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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 7, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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good good morning, america. it's our second hour. desperate escape. dozens of citizens rescued in mariupol as fears grow vladimir putin wants to declare that he has captured the city. this as president biden announces another new aid package to ukraine. plus, what the pentagon is now saying about intelligence the u.s. is sharing with kyiv. we're live on the ground with the latest. mysterious illness. the cdc investigating severe hepatitis cases in kids now blamed for the deaths of five children in the u.s. what we're learning about the illness causing concern around the world. no laughing matter. the dave chappelle attack suspect pleads not guilty. the on-stage aftermath as a
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judge orders him to stay away from the comedian. bail set at $30,000. the latest this morning. ♪ shut up and drive ♪ it's lights out and away we go. we're live from the first ever miami formula 1 grand prix and putting pedal to the metal. >> wow, what a turn. ♪ good, good vibration ♪ suddenly celebrating from the big screen to broadway, cult classic "little shop of horrors" turns 40. "gma" is catching up with the current cast. ♪ hot pink hot take. it's not just for barbie anymore. the monochromatic trend that sizzled at the met gala. how to brighten up your wardrobe with a pop of pink as we say, good morning, america. ♪ >> is hot pink the new red? >> ooh. yeah. you heard it here first. i don't know. >> it is now. >> yeah.
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>> good morning, america. thanks for joining us on this busy saturday morning. >> very busy saturday. we will get to hot pink in a bit. but we are going to begin with the war in ukraine. president biden will be attending the virtual g7 summit this weekend along with ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy. >> but ahead, though, abc's marcus moore is on the ground in irpin with the latest and the intense fighting happening in the eastern part of the country. marcus, good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning. we are at what used to be the main bridge into irpin, the suburb of kyiv, and the ukrainians at the beginning of this war, they destroyed the bridge to try to stop russia's push into kyiv. they were successful here, but fierce battles continue in the east. this morning, the desperate escape from mariupol. russian and ukrainian officials claiming dozens of civilians were rescued on friday including 11 children from the tunnels under the azovstal steel plant in that battered port city. more than 150 civilians still believed to be inside along with the last of the ukrainian fighters defending the city against russian forces and all odds.
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the situation there growing more dire amid fears russian president vladimir putin wants to declare he's captured the city by monday, victory day, the biggest patriotic holiday on the russian calendar. in response to russia's aggression, the italian government seizing a $700 million luxury yacht linked to the russian president. and president biden announcing yet another aid package heading to ukraine, this time for $150 million. the u.s. has now provided nearly $3.8 billion in arms and equipment to ukrainians since the russian invasion. this as details emerge about the intelligence shared by the united states after the ukrainian strike in the black sea that took out russia's flag ship carrier the "moskva." a u.s. official telling abc news "we do provide a range of intelligence to help the ukrainians understand the threat posed by russian ships in the black sea." but the pentagon making it clear the u.s. had no prior knowledge of the attack and did not provide, quote, specific targeting information. >> we provide them what we believe to be relevant and
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timely information about russian units that could allow them to adjust and execute their self-defense to the best of their ability. >> reporter: but amid the chaos, signs of healing. mexican born dallas painter roberto marquez came to ukraine. today he paints on canvases underneath this destroyed irpin bridge, tributes to those lost. >> so, okay, i'm going to go. maybe i can do something with my paintbrush. >> reporter: in the meantime, officials here in ukraine are urging people to remain vigilant in the days heading up to the may 9th holiday. people don't know what to expect. some are worried that the russians, there may be a provocation on their part but they really just don't know. and people are just preparing for any eventuality but hoping for the best, whit. >> still so many concerns, all right, marcus, thank you. turning now to growing concerns about a mysterious illness affecting children around the world. the cdc now saying five kids in the u.s. have died from this severe form of hepatitis. abc's andrew dymburt is back with the latest on the
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investigation now. andrew, good morning. >> whit, good morning. so this week there have been more reports of this mysterious global hepatitis outbreak among children, some even dying. in the u.s. at least 109 children have gotten sick including five who have died with cases now being reported in 25 states, and it's not just the u.s. the world health organization is investigating 228 similar cases around the world. meantime, doctors and rsearchers are scrambling for answers. the cdc still doesn't know the cause and is now working with clinics around the country to see if more hepatitis cases in children are out there. more than 90% of kids diagnosed have had to be hospitalized with 14% needing transplants and more than half testing positive for adenovirus infections. that's cording to health experts. so doctors are urging parents to have their children practice good hygiene, wash hands, stay away from anyone else who might be sick, some of those pandemic practices actually. hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver, and sometimes the disease is mild requiring no specific treatment. but severe cases can lead to hospitalization and even liver
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failure. guys? >> extremely concerning numbers, certainly parents watching closely. andrew, thank you. now to more fallout from the leaked supreme court draft decision that could overturn roe v. wade. abc's zohreen shah is back with more on this story looking at what states are doing now to try to protect abortion rights. zohreen, good morning again to you. >> reporter: good morning, janai. the white house is launching a mental health hotline for pregnant women and for new moms who might need it. there is also an effort to protect abortion access but those are all likely to fail. so now many states are urgently trying to take action. this morning, many states bracing for potential roe v. wade reversal. [ crowd chanting ] leaving abortion up to individual states. nearly half likely are certain to ban abortion in most cases. the guttmacher institute, a reproductive rights research organization, estimating there could be a nearly 3,000%
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increase of out-of-state women whose closest abortion clinic will be in california. ever since september when texas' restrictive ban took effect, providers have been seeing surges. >> we've seen a doubling of the number of patients coming from outside of california, and we expect that to only increase. >> reporter: dr. laura dalton has been anticipating more out-of-state women at the country's largest planned parenthood. >> we're able to increase capacity by 250 to 500 patients a week. >> reporter: california already has laws not requiring patient disclosure even if they are out of state. but lawmakers are now trying to take greater steps. >> our message to women across the country is california will be a place where you can get answers. it will be a place where we will embrace you and help you with all of the information you need and if it means providing the ability to help you get here. >> reporter: 13 state bills were proposed soon after texas' ban, everything ranging from paying for travel to preventing
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criminalization, but already some californians voicing opposition. >> part of our huge concern with so-called abortion tourism is that the state of california would use taxpayer dollars that in our opinion should go to mothers and families here in the golden state and would instead be incentivizing people to fly across the country to california to receive free abortions. >> reporter: california resident abby was six weeks in when she discovered she was pregnant. it took another month to get an abortion, but she says she at least had the option. >> what is your reaction hearing that there's going to be a likely roe reversal and that some women will have to travel thousands of miles to get the care you got? >> really scared. like i can still sort of feel the shot of adrenaline that went through me when i saw that positive pregnancy test, and the only way i calmed myself down in that moment was knowing that i had a choice to get a safe abortion.
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>> reporter: and cdc director rochelle walensky says her fear is for women who don't have the resource resources to travel. she says they might take matters into their own hands, and she says lives could be at stake. guys? >> zohreen shah for us, thank you. coming up, more on that attack on dave chappelle at the hollywood bowl. the latest on the suspect as he faces a judge. and we are in miami for qualifying day of the f1 miami grand prix. we'll take you behind the scenes of the race. plus, taylor swift's releasing her version of "this love" bringing us one step closer to the rerelease of her album "1989." album "1989." her album "1989." of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread, tests positive for pd-l1, and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene. together, opdivo plus yervoy helps your immune system launch a response
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>> you got your presents? >> a few more things to sort out but we will be ready. >> good. and we want to celebrate our moms this morning. i think we've got a picture of me and my momma. look at that. her wedding, my wedding, miss tammy. love you, mom. she'll be watching. >> is that little janai? >> that is little janai. and that is me and my paternal grandmother. that is miss sonora norman. that is me and my paternal grandmother. happy mother's day early to both of them. >> celebrating all the moms throughout the show today and tomorrow. first we do want to get to our "gma" cover story, the latest developments in the case of that alarming on stage attack of comedian dave chappelle. phil lipof is joining us with more. phil, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. you know the story is still developing. yesterday prosecutors charged 23-year-old isaiah lee who was in court for the first time with misdemeanors for allegedly rushing and tackling comedian dave chappelle as he performed at the hollywood bowl on tuesday. lee pleaded not guilty, and the los angeles judge ordered lee to stay at least 100 yards away
8:14 am
from chappelle as well as from the venue where the attack occurred. bail set at $30,000. now though chappelle himself is speaking out about the incident during another stand-up performance at the comedy store. the comedian told the audience he actually spoke to his alleged assailant asking him what prompted the attack. he said he found the answer to be a bit odd. chappelle told the audience that lee said the attack was to draw attention to the plight of his grandmother who had been forced out of her brooklyn neighborhood by gentrification. fellow comedian kevin hart also weighed in during an appearance on "the jimmy kimmel show" saying, i think it's time to get back to a place of respect for your live entertainer and understand that you're coming to a show. right now lee faces four misdemeanor charges. if convicted on all counts, he faces up to 18 months in jail and up to a $4,000 fine. guys? >> dave chappelle certainly not the only one finding that reasoning odd. thank you, phil. now inside the f1 miami
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grand prix. formula 1 is coming to magic city for the very first time with all its glitz and glamour and high-speed thrills. today is qualifying day, and our victor oquendo is down on the track enjoying the high octane preparations. victor, we know you got in one of those cars and we can't wait to see the clips. >> yeah, janai, i had the chance to test out the track myself. it's called a hot lap. so i got into a mclaren about just 50 feet behind us, and it felt like a good idea at the time until i hit about this point where i started rethinking all of my life choices. take a look. with just one day to go until race day in miami, i went for a little test run hopping into the passenger seat. brazilian formula 1 driver bruno senna behind the wheel in this mclaren. i'm supposed to go 160 miles an hour at top speed. all right. see how i feel after the ride.
8:16 am
i'm up next. here we go. >> so you want -- >> you know what, i'm in your hands, let's go as fast as you want to go. show me how this is done. oh, my god. >> reporter: my sheer terror not hiding my need for speed. >> wait, are we on 180 right now? we're skidding out a little. that's normal? >> that's normal. >> how fast is this? >> 150. >> 150. >> 160. >> 160. >> 170. >> 170. is this the fastest mclaren out there because it feels like it. >> it's pretty fast. >> i'm glad you're calm because i'm definitely not right now on the inside. wow, what a turn. >> you feeling okay? >> yeah, i'm fine. i'm totally fine. >> now the big straight. this is where -- >> the big straightaway. here we go. top speed. >> i've never done anything like this before. i swear, i thought this was a good idea. this was awesome.
8:17 am
thank you so much, bruno. >> hope you enjoyed it. >> we made it. >> awesome. >> whoo! >> how was it? >> we made it. >> amazing. there you go. >> top speed, 180. wow! >> reporter: one lap was enough for me. hopefully professional drivers keep their cool. thankfully i can feel my face again now. race weekend is officially under way. guys, i'll send it back to you. i'm told it is just about time for us to get off this track. >> looked a little wobbly coming out of the car there, victor. >> yeah, knees weak and everything. looked like a lot of fun, victor. >> reporter: felt like such a good idea at the time. >> it was fun for us. okay. >> thank you. >> thanks, victor. >> you can air that video over and over again. >> and we will have more from miami on "gma" tomorrow morning. then it's the miami grand prix at 3:30 p.m. eastern right here on abc. now for a look at the weather, not just in miami, but across the country we're going to send things over to cheryl
8:18 am
scott from our chicago station abc 7, wls. >> things looking hot in miami. now we do have some severe weather to talk about. this is video coming in from yesterday, north carolina, you can see the hail coming down, dozens, even hundreds of severe weather reports across parts of the south and the mid-atlantic. you can see 164 wind reports. the good news, that severe weather threat is going down across the east today. however, our focus now is for the plains. parts of the dakotas into nebraska, damaging winds and large hail will be the main threat today with storm development later on this afternoon and then the flooding. persistent rain, that will continue for parts of the midatlantic into pennsylvania as well. it's going to be a soggy saturday but thankfully will start to dry out a a good satury morning. dry out a a good satury it's a cool day on the way. here's a look at our exploratorium camera a little sun will make for more sun today as the clouds continue to open
8:19 am
up, but it's going to be cool. the winds are going to kick up and looking at the gusty winds continuing with a chance of showers for mother's day highs today only in the low 60s downtown windy upper 50s at the coast mid 60s in oakland 69 today in livermore and that level one system arriving tomorrow. and some summerlike weather and some summerlike weather will be on the way for a lot of folks across the country. we'll touch on that in a little bit. but for now back to you guys. >> thanks, cheryl. it is about time. right, y'all? now it's time for "pop news" with megan ryte. and you are sitting in a chair today. >> i am. i love this chair. i love it. i love it. let's begin with adele. the superstar and best friend in my head celebrated her 34th birthday on thursday and marked the occasion by sharing two new photos with fans looking happy and glamorous in custom carolina herrera. in the caption the singer reflected on the past year saying, quote, what a difference a year makes.
8:20 am
if time keeps healing and smoothing out all the creases in my life like it does, as the years fly by, i can't wait to be 60. i've never been happier. and what better gift is that? happy birthday, adele. are we all going to the concert in vegas? >> road trip. >> can you get us tickets? >> i can try. i can try. >> okay. then the answer is yes. >> we can take the show on the road. >> that's a great idea. let's put it in the universe. and from one music superstar to the next, taylor swift dropped her latest rerecord on friday releasing "this love (taylor's version)." take a listen. ♪ love is good this love is bad ♪ >> the track originally appeared on her hit pop album "1989" and now eight years later what's old is new again. swift saying on instagram, quote, this love, my version, is
8:21 am
out, and i'm currently reliving the "1989" tour in my head and spiraling. that's fine. the song has fans wondering if she's gearing up to drop the full "1989 (taylor's version)" but no official word. as always, swift is keeping us guessing. >> she's keeping me guessing. i was ready for someone to walk across that wooden bridge. it was just there. they never did. >> it was just there. >> all right. and finally tomorrow is mother's day, and what better way to celebrate than with real stories of motherhood. the nonprofit storycorps has released three new animations for their season, listening to mom, take a look at a clip from the episode titled "joyce's mom." >> you got more than enough love to spread and share with people. >> and what i always said about you, i wanted you to be happy and i wanted you to be a good person. >> yes, you did. i want to say that that would be in my nature, but i was raised
8:22 am
that way. i learned that from you. >> you can check out all three episodes of the season on the storycorps website. my best friend's name is joyce so i sent that to her. i was like, you've got to send this to your mom. >> i love that. that was really sweet. there's something about being a momma on mother's day. >> and how much you love your mom. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, so appreciative. >> happy early mother's day to the mothers on set. >> yes, of course, of course. >> thank you. >> yes, indeed. >> coming up here -- thank you, by the way, megan ryte. coming up here on "gma," we are feeding you a healthy dose of nostalgia and celebrating 40 years of "little shop of horrors." ool ♪ ♪ all the kids just getting out of school ♪ >> announcer: "gma" next week, we hope you're hungry. because -- >> you know at "gma" -- >> we love barbecue. >> announcer: and that's why we're heading out on -- >> the united states of barbecue road trip. >> announcer: starting monday on "gma" it's time for -- >> some of the best barbecue. ba.
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♪ little shop, little shop of horrors ♪ ♪ little shop, little shop of terror ♪ boat bop, she-bop ♪ ♪ oh, oh, whoa ♪ >> both: good morning, america. >> good morning right back. i was a little off beat. stop it. tse t srs otho "gma." off broadwle the show's 40th anniversary and coming up we sat down with the cast and the minds behind the show who gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the cult classic's history. but first the stories we're following right now, this morning, south korea is reporting that north korea has apparently launched a short-range ballistic missile into the sea. the suspected launch believed to
8:31 am
most likely come from a submarine. if confirmed, this will be north korea's 15th missile launch this year. the ntsb is investigating a deadly plane crash near the golden gate bridge. authorities say the single engine plane went down just before 3:00 p.m. on friday. two on board were pronounced dead at the scene. it's unclear whether weather was a factor in the crash. ashley judd sharing a heart-wrenching essay about her mother and the value of motherhood one week after the death of her mom, naomi. the sprez writing, it wasn't supposed to be this way, saying she died just days before my sister and i could show her again how much we love and honor her. judd went on to write about motherhood and women's rights in light of that leaked supreme court draft decision that could overturn roe v. wade. i want to touch on how she ended that essay. she said, if you're lucky enough to still have your mother, honor more than her love and sacrifice. honor her by demanding a world where motherhood everywhere is safe, healthy and chosen. >> absolutely. still so many shocked by that
8:32 am
loss. >> yeah. another story thate' following this morning, here we are celebrating 40 years of the cult classic, "little shop of horrors." the little show that could first debuted back in 1982, and this weekend the cast and crew are celebrating everything that makes it a piece of pop culture history. zachary kiesch has more. ♪ stop, stop, get out of here ♪ >> reporter: it's the cult classic that comes with a warning. ♪ feed me, seymour ♪ ♪ feed me all night long ♪ >> reporter: don't feed the plants. "little shop of horrors" is the story of seymour, a down on his luck florist who discovers a one of a kind plant that could be his ticket out of skid row. ♪ down on skid row ♪ >> reporter: for four decades the original score by composer alan menken and the late lyricist howard ashman -- ♪ stop it ♪ >> reporter: -- has had audiences tapping their toes from broadway stages to
8:33 am
countless community theaters across the country. >> if a show is true to itself it can embark on something a little bit ridiculous but there's still an honesty to it and i think that honesty that howard created and michael re-created is evident to the audiences. >> reporter: what was it about him and his approach that really made this such an innovative show? >> as a director, i respond so much to what he did. i saw the original production and was blown away by it and how clever he was, i loved, and how much ground gets covered in such a short amount of time. when you watch the show you can't believe it's over so fast and you've had such an incredible meal. >> reporter: this week marks the 40th anniversary. >> it's very rare that you get to have this kind of experience as a performer, as a designer, director, musical director, choreographer where you can be really right in the lap of the
8:34 am
audience, and they can have that exchange that is so vital and so immediate. so i think that's part of what makes it. ♪ downtown to skid row ♪ >> reporter: the word i keep on hearing is that this place is intimate. >> it's a different experience. i think what even makes this show work is that it's intimate. they can feel and sense when things are getting scary or feel init when good things are happening and everyone happens to be in a good place and you're rooting for the hero of the story. >> reporter: opening night featured familiar faces including jonathan groff and christian borle. now the show welcomes newcomers cristina rae along with aaron arnell harrington. is this the first off broadway show for both of you guys? >> it's been, i mean, like a dream come true for this to be the first, you know, off broadway show for me and i guess i can say the same for you. >> yeah. >> it's been nothing short of a blessing. >> i love being here because we get to sing music that has soul
8:35 am
to it. like i'm for the funk. okay? and so when it comes to dancing and everything, we get to put our little attitudes into it. i'm just grateful to be here. >> reporter: zachary kiesch, abc news, new york. >> big thanks to zachary. and coming up, two words, free shipping. that's coming up next in today's "deals & steals." but first we're giving shoutouts to the moms in our lives, and it's my turn now. we got some pictures here. here's my mom, sharon. there we are in hawaii and, of course, my wife andrea, as well. and a shoutout to my stepmom leslie. these women have shaped me and saved me time and time again. i cherish all that you do and love you so much. happy mother's day. we'll be right back. ♪ you ever wonder why people are always on their phones? they're banking, with bank of america. look at this guy. he bought those tickets on his credit card and he's rackin' up the rewards. she's using zelle to pay him back
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when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie. all right, we are back on "gma." we've been celebrating our moms all morning long here and decided we need to take a moment or a mom-ent to surprise someone special. >> earlier this week eva's mom showed america how to make her korean short ribs, and now we think it's time to share something with her. >> mom. she's over here. i brought her here under the guise that i needed her to bring
8:40 am
ella for me. >> miss kim, we got a chair right for you right here. >> i don't think she was expecting it. >> good morning, america. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> she wasn't expecting to be on tv this morning. >> here we go. >> she didn't tell me that, yeah. >> snuggle up. >> yeah. she said make sure you put the makeup on. >> so now you've been on national tv twice in one week. >> how about that? i mean, debut on the tv. >> can i ask you a question? so eva's been telling us for years that she was this goody s the rules, never got in trouble. what's the true story of eva pilgrim the little girl >> give us the tea. >> she actually very good. >> see. >> really? >> yeah. >> we got verification from mom. >> look. >> because if she had been somewhere without i approved, i go over there and get her. [ laughter ] >> you'd bring her home. >> she stayed in line because you kept her in line. >> i put her on tiptoes. >> so you have two grandsons, we
8:41 am
know, but ella is your first granddaughter. this is your first mother's day with eva as a mom. what is this like for you? >> well, i'm so proud of her and first-time mom and she is such a good mom and she come so far. >> aww. >> wow! >> wow. >> we got you breakfast, mom. >> i know. >> big show of gratitude. >> look how many pancakes there are. janai wants one of them. >> i saw those pancakes, and i said, pancakes. >> i can share. >> yeah. breakfast in bed. we got you breakfast at the desk. >> how about that? that's pretty good. i'll take it. >> thanks, mom. i love you. >> aww, thank you so much. this is a treat. >> haven't even started the food yet. the weather is supposedly getting better. let's get a check of our weather with cheryl scott. mom, don't go anywhere. you actually have to help me with the next segment.
8:42 am
>> what? [ laughter ] >> all right. the weather is getting a little bit better for the second half of the weekend here on the east coast but another big story is the heat that is building here in the south. we're talking record heat. triple digit heat on the way for some of these cities in texas, san antonio, forecasted high, 102, the record for you is 100 today. so we'll likely beat that and then since it is such a special weekend, happy mom's day to my mom, all the moms out there. let's focus on our key cities. mothers hill, colorado, 91. strong winds. mothers arms, 88. sunny. flowers, mississippi, 91 and sunny.good morning to emeryville sun with the clouds clearing.lle it's going to be a cool day today though the winds kicking up for mainly 60s around the bay. 70 inland and then we're looking at another cool day tomorrow chance of showers. and some and some warm weather also on the way for the midwest this week. you've been dealing with
8:43 am
unseasonably cool weather, so i know you will like the sound of that. we're going to send it over to eva and mom. happy mom's day. time for "deals & steals" this morning with tory johnson who is bringing us fantastic products that all ship for free. just point your cell phone camera at the code on the screen to go right to the deals. and, tory, my mom and i love shopping. >> she just told me. so she can do it all. she cooks. i saw her with ella. now let's do some shopping. okay, so first up this cool company called nimble, when you are outside with ella, you need to have one of these to be able to keep your phone charged at all times. this charges phones faster than a lot of other chargers. we also have some other products from them. a wall charger that will go on the go. a charger that will high speed charge your laptop. so if you want to make sure that you are powered up all the time, nimble are the products for you. these start at $12.50 and two magic words, free shipping. >> thank you. >> free shipping. there you go. those words too.
8:44 am
veho, this is a great company if you like tech products. so we've got a couple of winners from them. we have their wireless speaker. it's a very retro kind of look. this is for gamers. so if mom or anybody in your life is into playstation, xbox, nintendo, this is a headphone that is especially loved by gamers. we also have their earphones in the front that will give you up to five hours of listening time and you can even take phone calls with them. the products from this company are great starting at $50 and two magic words, free shipping. free shipping. free shipping. >> thank you. [ laughter ] >> okay. pivot, this is a great product for wine lovers. it's called the pivot plus from coravin. >> yay. >> let's say today you want to have some red wine, tomorrow you want some white wine, you don't want to finish the bottle at once. this allows you to replace the cork with a special stopper and then it pours so that you can
8:45 am
pour a glass of wine today and it will preserve it with a special stopper for up to four weeks. so your wine will taste as good in four weeks as it does today and when you use this special pourer, it also aerates it as opposing to decanting so you get a smooth, silky, delicious taste of the wine. this one at 50% off is $64.50 and remember -- >> free shipping. >> yes, yes, yes. okay. >> good mother's day present. >> you got it. so we know their product, poo-pourri. this is the bathroom spray that everybody knows. but they also now have these great products that for any room in your house, and this is an odor eliminater and will eliminate 99% of odors, even cigarette odor in an instant so whether you use it on fabric, carpet, in the air and doesn't just mask it, it eliminates it. so for any kind of odor situation, they've got a product for you. we put together a bunch of bundles and they start at $17.50 and -- >> free shipping. >> you got it.
8:46 am
okay. butter london. so butter london makes really beautiful nail polishes, lipsticks. we've got a couple of collections from them. a couple of their new products as well. one of their new lip products or makeup products, i should say, is their lumi matte collection. it's kind of a no makeup-makeup look so you can look flawless but natural. >> natural. >> yes, exactly. plus, we've got all of their bright new colors for lips -- for nails, i'm mixing up lips and tips but have their nail treatments. one of their most popular is mellow the yellow, which is a really phenomenal thing. all start at $6 and -- >> free shipping. >> you got it. and finally we're ending on a note of comfort. blanquil, this is a weighted blanket. so inhear, hear -- >> i love it. >> -- inside is a 15-pound and 20-pound. you choose it based on your
8:47 am
weight and the duvet cover comes off for easy washing. this is like a gentle hug. helps you relax, destress to go to sleep. these are 50% off, $84.50. comes in three colors and, of course, with every -- >> free shipping. >> you got it. she's hired. let's bring her back next week. >> thanks, tory. all the deals on our website and we partnered with these companies. we'll be right back. check out this vrbo. oh man. ♪♪ come on. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ wait, you got pickles. you hate pickles. yeah, but you don't. buy one favorite like a quarter pounder and get another for just a buck right now at mcdonald's.
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on saturdays we talk about hot pink. on saturdays we talk about hot pink. the color popped on the red carpet earlier this week at the met gala and seems to be a blooming trend. fashion expert katie sands joins us with this breaking news and ways you can use it. so glad to have you here in hot pink and the shoes are to die for. it was all heart eyes monday night when sebastian stan and glenn close also hit the met gala carpet. lots of hot pink. tell us about it. >> lots of hot pink. so, first of all, i have heart eyes for sebastian stan whether in pink or not hot pink. i think if my husband is watching, he probably knows that already, but pink is the hottest trend. we were told by pantone that
8:51 am
it was going to be the year of periwinkle. but, no. people wanted bigger, brighter and bolder and wanted something more fun to lift their spirits as we started to leave the house after the pandemic. so pink is really it. you can see it on the fashion week here. valentino really brought this vibrant trend to the forefront. however, we're seeing it on the red carpet now and on street style and in fast fashion and sustainable fashion. the color is everywhere. >> seeing it on women and men getting in the mix as well. colman domingo at the oscars, lil nas x at the grammys, so many more. tell us about how these guys were rocking the style. >> pink is not just a barbie color anymore. it's really for all genres. we're seeing it on men like we saw at the grammys. we saw it, of course, at the met gala and talking about sebastian stan and his monochromatic look. it's for everyone. no secret mattel is coming out with a new barbie movie because it is the theme. it did start, i have to say, with marilyn monroe in "diamonds are a girl's best friend."
8:52 am
funny to see her right here and see that the color is now coming back in full throttle on the red carpet. >> so what are some ways people can start incorporating it into their wardrobe? it's a loud color. >> it is a loud color. i mean, i'm wearing it today. walked into the studio in this hot pink. people were like, okay, we see you. you can't miss the color, right? so you can incorporate it in so many ways in linen blazers like i'm wearing here or a little accessory. my shoes are extra because they're a little shiny and crystal colorful, but you can incorporate it with a crossbody bag. you can incorporate it like justin bieber did in the picture before with his beanie. you can have subtle little hints of pink but you can also have brighter hints of pink because it's a happy color and that's what we're looking for this spring and summer. >> it is. cheryl scott is in with us and she walked in in a hot pink coat and i said, girl, where is that? love it. katie, thank you for bei
8:53 am
8:54 am
out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
8:55 am
pulling off a su ♪ good morning ♪ pulling off a surprise. >> nicely done. i am surprised. >> yes. we've been admiring the shoes as well coming with the leopard print and the bling. the sparkle. >> yes. >> fashion forward and all the shine.
8:56 am
>> it's in this color now. >> i love it. collect the whole set. >> yeah. >> we love having you. >> guys, happy mother's day to all the moms. we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> happy mother's day. >> good morning. it is buster posey day before the game against the cardinals. giants fans can honor their all-time great and show their appreciation for his career the brought three world series championships. fans are asked to be in their seats by 3:15 for the pregame ceremony. in collaboration with buster posey day, the community fund is
8:57 am
hosting its junior giants club drive. fancy donate $28 will help support 12,000 junior giants who don't have their own baseball glove. donors will receive a commemorative' posey pin. traffic into san francisco could be more challenging than usual today. the giants are playing at oracle park at 4:15. at 5:30, the warriors tip off of memphis at chase center for game 3 of the playoff series. fans are advised to arrive early and take public transportation. if you're not going to the warriors game, you can watch it here only on abc 7. get a check of the forecast. lisa: sun and clouds behind you but now the wind will build. sfo. 53 in the city. 59, san jose. it is deceiving and it will feel pretty chilly out there. below average. pretty cold for me. 57, santa rosa. winds blowing in the east bay,
8:58 am
gusting to 24 miles per hour. look at san mateo. this is what is ahead today. breezy to windy. below average. for your saturday it is the sunniest day of the weekend. low 70's. chceving tomorrow, coming up. liz: up next, the latest into the investigation of the san jose police officer accused of misconduct. jfk drive and golden gate park is going car-free. the event that will make it official. abc 7
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: a plane goes down killing two people. investigators now trying to determine the cause of the crash. good morning. thank you for joining us. i am liz kreutz. we are going to have the latest on the crash in a moment, but let's start with a click -- a quick look at the mother's day forecast. lisa: we have a cooling trend underway. the wind will pick up. look at the view. you can see the unusual looking clouds due to the colder air. 58 in oakland. san jose is 59. 60 in santa clara. hayes from mount tam where


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