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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 6, 2022 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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police officer accused of sexual misconduct. >> a police goes down in the marin
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>> a small plane crash in marin county during thick fog left two people dead. >> in the south bay san jose police officer accused of sexual misconduct during a service call, the disturbing allegation and what could be changing within the police department. >> spring showers in the we can forecast i will let you know if they impact your mother's day plans. abc7news at 11:00 starts now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions this is abc 7 news. >> to people are dead after a plane crashed into a hillside in the marin headlands. it happened just after noon as the area was blanketed with fog. good evening. lary -- larry: it happened on conzelman road read on the
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golden gate national bridge recreational area. investigators say they have identified the victims but they are not releasing the names just yet we explain investigators will be on the scene, all we can trying to find out what went wrong. reporter: up on a hillside, right near the golden gate bridge in the middle of dense fog is where a single engine plane crashed friday afternoon. two people died on board, and an emergency beacon on the plane was activated. search-and-rescue cruise, from the marine sheriff county office headed up the hill to investigated. only for small periods of the day were we able to see the crash as the fog was densely thick. >> there's hardly a day that goes by that we cannot find some part on the coast or inland. reporter: he is a retired pilot who spent 40 years flying, he says it is rare to see crashes like this happen which is why he wants to wait and see what caused it. he is curious to see if the f.a.r. played a factor. >> a car can pull over on the
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side of the road and stop. if there's fog they have a big. . problem reporter: the agencies investigating are not sure if any of the planes systems malfunctioned. crashes like this are unfortunate because the planes are equipped with good technology. pilots of all labels -- levels undergo training. >> the problem is getting over the startled effect which can last three to five seconds, some people 10 seconds, 10 seconds you can go a long way. reporter: pilots have a chance to radio for help which is why he is curious to see where the plane -- of the plane had any issues with the navigation systems. officials will investigate throughout the weekend. larry: we sent this push alert out today on her abc 7 news bay area app when news cried -- of the crash came out. download the app in the app store. ama: for look at weather conditions and showers for the weekend.
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sandhya: just like it was during that crash, where there was a lot of fog, we have fog tonight. take a look at a live picture, golden gate bridge, just socked in visibility at half moon bay because of the heavy fog down to three miles. this is what we want to see, which is rain coming, light level 1 storm on live doppler 7, that is developing in the pacific and as we head towards mother's day, we get rain at 9:00 a.m. as we head into 11:00 a.m. and moves down towards the south bay, parts of the east bay and going into the early afternoon there is still some spotty showers. i will let you know how this will impact the rest of your mother's day plans, coming up. in just a few moments. larry: we will see you then. developing news in the south bay after a serious and disturbing allegation against a san jose police officer. that officer is being accused of performing a lewd sex act inside the home during a police service
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call. abc 7 news reporter amanda explains the chief's promising reform. reporter: disturbing new details about a san jose police officer accused of masturbating inside a family home while on duty. that is according to a bay area news group source. on friday, we spoke with retired superior court george -- judge who for five years served as independent police auditor for the city of san jose. >> i do not believe the police department is right with officers who are engaging in a misconduct. when officers engage in misconduct that draws public attention it takes the entire department. reporter: alleged misconduct keeping the agency under a microscope. only three days prior, sjpd confirmed another officer was being investigated, suspected of being drunk during the search late last month for kidnapped infant, brandon. police chief, anthony announcing
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he wants to make changes to the departments disciplinary process, including better transparency for the public what he believes termination is the only option. when asked about the allegation of masturbation, she told us in part, if true, any conduct similar to what has been alleged will result in termination as quickly as the system allows me to do so. it will also include criminal prosecution and decertification as a police officer. >> they can no longer be in law enforcement and they cannot just hop over from the san jose police department to another police department. reporter: the judge calling the chief's proposed reforms appropriate. >> chief martha -- mata has set the bar heart -- i and says there will be transparency. reporter: throwing support by the departments push for universal drug and alcohol testing for all officers. >> we know the community deserves better. our men and women deserve that
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are. reporter: if the allegations of sexual misconduct are proven to be true, then the officer has no place in law enforcement. he said the recent allegations are not reflective of the men and women who he believes a serve every day, with honor and integrity. there is also an investigation into the death of an officer who died of affectional overdose -- fentanyl overdose while on duty. >> these are isolated incidents albeit they happen in a short amount of time. ama: abortion rights activists are calling for demonstrations on mother's day to protest the leaked draft opinion that was strike down roe v. wade. several groups have called for actions outside of churches nationwide. in san jose a protest is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. outside city hall and in berkeley raging grannies and handmaids possession is said to start at the intersection of austin and mlk way. >> the vast majority of
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americans believe in the right to reproductive justice which includes abortion rights. the vast majority of american catholics also believe that and catholic women to practice birth control. ama: the berkeley group does not plan to disrupt church services. larry: covid-19 headlines, the latest cdc map is showing an increase in some bay area counties. hospitalizations remain low. masks are going back on for san jose city workers and city facilities, at least for the next two weeks. san jose spotlight says that decision was based on county data, as well as an abundance of caution. president biden has tested negative for covid-19 after attending last saturday's white house correspondents dinner. he was seated next to cbs chief george teets who tested positive. ama: the biden administration says it is preparing for 100 million americans to get infected with covid this coming fall and winter, if congress
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does not approve new funding for vaccines and tests. the fda is limiting who should get the johnson & johnson vaccine which has been linked to red blood clots. we asked the doctor about getting answers. >> we need to understand when you look at the fact that 18 million americans got the shot, it is pretty rare. about one to 2 million. even with the recommendation that people should get one of the mrna vaccines, if everyone got the j&j shot, they should not worry. ama: california release new coronavirus data today showing more than 22,000 cases since tuesday. larry: another setback for the beleaguered san francisco unified school district, a top administrator is leaving, heading for berkeley to be the new superintendent there. she was considered a rising star in the district, serving as deputy superintendent for deb -- instruction, she is one of the high five -- profile official to leave. turnover rates among teachers have remain the same.
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>> we have not seen an uptick in departures and separations, the retirements and resignations. we are watching carefully because as you know we are in the process of a layoff. larry: the district, facing declining enrollment and is now dealing with a $125 million budget deficit for next year. ama: new, california energy officials are warning the state may be at risk for blackouts this summer. they predict california will be short by about 1700 megabytes on the hottest days to power 1.3 million homes. the biggest challenge will be after sunset. officials are ordering utilities to buy batteries to soak up solar energy during the day. extreme weather driven by climate change is putting more stress on the energy grid. larry: traffic, getting into san francisco could be more challenging than usual tomorrow. giants game starts at 4:15. there is a pregame celebration
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for buster posey day. i 5:30 the warriors tip-off with memphis for game three. they will take extra time, take public transit. do whatever you can do to get yourself out of traffic and a possible good luck. ama: a manhunt underway for a corrections officer on the run together. the new clue tonight. larry: coldplay is going green. the bands effort to reduce carbon emissions. fans can participate when the group comes back to the bay area. ama: florida is doing big business for mother's day, we had to the california flower mall. larry: a look at what is coming up, jimmy kimmel live, with guest host mike. >> watch me anyway. >> can you just, my masseuses here, have to run and grab it. >> you have covid.
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ama: developing news in the nationwide search for a corrections officer in an escaped murder suspect from alabama. they have located the getaway vehicle in tennessee and orange 2007 ford suv was found on a country road in tennessee. authorities say the couple are likely in a relationship. the sheriff ascending a warning to the corrections officer saying she can be in real danger. >> you know we are going to find you, hopefully we find you safe. if you are safe now, get out while you can. turn yourself in to local authorities wherever you are at. ama: investigators say the woman
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planned the escape under several aliases, withdrawing $100,000 in crash. will attends have been released at the inmates unique tattoos and simulations of the woman if she died her hair. larry: a federal judge in san francisco has stone out donald trump's lawsuit against twitter and its former ceo jack dorsey. trump sued last year after twitter had banned him for life. the ex-president argued the company violated his right to free speech. judge james noted that twitter is a private company not bound by the first amendment, in spite of a lawsuit, trump said he would not return to twitter even if he could. ama: helping the environment is a key part of building a better bay area. british rock band coldplay is helping. the band created an app with sap to get fans to think about their carbon footprint, how they travel to and from their concert next weekend. the band is offering a discount of fans if they reduce their carbon footprint by taking
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public transportation to levi's stadium. the app contains a carbon calculator. it will plant one tree for every ticket sold. it plans to prepare for a spike in ridership. >> they can get off and go to the concert, get back on and go home. it is an easy ride. $2.50, one way. so it is cheap, easy and sustainable. ama: the app has been downloaded more than 10,000 times on google play. larry: the season of american idol is down to its top seven. the three judges who have been with them every step of the way are there. here's george pennacchio with katie lionel and luke's thoughts, plus some of the singers excitement. >> what they survive at this point, we would not want to go through this. this is like having the bee gees on stage and james brown comes on before you, give me a break. reporter: the american idol judges have watched as the
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competition have gone from thousands of hopefuls, to now to seven. judge katy perry's favorite from last week and hunter girl. >> i think hunter girl was -- it was her best night. if you keep that consistency she is going to win this thing. ♪ >> i felt like hunter girl from day one, has been a radio gold. she is just, her voice is perfect for the radio. and the beautiful of noah is the innocence. she was literally learning who he is in front of america. which is so endearing. intriguing. ♪ >> it's hard to believe. i am still in awe, over all of this. top seven, i do not know.
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i was amazed when i made top 24. this is just, it's been a ride. i love everybody. >> it's like we got dropped off at summer camp and i'm having a great time. i never found people so much like me. with music, and loving it so much and chasing after that dream. >> there's cool stuff coming for this next round. i am really excited for it. i'm not going to say too much about it. reporter: each singer performs twice on sunday and they will take on viral hits made popular on tiktok and since sunday is mother's day, they will have a song dedicated to their mothers or their mother figures in their lives. by the end of sunday evening, two of those top seven go home. in los angeles, george pennacchio, abc 7 news. larry: you can watch them perform on sunday night right here on abc 7. you can watch it at 5:00 p.m. and again at 8:00 at night. we are heading into mother's day
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-- let me be the first to say happy mother's day to to you. you said earlier today, bring flowers? gifts and umbrellas? sandhya: and the chocolates. larry: chocolates or umbrellas. sandhya: umbrellas number jackets, all of the above. ama: that sounds perfect. sandhya: let's talk about the mother's day forecast. as we take a look at sunday morning, 7:00 a.m., getting choked up talking about what is coming, sunny areas, 40's and 50's. level 1 storm coming in late morning. that is going to bring scattered showers to the area. it is going to be cooler and windier, but not to worry, it is not going to be a washout if you do have outdoor plans with your mom. live doppler 7 showing the system developing. this is going to head in our direction and as it does we are going to notice the wet weather developing on sunday.
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what it is all about is the fog on live doppler 7. temperatures are really being held up, 50's, 60's, because of the clouds and the moist air. look at these tower cams, all of them showing some level of fog across the region. here's a view from our emeryville camera. this is what you will face tomorrow morning, if you have early plans of visibility really. is poor he could barely see the traffic moving. be careful from our camera looking from point tower. foggy, drizzly with poor visibility. writer and windier tomorrow afternoon and it will be gusty or and wendy for mother's day. morning temperatures will be in the 40's, 50's cloud and fog to start the day. it brightens up for the afternoon. upper 50's to mid 70's but it is going to be windy, compared to what it was like today. it was breezy and that was it. here are the shower sunday morning 9:00 a.m.. snow showers around lake county, they will be dropping.
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11:00 a.m. d showers are in the east bay across the peninsula and really for the early part of the evening hours, may be-ish isolated showers. rainfall totals will range anywhere from no measurable rain to seven hundredths at clearlake. the winds are ramping up over 40 miles an hour tomorrow evening along the coast, even inland areas will be breezy to wendy on sunday afternoon. 25 to 30 miles an hour, close to 40 at times. in the sierra nevada we are going to get late-season snow and it will be welcome. eight inches, 14 inches at kuipers. this is taking too early to middle part next week. the seven-day forecast, morning fog, dusty day, a level 1 storm for mother's day, windy and showers around. chance of showers isolated thunder on monday. the chance lingers on tuesday, after that we are going to go dry and warmer by friday. we are talking back to
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springlike 80's again. larry: thank you. ama:
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ama: mother's day is sunday and people are rushing to the flower mall in downtown los angeles. residents traveled overnight to beat the crowds, consumers noticed something different,
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prices have increased since valentine's day. >> inflation, you cannot avoid it, logistics, labor, supply disruptions the cost is been more expensive. it just trickled into the price of the product. ama: mom is worth it though, right? flowers are flown in from central america ahead of mother's day. even with the price increases, the california flower mall is the cheapest ways to buy flowers. larry: chris alvarez is handling sports we got baseball to talk about and the warriors are preparing for the grizzlies in game three of their playoff series. chris: coming up in sports the warriors are fired up to resume their series with the grizzlies you will see it here on abc 7 and a giant debut, find out why shaun jolly's debut was a
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>> abc 7 sport sponsored by river rock casino. >> so far so good for the warriors of the dubs are a perfect three and oh at the chase center is the scene sift -- shifts to the bay. draymond green's eyes still swollen after taking an elbow in memphis. series tie with the pivotal game saturday night. there shooting will come around. gary payton the second out for the rest of the season with the elbow injury. emotions are running high. >> you want every bit of emotions you can. have in the playoff series. somebody wants to smoke you out, you have to smoke or you lose. putting emotions aside are not letting them get the best of you, if your emotions get the best of you they should, it is the playoffs you are playing for all of the marbles. your emotion should get the best of you. >> abc 7 is the place to be
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saturday night, coverage begins at 5:00, tip-off just after 5:30. chris paul's 32nd birthday, the sounds looking for a lead against dallas. luka doncic misses the shot. rebound, hoop in the file. dallas at seven. 26 mr. turnbull double -- by one assist. he would finish with 28 on game three mavs when. giants and cardinals, happy 91st birthday, willie mays. bottom five, giants down 2-0, darren is the shift, to run single ties again. sean makes his major league rebuke, one of the tallest players, a perfect seven to strike out there, his wife clapping in turn on. on the basis but luis gonzalez grounds into the double play to end it. cardinals win 3-2, giants have
11:31 pm
lost five straight. right field will making the trip to minnesota to see oakland and the six-game slide top of the night he is down to-one. seth brown a little dribbler. josé makes a nice play, to down. jack with a chance, the former a, familial gun -- a mill yield per gun -- emilio pagan.
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>> join abc 7 for the virtual professional businesswomen conference, here from mindy kaling, rita moreno and more.
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ama: thank you so much for watching tonight. larry: come on jimmy kimmel, mike mayers. have a good night and have a grea >> mike: just got out of my southwest airlines flight. long beach airport, california. i found out that i'm hosting "jimmy kimmel live." he has covid. so yeah, that's one of the promotions they're running at southwest right now, check that out. >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" with guest host, mike birbiglia! tonight, mike myers, iliza slesinger, guillermo with the cast of "doctor strange in the multiverse of madness," and music from the black crowes. with cleto and the cletones. and now, mike birbiglia! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> mike: yo, yo, yo! hey, guillermo. hey, thanks so much. hey!


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