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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  May 8, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> with the fate of roe v. wade on the line, activist plan a mother's day protest across the country. some say they are planning to show up outside catholic churches. good morning it, it is may 8. happy mother'ay dthanks for joi. let's start with the forecast with lisa. s day to all the moms out there, getting some rest and relaxation. it started out nice and bright. we are looking at increasing clouds in the north bay. it looks like an aggressive front, it's not going to deliver. we might see if you like
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showers. we are looking at some wet weather, even the snow with lowering levels. that's a pretty picture there with some clouds, it is 50 in the city and 55 in san jose. it's a beautiful view, it doesn't feel like may. that rings us with the wind to talk about, 20-30 miles per hour in concord. it will be a much cooler finish with gusty winds and highs today from the upper 50's to the low 60's. a level 1 system, we will track that for you. liz: supporters will hold more rallies across the country to defend a woman's right to choose. a protest and march was held in downtown san francisco. >> my body, my choice. liz: it was organized by the group party for socialism and liberalization.
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the leak supreme court memo about overturning roe v. wade jeopardizes basic rights. an event in southern california, they said they won't stop fighting to protect women's right. >> we have to get in the streets. if you do not want to go back to the days of back alley abortions, if you don't want to live in a world of female enslavement, you have to fight. >> we are going to make sure that women who can become pregnant have access to reproductive rights. abortion is health care. liz: in san jose, there is a defend roe demonstration. the raging grannies will have a procession gathering at the intersection of alston way and martin luther king jr. way. that is near the bay area book fair. those planned demonstrations are causing concern for the oakland catholic diocese. we have learned that the diocese
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sent notice to parishioners, telling them to prepare for disruptions to services. the raging grannies action league responded, saying women's voices need to be heard. they have no plans to disrupt church services. their protests should be peaceful. mother's day can be a difficult day for families to indulge in. saint anthony's foundation is making sure all mothers are celebrated all weekend long. there is a free clothing program for mothers experiencing hard times or homelessness. the program will set up a store for mothers to browse freely. donations are from the community and large clothing stores. >> moms are the backbones of families. they hold it together. when you're facing adversity, it's nice to be simply treated as a human being with dignity. liz: mothers attending the event will be given a free bouquet of flowers to commemorate the holiday. saint anthony's is the largest
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free clothing program in san francisco, it serves 10,000 people per year. today is the day that is all about mom. a lot of people will celebrate the mother figure in their life. yesterday, shoppers flocked to lower shops in hopes of getting something special for mom today. >> there is an entire list of things to get moms for mother's day. one thing that is a staple is flowers, which makes for a big roost in revenue for local businesses who sell them. >> it's the most important weekend of the year. even more important than valentine's day. >> many people in san francisco are rushing to flower shops like this one to pick up a bouquet or two. >> i'm just getting some flowers for my mom, trying to keep everything going. >> shoppers are buying gifts or multiple mothers, that's what
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makes this such a big weekend for flower shop owners. >> one person buys several bouquets, for mom, for the mother-in-law, for neighbors, for somebody they know. it's nice to give flowers. it's different than valentine's day. in valentine -- on valentine's day, everyone just buys one. >> people by next to bouquets and more. the national retail federation says consumers are planned the spend $25 more on mother's day purchases, adding up to $245. an extra $25, shoppers think it's worth it. liz: one thing leading to the higher costs is the inflation. the floral shop owner said inflation has hit his shop and his purchasing prices and supplies not matching demand. he did say that this mother's
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day he decided not to pass the cost onto consumers. officials in santa cruz county are urging people to take precautions in protecting mom. they are advising to mask up to avoid the spread of covid. they recommend staying home with your sick, be upped up -- up-to-date on your vaccinations. according to the cdc, santa cruz county is one of three in california advancing into the moderate level of covid risk. we are following news out of concord. police confirmed they are investigating a shooting outside sun valley mall. it happened in the parking lot. luckily, there are no reports of injuries at this time. the warriors are now two wins away from advancing to the western conference finals after they blew out the grizzlies in the first game at chase center. the warriors came out on fire after leading by seven points at
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halftime. steph curry and klay thompson had huge nights with a combined 51 points. jordan poole added 27 points. the warriors beat the grizzlies 142-112. >> we have an interesting team. they are very talented. we can be erratic. i thought we were erratic in the first half. it was coming from a good place. we were playing so hard, but trying to hard. in the second half, we settled down. we move the ball beautifully and got a lot of great shots. >> i'm a strong-minded person. i will never let a-game determine how i play the next game. i was proud of myself or being locked in tonight. i'm not satisfied. i want to play great monday. liz: we will have more highlights in sports. they face in game four tomorrow
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at chase center. the warriors were not the only big sporting event in town. at oracle part, it was buster posey day. for the first time since he retired, fans were able to celebrate one of their favorite players. ryan has the highlights of the ceremony. >> under a gorgeous sunny day and oracle park, the stands were full of 28 jerseys, two honor one of the corner styron's -- cornerstones of the franchise. at a ceremony honoring the longtime giant, former players and coaches gathered to honor the catcher who helped the giants win three world series. >> i have love the game my whole life. i am grateful to be honored, from teammates and coaches and fans, family and friends. it was very special. >> spent a decade wearing orange and black, the only he would wear in his career.
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that is what made him a fan favorite. >> he was a great play caller. he was able to call good games. he was great defensively. he was a rock. he was what you could build a team around, and they did that for 10 years. >> the fan support made him say it was tough to walk away from the game. >> i missed the relationships. i miss spending time with the guys. on the flipside, i am spending more time with my family. >> his celebration day would not be complete without one last buster hug. >> it didn't take me long to realize how special it was to be a giant. i did my best to never take that for granted. liz: lisa has a check of the forecast. lisa: it's a clear and cool start, now some clouds in the north from our roof camera.
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low 50's, only in the mid 50's today with very gusty winds. we could see isolated showers for mother's day. even into monday, we will talk about when we warm up next. liz: jill biden makes a trip to ukraine. the special meeting she had during her trip. are you looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom? i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations thanks mike! too often, homeowners hire the wrong contractor. ivan, i see this all the time. delays, shortcuts, hidden fees - nightmares. at agm we use the top trades, and each project is finished on time, on budget, backed by a five year warranty. that's why agm are the only kitchen and bathroom renovation specialists i recommend. ♪ ♪ [announcer] call now and get $3,000 off!
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want more restful sleep? nature's bounty gives you more with sleep3. the first ever triple action sleep supplement with 3 unique nighttime benefits to help you get a great night's sleep and wake feeling refreshed. live bountifully. nature's bounty. of the skyline. let's get to the latest on the war in ukraine. jill biden spent part of mother's day making a trip to a small city in the far southwestern corner of ukraine, a city in just the corner. she met with the ukrainian first lady. she has not been seen in public
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since the start of the war in february. they spoke at a school that serves as a temporary housing for displaced citizens. she sent a letter to joe biden early. the two first ladies have exchanged correspondence in recent weeks. the surprise meeting comes as ukrainian leaders are warning that attacks could only worsen enough to the russian holiday tomorrow, celebrating nazi germany's defeat. president zelenskyy is urging people to heed air raid warnings. >> as russia gets ready to celebrate victory day on monday, the day soviet forces defeated nazi germany, russian forces are intensifying their attacks in ukraine. these images posted by the government official show a school they say was bombed by russian forces. 90 people were taking shelter there. 30 people were rescued. rescue efforts resumed today.
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six missile struck the port city of odessa saturday. the military command said four rockets hit a furniture factory in a residential area. the cia director has a warning about vladimir putin's new offensive. >> he's in a frame of mind where he doesn't believe he can afford to lose. >> the ukrainians are fighting back. they released video that showed drone strikes destroying a russian ship in the black sea. they are pushing the russians further back in the northeast and south. ukraine official say all women and children and elderly civilians have made it out of the steel plant, 6 million people have fled ukraine since february. jill biden is meeting with some of them while in romania. >> was it heartbreaking? she said her wish was to be with her daddy. another said my wishes to go home. those children have suffered.
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liz: if you want to help the people in ukraine, we have a full list of verified groups and nonprofits sending donations and supplies. that is on our website new details on that deadly plane crash. jesuit high school identified one of the two victims as jennifer fox. she was the mother of one of the students. this comes as the ntsb investigates the crash. cornell barnard has details. >> i didn't know about it. i was coming up the hill and saw the plane to the side. >> cyclists were taking in views of the golden gate. this hillside plane crash stopped them in their tracks. >> it looks like straight out of a movie. >> the ntsb was examining the charred wreckage of the plane, a pilot and passenger died.
9:17 am
the experimental aircraft crashed on this ridgetop noon friday. >> we know the airplane tucked off -- took off from sacrament to. >> the destination was unknown. an emergency beacon helped them find the wreckage. there was heavy fog at the time of the crash. >> it was peace soup fog. >> investigators have not determined if it was involved in the crash. the pilot was using visual flight rules. they are used in bad weather. >> i know there was fog in the area. we will gather that information, all the meteorological information and assess all of that and see how the airplane interacted with the environment. liz: that was cornell barnard reporting. the wreckage will be moved today. the wreckage is headed to sacramento for further analysis.
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it might be a while before the cause of the crashes known. and arsonist was arrested for sparking eight fires in concord early yesterday morning. eight fires were spotted by chp on port chicago highway, highway 242, highway 4. the individual was turned over to the fire investigation unit. authorities are not releasing that individual's identity. as we talk about the fires, we talk about the wind. lisa: it's very windy and the winds will increase. we have a cold front through the bay area. in the north bay, you could see more rain. it could be mixed in with freezing precipitation. we are getting a rain snow mix.
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there is our suite. we have a few sprinkles. perhaps a little rain and snow mix, from this camera, look at the cloud cover. we are looking at temperatures only in the 30's. it was 31 this morning. now we are up to 35 with wins over 40 miles per hour. 51 in the city, 55 in oakland. it is 52 in half moon bay. we have spun the camera around, you can see how shaky it is. we have a few of the ocean where temperatures are going to be well below average across the bay area. you may not even get past 53 or 54 on the coast. it will be 55 in napa. our 24 hour temperature change, 3-5 degrees colder this morning. look at the surface wins. it is 20 miles per hour in
9:20 am
livermore. it has been breezy to san mateo. airport landings and takeoffs may be tricky today. upper elevation wins are over 35 miles per hour. it is in the mid 50's here in santa cruz. it looks beautiful, visibility has been good. there is a chance of light showers throughout the first half of the day. upper elevations, perhaps tomorrow as well, temperatures will be well below average, 15 degrees below average. there is a line of showers that should hold together and move through napa, marin, even into san francisco and the east bay. a light scattered shower is not out of the question as far south as san jose. we will get some sun and more wind. that air will allow for more rain in the northern mountains. looking at the mountains, it hasn't changed, just a glancing
9:21 am
blow, look at the wind. 30-40 miles per hour through the afternoon, that is with the passage of the cold front. it's going to take a while for the wind to subside. we will have snow in the mountains, 4-8 inches above 5000 feet. the actual snow amounts could range from three inches in southlake to five inches in tahoe city. a gusty afternoon and a partly cloudy sky, upper 50's in the forecast. that is a level 1 system. higher elevations could see a thunderstorm. it is well below average tuesday. we are above average, 90 inland and 80 bayside. it is still cool at the coast i friday. -- by freddie. liz: we will take you inside the getty mansion. we will show you the treasures
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be -- it will rival some of those owned by the british royal. spencer christian visited the home of gordon getty to talk about what prompted the extraordinary sale. it's a story you will only see here. >> going inside the home of gordon getty is a treat unlike any other. the mansion at pacific heights has spectacular views of the palace of fine arts in the bay. the home is exquisitely decorated. many of the items like this console and share date back to 18th-century england. oil -- his wife traveled the world to acquire fine art and
9:25 am
furniture to decorate their home. she passed away two years ago. gordon who is now 88 wants others to enjoy the spectacular beauty of these pieces. >> there's no reason for me to have all that stuff. they belong in museums. we want to see that they are passed to understanding hands. >> remarried mark -- getting it remarkable art is not new. gordon getty is taking a different approach. proceeds will go to the getty foundation for the arts, which will provide grants to people in the arts, education, and sciences. >> about everything salable will be sold. i don't think i reserve things for sentiment reasons. >> she had a vision.
9:26 am
this photo from 1979 shows the intricate decorations. >> it is totally original. it's the most important interior in the 20 century in america. >> she used objects to tell stories and create patterns. one of the centerpieces was this painting. a similar painting is part of the royal collection in windsor castle. >> the way in which things talk to each other, the drawing of the objects sitting next to each other. this is the work of a original mind. >> those marvelously decorated rooms of been left bare. christie's will auction 1200 pieces. they include this colorful painting of a chinese vase. it was one of her favorite works. >> mr. and misses getty would go past it two or three times a day to go to their bedroom.
9:27 am
>> christie's photographed the home. the images will be online. >> i can't promise complete reproduction of the house. i can offer a good semblance of what it was like to be there. and to really appreciate the genius of the eye of an getty. >> this will generate $180 million. the money will go to several different organizations, including the symphony, the opera, the conservatory of music. >> i can't remember when i wasn't composing. >> despite being the richest person in the united states in the 80's, he has pursued his passion for music. he earned a degree from the san francisco conservatory of music. he has written several operas. >> my wife had this gift for the visual arts.
9:28 am
i had an interest in the ear arts. i would still be a composer and poet. >> you have a desire to mark -- make the world a better place. >> it's ok to dial rich. you should leave a little to your family if they need it. it should go to humanity. liz: the collection will be auctioned in october. stick with us. we will be right back.
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9:31 am
lisa: we are looking at a cold front. it is going to hold together to bring some showers for the north bay. isolated showers elsewhere. could be getting wet in the next hour or so. 51 san francisco. 55 san jose. low 50's santa rosa. the temperatures are fairly uniform. the winds have been building and they will go from 30 to over 40 along the coast. three to five degrees cooler than yesterday. 10:00 11:00 into the noon hour. that cool air is going to stick around.
9:32 am
liz: police are investigating the mystery deaths of tourists stating how to popular resort. >> families are searching for answers after a dream vacation turned into a nightmare. officials hunting for clues after three americans were found dead an island off the bahamas. known as a luxury travel destination. the bahamian health minister says two men and woman were found dead in two separate villas after they went to a clinic with nausea and vomiting symptoms earlier in the week. >> subsequently they began to improve. the extent of the illness is still unclear. >> discovering one of the victims with no signs of trauma identified as vincent.
9:33 am
he was celebrating his anniversary. their son saying his mother woke up finding his dad lying on the floor. >> usually when people are transferred especially airlifted , they are typically in critical condition. >> police finding a man and a woman unresponsive the sandals resort issuing a statement saying we are working to support the investigation as well as the guests families. some american tourists now uneasy about their stay at the resort. >> it definitely gives me a cause for concern. it is super recent and we are staying there today day later. it definitely just makes me
9:34 am
wonder what happened. >> authorities are waiting for the toxicology report to determine the likely cause of death. liz: new develop and's on the hotel explosion in cuba. the death toll is still rising. authorities say 32 people were killed and 19 were missing. 64 injuries are being reported. there is an alarming prediction from the white house about covid. tens of millions of americans could be affected by the end of the year. >> the biden administration believes as many as 100 million americans could be infected with covid-19 and a fall and winter surge. one of many possible scenarios
9:35 am
based on modeling. the white house is pushing congress to push more than 22 billion dollars in covid really funding. >> the consequences are quite catastrophic. we will run out of treatments for the american people. we are not going to have diagnostic testing. >> in new york city the transmission rate is up nearly 33% in 10 days. the city's mayor concerned. >> if we switched to the next level, we will take actions based on that. >> surges of covid-19 may be part of the new normal. health officials in china have set the number of daily new covid cases is declining. his exams helped many students
9:36 am
gain admission to colleges. liz: a warning from parents to health care providers to be on alert. a rare and mysterious hepatitis out break. five children who were sickened have died several have undergone lifesaving liver transplants. >> i think this cluster of cases is very concerning. we still don't have all the data necessary to make an informed decision about what is driving the increase in cases. >> parents should look for symptoms such as fatigue, vomiting and diarrhea. in the south bay, a task force is turning to the community for answers on how to stop the
9:37 am
leading cause of death. traffic-related fatalities are happening all too often in the city. it's an urgent issue, says the chair of the group. >> it's the number one factor in the city why people are dying. it's not gun violence. it's traffic related collisions. liz: 32 people have died on san jose streets because of traffic accidents. a special ceremony was held to celebrate golden gate park's jfk drive coming car free permanently. san francisco mayor london breed signed the legislation. the ceremony was held with
9:38 am
entertainment, music and activities for kids. the board of supervisors discussed this. jfk drive became a place for residents to exercise safely. still ahead on abc seven mornings. >> it's really helpful to see parents of older twins. >> if one kid is a lot to handle, try twins or triplets. a new group is making sure moms don't feel alone. here's a live look outside this morning. go ok, floor and decor, show me what you've got. this tile says "spa day, all day." but this modern look is so me. how's that for on-trend and on-budget? at floor and decor, with our high-quality selectionv,
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floor and decor today! fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar?
9:40 am
it should. it's another bad scheme for california. liz: welcome back. here's a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. it's windy as well. this is national nurses week. a nurse in fremont is inspiring her family to follow in her footsteps. christina rivera is an icu nurse
9:41 am
at kaiser permanente. her children helped take care of her when she had breast cancer. all three of her kids are becoming nurses. >> with everybody's support and their love, i went through it and i'm glad i did because it taught me that life is precious, that you enjoy every moment. that your family is there and they will be there for you. >> seeing my mom be there for someone else and what i can do for her really translates into how i can be of service to my community. liz: national nurses week is may 6 through the 12th. he saw that wind yesterday. it was really windy in my neighborhood.
9:42 am
>> no rain expected here. the highs only in the low 60's. blustery winds. there is the chance of a few showers in the next couple of hours closer to home. we will pinpoint that for you in the next few minutes. liz: an explosion. kirk way thompson and the warriors take a lead over the grizzlies. chris alvarez will have the highlights and the postg if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs. but when you choose comcast business internet,
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with 3 unique nighttime benefits to help you get a great night's sleep and wake feeling refreshed. live bountifully. nature's bounty. liz: welcome back. here's a live look outside this morning. it's windy outside and that's a look from our emory bill camera. happy mother's day to all the moms out there. some say being a mom is the hardest job in the world, including being a mom of multiples.
9:45 am
>> it seems to be that more and more people are having twins, so our group has grown quite a bit just in the last few years. >> having twins is such a cool experience that i could never envision before having them. >> right now we have over 200 members. we share our experiences and our tips and tricks. definitely eye-opening when you get them all together and see them having play dates and stuff and learn from each other. it's really helpful to see parents of older twins. the group also has a new and expectant parent meeting we
9:46 am
attended a lot. anything from having people come stay with you to help. it's a great resource for lots of moms with lots of knowledge that are willing to share. >> the upswing of people who are participating in ivf contributes. a lot of people are waiting until later in life to have children so they can be established and own a house and have these things going for them and then they have children. that also plays a factor because as you get older, your body drops more eggs. >> it seems so hard right now somebody always needs you. parents of older twins come by and say we really missed those times when they were young. enjoy it while they are young. you're not going to get it back.
9:47 am
liz: happy mother's day to you. i wish your kids were in town, but i know you have been chatting with them. lisa: happy mother's day. should be at day to bundle up if you are going to head outside. rough sonoma county along the coastline. a little bit of rain and snow in clear lake. mount diablo was below freezing this morning with gusty winds. you can see a few returns so we will continue to see this front side of the south. we could ring out a couple hundreds. pretty clouds, gusty winds throughout the day. 51 in the city.
9:48 am
50 four half moon bay. now we are going to get some clouds in here. right now temperatures are in the upper 30's so still pretty cold. 52 santa rosa. mid-50's inland and temperatures are going to slowly climb inland and that's about it. ukiah 10° colder this morning and the winds are steadily increasing anywhere from 15 miles an hour in oakland to nearly 30 miles an hour sfo. they will get stronger with the front as it moves through. dilo aut 28 miles an hour. cloud cover with the wind kicking off. chance of light showers out there. upper elevations in the north bay will have a better chance of
9:49 am
maybe a little steadier rain. this is where the best chance comes in as we get towards the golden gate bridge. across the bay into oakland some spotty intermittent showers. further south into the south bay through the noon hour. the air is cold and unstable. we could support or showers in the north bay. maybe the upper elevations. amounts aren't going to be much. if you get some heavier rain, sustained gusty winds over 20 miles an hour. gusts up to 40. 9: whethin sete nteaerros ov50 feet.
9:50 am
maybe 5 inches tahoe city and kirkwood. only in the low to mid 50's with windy conditions coast side did 58 in richmond. isolated showers today. tomorrow it will still be breezy. the cold air sticks around monday and tuesday. or dramatic warming by the end of the week. friday and saturday we are in the 70's and 80's. the coast stays in the 60's. liz: the a's will try to snap and eight m losing streak. oakland takes on the minnesota twins. the giants will try to get a split of their four-game series against the cardinals at oracle park. the warriors on the memphis grizzlies will play game four. the doves finally found their
9:51 am
offensive rhythm. here's chris alvarez with the highlights in sports. >> they got some home cooking. stephen curry, great moves. grizzlies down seven. a little one footer watch this play. the footwork stops and lazing. jordan poole throws it down. he had 27 points. fired up.
9:52 am
jordan poole and john behrendt get entangled. moran hurting his knee. warriors win. here's jordan on his injury. >> there's nothing malicious about what jordan did. there's no comparison to what dylan did. so it's not a joking matter. all the rest of it is total bs in terms of the conversation. >> are not even the type of player who to hurt anybody. you don't want to see the team's best player go down. so much respect to him. >> giants and cardinals. giants plate and inspired on saturday. bases-loaded for wilmer flores on that is a grand slam.
9:53 am
collected six rpi. 400 feet to the veggie garden. his first of the year. trying to break out of his first of the year as well. mnetaat rs. take a look again. quick thinking for sonny gray. he made one mistake and it was his very last pitch of the day the horror long ago. on the ninth with two out. oakland has now lost eight straight games. straight games.
9:54 am
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liz: the san francisco rose society is holding its 81st annual mother's day rose show. award-winning roses from gardens in the city are going to be on display. let's get a final check of our mother's day forecast. rain on the way. lisa: that cold front looks more impressive than it is. you can see how it's held together. rain snow mixture around clear lake. a few spotty showers. highs today windy with only mid 50's on the coast.
9:57 am
58 in oakland. 61 san jose. santa rosa 59. gusty winds and breezy tomorrow. really not warming up until midweek. the end of the week looks more like the season and then we are going to go above average. 60's at the coast to near 90 inland by next weekend. liz: thank you all for joining us near the abc seven mornings. don't miss american idol live at 5:00 p.m. here on abc seven. they also perform viral hits. you don't want to miss it. abc7news continues at 7:00 p.m. followed by an encore presentation of american idol at 8:00. happy mother's day to all of yove a great day.
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