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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 7, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> new details about the investigation into a san jose police officer accused of sexual misconduct. and a plane goes down, killing two people. abc 7 news begins in 60 seconds. good morning, everybody. it is saturday, may seventh. i am liz kreutz. we are going to start with a quick look at the weather. we are talking about the fog. it will be a chilly mother's day as well, lisa. lisa: we are looking up partly to mostly cloudy skies. a cold front continues to work through the bay area. we have a couple of days where it will be unseasonably cold. the risk of showers and a
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thunderstorm exists. 55 in nevada. the winds are breezy. two to six degrees cooler this morning. there is a look at the golden gate bridge, where fog is not much of an issue. we are looking got gusty winds today, despite the sunshine. highs will be mainly in the 60's for everyone. 50's at the coast. later on today, maybe some in lynn. it will be breezy to windy. well below average. we will bring in the chance of showers. liz: two people are dead after a plane crashed into a hillside in the marin headlands. this happened as the area was blank it with fog. the crash happened on a back country ridge. this is at the golden gate national recreation area. there were no survivors. investigators say they have identified the victims but are not releasing the names.
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ryan curry explains that investigators have -- will be there all weekend, trying to >> find out what went wrong. >>-- liz: to find out what went wrong. >> two people died and the emergency beacon for the plane was activated. search and rescue crews strapped on gear and headed up the hillside to investigate, only for small periods of the day were we actually able to see the crash. the fog was dense and thick. coal mock spent 40 years flying. he said it is rare to see crashes like this which is why he wants to see what caused it. he is curious if the fog played a factor. >> a car can pull over to
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the side of the road and stopped. an airplane has a big problem. >> investigator's have not said if the system malfunction. he says crashes are unfortunate because planes are usually equipped with good technology. pilots of all levels undergo significant training. >> the problem is getting over the startle effect, which can last three to five seconds and for some people, 10 seconds. in 10 seconds, you can go a long way. >> pilots have a chance to radio for help, which is why mock is curious. officials will continue investing it in throughout the weekend. in marin, ryan curry, abc 7 news. liz: we sent this push alert when news of the plane crash first broke. if you want alerts like this in the future, you can download the app in the app store. developing news in the south bay after a serious and disturbing allegation against a san jose police officer. the officer is being accused of performing a lewd sex act.
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abc 7 reporter amanda is explaining the chief is promising reforms. >> disturbing new details about a san jose police officer accused of masturbating inside a families home while on duty. we spoke with the judge who, for five years, served as independent police auditor for the city of san jose. >> i don't believe the san jose police department is rife with officers engaging in misconduct. the problem is when officers engage in misconduct that draws so much public attention, it taints the entire department. >> alleged misconduct, keeping the agencies under a microscope. only three days prior, as gpd confirmed another -- sj pd confirmed another investigator -- officer was being investigated. police chief anthony mata
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announcing friday that he wants to make changes to the department's disciplinary process. including better transparency for the public when he believes termination is the only option. when asked about the allegation of masturbation, he told abc 7 news, if true, and conduct similar to what has been alleged will result in termination as quickly as the system allows me to do so. it will include criminal prosecution and decertification as a police officer. >> they could no longer be in law enforcement and could not just hop over from the san jose police department to another police department. >> judge cordell calling the chiefs reforms appropriate. >> he has said he set the bar high and says there will be transparency, as much as the law will allow. >> -- for all officers. >> we know the community deserves better. our men and women deserve better. >> sean prichard, with the san
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jose police officers association echoing if the allegations of sexual misconduct are proven to be true, the officer has no place in law enforcement. he says recent allegations are not reflective of the men and women who he believes serve every day with honor and integrity. there is also an investigation into the death of officer daesch on packer -- dejon packer. >> these are isolated incidents, albeit they happened in a short amount of time. liz: it has been just days since a draft of the u.s. supreme court majority opinion leaked, showing justices are poised to overturn roe v. wade. california's attorney general spoke out against that decision. >> hell no to going backwards. hell no to reversing 50 years of settled law. hell no to stripping women of
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their right to reproductive freedom. liz: governor gavin newsom and legislative leaders have said they will seek voter approval to make abortions a constitutional right in california. abortion rights activists are calling for demonstrations on mother's day to protest the leaked supreme court draft opinion that would strike down roe v. wade. several groups have called for actions outside of churches across the country. in san jose, a protest is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. outside of city hall. a handmade procession is set to start at the intersection of alston and mlk way at 2:00. >> the vast majority of americans believe in the right to reproductive justice, which includes abortion rights. the vast majority of american catholics believe the majority of american catholic women practice birth control. liz: the latest cdc map is showing an increase in covid
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cases in bay area counties. hospitalizations remain low. masks are going back on for san jose city workers for the next two weeks. san jose spotlight says the decision was based on county data and an abundance of caution. president biden tested negative for covid after attending last saturday's white house correspondents dinner. he was seated next to george cheeks who tested positive yesterday. the biden administration is preparing for as many as 100 million americans to get infected with covid this coming fall and winter if congress does not approve funding for new vaccine and tests. the fda is limiting who can get the johnson & johnson vaccine. >> there are some deaths. when you look at the fact 18 million americans got the shot, it is rare. it is one to two per million.
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the recommendation is people should get one of the mrna vaccines. if anybody out there got the j&j shock, they should not worry. liz: california released new coronavirus data that shows more than 22,000 new cases have been reported since tuesday. another setback for the san francisco unified school district. a top administrator is leaving, heading to berkeley to be the superintendent there. they were considered a rising star, and she is the latest high-profile official to leave. the district says turnover rates among teachers have remained the same. >> we have not seen an uptick in departures and separations through retirements and resignations. we are watching carefully. we are also in the process of a layoff. liz: the district, like many others in the bay area, is seeing declining enrollment and is dealing with a $125 million budget deficit for next year. lisa, let's get a check outside.
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lisa: a live look outside from emeryville, where it is 55 degrees. highs today, not only cooler than average but cooler than yesterday. mid-60's, a lot of sunshine for your saturday. but, more changes. some you might not expect for mother's day. we will talk about it, next. liz: also ahead, the nationwide manhunt underway for an inmate and corrections officer believed to be on the run together. a new clue in the case. coldplay is going green. the bands effort to reduce carbon emissions and how fans can participate when the group comes to the bay area next week. announcer: join abc 7 for the professional businesswomen of california conference on may 10 and 11th. therefrom -- hear fro
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♪ ♪ whether someone is across the neighborhood, across the street, or across the room, you have the power to make them feel right at home. ♪ ♪ ritz. a taste of welcome. liz: here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. we are tracking a chillier weekend this mother's day
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weekend. we will check in with lisa when we get back. the melting news in the nationwide search for a corrections officer and escaped murder suspect from alabama. investigators are believed to have located the getaway vehicle in tennessee, in orange, florida. it was found in a wooded area off a country were -- country road where the parent likely had car trouble. officials say the two are likely in a relationship. she could be in real danger. >> you know we are going to find you. hopefully we find you safe. if you are safe right now, get out while you can. and turn yourself in to the local authorities wherever you are. liz: investigators say the woman planned the escape under several aliases, withdrawing nearly $100,000 in cash. bulletins have been released of the inmates unique tattoos and simulations of the woman if she died her hair.
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a federal judge in san francisco has thrown out donald's lawsuit against porter and jack dorsey. -- donald trump's lawsuit against twitter and jack dorsey. he argued the company violated his right to free speech. james did not are noted twitter is a private company and is not bound -- james donato noted that twitter is a private company and is not bound to the first to mimic. california state officials are warning the state might be at risk for blackouts. they will be short by 100 -- 1700 megawatts on the hottest days. that would be enough to power 1.3 million homes. the biggest challenge will be after sunset, when solar production drops off. officials are ordering batteries to soak up solar energy during the day. climate change is putting more stress on the energy grid. helping the environment is a key part of building a better bay area. a british rock band, coldplay,
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is now helping. the band created an app with sap to get fans to think about their carbon footprint, how they travel to and from their concert. the band is offering a discount to fans who reduce their carbon footprint by taking public transportation. the app contains a carbon calculator. coldplay says it will land a tree for each ticket sold. >> there is a station right in front of levi's stadium where they can get off, go to the concert, get back on and get home. it is an easy ride. $2.50. it is cheap, easy and sustainable. liz: the app has been downloaded more than 10,000 times on google play. traffic getting into san francisco, it could be more challenging than usual this afternoon. there is a giants game that starts at 4:15 at oracle park and a pregame celebration for buster posey day.
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at 5:30, the warriors tip-off with memphis at the chase center for game three of their playoff series. what does that mean for you? take extra time, take public transit, do whatever you want to take yourself out of what could be a big traffic mess in that part of the city. lisa, let's get a check of the forecast. a lot going on today and this weekend. lisa: you will have to bring the jacket. welcome back. we missed you. it will be cool, not only today but even cooler tomorrow as we get a little more sunshine today. both days, very gusty winds. we are going to see some unusual weather as we get into the beginning of the work week as well. this system will linger. a series of systems. here is a look at doppler seven, where we have aave a dry cold ft working through the bay area. as a result, temperatures are fairly uniform right now. we are looking at 53 in dublin. 54 in concord. 55 in nevada. 52 in pacifica.
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a little patchy fog. things will change as these clouds gets cowered out. will see windy conditions. two to six degrees colder this morning. that is compliments of the cold front. as we look outside, clouds from our exploratorium camera. partly to mostly cloudy this morning. a bright and windy afternoon. we are still more gusty tomorrow with a chance of showers for those of you celebrating mother's day. here is a look at the cloud forecast throughout the day, known as a lack of cloud cover. sunny. still clear. as we get into tomorrow, a cold front allowing for some showers. as we stop this at 11:30, still a possibility in the south bay. we are looking at colder air moving in behind it. to the north, perhaps mount saint, snow level up to 3000 feet could see a few flakes. much colder air driven in by the system. snow in the sierra and winds
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pick up. 8:00 today, by the afternoon at 5:00, look at the winds. all across the bay area, 25 to 35 miles per hour. then they dial back just a little bit. still breeze through tomorrow boarded. sunday, -- tomorrow morning. sunday, we have winds even stronger. we could have a thunderstorm into monday. for sunday into the afternoon and evening hours, the system could drop anywhere from one 100th to 61 hundredths of an inch. it is level 1. we have the winds, cloudy skies and a chance of showers all for your sunday. we are looking at the cold air lingering. highs for sunday in the 50's to 60's. the upper level low and the cold air moves in, even colder. a chance of thunderstorms monday into tuesday. not much warming at all.
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we will have to wait until the end of the week into the weekend. pretty unusual for may. only in the upper 50's with very windy conditions along the coast. san francisco, 62. bright skies. cool for the cardinals and giants today at four :00. only near 60. mid-60's in fremont with low 70's in concord. check that out. mountain snow sunday with four to five inches. the accuweather 7 day forecast, morning drizzle in some parts of the coast. we are windy with level 1 systems sunday and monday. it will take all week to warm up. liz: let's talk about mother's day. whether you are a mother or mother figure, it is that time of year where we celebrate you and all you do for your family. it is also important to focus on yourself. mandy gaither has ways to do that just in time for the holiday. >> she is often taking care of everyone else before even
5:20 am
thinking of herself. moms need help staying healthy too. >> cardiologist patients will come in for chest pain, palpitations and shortness of breath. then you realize there is something else going on. >> dr. susan chang is a cardiologist and often sees the stress moms can put on their bodies. she says it can weigh on their health and force underlying health conditions. >> the constant stress, the constant surge of stress hormones has definitely taken a toll on the heartbreak -- heart rate connection. >> part of staying healthy is recognizing the stress, asking for help from family member's and accepting it. she says you have to help yourself, get enough sleep and prioritize personal time. don't feel guilty for taking it. >> please try to put this on your daily calendar. schedule it like it is important. don't let anything get in the way. >> that time can include exercise, meditation or just sitting in silence.
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chang says this mother's day and always, it is important to take a break. i am mandy gaither. liz: just ahead, business is booming on mother's day. we had to the california flower mall, already -- ♪ ♪ this is awesome for any type of plant, especially for a beginning gardener. [ barks ] - yeah? i think he likes them. create a season full of celebration. your happiest spring starts at lowe's.
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liz: mother's day is tomorrow and people are rushing to the caliphate when -- california flower mall. consumers noticed something different. prices have increased since valentine's day. >> inflation, you can't avoid it. logistics, labor, supply disruptions, the cost of getting products here is more expensive. it just trickled into the price of the product. liz: flowers are flown in on jets from central and south america to arrive ahead of mother's day. florists say even with the price increases, the california flower mall is one of the cheapest
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laces to buy flowers. mortgage interest rates are going up there are moves you can make to bring your personal mortgage interest rate down. it is not a one-size-fits-all situation. comparing rates and looking for different lenders is part of the process. michael finney shows us how things stack up. >> if you have ever shopped for a home, you have, in all likelihood, shopped for a mortgage too. ras hit seams one headline. the next one declares rates have dropped. the headlines are just a guide to mortgage rates and have little to do with the rates you will pay. pulling through the information is tough. especially for first-time homeowners like charlie and katie henderson. >> it was crazy of the number flood -- numbers fluctuated. you are paying more fees, i did not know what these fees were.
5:25 am
>> like most of us, look at these rates and fees. that is just the start of things. solidify mortgage officer, joseph rivera. >> every interest rate a homebuyer ends up with is pretty much custom-made or tailored to their specific situation. >> when you read a mortgage rate, that is an average or median rate. it is likely not what you will pay. >> the lender will evaluate what they consider the perceived risk. the higher the risk, the higher the interest rate and the higher the cost will be to the owner. >> that is something you can work with. you can actually control it a little. there is how you can beat down the mortgage interest rate you will pay. a good credit score lowers your mortgage rate. so does a smaller loan amount. a big down payment can drop the
5:26 am
interest you will pay. your debt to income ratio, how much you owe versus how much you own is very important. often, buying a single-family home over a condo will drop your interest rate. you can't control what the federal reserve or major banks do. you can control why and how you buy. each small tweak to your position potentially knocking down your interest rate 1/8 of a point. 1/8 of a point here and 1/8 of a point there can really add up to significant savings. >> it all depends. in general, your concept is correct. all those things you can do to reduce the risk to the lender will be rewarded in the pricing. liz: that was michael finney reporting. for 7 on your side. he mentions if you can work the situation and drop your interest rate by one half, maybe even 1% over 30 years, that turns out to
5:27 am
be some real money. the important thing, get together with a good loan officer and go over all of these tweaks. good advice. still to come on abc seven mornings, renters protected from eviction have -- landlords to sue alameda county. details on the growing scandal at sonoma
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recommended by dental professionals. philips sonicare makes it easy for you to always get brushing right. philips. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. liz: morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. let's start with another look at the weather with lisa arjun. -- lisa argen. lisa: fog south of san francisco. otherwise, winds kick up. we will see sunny skies. to start out, we are mostly cloudy to partly cloudy with 38 degree temperatures on top of mount diablo.
5:30 am
winds are gusting over 40 miles per hour. a little bit of patchy fog. a system will bring the temperatures down throughout the afternoon. look at how cool it is already. five to six degrees cooler for san francisco and our inland valleys. 10:00, look at the winds. they don't look too fast. as we get through the afternoon, it gets faster and gusty. temperatures will be held into the 60's for many of us. only the 50's at the coast. you have to be well inland to make it to near 70. we will add a chance of rain for tomorrow. liz: now to one of our top stories, the frustrations of landlords has led to a lawsuit. we first showed you this on abc seven. multiple small property owners are suing alameda county. they say the covid eviction moratorium infringes on their constitutional rights and violate state law. luz pena reports. >> on april 7, we met were cash and trinity -- rakesh and
5:31 am
jane. they were owed over $100,000 in rent. >> we are forced by the county to keep a criminal in our home. >> almost a month later and they, along with four other small property owners are suing alameda county. >> there are people who have taken advantage of the situation. the city is not -- the county is not willing. luz: trinity wants to hold the county accountable for not only her case but all the other small property owners who contacted them after our story aired. many telling them they feel trapped by the county. >> after my story was aired on abc 7 news by you, there are many who contacted me.
5:32 am
when the county has no money to pay the landlords, i don't think they should expect landlords to pay for other families. luz: the california apartment association filed a lawsuit in federal court, challenging alameda county's moratorium as illegal. >> it will stay in effect as long as there is a public health emergency in the county. we have no idea when that declaration may come to an end. that moratorium stays in effect until 60 days after. luz: they seek to change the moratorium. >> if you look at the totals of the unpaid rent that is do to these five owners today, it is a little over $200,000, i believe. that is just a starting point. luz: alameda county's board of supervisors has the power to
5:33 am
revisit the moratorium. they contacted all of the members and some refused to speak on camera. others did not respond. as for trinity, she hopes now they listen. >> they were not replying to me before but now they will have to. liz: that was luz pena reporting. the county has 21 days to respond. there is a possibility more landlords could be added to the lawsuit. as bloody battles continue to unfold in eastern ukraine, president biden is sending another $150 million in military equipment there. the pentagon is clarifying the role of u.s. intelligence in the war. the new york times reported about a classified effort to provide real-time battlefield intelligence that helped ukraine kill several russian generals. the spokesman says the u.s. does not provide intelligence on russian generals. >> we provide them what we believe to be relevant and timely information about russian units that will allow them to
5:34 am
adjust and execute their self-defense. liz: first lady jill biden was in the region. she thanked u.s. troops in romania for serving as a check against russian aggression. that base is 60 miles from the border with ukraine. the death toll from a hotel explosion in havana, cuba, keeps rising. authorities now say 22 people were killed and 64 others were injured. a pregnant woman and child are among the dead. officials said the explosion happened when a truck was supplying the saratoga hotel with liquefied gas. the blast blew up several floors of the building. there were no tourists as it was being prepared for next week's reopening. the luxury hotel has hosted four dignitaries and celeb it is, including madonna and beyonce. -- celebrities including madonna and beyonce. teachers at sonoma state took a no-confidence vote against university president judy so cocky.
5:35 am
-- judy sakaki. the vote involves a sexual harassment and battalion -- retaliation scandal involving her husband. >> a scandal making headlines at sonoma state university. seems everyone has an opinion. >> i feel like she could have handled things a little better. >> what is your take on this? >> it is a big distraction. she should have resigned already. >> she is university president dr. judy sakaki. embroiled in a scandal involving a six-figure settlement paid to someone who faced retaliation after reporting alleged sexual harassment on the president's husband. the story was reported by the press democrat. >> i haven't decided yet. >> professor anastasia along with hundreds of sonoma state faculty members began voting friday on a resolution declaring no-confidence in her leadership. >> i am comfortable in -- i'm
5:36 am
not comfortable with ousting someone because of what her husband did but there is more going on. >> it's embarrassing as hell. do i want to spend my time with this? no. >> she believes the handling of her husbands harassment claims are only part of the issue. budget deficits are looming. some say it is too soon to call for her resignation. >> i don't think her going is going to make things better. in terms of what is best for the institution, i think the last thing we need is change. >> she needs to do what she needs to do and we as faculty need to do and vote for what is best for our university. >> the scandal has been a major distraction for the university on campus with graduation only a few weeks away. >> it definitely is a distraction. everyone is thinking about the scandal happening. people should be happy about graduating and stuff. >> dr. sakaki declined an
5:37 am
interview request. in the past, she said she and her husband have done nothing wrong. liz: still ahead on abc seven mornings, mental health awareness month, this may. we will talk about changes coming to the suicide prevention hotline. here is a live look outside this morning. the time is 5:37. we will check in with you're a champion. you're not a quitter. quitters don't do what they're supposed to. champions do. and you're a star. and you shine. that's what you do. that's what you do every day. [inspirational music] under district attorney gascón,
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i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. want more restful sleep? nature's bounty gives you more with sleep3. the first ever triple action sleep supplement with 3 unique nighttime benefits to help you get a great night's sleep and wake feeling refreshed. live bountifully. nature's bounty. everyone's a multitasker these days. and wake feeling refreshed. and with supersonic wifi from xfinity, your internet can multitask too. it's got gig speeds to the most homes... advanced security that blocks billions of cyber threats. and enough power for a house full of devices. plus when you get xfinity internet and mobile together,
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you can save hundreds off your wireless bill compared to t-mobile. it's for you. get xfinity gigabit internet for $49.99 a month for 12 months when you add xfinity mobile. switch today. liz: from 10 members to three. the national suicide prevention number is will -- is going to be easier to remember. it will beat 988. it is similar to how people call 911. in 2020, u.s. federal communications commission's leaders voted to finalize 988 as
5:40 am
the number. 988 will be the call -- code for suicide prevention and mental health crisis calls on july 6. may is mental health awareness month. it is important to recognize the struggles we all faced the past few years, especially kids. dustin dorsey explains how prominent victor -- figures are coming together. >> young or old, rich or poor, everyone faces struggles in regards to mental health sometimes. over the past few years, we have been through a lot, especially kids. it has left parents feeling helpless at times. >> the severity of childhood mental health conditions have already been escalating on social media. the combination of that with the pandemic has made this a lethal combination. watching your kids go through any difficulties are hard on the parents. our job as parents are to keep our kids safe and loved. dustin: sometimes the best way
5:41 am
to love someone struggling mentally is awareness. every may, experts use mental health awareness month to share the message it's ok to not be ok. >> kids with anxiety or attentional disorders get better with treatment. there is commonly so much stigma that adults might wait years from the time they know something could be going on with their child to the time they seek help. dustin: the child mind institute is trying to end that stigma. >> i am pink and i am proud to join the child mind institute for their dare to share campaign. dustin: prominent names highlight their own connection to mental health. awareness is not just about knowledge. it is about inspiring change. >> it does get better and there are beautiful moments waiting for you. there are beautiful people waiting to love you and one of those people is yourself. >> you don't just want people to
5:42 am
be thinking about it. we want people to engage. think if they watch these videos , what can i do with a person in my like to check in on them or ask them how they are doing our ask if i can help them find the help they need. dustin: if we do that, we can all make our community a better shape -- place. we have a link at liz: lisa, let's get a check outside. lisa: it will be cool today. what you are looking at here, this was sutra. there was fog out there for sure. winds will be anywhere from 30 to 40 miles per hour along the headlands. we have chilly air moving in for mother's day. a chance of sprinkles for good measure. we will talk about it, coming a giant debut. chris alvarez says why shaun we gotta see this selection for ourselves. tile, wood, stone, laminate and vinyl.
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started on friday, yesterday. with that in mind, crocs is giving away free footwear to celebrate. crocs will be giving away 10,000 pairs of its iconic shoes. the company said it has donated nearly one million pairs of shoes to health care workers since the beginning of the pandemic. the extension of the free pair for health care program is open to all medical professionals. to find out more about the give way, you can go to in sports, both the giants and the a's will try to snap long losing streaks today. the athletics have lost seven games in a row. oakland takes on the minnesota twins at target field at 11:10 this morning. the giants, who have lost five straight, will face the cardinals on buster posey day. the first pitch is at 4:15 at oracle park. less than one mile away from there, the warriors and memphis grizzlies will square off for game three of that series. if you are not going to the
5:46 am
game, you can watch here on abc seven. coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. here is chris alvarez with a preview. good morning, so far sd for the warriors. they arch -- they are 3-0 at the chase center. you see draymond green's i is swollen after taking an elbow on tuesday in memphis. chris: the warriors are competent there shooting will come around. with gary payton the second out for the rest of the series with an elbow injury, emotions are high. >> you want every bit of emotion you can have in a playoff series. somebody wants smoke, you have to want smoke or you lose. nothing about putting our emotions aside, if the emotions get the best of you, they should. it's the playoffs, your emotions should get the best of you and you adjust from there. >> abc 7 is the place to be. coverage begins at 5:00. tipoff is after 5:30.
5:47 am
chris paul's 37th birthday on friday. sons trying for a three-zero lead. luka doncic follows his own miss and grabs the rebound, hoop, foul and fired up. dallas of seven at the half. he missed a triple-double by one assist. jalen brunson had 22 points in the first two games combined. finished with the eight in game three. phoenix hold a 2-1 series lead. giants and cardinals, 91st birthday for willie mays. not a harris in the stands. darin ruf beats the shift. we are tied. shaun jolly, making his major league debut. one of the tallest players in mlb history. his wife, clapping for him. st. louis took the lead in the ninth. the tying run and luis gonzalez grounds out into a double play to end it. the giants have lost five
5:48 am
straight. top of the seventh, vase down 2-1. bases loaded, one out. -- a's down 2-1. bases loaded, one out. emil p on -- pagan gets a strike out to win it. the a's have lost seven straight. stay with us for the warriors in grizzlies, game three on abc seven. liz: it is a busy day and tomorrow is a busy day. maybe even some rain on this mother's day. lisa: a cold streak or colder than average temperatures will last through early this week or maybe even the middle of next week. you are going to have to dig out an extra blanket or a jacket as we look at live doppler 7. just some clouds right now. temperatures look fairly comfortable, right? low to mid 50's. that is cooler than what we have been and this trend will
5:49 am
continue and the winds will kick up through the afternoon. three to five degrees colder from oakland to san francisco. look at livermore, five to six degrees colder. this is a shot outside our window with the cloud cover. partly to mostly cloudy this morning. bright and windy this afternoon. the winds will scour out the cloud deck. some areas on the coast could see winds in excess of 45 miles per hour. the winds continue into sunday, mother's day, even a chance of showers as we are looking up a second half of the weekend. here we go with cloud cover. as we get through the overnight hours, here comes that system into early sunday. there is not much of it. you can see in the south bay by the late morning hours. that colder air with some sun initiates those cumulus clouds around mount st. helena, perhaps
5:50 am
mount tam. perhaps as we get into monday, we could see thunderstorms. this is the rest of sunday. here is a look at the winds throughout the day. breezy to windy to gusty at the coast. this is 5:00 this afternoon. look how fast they are moving out of the northwest. they will lighten up a bit through the overnight hours. we are still breezy this time tomorrow. as we get into tuesday, 3:00, 4:00, the gusts are with us throughout the bay. 30, maybe 40 miles per hour. we are looking at temperatures as must -- much as 15 degrees below average. did i mention the chance of showers? this comes throughout the day on sunday. by the late evening hours, we could see a couple hundreds out there. this moves into the mountains. sierra, nevada will see some shower activity or snow showers. 66 in fremont. that seems comfortable. it will feel chilly out there.
5:51 am
68 in santa rosa. four to five inches of snow through sunday night in the sierra nevada. a level 1 system arrives tomorrow into monday. maybe even a thunderstorm. a chance lingers into tuesday. those temperatures will come up. it will take a while to see numbers near average again. liz: this season of american idol is down to its top seven. the three judges have been with them every state of the way. here is george with katie, lionel and luke's thoughts. >> luke, katie, we wouldn't want to go through this. i wouldn't want to go through this. this is like having the bee gees on stage and james brown comes on before you. >> the american idol judges have watched as the contest has gone through thousands of idle hopefuls to now just seven. there is jake copeland, christian guardino, leah, prince
5:52 am
hager, noah thompson and katy perry's favorites from last week, michelina and hunter girl. >> i think it was her best night. if she keeps that consistency, she will probably win this thing. >> ♪ i'm where i'm meant to be. ♪ >> i feel like hunter girl from day one has been radio gold. her voice is perfect for the radio. the beauty of noah is the innocence of him. he is learning who he is in front of america. it is so endearing and intriguing. >> ♪ you got a friend in me ♪ >> it is hard for me to believe. i am in awe of this. i was amazed when i made it to the top 24. it has been a ride already. >> it is literally like we have
5:53 am
been dropped off at summer camp. i'm having a great time. i never found people so much like me with music and loving it so much and chasing after that dream. >> there is cool stuff coming for this next round. i'm not going to say too much about it. >> each singer performs twice on sunday. since sunday is mother's day, they will have a song dedicated to their mothers or the mother figures in their lives. the end of sunday evening, two of those top seven go home. in los angeles, george, abc7news. liz: you can watch the top seven perform sunday right here on abc. you can tune it at -- tune in at 5:00 p.m. the festival is coming to downtown san francisco. where and when you can catch some of the live performances i want to beat cancer. i'm going to beat it.
5:54 am
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liz: ms. pac-man has gobbled up her competition. the iconic successor to pac-man has been chosen for the world videogame hall of fame. it is the first widely recognized female videogame character. she would pave the way for characters like zelda. the legend of zelda was included in this year's class of inductees. other titles, dance dance revolution and civilization to round out the hall of fame picks for 2022. happening today, the bay area's creative community will be on full display in downtown san francisco. the gardens festival kicks off at 1:00 this afternoon. cuban," master jesus ds and the havana ensemble will perform. next on abc seven mornings at
5:57 am
6:00, we will take a look at new details on the investigation into a san jose police officer accused of sexual misconduct. plus, san francisco's unified school district is facing another setback.
5:58 am
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two people. what we know right now is investigators search for the main cause of the crash. good morning. thank you for joining us. i am liz kreutz. as we talk about that news let's start with a quick look at the weather. tracking the cold weather and fog. lisa: a lot of fog yesterday. this morning, three miles up the coast but partly to mostly cloudy. fog not an issue. dry cold front moving through and the winds will pickup through the afternoon. there is a cloudy shot of santa cruz where it will be cool at the coast. san jose is 54 and look at this shot, looks like a winter scene with the fog. you can see the clouds and the camera shaking. 52 santaa anield. as we look at the 20 per hour


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