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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 8, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. with the fate of roe v wade on the line abortion rights activists planning mother's day protests across the country some protesters say they are planning to show up outside catholic churches. good morning everybody. it's sunday may 8th. i'm liz kreutz and happy mother's day to all of you moms at home. let's start with a quick look of our mother's day forecast with our resident mom here. lisa arjun. happy mother's day to you lisa. thank you liz. yeah. happy mother's day to everyone out there. it's gonna be a cool one and breezy we even have an isolated chance. of a few showers out there as we look at live doppler 7. there's a system way to the north and that will be bearing down on the bay area. later on in the morning hours. and so we're looking at 50 right
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now in berkeley 51 in union city with 47 up in santa rosa. so as we look outside there the camera shaking a bit the winds are certainly going to be a factor today with 49 santa clara and emeryville camera looking pretty nice out there with temperatures in the mid 40s, although the temperatures are certainly cooler than they have been throughout the overnight hours compared to yesterday winds are already gusty over in oakland. novato and we're anywhere from four to five degrees colder this morning. so your mother's day forecast calling for temperatures to stay in the 50s to the low 60s for most of us and isolated shower. we'll call it a level one system. although most of you won't see much. rain, and we'll talk about totals and our warm-up for the week ahead in a few minutes liz. all right, lisa. thank you. today abortion rights supporters are planning to hold more rallies across the country to defend a woman's right to choose yesterday a protest in march was held in downtown, san francisco.
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that lunchtime protests in march was organized by the group party for socialism and liberalization participants. say the least supreme court memo about overturning way jeopardizes basic rights. at the event in southern california marcher said they won't stop fighting to protect women's rights. our message is people have to get in the streets right now. you do not want to go back to the days of back alley abortions if you do not want to live in a world of female enslavement, then you have to get in the streets and you have to fight. more protests are planned for today on this mother's day in san jose. there is a defend row protest at san jose city hall that starts at 11 am in berkeley. the raging grannies action league is hosting a procession. they'll be gathering at the intersection of allston way and martin luther king jr. way at 145 pm, and it's happening all today near the bay area book fair.
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all right plant abortion rights demonstrators. this weekend are causing concern for the oakland catholic diocese abc 7 news has learned that the diocese sent notice to parishioners telling them to prepare for possible disruptions to service the group. we just mentioned the raging grannies action league is holding their protests this afternoon leaders say now more than ever women's voices do need to be heard and they also add that there are no plans to disrupt church services and that their protests should be peaceful and coming up on this week as democrats push. notify the right to abortion martha raditz interviews. senator. amy klobuchar on the party's path forward if the supreme court returns roe v wade, you can watch the full interview on this week with george stephanopoulos at 8 this morning right here on abc 7. mother's day be a difficult day for families to indulge in saint anthony's foundation in san francisco is making sure all mothers are celebrated all weekend long. it's having a free clothing program for mothers who are experiencing hard times or homelessness. the program is set up a boutique
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like stores from others to browse freely donations are from the community and large. clothing stores moms are the backbones of families often and they hold it together and when you're facing adversity possibly homelessness, sometimes it's just nice to be simply treated as a human being with dignity. mothers attending the event will be given a free bouquet of flowers to commemorate the holiday saint anthony's is the largest free clothing program in san francisco serving 10,000 people a year. and today is the day all about moms. and a lot of people are expected to celebrate the mother figure in their life. however yesterday last minute shoppers flock to bay area flower shops in hopes of getting something very special for mom today abc 7 news reporter zach fuentes reports. there's an entire list of things. to get moms from others day. one thing that remains a forever staple this time of year is flowers, which makes for a big boost in revenue for local
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businesses who sell them to be honest with you is the most important weekend of the year. even more important than valentine's day and many people. in san francisco rushing to local flower shops like this one to pick up a bouquet. 2 i'll just give some flowers from my mom and my son's mom, you know, just doing a mother's day thing trying to keep everything going, you know, it's all about. yeah, i love the creators shoppers like jeremiah mims buying gifts from multiple mothers are exactly what makes this such a big weekend for flower shop owners like fred. are one person ordering four or five decades? for a mom grandma for mother-in-law for neighbor for somebody that know is nice to hear flowers. it's different than valentine's day valentine's day every person. is only one. but the mother's day is multiple and experts say people are willing to spend the extra cash for multiple bouquets and more this year. the national retail federation
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says consumers are planning to spend $25 more on mother's day purchases adding up to a record average of more than 245 dollars an extra $25 shoppers think is worth it. and that was zach fuentes reporting now one thing leading to the higher cost this year is inflation the floor shop owner. we saw says inflation is hit his shop and is purchasing prices. supply just isn't matching the demand. however, he does say this mother's day. he did not pass that cost on to his customers. health officials in santa cruz county are urging people to take precautions in protecting mom this mother's day their advising that people mask up to avoid the spread of covid and they recommend to stay home if you're sick be up to date on vaccinations and keep windows and doors open during visits according to metrics from the cdc. santa cruz county is one of three counties in california advancing into the moderate level of covid risk, and we're following developing news out of concord this morning.
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that is where police confirm that they are investigating is shooting outside of sun valley mall. they say that this happened in the parking lot on contra costa boulevard, like luckily. there's no reports of any injuries at time, but we are following that developing news and we will keep you posted as we learn more information. all right moving on now this morning. we're celebrating a golden state warriors win take a look live pictures of the koi tower with alternating blue and gold lights there. it's now down to two down and two more to go after the warriors handily beat the grizzlies in the series first game at chase center. the warriors came out in the third quarter last with guns blazing last night. they only held the lead by seven points at the half steph curry and klay thompson both had stellar nice with a combined. points jordan pool also was on fire with seven points of his own the warriors won 142-112 now leading the series by one.
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we have an interesting team, you know, if very talented and we can be erratic a little bit. i thought we were erratic in the first half, but it was coming from good place we were just playing so hard but trying too hard and the second half. we really settled down. we only had three turnovers moved the ball beautifully got a lot of great shots, you know, i'm a strong minded person. i will never let five for 20 game determine how i played the next game and i'm not a bounce back as well. so i was just proud of myself as being locked into night, but i'm not satisfied. i want to play great monday come out with the win tonight. we moved around this morning the warriors based off against the grizzlies and game four tomorrow night at 7pm at home at chase center. the warriors weren't the only big sporting event in town on saturday. just a mile away at oracle park. it was bust her posey day. and for the first time since he retired fans were able to participate in the public celebration of one of their
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favorite players abc 7 news reporter. ryan curry has highlights of the ceremony. under a gorgeous sunny day at leacork. w pere full of 28 jerseys all to honor one of the cornerstones of the franchise buster posey. at a ceremony honoring longtime giant dozens of former players coaches and team executives gathered to honor the catcher who helped the giants win three world series. i'd love the game for my whole life. so just really grateful to have been honored with this day from teammates and coaches and the fans and family and friends of very special posey spent over a decade wearing orange and black and those were the only colors he would wear throughout his whole career that type of dedication is what made him a what yhehat wresi
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you know, ten years the deep playoff runs the championships and the fan support made posey say it was tough to walk away from the game. i miss the relationships. i mentioned that i miss spending time with the guys but on the flip side of it. i'm getting to spend more of that time of my family, but even in retirement his celebration day would not be complete. without one last buster hug. i didn't realize when i was first draft, but it didn't take me longer realize just how especially it was to be a san francisco giant and i did my best to never take that for granted in san francisco francisco ryan curry abc 7 news. and lisa actually shaped up to be a decently nice day yesterday. hot and cold. yeah, the breeze kept it cool right now. we are on our way. to a even cooler afternoon with a breezy start and a chance of showers you're looking at our emeryville camera where it is in the low 50s highs over in the east bay not reaching 60 today will pinpoint those shower
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chances when we come back. all right, lisa. thank you. also, i had a tax could be getting worse in ukraine. why leaders there are sending a new warning this morning? join abc 7 for the virtual professional business women of california conference, may 10th and 11th and hear from keynote speakers. decaling lena waith rita moreno and more under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin
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took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. did you know that renovating your kitchen and bathroom is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home? i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations america's kitchen and bathroom renovators thanks mike! we make kitchen and bathroom renovations easy for everyone. we quote and design each project and help customers select all finishes without having to leave their home! wow! agm are the only kitchen and bathroom renovations specialists i recommend. ♪ ♪ [announcer] call now and get $3,000 off!
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♪ ♪ let's go to the latest on the ward ukraine now ukrainian leaders are awarded. that attacks could only worsen leading up to russia's holiday tomorrow, which celebrates nazi germany's defeat 77 years ago president. zelensky is also searching people to heat air raid warnings abc news reporter corina. mitchell has more is russia gets ready to celebrate victory day on monday the day soviet forces defeated nazi. germany. russian forces are intensifying their attacks in ukraine. these images posted by ukrainian government officials show a school in lance.
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they say was bombed my russian forces 90 people were taking shelter there 30 people were rescued saturday rescue efforts are resuming today. six missiles struck the port city uks m urockets hit a furniture factory in a residential area cia director william burns with a warning about russian president vladimir putin's new offensive. he's done a frame of mind in which he doesn't believe he can afford to lose meantime, the ukrainians are fighting back. they release dramatic new videos. they say shows drone strikes destroying a russian ship in the black sea also pushing the russians further. back from the car key region in the northeast and south in mariopol ukrainian officials say all women children and elderly civilians have made it out of the asubstal steel plant nearly six million people have fled ukraine since february first lady jill biden meeting with some of them while in romania heartbreaking the little girl.
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and then another home. i mean you could see it those. really have suffered karina mitchell abc news, new york and if you want to help the people in ukraine, we have put together a full list of verified groups. and nonprofits that are sending donations and supplies to refugees. it's on our website action. new details on that deadly plane crash marin headlands jesuit high school in sacramento did identify one of the two victims as jennifer fox they say she is the mother of one of their students. this comes as the ntsb investigates. what caused the crash abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard has the details. i didn't even know about estate truth. i was coming up the hill and saw the plane sticking into the side and new immediately was bad news cyclists in the marin headlands were taking in views of the golden gate, but this hillside crash stop many in their tracks.
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yeah, it's really sad. it looks like straight out of a movie national transportation safety board investigators for examining the charred wreckage of the plane where a pilot and passenger died officials. say the experimental single engine vans rv-10 aircraft crashed on this ridge top around noon friday, so we know that the airplane took off from sacramento investigators say the planes destination was unknown an emergency beacon help first resp. is locate the wreckage at the time of the crash. there was heavy fog in the area. it was a pea soup fog friday afternoon investigators have not determined if weather was a factorconfirmed the pilot was ug vfr visual flight rules not instrument flight rules to navigate. they are typically used in bad weather. i know there was fog in the area. however, we will gather all that information all the meteorological information and all that and see how the
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airplane interacted with that type of environment. and that was cornell bernard reporting. the plane records will be moved today according to investigators. the wreckage is headed to sacramento for further analysis, and it might be a while before the cause of the crash is officially known a suspected arsonist was arrested for allegedly sparking eight fires in concord early yesterday morning eight fires were spotted by chp on port chicago highway concord bart station highway 242 and highway 4 an individual was arrested and was turned over to the concord. investigation unit authorities are not releasing the individuals identity at this time. but lisa boy, was itlly windy yesterday? so that's certainly something that could be of concern. yeah, that's for sure and you know those winds are going to be with us again today. in fact, they could gust and excess of 40 miles an hour. we have a cold front on the way and it also could bring us a slight chance of some shower some isolated showers, but overall it's the cool temperatures and some of the cloud cover and that wind that
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you're going to notice out there my doppler seven right now. you can see there is the front up in the pacific northwest. it's got a long ways to go and as we look at temperatures we are in the upper 40s to low 50s, but going to move very much today anywhere from three to five degrees cooler than we were yesterday and look at the current winds 29 miles an hour in oakland. you can see across the bay getting a little breezy here from leo up to 17 miles an hour and they'll continue to build as that front pushes through there's a look from our sutro tower camera where it is certainly kind of sparkly out there, but the camera is shaking right clear and chilly this morning and a chance of light showers on mother's day below average monday and tuesday even some of the higher elevations could see a chance of a thunderstorm. here's the way it looks then as we get through the morning hours where you can see the rain showers from napa, perhaps through marin and as get a little further south of the golden gate they begin to fall apart. so there's not a whole lot to
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it. but the chance remains with higher elevations getting some of those cumulus clouds building throughout the day snow levels anywhere from 3 to 4,000 feet. so it's certainly a cold air mass and it's going to continue into monday and tuesday. there's a look at the rainfall totals anywhere from one 100 to about five 100s up and yountville, so there could be a little bit of hit or miss show. activity and certainly some slick roadways. look at the winds ten o'clock 25 to 30 miles an hour and then right on. a day they continue to build and they'll be those gusts there anywhere from 35 to 40 miles an hour, so they'll begin to dial back. once that front pushes through a mix of clouds and sun throughout the afternoon winter weather advisor on the west slopes of the sierra here anywhere from four to eight inches of snow above 5,000 feet and we're looking at the resorts here picking up anywhere from three to five inches, so certainly not bad for may standards, but as we
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look at the highs today, wow, it is be cool. this is may and has only in the upper 50s out there 58 in fremont and livermore 61 in san jose and you notice to the north there still some rain as we get through the afternoon that unstable air could create the possibility of a thunderstorm the accuweather seven-day forecast level 1 system today for mother's day pretty windy out there remains breezy with an isolated shower perhaps tomorrow tuesday. it's still cool. it's gonna be the middle of the week when we begin to see the temperatures turn around and thursday friday and saturday. wow, look at that. we're warming back up to above average list. all right. thank you lisa words of gratitude from the family family of the late south bay politician. icon normanetta on saturday friends family and community members joined in a heartfelt zoom memorial organized by the nonprofit apia vote the audience shared wonderful memories about secretary minetta with rose from the san jose mayor's office to serving on the cabinets for two
5:21 am
american presidents his son david had a message for everyone. but know our community is fundamentally stronger for the love you gave him. and he gave us back. it is not hyperbole to say the imprint on the collective american experience is fundamentally. different because of it it is what we know as a basic truth in the very large. ended family of norman y minetta and his dad would always say. thanks a millie. secretary minetta died on tuesday. he was 90 years old elon musk has big plans for twitter and its future revenue. the entrepreneur says he wants to boost the social media platform's annual revenue to more than 26 billion dollars by the year 2028 the new york times reports. that would be a jump from five billion dollars last year most closed on a deal to buy twitter last month for $44 billion dollars in cash. the billionaire has promised to
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philips. age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in... crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond. families will auction hundreds of prize artworks and paintings from their private collection pieces that rival some of those owned by the british royal family abc 7 news anchor weather spent weather anchors spencer christian visited the home of oil air gordon getty to talk about what prompted this extraordinary sale. it's a story. you're only going to see here on abc 7. going inside the home of gordon getty is a treat unlike any other the 1913 mansion and pacific heights has spectacular views of the pal. and arts and the bay inside the home is exquisitely decorated many of the items like this george the second console and
5:25 am
chairs date back to 18th century england while gordon managed the family fortune. he inherited from his father oil. tycoon j. paul getty his wife and traveled the world to acquire fine art and furniture to decorate their california homes and passed away two years ago and gordon who is now 88 years old wants others to enjoy the spectacular beauty of these timeless pieces. there's no reason be having all that stuff. it seems to me they belong either museums and the others was at least goes to those who prize them. i know what they are and see that they are passed again to understanding hands. acquiring remarkable art is not new to the gettys j. paul getty created a museum with his collection of artwork. gordon. getty is taking a different approach proceeds from the auction will go to the anne and gordon getty foundation for the arts which will provide grants to groups in the arts education and sciences is everything going to be sold about everything
5:26 am
salable you want to be so this i think i don't think i reserved that are in a thing for sentimental reasons. and getty didn't have just a collector's eye. she had a vision this photo from 1979 shows the intricate decorations. it's totally original. i think it's probably the most important interior in the 20th century in america and get a used objects. she acquired to tell stories and create patterns one of the centerpieces of the home was this 18th century painting by canaletto a similar painting is part of the royal collection in windsor castle the way in which things talk to each other the sheer joy of the objects sitting next to each other having their little chats. this is the work of a really original might. those marvelously decorated rooms have now been left bare christies will auction about 1200 pieces that adorned to the getty's home. they include this colorful painting of a chinese vase by
5:27 am
unri matisse. it was one of anne getty's favorite works who's at the top of the staircase mr. mrs. getty would go past it. three times a day on their way up upstairs their bedroom on the way downstairs in the morning. christie's photographed the home in detail for the auction. the images will be viewable online. i can't promise complete reproduction of the house. that would be impossible, but i can offer a good semblance of what it was like to be there and to a really appreciated the genius of the eye of anguity. the collection is expected to generate 180 million. hours, the money will go to several organizations including the university of san francisco the san francisco symphony the san francisco. and the san francisco conservatory of music. i can't remember when i wasn't composing. getting his heart has always been in music. fight being the richest person in the united states in the 1980s. he has always pursued his lifelong passion for music. he earned a degree from the san
5:28 am
francisco conservatory of music and he has written several operas and composed many coral and piano works my wife had this gift for for the visual arts and me an interest whether or not a gift in in the ear arts if i've been born in to rags instead of riches. i would still be a composer and still be a you actually do have a anyone desire to make the world a better place. well the pockets of gordon getty have plenty in them and it's okay to die. rich, but you must leave a little to your family if they need it. leave what they need, but then it should go to humanity. in san francisco spencer christian c7 news incredible and the anna gordy getty collection will be auctioned off in october. but a fascinating story. all right, so to come on abc 7 mornings, we're going to take you to cuba for the latest on that deadly hotel explosion. plus there is growing concern over a troubling trend of
5:29 am
hepatitism outbreaks in young children, and now there are reports of more than a hundred cases across the country. for you i wish many things... to see all the world can be. but most of all... i wish you'll never stop wishing.
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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. again for joining us on this half hour. happy mother's day to all of you. thanks for waking up with us. and lisa. let's go check out the mother's day forecast. you're saying rain might be on. yeah, there are a few showers that are going to line up and breezy winds already as we look outside. there is clear sky and areas of sun to get you started but temperatures look at that mount diablo dropped a 31 degrees mid to upper 40s and our inland valleys with about 50 at the san carlos airport and novato look at the winds 28 to 29 miles an hour from southern moran across the bay down the peninsula they'll continue to build for another windy and even cooler. today four to five degrees cooler from where we were yesterday and there's that cold
5:32 am
front nine o'clock a slicing through parts of the north bay napa into southern maryland it kind of falls apart as it pushes through before noon time, but we're left with very breezy winds chilly temperatures and the chance of a few isolated showers mainly over the upper elevation. so highs today only near 60 degrees even in our warmest location, so it's gonna be a cool cool start to the week, but not as cool as we're experiencing today on mother's day, so we'll talk about it in detail when you we see you next liz. okay lisa. thank you new developments on the hotel explosion in havana cuba the death toll from that explosion is still rising authorities from the red cross now say 32 people were killed and 19 remain missing 64 injuries are also being reported officials. say the explosion is thought to be caused by a gas leak the blast blowout out several floors of the building. and in the south bay a task force is turning to the community for answers on how to stop the leading cause of death
5:33 am
the streets of san jose. traffic related fatalities are hopping all too often in the city right now. the city's vision zero group held a town hall at city hall this weekend. ideas on how to make streets safer for pedestrians drivers and cyclists. it's an urgent issue says the chair of the group. it's actually the the number one factor right now in the city why people are dying in our city. it's not gun violence, right it is it is traffic. did collisions and and so that to all of us? so far this year 32 people have died on san jose streets because of traffic accidents 18 of those victims have been pedestrians. well ceremony was held to celebrate golden gate park's jfk drive becoming car free permanently. here san francisco mayor london breeds sign the legislation which was months in the making the ceremony was held with entertainment music and
5:34 am
activities for kids the san francisco border supervisors spent 11 hours in an intense debate last month during the covid-19 pandemic jfk drive became a place for residents to exercise safely and they wanted to keep it that way. a warning to parents from health providers to be on alert and that is because of a rare and mysterious hepatitis outbreak at least 109 cases have been reported. only in the last seven months including here in california five children who were sickened have died several of undergone life-saving liver transplants. the cause is under investigation. i think this cluster of cases, especially with the numbers of hospitalizations and the five deaths is very concerning. we still don't have all the data necessary to make an informed decision about what is driving this increase in cases. doctors say parents should look for symptoms of fatigue vomiting and diarrhea according to the cdc more serious. of liver failure include
5:35 am
jaundice yellowing of the skin and eyes and dark urine. there's an alarming prediction from the white house about covid tens of millions of americans could be infected with the virus by the end of the year as abc news reporter faith abube reports any surge will be far different than we've seen before. the biden administration believes as many as 100 million americans could become infected with covid-19 and a fall and winter surge their prediction from a senior administration official calling this one of many possible scenarios based on modeling, which doesn't even for potential new major variant. the white house is pushing congress to pass more than 22 billion dollars in covid relief funding the consequences here are quite catastrophic if we do not get funding. i mean my goodness, we're not going to have vaccines for the american people. we're going to run out of treatments for the american people. we're not going to have diagnostic testing at least 37 states were already seeing an increase in hospitalizations in new york city. the transmission rate is up nearly 33% in 10 days.
5:36 am
the city's mayor considering a return to vaccine and mask mandates if we switch to the next all right. sorry about but we will try to get you that update in just a moment, but meantime still ahead on abc 7 news the new sequel from marvel studios highlighting the master of the mystic arts is now out in theaters. we'll take a look at the reaction from some of the actors and here's a live look outside this morning. that's from the marvel event. here's the live look very beautiful start to this mother's day. we'll check in with lisa when we get back.
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an allergic reaction, or ketoacidosis. and don't take it if you are on dialysis. take aim at chronic kidney disease by talking to your doctor and asking about farxiga. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. ♪far-xi-ga♪ astrazeneca may be able to help. here's a live look from the golden gate bridge this morning. we will check in with lisa when we have a moment to talk about that rain on the way. all right, a sherpa has scaled mount everest for a record 26th time being the world record that he set last year 52 year old
5:39 am
kami rita sherpa climbed the more than thousand foot mountain yesterday along the traditional southeast ridge route. he led 10 other sherpa climbers everest has been climbed 10,657 times since it was first scaled in 1953 from nepali and tibetan sides. wow, pretty cool. okay, dr. strange and the multiverse of madness is now in theaters the latest marvel movie had two premieres earlier this week one in la and one in new york entertainment reporter sandy. kenyon was there what do you know about the multiverse give marvel? the movie called doctor strange and the multiverse of madness and the true believers will know exactly what to expect but the rest of us may be wondering. what is a multiverse imagine that there is a reality dissimilar very similar not a tall similar to this one happening in parallel to this benedict cumberbatch appeared on live with kelly and ryan this week as part of a publicity
5:40 am
blitz that brought him to a premiere on thursday. night as doctor strange the star had a crucial role in the most recent spider-man movie which grossed almost two billion dollars and got credit for drawing people back to movie theaters again, i think this is a rolling continuation of and i think these are films that are made to be seen in an exhibition space in a cinema to have a communal experience. the new movie is a showcase for the talents of elizabeth olsen who is coming off the hit disney plus. raise one division and plays the same character again. it was really amazing to get to play her now as this confident woman with this clarity and empowered by by being this mythic woman the scarlett witch and i get a milk get a lot in this film. ever expect to have this kind of career coming out of nyu.
5:41 am
no. i thought i would be doing a lot more theater and occasional independent films. it was in an independent film that olsen made a stunning debut martha marcy mae marlene showed her potential the kind of talent that very few possess talent that makes this marvel movie worth watching. i really hope this gets people into the theaters to have a good time and be entertained and be scared and go through for a ride. i'm sandy kenyon abc and disney is the parent company of both marvel. abc 7. alright lisa check outside bar at 38 degrees liz on top of mount tam with winds anywhere from 30 to 47 miles an hour and up in petaluma. you're overnight low is dropping to near 40. so not only the highs will be cooler than average the next couple of nights the lows we could even see some patchy frost so we'll talk about this little cool stretch.
5:42 am
we're in and shower chances and we come back. all right lisa. thanks also next an offensive explosion for clay. and the warriors is the dubs take a 2-1 series lead over the grizzlies chris alvarez will have the highlights and the postgame reaction coming up in sports.
5:43 am
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new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm. here's a live look from sfo this morning on this mother's day. it's a windy weekend and also some rain is on the way. all right, let's talk sports now later this morning, the a's will try to snap an a-game losing. oakland takes on the minnesota twins at target field first pitch is at 11:10, and the giants will try to get a split of their four-game series against the saint louis cardinals that game starts at 105 at oracle park tomorrow night the warriors and the memphis grizzlies will play game 4 of their playoff series at chase center last night the devs finally found their offensive rhythm blowing out the griz. here's abc 7 sports anchor chris alvarez with the highlights in this morning sports. good morning.
5:45 am
the series has shifted to san francisco. james 3:4 the warriors and grizzlies and the dubs got some home cooking on warriors ground saturday night. here we go, two game three series is tied steph and jfeecql steph. three points the first quarter but really turned it on later john mor. 84 points. here's three right before the half. that was crazy grizzlies down seven at the break, but the warriors came out firing after halftime clay for three. yes, and then off the draymond green a little one footer just like they teach he had 21. quick replay look at it. yeah, clay's healthy everyone splash. watch this play by steph. the footwork stops and lays it in 30 had 30 and then jordan poole. throws it down. he had 27 points fired up but a possible series changing moment jordan pool and john maranket and tangled morant hurting his knee right there after the game. he tweeted broke the code
5:46 am
warriors win 142-12. here's jordan on moran's injury. there's not the malicious about where jordan did there's no comparison to what dylan did or draymond like nothing. in that vein. so it's not a joke of matter john's hurt, but all the rest of us just total bs in terms of the conversation right now. it was a we went to travel, you know, it's a basketball played tough play. obviously, i'm not even a type of player. who was it? who wants to hurt anybody or you don't want to see jago down? you don't want to see you know, the other team's best player go down and obviously all like so much respect to him. buster posey date oracle park giants and cardinals his kids they're not the first pitch in dad playing catcher one more time. how cool is that giants played inspired on saturday bottom one bases loader for wilmer flores, and that is a grand slam he batted with the base loaded three times and collected six rbi bottom of the second mauricio. on scuffling a bit to start the
5:47 am
season this has to feel good 400 feet to the veggie garden his first of the year six three san francisco still in the second darren rough. also trying to break out his first of the year as well made it 8-3 giants win 13-7 and they snapped that nasty five-game slide a's in twins facing former a sonny gray. watch minnesota catcher ryan jeffers trying to throw out elvis and whoa, watch out he went four innings and didn't allow a run but take a look again. quick thinking for sonny gray. all right, james capri and pitch great for oakland, but he made one mistake and was his very last pitch of the day to jorge polanco one. nothing on that swing in the back the homer so the a's at the time winning runs on in the ninth with two out. christian bethan court strikes out a's lose one. nothing oakland is now lost eight straight games. that is your look at sports. have a great sunday. send it back to you. and it is a great sunday lisa. we're celebrating moms. thanks, liz. all right. yeah. happy mother's day everyone.
5:48 am
it is gonna be cool and breezy out there a few showers. this would be nice wouldn't it but it's not gonna hold together. it's going to fall apart as it pushes through the bay area. we do have a chance and as as we look outside here. from vollmer peak. it is 31 degrees on top of mount diablo winds are gusty 38 degrees on top of mount tam. it is 49 downtown as well as mountain view and santa clara and from sutro you can see it's clear now that's going to change we'll get into some more clouds. in throughout the day 50 in concord it is 5 in livermore so our 24-hour temperature change right now is three to six degrees cooler, but we'll continue to have this throughout the day today as highs are even cooler than yesterday about 60 is the warmest we can do throughout our inland valleys oakland now surface winds near 30 miles an hour. you can see half moon bay and up towards novato they're going to get to near 40 miles an hour right here along the coast, but no wind at all yet and looking at the clear sky so clear and chilly to start.
5:49 am
out chance of late showers today on mother's day and we're going to remain below average overnight lows monday tuesday higher elevations could even see a thunderstorm. here's the track of that system. nine o'clock. you can see some showers from santa rosa right along the coast point reyes. maybe marin san rafael over into perhaps oakland. may be free month the hills. they are getting a few showers and then along the coast here missed and drizzle and it falls apart. but as we get into that cooler air some of the mountains here, the higher elevations will have those cumulus clouds and certainly we could wring out a few showers throughout the noon, here's a look at the rainfall totals anywhere from nothing to a couple of hundreds across the bay but up to the north. yes where you could see a thunderstorm and that front gets hung up. it could see a little more rain than that. look at the winds build throughout the day ten o'clock 25 to 30 miles an hour and then
5:50 am
they get to near 40 miles an hour. it's four o'clock. the front has moved through and the winds are quite gusty. we'll get some clearing but the winds will begin to settle down through the overnight hours and in the mountains, it's snow the west slopes four to six four to eight inches from 11 o'clock this morning through 11 o'clock tonight about 5,000 feet. and then if we look at the resorts in particular getting upwards of anywhere to four and five inches from donner and incline so kind of fun for me, right and it's gonna last a couple of days anyway windy conditions with mid 50s at the coast. are 60 inland with some isolated showers, but higher elevations could see some heavier showers the accuweather 7-day forecast the breeze will keep cool tomorrow and we'll look forward tuesday with the slight chance of show. temperatures continue to be a below average but struggling to make it through the upper 60s on wednesday and finally by next weekend liz we're going to be well above average.
5:51 am
typical right? so enjoy the cool weather if you like that it's not going to last too much longer. all right. good lisa. you know i like it warm. so kind of looking forward to all right. thanks. this is national nurses week and a nurse and fremont is inspiring her family to follow in her footsteps christ. vera is an icu nurse at kaiser permanente in 2016. she was diagnosed with breast cancer her children helped take care of her. well, she's now cancer free and all three of her kids are becoming nurses. christopher is an icu nurse. catherine is a nursing student at usf and charles will study nursing in the fall. with everybody's support and their love i went through it and i'm glad i did because it taught me that life. precious that you enjoy every moment that your family is there and they will be there for you. see my mom be there for someone else and seeing what i can do for her that really translates into how i can be of service to my community and how i can be a nurse people.
5:52 am
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here are the winning numbers from last night. 51 million dollar powerball drawing four five six twenty eight sixty seven the powerball number 10. nobody picked all six numbers and tomorrow night's jackpot increases to 59 million dollars and the winning number from last night's 8 million dollars super lotto plus drawing 1320 21 29 46 then again number number eight. nobody matched all six numbers in that drawing either and wednesday night's jackpot grows to 9 million dollar. if you're looking to catch bart this morning be aware in san exctcisco.
5:55 am
deorbart t authority will be single tracking from 8am to 7 pm tonight. that's between 24th and mission and daly city stations delays are expected up to 10 minutes or more while crews replace power cables three line service will be in effect because of the work being done today. and a group of girls learned about the power of perseverance and pursuing their dreams yesterday in south san francisco congressman. jackie spear held her annual when i grow up event for women's history month the goal is to encourage and inspire elementary and middle school girls to live up to their full potential. a panel of trailblazing women spoke during the event and there was also the first black superior court judge in santa clara county's history there dr. grace hasid san francisco mayor london breed and our own abc 7 news. anchor kristen z. what a great event. good to see kristen there. all right next on abc 7 mornings at 6 am protests for abortion rights are planned all across the country on this mother's day. we're gonna give you the details
5:56 am
on where and when they're supposed to happen and today can be a difficult holiday for families we take a look at one foundation helping moms out this weekend. and here here in every moment
5:57 am
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6:00 am
wade on the line a portion rights activists planning mother's day protests across the country some protesters say they are planning to show up outside catholic churches. good morning everybody. it's sunday may 8th. i'm liz scored. thanks for joining us and happy mother's day to all of you and all you moms out there and happy mother's day to you as well. that good morning. thanks you liz. good morning to you. happy mother's day. we're looking at a cool breezy unseasonably late season storm head. our way it's just going to be a few showers when it reaches the bay area, but they're on live doppler 7 you can see there's rain there's a lot of cold air and wind mount tam upper 30s right now with winds over 40 miles an hour. it is in the upper 40s to near 50 in san jose pretty view there of sutro where it is going to be another windy day across the bay area low 40s and petaluma. the winds are already building over in oakland san mateo the bay shore and you can see about 10 to 15 miles an hour but through novato and down along


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