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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 5, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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rounding the supreme court. president biden's response to the leaked opinion on redrafting roe v. wade. kumasi: an drew tuma is tracking colder temperatures and what you can expect for the weekend ahead. reggie: it's thursday, may 5. the family has been reunited. kumasi: here we are. drew: and it feels good. it's like a nice hug on this thursday morning. i love it. it's a cooler afternoon, breezy, and that is the theme today. you can see those winds are gusty through the delta, 21 is the current speed in fairfield, and we expect the wind to ramp up area wide. temperatures in the 40's and 50's -- concord, 53, 40 three in santa rosa, 50 the current temperature in san mateo. here is a look from a rooftop camera at kgo, the sun is up at
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6:09 a.m., and we will take a closer look at the wind and cooler temperatures, coming up in about nine minutes. reggie: developing this morning, millions of americans are on alert for severe weather, from dallas to little rock to memphis. yesterday, tornadoes hit oklahoma and texas. jobina is at the live desk with the widespread damage left behind. jobina: take a look at this dramatic video captured in texas. >> oh my gosh. there is the inflow >--here it? i have never heard that before. jobina: widespread damage is being reported in seminole, oklahoma. there was a direct hit on downtown seminole, damaging buildings and powerlines. 10 people were trapped inside a storm shelter after debris fell on top of it. all of them, including a baby,
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reportedly made it out a flee. only minor injuries were reported in oklahoma. tornadoes have hit the u.s. in record numbers this year, with 218 reported in march alone, the highest number in that month, before tornado season technically began. kumasi: an washington, d.c. is preparing for more supreme court protests following the leaked draft opinion in the roe v. wade abortion case. we saw fencing placed around the supreme court, this is a precaution we saw after the january 6 capitol attack, but there is word justice samuel alito, the author of the draft opinion, has canceled a judicial draft -- conference appearance. reggie: and students are heading back to school after a scary incident on campus. a man with a knife forced the school to go into lockdown. this happened outside of empire
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gardens elementary school. people who lived nearby were also told to stay inside. police say no students were ever in danger. parents were called to pick up kids after police detained dethe man, and a teacher gave students instructions. >> she told us to stay in our seats and be quiet. >> you see the stories from columbine and all those things, but it is easy to panic, easy to get frazzled. reggie: it took police three hours to get the man into custody. he will get a mental health assessment and may face charges. in developing news this morning, covid-19 concerns this morning. covid-19 hospital admissions and deaths are both expected to increase in the coming weeks. some of the numbers are already starting to climb. over the past two weeks
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nationwide, er visits have jumped 44% and infections are up 27%. now, fda officials say the new normal will likely include annual covid booster shots, like we get for the flu. kumasi: and there is a new resource for some people who test positive for covid. test to treat sites are popping up across the country, that not only administer tests that set you up with antiviral medication if you qualify for it. amy hollyfield is live in san mateo, where one of the sites opens today. amy? amy: this test site at the college of san mateo has been here for a little more than a year, but it is getting a makeover. it is turning into a test to treat site. you have seen testing sites all over the bay area for the past few years and this will look a lot like that, but this is a little different, an extra step behind the scenes, one more step to the process. people who test positive for covid can be treated for the
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virus. if they qualify, they will receive a prescription for covid treatment, and can fill that right here at the site. this is a federal program and they have sites at cvs stores in san bruno, foster city, and now you can add the college here to the list. kumasi: permanent restrictions coming to north bay county. good rules leaders voted on to conserve water during this drought. reggie: and birds inside a redding home, the couple now unable to live there after the animals left a lot of damage inside. drew: yikes. 6:05 a.m., and we are looking at wind today because we anticipate a breezy afternoon, gusting over 20 miles per hour at times, and we do it over tomorrow as
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kumasi: one north bay county is doing its part to conserve water during the drought. restrictions implement it last year are about to become permanent for rand county residents. the water district voted to allow residents to use sprinklers only two days a week, and if you have a pool, you have to use a pool cover. this is in addition to banning hosing down sidewalks and watering your lawn during certain times of the day. no word on when these new laws might into a fact. drew: 6:08 a.m., and tomorrow, temperatures are below average. temperatures, we are waking up to numbers in the 40's and 50's right now. later on today, we will find that drop compared to yesterday. yesterday was warm with a lot of sunshine, today in the coast.
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inland, i anticipate some 70's popping up, but this is a below average day in terms of the numbers. mostly cloudy and the north bay, a bit more sunshine in the south bay, but winds pick up this afternoon, gusting over 25 miles per hour. we have a beach hazard statement until 8:00 p.m., giving us a high risk of recurrence, so be aware of that. we have an active current along our coast line. we will preview the weekend forecast in about eight minutes, but let's say good morning to jobina and see how we are doing with traffic this morning. jobina: we will start with a live look at the san mateo bridge. everything moving smoothly and we no longer have a wind advisory issued by chp for this spot as we check in on the bay bridge toll plaza. have metering lights flipped on here? they have not? i do not believe chp, they say they have not turned on, but it looks like they have.
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also a commuter alert, the caltrans electrification construction is underway until may 20, so that means three trains per hour between 5:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., and we have a couple of slow spots, but not too bad. we also have good news for commuters in the north bay. the sonoma-marin area transit, also known as smart, is bringing weekends day trips back to pre-pandemic levels. they will offer 36 weekday trips during june 13. kumasi: thank you, jobina. are you hoping to find a new dog to welcome into your home? the east animal shelter that's cutting adoption fees right now. reggie: and tom cruise flying in on a helicopter for the premiere on a helicopter for the premiere of the on a day without migraine my whole body feels free. because my eyes don't shy from the light. my head doesn't pound. and my stomach isn't nauseous.
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jobina: an east bay highway has reopened after a backup crippled the evening commute. a man was having a mental health crisis. abc7news reporter tim johns shows us how the situation unfolded. tim: it was an afternoon of chaos for several hours on wednesday. around one: 45, contra costa chp and will pre-police responded to a man standing in the center divide of eastbound 24 and northbound 680. men appear to be suffering from a mental health crisis. in negotiating team was called to the scene and officials shut down the freeway, causing major delays. amanda was one of the drivers caught in the slowdown. >> i sat at a complete stop on the freeway. it was bumper-to-bumper. i put on google maps to see my eta shifting.
6:14 am
>> she said she had no idea what was causing the massive backup. >> i figured there was some massive accident i was coming up on or something. tim: chase says he was trying to drive from berkeley to pleasant hill, a drive that normally takes him -- >> around that time, 30 5, 40 minutes max? tim: but today, closer to an hour. >> people were looking at each other, shrugging. tim: the man ultimately turned himself over to officers peacefully around 5:30 p.m.. he is now receiving medical care. but some drivers tell abc7news the day's events were still being felt. one man was running hours late to pick up his kids, while others say they were not as impacted. >> i planned ahead. i am very conservative, because
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you never know what will happen, you know? it was ok. tim: in walnut creek, tim johns, abc7news. jobina: we sent out a push alert about the freeway being shut down. you can download our app to get alerts like this right to your phone. reggie: and installing cameras inside some patrol vehicles. the valeo police department calls it a step to increase transparency in policing. this will show activity in front of the patrol car, as well as the backseat. valeo pd officers are equipped with body cameras to record interactions with people. the new cameras are being installed in 40 patrol vehicles and that starts next month. if you are looking to adopt a dog, head over to oakland animal services. the shelter is cutting adoption fees starting today in order to find dozens of dogs new homes. the shelters say the kennels are full, they have more than 100 dogs right now, and that includes these three pups --
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brutus, baron, and mitch. they are all available for adoption today. if you go now through the weekend, adoption fees are reduced to only $20. they also have extended hours, so you can visit from noon to 7:00 today, tomorrow and saturday, and from noon to 3:00 on sunday. kumasi: there is more concerned and solano county after three additional bear sightings. this comes after the neighborhood was closed off part of the day on monday because a bear was up a tree. sharon stone spoke with people who live in that area as well as a bear expert. >> that video and this one is all new. just a half-mile from where there were road closures in vacaville due to monday's bear sighting. >> this is the time of year when the cubs from last year, they are called yearlings now, they are going to be dispersing from their mother.
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so you've got families just like this all over in bear country. >> and wild bears in vacaville may sound crazy, the california department of fish and wildlife confirmed that bears have been known to frequent some sites in northern solano county. this bear in vacaville was recorded on wednesday too. ann bryant has seen an additional video showing a larger bear, and believes there may be several from the hills or outside of town. >> to have the bigger bear in the same area would almost tell me that we've got to cubs and the mother. >> brian says the bear and this shot was likely attracted to the garbage cans here. she says trash need to be secured and you need to be territorial if a bear comes on your property. >> get away, get away! >> these are black bears, even
6:18 am
though many are brown, and no black bear has ever killed a human in california, nevada, or oregon. >> yell at them, get out of here! you can even pick up a golf ball sized rock and throw it at their rump, not their face or their head. the bear groups have been getting calls since last month when the fires are burning that people are seeing bears in areas they have never seen before. reggie: a totally different animal story. a shasta county couple cleaning up after coming home to some unusual gas that caused a lot of damage. the couple found this after returning from a trip to sacramento -- hundreds of swallows invading the couple's home. they got him through the chimney. >> we open the door, and it was like an alfred hitchcock movie. there were birds flying everywhere. kumasi: oh no, not on the girl's
6:19 am
picture. that sweet girl. reggie: the couple facing $20,000 in damage and here's the really painful part, their homeowners insurance apparently isn't going to cover it. kumasi: now, that -- drew: yeah, why? kumasi: is that in the policy? drew: and on the picture. reggie: i did not even know this was possible. kumasi: through the chimney? drew: he's right, very alfred hitchcock vibes. the birds. kumasi: are you moving after that? reggie: i am definitely closing the chimney. santa can go through the front door, or just skip us. i don't know. not this house. drew: i am going to give you money for insurance. good morning, everybody. this is a great start -- gray
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start out there. waking up to mostly cloudy conditions, a live look from the exploratorium camera, and here's how the day is shaping up. lots of clouds this morning and with this additional cloud cover in the breeze this afternoon, tracking a much cooler day compared to yesterday. we do have the chance of possible drizzle in the north bay, but the bigger take away this week is that the winds continue through the weekend. it's a breezy forecast ahead. wind has ramped up in some spots across the city and in the delta. 14 in fairfield and wendell pick up through the afternoon. thanks to the cloud cover this morning, we find temperatures warming. 50's and 60's for most of us by lunchtime. in the afternoon, our warmest spots in the 70's, but temperatures below average for this time of year thanks to the additional cloud cover in the wind later on today. went gusting 25 miles per hour this afternoon. 52 in the city today, 66 in
6:21 am
oakland, 68 in palo alto. more and the way of cloudfor th. 65 in napa, 75 is the high and concord. overnight, we hang onto a lot of the cloud cover and numbers settling into the mid and upper 50's as we head into your friday. here is your seven-day forecast, all about the fog this morning. cool and windy today and tomorrow. much brighter over the weekend. it looks nice for mother's day, the problem is it is windy and temperatures are cool in the 50's and 60's. a slight chance of a sprinkle monday and tuesday, but temperatures stay below average into next week, guys. reggie: let's turn to ginger zee with a look at what's coming up on 7:00 -- at 7:00 on gma. ginger: coming up on gma, we will start with the night of terror in the plains, severe storms with tornadoes, flash flooding, hail, a bit of everything. we will show you the latest pictures. and two days ahead of new
6:22 am
regions getting hit with the same storm. then, the growing political fallout from the supreme court leak of the draft opinion about roe v. wade, as the investigation gets underway. and amer heard -- amber heard taking the stand in her bombshell defamation case with johnny depp. and we've got deals and steals with some help from sierra and dr. strange star elizabeth olson. reggie: can we talk about elizabeth olson just for a second? i believe she is one of the great actors of our time and has not been necessarily given -- ginger: i agree with you. even hearing her talk about a role in a marvel film and what she wishes she could do, you know there is depth, complexity -- i agree with you. reggie: she's done a whole series on facebook, and it was all about grief. it was super interesting and her
6:23 am
work on one division -- if you haven't seen wandavision -- >> worth it. reggie: if you don't like superheroes, try wandavision, it will change your mind. i am a stan, obviously. ginger: her and chris hemsworth sealed the deal on getting into marble. then you are good to go. reggie: there are no unattractive people in the marvel cinematic universe. that's one of the things that happens. ginger, we will see
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ray-ban product they have now, eylass thatke photos, which youn download to your phone. >> you put it directly into the phone right over here. give it a second -- 3, 2 -- there we go. te. ey he aed scrn tha shie sees. david lui is playing the lightsaber game, and we are here for it. kumasi: here for all of it. reggie: look at him. kumasi: anything david lui does. reggie: i could actually watch that for many minutes. kumasi: i know. tom cruise said he made it his personal mission to bring the top gun and mission impossible sequels to theaters, despite the pandemic delays. and he made a really unique appearance, we will just say, at the world premiere of top gun maverick in san diego yesterday.
6:27 am
he got there in a helicopter and walk the red carpet on the uss midway. he says the movie was designed for the big screen and it was his plan to bring the theatrical experience back to hollywood. he also said lady gaga's contributions to the soundtrack became the heartbeat of the film. her new song is called "hold my hand." i have so much respect for her. her music has opened up doors for this film and it matches, it brings a level of cinematic emotion to this. kumasi: the new top gun maverick movie opens on reggie: reggie: may 27. next at 6 -- next at 6:30, and alter catch -- an altercation on the bay bridge. kumasi:
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 6:30, preparing for a potential influx of patients. santa clarita county's plan to become an abortion sanctuary. kumasi: an bail has been set for the man who rushed the stage, attacking dave chapelle. reggie: and how the war in ukraine could affect countries around the world and their food supply. good morning to you, welcome to thursday, may 5. kumasi: let's start with a check of our forecast withdrew. good morning. drew: it's a cooler afternoon and a windy morning. temperatures pickup later on today. we are in the 40's and 50's for the most part, 53 in oakland, good morning, 49 in santa rosa, 52. here is our exploratorium
6:31 am
camera, showing you the gray start to our thursday morning. a lot of cloud cover first thing, and some sunshine here and there. since the sun is limited, it's a gradual warming process. this afternoon is easy and we will take a closer look at the wind speed this afternoon and how they get this afternoon, coming up. kumasi: for the first time in months, both daily hospital admission levels and new covid-19 related deaths in the u.s. are a projected -- are projected to increase over the next four weeks according to cdc forecast models. antony blinken has tested positive for covid-19 and is reportedly experiencing mild symptoms. white house press secretary is saying blinken is not considered a close contact of the president. exceed los gatos high school students have tested positive for covid-19 in the last two weeks. reggie: and there are new
6:32 am
one-stop shops for helping communities fight covid-19. this is a part of a federal initiative to get you tested and get you antiviral medication right there if you qualify. amy hollyfield is live in san mateo, where one of these sites is open today. hi, amy. amy: hi there. the college of san mateo is turning into some stop covid shopping. you will be able to get tested here and you can possibly be treated here. it looks like a regular test site, once we have seen all over the bay area for the past couple of years, but it will offer one more step -- if you test positive and if you qualify, you can get a pill to treat covid. these test to treat sites are federal programs and they have this option at cvs stores in burlingame, san bruno, and kostka city. today, it gets a makeover
6:33 am
and upgrade, now it will be a test and treat sites. kumasi: thank you, amy. we are looking at what could be next for the bay area in the pandemic, considering the cdc projection. here's what special correspondent dr. lloyd patel had to say. >> it's expected to see more hospitalizations and deaths, but we have to be realistic. it should not lead to the same degree of previous surges. because of that increase natural immunity, but because of all the vaccines out there. kumasi: you can ask your questions about covid and get the latest information on our website, reggie: new security fencing up at the supreme court, where crowds have been gathering all week following the leak of draft opinion on abortion rights. this is the high court chief justice is calling for a leak investigation. jobina, the author of that draft opinion is canceling a public
6:34 am
appearance. jobina: justice samuel alito has canceled a traditional conference appearance. no reason was given as to why. it comes amid rising tensions after this week's leak of a draft opinion on the pending abortion rights case. that draft appearing to signal the conservative leading court could be close to overturning roe v. wade. the near 50-year-old supreme court decision granting a right to legal abortion in the u.s., though not a final opinion. president biden has called the draft opinion radical and warned of a wider impact on other rights. >> what are the next things that are going to be attacked? this maga crowd is the most extreme political organization that has existed in american history, in recent american history. jobina: crews set up security fencing around the supreme court complex, seen as a security
6:35 am
precaution after an attack on the capital. if roe v. wade is overturned, 26 states could quickly move to ban abortions. kumasi? kumasi: santa clara county officials are preparing for the potential influx of people coming from out of state for abortion services they cannot get back ■home. the county's effort comes as california seeks to be an abortion sanctuary. amanda del castillo explains how these plans are becoming more urgent as the supreme or is weighing roe v. wade. amanda: california's push to become a sanctuary for out-of-state patients seeking an abortion only strengthening. a leak supreme court draft opinion first published by politico -- >> if california needs to be a safe haven for women, i am glad we can do that. amanda: we met with cindy chavez after the board directed million dollars in funding to planned parenthood vermont take, the largest of its affiliates in the
6:36 am
country. money would go to equipment, center expansion, additional staffing and more to legally protect the doctors who treat the women traveling here to terminate their pregnancies. this was written prior to the roe v. wade leak. chavez says there has already been an influx of people coming from out of state. the timing couldn't be more important. i will say, the fact that they already had 80 people prior to roe v. wade, the overturn of that really demonstrates what a huge, huge problem this is for women across the country. amanda: if roe v. wade is overturned, they expect up to 500 more people a week. on wednesday, governor gavin newsom visited a planned parenthood. >> this is comical. this is about controlling women and we know that.
6:37 am
amanda: outside this planned parenthood location in san jose -- >> is borderline criminal that our taxpayer money is going towards funding the dismembering of children in the womb. amanda: if roe v. wade is overturned, it could result in 26 states immediately banning or severely limiting abortions. california would then be the closest snow bands state within driving distance for as many as 1.4 million women. >> if i was a woman in a southern state and i knew i did not want to have a baby, i would leave. i would come to california. >> but some people don't have the means to do that. if they get pregnant, they are stuck there and that is their life now. amanda: i'm amanda del castillo, abc7news. reggie: a scuffle on the bay bridge just after 7:00 last night. the chp says an officer tried to stop a man walking on the catwalk between san francisco and treasure island. the man did not listen to the
6:38 am
officer's commands, which led to the struggle. a group of people nearby ended up stepping in to help the officer detain the men. the officer and the suspect were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> forma police officer derek chauvin has reached a deal in the federal case against him. the judge accepted chauvinist plea deal yesterday. under this deal, he will be sentenced to 20 to 25 years in prison for violating george floyd's civil rights. it will be served at the same time as his 22.5 year sentence for his murder conviction on the state level. according to the plea filing, show then would be expected to serve between 17 and 21 years. reggie: now to the latest on the war in ukraine. 25 civilians were hurt after russian missile attacks on the residential area in a city. at least nine homes, a school, and various civilian infrastructure got damaged. the mayor confirmed on facebook
6:39 am
a kindergarten was seriously damaged. officials say six of the wounded were hospitalized. the casualties were low because two thirds of that city is evacuated. a new united nations report warns lower income countries around the world will likely face more severe food shortages this year, with the ongoing war in ukraine. the war is expected to reduce global food security because russia and ukraine are the world's leading exporters of a wide range of foods. bun security general -- the un security council general says food prices are very high and lives and livelihoods of millions are left hanging in the balance. kumasi: the lapd has set bail at $30,000 for the man accused of attacking dave chapelle on stage. it shows the incident at hollywood bowl tuesday night. 23-year-old isaiah lean brushed the stage, trying to attack chapelle in the middle of his set. lean was carrying a knife that looked like a gun.
6:40 am
a witness who saw the whole thing unfold from backstage says that lean is an aspiring rapper looking for his 15 minutes of fame. >> these guys are just looking for attention. he can't make music, so he decides, you know what, i am going to plan this out and be famous this week. kumasi: chapelle was not hurt, thankfully, and went on with the show. lee is being held on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. reggie: historic highs for mother's day weekend. how much people are expected to spend and the top gifts for mom. kumasi: and they look at the big board at the new york stock exchange, down by almost 300 points right now. reggie: and an update on the g p two of the warriors, when the team might be able to return to the court. and abc 7 at 7:00 is live every week day. you have to watch us on the abc 7 bay area streaming app.
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you can download it now for your tablet, phone, and today, we are going to talk about getting back to work after a covid-19 diagnosis -- and we always need a little fun, so we will have five dance lessons. drew: what now? did you just find out about that? kumasi: today years old. drew: i was six seconds old when i found out i would be dancing live. [inaudible] drew: what? >> [inaudible] kumasi: jobina, you have been preparing? drew: what kind of dance is it? jobina: [inaudible] [laughter] drew: we have a couple of things going on from the tam cam right now. a marine layer right now bringing us cloud cover close to the coast, and above the fog we have a canopy of clouds. today is a mostly cloudy day, here is your pollen forecast. moderate in terms of tree and grass pollen, but your uv index is running high.
6:42 am
we basically have this trough along the west coast, unfortunately we will not get any of this rain. we get cooler weather and increased wind speeds later on this afternoon, so future track showing you this afternoon winds gusting 20 to 25 miles per hour, higher than that in them spots, and we will do it all again tomorrow afternoon. the wind is influencing our temperatures today, so a cooler afternoon today, and that continues for tomorrow as well. highs are mostly cloudy and the north bay, more sunshine in the south bay, 66 in oakland, 62 in san fraisn . e a beach hazard statements in effect, just know there is a high risk of recurrence with an active northwesterly swell today. that's weather, let's get a checkup traffic with jobina. jobina: there is a dance battle in oakland this weekend on saturday, so everyone is going to get heisey on abc 7. reggie: i was told about this
6:43 am
yesterday, and i did not know we were doing this. [laughter] reggie: thank you. jobina: many of you like to know what time the metering lights come on so you can time out how long the backup is and everything. someone must be asleep at the chp today, because they are saying they are not on, but you know by looking at this shot, they are clearly on. expect delays, because we have an additional lane closed because of a crash on sunday night, so heads up, everybody. all the way out in brentwood, we have a sig alert reported there on eastbound four before walnut boulevard, so you see that purple line there. that means all lanes are closed and someone crashed earlier this morning. walnut creek looking great on 680, and tracy to dublin is 56 minutes. antioch to
6:44 am
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kumasi: new details on the death of mario gonzalez, who died in alameda police custody. findings of the city's impending veig we reasedofficers strugglen him and pinned him down, face down. gonzalez then lost consciousness. twoics prsedo ogonzal' more t nine minutes before he lost consciousness, but says no department policies were violated. the district attorney said she found no evidence in that report to charge the officers. reggie: and the fbi is warning about attempt in the area to coworkers young boys to share sexually explicit material online. >> we are seeing numbers we have not seen over the years that are not just civic to our area, but across the country. reggie: that's when a predator
6:47 am
will pretend to be a young girl to get a boy, specifically a teenager, to send explicit photos. the predator then post those online in an effort to extort money. kumasi: the city of alameda is making changes to an intersection where supervisor ella chan was killed. she was killed while walking her dog near shoreline drive when a car hit her. the city says safety improvements will include new crosswalk markings and changes to the lane markings. year.thi next year, the city is planning to add and improve bike lanes on grant street and add a feature that will shorten the crossing distance for pedestrians and narrow the lane for drivers. san mateo county is getting a big boost in its construction in the $55 million navigations enter. congresswoman jackie spear presented a check for 500,000 dollars in congressional
6:48 am
community project funding. the center will help to meet the county's goal of achieving functional zero homelessness, and she explains what that means. >> for anyone who wants a place to call home in san mateo county , with this facility and with the number of hotels that have been purchased, some five of them now in san mateo county, people are going to be housed. kumasi: the navigation center will provide 240 beds, intensive counseling and other support services. reggie: the payroll problem in the san francisco unified school district is still affecting teachers and staff. some are getting mis-paid, some are getting underpaid. m marchedstrict yeery. srt a fewonthagme paychec werer new recently, some mistakenly got a bump in pay or their tax withholdings were wrong. >> when i tell them, this is the
6:49 am
what we are dealing with, this is their work. reggie: teachers say these are promises they heard in march. kumasi: a new report finds 300 five affordable housing units in san francisco are unoccupied, even though about 21,000 people have applied for them. this report by the board of supervisors budget and legislative analysis blames government bureaucracy for the vacancies. experts tell the chronicle, the process of qualifying for a below market rate unit is so hard and time-consuming. applicants have to provide and prove income and asset verification for every member of the household, plus provide rental history, credit scores, and other documentation. reggie: san jose-based ebay, the latest e-commerce company to post disappointing guidance for the second quarter.
6:50 am
they reported better than results, but shares are down. they beat consensus earnings for predictions of share per revenue, but ebay's guidance for the second quarter projected a revenue slowdown of nine sent to 7% year-over-year, as many people return to in person shopping. and taking a live look at the new york stock exchange, we are down this morning about 435 points. mother's day is three days away, so get to ordering stuff, because you don't have a lot of time. spending is expected to hit another record-breaking high this year, according to the national retail federation. it's estimated the holiday will ring and a total of $32 billion, up 3 billion compared to last year, which was also a record. experts say the top three gifts are cards, flowers, and a special outing. 48% of people planned gift mom jewelry, others want to give a gift of an experience, like
6:51 am
concert tickets or a spy day. kumasi: turning now to a runner that just broke a world record by running a marathon every day for 100 or days. jackie hunt and fearless. the south african native lost her left leg below the knee to a rare type of answer in 2001, and this week, broke a world record, completing 104 marathons in 100 or days. >> the record was 95 consecutive days. the record was held by an able-bodied person, and i thought it would be cool if an amputee like me came and did it. i hope people look at it and say, you know what? i am capable of a lot more than what i think. get out there and realize you can do hard things. kumasi: all right, jackie. she ran more than 2700 miles and she is now training for 240 mile race. in october. have you all ever done a marathon or half marathon?
6:52 am
drew: oh yeah, a half marathon. when i finished, i was like, i don't want to do it again. kumasi: at least you finished. you made it. drew: there is a sign in san francisco to wear if it is like, you are doing the sole marathon? turn around and do it again. reggie: no, that is horrible! drew: good for her though. 2000 miles? reggie: i don't understand how that is possible. 104 marathons in 104 days. drew: how does your body -- reggie: how does it recover? drew: your legs. reggie: and she is missing a leg. drew: i struggle to finish a half marathon. i am right there with you. the end of that 50 minutes -- kumasi: [laughter] drew: i literally ran two miles.
6:53 am
we are catching up. the exploratorium camera is cloudy out there, here is how the day is shaping up. much cooler today and it is windy this afternoon through the weekend. winds this afternoon a little breezy here in the city and through the delta, 18 miles per hour. winds will pick up later this afternoon. we have wind and a lot of cloud cover, temperatures are slow to warm, so by lunchtime, in the 50's and 60's. i expect our warmer spots to get into the 70's, but today is a cooler day compared to yesterday. temperatures are below average for this time of year. we will find mostly cloudy conditions, temperatures in the mid to upper 50's as we had to your friday. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. it's all about wind today and tomorrow. tomorrow, a chance of drizzle in the north bay. writer skies over the weekend and it looks nice for mother's day, but no it is windy. the winds don't let up, and then
6:54 am
we have a nice chance of a sprinkle. temperatures staying below average. reggie: after a day off, the warriors returned to chase center today. gary payton the second might be able to return in three to five weeks. he was hurt on tuesday with when -- tuesday when dylan brooks hit him in the head during a layup attempt, causing a hard fall. there is a chance he may be back for the nba finals if the dubs make it that far. you can watch game three of the series on abc seven. coverage starts at 5:00 on saturday. kumasi: today is cinco de mayo, meant to recognize the mexican army's victory over france in 1862. it is not mexico's independence day, which september. the un-cinco de mayo walking
6:55 am
tour is hosting a tour with tacos, and you can bring your four-legged friends to this happy hour. this is wristers first thinker demaio. reggie: it is, 8 -- rooster's first cinco de mayo. reggie: it is. his first thursday in may. kumasi: all his milestones, ok? up next, the seven things you need to know today. reggie: and you can watch our newscasts live and on-demand through the bay area tv app, you can download that
6:56 am
under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
6:57 am
kumasi: it is 6:57. here are the seven things to know this morning.
6:58 am
in washington, d.c., crews have put up fences around the supreme court, following the leaks draft opinion in the roe v. wade abortion case. reggie: and chp officers are recovering from injuries after a scuffle on the bay bridge. they were trying to stop someone walking on the catwalk between san francisco and treasure island. kumasi: and a scary incident outside empire gardens elementary school. a man with a knife force the school into lockdown yesterday. reggie: and a new test to treat site opened yesterday. it allows you to be tested for covid-19 and if you test positive, you can get antiviral medication at the site if you qualify. drew: expect a cooler and breezy did -- day on the way today , but the wind picks up by 4:00 p.m., gusting to 25 miles per hour. today's cooler compared to yesterday. jobina: and bringing you alive
6:59 am
picture from the bay bridge toll plaza. no update from chp on when the metering lights came on, but you have a backup there and one lane closed from a crash on sunday. kumasi: and number seven, look at these cuties. oakland animal services is hoping to find homes for these three and more than 100 big dogs. kennels are full, so adoption fees have been reduced to $20. they have been reduced today through sunday. this is brutus, baron, and mitch -- mitch has the eye contact. drew: baron has the profile -- kumasi: these dogs. reggie: $20 is a really good deal, so i hope people take them up on that. they have a hundred dogs and they need to get them homes. kumasi: i like big dogs, but you are right. i don't have the space. reggie: the four of us have a place by sunrise.
7:00 am
[laughter] kumasi: enough is enough. reggie: see te good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, tornadoes tearing through the south overnight. the significant damage on this thursday morning. twister terror overnight. at least eight reported tornadoes ripping through oklahoma and texas. the widespread devastation. and this morning, the severe weather on the move and the major cities in the path. ginger is tracking it all. new political fallout. from that stunning supreme court leak. now president biden's warning. could this be the beginning of the rollback of certain rights? and as the investigation gets under way, what we know about the marshal of the court leading it. russia ramps up attacks targeting ukraine's supply lines and facilities storing weapons


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