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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 4, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: growing fallout from the supreme court leak. protests on both sides and an investigation into how the leak happened. kumasi: worries about of the landmark rulings that could be target next. reggie: the warriors look ahead to name three against the grizzlies this weekend. coach kearns had thoughts on the foul that forced one of his players out of the playoffs. kumasi: it is wednesday, may 4. fred is back. reggie: i am back. [laughter] i really missed you all. it is good to sit here again. francis, it is good to see you. francis: good to see you. drew should be back soon. looking at clear skies over san francisco, it will be a gorgeous day today. we will see mostly sunny
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conditions except at the beaches where the clouds stick around and it will be breezy. inland areas will be warming up into the mid-and upper 80's around the bay. mid and upper 70's. at the beaches come upper 50's near -- 50's near 60. enjoy the sunshine and warmth because we have temperatures tumbling starting tomorrow and i will have the forecast, coming up. reggie: the fallout over the supreme court leaked draft. the chief justice is calling for an investigation into those confirmed documents. we are seeing elected officials and americans making their voices heard. jobina: protesters have been gathering at the supreme court steps, some seeing this as a sign of victory, others fearing the loss of what they see as an essential right. the documents revealed a vote of
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justice is 5-4 in favoring mississippi's abortion ban. justice samuel alito wrote it must be overruled. the draft is authentic, the court confirming. chief justice john roberts calls that leak an egregious breach. >> i was happy that i saw what we believe should be the decision moving forward. >> it is horrible. it is so depressing. it is shocking. i cannot believe it. jobina: public polling has shown a majority of americans support upholding roe v. wade. in a washington post poll, seven in 10 said the decision of abortion should be left to woman and her doctor. if roa is overturned -- if roe is overturned, several states will restrict abortion access. kumasi: governor newsom will be
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in los angeles today talking about los angeles's commitment to maintaining abortion rights. abc7news amy hollyfield joins us live at the planned parenthood in walnut creek. amy: california is expecting planned parenthood clinics like this one to be overwhelmed with women coming from other states looking to get an abortion. california lawmakers are responding. there are now 13 bills in the california legislature meant to protect a woman's right and access to an abortion. they range to protecting doctors to expanding clinics and access. lawmakers to expect the health care system here will be strained if roe v. wade is overturned. >> we anticipate a 3000 percent increase in patients coming to california for care which means californians' impact to care
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will be impact it by the fact that we have this surge. amy: a constitutional amendment has been introduced in california to protect reproductive rights. what lawmakers are saying is they will not back down. they plan to double down. that constitutional amendment should pass easily through the assembly and will reappear on the november ballot here in california so california voters can decide if they want abortions to be constitutionally protected. reporting live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield. reggie: there is concern about potential supreme court aftershocks following this opinion. the worry is other landmark rulings could be targeted next with many worrying about marriage between same-sex couples and consensual sexual acts. amanda spoke with legal experts and lgbtq advocates.
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amanda: the draft opinion monday and first published by politico is still front and center. justice alito's text noting that "nothing in this opinion should cast doubts on presidents who do not concern abortion." many are not convinced. carolyn weisinger acting with alarm, saying if roe v. wade can be overturned, it won't stop there. >> a fight on voters rights is up. the fight on mixed marriages is up. the fight on any type of right for protection you have is definitely up. amanda:. in the draft is criticism of a text that legalized sodomy and another that legalized marriage between same-sex couples. kathleen morris helped write the legal complaint when san francisco challenged california's ban on marriage
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between same-sex couples. >> that leaves open the possibility of criminalizing the lgbtqi community across the board. it does feel as if there is an effort to dismantle the gains that have been made in order to get back to a time that is kind of an ozzie and harriet time. amanda: a supreme court shock wave if these landmark rulings were to be reversed. writes that the text claims are not rooted on history. >> it is interesting how it can be unraveled based on what's perception -- based on what is people's perception on what is right and acceptable. amanda: vice-president kamala harris talking about the fundamental right to privacy. >> when the right to privacy is
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attacked, anyone in our country may face a future where the government can interfere with their personal decisions. not just women. anyone. amanda: ethnic studies professor kim on tran says -- kim ahn tran says it is possible at the ballot box. >> what we are seeing is it is not true depending on who represents you. kumasi: homeless families will gather outside san francisco city hall to share experiences of homelessness. they will also deliver a list of demands to the board of supervisors. those include subsidies for homeless women, families, and emergency hotel vouchers to give families off the streets. the rally starts at 12:30. oakland city council is moving forward with a plan to turn the
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shuttered army base into a large homeless shelter. it is at the port of oakland south of i-80. the city will study the costs and logistics of using this 22 acre site as a shelter for about 1000 people. if fully built out, it would be the largest shelter in the city. reggie: danville is posting the annual may the fourth be with you that. events include a scavenger hunt, jedi training, craft, and a costume contest. the first 100 people who get the hunt will get a grab bag of treasures.jedi training is fives per child and it starts at 11:00 this morning at the danville community center. go to to register. francis: we are looking at live doppler seven over the last seven hours. we have clear skies around the bay area but we notice cloud start to fill in throughout the
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day at the beaches. here is golden gate bridge looking pretty good. temperatures mainly in the 40's and 50's. san jose at 53. half moon bay, 45 degrees. highs today will be much warmer inland. we will see some upper 80's in some spots like fairfield and antioch. 87 and a concord and in livermore. at the beaches, things will be cool. only 59 in half moon bay. san francisco with the sea breeze, 66 today. san jose, 84. here is a look at the forecast. we notice clouds fill in throughout the day and overnight, increasing clouds into tomorrow morning. it will be much cooler tomorrow morning. lowe's will be near 50 is for almost everyone under a cloudy sky. here is a look at the week ahead in san jose. our average height is 72 so we are above that. things get cooler tomorrow and
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then by sunday for mother's day, 20 degrees cooler. get ready for the cooldown and enjoy the sunshine. we will check traffic now with jobina. it was a big mess this morning. jobina: now everything is gone. they must like us out here. the traffic energy is out there. we have a commuter alert, the electrification construction is underway and that will continue until may 20. there will be no local service from 5:30 a.m. until 9:00 a.m.. you'll have to do a transfer. there will be treat -- there will be three trains per hour. a live look at emeryville showing you 80, westbound traffic filling in there. the san mateo bridge is smooth and clear. we are starting to see a slight slowdown out of tracy. 39 minutes tracy to dublin.
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reggie: the overnight lunch from facebook's parish company. kumasi: dave chapelle attacked on stage at his own show. reggie: we are hearing from the activist to scal
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reggie: a man is in custody after police say he attacked comedian dave chapelle while he was performing at the hollywood bowl. the video shows the alleged attacker on a gurney and being loaded into an ambulance. the man appeared to tulsa with dave chapelle on stage during the netflix is a joke civil. he ran a hand screen where security attacked him. it appears dave chapelle was not hurt. a video showed him continuing on with the show. kumasi: we are hearing from the antiabortion activist who scaled salesforce tower. he climbed to the top of san francisco's tallest tower with a message. >> i never thought i would fall. >> mason -- maison is describing
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what it was like to climb the top of salesforce tower, scaling the outside without any harnesses. he says this was about getting his antiabortion message out there. >> i believe it is women's choice but the choice starts at conception. adoption over abortion is what i am trying to spread. reporter: he says this was about raising money for antiabortion groups. >> i think there are many people concerned they are not being heard, they are not being recognized by elected officials. reporter: is the young student was climbing this building, when he were focused on the feat, a person climbing a building with no safety devices. >> i was so scared. i was afraid he was going to fall down on live tv.
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reporter: he calls himself the pro-life spider-man and says he planned for this for the past month. the fact that the supreme court draft was late last night motivated him even more. some even took pictures and videos of him inside the building. he says he enjoyed that and said the actual climb was not as hard as it looked. reporter: -- >> i got up there and i could just reach right over. the cool thing about this was there was rest every 10 feet. in my mind, i was not climbing a 1000 foot skyscraper, i was only climbing 10 feet 100 times or however many times. reporter: upon getting to the top of the tower, he was given water and then arrested for resisting arrest and trespassing , two misdemeanor charges.
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kumasi: facebook's parent company, metta, is announcing -- meta, is announcing a new program to support asian and pacific islander owned business. sheryl sandberg said of the pandemic has been tough on a api communities and businesses. she says it will focus on providing content, training resources, and events in six different languages on its facebook page at instagram. reggie: the warriors are heading back to chase center for game three without one of their key lawyers because of a very hard foul. during game two, gary payton came down hard after hit in the head by dylan brooks. payton ended up fracturing his elbow. brooks was ejected from the game and may have to serve a suspension. the grizzlies took aim two and after the game, steve kurt did
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not hold back his thoughts on that hard foul. >> i don't know if it was intentional but it was dirty. playoff basketball is supposed to be physical. everybody is going to compete. everybody is going to fight. there is a code that players follow. a guy comes in and whacks him across the head, he broke the code. >> it was out of line in terms of defensive letters taking a lay-up and him taking a huge windup and everything add that could have happened did. i feel bad for gp, this was his time to shine. reggie: you can catch the game this saturday on abc7. our coverage starts at 5 p.m. kumasi: nobody likes to hear that their favorite basketball team lost a big game but that is what happened to a boston
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celtics fan but he found out in the middle of his wedding. absolutely not. [laughter] reggie: no. kumasi: i cannot. this man walking down the aisle out of the church with his beautiful bride when one of his friends told him his beloved celtics lost to the milwaukee bucks. you saw his reaction there. it was just a quick moment of sadness before he realized i am with my queen and this is the best day of my life. [laughter] reggie: divorce. kumasi: divorce? she just needs to be like -- whoever that friend is, you cannot hang out anymore.
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frances: he focused quickly back on her. reggie: that is rude. kumasi: he could not wait until they got out of the church? frances: i think it is his friend's fault. reggie: did you see somebody mouth something to the bride? but it looked like it was appropriate. it looked like she said you look beautiful. [laughter] frances: [laughter] temperatures near 50 degrees for the most part.
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at the beaches, 45 and half moon bay. in brentwood, 60 degrees. let's get to the highs today because they are impressive. we are above average in some spots. senator cruz, 76. along the lower part of the peninsula we see mid to upper 70's. check out the beaches, that is where the clouds stick around and the sea breeze cakes in this afternoon. downtown san francisco, 66. for the north bay, looking for a comfortable, lots of 80's out there. sonoma, 84 degrees. t-shirt and shorts weather in the east bay, man the in the 70's. 70 in richmond. 74 in oakland. 80 in fremont. we will see lots of upper 80's through the inland neighborhoods. 87 in pittsburgh. 89 in brentwood.
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tomorrow will not be a great day to head to the beaches because we have a beach hazard statement. look out for increased risk of strong reprints. that is because temperatures will come down with this on floor -- this onshore flow. enjoy this warmth today with plenty of sunshine except at the beaches. and then much cooler. we get a chance of sprinkles on friday, mainly at the golden gate bridge. sunday and -- sunny and windy to the weekend. we are tracking even a chance of showers on monday. quite a lot in the seven-day forecast. reggie: coming up, the seven things you need to know. kumasi: the consequence for a midair l down. the sentence for this passenger who ended up duct taped to a seat.
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allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! flonase all good. (host) more and more cat parents are feeding tastefuls from blue buffalo because it's tasty and healthy. and now blue tastefuls comes in single serve portions. just snap it, peel it, pop it, chop it. pick up tastefuls singles and find out why one taste is all it takes. kumasi: here are the seven things to know this morning. chief justice john roberts is calling into an investigation into who leaked a supreme court draft overturning roe v. wade. the court confirmed it is authentic but not a final decision. reggie: governor newsom and
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california lawmakers are looking to amend the constitution to protect the right to choose. other bills look to bolster rights, including expanding clinic patients and access. kumasi: the 22-year-old college student who free climbed to the top of salesforce tower has been cited and released. he scaled the tower to try to raise money for antiabortion charities. reggie: a man is in custody after he attacked dave chapelle while performing at the hollywood bowl. the comedian was not hurt. a video showed him continuing on with the show. frances: it will feel like summer inland, upper 80's for some spots. lots of 70's. at the beaches, still cool. jobina: we are following a crash involving injuries. you can see the back up northbound 101 past mckee road. kumasi: later this morning, the
5:25 am
federal reserve is expected to raise a short-term interest rate by half a percentage point as it tries to manage inflation. two more rate hikes could be on the way. reggie: norman etta passed away yesterday at the age of 90. he was sent to an internment camp in world war ii. as aadt, he w rake racial barriers for asian americans. he served as the south bay congressman for several years. he served two presidents. he talked about keeping a positive approach. >> i have been very fortunate in keeping up a tenacious spirit and getting the job done. reggie: his name was all over the bay area including san jose's airport, san jose state, and the south bay freeway. kumasi: the land passenger.
5:26 am
picked by a flight crew is facing jail time. this is coming from the flight attendant he is accused of punching. >> from mid air melt to 60 days in jail, maxwell tied up with duct tape after groping two flight attendants and touching a third. the flight attendant he hit speaking exclusively outside the courtroom. >> you can say it might have looked barbaric and may be we went overboard. however, we worked -- it worked perfectly. he made an enemy out of everyone on the aircraft. reporter: saying after this incident, he cannot find a job. >> mr. barry is looking forward to putting this behind him. reggie: we won't forget that flight. coming up at 5:30, the new lineup for free concerts coming
5:27 am
to san francisco. kumasi: a covid vaccine for young kids could be weeks away. the perspective from young parents picking of getting shot. reggie: a closer look at the challenges many school districts face when retaining educators. kumasi: here is a live look outside at 5:27. we will be right back.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: california lawmakers working on it land to protect abortion rights in our state. what they think will happen if roe v. wade is overturned. kumasi: a vaccine for kids could be months away. will children actually get it? new insight on what parents are thinking. reggie: if you like the warm weather, get ready for today because it will heat up in some spots. frances is tracking a heat up
5:30 am
ahead. kumasi: let's get a start of our forecast with francis. frances: locale clear it -- look how clear it looks across the bay. temperatures near 50 for the next couple of hours. sunrise at 6:10. mostly sunny skies except at the beaches. things stay similar to yesterday's numbers. mid to upper 80's this afternoon and around the bay we see mid to upper 70's. tonight, mostly clear. temperatures start to cool down but we see an increase in clouds. temperatures will be cooler tomorrow morning and cooler into mother's day weekend. i will have all of the details coming up. reggie: governor newsom will be talking at rights in southern california. he and lawmakers are working on a plan to add protections to our state's constitution. amy hollyfield is live planned
5:31 am
parenthood clinic. amy: clinics like this are expected to be flooded with new patients coming from other states looking for abortions. planned parenthood is expecting to number of women coming into california trying to get an abortion to go up 3000%. california lawmakers are responding. there are about 13 bills right now pending in sacramento intended to protect a woman's right and access to abortion. they range from protecting doctors to expanding clinics and access. there is also a plan to alter the state constitution. >> i will be introducing any amendments that will make it clear that reproductive rights in california, including an specifically abortion, are protected. we will not back down. we will double down. amy: if that passes, it would
5:32 am
head to the november ballot for voters to consider. california lawmakers saying the possibility of roe v. wade being overturned has them motivated to fight. you hurt her with that line, they are not going to back down, they plan to double down. amy hollyfield, abc7news. kumasi: a los angeles police officer is hurt after a peaceful abortion rights test got unruly. lapd set up a tactical alert. 400 people came together for -- at the courthouse downtown protest. some people in the crowd threw rocks and bottles at the officers as least tried to clear the area. we don't know the extent of that officer's injuries. we are also seeing back to delete supreme court draft in the area. tim johns shows us scenes in san
5:33 am
francisco, oakland, and san jose. reporter: on the streets of the bay area, feelings of disbelief. >> i was immediately devastated. reporter: and anger. >> it is a war on women. reporter: following the leak of the draft supreme court opinion jose to oakland. many protesters say they viewed the news not just on abortion rights but as a wider assault on women's rights. >> it is about the collective, it is about health care, it is about privacy. it is about making a decision for your own life. reporter: calling not just on women to take to the streets. >> it is important for people of all genders to be supporting the
5:34 am
cause because it is a human because. reporter: others explaining they hope it serves as a wake-up call ahead of the november midterm elections. >> it feels like our country is moving acrid's when we should be moving forwards. reporter: no matter the recent people were out for, one common theme connects them all, a promise to stand up for the rights they believe are being trampled upon. 1 the only way -- >> the only way we can defend our rights is by being in the streets. there are hundreds of demonstrations taking place and they will grow. reporter: protesters say oanizing mor events ahead of the supreme court decision. reggie: the catholic church is responding positively to the leaked supreme court draft. the archbishop leon tweeted his support. >> our goal is to make abortion unthinkable because it is a
5:35 am
violent act. i think women need to have the support necessary to give birth and give this child of the right to life. all women should have it. >> you know that is not realistic. that has not happened the past 50 years since roe v. wade was passed. you know there will be a significant percentage of the population who believes abortion should be allowed and they will pursue abortions. >> it might seem unrealistic now , but that is because of the cultural mentality that has set in. reggie: we will continue tracking this. you can find updates on our website and on the bay area streaming app. you can download it on roku, apple tv, fire tv, or android tv. kumasi: a new poll finds a small percentage of parents would get
5:36 am
their children vaccinated against covid right away. just 18% of parents with kids under five are eager to get them vaccinated. just under 40% say they want to wait and see how the vaccine works for others. about one quarter says they will not get their child vaccinated. just over 10% say they will only do it if required. more than half of parents say they don't have enough information about vaccine safety and efficacy for kids under five. wall street and main street are preparing for an interest rate hike by the federal reserve. jobina: the federal reserve is expected to raise the short-term interest rate by a half percentage point as it tries to manage inflation. that is double the usual amount and the sharpest rate hike since 2000. it will cost more to borrow money for big ticket items like a car or home. record 11.5ar
5:37 am
meaning the country now has two job openings for every person who is unemployed. more than 47 million americans quit their jobs in 2021 with job candidates and control. many are leaving current positions in search of a bigger paycheck. >> working from home was a kick starter for the great resignation. if you are leaving a job previously, that means uprooting. you toss one laptop to decide and logging into a new portal. jobina: as for the interest rate increase, two more rate hikes could be on the weight this summer as the feds try not to spark a recession. investors will be anxiously awaiting an 11:00 a.m. re-think from fed chair jerome powell to see if he will signal that the central bank plans to get tougher with rate increases. kumasi: fed up with that
5:38 am
beor on the force, specific things happened that san jose says is tarnishing the police department's reputation. reggie: they line up for the concerts at stern grove festival. first, a check of the forecast. frances: i wanted to show you a live look from sutro. the winds are light, the water is calm and we have a beautiful day ahead. in san francisco and oakland, it is 49 degrees. half moon bay at 45 degrees. here is another shot, clear skies over the south bay. this unrest coming up soon. santa rosa currently at 45. one of our cooler spots is petaluma and napa. fairfield and concord in the low 50's. here is a look at the highs today. inland temperatures will warm up even more, near 90 in some spots. fairfield and antioch at 88 and around the bay, very comfortable
5:39 am
numbers. lots of 70's outhe s meo oakland, 74. because of the sea breeze and clouds that will move in to the day, only 59 in half moon bay. san francisco, 66. we are above average but at the beaches we are not warming up as much. overnight lows will be near 50 degrees. we see increasing clouds overnight into tomorrow. tomorrow makes for a cooler day with beach hazard statement and effect. not a great day to head to the beaches. i will have your complete forecast, coming up. jobina: we are going to look at san jose. we are following a crash that is starting to increase the backup speeds. i don't know why that's a 72, it should say six. this is 101 past mickey wrote. two lens are. blocked and injuries are involved. walnut creek, looking at 680
5:40 am
southbound, traffic is beginning to pick up. northbound traffic is very clear. the same thing in oakland looking at the coliseum camera where headlights are traveling southbound. we will wrap up with drive times, highway 85 to the san jose airport will be a seven minute ride.
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to build a future of unlimited possibilities. reggie: three men are charged with murder in a mass shooting in sacramento. all three could face the death penalty. one of the suspects is on the run. they accused him of taking part in the shooting while he was on bail for charges stemming from a separate case. the other two suspects are in sacramento county jail. the city's police chief called the shooting a gang gunbattle. >> guns and gangs are fully
5:43 am
entrenched in this. addressing urban violence needs to be a community effort and requires partnerships at every level. reggie: sacramento police are working with the fbi and atf. they say more charges are possible. kumasi: san jose and is police department say they have had enough of police departments -- police officers tarnishing the police department's reputation after incidents involving alcohol use, drug abuse, and sexual misconduct. one officer died the fentanyl overdose. last week, an officer showed up to an investigation drunk. police chief anthony mata is calling for more investigations. >> to all who wear a uniform, wear a badge, and represent this profession in an unsullied manner, i apologize.
5:44 am
i also apologize to the family of three month old brittany cuellar -- brandon cuellar. kumasi: mor liccardo is proposing water drug and alcohol testing. he wanted to be part of contracted associations. reggie: a proposal that would legalize online sports betting could head to the november ballot. they have enough signatures to qualify. the bay area would get at is $7 million for housing and mental health programs. tribal casinos opposed the measure. >> are concerned with their measure is that it violates the historical sovereignty granted to tribes by california voters to be the operators of gaming in the state of california. reggie: if both propositions
5:45 am
pass, a court would have to decide which ones to implement. kumasi: the oakland a's said there has been a positive step forward in the park department plan. a staff report by bay conservation development of an assertion recommended the agency remove the priority use designation at that site which clears the way for the park. a final vote is scheduled for june. -- a plot of the recommendation during a virtual discussion on the project. >> it has been a long journey. there has been a lot of ups and downs and a pandemic to make things more challenging. we are close to seeing if this can happen and we are hopeful we can get a positive vote this summer. kumasi: he along with the mayor and port eaters used this event to talk about the project's benefits and they dispelled what they called misinformation including claims that taxpayer
5:46 am
money would be used to build the ballpark. a bay area council study found the development would provide $7.3 billion of economic activity for oakland. opponents site traffic and transportation issues. reggie: it is teacher appreciation week and we are looking into the challenges schools are facing when it comes to retaining educators. melinda molina's look at what san francisco is doing to attract teachers in a city known for a high cost of living. >> when school districts complain about her lack of teachers, the issue is not always black and white. take san francisco unified. >> we have more teachers than we have positions for in certain areas and a scarcity of teachers in other areas. reporter: that extends to special education, math, science, and languages. you would think given the shortage of teachers that this will district would use programs like teach for america.
5:47 am
that program was eliminated years ago. here is what teach for america had to say. >> the commitment is for two years but over 70% of our teachers stayed for three years or longer because they are set up for success. this is what we are committed to. reporter: while teach for america has a big presence in the bay area, the schools want to invest in teachers who stay for the long haul. >> teach for america, the way the program is built is for folks to gain the resume building experience and then move into another profession. >> i will retire in this district. reporter: that is a jeh johnson who is part of the pathway to teaching program where she earns credential while working in the classroom, paid for by the district. >> this program helps me get real experience in the classroom
5:48 am
and it is good at affordable for someone like me, a single mom. reporter: after earning current credentials, she will have to go through her induction process. >> and other districts, teachers have to pay up to $10,000 for nand action program which is two years of coaching in their first one or two years of teaching. we offer that for free in sent cisco. reporter: they admits the high cost of living is a challenge for maintaining teachers. >> is very difficult and something always on the back of my mind. reggie: lee and been reporting on bay area school issues for decades. you can get in touch with her online. kumasi: we now know the line-up for san francisco's stern grove festival. the first concert is june 12. it features tower of power.
5:49 am
they were supposed to close out last year's festival but the concert had to be canceled because of a water main rake that flooded the area. the other headliners include cat power, cold war kids, and leanne rhymes. you ive. this might be messy to bring this up, but did you see how appealing the street said they late the line -- leaked the line-up on a bus and people were taking pictures? reggie: i like that. kumasi: people were excited and started sharing it. reggie: i am here for leanne -- our leanne and leanne arrived -- and leanne rhymes. kumasi: i am here for too short
5:50 am
and tower of power. reggie: you have been to stern grove. frances: i have not. reggie: excuse me? frances: i don't like dealing with the parking and the hassle. reggie: come on, now. kumasi: the uni drops you like right there. frances: we will meet there this time. reggie: beseeching is another thing. kumasi: one of us needs to be the designated get there in line early person. you cannot play around with it. reggie: so it is francis. frances: [laughter] do we bring picnic blankets and chairs? reggie: we will do that. you just get there and spread out. kumasi: one blanket and you and you get there. frances: [laughter] one big ticket to roll out. today, you conducive thing similar because we will get plenty of sunshine if you want to soak up the heat. live doppler seven showing clear
5:51 am
skies. some clouds off the coast that will start to move in this afternoon. temperatures range from the low 40's all the way up to 59 degrees. most temperatures near 50 around the bay. look for highs today to be in the upper 80's for inland areas. id0's sta rosa and na. around the bay, comfortable and mild. mid 70's in oakland and san mateo. we have the sea breeze and clouds move in at the beaches. 59 in half moon bay. overnight, the clouds will move in a 50 degrees for almost everybody. that is because we have a system to our north. things will change quickly starting tomorrow. the system brings rain to the north and by friday it could ring a slight chance north of
5:52 am
the golden gate bridge and we are tracking the chance for rain on monday. summerlike warmth today. much cooler and gusty for mother's day. things are changing rapidly. reggie: a piece of the future is here. the bionic arm on the cusp of becoming reality. kumasi: raises for starbucks workers, but not for all of
5:53 am
we gotta see this selection for ourselves. tile, wood, stone, laminate and vinyl. this hardwood is beautiful. this vinyl is durable. and this tile? so affordable! but when it comes to everything our family needs... this one is... perfect. now this store is the real deal. at floor and decor, there's plenty of room to explore. because with everyday low pricing on quality in-stock products and on-trend styles, you can really bring your living room to life. discover floor and decor today!
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kumasi: starbucks is raising wages but not for employees. starbucks said it would raise worker wages but the interim ceo said that they would honor that commitment even if employees vote to unionize. after that, any future pay hikes may not include those in
5:55 am
unionized stores. nearly 50 starbucks locations have voted to unionize with five voting against. reggie: instagram is running a test that will make the applicable at tiktok. it is experiencing with full-screen or vertical home needs. that means you would immediately see vertical content as soon as you open the app. comments, captions, and likes would be at the top of the post instead of below. the head of instagram says the aim is to bring video more front and center. here we go. [laughter] twitter is also testing something new called twitter circle. did you get any alert for this? kumasi: no. reggie: did you, jobina? jobina: i don't think so. reggie: they want me to be part of this, i guess. kumasi: [laughter] just you. reggie: it allows you to pick up to 150 people and allows only
5:56 am
those people to see what you post. this is likely close friends thing on instagram -- this is like in the close friends thing on instagram. it says no word when it will go live, it is already live. kumasi: i feel like all of your followers are your close friends. reggie: don't think that close friends cannot easily become anyone at all on the internet. you are one screen grab away. i need to sometimes learn that lesson myself. just know that. sometimes your close friend is also your close enemy and you don't know it. kumasi: choose wisely. new at 6:00, bind your car with an arcade coin. reggie: the supreme court shot waves over roe v. wade -- shock waves over roe v. wade potentially being overturned. there is concern about other landmark rulings that could be overturned. kumasi: the new proposed location for what could the largest homeless shelter in
5:57 am
oakland. reggie: a whole another when kids need medical care, they face life-changing experiences. they miss out on the things that make being a kid fun. starlight children's foundation programs entertain and inspire hospitalized kids. learn more at you're a champion. you're not a quitter. quitters don't do what they're supposed to. champions do.
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and you're a star. and you shine. that's what you do. that's what you do every day. [inspirational music] (music throughout)
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area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> now at 6:00, the actions on abortion. a potential monumental decision
6:00 am
from the supreme court sparking a charge across the country. we're live with california doubling down and what might be next. >> i never thought i would fall. >> scaling salesforce. the anti-abortion activist with that death-defying stunt. stunning anyone watching. he's now talking to us about that climb. >> and the dubs lost to the grizzlies, about as painful as it gets. steve kershaw with some sharp words defending his team ahead of a huge game three. good morning, everybody. it's wednesday, may 4. back at work. >> i made it. >> you made it. you are here. we're happy you're back. >> thank you. i'm happy to be back too. and healthy. let's check on with our meteorologist. >> all right. we're going to start out with a clear shot of some beautiful skies over san jose right now. it's going to be a gorgeous day


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