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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 6, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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covid-19 vaccines available in the u.s. the fda encouraging americans not to get j&j is another vaccine is available. >> your lyft ride is about to be a little bit cheaper. >> rebuilding after wildfires. >> the warriors, second round of the nba playoffs. you can see it right here on abc 7. coach kerr is talking about the team's mindset essay head into game 3. >> we will start with a check on the weather. drew: we are dealing with some dense fog. you can see half moon bay, we are down to a half mile visibility. you are likely seeing some drizzle as well. elsewhere, the fog is not as bad
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but we are dealing with cloud cover. it is warmer today compared to this time yesterday. mid to upper 50's for the most part. 55 in the city, 57 in vallejo, here is a live look from the exploratorium camera. a lot of cloud cover over the city. the day is shaping up similar to yesterday. gray skies, we will get some sunshine later this afternoon. it is breezy and temperatures are slightly below average. we have some changes to the weekend forecast. reggie: doctors are urging americans to get their vaccines and their boosters. hospitalizations and deaths are on track to rise for the first time in months. the fda is encouraging americans to get moderna or pfizer and not johnson & johnson. jobina: the fda recommends limiting the use of the one-shot
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j&j vaccine, citing a rare but real risk of blood clots. the fda recommends the j&j shot should go to people only without access to the moderna were pfizer vaccines. e.r. visits are climbing more than 40% over the last two weeks. helping more people manage covid symptoms but scientists are looking into reports of symptoms relapsing after taking the drug which is shown to cut hospitalization risk by nearly 90%. >> i had aches, i was fatigued, the classic signs much stronger than the first time. i was concerned. jobina: the u.s. is seeing a somber milestone. data shows our country is moving in on 1 million covid deaths. the president will pay tribute
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to those deaths as he did when the u.s. surpassed 500,000 deaths. kumasi: we are digging deeper into the new data that shows the bay area is leading the state when it comes to covid-19 infection rates. amy hollyfield joins us with the details. amy: good morning. as doctors say, there is a lot of covid out there. 9 of the top 10 counties with the most covid are in the bay area. doctors say a lot has to do with people getting back to normal, living their lives, letting their defenses down and cases going up. with so many variants, some doctors think it might be time for a new vaccine. there is still some good news. hospitals are not being overrun. >> what is happening is the cases go up but hospitalizations stay low.
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that was true for the vaccinated with omicron and delta, but now it is everyone because there is so much natural immunity. amy: we asked doctors why the bay area is seeing more cases than other counties. they say it could be because other counties had higher case rates this past winter than the bay area and built up better immunity than the vaccine in the short run. another doctor said it could be because we test more in the bay area so we know of more cases. all four doctors we spoke with said the way to keep going forward is vaccinations and boosters. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: lyft is bringing back its carpooling service. shared rides are expected to return in san francisco, san jose, denver, las vegas and atlanta this month.
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there is a driver shortage and increasing gas prices. if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest covid headlines, we have all that information on kumasi: it is wildfire preparedness week and californians are urged to prepare for a challenging season. >> have a plan, have supplies like food, water and emergency backup power. to know and practice evacuation routes. kumasi: the state is spending billions to decrease the risk of wildfires but they say they still need the public's support. calfire said it is already seeing wildfire activity across the state. reggie: an affordable senior housing project taking shape in the north bay. a mobile home park was destroyed there in 2017.
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abc 7 spoke with former residents who are hoping to return home. >> i love it, there are no two ways about it. >> she spent 25 years of her life at the mobile home park until the wildfire changed everything one night in october of 2017. >> the park was on fire when i left. i drove by burning palm trees. it was probably the worst night of my life. >> the fire destroyed most of journey's end, 3000 homes burned across santa rosa. now the park is finally being redeveloped. >> you can physically see where folks will live one day. >> he works for a nonprofit agency leading the project that built 260 market rate apartments and 160 affordable units for seniors. >> the intent is to ensure the residents that were burned out
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from their homes five years ago will have an opportunity to move back. we effort from a couple dozen of them that are waiting for the moment to come back. that is what makes this development special. >> the city said it is the largest post-fire redevelopment in five years. >> having this construction will be a sign of the city's recovery, especially affordable housing for the senior community. >> we are not only rebuilding and recovering from the fires but providing an opportunity for disaster displaced residents to come back to the home they once called home. >> all my good memories will come back. >> it is her second chance to return to the place she loved and be reunited with old friends and neighbors. do you feel like you have come full circle? >> yes. when i get back there and move in, then i will. i wanted to get done tomorrow. [laughter]
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drew: 5:07. a live look from our golden gate bridge camera. we have some thick fog along the coast, a little bit of drizzle, as well. here is live doppler 7 and satellite at this trough, this area of low pressure in the pacific northwest and it will remain there for the majority of the weekend. by sunday, we have a chance moving through the bay area, a change to the forecast from yesterday. today, it is all about the winds being up in the afternoon. 3:00 p.m., winds onshore between 20 and 30 miles per hour, keeping temperatures below average. highs today, sky cover similar to yesterday. cloud cover, dense fog along the immediate coast line. it will not be full sunshine to
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finish the afternoon. 63 in the city, 66 in oakland, 75 in san jose. the weekend ahead, saturday is beautiful but windy. sunday, we have a chance of a shower moving through. i would not change your plan sunday. we will go hour-by-hour, coming up in about nine minutes. let's check in with jobina. jobina: good morning. it is a true friday because there are no slow downs. looking live at 680, no issues or advisory from the chp. oakland, the880 coliseum camera , traveling southbound. our biggest computer alert will be caltrain. construction. i will continue to remind you of this throughout the month because it wraps up on may 20.
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the big news from the morning is there will be no local service from 5:30 in the morning until 9:00. reggie: the pet that was adopted that ended up not being a pet. kumasi: the warriors and the grizzlies, game 3. reggie: moving forward with the plan for a new garlic festival. kumasi: a everyone's a multitasker these days. and with supersonic wifi from xfinity, your internet can multitask too. it's got gig speeds to the most homes... advanced security that blocks billions of cyber threats. and enough power for a house full of devices. plus when you get xfinity internet and mobile together, you can save hundreds off your wireless bill compared to t-mobile. it's for you.
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reggie: the man accused of attacking dave chapelle on stage at the hollywood bowl is facing several charges. 23-year-old isaiah lee did not use a weapon and take chapelle was not injured so none of these charges are felonies. he will face misdemeanors. the weapon looked like a gun but was actually a knife. kumasi: there is a push to reignite travel in the bay area.
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speaking with organizations that promote travel to the bay area. they are working together to strategize how to get more people to come back not just for leisure but business, too. experts say the bay area economy desperately needs the spark. >> we commissioned a study from san diego state university. the businesses that are doing face-to-face meetings, sending their salesforce back out, they will do better in the long run. kumasi: fewer people coming to the bay area means fewer people with jobs and hospitality. 14,000 hospitality jobs were lost during the pandemic. mexican pride was on full display for cinco de mayo. ♪ kumasi: this is a video from alameda, san jose drew some pretty big crowds. abc 7 visited a holiday hotspot
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on the east side. ♪ >> the sights and sounds of cinco de mayo in east san jose. >> it is mexican pride, literally. >> the annual parking lot party. a sea of mexican flags signaling the celebration. >> it feels good. i am one hunter percent mexican so i like seeing my people -- i am 100% mexican so i like seeing my people. >> you cannot describe it, it is just in you. you know everyone has your back. >> we want to be one, always. always mexico. >> the day has been known to draw large crowds of people to san jose.
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warning of unplanned traffic diversions and more with safety in mind. even dedicating additional resources to crack on slideshow activity. >> every year, we come back every year. no permits. it is not about that. we just like to see each other and have fun. >> with mexican heritage top of mind, many want to make sure the history of the holiday is not lost. >> many get confused with independence day in mexico. >> 1862, cinco de mayo commemorates the mexican army's unlikely victory over napoleon iii. in san jose, abc 7 news. reggie: the man who runs the san joaquin asparagus festival said he is moving forward with plans
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for a new garlic festival. he plans to hold it august 13 and august 14 in stockton. the gilroy garlic festival called off this year's event because they said they had financial challenges. the promoter in stockton tells abc 7 that he tried to reach the gilroy organizers but they did not call back. >> i would like to invite everyone involved with the gilroy festival. i want all their vendors and the community support to work together and make this a great event again. reggie: he said he is planning to eventually bring the festival back to the bay area but he could not say where exactly. kumasi: we need to talk about this. a massachusetts family got a big surprise after they thought they rescued a lost puppy. it turned out it was a baby coyote. can we just look at the picture
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and see what we would think. reggie: it is very cute, though. kumasi: too cute. here is the picture appeared they thought they rescued a puppy. they had the coyote for less than one day before they realized it was not a puppy. officials thought they were helping the family when they sounded distressed and wandering along a road. they had no idea the pup was separated from its pack. it is now under the care of the new england wildlife center. drew: i do not think i would think it was a dog initially. what made them not think it was a coyote? reggie: do i have a coyote? drew: you might actually. he has some big coyote energy appeared reggie: that dog -- sorry, that coyote. do i have a coyote?
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that would explain a lot of things. [laughter] drew: how do we find out? reggie: do coyotes like to sleep in closets? we will just go with i have a dog. [laughter] drew: good morning. a cooler day today. cloud cover this morning. here is a live look at san jose. close to the coast, we have dense fog and drizzle. this afternoon, a similar sky to yesterday. it turns breezy today and tomorrow. we have to include the chance for a shower on mother's day as a front will try to move through to move threw two and the weekend. today, it is all about the cloud cover first thing in the morning. 3:00 p.m., still a fair amount of cloud cover. almost a carbon copy forecast.
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highs 66 in oakland, 63 in the city, 75 in san jose, 58 in half moon bay, 76 in fairfield. we will see some 40's in the north bay, low to mid 50's around the bay shoreline. winds pickup on saturday, gusting well over 30 miles per hour. as we take a look at future weather, here is mother's day on sunday. we start with a lot of sunshine. by lunchtime, here comes the front moving through the north bay trying to bring a light sprinkle but it is not after quickly in the evening. i would not changek your plans, justnow you could have a shower moving through quickly. we had fog this morning. it is a windier day tomorrow. a chance of a shower on mother's day. temperatures stay below average. temperatures stuck in the 60's
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next week. kumasi: coming up, seven things to know this morning. reggie: how young is too young to run a marathon? my family is under fire (music throughout) i'm so glad we did this.
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kumasi: it is 5:21. seven things to know this morning. the fda is encouraging people to get the moderna or pfizer covid-19 vaccines over the johnson & johnson shot after an updated investigation into rare blood clots. reggie: number 2, state data shows bay area counties have some of the highest positivity rates in the state. there could be a number of reasons, including the fact we test more. kumasi: number three, more bay area protests are planned over the potential overturning of roe v. wade. reggie: number 4, it is wildfire preparedness week. state leaders are urging you to prepare for it challenging season ahead. they say now is the time to start planning. drew: number 5, we are tracking
5:23 am
windy weather through the weekend. sunday, with the winds, we have a chance for showers. jobina: number 6, we have a great commute this morning. completely clear and no visory fr t c si:umber, today is u to be a day of uc berkeley. the first made its debut early yesterday. reggie: do you see it? kumasi: we were watching this. reggie: the baby is so cute. he is here in spirit, watching over. in today's gma first look, the parents of a six are all facing criticism for allowing their son to run an entire marathon with them.
5:24 am
>> in this morning's gma first look, when it comes to running a marathon, how young is too young? >> some of the training is hard. but i fell some time. sometimes, i ran like normal. >> this six-year old running the full 26.2 mile marathon with his parents, crossg n ghuran >> n know if you would be able to do it. >> the parents facing criticism on social media. >> if a young child were to run a marathon, i am worried about electrolyte abnormalities, vomiting, heatstroke. >> we will tell you what race officials are saying, coming up at 7:00 a.m. kumasi: the warriors are
5:25 am
honoring the former san francisco mayor who helped turn chase center into a reality. they unveiled the statue at the arena. san francisco mayor from 2011 until his death in 2017. he helped strike the deal that moved the warriors across the bay. reggie: the warriors' series against the memphis grizzlies chefs to chase center tomorrow night. dylan brooks will be sitting out without pay. the nba suspended him for this hard foul in game 2. peyton has a fractured elbow and ligament damage and is out for now. coach steve kerr was asked about the dubs' mindset. steve: just play hard, battle for every loose ball foul, battle for every rebound, compete every possession. do not risk a guy's career if he
5:26 am
is ahead of the play in transition. that is our mantra. reggie: you can watch game 3 tomorrow on abc 7 i 5:30. a free outdoor event open to everyone today. kumasi: fears of a potential recession. reggie: carjacking consequences. question this morning about why some preteen criminals are not being held accountable. kumasi: a live look outside at sfo.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 5:30. climbing covid cases in the bay area. what could be behind the uptick? kumasi: an abortion-rights fight. concerns around bay area churches. reggie: get ready for wind. drew has your mother's day forecast, including the chance for showers. good morning. welcome to friday, may 6. drew: good morning. a slight chance on sunday, a front will move through and keep the cool air in place, the winds in place in the afternoon and has the chance to spark a shower on sunday afternoon. half moon bay, down to a quarter mile visibility.
5:30 am
a mostly cloudy start to the day and temperatures in the mid to upper 50's. you step outside and it does not feel too chilly this morning but it will feel chilly because the winds will pick up once again. fog moving along the coastline. the day is similar to yesterday in terms of our sky condition. we will get sunshine as the day goes on later this afternoon. temperatures remained below average. we will show you those winds today and show you the chance for showers. reggie: if you are looking to avoid the highest covid rates in the state, i am sorry to say he will have to avoid your own backyard. the bay area is number 1 for infections. amy hollyfield will show us what local experts are sharing about what we can do now. amy: the number of cases is up, but everything at hospitals like this one is still looking ok. hospitalization rates are down
5:31 am
and that is the good news we are finding in the data we are studying. but the bay area is topping the charts on covid cases. 9 of the 10 counties with the most cases are in the bay area. we asked a few doctors why there is more covid here, one answer is maybe we do not necessarily have more, we just know more. >> we test more than other places, which is great. we still have testing sites. people are aware. there is a lot more testing happening here. amy: another doctor said another exclamation could be other counties had higher case race this past winter than the bay area did and that builds up better immunity than the vaccine in the short run. there is also the fact people are living their defenses down and getting back to normal activities. all four doctors we spoke to
5:32 am
said the way through this will be with vaccines and boosters. reporting live in the east bay, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: health officials in santa cruz county are urging you to take precautions to protect mom. the urge people to wear masks to prevent the spread of covid and stay home if you are sick. according to metrics from the cdc, santa cruz county is one of three counties in california advancing to the moderate level of covid risk. stay up-to-date on the latest covid headlines at reggie: developing news in ukraine. more civilians trapped inside the steel plant in mariupol are supposed to be evacuated. >> a new evacuation attempt is underway in ukraine as hundreds of people try to escape the steel plant in mariupol.
5:33 am
>> a convoy is proceeding to get to receive the civilians remaining. >> on thursday, ukrainian fighters desperately trying to hold back russian troops. troops fighting in bloody battle throughout the day. despite promises from the kremlin of a cease-fire and safe passage for civilians. potentially setting the stage for russian president putin to announce the capture of the key ukrainian city on may 9, victory day. u.s. intelligence up ukrainian forces sink the flagship of russia's black sea fleet last month. they provided intelligence to help them prepare to defend against potential sea-based assaults. russia is targeting key infrastructure across the country, including this nuclear power station in lviv, now destroyed. reggie: u.s. officials say
5:34 am
shared intelligence is meant to help ukraine and not give the intent to kill top russian commanders. joe biden is traveling to romania to show support for displaced families. dr. jill biden is meeting with government officials. she will meet with humanitarian aid workers. teachers working with ukrainian children and refugees. kumasi: now to the debate over abortion rights in america. democrats are pledging to take swift action on the issue after a leaked draft opinion show the supreme court could overturn roe v. wade. louisiana lawmakers. jobina: this is stunning. states are racing to adopt abortion laws for the possible end of roe v. wade. in louisiana, lawmakers are pushing ahead with the new bill sector classify abortion as homicide starting at the moment
5:35 am
of for less nation. legislation opens the door for the mother and the person performing the procedure to face charges. in connecticut, the governor signed a bill protecting women who come from out-of-state to have the procedure. >> republicans will have two choices. they can own the destruction of women's rights or they can reverse course and work to prevent the damage. jobina: democrats and at least two republican senators are looking to createtov. legislation that could protect the landmark case. democrats likely will not have the 60 votes needed to stop the expected filibuster by senate republicans. officials are also scrambling to find the source of the leak. chief justice john roberts told the judicial conference the leak was absolutely appalling. robert said he hoped one bad
5:36 am
apple would not change the way americans viewed the supreme court. reggie: local abortion-rights demonstrations are constant concern for the oakland diocese. it sent a note to parishioners ahead of this weekend. >> protests and demonstrations continue in the bay area over the anticipated supreme court decision overturning roe v. wade. in san jose thursday mendy came out to protest, joining pro-abortion rights demonstrations. >> what do we do? >> stand up, fight back! >> protests are causing concern in the oakland catholic diocese. they sent out a notice to members to tell them to be prepared for possible disruptions to services this weekend. the diocese said the church has a baptismal responsibility to protect life at every stage. >> people do not realize what a
5:37 am
landmark decision this was. >> she is planning a protest on sunday and says now more than ever women's voices need to be heard. >> we do not know what is coming down the pipeline as we face a more conservative united states. this could spread to problems with people getting reproductive rights in california. >> the oakland diocese did not want to comment on the plan protests but they want their members to be vigilant during service. she told me she does not have plan to disrupt a service this weekend but did say she wants to send a strong message. >> the vast majority of americans believe the right to reproductive justice, which includes abortion-rights. the vast majority of american catholics also believe in that, the vast majority of catholic women practice birth control. >> she believes sending a strong message, especially to religious
5:38 am
groups, is vital right now. >> as older women we have often not been listened to. we are from a generation where we were told to be quiet and stay in the house and we do not want to do that anymore. kumasi: nancy pelosi is talking about her fight for women's rights and for the ukrainian government. yesterday she was in san francisco for the opening of a housing development in the mission district. >> our focus is not about a leak or something the republicans would like the focus to be on. it is on the damage it does to a woman's dignity and her rights. kumasi: speaker nancy pelosi hopes to carry that into the bid terms. -- midterms. she said the united states is committed to helping. coming up, free teens on a crime spree. what happened after a woman was
5:39 am
carjacked by kids not even old enough to drive. reggie: we are on falcon watch. two more eggs are set to hatch today. drew: 5:39 a.m. and we are tracking overcast skies. we also have some dense fog along the coast and patchy drizzle. winds will be an issue in the afternoon. wind gusts by 3:00, 20 to 30 miles per hour and it continues into saturday. saturday afternoon is windier than today. it is this pattern we are underneath, this trough, area of low pressure. highs today at 63 in the city, 66 in oakland. clouds will linger for much of the morning. 70 in palo alto. cool and drizzle and drizzle in half moon bay, 58 degrees.
5:40 am
the next three days, a lot of sunshine on saturday, sunday, we have the winds and the chance of a shower moving through. a front will swing through for the second half of the weekend and try to spark a shower. i would not change any plans you have. we start and finish with a lot of sunshine on sunday but mid day there is a chance for a sprinkle. it is windy" with temperatures only in the 50's and 60's. jobina: good morning. drew mentioned the fog, chp has issued a fog advisory for the golden. a change of the lanes. just be aware of that visibility as you make your way in and out of san francisco. our san mateo bridge camera is picking up some drizzle on the lands. everything is moving smoothly and it is reflected in the drive times.
5:41 am
highway 85 to the san jose airport will be a quick seven minute ride. a minor slow down out of tracy.
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5:43 am
kumasi: schedule to meet with san francisco's fbi today to combat crime. he was expected to deliver a letter asking the fbi to prioritize efforts to limit these crimes by working with state and local law enforcement to keep our communities safe. a survey found 3/4 of retailers have found an increase in retail theft since 2020. there are questions why some young criminals are not being held accountable. sky 7 was hidden oakland neighborhood where a family was
5:44 am
robbed at gunpoint. two of the suspects arrested in this case were 12 and 13 years old. we have the details. >> mentally, i do not even want to go out to oakland anymore. >> requesting privacy as they work through their pain, the tang siblings recall the terror outside their aunt's home in early april. >> they got out of the car and walked toward us and one in the back was brandishing a gun. >> the tangs were there to be at their terminally ill family member's bedside. >> i knew they were after my keys. >> the suspect took keys and a phone and drove off in her car. three days later, police documents show a 12 and 13-year-old were arrested in connection to the crime. >> they were young but they look like they had been doing this quite enough. >> i broke this story one year ago involving one of the
5:45 am
suspects who was 11 at the time. an 80-year-old man was knocked to the ground and robbed. the same youth carjacked an asian woman. multiple law enforcement agencies say these young people continue to commit armed robbery across the bay area. >> street gangs are encouraging the youngsters to go out and do these carjackings and they are taken into custody on serious offenses, we cannot interview them in regard to that crime. many times they are simply taken into custody and then released. >> the sheriff said preventative programs are crucial. as for the tang siblings, while they were outside dealing with the trauma of being carjacked, their ailing cousin passed away inside. >> my mind was being torn. i wanted to be with my relatives so bad.
5:46 am
i had to deal with this carjacking. i wanted to give the police information while it was still fresh in my mind. i wanted to be with my cousin even more. >> despite california laws, she hopes there is a way to hold these young people accountable. >> they should be punished for it. it is sad to see that asians are being targeted because we do not threaten anyone. it is not fair. reggie: the labor department just released the april jobs report. the unemployment rate remained a 3.6%. 428,000 new jobs were added last month. it marks the 12th consecutive month where more than 400,000 jobs were created in a month. one day after u.s. markets dropped dramatically. the united states' gdp dropped
5:47 am
for the first time in two years and the economy is facing inflation. some analysts say one key measure of a recession is two consecutive quarters. it is something the biden administration is hoping to avoid. >> it is incumbent upon all of us in the federal government to continue to work together and help people skill up and get better knowledge and better ability to get better paying jobs. reggie: consumer prices shot up 8.5% for the 12 months but ended in march. a pace not seen since 1981 and is hitting americans in the wallet at the grocery store and gas pumps. kumasi: today is shaping up to be a hatch day at uc berkeley. this is video of annie with her
5:48 am
new, yet to be named baby. how cute. you can check in on that anytime live. this is a live look at the nest. the baby falcons have been really big news on campus. a hatch party is from 9:00 until 3:00 this morning. it will take place on the south lawn of the valley lifesciences building. dr. peterson is talking with us during 7 at 7:00 for an update. reggie: i cannot wait to see him because i know he will be so happy. kumasi: i know. reggie: in my mind, i have no idea. you see her beak is moving. kumasi: we were watching yesterday and i feel like she is
5:49 am
so protective. we felt like she could see us looking at her. every now and then she would look around and i swear i watched her turn around like we were too much in her business. reggie: she used to watch a different station and now she watches abc 7. [laughter] kumasi: we are her friends stared drew: we need another naming contest. we have a lot of options. reggie: people did not listen to us before, but this time around, it will happen. [laughter] drew: will it though? our top choice will still not win. i am excited to talk to dr. peterson. we have some fog out there. it is partly to mostly cloudy out there and that is how the day is shaping up. partly afternoon on the way.
5:50 am
winds continue to ramp up through the weekend and there is a chance of showers on mother's day. i would not change your plans because it is not a significant storm but a front could bring us a shower. 3:00 p.m., onshore flow is with us, 20 to 30 miles per hour. saturday afternoon looks windier. saturday is a bright looking day and a dry day. the start of the weekend is looking pretty nice. today is similar to yesterday. cloud cover, sunshine here and there, temperatures below average with the winds picking up. tonight, a little bit cooler, some 40's will pop up with the north bay. let's talk about the shower chance on mother's day. it will be beautiful to start, a lot of sunshine. here comes the front by noon. around 2:00 p.m. there could be
5:51 am
a shower in parts of the east bay but that is it. it is out of here in the afternoon and we end the day with a lot of sunshine. the best chance for finding any wet weather will be in the north bay. if the shower does pop up, it will not linger that long. the seven-day forecast is all about the winds. there is a chance for a shower for mother's day but this system keeps the cool weather in place. monday and tuesday, temperatures stuck in the 50's and 60's. reggie: reimagining public safety. kumasi: a local tech company is slowing its hiring. reggie: helping keep a small business alive. the gift box
5:52 am
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>> as you can see on your screen. [applause] reggie: that is the crew coming back to earth after six months at the international space station. they splashed down off the coast of florida in there spacex capsule. this ends spacex's third mission in partnership with nasa. they are slowing down hiring after a quarter of sluggish growth. the parent company of facebook said there are no plans for layoffs. it is a reversal from the first few months of this year. from january to the end of march, meta added employees. kumasi: a 75-year-old candy shop is hoping rescue boxes can help bail them out.
5:55 am
the shop is struggling. they are offering boxes with their best available chocolates for about $36. the owner says thanks to these boxes, she was able to pay the electricity bill for the first time in months. they have still 200 boxes since late march. happening tonight, if you are looking for something fun to do, oakland is hosting a street festival tonight. the festival will be focusing on latin pride. the event is outdoors along telegraph avenue. the free event happens the first friday of every month. drew: it will be a little breezy in the east bay but it will be a nice evening. live doppler 7, we see some dense fog. half moon bay has a half mile visibility and some drizzle. we are dealing with a fair amount of cloud cover. temperatures a little warmer than this time yesterday, mid to
5:56 am
upper 50's. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. a dairy similar setup compared to yesterday. a lot of cloud cover. sunshine in the afternoon but the winds will pick up, keeping temperatures below average. fast forward to sunday for mother's day, we have to include a chance of a shower. we start and finish the day with a lot of sunshine. it is midday we keep the shower chance in the forecast. the best chance to find a shower will be in the north bay. area-wide, cooler temperatures, 50's and 60's. kumasi: fired for refusing to get the covid vaccine. reggie: the bay area sitting at the top of the state's covid positivity rate. kumasi: another fight could be brewing in san francisco. reggie: right now a live look
5:57 am
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, this is abc7news. >> the country closes in on one million deaths from covid, cases continue to go up. the bay area with the highest positivity rate in california. >> wildfire preparedness.
6:00 am
officials morning you should be preparing for a challenging season ahead. >> a windy and to hour work week and into the weekend. a chance of a shower for mother's day. >> good morning to you on this friday. drew: just saw from this live picture of the golden gate bridge. even a little bit of drizzle as well. the visibility is thick along the coast about half or quarter of a mile. away from the coast we are doing just fine. waking up to temperatures in the mid 50's to upper 50's out there. a little bit warmer compared to yesterday at this time. a lot of that low cloud cover, even some high clouds as well as the sun slowly rising. some sunshine later on this afternoon. it is breezy and temperature stay below average.


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