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tv   ABC7 News 430PM  ABC  May 7, 2022 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. are learning more today about a deadly plane crash in the marin headlands where two people were killed yesterday after the single-engine plane went down near the golden gate bridge. good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm dion lim. you're watching abc 7 news live here on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream. well, the ntsb is investigating the crash with crews on the scene through the weekend abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard. just got an update from federal. investigators just minutes ago and joins us live cornell. down that plane crashing just several hundred yards away from the golden gate bridge two people on board who lost their lives have not yet been identified but investigators are trying to figure out if fog
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played a part in this deadly crash. i didn't even know about estate truth. i was coming up the hill and saw the plane sticking into the side and new immediately was bad news cyclists in the marin headlands were taking in views of the golden gate, but this hillside plane crash stopped many in their tracks. yeah. really sad it looks like straight out of a movie national transportation safety board investigators for examining the charred wreckage of the plane where a pilot and passenger died officials. say the experimental single-engine bands rv-10 aircraft crashed on this ridge top around noon friday, so we know that the airplane took off from sacramento investigators say the planes destination was unknown an emergency beacon help first responders locate the wreckage at the time of the crash. there was heavy fog in the area. it was a pea soup fog friday afternoon investigators have not determined if weather was a factor in the crash, but confirmed the pilot was using
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vfr visual flight rules not instrument flight rules to navigate. they are typically used in bad weather. i know there was fog in ■the area. however, we will gather all that information all the meteorological information and and assess all that and see how the airplane interacted with that type of environment. investigators say the plane will be moved from them red headlines tomorrow and take into sacramento for further analysis. it may be months before we know what caused this crash for live. marin county cornell bernard abc 7 news. we will stay on top of it cornell many. thanks to you. to developing news in the war in ukraine. the government says all women children and elderly people have been evacuated from a besieged steel plant in mariopol where they had been taking shelter. the ukrainian military says russian forces have begun to blow up bridges to slow a ukrainian counter offensive in
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the northeast in kiev. the mayor is urging citizens to stay inside tomorrow during russia's annual victory d anne n president vladimir putin could formally declare war on may 9th allowing him to step up his campaign. well, the berkeley community came together today to show solidarity with the people of ukraine take a look. this was just one of at least four rallies held today in the bay area all part of a global day of action for peace in ukraine. that goal is to build a unified response with people around the world to denounce the war the next ukraine global day of action is set for june 25th. abortion rights supporters rallied in downtown san francisco today to defend a woman's right to choose. this lunchtime protest in march was organized by the group party
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for socialism and liberation participants. say the least supreme court memo about overturning roe v. wade jeopardizes are basic rights more protests our plan for tomorrow in san jose and in berkeley to the south bay where a task force today turn to the community for answers on how to stop the leading cause of death in the streets of san jose. traffic related fatalities are happening all too often in the city. the city's vision zero group held town hall at city hall this morning to hear out ideas on how to make streets safer for pedestrians drivers and cyclists. it is an urgent issue says the chair of the group. it's actually the the number one factor right now in the city. people are dying in our city. it's not gun violence, right it is it is traffic related collisions. and so that matters to all of us. so far this year 32 people have died on san jose streets because of traffic accidents 18 of those victims have been pedestrians. well today a special ceremony was held to celebrate golden
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gate park's jfk drive becoming car free permanently. there you stay to celebrate san francisco. mayor. london breeds signed that legislation which was months in the making the ceremony was held with entertainment and music along with activities for kids the san francisco board of supervisors. spent 11 hours in an intense debate last month and during the covid-19. pandemic jfk drive became a place for residents to exercise safely. all right, the san francisco giants they are honoring one of the greatest players to ever wear their uniform. that is number 28 catcher buster posey who retired after the 2021 season? and happening right now. take a look. this is a live view at oracle park. where a pregame ceremony just wrapped up to honor posey. it is buster posey day at the ballpark ahead of this afternoon's game against the
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cardinals now that ceremony on the infield brought out key members of the club. past and present it's former skipper bruce bocce current skipper gabe kepler and big boss. larry bear and our players as well. we also heard from the man himself posey the seven-time all-star who took this team to three world series championships. posey spent his entire 12-year career in the big league with the giants we do have much. are on today's pre-game ceremony coming up on abc 7 news at 11. and now to the warriors the western conference semifinals shift to san francisco as the warriors face off against memphis grizzlies tonight at the chase center. so let's get to abc 7 news sports director larry beale with a preview larry warriors expected to bring in the w,
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right. they are favorites in game three. we'll see how that goes and you know when they built chase center they were dreaming about days like this packed house inside thousands. outside in the sunshine watching on the big screen and thrive city is the warriors face the griz and game three that playoff series. let's take ■you insidechase now for a live. look as steph curry is warming up for game three and usually steph will start, you know around the foul line back up back up back up and then he's hitting shots from just inside the logo the band's amazing and so much fun to watch and warm-ups. tiff boss is at 5:30. just a few minutes ago. steve cour look ahead to game three. well, he trust me. he did look ahead to game three. i'll tell you what steve said later on in sports. that's a professional sports tease right there, but priority one two, and three for the warriors stop jaw morant. he had 47 from memphis in their win on tuesday. night got to figure out a way to try to keep him under control
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more coming up in a few minutes and be steve kerr. we'll see what a great team. now that was effective. no promises here. when it comes to sports larry, yeah, don't believe me. oh see you in a little bit. all right. don't forget game three of the nba playoff. us right here at abc 7 our warriors coverage begins right after this newscast at 5 o'clock. then of course stay with us for after the game. oakland today celebrated a mother's day tradition now in its 69th year my mom always welcomed everybody and found the best in them. now she is one of a select group of women named oakland's mother of the year her impact on the community. spencer christian, we're expecting a cool and breezy mother's day with a few sprinkles here and there i'll show you when and where in my accuweather forecast coming up when abc 7 news at 4:38 continues.
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. honor of mother's day weekend oakland park's recreation and youth celebrated the 69th annual oakland mother of the year award ceremony in a virtual event. this year's honoree is a longtime oakland resident francis. bianatti also known as fran she raised two children in oakland with her husband. and thank you again for this wonderful honor. and i hope i can uphold. and i thank everybody involved. i'll always cherish it.
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to the left mother's day to remember fran. owned ann's cafe for more than four decades. she fed people in need volunteered in neighborhood events and made an impact in the oakland community. congratulations. a group of girls learned today about the power of perseverance and pursuing their dreams in south san francisco. congresswoman. jackie spear held her annual when i grow up event for women's history month. goal is to encourage and inspire elementary and middle school girls to live up to their full potential a panel of women who? broken barriers spoke during the event including ledora's cordell the first black superior court judge in santa clara county's history, dr. grace hasid san francisco, mayor london breed and a familiar face abc 7 news. anchor kristen z. you aren't you know, the saying imitation is the sincere? of clattery and that is the case for a local nurse. all three of her children are following in her footsteps. the lathe life-changing moment
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for all of them. and taking a live look outside. believe me. it's there. there you go. there is a chance of rain, but as we see it right now sunny and warm and bright spencer christian coming up a little bit later with your accuather forecast. it is a huge day in sports. you saw a little bit of buster posey day the warriors playoff game with memphis and the run for the roses the 148th edition of the kentucky derby turned out to be one of the biggest upsets ever and down the stretch. they come later in sports.
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now with speeds up to 5-gigs. a nurse and fremont is inspiring her family to follow in her footsteps. christina rivera is an icu nurse at kaiser permanente in 2016. she was diagnosed with breast cancer and her children helped take care of her. she is now cancer-free. that's the great news and all three of her kids are becoming nurses. christopher is an icu nurse katherine is a nursing student. usf and charles will study nursing in the fall. with everybody's support and their love i went through it and i'm glad i did because it taught me that life is precious that you enjoy every moment. that your family is there and they will be there for you. see my mom be there for someone else and seeing what i can do for her that really translates into how i can be of service to my community and how i can be a nurse people. hmm he raised those kids right
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national nurses week is 6th through the 12th. nurses for their compassionate care. what a nice tribute for mother's day as well spencer. it's gonna be a nice mother's day. we'll see some sunshine tomorrow clouds will increase up in the north bay and they'll be a little bit of light rain mainly at the north bay as well. but overall, it's a nice day coming our way. here's a look at what's happening right now. we've got some pretty gusty conditions out there as you can see at the surface right now gusts up to 46 miles p today aill ben effect until 11 am tomorrow. so wave heights will be elevated. we can expect 7 to 10 foot breaking waveswimming and sur. condition, so please bear that in mind 24-hour temperature change shows that it's cooler by several degrees in most bay area locations than at this time yesterday, although a couple of degrees warm up at santa rosa, which is getting i guess a little bit of sunshine right now. here's the view from sutro tower
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looking out over san francisco under mainly clear. it's only 59 degrees here in the city right now 65 across the bay in oakland. we have upper 60s and mountain view, san jose and santa clara and a cool 55 at half moon bay. this guy's over the golden gate right now and you can see it's pretty breezy there, but distance up north you see a few. developing there. it's 72 degrees right now at santa rosa. so that's pretty mild petaluma 63-69 at napa a 73 at fairfield concord 70 and 65 degrees at livermore and here's the view from our rooftop camera and it's pretty breeze on the embarcadero and these are our forecast features clouds will increase overnight, especially in the north bay. most other regions will have mainly clear skies overnight and the north bay of course is where we expect the rain to begin tomorrow, and it probably won't spread very far. so we're talking about light scattered showers a mother's day mainly in north bay event, but there is the possibility that some of these showers could reach to other parts of the area, we don't expect them to be very widespread. so we're not talking about a very wet mother's day certainly
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not south or east of the golden gate chile and unsettled weather will be with us into the middle of next week. now the approaching storm ranks only one on abc 7 storm impact scale storm of light intensity and once again, i'll underscore light rain mainly in north bay event under a tenth of an inch of rain. locations. in fact most places will see only about a few hundredths of an inch and it'll be breezy at times now overnight. we won't see much except the development of clouds up the north bay those swing down into the golden gate area by midday tomorrow and then start to break up acceptably may redevelop in the far northern part of our viewing. and rainfall totals by the way will be again pretty light overnight lows mainly in the mid to upper 40s highs tomorrow will generally be in the low 50s at the coast about 60 around the bayshore line low 60s, inland and looking ahead to next week. you can see the unsettled weather with little chances of light rain going into the middle of the week and after that it'll be dry and getting warmer and the rainfall totals once again just a few hundreds of an inch. here's the accuweather 7-day
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forecast after we get past the first couple of the next couple days. i should say tomorrow and monday. start to get some brighter skies, but we can't expect a warm up until late next week and then by next weekend look for high temperatures inland getting up to around 90 degrees. now abc 7 sports with larry beale alright good afternoon sed playoff series tied at a game of peace after the split in memphis, and now the warriors have home court advantage for games three and four chase the dubs. hoping to get a better game out of klay thompson who's really struggled in the first two games maybe a chat with bill walton pregame will help well when i went to oregon and saw the treatment, oh, never mind 49ers head coach kyle shanahan john lynch courtside as well so far. just 11 of 38 from the field five. 22 from deep averaging less than 14 points per game in the series steve kerr looking forward to a big game 3 from clay. i think clay has been in a little bit of a rush, i think.
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he's trying too hard to get himself going and he just needs to be a little more patient. he's had some good looks but he's also for some others so he hasn't really gotten into a good rhythm. so that's hopefully something we can accomplish. one last friendly reminder. there's only one place to watch game 3 i you're not a chase, that is right. run abc 7 pre-game at 5pm tip off at 5:30. what a finish in milwaukee game three box. boston. giannis had 42 bucks up only by two with 4.6 to go marcus smart intentionally misses the free-throw grabs the rebound misses the fade away one tip another tip and then al horford tips it in but did it count watch the red light. oh, it's in his hand red light means no basket doesn't count giannis. happy bucks win 103 101 to take a 2-1 series lead we showed you just a few minutes ago bust your pos. day at oracle park the giants celebrating one of their greatest and most beloved players in team history a who's who of giants this afternoon bruce bocce barry bonds will
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clark matt, caine benji molina. there to honor the three-time world series champions seven-time all-star rookie of the year mvp gold glove winner comeback player of the year. it's like reading spencer christian's resume just to name a few items but a few moments. a tremendous celebration baseball has come full circle for me now. right now i'm experienced the game again through a child's eyes. as i coached my son. an oldest daughtever gref tt i got toear the wanted to wear another one my family and i look forward to sharing memories with all of you for years to come. thank you. such a class act asian twins facing former a sonny gray, minnesota to catcher ryan jeffers trying to throw out elvis andrews. look out there good reflexes from sunny to get out of the way who went for innings did not allow a run get decapitated like that james cap.
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he was great for oakland. this is the one mistake he made on his very last pitch of the day to jorge polanco gone one nothing, minnesota ace had a tying and winning runs on in the night two out and swiggamous christian bettencourt swinging to end it the gay's offense is mia. that's the way they feel right now. one. nothing twins is your final the a's have now lost eight in a row. rich strike is coming up on the inside. goodness what the kentucky derby red strike has done it and a stunning. unbelievable upset this is not rich strike came in with odds of 80 to one. you know who expected him to win nobody. down the stretch. he overtook epicenter who came in second and zandon was third rich strike. sunny leone paying $160 to win
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on a $2 bet that almost nobody made and the crazy even crazier story about rich strike is as of yesterday. the horse was not even in the field one other horse dropped out rich strike is in and now a kentucky derby champion. that's good stuff. that is an underdog story. yeah i've ever heard one. okay, larry. thanks and hey even recognition for buster posey his recognition of supporting young baseball fans when we returned as the team celebrates buster posey we take a look at how he helped children in underserved communities get in the game. join abc 7 for the virtual professional businesswomen of california conference, may 10th and 11th and hear from keynote speakers, mindy kaling lena waith rita moreno and more.
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community fund honored buster posey for his unwavering support for the junior giants program the group held their annual junior giants glove drive today to raise money to buy youth members their very own baseball gloves. this morning's fundraiser. also celebrated everything posey has done to help young players and that includes five year old katie a junior giant and die hard baseball fan. since i was four years old. and myself hot. it's about having fun and a loved one the patient ceramic. so precious during his time with the giants posey donated over
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7,000 gloves to junior giant
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the nba's biggest stars are on abc tonight. steph curry, back home. three threes away from 500 for his playoff career. and tonight, he is face-to-face with his heir apparent, the brilliant young ja morant. he had 47 in game two, including the final 15 for memphis. you can't ask for more. we're counting it down to the nba on abc, right now. >> we got championship dna and we want to utilize that. >> draymond green's been ejected. >> settle down. all right? ♪


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