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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 5, 2022 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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fire crews in the air and on the ground say they're slowing the advance of new mexico's wildfires, which have damaged or destroyed about 170 homes across hundreds of thousands of acres. president biden has declared the wildlife zone a disaster. and these amazing time-lapse satellite images show smoke from the wind-fueled wildfires coinciding with a dust storm in colorado. actress amber heard has taken the stand in her defense in the $50 million defamation suit filed against her by her ex-husband, johnny depp. during her testimony, heard alleged she suffered both physical and sexual abuse during their marriage, which depp denies. here's abc's trevor ault. >> do you remember the first time that he physically hit you? >> yes. >> please tell the jury about it. >> reporter: amber heard taking the witness stand. >> we fell -- i fell head over heels in love with this man. i remember he took the foil off of the -- off of this bottle and put it on my ring finger, and i had only been with him like days.
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>> reporter: but then she says things began to change. that depp became jealous of her acting roles and criticized how she dressed. >> i found myself trying to not talk about auditions, because it was -- it would change the mood so dramatically. he would make these comments about whoring myself out but do so in the context of me acting. >> reporter: she added that jealousy then turned to violence. >> he just threw this glass across the kitchen. it didn't hit me, but it shattered behind me. i remember thinking it very easily could have hit me. >> reporter: then emotionally retelling the alleged first time that depp hit her. >> we're sitting next to each other on the couch, and i ask him about the tattoo he has on his arm. he said it says "wino," and i laughed, and he slapped me across the face. and i laughed. i didn't know what else to do. i thought this must be a joke. second slap, i know he's not
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kidding, but i don't know what else to say or do, so i just stared at him. and he slaps me one more time, hard. before i know it, he starts crying. "i thought i put the monster away, and i've done it before. it's done." >> reporter: heard's team presented what they claim was a pattern of abuse and jealousy. a clinical and forensic psychologist who examined heard testified she was suffering from ptsd caused by intimate partner violence. >> there was a number of incidents of sexual violence reported in this relationship. mr. depp was drunk or high. he threw her on the bed, ripped off her nightgown, and tried to have sex with her. >> reporter: depp's legal team used audio records to paint heard as the alleged aggressor who they say instigated arguments that sometimes became physical. >> you didn't get punched. you got hit. i'm sorry i hit you like this, but i did not punch you. you are such a baby. grow the [ bleep ] up, johnny. >> reporter: in depp's four days
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of testimony, the 58-year-old said in 2015, heard extinguished a cigarette on his face and partially severed his finger, throwing a vodka bottle at him while the two were in australia. depp denies ever hitting heard. his libel lawsuit stems from a 2018 op-ed published by heard in "the washington post." the 35-year-old describes herself as a public figure representing domestic abuse without naming depp, but depp's legal team argues the implications are clear and that it cost him movie roles. heard's defense argues she's within her first amendment rights. the question now is can heard's dramatic testimony sway public opinion and the jury in her favor? >> i feel like she's credible and that is what the jury should be looking for. johnny depp is a mega superstar with giant fans and a huge public base. so i don't know if truly she's ever going to turn the tide of the public.
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>> reporter: trevor ault, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to trevor. heard's testimony is expected to last the rest of the week. and coming up, the woman who ran 104 marathons in 104 days. >> incredible. plus an encounter between a little girl and a cheetah. "that's wild," later. you're watching "world news now."
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i will probably do it. can i hug you? yeah. i love you, man. i love you too. back now with more than 600 american olympians visiting the white house. many wore the medals they won at the games in tokyo and beijing. president biden told the team members they're an example of never quitting and that they represent the very soul of america. congratulations to all of them. >> definitely. turning now to a runner who just broke a world record by running -- get this -- a marathon every day for 104 days. >> she's covered a distance that's just a few miles shy of
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the equivalent of running from new york to los angeles. but wait until you hear how she did it. our own will ganss is here now to explain. >> i love this story. this mom/marathoner broke the world record set by an able-bodied person, on one leg, she's inspiring.prosthesis.- she's hilarious. see if you can read what her t-shirt says in our interview. 21 years ago, life looked pretty different for jacky hunt-broersma. >> i was told when i had my leg amputated, it's okay. you're going to be in a wheelchair. you'll be fine. this is your new normal. >> the south african native lost her left leg below the knee to a rare type of cancer back in 2001. >> when you become an amputee, there's a stigma. like you're put in a box. you're disabled. >> but then, jacky found running. >> running just makes me feel strong and fearless, and it makes me feel free. >> this week, jacky broke a world record, completing 104 marathons in 104 days. >> someone had done a record,
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and the record was 95 consecutive days. the record was held by an able body. i was like, it would be really cool if an amputee like me came and did it. >> she pushed it pretty far, a total of 2724.8 miles. >> my body just kept adapting to the distance and kind of just got stronger and stronger. >> one marathon, people will just, like, have pizza for a week straight afterward. what were you eating every day? >> oh, man, the food part was one of the other hard parts, which was getting it right. >> her favorite marathon, boston. >> i hope that people will look at it and say, you know what? i'm capable of a lot more than what i think, and give it a try. that's all we can do is just -- just get out there and realize you can do hard things. >> up next, a couple of weeks to rest? not exactly. >> i'm already itching to get back running. i might start my training early and be back out on the trails. >> training for a 240-mile race in october.
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i might mail you my fitbit. >> there we go! >> my family is going to be like, what is he doing? >> that's fine. i won't tell them. >> she's the best. while on her 104-day journey, jacky also helped raise money to help other amputees who can't afford running blades. those are not often covered by insurance companies, because they're considered a luxury. but as of today, she's raised more than $193,000. >> it sounds like she's just getting started. >> just getting started. a 240-mile race in october, and she's going to squeeze in a 100-mile race sometime this summer to build up to that. >> where do you even find these races? >> i mean, my thing is, i'm embarrassed now, because if you see the amount of steps i take in day, that's, like what she does before probably the first five minutes of her day. >> send her your fitbit too. >> we'll just attach it to her backpack. that is incredible. it's so inspirational, and we learned something new, that these running blades sometimes are not often covered by
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♪ time now -- it's me. time now -- oh, will, i'm sorry. >> these work just fine. >> amazon prime will come tomorrow. we promise. all right. but this is crazy. we're starting "that's wild" with a terrifying new discovery in argentina. >> ooh. but calm down. the discovery was made by paleontologists, so the "thing" is already long dead. >> but still this is the stuff of jurassic park nightmares. it's what scientists are calling a megaraptor. this apex predator called the maip macrothorax measured three stories from those to tail and
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is believed to have ripped its prey to shreds with 16-inch claws. >> cute. >> what a way to go. >> by the way, this sucker didn't mess around. at six tons, it fed on smaller dinosaurs. >> of course it did. all right. next, to a scene straight out of the classic hitchcock movie "birds." >> a couple in redding, california, returned from a trip to find this when they walked into their house. hundreds of swallows all over the place. >> the birds apparently got in through the chimney and were not afraid of the cat. it took over three hours to get all of the birds out of the house. but the damage was already done if you know what i mean. >> the house is now uninhabitable. you think? >> the furniture, rugs, drapes all had to be thrown out. and the couple says their insurance company is not covering the claim. what a shocker there. >> first of all, that cat was like, uh-uh, i'm not getting jumped. >> no. this is like somebody rolled a seven while playing jumanji. >> perfect analogy. lord. >> all right. speaking of cats, next to a
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big cat that could have done some good for that couple in that california house. >> but instead, this cheetah is actually melting hearts after making friends with a little girl behind the glass, of course. >> so cute. the adorable encounter played out at a zoo in virginia. even with the window separating the two, that little girl appeared to be trying to tell the cheetah something. >> she better be saying, don't eat me. >> do you guys know why cheetahs don't like playing hide and seek? >> why? >> they're always spotted. >> that didn't go where i thought it would. i like it, though. >> all right. finally, if you can stand just a little more cuteness, how about a duck on a skateboard? >> tiktoker beverly teal recorded this video of her pet duck, remi, riding a skateboard. more like shredding. >> okay. so here's the gig, the gag. the skateboard is actually being pulled by a clear thread. she's been trying to train her 7-week-old remi how to ride a skateboard since
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