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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 7, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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two people. what we know right now is investigators search for the main cause of the crash. good morning. thank you for joining us. i am liz kreutz. as we talk about that news let's start with a quick look at the weather. tracking the cold weather and fog. lisa: a lot of fog yesterday. this morning, three miles up the coast but partly to mostly cloudy. fog not an issue. dry cold front moving through and the winds will pickup through the afternoon. there is a cloudy shot of santa cruz where it will be cool at the coast. san jose is 54 and look at this shot, looks like a winter scene with the fog. you can see the clouds and the camera shaking. 52 santaa anield. as we look at the 20 per hour temperature change, two to five degrees cooler.
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it will get more dramatic as we increase the winds. it is a sunny day, 60's by noon time inland, 50's at the coast. it will be breezy and gusty and the clouds enter for a chance of showers into mother's day. liz: thank you. two people are dead after a plane crashed into the hillside in the marin headlands yesterday as the area was blanketed with fog. it happened on a backcountry ridge. this is in the golden gate national recreation area. there were no survivors. investigators have identified the victims but are not releasing the names. abc7 news reporter ryan curry explains investigators will be on the scene trying to find out what went wrong. ryan: up on the hillside near the golden gate bridge in the middle of dense fog is very single engine plane crashed friday afternoon. two people on board died and an
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emergency beacon was activated. search and rescue crews from the national park and sheriff's office dropped on gear and headed up the hill to investigate. only for small periods of the day were we able to see the crash as the fog was thick. > hardly a day goes by o'er a week goes by we do not get fog. ryan: carl spent over 40 years flying. he said it is rare to see crashes like this happen. he is curious that the fog played a factor. >> a car can pull over and stop. an airplane has a big problem. ryan: the agencies investigating have not said if any of the systems malfunction. he says crashes like this are unfortunate because the planes are usually equipped with good technology and pilots undergo significant training. >> the problem is getting over the beginning.
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in 10 seconds you can go a long way. ryan: in that time, he says pilots had the chance to radio for help which is why he is curious to see if the plane had trouble with navigation or communications. investigators will continue to investigate throughout the week. ryan curry, abc7 news. liz: we sent this push alert on the news app when this first broke. if you want breaking news alerts like this in the future, you can download the app. developing news in the south bay after a serious and disturbing allegation against a san jose police officer being accused of performing a lewd sex act inside a home during a service call. amanda del castillo says the chief's reform. amanda: disturbing details about a police officer accused of masturbating inside a home while on duty.
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on friday we spoke with retired superior court judge cordell who, for five years, deserved as independent auditor for san jose. >> i do not believe the police department is rife with officers engaging in misconduct. the problem is when officers engage in misconduct the dross so much public attention it takes the department. amanda: alleged misconduct keeping them under the microscope. just three days prior another officer was investigated, suspected of being drunk during an investigation for a kidnapped child. changes want to be made including transparency for the public when they believe term and seek -- termination is the only option. he said if true, any conduct
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will result in termination as quickly as the system allows me to do so. it will also include criminal prosecution and decertification as a police officer. >> they could no longer be in law enforcement. they could not hop over from the san jose police department to another police department. amanda: judge cordell: the reforms appropriate. >> the chief has now said -- he set the bar high and said there will be transparency, as much as the law will allow. amanda: also throwing support behind the city and department's push for drug and alcohol testing for all officers. >> we know the community deserves better. our men and women deserve better. amanda: sean prichard with the police officers association echoing if the allegations of sexual misconduct are proven to be true, then the officer has no place in law enforcement. he says the recent allegations are not reflective of the men and women he believes serve every day with honor and integrity. there is also an investigation
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into the death of officer packer who died of an fentanyl overdose while of duty. >> these are isolated incidents, although they have happened in a short time. amanda: i am amanda del castillo you, abc7 news. liz: it has been days since a draft of the u.s. supreme court majority opinion leaked, showing the justices are poised to overturn roe v. wade. yesterday california's attorney general spoke out against the decision. >> hell no to going backward. hell no to reversing 50 years of settled law. hell no to stripping women of their right to reproductive freedom. liz: governor newsom and legislative leaders have already said they will seek voter approval to make abortions a constitutional right in california. abortion rights activists calling for demonstrators on mother's day, tomorrow, to protest the leaked opinion that would strike down roe v. wade. several groups have called for
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outside action or action outside churches. in san jose, a protest is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. outside city hall and in berkeley, a procession is set to start at the intersection of alston and mlk way at 2:00. >> the vast majority of americans believe in the right to reproductive justice, which includes abortion rights. the vast majority of catholics also believe that. the vast majority of catholic women practice birth control. liz: there is no plan to disrupt church services. in covid-19 headlands, the latest cdc map showing an increase in cases in some bay area counties. however, hospitalizations remain low. masks are going back on for san jose city workers for the next two weeks. san jose spotlight says the decision was based on county data out of an abundance of caution. president biden tested negative
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for covid after attending last saturday's white house correspondent dinner. he was seated next to george cheeks who tested positive yesterday. the biden administration says it is preparing for as many as 100 million americans to get infected with covid this fall and winter if congress does not approve new funding for vaccines and tests. the fda is limiting who should get the johnson & johnson vaccine who has been linked to rare blood clots. >> there is some data but when you look at the fact 18 million americans got the shot, it is pretty rare. it is one or two per million. even with the new recommendation it is that people should go get one of these vaccines. if anyone got the j&j shot, they should not worry. liz: also, california released new data this week showing more than 22,000 new cases reported since tuesday. another setback for the san francisco unified school district.
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a top administrator is leaving heading to berkeley to be the superintendent. she was considered a rising star serving as deputy superintendent for instruction. she is now the latest high profile official to leave. but the district says turnover rates among teachers has remained the same. >> we have not yet seen an uptick in departures, and separations through retirements and resignations. we are watching carefully because we are also in the process of a layoff. liz: the district, like many others, is seeing declining enrollment and dealing with a $125 million deficit for next year. let's get a look outside. lisa: we have some clouds. the wind is going to come in later. we clear out the skies for a sunny day today out of the weekend and we are going to bring the chance of showers for the second half. my accuweather 7 day forecast is coming up next. liz: thanks. also, the nationwide manhunt on
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the -- manhunt for the escaped convict and deputy. how groups can participate when coldplay comes to the bay area next week. ♪ nurse mariyam sabo knows a moment this pure... ...demands a lotion this pure. new gold bond pure moisture lotion. 24-hour hydration. no parabens, dyes, or fragrances. gold bond. champion your skin.
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memory problems; muscle pain or weakness; joint pain; flushing; or fever. these are not all the possible side effects. problems can occur together and more often when opdivo is used with yervoy. tell your doctor about all medical conditions including immune or nervous system problems, if you've had or plan to have an organ or stem cell transplant, or received chest radiation. here's to a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about the combination of two immunotherapies, opdivo plus yervoy. thank you to all those in our clinical trials. liz: developing news in the nationwide search for a corrections officer and an escaped murder suspect from alabama. investigators believed to have located the getaway vehicle they used in tennessee. an ford suv was abandon a week ago in a wooded area off a country road where the pair likely had car trouble. authorities say they are also likely in a relationship.
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the sheriff is sending a warning to the corrections officer saying she could be in real danger. >> you know we are going to find you. hopefully we find you safe. if you are save right now, get out while you can and turn yourself into local authorities wherever you are. liz: investigators say the will and plan the escape under several aliases, withdrawing nearly $100,000 in cash. bulletins have released of the woman and the suspect. a federal judge in san francisco throughout donald trump's lawsuit against twitter. he sued last year after twitter banned him for life. the former president argued the company violated his right to free speech but judge james donato noted twitter is a private company and is not bound by the first amendment. in spite of the lawsuit trump said he would not return to twitter even if he could.
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california energy officials are warning the state may be at risk for blackouts the summer. they predict california will likely be short 1700 megawatts on the hottest days. that would be enough to power 1.3 million homes. the biggest challenge is going to be after sunset when solar production drops. officials are ordering utilities to buy batteries to soak up energy during the day. they say the extreme weather driven by climate change is putting more stress on the energy grid. helping the environment is a key to building the better bay area and coldplay is helping. they created an app to get fans to think about their carbon fot,ral anfrcert next weekend. the band is offering a discount to fans reducing their footprint by taking public transport to levi's stadium. coldplay says it will plant one tree for each ticket sold.
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bta is planning for a spike in ridership. >> there is a station in front of levi's stadium they can get off, go to the concert, get on, go back home. it is $2.50 one way. it is cheap, easy and sustainable. liz: the app has been downloaded over 10,000 times on google play. traffic getting into san francisco could be more challenging than usual this afternoon. the giants game starts at 4:15 at oracle park and there is a pregame celebration for buster posey day. at 5:30 the warriors tip-off at chase center for game three of their playoff series. what does that mean for you? take extra time, take public transit, do whatever you want to do to keep yourself out of what could be a big traffic mess. lisa, you are saying is going to be cold so bring the jacket. lisa: we are certainly in this streak where it is not going to end anytime soon. that is the cooler than average air for may.
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looking up the possibility for showers tomorrow, snow showers in the mountains late sunday and gusty winds, maybe even thunderstorms, by monday. live doppler 7, this is the first in a series of weak weather systems but it has a lot of cold air. that is what could bring in showers. look at that. that is interesting. a little sun. 53 in the city, 55 oakland, 54 mountain view and san jose, and 38 degrees on top mount diablo with winds in excess of 40 miles per hour. there is emeryville with all the clouds stacked up, 52 santa rosa and fairfield, 50 livermore. this morning we are five degrees colder in livermore, four degrees colder at the airport. look at all that cloud cover. it does not look like make. partly cloudy skies this
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morning. it will be bright and windy this afternoon and the gusty winds continue into your sunday with the chance of showers as we go through the afternoon. you are going to see not only do we have some showers but as we go through your saturday and we look at the clear sky mount st. helena snow down to 3000 feet. early in the morning some snow showers and then the windy conditions come into play 10:00. from san francisco to marin county it falls apart but still, there is instability and could be some showers through the afternoon. the winds adding to the chill. this is today. 20 to 30 miles per hour. 5:00 these winds are gusting over 35 miles per hour. into sunday still breezy and even stronger winds out of the northwest continue throughout the day. it is going to feel colder than the 60's near 70. throughout the day on sunday we could pick up may nothing in
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your neighborhood up to five 100ths. looking at an unseasonably cool system today and tomorrow and early into next week as the system moves through. 62 downtown, mid-60's oakland, and low 70's inland. it will be windy and breezy and as we look at the shower to snow forecast of the sierra nevada, it is now. right by the passes it could be up to half a foot and the winds particularly gusty in the mountains through sunday night. the accuweather 7 day forecast, looking at the breezy to windy but sunny day today. tomorrow level 1 system into monday. lingering chance on tuesday and by the end of the week getting warmer, but it is going to take through the end of the week to reach 80 inland. liz: thank you. whether you are a mother or mother figure it is the time of year we celebrate you and all that you do for your family.
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doctors say it is also important to focus on yourself. mandy gaither has ways to do that just in time for mother's day. mandy: she is often taking care thinking of herself. but moms need help staying healthy too. >> patients will come in for chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath, and then you realize there is something else going on. mandy: dr. susan chang is a cardiologist and often sees the stress moms can put on their bodies. she says it can weigh on their health and cause underlying health conditions. >>. constant stress, the constant surge of hormones has taken a toll on the heart. mandy: she says part of staying healthy is recognizing the stress, asking for help from family members and accepting it. she says you also have to help yourself get enough sleep and prioritize personal time. don't feel guilty for taking it. >> please try to put this on
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your daily calendar. schedule it like it is really important. don't let anything get in the way. mandy: that can include exercise, meditation, or just sitting in silence. chang says this mother's day and always it is important to take a break. i am mandy gaither. liz: ahead, business is for florists on mother's day. we had to the california flower mall already crunched with customers.
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liz: welcome back. eva pilgrim is joining us to tell us what is coming up at 7:00 on good mining america. >> that cdc investigation into a mysterious and rare hepatitis outbreak in kids. what we are learning as the illness causes concern across the world after 109 children have gotten sick, including five deaths. this s covid-19 cases and hospitalizations rise across the country. plus, a royal reunion.
6:23 am
harry and meghan and family expected to attend the queen's platinum jubilee as she marks 70 years on the throne. the reporter remarks from the duke and duchess and her majesty ahead of the festivities coming up. the world's fastest sport revving up this morning for the formula one miami grand prix tomorrow. our team is on the track this morning with a preview of what to expect from the big event this year. it is all here ahead on gma. liz: mother's day is tomorrow and people are rushing to the california flower mall in downtown l.a. residents throughout the state travel overnight to beat the crowds. consumers noticed something different, prices have increased since valentine's day. >> inflation, you cannot avoid it. logistics, labor, supply disruptions, the cost of products is more expensive. it trickles into the price of the product. liz: flowers are flown in on jets from central and south america to arrive ahead of mother's day.
6:24 am
they say even with the price increases the california flower mall is one of the cheapest places to buy flowers. mortgage interest rates are going up but there are some moves you can make to bring your personal mortgage interest rate down. it is not a one-size-fits-all situation, comparing rates and looking for lenders is part of the process. michael finney shows us how things stacked up. michael: if you have shopped for a home, you have also shopped for a mortgage. when shopping news reports probably were not much help. rates hit 5.27%, screams one headline, but the next one declares rates have dropped. the headlines are really just a guide to mortgage rates and have little to do with the rates you will actually pay. justjust pulling through that information is tough. especially for first-time homebuyers like charlie and katie. >> it was crazy how the numbers fluctuate.
6:25 am
if you want to go with a lower interest rate, you are paying more fees. i don't even know what these were. michael: like most of us. look at these rates and fees. that is this the start. solidify mortgage advisors joseph rivera. >> contrary to popular belief every interest rate that a homebuyer ends up with or an individual refinancing a loan is pretty much custom-made or tailored to their specific situation. michael: when you read a mortgage rate that is an average or median rate. it is likely not what you will pay. >> the lender will evaluate what they consider the perceived risk. the higher the risk, the higher the interest rate and the higher the cost will be to the borrower. michael: that is something you can work with. you can actually control a little. here is how you can beat down the mortgage interest rate you will pay. a good credit score lowers your
6:26 am
mortgage rate. so does a smaller loan amount. a big down payment can drop the interest you will pay. your debt to income ratio, how much you owe versus how much you earn is very important. and often buying a single-family home over a condo will drop your interest rate. you cannot control what the federal reserve does or major banks, but you can control what you buy and how you buy it. each small tweak to your position potentially knocking down your interest rate an eighth of a point. and an eighth of a point here and there can really add up to significant change. >> it all depends but in general your concept is correct. all those things you can do to reduce the risk to the lender will be rewarded in the pricing. liz: that was michael finney reporting. he also mentions if you can
6:27 am
really work the situation and drop your interest rate by half or even 1% over 30 years, that turns out to be some real money. the important thing is get together with a good loan officer and go over all these little tweaks. still to come, renters protected from eviction have led landlords to sue alameda county. plus, sexual-harassment retaliation and a vote of no-confidence. details on the growing scandal at sonoma state university. ♪ my a1c stayed here, it needed to be here. ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪) in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c better than a leading branded pill. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. stop rybelsus® and get medical help right away
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building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us here. we're going to start this half hour with another check of the forecast. let's get back over to lisa sargen. all right, liz. hey, good morning to you. we're looking at some cloud cover and some cooler temperatures arriving throughout the day so bundle up.
6:30 am
it's not going to feel like may in fact, we have that may gray out there. this is fog though from our sutro tower camera where you can see it is kind of moving through the city there 53 downtown. it is 54 mountain view, san jose and 55 in oakland. so on the coast, there's patchy fog and just a little bit of sun there from our exploratorium camera low 50s up in the north bay and it is 54 in concord. so it is five degrees cooler, mountain view. more four degrees cooler up in the north bay. the winds get faster throughout the afternoon and it's a slow climb into the 60s throughout the midday hour. we've got some mid and upper 60s. lynn but then the winds kick in and that warming is going to be curbed just to the low 70s and wind overour there about t elee ofain in tecast for yo suayve as weight, lisa. thank you now want to to one of our top stories this morning.
6:31 am
the frustration of landlords has led to a lawsuit. we first showed you this here on abc multiple small property owners are alameda county they say the covid eviction moratorium infringes on their constitutional rights and violate state law abc 7 news reporter loose peña reports. we will sell one on april 7th. we met rakesh and trip to jane in tears. they told us her tenant hadn't paid them in two years owing them over 100,000 in rent. we are forced by the county. to keep a criminal in our home fast forward to almost a month later and now prakashian tripty along with four other small property owners are suing alameda county. i know there are people who needed this protection, but there are people have taken undue advantage of this situation and city is not willing to basically county is not willing to revisit their monitorium to refuse responsible
6:32 am
to hold the county accountable not only for her case, but for all t oer small property owners who contact after our story aired many telling them they too feel trapped by the county after my story was aired on abc 7 news by you. there are many landlords for gain in touch with me continues to understand. this is one-sided law. they have prolonged it for two years and when the county has no money to pay the landlords. i don't think they should expect landlords to pay for other families they california apartment association filed a lawsuit in court challenging alameda county's covid moratorium as illegal and there's really no end in sight for it. it's slated to stay in effect for as long as there's public health emergency in the county we have no idea when that declaration might come to an end and even the moratorium outlives that declaration stays in effect until 60 days after the lawsuit is seeking for the county to pay
6:33 am
the backed up rent to these property owners and to change the moratorium if you look at just the totals of the unpaid rent, that's due to these these five owners to date. it's a little bit over 200,000 i believe. if so, that's just a starting point alameda county's board of supervisors have the power to revisit the covid moratorium. we contacted all the members and some refused to speak on camera others. did not respond as to tripty she hopes now. they listen it's about this official lawsuit. they were not replying to me before but now they will have to do for that was loose peña reporting the county has 21 days to respond and there is a possibility that more landlords can be added to this lawsuit. as bloody battles continue to unfold in eastern ukraine president biden is sending another $150 million dollars in military equipment there. the pentagon is clarifying the role of us intelligence in the
6:34 am
war earlier this week the new york times reported about a classified us effort to provide real-time battlefield intelligence that helped ukraine kill several russian generals a spokesperson said the us does not provide intelligence on russian generals. we provide them what we believe. to be relevant and timely information about russian units that could allow them to adjust and execute their self-defense. first lady jill biden. thanks us troops in romania for serving as a check against russian aggression that base she visited just 60 miles from the border with ukraine. the death toll from a hotel explosion in havana cuba keeps rising authorities now say 22 people were killed and 64 others were injured a pregnant woman and a child are among the dead officials. say the explosion happened when a truck was supplying the saratoga hotel with liquefied gas the blast blew out several floors of the building. there were no tourists in the hotel as it was being prepared
6:35 am
for next week's reopening the luxury hotel has hosted foreign dignitaries including celebr. these as well madonna and beyonce. education is part of our efforts to build a better bay area in the north bay teachers at sonoma state and began taking a no-confidence vote against university president. judy sakaki abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard tells you that the vote involves sexual harassment and retaliation scandal involving sakakis husband, but it's definitely been a big story on campus a reported scandal making headlines it sonoma state university seems everyone. an opinion i definitely feel like she could have handled things a little better which would take on this. it's it's a big distraction. i think she should resigned already. she used university. president dr. judy sakaki seen here on the university's website now when broiled in a scandal involving a six-figure settlement paid to a former sonoma state provost who said she faced retaliation after reporting alleged sexual
6:36 am
harassment by the president's husband lobbyist patrick mccallum. the story was first reported by the press democrat. oh you vote. i haven't decided yet, professor, anastasia to sonia along with hundreds of sonoma state faculty members began voting friday on a resolution declaring no conf. and president secaucus leadership. i'm very uncom yeah, it's an and trust me joy want to spend my time doing this no faculty chair, lauren morimoto and others believe sakaki's handling of her husband's harassment claims are only part of the issue declining enrollment and budget deficits are looming and some say it's too soon to call for her resignation. i don't think her going is going to make things better. and in terms of what's best for the institution. i think the last thing we need is she needs to do what she needs to do and we as faculty need to do and vote what we need to do on both what's best for
6:37 am
our university one. thanks for sure. the scandal has been a major distraction here on campus with graduation only weeks away. it definitely is a distraction right now, especially with graduation coming up, you know, the students aren't you know, everyone's thinking about the scandal happening whereas like, you know, people should be like happy about like graduating and stuff dr. sakaki declined our request for an interview in the past. she and her husband have said they have done nothing. wrong the no confidence voting concludes on monday and rohnert park cornell bernard abc 7 news. so ahead on abc 7 mornings. may is mental health awareness month. we take a look at how some prominent figures are helping a flipped kids who might be struggling right now with how feel and here is a live look outside this morning looking out over the bay there gorgeous start to this saturday. this mother's day weekend. we'll check in with lisa when we get back.
6:38 am
out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets,
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the national suicide prevention. lifeline number is about to be easier to remember this summer all states are preparing to roll out 988 as the new hotline number. it's similar to how people can call 911 this lifeline has been in operation since 2005 in 2020 us federal communications commissions leaders voted to finalize 988 as the new member and so that code 988 will be open for suicide prevention and mental health crises calls starting on july 16 and this month may is mental health awareness month and experts say it's important to recognize the struggles. we have all faced the past few years, especially kids abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey explains how prominent figures are coming together to break the stigma of mental health. younger old rich or poor everyone faces struggles in regards to mental health and over the past few years. we've all been through a lot especially kids. it's left parents feeling helpless at times the severity
6:41 am
of childhood mental health conditions had already been escalating with social media, but the combination of that with the pandemic has literally made this a lethal combination watching your kids go through any difficulties or really hard on parents. i mean, our job is parents is to keep our kids safe and said, and loved and sometimes the best way to love someone struggling mentally is awareness. so every may experts use mental health awareness month to share the sometimes life. message it's okay to not be. okay kids with anxiety or mood or attentional disorders. better with treatment. it's just that what we know from. the research is commonly. there's so much stigma that adults may rate years from the time. they know there could be something that's going on with their child to the time when they seek help in honor of mental health awareness month the child mind institute is trying to end that stigma. hello everyone. it's maisie williams here. hi everyone. i'm dr. vivek morty. i'm pink and i'm proud to join
6:42 am
the child mind institute for their dare to share campaign every day. a different video is shared by prominent names in the community highlighting their own connection to mental health awareness is not just about knowledge. it's about inspiring change. it does get better. and there are beautiful moments waiting for you and they're a beautiful people waiting to love you and one of those people is yourself, you know, just want people to be thinking about it. we want people to engage to think if they watch these videos. what can i do with a person i care about in my life to either check in with them to ask them how they're doing or to ask them if i can help them find the help that they need and if we do that we can all make our community a better place. we have a link to the dare to share videos on our website abc 7, dustin. dorsey abc 7 news alright lisa 642 since starting to come up it is and temperatures are you know pretty comfortable low 50s here, but they're not going to climb too much. in fact, maybe just low 60s with gusty winds here in the city.
6:43 am
that's gonna be the theme for the weekend maybe even a few showers. we have a warm-up we're gonna have to wait a long time. this is cool for me. i'll have the details coming up. all right lisa. thank you. also next a giant debut alvarez tells us why reliever jellies, major league debut with such a big deal coming up in sports.
6:44 am
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friday with that in mind crocs the shoe brand is giving away free footwear to celebrate crocs will be giving away 10,000 pairs of its iconic shoes. the company said it is donated nearly 1 million pairs of shoes to health. workers since the beginning of the pandemic the extension of the free pair for health care program is open to all medical professionals crocs has been had more has more about this on their website. you can go there to check it out. alright in sports both the giants and the a's will try to snap their long losing streaks today. the athletics have lost seven games in a row oakland takes on
6:46 am
the minnesota twins at target field at 11:10 a 11:10 and the s who have lost five straight. we'll face the cardinals on buster posey day. first pitch is at 4:15 at oracle park and less than a mile away the warriors and memphis grizzlies will square off and game three of their playoff series if you're not going to chase center you can watch only here on abc abc 7 coverage begit 5pm and here's abc 7 sports anchor chris alvarez with a a preview in this morning sports. 300 chase center looking to make four. no, they're gonna take on the grizzlies. this afternoon on abc 7 you see draymond green's eye still a little swollen after taking an inadvert elbow on tuesday in memphis. the series tied one all with a pivotal game three later tonight dubs are confident. they're shooting will come around but with gary payton the second out for the rest of the series with an elbow injury emotions are still running high. no, you want every bit of emotions you can have in a
6:47 am
playoff series. somebody won't smoke you got it won't smoke or you lose. so now i'm just saying about putting no emotions aside or not. emotions to get the best to you if your emotions to get the best. should it's the playoffs you plan for all of marvels your emotion and she'll get the best day. and you adjust from there. friendly reminder abc's seventh place to be later tonight coverage begins at five tip off just after 5:30 with after the game immediately following chris paul's 37th birthday on friday su lead on dallas maverick superstar luca donchic follows his own miss and then look at him grab the rebound hoop foul, and he was fired up dallas up seven at the half. he scored 26, mr. triple double by one assist jalen brunson had just 22 points the first two games combined finished with 28 in game three mavs win. 493 phoenix still holds a 2-1 series lead baseball giants and cardinals 91st birthday for willie mays on friday the pride of antioch steelers running back najee harris in the stands bottom five two-nothing game,
6:48 am
darren ruff beats the shift. it's a two-run single and we're all tied sean jelly, six eleven and a half making his major league debut one of the tallest players in mlb history pitched a perfect seventh strikeout his wife clapping for him, of course and saint louis took the lead in the ninth jackson time run on base in the bottom half and gonzalez grounds out into the double play to end it cardinals win 3-2 giants have five straight a super fan right field will making the trip to minnesota hoping to see oakland snap six games live top to seven a's down two one bases low to one out seth brown a little dribbler and jose. miranda makes the play. so two out next batter chad pinder with a chance, but former a emilio pagan gets to strike out to end it twins win two one oakland has lost seven straight. that is a look at your sportscast for the saturday. of course stay with for the warriors and grizzlies game three right here. on abc 7 later today senate back to you. all right, and lisa, let's go check out the forecast. the weather was really funky yesterday hot and cold it felt like going back and forth.
6:49 am
yeah, and it's gonna stay that way over the weekend also under early next week. so yeah, it's been an unusual year. we say that every year don't we? well, it has been we're looking at the possibility of a few showers and as we get started this weekend, it is getting brighter in the north bay so clouds already sweeping out of the bay area. the wind is next. here's a look at the golden gate bridge where you can see that cloud cover beginning to clear. and look at the flag no wind there yet, but it will increase throughout the day today 53 oakland and santa clara. it's 54 in san jose with 55 in mountain view 52 half moon bay and from the breakwater lighthouse here in santa cruz looking at a nice start to the day a lot of sunshine in the low 50s here the winds kicking up all along the shoreline all the way down here as well 52 petaluma and fairfield with 54 in concord livermore. is that 50 degrees? so 24 hours ago. it was warmer. we are colder this morning in the livermore valley as well as the city and wait till the winds kick up today.
6:50 am
here's the exploratorium camera getting into a little sun there. it's going to take a while partly to mostly cloudy then looking at some gusty winds, but sunny skies today and looking at the chance of showers into sunday a thunderstorm possible monday and for some of you celebrating mother's day. it's gonna be much cooler than average. here's a look at the lack of cloud cloud cover for your saturday and then day arrives early morning. we could see a few showers up towards mount saint helena the snow level begins to lower it about 3,000 feet stopping this at 10 o'clock for marin to napa, maybe some showers and then as it pushes through they're very spotty widely scattered isolated and then we get into that cool and blustery afternoon in terms of the winds. not much of a factor now, but throughout the day today from three four o'clock 25 to 35. an hour, and then they'll be breezy overnight just to build again right along the coast near 40 miles an hour.
6:51 am
perhaps throughout the afternoon all day long. it's going to be kind of chilly out there with temperatures at least 10 to 15 degrees below average. there's a look at the rainfall precipitation very scant but still this will certainly help out is it creates some moisture along that those dry hillside as we look at the snow accumulation in the mountains four inches, tahoe city. maybe five inches in kirkwood. how's today? just in the low 60s windy out there half moon bay pacifica stinson 66 in fremont blow oaklh 70 in napa the accuweather 7-day forecast at level 1 system with the wind chance of showers sunday, maybe a thunderstorm monday still allowing for the cool weather on tuesday sunnier and milders. we get towards the end of the week, but still temperatures taking about four or five days to get to near average li. all right, lisa. thank you. this season of american idol is down to its top seven and the three judges who've been with them every step of the way of some things to say about their
6:52 am
performances. here's entertainment guru george panaccio with more what they've survived up to this point is luke katie, we wouldn't want to go through this. i wouldn't want to go to this. this is a this is like having the bee gees on stage and james brown comes on before you and i mean, give me a break the american idol judges have watched as the competition. on from thousands of idle hopefuls to hundreds to now just seven. there's jay copeland christian. guardino, leo marlene fritzagger noah thompson and judge katy perry's favorites from last week, nikolina and hunter girl. i do think hunter girl was probably just like nicolina. her best night as well. she really if she keeps that consistency. she's probably gonna win this thing. i felt like hunter girl from day one has been radio gold. i mean she's just her voice is just perfect for the radio and
6:53 am
the beauty of noah is the innocence of noah. i mean noah is literally learning who he is in front of america, which is so endearing. so intriguing you. it's all hard to believe for me man. i'm still in just all over all this, you know and top seven like i don't know i was amazed when i made it to top 24. so this is this is just it's been a ride already and i just love everybody. it's like literally like we got dropped off at summer camp and it's i'm just having a great. feeling of i never found people so much like me in the sense of like with music and love and it's so much. kitchen chasing after that dream there's stop coming for this next round. okay. i'm really excited for it. i'm not gonna say too much about it each singer performs twice on sunday. they'll take on viral hits made popular on tiktok, and then since sunday is also mother's day. they'll have a song dedicated to their mothers or the mother
6:54 am
figures in their lives than by the end of sunday evening two of those top seven go home in los angeles george panaccio abc 7 news. and you can watch the top seven perform sunday right here on abc 7 tune in at 5 pm and then again at 8 pm. next the year of winter festival is coming to downtown san francisco where and when you can catch some of the live performances for the month of may coming up.
6:55 am
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across the street, or across the room, you have the power to make them feel right at home. ♪ ♪ ritz. a taste of welcome. ♪ ♪ pac-man as gobbled up her competition the iconic successor to pac-man which launched in 1981 has been chosen for the world video game hall of fame as the first widely recognized female video game character miss pac-man would pave the way for other characters like zelda the legend of zelda included in this year's class of inductees other titles on the list dan stands revolution and sid meier's civilization to round out the hall of fame picks for 2022 happening today the bay area's
6:57 am
creative community will be on full display in downtown san francisco the year of winter gardens festival kicks off at one o'clock this afternoon cuban conga master jesus diaz and the havana afro cuban ensemble will perform the festival runs through october there are performances every thursday and saturday at the yearbook winter gardens on mission street between third and fourth street. and lisa, all right when final check of the forecast. all right, if you're not ready for the heat, don't worry. we're not going to have any for a while. in fact a cooler than average day today with some sunshine, but it is going to be windy, especially at the coast of level one system sunday chance of thunderstorms continues on monday that unsettled weather and then as we look at the lingering chance, it's the temperatures that are going to be slow to recover list. all right, lisa. thank you. and thank you all for joining us on abc 7 mornings. i'm liz kroitz. with lisa arjen abc 7 news continues at 9 am we hope to see you then gma is next. have a great day.
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good morning, america. deadly storm. at least one person killed as severe weather sweeps across the country. powerful winds ripping trees from their roots, golf ball size hail on the golf course. plus, the fire risk in texas from an early heat wave. covid cases rising. the northeast seeing the highest infection rates in three months. the alarming prediction about a possible winter surge and another health scare as the deaths of at least five children are being blamed on a mysterious hepatitis outbreak. doctors weighing in this morning. escape from mariupol. dozens of civilians rescued from that steel plant as fears grow vladimir putin is set to declare


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