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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 4, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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from the supreme court sparking a charge across the country. we're live with california doubling down and what might be next. >> i never thought i would fall. >> scaling salesforce. the anti-abortion activist with that death-defying stunt. stunning anyone watching. he's now talking to us about that climb. >> and the dubs lost to the grizzlies, about as painful as it gets. steve kershaw with some sharp words defending his team ahead of a huge game three. good morning, everybody. it's wednesday, may 4. back at work. >> i made it. >> you made it. you are here. we're happy you're back. >> thank you. i'm happy to be back too. and healthy. let's check on with our meteorologist. >> all right. we're going to start out with a clear shot of some beautiful skies over san jose right now. it's going to be a gorgeous day
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ahead. temperatures in the next few hours, upper 40's to low 50's. plenty of sunshine for everybody except at the beaches where things will be cool. so only the upper 50's in some spots, but inland areas in the mid 80's, even upper 80's this afternoon. and around the bay, look for comfortable, mild temperatures right around the mid 7 08s. things get a lot cooler starting tomorrow and i'll have those details coming up. reggie: thank you. developing news over the fallout regarding the leaked supreme court opinion draft that would overturn roe v. wade. the high court's chief justice is now calling for an investigation into those confirmed documents. we're seeing elected officials and everyday americans, i saw it in my neighborhood yesterday, making their voices heard. >> yes. supporters on both sides of the issue have been gathering at the supreme court steps and across the country. some seeing this leak as a sign of victory. others fearing the loss of what they call an essential right. the documents obtained by "politico" late sunday revealed a vote of five justices to four
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in a case favoring mississippi's abortion ban. referencing the roe decision, justice alito wrote, quote, it must be overruled. the court confirms the draft is authentic, adding it's not a final position. chief justice john roberts calls that leak an egregious breach. >> i was happy that i saw what we believe should be the decision moving forward. >> it's horrible. it's so depressing. it's shocking. i can't believe it. >> public polling has consistently shown that a majority of americans support upholding roe v. wade in a new abc news/"the washington post" poll. seven in 10 said the decision of abortion should be left to the woman and her doctor. if roe is overturned, as many as 26 states would be likely or certain to ban or severely restrict abortion access. >> thank you. governor newsom will be in los
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angeles today talking about california's commitment to preserve abortion rights. we already know lawmakers have proposed an amendment to place permanent protection in our state's constitution. amy hollyfield joining us live at the planned parenthood in walnut creek. reporter: hi, good morning. california is expecting planned parenthood clinics like this one to be overwhelmed with women coming here from out of state, looking to get an abortion. and california lawmakers are responding. they realize this is going to be happening and they are trying to do what they can to prepare. there are now 13 bills in the california legislature meant to protect a woman's right and access to an abortion. they range from protecting doctors legally to expanding clinics and access. lawmakers do expect the health care system here will be strained if roe v. wade is overturned. >> we anticipate a 3,000% increase in patients coming to
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california for care, wl meant californians' access to care will be impacted by the fact that we'll have this surge. reporter: a constitutional amendment has also been introduced in california to protect reproductive rights. and what lawmakers are saying is they won't back down, they plan to double down. that constitutional amendment should eisley pass -- easily pass if it does, it will land on the november ballot. so california voters can have a say. reporting live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. on our 3:00 p.m. show, getting answers, we heard the perspective of abc 7 news special correspondent, dr. pa tell, address the medical concerns that he has in the fight for abortion rights. >> i'm concerned all around. i think this sets a terrible precedent about the ability for politicians to govern what happens in the scientific world and with a uterus, reproductive
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rights. >> dr. patel said he's also concerned about the impact on those who live in a state with some form of an abortion ban who might not have the money or the resources to leave their state or medical care. reggie: there's growing concern over potential supreme court aftershocks following the leaked abortion draft opinion. the worry here is that other landmark rulings could be targeted next. with many questioning the impact of same-sex marriage and even consensual sex. >> if that's possible, you know, the fight on voters' rights is definitely up. the fight on mixed marriages is definitely up. the fight on any type of right and protection that you have is definitely up and everyone needs to pay attention. reggie: buried in the draft, criticism of laurence vs. texas which legal ietzed sodomy and marriage between same-sex couples. constitutional law professor also helped write the legal complaint when san francisco challenged california's ban on
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marriage between same-sex couples. >> they go after, you know, the case. then that leaves open the possibility of criminalizing the lgbtqi community across the board. so it does feel as if there's an effort to dismantle the gains that have been made in order to get back to a time that's a kind of ozzie andujar yet time. that's a -- and harriet time. that's a pre-1965. reggie: we've been staying on top of every piece of the story for you as it comes in. the debate is far from over. you can get push alerts for the latest developments, just like this one, by downloading the abc 7 news bay area app and make sure you enable notifications. >> today homeless families will gather outside san francisco experiences of homelessness. they will also be delivering a list of demands to the board of supervisors and to the mayor. those include subsidies for homeless women and families as well as emergency hotel vouchers to get families off the street. the rally starts at 12:30 this
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afternoon. reggie: this morning san francisco unified teachers are planning to protest in front of the school district's payroll department over what they're calling a continuing payroll crisis. in march many teachers camped out for several nights at school district headquarters. they were demonstrating against payroll issues. they left after union leaders said they got a commitment from the school district that all outstanding checks would be resolved. however, organizationers say many teachers left the meeting yesterday concerned and confused with paycheck issues that are still unresolved. >> this morning the oakland city council is moving forward with a plan to turn the city's now shuttered army base into a large homeless shelter. you can see the site on this map. it's at the port of oakland. the city will now study the cost and logistics of using this 22-acre site as a shelter if it's fully built out, it will become the largest shelter in
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frances: we've got clear skies around the bay area. some clouds off to the coast. temperatures right now near 50 for the most part around the bay area. 49 in san francisco and union city. 50 in heyward. and a little bit cooler in parts of the north bay. some mid 40's. highs today are going to warm up, inland areas near 90 in some spots. we'll see mid 80's through livermore, san jose, also in santa rosa, 84. notice with the breeze this afternoon and the clouds moving in, on the peninsula coast, san
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francisco, 66. oakland, 74 degrees. clouds increase tonight. we have a system moving to our north, bringing us cooler weather starting tomorrow morning with increasing clouds. although in the morning it will be near 50 so not too much change in the morning. but then you'll notice tomorrow throughout the day temperatures will drop, for example in napa by as much as 10 degrees. today above average. tomorrow below average. and then much cooler for mother's day with a chance of rain and i'll talk about that soon. joe bina's keeping track of the toll plaza. jobina: hi. thank you. good morning, everybody. so we are beginning with the bay bridge toll plaza and look how packed it is already. lights came on at 5:37. because of the crash we had at a tollbooth sunday night, we are still down an additional lane there and that is really causing the backups this week to be much greater than normal. and you should expect that until at least friday. the richmond bridge. clearer but we have a couple crashes to talk about still following this one in san jose on northbound 101 past
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mckee road where injuries are involved and a multicar crash in oakland at benedict avenue. reggie: thank you. new at 6:00, coin-operated car shopping. the new spot that turns your next car purchase into an arcade game. plus the new statue being put in front of chase center tomorrow just in times for wars game three. and remembering the south bay political powerhouse, norm mineta. the mantha led the t.s.a. the mantha led the t.s.a. th to severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. by hitting eczema where it counts, dupixent helps heal your skin from within keeping you one step ahead of eczema. hide my skin? not me. and that means long-lasting clearer skin and fast itch relief for adults. with dupixent, you can show more skin with less eczema. hide my skin? not me.
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reggie: new this morning. a man in custody after police say he attacked comedian dave chappelle while he was performing. video shows the alleged attacker on a gurney and being loaded into an ambulance last night. the man appeared to tussle with
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chappelle onstage. that man then ran behind the scene onstage and that's where security ended up tackling him. it appears chappelle was not hurt. social media video showed him continuing on with the show. kumasi: this morning we're hearing from the anti-abortion activist who scaled salesforce tower, climbed to the top of san francisco's tallest building with a message. here's j.r. stone. >> i never thought i would fall. reporter: 22-year-old maison deschamps is describing what it was like to climb to the top of the salesforce tower in san francisco. scaling the outside without any harnesses. saying this, which was an illegal act, was about getting his anti-abortion message out there. >> i believe it is women's choice, but the choice starts at conception. adoption over abortion is really what i'm trying to spread. reporter: he says this climb was about raising money for anti-abortion groups who believe
6:16 am
we will see more extreme measures like this going forward. >> i think there are many, many people all across america that are concerned that they are not being heard, they're not being recognized by their elected officials. reporter: as the young unlv student was climbing this building, many were just focused on the feat. a person climbing a building that stands 1,070 feet high with no safety devices connected to them. >> i was so scared. i was afraid he was going to fall down on live tv. reporter: he calls himself the pro-life spiderman and says he had planned for this for the past month. the fact that the supreme court draft opinion was leaked last night, one that he's in favor of, motivated him even more. some even took pictures and video of him from inside the building. he says he enjoyed that and says the actual climb wasn't as hard as it looked. >> finally i got up there and of course i could reach right over. that was a blessing.
6:17 am
the cool thing about this is there was rest every 10 feet. i could sit and rest. so in my mind i wasn't climbing 1,000-foot skyscraper. i was only climbing 10 feet 100 times. or however many times it is. reporter: upon getting to the top of the salesforce tower, he was given water, then arrested for resisting arrest and trespassing, two misdemeanor charges. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. reggie: now let's talk about the gould warriors who are heading back to chase center for game three this saturday and they're doing it without one of their key players because of a very hard foul. let's take you to last night during game two. gary payton ii came down hard after he was hit in the head by dillon brooks. payton ended up fracturing his elbow. we'll get an m.r.i. today to find out how severe thails. brooks got ejected from the game. he may have it serve a essential -- to serve a suspension. the grizzlies ended up taking
6:18 am
game two and after the game, warriors' coach steve kershaw did not hold back his thoughts on that hard foul. >> i don't know if it was intentional but it was dirty. and playoff basketball's supposed to be physical, you know, everybody's going to compete, everybody's going to fight for everything. but there's a code in this league, there's a code that players follow. guy comes in and whacks him across the head in air, he broke the code. brooks broke the code. >> it was kind of out of line in terms of defenseless player going up for a lay-up and him taking a huge windup and everything bad that could have happened in that situation did. i feel bad for g.p. this was his time to shine in a series like this. it's tough. reggie: you can catch game three of the warriors-grizzlies this saturday right here on abc 7. coverage starts at 5:00 p.m. and will be followed by after the game. kumasi: if you're heading to the game you'll notice a new edition outside chase center.
6:19 am
the first statue of an individual at the arena will be unveiled tomorrow. it's of late san francisco mayor ed lee who died unexpectedly of a heart attack in 2017. tomorrow would have been lee's 70th birthday. he made construction of chase center a major point of his time as mayor. retired warriors president says this was lee's legacy project. so nobody likes to hear that their favorite basketball team lost a big game but that's what happened to this boston celtics fan, but it was in the middle of his wedding. i'm trying to see you what see. somebody said something looked beautiful. reggie: see this lady? kumasi: yes. that's the ken urge urge -- encouragement you need. she said, you look beautiful. this other person -- reggie: our lip reader in the booth says that she's saying, congratulations. kumasi: ok.
6:20 am
still not -- they lost. so this man was -- reggie: she did lose, though. because she married this man. kumasi: she knows german. she knows he loves the game. listen. he found out the celtics lost mid-aisle and was just -- you see how like he tried to recover real quick. because he was like, oh, i am getting married. he was like, ok, i'm back. frances: i love his reaction because it was so authentic. i still think that person was saying, you look beautiful. when rengy said that, i could see that in her lips. but i'm not an official lip reader and that is appropriate. lip reader, congratulations, or -- reggie: was it wisconsin? frances: roiled allegedly. kumasi: ok, now. yes, jobina. reggie: i was going to say. wisconsin i would understand. because i went to a wedding in wisconsin where they served me
6:21 am
milk. kumasi: we'll save that for later. frances: let's go to the weather story and take you outside because i found some gorgeous shots. look how pretty that is. clear skies over many parts of the bay area. you see those low clouds from the coast. they're starting to spill in as we look. temperatures in the upper 40's, low 50's. san francisco 49. oakland 48. san jose 53. and then from the east bay, as we look out west, you see some of those clouds spilling into parts of the bay. it's not going to make it through because we're going to get lots of sunshine around the bay this afternoon. santa rosa, 44. napa, 45. concord, 50 degrees. so let me get to those highs. at the beaches, still breezy with those clouds. near 50 degrees. then almost 30 degrees warmer inland with plenty of sunshine. we have a slightly offshore flow for inland areas so winds will mainly be from the north.
6:22 am
fairfield, antioch, 88. look for 84 in santa rosa. san jose also 84. nice t-shirt and shorts weather around the bay. mid to upper 70's through oakland and fremont. san francisco, 66 degrees. and then lows tonight with increasing clouds, temperatures will mainly be near 50 degrees. there's a beach statement in effect tomorrow because we have stronger winds. avoid going to the beach tomorrow. you'll also want to avoid going there because it's going to be much cooler inland and notice it will get much windier and even cooler for mother's day by about 20 degrees cooler for inland areas. reggie: thanks so much. now let's turn to ginger with a look at what's coming up at 7:00 a.m. on g.m.a. kumasi: good morning. >> good morning to you. great to be with everybody this morning. coming up here on gam $, we have to start with the latest fallout from that unprecedented leak of the supreme court draft opinion. it showed the highest court is poised to overturn roe v. wade.
6:23 am
so our team is going break that down. then watch as the demonstrations grow. and the latest on the manhunt for that murder suspect and corrections officer. the new surveillance footage of them and the sheriff in charge of the case joins us to discuss it all. and then we've got that federal reserve setting to hike interest rates. we'll tell you what it means for you and your money today. and dr. strange himself, benedict cumberbatch, here live ahead of his highly anticipated marvel movie. also may the fourth be with you. star wars surprises coming at you right here on g.m.a. my youngest is not only star wars, manned lohrian obsess bud i said him to, because he loves storm troopers, i said, mommy's going to with some storm troopers tomorrow. he said, are they going to be dark storm troopers? i was like, no. he was like, oh they're not the right kind. kumasi: not enough. reggie: i need to talk to you about the storm troopers.
6:24 am
does that mean he's part of the first order? is he on the other side? >> yeah. he's definitely on the other side. if you want the guy who likes all the evil, it's my younger son. [laughter] reggie: i famously joined the first order when i went to galaxy's edge and i feel like my life has never been the same. >> right. well, now you know. now you can maybe recruit him over. i don't know. he needs help. because yesterday -- he likes to pose hypotheticals. i hadn't even told them i had them. he said to me, mommy, what was your -- i was like, why is in the hypothetical we're going true? what kind of weapon am i useing? i don't know, i wrestled him. reggie: i think you should invite him in and we'll have a conversation about life choices. >> yes. reggie: it's been too long since i've seen you. so nice to talk to you again. we'll see you again at 7:00 a.m. we'll be right back. weare you looking to renovate >> your kitchen or bathroom?
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under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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reggie: the bay area is remembering norman mineta. he passed away yesterday at 90. as a child he was sent to an internment camp during world war ii. as an adult, he broke racial barriers for asian americans. first elected as mayor of san jose and then served as a congressman for almost 20 years, and then went on to work for two presidents. during an interview with the pennetta legacy project, he talked about keeping a positive attitude. >> i have been very fortunate in being able to keep an upbeat spirit and then being tenacious about getting the job done. reggie: the san jose airport bears his name as well as the trepidation institute of san jose state, and a freeway. kumasi: carvana is launching its
6:28 am
new car vending machine today in daly city. it will be at west lake avenue. this is their fourth machine in california. the structure is eight stories tall, can hold 2700 cars. you can shop for the cars online and then go to the vending machine and pick it up. customers will get an oversized coin that activates the vending process. i want to see what that looks like so i can get excited. do i want to have the coin? reggie: i want to see that happen. if you are thinking about doing this, dm me or kumasi. we want to see you with the coin. kumasi: i want something big. it is a car vending machine. reggie: make the coin match the purchase. next at 6:30, not everyone can
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be in the cool kids club. the new twitter feature that lets you tweet in peace. kumasi: sports betting in california is one step closer to cashing in. the dollar figure the bay area may see. reggie: the number of young parents who will not be giving their kids the covid vaccine anytime soon. big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too.
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and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this abc 7 news. reggie: top stories right now at 6:30, a supreme court reckoning. the leak from the high court lighting a fuse across the u.s. the scenes in the opinions across the country, as we learn what california is doing to protect the right to choose. kumasi: new this morning, emta's -- meta's new program. reggie: francis is tracking how
6:32 am
hot it will get, and where. good morning, it is may 4. kumasi: we want to talk about this warm forecast with francis. frances: it will be near 90 degrees in some spots this afternoon. here is a live look from the east bay hills. mostly clear skies except at the beaches. sunrise at 6:10, near 50 degrees. mostly sunny this afternoon with summerlike warmth for inland areas. mid to upper 80's for some areas. at the beaches, because of the clouds and sea breeze, only upper 50's. enjoy the sunshine and warmth. much colder weather is on the way. . reggie: governor newsom will be talking about abortion rights in southern california today. he and other state lawmakers are working to add protections to our state constitution. amy hollyfield is at the planned parenthood clinic in walnut this
6:33 am
morning. amy: clinics like this one are expected to be overwhelmed after hearing this, by patients coming to california looking to get abortions. planned parenthood is predicting the number of women coming to california looking for abortions will go up 3000%. lawmakers are responding, doing what they can to prepare for this. there are currently 13 bills pending in sacramento intended to protect a woman's right and access to abortion. the bills range from protecting doctors legally to expanding clinics and access. there's also a plan to possibly alter the state constitution. >> i will be introducing a constitutional amendment that will make it crystal clear that reproductive rights in california, including and specifically abortion, are protected. we will not back down, we will double down.
6:34 am
amy: if that passes, it would head to the november valid for voters to consider. california lawmakers say the possibility of roe v. wade being overturned has them motivated to fight. you heard her say that they are not going to back down, they plan to double down. reggie: thank you even we are learning more about what san francisco leaders are looking to do in response to that draft decision that would overturn abortion rights. the chronicle reports hillary ronen introduced a provision to the biden administration to offer federal land to abortion clinics in states where abortion will be banned. she is also asking leaders to find out what it would cost to sponsor women looking to fly to san francisco, stay in a hotel room, and get an abortion. it would start with 1000 women. kumasi: a los angeles police officer is heard after a peaceful protest got unruly.
6:35 am
about 400 people gathered in front of the federal courthouse downtown to protest the possible overturning of roe v. wade. as protests continued, some say that people threw rocks and bottles at police officers in the area. we are also seeing the pushback against the leak supreme court opinion here in the bay area. activists held protests in several cities. tim johns shows us the scenes in san francisco, oakland, and san jose. >> on the streets of the bay area, feelings of disbelief. >> i was immediately devastated, i could not believe it. >> it is a war on women. >> following the draft week of an opinion suggesting roe v. wade could be overturned. protests erupting in several cities on tuesday.
6:36 am
from san francisco to san jose to oakland. many protesters say they view the news as an attack not just on abortion rights but also a wider assault on women's rights in general. >> it is about the collective. it's about health care. it is about privacy. it's about making a decision for your own life. tim: calling on not just women to take to the streets. >> is important for all genders to be out here supporting the cause because it is a human cause. tim: others hoping that they have a wake-up call before the elections. >> i feel like the country is moving backwards when we should be moving forward david tim: one common theme seemed to connect them all, and unrelenting promise to stand up for the rights that they believe are being trampled on. >> the only way we can defend our rights is to be in the streets.
6:37 am
there are hundreds of demonstration taking place, and they will grow. kumasi: that was tim johns reporting. several protesters say they are planning to organize several evidence ahead of the final supreme court decision expected to come this summer. we will continue to track all new developments with the story. you can find the updates on our website and on the bay area streaming app. reggie: new this morning, a poll finds a small percentage of parents with young children would get their kids vaccinated under eager to t emvaed. st under 40% say they want to wait to see how the vaccine works for other people. about a quarter say they will definitely not get their child vaccinated. over 10% say they will do requi. more than half of parents say they feel they don't have enough
6:38 am
information about the vaccines safety and efficacy. kumasi: san francisco and other mayors have a message for some city police officers, get sober. the issues being flagged, and the ways to get them there. you can see the big board, down by a little bit right now. and coming up, a piece of the future is here. the bionic arm on the cusp of becoming reality. and you can watch us for an extra hour now, abc 7 at seven is live weekdays on the bay area seven streaming app. download it now. frances: s live shoof doper 7, clear skies over the area. some clouds off the coast making their way in this afternoon. temperatures near 50 by the day. we have some cooler spots, half
6:39 am
moon bay, 45. los gatos, currently 59 degrees. half moon bay only warming up to 59 this afternoon. san francisco, 66. fremont, 79. look for mid 80's in santa rosa. upper 80's are the warmest spot, inland areas. near 90 possibly in brentwood. santa cruz, 76. clouds will increase overnight, temperatures near 50 once again tomorrow morning around the bay. then get ready for temperatures to tumble. the average high in san jose is 72. tomorrow is much cooler. mother's day weekend, we will be almost 20 degrees cooler than where we are today. that is because of increasing wind. i will talk about that with the accuweather forecast. first, let's get to some trouble spots with jobina.
6:40 am
jobina: earlier you saw that we were reporting on a crash on northbound 101 at mckee. multiple lanes are blocked, it is a sig alert. vacaville, a crash involving injuries on westbound 80. he speeds down to 12 miles per hour. big backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. that lane involved in the crash sunday night that shut down a tollbooth is still in place. that has come to some big delays at the toll plaza this week. live look at what should be the golden gate bridge but it is completely fogged in right
6:41 am
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kumasi: new this morning, meta just announced a new program in
6:43 am
time for asian american and pacific islander heritage month. jobina fortson has more about what they are saying for this new resource. jobina: a couple hours ago, sheryl sandberg announced the new program called meta prosper. the initiative will focus on providing content, training resources, and events in six different languages on its meta, prosper, instagram, and facebook pages. it will be available in several languages. small businesses will also be able to receive trainings with a nonprofit collective of api leaders working toward socioeconomic equity. sandberg says the pandemic has been especially tough on api communities and businesses that have been the most negatively impacted across all demographic groups. kumasi: you no longer have to show proof of vaccination or
6:44 am
provide a negative covid test to enter most indoor places in oakland. the city council just voted to modify the mandate, which is now dropped at gyms, concert venues, and museums. it now only applies to assisted living centers and senior centers. masks are still required in indoor settings with at least 2500 people. three men are charged with murder in the mass shooting in sacramento. investigators say all three could be facing the death penalty. police say one suspect, mtula payton, is still on the run. he took part in the shooting while out on bail. the two other suspects are in sacrament of county jail. the city's police chief called the shooting a gang gunbattle. >> guns and gangs are fully entrenched in this. addressing urban violence need to be a community effort, requires partnerships at every
6:45 am
level. kumasi: sacramento police are working with the fbi and etf on the investigation. they say more charges are possible. reggie: the city of san jose and its police department say they have had enough of police officer's tarnishing the department's reputation. currently three separate investigations involving drug use, alcohol abuse, and sexual misconduct. an officer died of fentanyl overdose. i what happened is unclear, according to police. last week, an officer showed up to a kidnapping investigation drunk. the san jose police chief is now calling for even more investigations. >> to all who wear a uniform, a badge, i present this profession in an unsullied manner, i apologize. i also apologize to the family three-month-old brandon cuellar. reggie: to ensure accountability
6:46 am
going forward, the mayor is proposing expanded drug and alcohol testing. kumasi: a proposition that would legalize online sports betting in california appears to be heading for the november ballot. the three big online sports companies backing the measure say they have enough signatures to qualify. if passed, they say the bear. we get $97 million for homeless programs. tribal casinos oppose the program. they are pushing for their own initiative for in person sports betting at their casinos. >> our concern with their measure is that it violates the decades-old sovereignty granted to tribes by california voters to be the operators of gaming in the state of california. kumasi:ss, court have to decide which to implemmoy repor
6:47 am
the federa raise the short-termt rate by half a percentage point as it tries to manage inflation. that is double the usual amount, and the sharpest rate hike we have seen since 2000. that means it will cost more money to borrow money for big ticket items. this comes as homes around the -- companies around the country are looking to hire. the country now has two job openings for every person unemployed. deemed the great resignation, more than 47 million americans with their jobs in 2021. with john candidates now in control, many are leaving their current positions in search of a bigger paycheck. >> working from home was a kickstarter for the great resignation. if you are leaving a job, uprooting, now you can toss one laptop to the side and logging onto a new one. reggie: as for the interest rate increase, two more rate hikes
6:48 am
could be on the way the summer, as the fed tries to not spark a recession. live look at the new york stock exchange, we are in positive territory, up 110 points. rebound in travel means big profits for airbnb. the company is reporting a 70% spike in revenue for the first quarter. they say that puts them on track to post their first full year profit in company history. most all of that is thanks to customers booking a record number of nights, as well as hosts raising the rates per night because of inflation. kumasi: elon musk says twitter will continue to be free for casual users, but governments and businesses may have to pay a slight cost. he tweeted, ultimately, the downfall of the freemasons was giving away their stone cutting services for nothing. according to the wall street journal, he may return twitter
6:49 am
to being publicly traded it as little as three years. last month, he announced plans to buy the social media company for $44 million. they are testing out something new all on its own, twitter circle. it is a new way to limit who can see a tweet. twitter circle allows you to pick up up to 150 people and only allows those people to see what you are posting. it has lodged to select users. reggie. no word on when the rest of us minions will get access to twitter circle. reggie: i don't know why i got access, but i did, and i denied it. who am i going to put in my circle? if everybody cannot see it, nobody can see it. new at 6:00, cleveland clinic researchers say they have engineered a first of its kind bionic arm. the goal is to restore natural
6:50 am
movement, sensation, and function to refugees. the system connects the brain to limb nerves through a prosthetic, enabling them to move the arm just by thinking about it. >> and they feel as if their hands are moving even though they don't have a hand. they feel as if their fingers are touching things even though they don't have fingers. the interesting thing about it, when we put all of these systems together, their brains actually feel like the hand is human. reggie: now this is incredible. the doctors has more research is needed before bionic limbs become common for amputees. he plans to apply the findings to future research projects. that is a robot i can get behind. kumasi: about the only one. this is amazing. reggie: did you hear the part where he said that the amputee can feel whatever it is they are
6:51 am
grabbing from the prosthetic? i never thought that would be possible. kumasi: it is huge. i cannot wait until this is common. i am just excited and grateful that they are working on this. i know it has probably been a lot of work to get to this point. frances: we are all for science here. amazing that they can think and feel. today, what we can see. there is very limited visibility especially at the beaches, where we had the fog rolling in. right now, zero miles in half moon bay. santa rosa, 4 miles. you can see how socked and it is with the live shot of the golden gate bridge. mountain view, 49. mid-40's in santa clara. check out this beautiful view from the east bay hills. this is why temperatures will warm up in inland areas.
6:52 am
santa rosa, 44. quite a range in highs today, 30 degrees difference from the beaches to the inland areas. half moon bay, 59 with the sea breeze and the clouds. 84 in santa rosa. mid 70's around the bay. near 90 in antioch, fairfield. san jose, plenty of sunshine, 84 degrees. we have an onshore breeze picking up, a trough moving to our north. a beach hazard statement in effect, so tomorrow will not be a good day to go to the beaches. increased risk of sneaker waves, larger recurrent -- rip current. enjoy today because tomorrow will be much cooler. dropping by 10 degrees around the bay. a chance of sprinkles around the
6:53 am
golden gate on friday. windy and gusty on mother's day. temperatures tumbled for inland areas. 20 degrees cooler. around the coast, near 60. then a chance of showers on monday. reggie: what a roller coaster. francis, thank you. building a better bay area means improving from our past. this week, the chinese community is coming together to remember the 140th anniversary of the chinese exclusion act, which banned all immigrants from china. >> thousands of reports of anti-asian hate and discrimination definitely has its roots in the racism and xenophobia that led to the chinese exclusion act. reggie: on friday, a ceremonial wreath will be laid on angel island. then a procession will take place in chinatown to honor chinese-american ancestors. kumasi: today, the city of
6:54 am
danville, is hosting its may the fourth celebration. events include a downtown scavenger hunt, jedi training, costume contest. the first 100 people who complete the hunt will get a grab bag of electric treasures. the festivities start at 11:00 at the danville community center. if you want to register, go to reggie: we are getting a look at a new star wars show streaming on disney plus later this month. >> stay hidden. or we will not survive. reggie: you and mcgregor played obi-wan kenobi years ago. now he is reprising his role in the new series. the six-episode show debuts on disney plus may 27.
6:55 am
disney is the parent company of abc 7. kumasi: we now know the lineup for the san francisco stern grove festival. the concert is on june 12 with two short tower of power. let's talk about who else will be headlining. cat power, cold war kids, leanne rimes. the concerts are free but you have to reserve a spot online in advance, and you have to get there early if you want to be close. reggie: there was a time of my life were here the leanne rimes mixed tape cd was the only thing i listen to. she had that song "i need you." all those songs that you know all remixed to a club beat.
6:56 am
i got my entire life from it. also the same year that destiny's child released "lose my breath." it was my houston years. between that song and only on ramps -- leanne rimes remix, that was going through my car all year. kumasi: the seven
6:57 am
6:58 am
kumasi: here are the seven things you need to know this morning. chief justice john roberts is calling for an investigation into the leak cream court opinion draft overturning roe v. wade. the court confirmed the draft is authentic, adding it's not a final position. reggie: gavin newsom and a group of lawmakers are pushing to amend the state's constitution to protect the right to choose. kumasi: the college student who free climb to the top of salesforce tower to raise money for antiabortion charities has been cited and released. reggie: the federal reserve expected to raise the short-term interest rate by a half centage
6:59 am
point two try and curb inflation. frances: very warm inland today. upper 80's were some spots. around the bay, comfortable mid-70's. cool and breezy at the beaches, near 60 in half moon bay. jobina: we have a sig alert in san jose where multiple lanes are blocked. speeds have dropped to about five miles per hour on northbound 101. kumasi: number seven, the rock and roll hall of fame has announced this year's inductees. they include m&m, dolly parton, durant durant, lionel richie, pat benatar, and carly simon. reggie: this is the one where dolly said she wanted to withdraw her name because she didn't feel like she was a rock legend. jobina: is eminem? kumasi: i'm a fan. reggie: what is rock, really? is it a state of mind? kumasi: it is an attitude.
7:00 am
jobina: lionel richie? soft rock. good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, there is growing fallout from the supreme court leak showing the justices are prepared to overturn roe v. wade on this wednesday morning. overnight, demonstrations grow nationwide. reaction to the unprecedented leak. showing the high court is prepared to upend nearly half a century of abortion rights precedents. chief justice roberts confirming the draft is authentic, calling the leak an “egregious breach” of trust and ordering an investigation into who was behind it. as states across the country race to get ahead of the final decision. russian forces expanding attacks as more than 100 ukrainians have been evacuated from the besieged steel plant


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