's a lot more making news tonight. caliber drugs, drank unshaved, serious issues with the san jose police department, and the people in charge have had enough. sandhya: i am meteorologist
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taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. dan: former congresswoman gabby giffords is bringing her fight against nonviolence to san francisco. she led the rimini where 3349
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cases with flowers were placed today, one for every californian who died from gun violence in 2020. she has been a leading gun control activist since she was badly wounded in an assassination attempt in 2011. a candlelight vigil will be held at the park, located on trump street, starting at 7:45 tonight. knew details in the sacramento mass shooting that happened one month ago today. investigators announced murder charges against three suspects, and they say they could all face the death penalty. police say murder suspect to let peyton is on the run. they accuse him of taking part in the april 3 shooting and out on bail on charges stemming from a separate case. that other two suspects, brothers smiley and dandrae martin are in the sacramento county jail. the police chief calls it clearly gang gunbattle. >> addressing urban violence needs to be a community effort and requires partnerships at
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every level. dan: sacramento police are working with the fbi and the atf on the investigation. they say more charges are possible to account for the other three victims who died, and 12 others who were hurt. ama: the city of san jose and the san jose police department, say they have had enough of police officers tarnishing the department's reputation and putting residence at risk. now pleaded as a calling for changes to be made. reporter dustin dorsey explains what the mayor is proposing to ensure accountability. reporter: the san jose police department says they hold their officers to the highest standard, but with three investigations ongoing involving drug use, alcohol abuse, and sexual misconduct, the chief is asking for more. >> we took the oath because we believe in duty, honor, and integrity. any officer who can stand behind that with them should put down his patch. i will not tolerate inappropriate behavior or criminal conduct. dustin: the chief, the assistant
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chief, and the san jose mayor sam liccardo, shared their anger and disappointment at the three officers' behavior, that the mayor described as "offensive and dangerous." a toxicology report showed that an officer died of a fentanyl of address. how this happened is still unclear. another officer was accused of sexual misconduct while on duty. that is still under investigation. and one week ago today, officers should after the brandon cuellar investigation drug. he remains on leave. >> those who wear a uniform and represent this profession in an unsullied manner, i apologize. i also apologize to the family of three month old brandon cuellar. reporter: to ensure accountability going forward, mayor liccardo is proposing expanded drug and alcohol testing for the interdepartment. he says the limited extent test is controlled by contract by the police officers association, set
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to expire in june. he wants more testing to be part of the new contract negotiations. >> we have challenges in the city and we need to do everything we can to ensure that we are addressing the very serious problems that our residents are encountered in everyday and we don't need to create anymore. it is my intention to ensure this never happens again. dustin: sf pd says they have extensive mental health and substance abuse programs and the pattern expanding them and making them easier to access. destin dustin darcy, abc 7 news. dan: resources there for you. let's move on and talk about the weather forecast and some changes, ama. sandhya: really felt the warm up today. especially if you were inland. how warm it got -- 85 in fairfield, 84 in napa, 75 in san jose and oakland, 65 in san
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francisco, 82 in santa rosa. half moon bay, 60 degrees. compared to 24 hours ago, it is noticeable. 13 degrees warmer in san jose, 14 degrees warmer in santa rosa. we are still hanging onto the warmth earlier today, still have 80's inland, 60's and 70's for most of you except ethical slang. a live view from our east bay hills cameras look towards mount, blue skies. that tree pollen is high -- jennifer, cedar, walnut and butternut. if you are suffering from allergies, you will know where it is from. grass pollen is moderate. the uv index is high. we will continue with that theme tomorrow. our cameras are showing nothing but sunshine across the entire bay area. thankfully, there is strong, dusty onshore winds reversed. we saw a down sloping wind today which allowed us to warm up. high pressure and the northerly
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wind brought the warmth. a live view from our san jose camera. fog along the coast and the bay overnight. even warmer tomorrow, summerlike inland. much cooler thursday. and it would be a window weekend. fog will develop around the bay and along the coast. it will be dense in some spots. going into the evening, the fog will hang around near the coastline. morning temperatures in the 40's and the 50's. once again, fog is what you will need to watch out for doing the morning commute. during the afternoon, southbay temperatures -- 76 in santa cruz. 84 in san jose. morgan hill, 85. in lent and bayside, temperatures up even more than today. 78 in palo alto. 59 in half moon bay. still suspicious about the coast, if the fog will hang around. temperatures will actually go down a bit -- 59 in daly city. north bay temperatures, 82 in san rafael.
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mid for sonoma and santa rosa. it will be a beautiful day in the east bay -- 76 in oakland. inland, it will be a warm one, 88 degrees in antioch, 86 in livermore, 84 & -- in san ramon. there will be a lot of period in the northwest's well that will bring the risk of rip currents, keep that in mind if you are going to be at the beaches on thursday. tomorrow is certainly summerlike warmth. 80's inland, 50's coast side. breezy and much cooler thursday. there is the possibility of a few sprinkles friday, but i would not change your plans because of this. . mother's day weekend is going to get gusty. wind model once to bring in a few sprinkles on the far north of our viewing area, the other model, not so much. so we will have to wait and see. dan: coming up, looking for work right now? you are in luck. it has never been a better time.
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unless i call it the column before the storm. stocks did not move much today.
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the nasdaq gained 27 points. the s&p added 20. investors are awaiting the federal decision on interest rates which will be announced tomorrow. the fed is expected to raise its benchmark rate, is at steps up its fight against inflation, which is at a four decade high. dan: from the stock market to the labor market. the great resignation is still going very strong. a record number of workers quit their jobs last month, 4.5 million. that increased most significantly in the professional and business services sector, as well as construction. there is a record high of job openings, 11.5 million. the united states now has an unprecedented good job openings for every single person who is unemployed. ama: local schools are hurting for teachers, especially san francisco, and a program that could help is going away. dan: the whole country is talking about the topic of abortion, after finding out the supreme court is poised to strike down the landmark roe v. wade
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dan: abortion in america. it has been legal for 50 years because of roe v. wade. but as you are hearing, that may be about to change. the women who have had abortions may be different than anything. ama: reporter denise theodore from our sister station in los angeles looks at the data. reporter: who is getting abortions? according to the most recent cdc data, women with family incomes less than 100% of the federal poverty level accounted for more than half of all abortion patients in 2018. black women had the highest rates. white women, the lowest. >> the majority of abortions are affecting black and hispanic mothers and young women. reporter: this dr., with u.s.c. schaefer center for policy and economics studies disparities in reproductive health.
6:30 pm
>> i think this is taking years of progress backward, especially when it comes to health equity and maternal health. reporter: the cdc snapshot also reveals that 85% were unmarried, 14% married, and it's percent were already mothers. >> mothers are perhaps not taking contraceptives when they need to or they may not adhere to them regularly. they have an unattended pregnancy and would like to have an abortion. reporter: if roe v. wade is overturned, the legal status of abortions in the states in red and yellow would be bearing or restricted. many experts believe that state in blue like california will be highly impacted. >> we will see an influx of patients going into states like california. which could overwhelm the system. reporter: abortions using medications made up 42% of the procedures in 2019. surgical abortions accounted for 49% of the procedures. the doctor says that may be due to the fact that abortion medications are more difficult for women to access.
6:31 pm
ama: abortion is both political and personal. just ask this similar tale congresswoman jackie speier, as we get to 3:00 p.m. show. >> once upon a time you had an abortion. you said that it saved your life in more ways than one. how so? >> it was a painful experience, and certainly, no one wants to happen -- to have an abortion. i was pregnant with our second child. it was 19 weeks, a second trimester abortion. and it was a fetus who had slipped from my uterus into my regina, and efforts to try and get it to be slipped back into my uterus failed. and so i made a decision, along with my spouse, to terminate the pregnancy. it was a horrible experience.
6:32 pm
but it was the right thing to do for me at that point in time. every woman has the right to make that decision personally. it is about personal autonomy. about having control over your own body. if you read the opinion, this draft opinion by justice alito, he is basically saying "this decision should be made by man in state legislatures across this country." a majority of members in state legislatures are men. that doesn't make any sense. so i think because we have had it as a right for so long, i think a lot of women don't appreciate that this is about to be taken away from us. dan: jackie speier today. there were 3:00 program "getting answers," we spoke with our special correspondent dr. patel. he addressed the medical issues that he sees in the abortion
6:33 pm
rights debate. >> i am concerned all around. this that's a terrible precedent about the ability for politicians to govern what happens in the scientific world, and with a uterus and reproductive rights. dan: dr. patel says he is also concerned about the impact on those who live in a state with some form of an abortion ban who may not have the resources to leave their state to seek medical care, abc 7 news political director appeared in our newscast. ama: we asked him if abortion rights will become the number one issue for the november midterms. >> it is clear that democrats will try to make it a galvanizing issue. if the ruling does not do what the draft says it will do, it might change things. but if it affirms the initial view of this and we end up having the end of roe v. wade, it kicks the issue to the states, it does mean that it will be our main issue that democrats are talking about, and to a lesser extent, republicans. this is a victory for them.
6:34 pm
usually in politics, people organize around being angry or agreed in some way. ama: an abc news poll out today says 50% of americans say roe should be upheld by the supreme court. 28% say should be overturned. dan: the catholic church is responding positively to the leaked supreme court draft. one archbishop tweeted his support. he spoke with me during our 5:00 newscast talking about what he is believed to be at this moment in history. >> our goal is to make abortion unthinkable, because it is a very violent act. and i think women need to have the support necessary to give birth and give this child the right to life. all women should have that. dan: but you know that is not realistic. that hasn't happened for the last 50 years since roe v. wade was passed.
6:35 pm
there will still be a significant percentage of the population that believes abortion should be allowed, and they will pursue abortions. >> women need to be given this support. it might seem unrealistic right now, but that is because of the cultural mentality that has set in. ama: on the big story like this, whenever you want the news, remember, abc 7 news is streaming 24-7 in our abc seven bay area sen bay area streaming app. it is free and easy to download on your roku, amazon fire, apple, or fire tv. dan: president biden's well-documented struggle with his lifelong problem with a starter is bringing local awareness to a speech challenge. a san francisco supervisor introduced a resolution to make san francisco the first city in the state to recognize the first week of may as "stuttering awareness week." preston had a message for those who starter. >> thank you for the patients
6:36 pm
that you show every day, with many people in our society who do not show that same patience back to you. dan: the national starter awareness week was established by an act of congress and president ronald reagan in 1988. ama: education is part of building a better bay area, and this week marks teacher appreciation week. we want to shed light on the challenges many school districts face when retaining educators. education reporter lyanne melendez took a class a look at what san francisco is doing to attract teachers in a city known for its high cost of living. lyanne: when school districts complained about the lack of teachers, the issue is not always black-and-white. take san francisco unified. >> we have more teachers than we have positions for insurgent credential areas and a scarcity of teachers in other conventional areas. reporter: the never-ending saga extends to special education,
6:37 pm
math, science, and negligence. you would think given the shortage of teachers in specialized areas, that the school district would use programs like "teach for america." but that program was illuminated years ago. here is what takes for america had to say. >> the commitment is for two years. but over 70% of our teachers have stayed for three years or longer, because they are set up for success. this is what we are committed to. lyanne: well teach of america has a big presence in the bay area and in san francisco charter schools the school district says they want to invest in teachers who will stay for the long haul. even the teachers' union agrees. >> teach for america in particular, the way their program is old is for folks to get the resume-building experience and then move into another profession. >> being a teacher is my endgame. i don't plan on doing anything else. i will retire in this district. lyanne: that is a second-grade teacher who is part of the district that richard teaching program where she earns a credential 12 working in a classroom, paid for by the
6:38 pm
district. >> the program helps me get a lot of real experience in the classroom and it does not -- it is good and affordable for someone like me who i am a single mom. lyanne: after earning her credentials she will have to go to the credential process -- the induction process. that is where u.s. fda steps in. >> in other districts, teachers have to pay thousands of dollars for the induction program, which is two years of coaching. that is a requirement from the state. we offer that for free here in san francisco. lyanne: even with all of this investment, they admit the high cost of living is still a challenge for retaining teachers. >> it is very, very difficult and something that is always on the back of my mind. lyanne: in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. ama: she has been reporting on bay area school issues for decades. it is way she lowered senior education reporter. you can get in touch with her on my. twitter, facebook and instagram handles are on your screen right
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he broke racial barriers for asian americans when he became a san jose mayor. the beginning of a long and distinguished political career. reporter david louie has more. david: norman mineta was born in san jose on november 12, 1931, the son of japanese immigrants. he was relocated with his family to the heart martin internment camp in wyoming in world war ii. he began his political career while still in his 30's, rising from the san jose city council, to mayor, to congress. >>, democrat. with both -- i am a democrat. with both a small d and a large one. i am proud and committed to my party's principles, and its heritage. david: he would later serve in the cabinets of both bill clinton and george w. bush, and it was as transportation secretary under mr. bush that he would be tested. after the attacks of 9/11, he gave the order granting commercial airliners of the first time in u.s. history.
6:43 pm
later, he would help calm enormous country, and quickly tighten security in airports across the country. >> we will be reopening airports and airlines will be resuming their flights. david: all told, he would spend nearly 40 years in public servicem spearheading the drive for government apology and redress for the japanese-americans interned during the war. and for decades, fighting to improve the nation's transportation system. months after the 9/11 attacks, san jose's airport was renamed the norman mineta san jose international airport. david louie, abc 7 news. ama: david louie manaea personally and considered him a friend. today he put together this piece looking back at norman mineta's impact on the bay area. david: san jose may not be the nation's third-largest city had it not been for norman mineta. he needed mass transit and a modern airport to support its transition from an agricultural
6:44 pm
economy to the country's center of high-tech. the airports today bear h -- bears his name. ron dearden and norman mineta were elected officials as they envisioned what silicon valley would become. infrastructure was critical. >> he fought for transportation funding for us all those years, and he brought in money for freeways, light rail system, for bart. he did that with the secretary of congress and secretary of transportation. david: spent decades of public service to bring people together. even as an executive order took away his beloved baseball bat and set him and his family to an interment camp world war ii. >> he was never better. he always managed to look for ways to lead that would bring out the best in people. david: pennetta became an early mentor of mayor liccardom who worked as an intern at his d.c. congressional office. nothe ly person norman mineta mentored.
6:45 pm
he paved the way for other asian americans to become officials. some staff members extended to key positions. he amazed people, remembering their names and faces even if their paths had not crossed any errors. norman mineta alludes work to make america a stronger, more diverse country. >> he defied the odds. he was diplomatic, proud, a consensus builder. he is something we all aspire to be. david: in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news.
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under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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ama: service dogs in ukraine are getting much needed protection. canine boarding armor is being provided for some of the dogs that work with police officers, combat engineers, and border guards. that's according to the ukrainian ministry of interior in a statement published today. if you would like to help the people of ukraine, we have put together a full list of verified groups and nonprofits. it is on our website,
6:49 pm dan:action who went to update the forecast one more time. sandhya: let's take a look at live doppler 7. no rain on the radar, not expecting it anytime soon. could be a few sprinkles on friday. 59 degrees in half moon bay. tomorrow the fog will be sitting there. 76 degrees in walnut creek. 85 and 88 degrees in antioch. tomorrow will be the warmest day, especially for inland areas in the mid-to-upper 80's as a check at high-speed mid-50's coast side. 60's and 70's around the bay. it will get much cooler thursday. it is a tuesday deal, today was warmer, tomorrow even warmer away from the clothesline. possible sprinkles on friday. not a done deal. one computer model is hinting at the potential for some showers as we head towards early next week. once again, it is one computer model.
6:50 pm
the accuweather seven-day forecast, summerlike warmth tomorrow. temperatures go down thursday. then the winds are up for mother's day weekend. it turns cooler on sunday. dan: thank you. ama: that's good larry beil for some sports what are the worry is expecting in game two of their playoff series with minnesota? about another player ejected minutes into the game already? you kidding me? as it was once saying -- let's get physical music not oh, wow barbara corcoran!
6:51 pm
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>> sports and abc 7, sponsored by united bay area. larry:. evening. worry is an grizzlies just underway in game two of the semi conference finals. brooks ejected in the opening moments of the game with a flagrant 2 on gary payton ii. we saw it happen with dreamland in the first game. a win in phoenix would give them a commanding 2-0 lead. the warriors rebounding, they could see the contact on jordan poole. why did i get a call? as the former 49ers coach used to say, "this one will be physical, with an f." >> you can't let your guard down knowing what we're going to face in terms of their physicality and force. we have to expect they are coming after us tonight officially the fans will be into it. we have to be able to deal with their physicality, and do our job. it's going to be a tough game. >> they will probably come out
6:54 pm
with great energy, feed off the crowd, and we have to match that or exceed it if we want to win. i just expect a really tough night as far as physically, but it is something we all signed up for and will all embrace. larry: game tool is tonight and then the team has a long break before the next game at chase center. coverage beginning at 5:00 p.m. saturday. tipoff is at 5:30 followed by toyota "after the game." in the celtics game two of the eastern semites, brown will drop -- eastern semi finals. he hits the jumper. subjects of 15 in the first quarter. brown goes for 30 point. stevens playing a lot better than he did in game one. moments later, tatum steals. he slams. he finished with 29. celtics rolled to a game-two
6:55 pm
victory. the series is tied at 1-1. last time giants and dodgers met, game five in the national league division series. the swing heard around california. the historic season ended on a really iffy call. giants and dodgers rivalry is renewed tonight in los angeles. this will be the first of 19 meetings this season. this time the giants have a new pitcher. he starts the season and leads the league in strikeouts per nine innings. he has been dealing. >> we couldn't look too far out in advance, officially we have 20 of stuff to prepare. we had an off day yesterday. --obviously we had a lot of time to repair. we had an off day yesterday. i understand why it is exciting. as a fan, it is called that the dodgers and giants will play a lot of baseball this year. looking forward to those moments. larry: the giants are honoring buster posey this saturday at oracle park.
6:56 pm
and the former giant star catcher is selling his properties to northern california and moving back to georgia. 's personal home in lafayette already sold. his 106 acre farm in butte county is up for sale, for $3.9 million, described as a hunter's paradise, featuring a house and a big red barn, and a treadmill, apparently, to stay in shape. sports on abc 7, sponsored by united way bay area. one more word on the warriors game, draymond green it got smacked in the face. has gone back to the locker room. we will see what his availability is for the rest of game two tonight. we will have highlights at 11:00. whoever is left standing, we will show you the highlights. dan: we knew it would be an intense series after the other night. thanks, gary. ama: coming up tonight on abc 7, at 8:00, holy moly. followed at 9:00 by the chase. than stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. remember, abc 7 news is streaming 24-7.
6:57 pm
get the bay area up and join us whenever you want, wherever you are. that's it for this edition of abc 7 news. thank you for joining us. i am ama daetz. dan: and i am dan ashley. for sandhya patel, larry beil and all of us, thank you for your time. have a great evening, and will see you again for abc 7 news at 11:00. ♪ we gotta see this selection for ourselves. tile, wood, stone, laminate and vinyl. this hardwood is beautiful. this vinyl is durable. and this tile? so affordable! but when it comes to everything our family needs...
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♪♪♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants-- a history teacher from albany, california... an educational consultant and tutor from akron, ohio... and our returning champion-- a tutor from toronto, ontario, canada... ...whose 20-day cash winnings total... [ applause ] and now hosting "jeopardy!"-- ken jennings. [ applause ] thank you, johnny. welcome, everyone. our 23-year-old champion, mattea roach,
7:00 pm
hurdled another huge milestone yesterday, tying julia collins for fifth all time in consecutive games won on "jeopardy!" mattea makes it look easy out here. but check this out. fully 45% of her games with us have not been runaways, which means she needs to keep her level of peak performance up all the way through final jeopardy! often to secure the win. that could be good news for our challengers--angela and enver. let's see how much pressure you two can put on the champ. good luck to all three of you. let's play "jeopardy!" here are the categories in the first round. we'll start with... then... then... you'll have to identify the body part concealed in each clue. and finally... mattea, start off the game for us. named a city for him for $200. - enver. - what is madison?


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