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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 6, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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defrauded them from the beginning giving them a fake w-2 and fake checks two months later the pandemic hit and for the past two years the covid moratorium has protected those tenants from getting evicted. we will sell one on april 7th. we met rakesh and tripti jane in tears. they told us her tenant had him paid them in two years owing them over $100,000 in rent. we are forced by the county. to keep a criminal in a home that's forward to almost a month later and now prakashian tripty along with four other small property owners are suing alameda county. i know there are people who needed this protection, but there are people who have and you advantage of this situation and city is not willing to basically county is not willing to revisit their monitorium to diffuse responsible to hold the county accountable not only for
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her case, but for all the other small property owners who contacted them after our story aired many telling them they too trapped by the county after my story was aired on. 7 news by you. there are many landlords for gain in touch with me continues to understand. this is one-sided law they have prolonged it for two years and when the county has no money to pay the landlord. i don't think they should expect. landlords to pay for other families the california apartment association filed a lawsuits in federal court challenging alameda county's covid moratorium as illegal, and there's really no end in. it's related to stay in effect for as long as there's. public health emergency in the county we have no idea when that declaration might come to an end and even the moratorium outlives that declaration stays in effect until 60 days after. the lawsuit is seeking for the county to pay the backup rent to
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these property owners and to change the moratorium if you look at just the totals of the unpaid rent, that's due to these these five owners to date. it's a little bit over 200,000 i believe. so that's just a starting point alameda county's board of supervisors have the power to revisit the covid moratorium. we contacted all the members and some refused to speak on camera others did not respond as to tripty. she hopes now they listen about this. special lawsuit they were not replying to me before but now they will have to do it. the county has 21 days to respond to this lawsuit and there's a possibility that more landlords can be added to this lawsuit. kristen lewis. how much money did alameda county get to pay property owners for backed up rent? let me account you received 129 million dollars and have 34 million left so far they have approved. hundred applications, but they
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still have more than 7,000 to go in time is taking because in one hand the states rent protection and student 30th, but the county's protections don't have an end date. so property owners and tenants are both growing. weary hmm tough situation lose pena. thank you in the north bay on no confidence vote has started for sonoma state university president. judy sakaki a retaliation and sexual harassment scandal involving her husband is at the center of this vote, but some educators say they believe it goes beyond that abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard with the story. but it's definitely been a big story on campus a reported scandal making headlines at sonoma state university seems everyone has an opinion. i definitely feel like she could have handled things a little better which would take on this. it's a big distraction. i think she should have resigned already. she used university president, dr. judy secaucus seen here on the university's website now. broiled and a scandal involving a six-figure settlement paid to a former sonoma state provost
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who said she faced retaliation after reporting alleged sexual harassment by the president's husband lobbyist patrick mccallum. the story was first reported by the press democrat. how are you vote? i haven't decided yet, professor, anastasia to sonia along with hundreds of sonoma state faculty members began voting friday on a resolution declaring no confidence in president. sakaki's leadership. i'm very uncomfortable. just because of what something her husband did but there's a lot more going on. oh, it's embarrassing as hell. yeah, it's and trust me. do i want to spend my time doing this? no faculty chair, lauren morimoto and others believe sakaki's handling of her husband's harassment claims are only part of the issue declining enrollment and budget deficits are looming and some say it's too soon to call for her resignation. i don't think her going is going to make things better. and in terms of what's best for the institution. i think the last thing we need is change she needs to do what she needs to do and we as
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faculty need to do and vote what we need to do on both what's best for our university one. thanks for sure. the scandal has been a major distraction here on campus with graduation only weeks away. it definitely is a distraction right now, especially with graduation coming up, you know, the students aren't you know, everyone's thinking about the scandal happening or as like, you know, people should be like happy about like graduating and stuff dr. sak. declined our request for an interview in the past. she and her husband have said they have done nothing wrong the no confidence voting concludes on monday in rohnert park cornell bernard abc 7 news. onto the forecast now and if you've got outdoor brunch plans for sunday, it's going to be windy. maybe some showers on mother's day meteorologist sandy patel here now with a look at the forecast for starter sandia. i know moms can handle it though. that's what i have to say. larry. let me show you a live picture right now it is soupy out there from our south beach camera? yeah, we have a cold front that is coming into our north and it's definitely bringing us this
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moist flow with clouds fog as you look at live doppler 7. there's a look at that cold front. that's the one that could bring us some wrinkles tonight, but it's really the system out over the pacific. that's a one storm that's going to bring us those mother's day showers. let's time it out for you if you are going to be out and about with mom early in the morning 9 am make sure moms have umbrellas in the north bay because the rain comes in 11 am you're looking at those scattered showers in the east bay the south bay and and then some more showers. it's just going to be waves coming in for the afternoon. i'll be back to let you know how long this is going to last and the rest of your mother's day. by hour forecast coming up larry nine am let mom sleep. and here i'm not going to complain about that. all right. see you in a few minutes. more news now with the supreme court likely to outlaw abortion. bay area congresswoman and su and zoloftran are urging and voters to organize to prevent further erosions to abortion and women's rights. this republicans get control of
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the house and senate they will pass a bill outline abortion in every state and the filibuster will have seen its last days and there will be no freedom for women in any state. a draft opinion leaked this week indicates the supreme court will overturn roe v wade next month as a response senate democrats will call for a vote next week on bill that would guarantee access. to abortions despite bans in some states a similar vote took place in september passed in the house failed in the senate. four people were taken to the hospital early this morning after the are they were in went off a cliff in san francisco? it happened in point lobos in the western side of the city police. say the vehicle was traveling and an unknown speed when it went off the road. it landed 30 to 40 feet down into the sandy ruins of the old sutro baths two people suffered critical injuries to more are reported in stable condition. and in the east bay a box truck crashed into the bay bridge toll
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plaza today plugging up one lane. happened around 11:40 this morning when the driver somehow failed to navigate the number seven toll lane you can see the toll booth guardrail took some damage there. the truck was towed away a little after 12:30 and the lane reopened. no. heard and the causes under investigation the second one in recent weeks. 90 year old mountain view landmark is getting a makeover. is that enormous structure at moffatt field known as hangar 1 you can see it from highway 101 abc 7 news reporter. amy hollyfield has the story. we've come together. i think that this is an alleluia moment. that's how south bay congresswoman anna eshoo opened up her remarks this morning after years. of fighting to keep hanger one this enormous structure at moffett field. can see from highway 101 but have maybe wondered what it is and why it is here and she says those kind of questions made it tough to fight for some viewed
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the nasa ames property is a cash cow. they wanted to access. the significant parts of it including the airfield to make up for budget shortfalls in other parts of the country. the plan is to give it a structural upgrade and a new coding which will take about years. it's a great celebration and i think that operation tenacious now is turning toward mission accomplished. i am personally looking forward to the day when we can welcome you back to a fully restored fully modernized hangar 1 that both preserves our storied history and aviation and helps to take us into the future and i know that not only is this an icon it will also be a center of research. in advancement of scientific innovation for our tree because we without science we have a much. our future in 2005 the navy
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proposed demolishing this structure now. it's surrounded by scaffolding and willoughby for a couple of years while they make these improvements which which will be paid for by. google subsidiary planetary ventures, there's a lot of pride here today to finally be talking about this restoration in mountain view amy hollyfield abc 7 news. new efforts to target organized retail theft in the bay area the proposal today from bay area congressman eric wall and with mother's day coming up. we're taking a look at a unique club in the south bay strictly for families with multiples. for families with multiples. did you know that renovating your kitchen and bathroom is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home? i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations america's kitchen and bathroom renovators thanks mike! we make kitchen and bathroom renovations easy for everyone. we quote and design each project and help customers select all finishes without having to leave their home! wow! agm are the only kitchen and bathroom renovations specialists
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now with speeds up to 5-gigs. after an explosion blew out several floors of a luxury hotel in havana cuba officials reports. say the blast occurred when a truck was supplying the hotel with liquefied gas at least 30 other people were injured 13. people are still unaccounted for there were no guests in the hotel as it was being prepared for next week's reopening. it's now official the department of transportation building in washington dc will be named after the late norm mineta. president biden signed legislation today officially designating the building as the william t coleman jr. and norman y minetta federal building. congress have passed the bill before minetta's death this week the san jose democrat served as
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transportation secretary under president george w. bush william coleman was transportation secretary under president gerald ford the men were the first african-american and asian-american respectively to hold the post. bay area congressman eric swalwell is asking the fbi to help police departments dismantle those retail crime rings like those that have been targeting local stores. it's becoming more and more violent. it's terrorizing retail clerks shoppers and at the end of the day either criminals are going to run our communities or law and order will. swalwell delivered a letter to attorney general merrick garland and fbi director christopher ray asking the justice department to give police additional resources to crack down on his organized crime rings 2020 survey found the three-fourths of retailers experienced an increase in retail theft and those losses were estimated at nearly a million dollars for each billion in sales the san francisco
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unified school district already dealing with an array of problems has been handed another blow a top administrator for district leaving to head berkeley schools up abc 7 news senior education reporter lee ann melendez has more on the impact. that this will have how do i interact with the students differently aniki afford more a rising star at? cisco unified as deputy superintendent for instruction now, she will lead berkeley schools as superintendent also leaving. superintendent vincent matthews and longtime employee and a top administrator, myyoung lee both retiring. say that san francisco unified has been going through some trying times in the past few years is an understatement. remember the controversy overcovering the george washington high school murals. i'm offended by people wanting to paint over it that led to complaints about the school board which rather than focusing on ways to safely reopen schools during covid and curtail spending instead put its
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attention on highly politicized issues that eventually led to three three school board members being recalled by years welcome. you ready the school district like many others in the bay area also saw declining enrollment and is now dealing with a 125 million dollar budget deficit for next year. most recently a payroll debacle left many teachers without the proper pay causing some financial hardships and they just don't know how or where to even get started to fix it the district admits at the end of this year more principles are leaving, but they claim the turnover rates among teachers have remained the same. we haven't yet seen an uptick in in departures in separations. through retirements and resignations. we're watching very carefully because as you know, we're also in the process of a layoff, but that might sound a bit confusing. because of declining enrollment the district has been left with too many general assignment teachers.
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not enough educators in other areas such as math science special education languages the next superintendent may have to accept that change for better or for worse is constant when working at sfusd. in san francisco leanne melendez abc 7 news in the south bay a club for parents of twins and triplets recently marked its 50th anniversary 200 families are actively involved in this club. just continues to grow and grow as we approach mother's day. we're celebrating amazing moms of multiples. it seems to be that more and
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more people are having twins. so our group has grown quite a bit just in the last few years. it's definitely a real blessing. i mean having twins is such a cool experience that i never could have envisioned before having them. over just like oh my god, this is gonna change our life right now we have about over 200 members. we share our experiences and also our tips and tricks. definitely, you know, i opening when you get them all together and actually, you know, see them especially having playdates and stuff. from each other. i think it's really helpful to see parents of older twins just to kind of see what's what's next around the corner. the group also has a new parent and expectant parent meeting that we attended a lot during our first year and anything from like having people come stay with you to help breastfeeding twins. so just there's a it's a great resource to put lots of moms with lots of knowledge that are willing to share.
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the upswinging out people participating in ivf also contributes in this area. i think a lot of people are waiting till later in life to have children. so they can be established in on a house and you know have these things going for them and then they have children and that also plays a factor because as you get older your body drops more eggs. let's see. well, it seems so hard right now managing the time and somebody always needs you the older parents parents of older twins come by and say, you know, we really miss those times when they're young. enjoy it while they're young. you're not gonna get it back. so cute, right? yeah and waking of mothers. yes. yes special day. sandia yeah, thank you.
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larry and kristen. i would not trade my kids for the world. i have fraternal twins oldest daughter and then fraternal twins and yeah, it's a lot of work so so when i had mine, i remember belonging to a club and the moms were just amazing. i mean little tricks that they teach you bottle holders. i mean you never have enough hands to feed you right now. so it learned a lot. it's india. thank you. it's juggling act. i'll tell you that much. all right, let's get right to the weather now, and i'll tell you what mother's day is looking like in just a moment right now live doppler 7 showing you clouds fog down below. certainly could see a little bit of drizzle we're seeing at the coast right now winds are on shore not terribly windy, windy, but it is gusty 28 miles. our san jose 25 in santa rosa those winds are going to ramp up as we had towards the weekend from arcadia roof camera along the embarcadero here. you can see it's breezy 61 in the city 66 degrees in oakland a lot of mid 70s from mountain
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view to san jose chilling in half moon bay at 59 degrees and look at this gorgeous view from cruise camera, i mean just framed so perfectly with some blue skies down to the south 66 degrees right now in santa rosa 74. field petaluma, you're at 63 and low 70s for concord and livermore one other live picture is we look towards 80 from our emeryville camera. you can really see those clouds or stacked up. mostly cloudy with fog possible sprinkles tonight. you're looking at increasing winds tomorrow gusty cooler with showers for mother's day. so let's look at that mother's day planner. talk in the morning. there will be some sunny areas in case you're taking mom out. e-40s 50s as we had towards the lunch hours scattered showers a level one system coming in and then for the afternoon and evening isolated showers not out of the question, but those temperatures will remain below average. so make sure moms have them extra layer to keep them warm and an umbrella of course 40s 50s for those temperatures in the morning. there could be a little drizzle, especially near the coastline.
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tomorrow, but then for the afternoon as a winds pick up skies will pretty much being mainly sunny across the region temperatures ranging from the upper 50s to the mid-70s. there will be occasional high clouds passing through now, we're going to fast forwd sunday. this is whe we are expecting the first band of showers around 9 am in the north bay 11 am you will notice how scattered these showers are it's not going to be a rain event for everyone very spotty in nature sunday evening, but the snow level will be coming down to 3,000 feet, which means some of a higher peaks may actually see the potential for a little bit of snow flurries mixing in with the showers now in terms of rainfall estimates. yeah. this is not going to be a big storm. going to be hit or hours anywhere from zero for some areas to about 500 of an inch clear lake could pick up a little bit more than that winds are going to pick up that's going to be a big story tomorrow afternoon. you will notice those. 33:37 miles an hour tomorrow evening topping 40 point raise and then sundays also pretty
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gusty across the region. so keep that in mind the there's seven day forecast gusty with sunshine tomorrow scattered showers with a level 1 storm for monday certainly cooler and then you will notice possibility of thunderstorms with a level 1 chance continuing for monday and into tuesday right now. it looks like elder weather as we head towards the middle and latter part of the work week kristin and larry. all right, sandy. thank you. it is a big weekend of bay area sports. we've got a preview of tomorrow. most game 3 between the warriors and grizzlies. yeah, the giants are playing too. celebrating oh.
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after a fiery last second loss for the warriors in memphis the wait for game three in san francisco. is almost over that game two still really frustrating for a lot of reasons serious tide game of peace warriors do have home court now with the next two games at home with three days off between games a time has helped draymond green's eye. you could see it. they're still swollen a bit after he took an inadvertent elbow on tuesday, but the swelling is going down the warriors feel they'll be in good shape if they can improve their shooting they were horrendous from three in game, too. but with gary payton the second knocked out of the series with that bad elbow injury the days off have done nothing to calm. now you want every bit of emotions you can have in a playoff series. somebody won't smoke you got it
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won't smoke or you lose. so now i understand about putting no emotions aside or not letting your emotions get the best of you if your emotions to get the best that you should it's the playoffs y all of marbles your emotions. she'll get the best day, you know you adjust from there. yeah, you lose a game like game two and feel like you could have got another one come home too. well, like it changes the bible a little bit, but you gotta to remember where we are in this series. game three tomorrow night right here exclusively on abc 7 network coverage starts at 5pm tip off at 5:30 followed by all the highlights and interviews on toyota after the game tomorrow. we'll be busy in the mission bay area. the giants are hosting the st. louis cardinals at 4:15. it's buster posey day with a pregame ceremony to honor the beloved catcher who retired after last season some of you lucky ones may get a hug will not you or me, but we're the unlucky ones. we'll be working.
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oh by the way, happy 90 first birthday to the say hey kid willie mays 91 years happy birthday to willie. all right moving on with other news another down day for stocks. despite a better than expected jobs report plus why they are a company has to pay five and a half million dollars to the government. join abc 7 for the virtual professional business women of california friends, may 10th and 11 and hear from keynote speakers mindy kaling lena waith rita moreno and more.
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i was injured in a car crash.
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i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers. call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. another down day for the financial markets, but thankfully not as bad as yesterday. dow dropped 98 points nasdaq and
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s&p 500 took even larger hits today's slide on wall street came despite a solid april jobs report. the economy is actually recovered 95% of the jobs lost during the pandemic 95% here's abc news reporter reena roy with a look at what is driving the markets down now. a positive sign today from the labor department announcing 428,000 jobs were added in april beating expectations. it's the 12th straight month that more than 400,000 jobs were created last month's hiring keeping the employment rate at 3.6% just above the lowest level in a half century the stock market opening down this morning the market volatility began thursday after the federal reserve announced the largest interest rate hike in 22 years on wednesday. at first the dow was up, but then plunged a thousand points. it's worst day since 2020 the higher the interest rate the lower the value of whatever
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investment you have. so that's why investors get learned if the fed starts to aggressively raise interest rates. had increasing rates half a percentage point sending the cost of borrowing higher on everything from your credit card to a new car or he mtgst five me 30-year fixed rate mortgage has jumped from5.4 pe the fopin the move will help slow prices, bute worry, it's too little too late. the fed is now not just hitting the brakes but in some ways driving in first using the rear view mirror to get to see where we're going and back to that jobs report many of those rejoining the workforce are retirees who left their jobs during the pandemic some of those older workers being pulled back to the market by rising costs rena roy abc news, new york santa clara bass nvidia will have to pay five and a half million dollars as part of a settlement.
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the sec 7 on your side's michael vinny joins us now with more on that and other consumer news michael. hey christian that finders for hiding who was buying its graphics cards from investors. the company was charged by the sec with miss leading investors a 2018 financial report. it showed increased sales nvidia made it look like a huge boost in revenue was driven by demand from gamers and reality the growth was caused by sales of its powerful processors to cryptocurrency miners, which investors claimed did not represent reliable future growth. it looks like americans are getting deeper into debt as a accuses credit card balances peaked at 927 billion dollars just before the pandemic started then theyo aow of 770 early last yr. in almost 17% amazing. well then credit card
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balanceseegun rise again. they've reached 856 billion dollars at the end of 2021 analysts now expect the next financial report out on tuesday next week. well mark a record high in credit card debt. you might want to check your purse and wallet for starbucks. gift cards or coffee maker revealed customers are sitting on one billion dollars worth of gift cards that are not being used starbucks chefs. it generated three billion dollars in revenue just on gift cards during the past holiday season alone now testivated a quarter of adults end up losing their starbucks gift cards giving the coffee giant millions of dollars and millions and millions of dollars. it does not need for free. yeah. yeah that right. michael sure the new living expo returns to the san mateo event center this weekend for its first live event since 2019 and one of the speakers is marianne
4:35 pm
williamson author spiritual leader and former presidential candidate and marianne is joining us live now. so first let's say welcome. you have a book. count called politics of love a handbook for a new american revolution i do not see a lot of love right now. i know because so much of that which is not love has been politicized bigotry racism anti-semitism homophobia islamophobia. so so many of those aspects of our character have been turned into political force. but i think that the majority of americans are dignified decent people certainly as much as those people in any other country but too often we keep those things within the purview of our personal lives and are not expressing them collectively and are not expressing them in public policy and i think we do need a politics just as now we clearly have a politics of hate on view in this country. we need a politics of the better angels of our nature as well. yeah. i'm not sure how we get from spirit of air but hopefully we
4:36 pm
can figure it out after a couple of years of covid. how would you say we're all doing like spiritually emotionally psychologically you're tapped into that. well, i think that there are a couple of issues here on one hand. there's been tremendous isolation. there was tremendous economic tension and anxiety. obviously the issues of political of fear regarding our own health etc. these things were on full display and people experience them. but i also think that it through us into some reflection that probably is a nation we needed, you know when you have a lot of distraction you can get up and go go places do things you can kind of distract yourself from what are sometimes the most important issues in life and i think in a way that's been duration process in a way people are looking at things more deeply that doesn't mean it makes here because some of the things that we're all looking at are problems that are even deeper than perhaps we'd realized. yeah, i think that any situation though can invite us into a better place and the fact that we've been through some sadness.
4:37 pm
hardship is actually bringing us to a better place within ourselves interesting. i want to read one of your tweets because i was looking at your profile there and you tweeted politics is a psychological battle. the alt-right is pumped up on adrenaline corporate dems by their own sense of importance but a lot of left-wing progressives are exhausted frustrated angry and tell themselves politics is just useless. so who do you think wins that one? so is that meant to be a wake-up call to democrats? that's meant to be a wake-up call. i think to anyone whether we are on the left or the right who realizes this is not a time when you can sit this out, you know, this whole left verse is right thing is really not what's going on at the deepest level. what's really going on in the deepest level is a system. that is so embed with corporate dominance as opposed to the people of the united states the vast majority of people among the vast majority of people there is a kind of nihilism that has set in too many people are feeling exhausted feeling traumatized feeling. the use need a party is there
4:38 pm
for us we can't afford to go there surely the abolitionists had some bad days. surely the women suffrageous had some tough times surely the people in the civil rights movement were in despair and trauma much of the time but we have to look deeply at ancestors went through a difficult time and pull things out and that's what we have to do now. so absolutely it's a wake-up call to any progressive thinker but to any populist thinker regardless of left or right that we need to repair this. this is not the time to give up. this is the time for all of us to dig deep find those places within ourselves that can show up for the challenges of the times in which we live. that is a fantastic message. so glad that you joined us marianne williamson. thank you so much. enjoy the weekend the new living expo kicks off today runs through sunday, and you can learn a lot more by going to new living cash stuffing baby names and the very unrealistic expectations people about to graduate from tab about their first job.
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the 404 is next. out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs,
4:40 pm
like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. (footsteps) ♪ from the mountains to the coast, ♪ ♪ it's the state with the most. ♪ ♪ somos la crema de la crema ♪ ♪ con mucho sol todo el año, cuidado que te quemas ♪
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♪ stack that cheddar, make it melt. ♪ ♪ cook it up, stretch it out. ♪ ♪ we're breaking the mold. ♪ ♪ estado dorado. ♪ ♪ shining like gold. ♪ ♪ estado dorado. ♪ ♪ vive en el estado dorado live in the golden state ♪ it's time for the four at four. we have karina and we have sandia today. so you're surrounded larry. okay, i'm used to it here. let's begin with the budgeting phenomenon going viral on tiktok. the trend is called cash stuffing where so-called influencers encourage people to divide up their cash into different categories like bills savings and date night and stuffing them actually into
4:42 pm
different envelopes or binders groundbreaking. at this according to reports cash stuffing videos have received more than 376 million views. influencers claim is a smart way to help you manage money during these inflationary times this feels so super old school to me, right? yeah. what do you think? yeah. i think it is, but you know, what in a time like this, i think people do need to physically put money aside so that they have enough to pay for things like groceries and gas obviously those prices are going up and continue to remain high. yeah, but karina, that means you actually cash, like who can you know like i don't carry that i don't carry cash either, but i think they tell you to do that, you know start sin.ndpe gyo cuash actually have to taket pay for something and then when swiping a credit card you're paying more attention to what you're spending. but yeah, i don't have cash. for you tok they'reifve dnt wrs save money for me.
4:43 pm
it's going back through my last month all my credit card the charges and what did i spend? where did i overspend? to eat a little bit too much so it's whatever works for you. so it sounds like that is working for people. yeah, it's definitely old school, but this is one of my longstanding issues that drives me insane there's a long list of those actually but as you guys know they don't teach kids in grade school middle school. what a high school college. how to balance it check financial literacy problem how a mortgage works, they learn nothing about any of the stuff that you actually need to live a real life. i have to thank my dad for that because he actually taught me at 11:00 to write checks how to balance check. books, i mean i thought it was crazy, but i used to help him with business. do any of you still balance the checkbook by the way. i know people that actually do send it. i could see sandy at 11 writing writing. oh, yeah to sandia patel that will never see that one. oh my god. it's pretty smart.
4:44 pm
i get my abacus and i actually yes. all right new survey finds the next group of graduates have unrealistic expectations about their first job according to real estate which students expect to make six figures in reality. probably just going to be half of that journalism grads had the most unrealistic expectations overestimating their starting salaries by nearly 140 percent welcome to my life they were expecting to make 107,000 during their year, wow, i think a lot of people probably, you know coming out of college have expect. and especially if you come out of college and go right into a pandemic, they're likely not going to be realized but i deal we have intern. we all talk about how adulthood is not what they thought it was going to be kristen. right i mean i kind of industry. specific if you're going to journalism, definitely, you know don't expect that.
4:45 pm
i think i made $6 an hour in my first job, but i mean before fortunately that's what i expected, you know, so i kind of budgeted for that, you know, but yeah, i mean the thing is you are just enticed by the fact that you maybe you have friends who are in computer science and they are making this six figures and then you're just going oh, but you got to do what you love right? karina do what you love. yeah, and i remember getting my first job. it was part time. i was making nothing but i would have worked for free. i was so excited to have a job. so yeah, i think lowering your expectations and as long as do what you love i mean, yeah, it does matter. much you get paid but as long as you're going into that field, you're going to work your way up and you will eventually make more money if you're a hard worker. i believe that learn to code kids learn to code. yeah, math and science. yep. your turn. oh you want me to do this? okay. well, how's your name on it? man and extra six dollars an hour never know what you're
4:46 pm
gonna find at goodwill art collector laura laura young stumbled upon this bust. austin texas store in 2018. she reached out to some art experts and it turns out the piece was from ancient rome and once belonged to king ludwig the first oh, yeah, it's believed a texas soldier bought it brought it home after world war two it will be on display at a san antonio museum for a couple of weeks before being returned to germany. can you imagine it has anything like that ever happened to any of you nope? no, i never woke up and saw ludwig next to me. did not come out, right? it. oh, man. i need to sleep more. anyway, we're still talking about this. make any money off of it. she put it true. so that's the other crazy part. you know, she found this amazing artifact and then she got nothing out of it except for having a cool story to tell. i could just see the gas in the sports department going to make.
4:47 pm
it yeah, that's gonna be on a loop when i get upstairs brother most parents in the us weren't overly creative when it came to choosing a baby name last year the social security administration says liam and olivia remain the top names positions that they've held since 2017 and 2019 and respectively only one new name appeared in the top 10 of either list and that's theodore like the chipmunk which jump from 23rd to 10th the fastest rising names for boys are amiri ilium coulter ozzy and loyal. wow. i would have gone over five on that on the girls side raya renly angelique vida. i think a vita blue when i see that. but anyway, that's and emberlin. oh, larry, kristen, karina and sandia none of us made the top 10 i know which that that is an outrageous special we're
4:48 pm
special. yeah, especially special special. yeah, especially not that what which names of those do you guys like? even ryan is really nice. why is it right here is nice colter coulter or culture culture colter coulter culture ozzy loyal any of these? what were they again? i don't remember them. that's so unique. okay there. okay. alien coulter like ozzy osbourne. i can't hear you. yeah. is rhea? renly angelique vida and emblem for the girl's name like the girl's names can actually they're pretty they're better. angelique is pretty that is yeah. that yeah. yeah, that's good. no, larry. no sandy. i'm surprised about kristen and larry and kind of your name's pretty popular. yeah, karina would be a popular name. that's true. maybe now it will be you know, we're of a certain generation. i think when we were born those names were popular.
4:49 pm
yeah is ludwig up? no, no. i just got a good wig. yeah, i just fly right towards the sun. that's me. that's it. we'll be right back. thank you. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now. it senses your movements and automatically adjusts so you both stay comfortable all night. it's also temperature balancing so you stay cool. save $500 on the sleep number 360 c4 smart bed, queen now only $1,299. plus no interest until january 2025 ends monday. this is elodia. she's a recording artist.
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i want to beat cancer. i'm going to beat it. that's no doubt in my mind, i'm going to win this battle. [male narrator] defeating cancer will take all of us. at the v foundation v is for victory over cancer. v is for victory over the odds. v is for victory over giving up. don't give up. don't ever give up. [narrator] join our team to help saves lives. [narrator] 100 percent of donations fund game changing cancer research. donate now at v dot org. everything is bigger in texas. well apparently even dogs. this is zeus. whoa, he's a two year old two year old great dane and he just set the guinness world record for world's tallest living dog.
4:52 pm
zeus is three feet and five inches tall. but from that perspective, of course, he looks taller the tallest dog ever recorded was also a great dane named zeus. he stood three feet and 10 inches tall right there. he looks like godzilla right now if you see coming down in the city actually if he stands on his hind legs, he's seven five. so that's and that gives you kind of playing the doggy mba if we ought to start that yeah, it could be our league business concept. very good. now you just gave it away. yeah. already out kristen sandy's got the weather. that's right. larry kristen. let's take a look at live doppler seven. we have a lot of cloud cover little sprinkle activity drizzle not out of the question tonight as a system is passing through this weekend starting sunday going through middle of next week. we're going to see some in the sierra kyber's 14 inches donner 8 8 inches will take it. i know it's late. season tomorrow it's going to be mainly sunny windy 50s to 70s as you check out the accuweather 7-day forecast level one storm for mother's day chance
4:53 pm
continues on monday and possibly into tuesday. and then after that we'll dry. out larry and kristen will be right back after the break. (music throughout)
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4:55 pm
multiverse of madness is now in theaters the latest marvel movie had two premieres one in la earlier this week and one in new york last night entertainment reporter sandy. kenyon was there. what do you know about the multiverse give marble fans a movie called doctor strange and the multiverse of madness?
4:56 pm
as actually what to expect. the rest of us may be wondering what it a multiverse imagine that there is a reality dissimilar very similar. not at all similar to this one happening in parallel to this benedict cumberbatch appeared on live with kelly and ryan this week as part of a city blitz that brought him to a premiere on thursday night as doctor strange the star had a crucial role in the most recent spider-man movie which grossed almost two billion dollars and got credit for drawing people back to movie theaters again, i think this is a continuation of the and i think these are films that are made to be seen in an exhibition space in a cinema to have a communal experience. the new movie is a showcase for the talents of elizabeth olsen who is coming off the hit disney plus series 1 division and plays the same character. again, it was really amazing to
4:57 pm
get to play her now as this confident woman with this clarity and empowered by being this mythic woman the scarlet witch and i get a milk get a lot in this film. ever expect to have this kind of career. coming out of nyu. no, i thought i would be doing a lot more theater and occasional. pendant films it was in an independent film that olsen made a stunning debut martha, marcy may marlene showed her potential the kind of talent that very few possess talent that makes this marvel movie worth watching. i really hope this gets people into the theaters to have a good time and be entertained and be scared and go for a ride. i'm sandy kenyon. abc 7 news that looks fun. disney is the parent company of both marvel and abc 7 and that's
4:58 pm
gonna do it for now for abc 7 news at 4 abc 7 news at five with larry. and karina is coming up next.
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♪ ♪ [announcer] call now and get $3,000 off! news that breaking news is in the marin headlands where a small plane went down this afternoon. known two people were found dead at the crash site. this happened on a back country ridge north of councilman road national park rangers. they have blocked road access to that area. investigation continues the crash was not near any roads or trails, but this area is pretty popular with tourists and it's close to the vista points that look towards san francisco you could see that area is completely fogged in at this point and fog may have been a factor in the crash and you could see from our cameras on mount ham and the golden gate bridge visibility in the area severely affected although no word yet on an official cause of that crash as the investigation continues. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beale and i'm karina nova in the south bay. there are disturbing allegations surrounding


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