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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 4, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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eastbound 24. it is massive. i actually was going the other way when i was coming. this is all the way to rockbridge. which means the backup includes all of the -- tunnel. we are talking about a vast stretch of freeway. the cars are moving a little bit, but it has basically been like this for hours. you can see how just -- just how bad the evening commute will be. we will bring you details as they come into the newsroom. moving onto what could be another traffic nightmare, sf mca planning to remove one lane of traffic from battery and samson streets to create a bike lane. luz pena spoke with the director of the project and the impact that will have on traffic. luz: this is all part of the bigger plans that sf mta has to give cyclists access to downtown
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and to limit cars in the area. not everyone agrees. on a regular weekday, this is what battery street looks like. three lanes with bumper the bopper traffic. many drivers are trying to get out. sfmta planning to rearrange both battery and samson streets to create a two way bike lane. the betting on who you ask, making changes here can be controversial. what better way to really know how bad traffic gets on battery and samson then to speak to a -- worker. daniela hernandez is a lipo driver, constantly taking battery straight. >> this is going to be -- then usual. it is going to be horrible. luz: as we walked on the street, we met susan brown, the daughter of former san francisco mayor willie brown. she lives in the east bay.
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>> the traffic is murderous. yes. >> you are ok with the changes? >> i am. because of the climate crisis. luz: san francisco has 18.7 million square feet of vacant office space. to put that in perspective, that's nearly 14 salesforce towers. how is san francisco making it easier for workers to come back with changes like this that could increase traffic? we met up with director jeffrey tomlin. >> hi. you would also agree the reason why some of these people are not coming back to the office is because of covid? they don't want to be exposed. which is also the reason why some people are not taking public transit, also the reason why some people want to drive. luz: or bike, which is safer. >> you -- from the east bay, you would have to take public transportation. luz: with nappy making this
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whole thing harder for people to come back to the office? >> i want to emphasize, this is a win-would make solution. we are providing exactly the number of traffic lanes as now. we are not taking space away from people who need to drive. we are providing a good alternative, particularly for san franciscans. luz: sfmta's plan goes like this. they are planning to keep three lengths -- lanes from 7:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m. and 3:00 to 6:00. getting rid of a lane from 9:00 to 3:00. all of this is part of a bigger plan. we spoke to janelle long, executive director of the bike coalition. why touch them if they are not part of the high injury network? >> it is about commuting. it is about traveling around downtown not in a car, which is what the city wants to encourage. luz: truth is, it could have been worse. two years ago, sfmta was
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planning to implement congestion pricing to deter people from driving downtown. are you still considering to charge people to drive downtown? >> there is a study that my sister agency has been leading around downtown congestion pricing. that study is currently in pause. luz: charging people to drive in downtown san francisco is off the table for now. sfmta is planning to control traffic lights very soon. karina: the abortion debate is still front and center today. especially college students. leslie brinkley has more on what the governor had to say today and how young people are reacting. >> a lunchtime conversation on the diablo valley college
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campus. >> if i was a woman in the southern state, i would leave. i would come to california. >> some people don't have the means to do that. if they get pregnant, they are stuck there and that is their life now. >> according to the guttmacher institute, one out of four american women will have an abortion during their childbearing years. the vast majority of those women are in their 20's. >> it is very scary and disturbing. >> abortion should just be all right. it should not be up to the states to decide, it should be something women are guaranteed in the united states. >> the threat of the supreme court ruling back roe v. wade is weighing on many young women. >> the fact the supreme court now is making a political statement by going against roe v. wade begs the question, is the supreme court something we can trust? >> abortions won't stop. they will keep happening, in more dangerous ways. >> there were no apparent
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outspoken opponents of abortion rights, but there were opponents outside planned parenthood. >> we are there for our country, we are there for the world to recognize the sanctity of human life. >> men also spoke out. >> men abuse power of abortions and what women can do with their bodies. if the roles were reversed, it would not be an issue. >> that is something gavin newsom echoed in his speech to planned parenthood in los angeles. gov. newsom: if guys like me were getting pregnant, does anyone think -- this is comical. this is about controlling women. this has never happened in our lifetime, taking away rights that have been affirmed and established. they are taking them away. >> the governor vowed to get a constitutional amendment on the ballot for california this november to guarantee women the right to choose. karina: as reaction continues to pour in, one ankle often not
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explored is the potential impact striking down roe could have on families looking to adopt. on our show getting answers, kristen z talked with uc hastings law professor, an adoptive mother who says this could make things even more difficult for pregnant women looking to place their children and the families hoping to adopt them. >> i could see how the lack of trust and honesty is going to really damage the possibility to trust each other in a process that relies so much on entity and the ability to tell each other things the way they are. > she went on to say she is beyond grateful that adoption gave her a son, but understands that choice is not for everyone. larry: now to the ongoing payroll problem affecting san francisco school spirit some teachers are still having issues. today, they marched to district headquarters to get answers.
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leeann melendez has more on their efforts to find resolutions. >> pay us now! >> paying employees for their work is an obligation. addinghe n proll processing system to work is where san francisco unified has failed. >> they used the wrong dollar value per hour when they paid me. it came up short. >> months ago, some teachers were mis-paid or underpaid. at that time, the frustration was such that some capped out at district headquarters. the apologies came in droves. >> apologies to anyone who has had a delay in their check. there is no way that should happen. >> in some cases, teachers mistakenly saw a bump in pay. >> sometimes we get a pay bump and i was like, maybe we got a january bump. >> the district will not discount that money from their july paycheck. another problem was that in some cases, their tax withholdings
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were wrong. many were left owing money to uncle sam. >> iota $2500 to the federal and state government. i'm a young, newer teacher. i had to put that on my credit card. >> i have family members who work in technology. when i tell them these are the things they are dealing with, their mind is blown. this would never happen at their work. >> in january, sfusd started using a new pay system with headquarters in india. the district admitted the truth -- the transition happened just as the omicron variant was spreading. it was a lack of communication between those working from home and those working from headquarters. today, the school district responded. many team members are tirelessly working to stabilize our employees pay issues as quickly as possible. every staff member in our district will be paid the money they are lewd. this group says those same promises were made in march.
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leanne melendez, abc7. karina: nearly five years after sonoma county's devastating fire, there is some justice for homeowners who got scammed by a construction company. the owners of -- construction have pleaded no contest of fraud. 39 families who hired the company to rebuild their homes accuse the husband and wife of taking their money for work that was poorly performed or not done at all. their daughter was also a defendant then pleaded no contest. all three are scheduled to be sentenced july 14. larry: covid rising. the warning of what could come in the next few weeks. the heatwave that has researchers focusing on shorelines. plus, may the fourth be with you. we celebrate all things star wars. sandhya: temperatures have hit their peak. it is all downhill after this. it is all downhill after this. we show you how much cooler when
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entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it. there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. karina: a study finds people who had to be hospitalized because of covid may have long-lasting cognitive impairment. researchers say the decline was the equivalent to aging 20 years in a few months. a new poll shows just 18% of parents are eager to vaccinate their kids under five right away.
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an fda panel is expected to discuss shots for young kids next month. another bay school seeing an increase in cases. 60 los gatos high school students have tested positive in two weeks. larry: joining us to talk all things covid, doctor alok patel. for the first time in months, hospital admission levels and new covid-19 deaths are projected to increase over the next four weeks. now, those are national projections, are you expecting that in the bay area? dr. patel: it is possible to expect a slight increase in hospitalizations and deaths as we have crossed the 5% rate. but we should be realistic, it won't even be close to previous surges because of increased natural immunity and vaccines. this is a special concern to anyone out there who is still vulnerable or someone who sibley does not want to get ill. there is still a lot of covid circulating. weeks ago, there were more than
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30,000 detected cases. that is now over 50,000. people have to take those extra special precautions right now because we are still in the thick of this when it comes to the summer surge. larry: along those lines, one of your colleagues at ucf it -- dr. wachter said he is putting his mask back on. are you doing the same? dr. patel: i stand by dr. wachter. one thing he mentioned was if you are not comfortable in potentially being around covid, to go back to wearing a mask. not only because i don't want to test positive, -- is only one years old, i am back to wearing a n95 in a crowded setting. including the airplane. i do not care with the restrictions say, i am wearing one anyway. larry: that is your baby over your shoulder, let's give her a shout out. dr. patel: this is uncle larry. larry: i would like to see her
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in person soon. top officials from a dern are saying that given the increased threat from all of these variants, and the numbers just keep going, that another booster dose is going to be needed in the fall. what are your thoughts on that. you and i had a conversation off camera about a universal vaccine. at some point it may be coming, but we know there? dr. patel:dr. patel: i don't have great updates about the universal vaccine. right now it is still speculative as to whether we will need a booster in the fall. we have had the conversation of being a variant specific shot. they need to be in trials now so that they can be rolled out should they be needed. one concern moderna raised is that as the fda meets in june, these companies need to pivot at that point. it would be too late to get a variant specific vaccine ready by fall. it is a guessing game right now. modernity said early stages they were looking at a -- vaccine.
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but what about ba four? these new subvariants coming out. that is a concern because we can't let this virus keep propagating it ignore the fact there could be another variant that could cause worse illness or invade our immune system. larry: what about the study that said only 18% of parents are ready to vaccinate their kids as soon as they turn five. does that sound right? dr. patel: unfortunately it does. and i talk to parents out there, not only colleagues, friends and family, but social media. parents have questions and this echoes the low number of kids who have been vaccinated between the ages of five and 11. parents who have children at high risk, they are going to get the vaccine. but a lot of parents simply do not trust the science. they say, our children do not need this, they are worried about rare adverse effects. this is going to be a very
4:18 pm
important moment for scientists and the cdc to be very realistic about what this vaccine means and the fact that if the data shows it, the benefits far outweigh the risks. at the very least, parents deserve the option to get their kids vaccinated as we start to completely reopen and lift restrictions. larry: as always, thanks for your time. hug your baby with your mask on. karina: i will have mine off, but when you hug her, maybe. larry: a full belly suit. dr. patel: i will get to a phoenix suns mask. larry: that will never be worn. [laughter] we will talk hoops next time. karina: if you have used turbotax to file taxes, you could be getting money back. santa clara county announced 141 million dollars settlement with intuit -- intuit. about 4.4 million customers who should have been able to use free services were directed to
4:19 pm
the paid version instead. this happened from 2016 through 2018. anyone affected will get about $30 for each year they were charged. larry: the hot weather may be taxing for some. you see what i did there? karina: too easy. [laughter] spencer: we had quite the range today. i want to show you a live picture right now from our san jose camerata. it has warmed up even more. upper 80's right now. a live look at san jose where the sun is shining over the shark tank. 89 fairfield and livermore. 67 -- 79 santa rosa. look at this. if you are near the coast, the fog is socking in the golden gate bridge. oakland, 65. 82 right now in san jose. if you are heading to the coast, we have a beach hazard statement from 6:00 until 8:00. it is a long period
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raising the risk of rip currents. so be careful. speaking of, there is fog near the san francisco and san mateo coast. accuweather just released its wildfire grassland fire risk outlook. this is disturbing, though not surprising. expecting an above normal wildfire season this year. out west end over the plains is where we expect it to be the worst. extreme or higher in the late spring, early summer months. for us, the significant fire threat will be happening around july. parts of northeastern california around august, which as you know is some of our driest months. this is all because of climate change and a multi-year drought. we have to remain vigilant. from east bay hills, it is still nice to see greenhills from the rain we did see last month. for now, we are ok.
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cooler near the bay, fog expands overnight, breezy tomorrow afternoon, drizzle friday. it is going to be windy for the weekend. the fog pushes in over the bay tomorrow morning and we see higher clouds overhead. the marine influence going stronger thursday. right around mendocino county, could see a few showers between tomorrow afternoon going into friday eve. uple sys areoi t 's morning as clofe we head into the afternoon are looking at a much cooler day inland. forget about the 80's, we drop down to the 70's. mid and upper 70's inland. 66 70's around the bay. a lot like today, breezy with fog lingering. here's the seven-day forecast. it does feature a cooler cinco de mayo. make sure you dress in layers. bright and breezy saturday, but
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gusty and cool by may standards for mother's day with a slight chance of a few showers monday. certainly windy. larry: a bay area pirate -- pilot carried special cargo for future service dog puppies. this video is from the national nonprofit canine companion. the pilot flew the puppies from hayward to their volunteer puppy raisers in florida. >> we are excited to pair these pups up with the people who will raise them for 18 months, which is the first step to be partnered with that send other people with service needs. larry: canine companion says its partners have transported nearly 400 puppies and dogs all across the country. karina: too cute. rising temperatures and how it is affecting the middle of the ocean. larry: a special visit from a
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larry: it is may the fourth, star wars day. starlight children's foundation and a group called lining arranged for star wars characters to visit kids at the children's house in san leandro. they characters hung out with
4:26 pm
kids, handed out swag including star wars hospital gowns. >> the kids get excited they are putting on an r2-d2 gown. that becomes a talking point and it takes them out of the moment before they go into treatment. larry: that is terrific. the children's house provides life-affirming care for children with illnesses that modern health care can't cure yet. or for those who have chronic conditions. karina: disneyland in alaska air joining forces to celebrate may the fourth with an epic star wars themed flying experience. alaska airlines shows -- airlines showed this video. it is painted black and feature so much detail. the millennium and and the tie fighters. larry: very cool. karina: i want to get on that plane. larry: perfect day for a sneak peek at the newest star wars series. >> when the time comes he must be trained.
4:27 pm
>> like you trained his father? ♪ >> maybe you have been looking in the wrong places. larry: i like this. ewan mcgregor, who brought the young obi-wan to life in star wars episode one is reprising his role in the new series, obi-wan kenobi. the six episode show will debut may 27 on disney plus. disney is the parent company of abc7. karina: we are learning new details about the bizarre attack on dave chapelle a comedy show. what we know now the attacker was carrying. one of san francisco's richest families is set to sell off some of their prized possessions.
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karina: now to the onstage attack on comedian dave chapelle. a suspect rushed the stage and tackled chapelle in the middle of his set at the hollywood bowl. morgan norwood has the latest including new video obtained from tmz. >> ladies and gentlemen, make some noise for hip-hop history. [beep] >> what was that? >> chaos at a comedy show. this is the moment the man rushed on stage and tackled dave chapelle in the middle of his performance. >> hollywood bowl, suspect was armed with a gun and a knife.
4:31 pm
>> the suspect identified as isaiah lee. 23 years old, seen here being wheeled away by ems to the hospital. according to lapd, lee was carrying a knife which looked like a gun. he jumped on stage had attacked chapelle who is in the middle of a set. lee then ran behind a screen on sat >> thank god that [beep] was clumsy. he's back there getting stopped. [applause] [cheering] >> the suspect was being held down near orchestra hall. enter on gate x. >> chris rock, who performed at the venue earlier, came back on stage after the attack and joked, "was that will smith?" chapelle continuing the show without injury.
4:32 pm
a representative releasing a statement saying the performances by chapelle at the hollywood bowl were epic and record-breaking. he refuses to allow last night's incident to overshadow the magic of the historic moment. isaiah lee is being held on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. his bail as set -- is set at $30,000. larry: bazaar. one of san francisco's richest families will auction paintings from their private collection. spencer christian visited the home of gordon getty to talk about this historic sale. spencer: going inside the home of gordon getty is a treat unlike any other. the 1913 mansion in pacific heights has spectacular views of the palace of fine arts and the bay. the home is exquisitely decorated. many items, like this -- date
4:33 pm
back to 18th-century england. while gordon managed the fortune he inherited from his father, j paul getty, his wife traveled the world to acquire fine art and furniture to decorate their california homes. and passed away two years ago. gordon, now 88, wants others to enjoy the spectacular beauty of these timeless pieces. >> there is no reason be having all that stuff. they belong either in museums. the others goes to those who prize them and know what they are. to see that they are passed again to understanding hands. spencer: acquiring remarkable art is not new. j paul getty created a museum with his collection. gordon getty is taking a different approach. proceeds from the auction will go to the an end and gordon getty foundation for the arts which will provide grants to groups in the arts, education and sciences. is everything going to be sold? >> about everything sellable.
4:34 pm
i do not think i -- for sentimental reasons. spencer: getty didn't just have a collector's eye, she had a vision. this photo from 1979 shows the intricate decorations. >> i think this is probably the most important interior in the 20th century america. spencer: getty used objects she acquired the tell stories and create patterns. one of the centerpieces of the home ws 18th-centurpeace. a similar painting as part of rd ndsor castle. >> the way in which things talk to each other, the sheer joy of the objects sitting next to each other. this is the work of an original mind. >> those marvelously decorated rooms have been left bare. christie's will auction about 1200 pieces that adorned the home. they include this colorful painting of a chinese vase by henri matisse.
4:35 pm
>> who is at the top of the staircase? mr. and misses getty would go past it two or three times a day on their way upstairs, on their way downstairs. spencer: christie's photographed the home in detail from the auction. the images will be viewable online. >> i cannot promise complete reproduction of the house, that would be impossible. i can offer a good semblance of what it was like to be there and to have really appreciated the genius of the getty's. spencer: the collection is expected to generate $180 million. the money will go to several organizations including the university of san francisco, the san francisco symphony, the san francisco opera and the san francisco conservatory of music. >> i cannot remember when i was not composing. spencer: getty's heart has been always in music. despite being the wristers -- he has pursued his lifelong passion for music. he earned a degree from the san
4:36 pm
francisco conservatory of music and has written several operas and composed many piano works. >> my wife had this gift for visual arts. me, an interest in the year arts. if i had born into rags instead of riches, i would still be a poet. spencer: you do have a genuine desire to make the world a better place. >> the pockets of gordon getty have plenty. it is ok to die rich, but you must leave a little to your family if they need it did but then, it should go to humanity. spencer: in san francisco, spencer christian. larry: incredible artwork. the collection will be auctioned in october. bring all of your money. maybe you will be able to afford something. karina: california goes for crypto. joinin
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what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ larry: california joining the crypto party. governor newsom signing an executive order laying out a roadmap for california to regulate cryptocurrency. newsom's order says the state should be in front figuring out to adapt the new technologies. some form of regulation is definitely needed in
4:40 pm
cryptocurrency. that is kind of the wild west out there. you have a lot of fake projects going on, people invest, then lose their money. so many things can go wrong. it is not like putting your money in a bank, you've got to really monitor investments and be really careful about what you are investing in actually exists as a real thing before some but he takes your money and goes off to the caribbean or wherever. we can move on. [laughter] >> larry knows all the crypto stuff. you are well read on this. larry: we are a ways away from mainstream adoption. slowly that will come but it will take time. in the meantime, be careful about where you put your money, some of these fake products out there. >> we will move on. twitter is testing something new called twitter circle. it is a way to limit to limit
4:41 pm
receives a tweet. twitter circle allows you to pick up to 150 people and allows only those in the circle to see what you post. so far it has only launched to select users. no word on when it can go live for everyone i think this is great. on instagram, if you post a story you can do it just for your friends, pick only certain people that can see it. to do the same thing for twitter is nice if you do not want all of the 200 people to see if that follow you, just a smaller group. i think it is a good idea. >> so then they can't retweet it? someone can only stake a -- of somebody can always take a screen grab. i would not use that as your, oh, i will only be safe. i don't know. larry: what if you did not have 100 friends? [laughter]
4:42 pm
larry: asking for a friend. [laughter] sandhya: out on know about this twitter circle thing. i think i would just want to send it. i do not use twitter for personal reasons. larry: someday will like it. the rock and roll hall of fame announcing its class of 2022 today. an eclectic class. you've got pop, rap, country. pat benatar, lionel richie, and then, carly simon, the eurythmics. the class also includes dolly parton who made plans asking her name to be withdrawn from consideration, then pulling that back. any of these artists you listen to or like? >> i am a huge fan of dolly.
4:43 pm
i don't listen to much of her music, but she always supports great causes. during covid she donated all that money. dollywood is amazing. she is a humble, wonderful person that deserves to be there. and of course a great singer. a talented woman. i am happy about dolly finally making it. >> i heard it wasn't so much she -- i thought i heard it wasn't so much she walked it back, it's that they said it doesn't just have to be rock 'n' roll, we are keeping you in. which, come on, who is going to deny dolly? larry: if you just go rock 'n' roll and make it strict, that would eliminate a lot. >> eminem is a rapper. larry: it's like the music hall of fame at this point. >> it is always fun to watch the big event they put on. it is cool.
4:44 pm
you have heard of snapping turtles, right? how about slapping turtles? you can see one turtle slapping the other repeatedly at a wildlife refuge in philadelphia. [laughter] >> they are not fighting, they are flirting. one expert says the male is trying to attract the female by swimming backwards, showing off his claws which help with protecting his territory, digging holes and looking for food. apparently this is what turtles do to show love. [laughter] larry: that's not too annoying. >> it is cute. it does not look aggressive. i was worried it would be more jarring. larry: you can get called to hr for a lot less. [laughter] not that i would know. [laughter] >> that's interesting. you learn something new every day. >> that's it.
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4:48 pm
>> i am taking pictures of as many species as i can. spencer: for dr. rebecca johnson , these tide pools near pillar point act as a kind of early warning system. she and her volunteers are photographing a variety of organisms to monitor what is thriving in the coastal pool and what is not. >> the work we are doing at the academy is taking those individual observations and building what is called an early warning on forecasting system for biodiversity change along the california coast. spencer: that data could be important this year with scientists predicting a possible marine heatwave reaching the northern california coast by fall. a number of similar warming events, including an unusually strong one nicknamed the blob have formed in the last decade. sometimes taking a damaging toll on the marine life. >> isn't it beautiful? spencer: this c star spotted by
4:49 pm
a volunteer was one of several similar species that fell victim to a wasting disease. >> basically had knocked out or eliminated almost all the starfish air. -- starfish here and throughout the west coast. that was also -- the warm water was a contribute in fact her. spencer: she says the affects cascaded across the food chain. ultimately damaging call-up along the sonoma coast. this colorful pink sea slug also started showing up in large numbers. >> we saw hundreds. you wouldn't be able to count. spencer: volunteers participate in the biodiversity survey as part of the academy community science program. a smartphone based program allows them to upload their sample images. >> that means you can do observations and see things for yourself. people get jazzed, they get excited. spencer: with an ocean warm
4:50 pm
predicted, the -- could give scientists a critical early warning system. larry: next month, volunteers will be taking part in a statewide survey called snapshot cal coast. for information go to karina: let's talk whether. cooler weather? sandhya: that's right. it starts tomorrow. let's take a look at live doppler seven. our natural air conditioning is back. that is going to set the stage for cooler air to come in tomorrow as a front suites north. afternoon highs in the upper 50's to upper 70's. a lot more cloud cover tomorrow. friday, temperatures in the 50's to 70's. saturday, not a lot of change other than the wind. sunday is looking cooler and windy. the seven-day forecast, cooler and breezy for single demaio. -- cinco de mayo.
4:51 pm
a slight chance of a few showers monday but it is not looking promising. the ricoh make your mother's day reservations. >> inside. larry: coming up, finding the force can be easy for some star wars fans in the bay area. >> you get to really picture yourself in the star wars universe. >> who does not want to be a jedi? karina: how people are learning to fight with lightsaber's
4:52 pm
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larry: there is a class in santa rosa teaching kids to harness the power of the force. they combine fitness, meditation and cosplay to build communities. ♪ >> it is kind of like a unique blend of cosplay. who does not want to be a jedi? this is atticus, our six month old. today he is cosplaying as roku. to bring that movie the world -- movie world they are fascinated with and turn it into something they can connect with themselves to say hey, yeah, i am trained to be a jedi. ♪ >> it is fun being here because
4:55 pm
we get to learn skills. >> get in the zone, do our meditation. it is super fun. it is cool and exciting. >> i get to meet other people who also like star wars. ♪ >> it was born in the backyard with me, the kids and my nephew. we got our sabers and started implementing more stuff. we were first learning moves, and sooner or later it was like yeah, this needs to be a thing. ♪ >> the paddle wands get the pic one out of nine sabers when they register. we incorporate them, we use them daily, even when we are not doing combat. >> we do warm ups or a workout, and then we do moves. >> we do blocks on most every day. >> master our balance skills. and then we had meditation.
4:56 pm
if it is something negative, do not push it down, be with it and accept it. that way we don't go down the dark side like anakin did. >> my favorite part is meditation. it helps you clear your mind. >> it gets my mind off things when i go home i am chill. >> these kids are mastering themselves so that in any situation where there is frustration at school or at home, they are able to quickly assess themselves so they can assess their surroundings as well. >> i am strong. >> i am strong. ♪ >> there's credits awarded just like belt in karate. jedi come a jedi knight, you get a certificate with each one. when you get all three, you are officially a jedi knight. from there, you can work to be a
4:57 pm
master. that is a leadership program where the kids shadow me, and then they teach the next generation. we were discussing how a lesson learned is a lesson earned. i hope the students take away a great general knowledge of themselves through confidence, fitness, integrity. i want to make sure there is a journey of the sabr in every county. so that it is more accessible for everybody. may the force be with us all. awesome. >> was fun. there's a lot of great people and you get to picture yourself in the star wars universe. >> it is exciting. it is a great learning experience. >> at the end of the -- you're like, i'm amazing. larry: jedi workouts look like fun. you can always get your star wars fix on disney plus. disney is the parent company of
4:58 pm
abc7. coming up, the news at 5:00 we look at that big traffic mess in the east bay.
4:59 pm
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. news we start with that breaking news out of the east bay where there is a major traffic backup due to police activity at eastbound highway 24 right at northbound interstate. 680 officials. haven't said what they're investigating, but we have seen a person sitting on the edge of the freeway with officers standing nearby. let's go to abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley for the very just on the situation leslie. well the reports we've gotten from our assignment desk is that there is a man. also afternoon


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