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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 4, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on "america this morning." police earthquake. the leaked draft of a supreme court abortion opinion now sending shock waves across the country. protests erupting. states prepare for roe v. wade to be struck down. what's next and how this could reshape the mid-term elections. plus the investigation into who leaked the draft opinion, undermining the court. this morning a closer look at the inner workings of the court. a major decision expected today affecting your money. the impact the fed's interest rate decision could make and what makes it different from previous hikes. plus, the number of americans quitting their jobs breaks another record. we look at why. water emergency. new action by the government to
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make sure the water keeps flowing during the historic western drought. new tips pour in as the manhunt for a murder suspect on the run with a jail officer intensifies. plus, nasa's new plan to attract aliens. and later, new insight into how turtles flirt with each other. >> announcer: from abc news in new york, this is "america this morning." >> good wednesday morning, everyone. we begin with a political earthquake across america. the epicenter, the supreme court. >> leaked documents of a draft opinion from an abortion case are rocking america. we learned of a protest in los angeles prompting a city wide tactical alert. >> president biden says the court follow through on the draft opinion striking down roe v. wade, other rights like access to contra same sex marriage could be in jeopardy. >> but opponents of abortion
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rights say roe v. wade never should have been the law of the land. [ chanting ] >> this morning tensions running high in cities across america as abortion rights advocates and opponents hit the streets. comedian amy schumer addressing this rally. >> women want more rights. more access to abortion. more freedom. not less. >> reporter: hundreds of people gathering in austin, texas. the ground zero for the demonstrations is in washington, d.c. people on both sides of the debate have gathered at the supreme court for more than 24 hours since the website politico published a leaked first draft opinion suggesting the days of a federally guaranteed right to an abortion are numbered. cries of anger from some people. cries of joy from others. >> when i saw it, i was texting everyone. it was ju
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it's incredible. >> reporter: with joy. >> indeed. we're ecstatic. >> we don't deserve to have our rights taken from us because white men elected buy white men want to take away our rights. >> reporter: the supreme court confirms it is authentic, revealing five conservative justices are ready to overturn roe v. wade. the decision would leave it up to individual states to determine whether or not women have a right to an abortion. roe's demise would likely prompt at least 26 states to impose restrictions or even bans. president biden calling it a radical decision if the court follows through. >> it goes to other basic rights. the right to marriage. the right to determine a whole range of things. >> reporter: and vice president kamala harris last night claiming women's rights are under attack. >> how dare they tell a woman what she can do and cannot do with her own body. how dare they! how dare they try to stop her from determining her own future.
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>> reporter: but lawmaker who oppose abortion say the court's possible ruling will humanize the law. >> it transfers the power from nine justices in black robes to the american people. we need to do all we can to protect the most vulnerable. that includes the unborn. >> reporter: meanwhile the revelation is threatening to upend the mid-term elections later this year. experts say it could mobilize abortion rights advocates to vote. especially younger voters. people of color and suburban women. >> this draft opinion is suggesting that it will kickback down to the states. so if individuals care about abortion, it is now up to you to start finally paying attention to your state legislators, to your state assemblyman and into your state senators. >> reporter: the many political analysts say issues like inflation and immigration will likely still be top issues for voters this fall. meanwhile, an investigation is underway into who leaked the supreme court draft opinion. abc's justin finch continues our coverage from washington this morning. good morning, justin.
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>> mona, good morning. the leak is a stunning look into the inner workings of the supreme court. a public disclosure of the justices' private deliberations. the leaked documents revealing the supreme court is poised to overturn roe v. wade are giving americans a glimpse into the high court like never before. >> there have been leaks about the results in cases. there have been leaks about potential vote changes. but a draft opinion that reflects a process that is very much still underway has never been leaked out of court like this. so everyone has been pretty stunned. >> reporter: chief justice john roberts who called for an investigation into the leak calls the release a singular and egregious breach of trust. the source of the leak remains a mystery but there are many theories. some believe a clerk for a liberal justice could be responsible, hoping to ignite fierce back lash before the ruling is official. others blame conservatives on the court, speculating they might be trying to soften the
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blow of the final ruling. >> i think that it reflects a degree of desperation and hard ball on the part of whoever made the choice to leak this document. it certainly reflects an institution in real crisis. >> reporter: the supreme court shares opinion drafts internally before issuing them publicly. kate shaw, who has clerked for former justice john paul stevens says only a small group of people would have access to the memos. >> the nine justices, each has four law clerks is that a very small number of the chamber staffs. we're talking about 50 some people, 60, 70, a very small number. there is not supposed to be any sharing with friends or family members. but of course, that's conceivable. >> reporter: meanwhile, republican senator susan collins says the draft opinion was completely inconsistent with what justices neil gorsuch told her when they said access to abortion was settled law. >> thank you. the first major primary of
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t this election. vance was the winner last night. he'll face democrat tim ryan in november. vance made it clear, he's sticking by trump. >> they wanted to write a story that this campaign would be the death of donald trump's america first agenda. ladies and gentlemen, it ain't the death of the america first agenda. >> also in ohio, secretary of state franklin rose won his primary. he also got trump's endorsement. overseas, russian forces are bombing ukraine. they carried out 400 strikes yesterday alone including in the western city of lviv. part of city lost power. meanwhile, more than 100 civilians safely evacuated from a steel plant in mariupol and have been safely relocated but hundreds remain trapped. now to your money. a decision affecting all
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americans. a decision to raise interest ratss, bringing down prices while hoping to avoid a recession. this morning, wall street and main street bracing for a rate hike by the federal reserve. the fed expected to raise the short term interest rate by a half percentage point. double the usual amount, and the sharpest rate hike since the year 2000 as it tries to manage inflation. that means it will cost more to borrow money for big ticket items like a car or a home. this as businesses around the country are looking to hire. employers posted a record 11.5 million job openings in march meaning the country now has two job openings for every person who is unemployed. with job candidates in control, leaving their current position in search of a bigger paycheck. >> this is me 15 minutes after quitting my corporate job. >> my name is andrew. i'm an icu nurse. i just quit my job. >> deemed great resignation,
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more than 47 million americans quit their jobs in 2021. a record. and the trend shows no sign of letting up. americans post pandemic want a change. >> coming out of app, i want work to fit around my life. in many cases those would involve a job change. >> and it is now easier than ever to jump from one job to another. >> working from home was a kick starter for the great resignation. if you're leaving the job prettily, that means uprooting. now you toss one lap top to the side and bring in a new one. >> workers are feeling more empowered. some are unionizing including those at 50 starbucks locations. in response to market conditions, the company is now offering more training for new hires. raises for all workers and enhanksed benefits to ten urd workers not in the union. as for the interest rate hike, the fed announcement is expected this afternoon. and two more rate hikes could be on the way this summer as the
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feds try not to spark a recession. andrew? mona? >> thank you. drastic new measures are being taken to keep water flowing during the historic drought in the west. the government has announced plans to hold back water releases from lake powell, the second largest reservoir in the country. it has dropped below a critical level in march. with that, let's look at your wednesday weather. strong thunderstorms across central ohio brought hail and damaging winds. the hail was big enough to damage cars near columbus. new storms could trigger tornado advisories. those storms will expand later this week, bringing severe weather from louisiana, all the way to missouri. looking at today's hey temperatures, 80s from dallas to atlanta. 55 in denver where much needed rain is expected. people in in phoenix. 65 in new york. rain in new england and 54 in boston.
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coming up, the breaking news overnight. comedian dave chappell attacked on stage. also ahead, the new video of the alabama murder suspect and jail officer on the run together. what police are revealing about the couple. and later, the [ paint rolling ] your happiest spring starts at lowe's. experience all the deals at springfest.
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v is for victory over cancer. v is for victory over the odds. v is for victory over giving up. don't give up. don't ever give up. [narrator] join our team to help saves lives. [narrator] 100 percent of donations fund game changing cancer research. donate now at v dot org. back with breaking news from los angeles where witnesses say comedian dave chappelle was attacked on stage during a performance. the alleged attacker was seen on a stretcher being loaded on to an ambulance after witnesses say he was tackled by security. it appears chappelle was not injured. chris rock was also at the show. he came on stage after the incident, making a joke saying, was that will smith? police are now investigating. authorities in alabama say a
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tip from the public led them to identify a vehicle possibly used by an escaped murder suspect and a jail officer on the run together. they say office he vicky white bought the suv last week. she also sold her house for a price far below market value. abc's eva pilgrim has more on the couple is that the ongoing manhunt. >> reporter: a first look at the moment a corrections officer and a capital murder suspect left an alabama jail. officer vicky white holding the door open for casey white as they exit the waterdale detention center. you see her vehicle drive away. later abandoned in a nearby lot. what the sheriff said was supposed to be her last day before retirement. now saying the veteran officer and suspect did have a special relationship. >> doyou think it was a romantic relationship? >> i think so. you know. >> reporter: that relationship
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allegedly sparked in 2020 while casey white awaited trial in the murder of connie ridgeway. the sheriff saying they stayed in contact even after casey changed facilities. the u.s. marshals releasing these photos of the car they think they may be using to 93. the recently purchased 2007 ford edge said to have minor damage to a rear left bumper. authorities warning the pair who are not related may be armed with an ar-15, handguns and a shotgun. >> he's dangerous. if he's armed with those weapons, it just makes it even worse. >> reporter: one of casey white's victims issuing a warning for vicky white saying to run, run as far as she can before she or someone else loses their life. abc news, florence, alabama. >> thank you. one more note. as for the suv, the sheriff said
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irresistibly smooth chocolate. to put the world on pause. lindor. made to melt you. by the lindt master chocolatier. back now with a new bomb from the air force designed to target ships from the skies. video shows the new joint direct attack munition tearing a ship in half in the gulf of mexico. the air force says it does the work of a torpedo but it's less expensive. an unruly passenger on frontier airlines who ended up being duct taped to his seat. >> reporter: this morning the man seen here during what was described as a mid air meltdown has been sentenced to 60 days in jail. 23-year-old maxwell was tied to his seat with duct tape after allegedly groping two flight attendants and punching a third
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on a flight from philadelphia to miami last year. police say he had spilled an alcoholic drink on himself and returned from the bathroom shirtless. then things got violent, eventually hitting the flight attendant with a closed fist. she spoke with the station, defending how barry was restrained. >> you can say it might have looked barbaric and maybe we went overboard. it worked perfectly. no one got hurt. he made a enemy out of everyone on that aircraft. >> reporter: he said the 60-day jail sentence is not enough. >> i think it is a disgusting miscarriage of justice. >> reporter: it comes as the faa has fines topping $80,000. most cases stemming from mask disputes. a record 981 disrupted passengers were reported last year alone with dozens reported to the fbi. now even though mask mandateses
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have been lifted, the fax says it will continue to end force the zero tolerance policy toward disruptive passengers. >> we still have issues. we have full planes, low staffing, and almost no one knows what the program is with flying. because things have been changing so quickly. >> reporter: as for the man who was duct taped, he said he's remorseful and embarrassed by his actions. ja morant of the grizzlies scored his final 15 points as memphis beat golden state. last night, the celtics beat the bucks. and a great moment from toronto. the yankees' aaron judge hits a home run which was caught by a toronto blue jays fan but then he gave the ball to a young yankees fan nearby who was wearing an aaron judge t-shirt. the boy was overcome with emotion. coming up, nasa's new plan to attract aliens.
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time to check the pulse. we begin with nasa showing a little skin. >> it's planning to send nude pictures into space. hey, it works here on earth. why not in space? the goal is to attract the attention of any intelligent life that may be out there. they're just basic drawings of a naked man and woman waving hello. >> it also includes a sketch of a dna helix in hopes of establishing communication with alien life. all right. next, justin bieber opening up about his marriage. >> he tells apple music that he had an emotional breakdown after marrying his wife because he
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thought marriage would fix all his problems and it didn't. >> it is hard to look in the mirror and really have to realize, man, you, maybe you're not the person that you necessarily thought that you were. and so, you know, that's just a result of trauma and life circumstances. >> he says his relationship with jesus got him through tough times. okay. next, the weird new role for the former boy wizard. >> daniel radcliffe of harry potter film is playing weird al yankovic. it shows radcliffe screaming and sporting weird al's famous curly hair. and next the thing mom wants most is a nap. number two, a meal she doesn't have to cook. mother's day reminder is on sunday. and finally, two turtles finding fame on the internet. >> a woman on the internet posted a picture of a moment between these two turtles. one is slapping the other. but they're not fighting.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: growing fallout from the supreme court leak. protests on both sides and an investigation into how the leak happened. kumasi: worries about of the landmark rulings that could be target next. reggie: the warriors look ahead to name three against the grizzlies this weekend. coach kearns had thoughts on the foul that forced one of his players out of the playoffs. kumasi: it is wednesday, may 4. fred is back. reggie: i am back. [laughter] i really missed you all. it is good to sit here again. francis, it is good to see you. francis: good to see you. drew should be back soon. looking at clear skies over san francisco, it will be a gorgeous day today. we will see mostly sunny


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