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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 8, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, several breaking stories as we come on the air. first lady jill biden makes an unannounced visit to ukraine. the extreme fire danger in the west, and new details in the mysterious deaths of three american tourists. we begin with that major show of support for ukraine. the first lady's surprise visit, comes as moscow steps up attacks on the eve of an important military anniversary. mrs. biden meeting with ukraine's first lady, saying, "the u.s. stands with ukraine." president biden and g-7 leaders announce new sanctions, taking aim at russian oil, as a russian bomb flattens a school where dozens were taking shelter. vladimir putin desperate for a win as russia prepares to celebrate victory day and sends a top officer to mariupol where ukrainian fighters are prepared to battle to the death. also tonight, the extreme
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fire danger in the west, wicked winds and bone-dry conditions are fueling one blaze in new mexico, now bigger than the entire city of chicago. the supreme court abortion battle. new protests tonight. and word that states plan to act quickly to ban abortions if the justices strike down roe v. wde. new fears of a covid resurgence, with a jump in new hospital admissions. major u.s. companies are now warning of new supply chain disruptions amid strict covid lockdowns overseas. also breaking, reports just coming in about an officer stabbed in jerusalem. the mysterious deaths at a luxury bahamas resort. three americans dead. what we're learning about a possible cause. soaring gas prices, jumping 13 cents in a week. what's fueling the recent spike. and a mother's triumph. her epic battle to live, and a mother's day she'll always remember. >> announcer: from abc news
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world headquarters in new york, this is "world news tonight." >> good evening. thanks for joining us on this busy sunday. i'm linsey davis. on this mother's day, we begin with a major show of support for the people of ukraine. several high profile surprise visits including from america's first lady jill biden crossing the border into the country hours ago where she met ukraine's first lady. dr. biden presenting a bouquet of flowers saying the people of the united states stand with the people of ukraine. president biden and other g-7 leaders also showing their support, meeting virtually with president zelenskyy, announcing a new round of punishing sanctions on moscow. all of the meetings as russia escalates its attacks in the east. 60 people feared dead. and in mariupol, russian forces are working to silence the last remaining resistance to their takeover of the southern port city ahead of the kremlin's planned victory day celebrations. they're set to take place just a few hours from now. marcus moore leads us off from
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kyiv where he's been watching today's developments. >> reporter: tonight, powerful signs of global solidarity with ukraine, just hours before a major military holiday for russia. >> reporter: first lady, doctor jill biden, making a surprise visit to western ukraine, meeting face-to-face with ukrainian first lady, olena zelenska, her first public appearance in ukraine since the start of the war, giving her a bouquet of flowers. and meeting with children displaced by war, saying she wanted to come on mother's day. >> we thought it was important to show the ukrainian people this war has to stop. and this war has been brutal. >> reporter: canadian prime minister, justin trudeau, also making an unannounced visit here, meeting with president zelenskyy in kyiv. president biden holding a virtual meeting with president zelenskyy and g-7 leaders today, announcing new sanctions on russia, as vladimir putin
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prepares for victory day celebrations on monday, commemorating the soviet victory over nazi germany. the g-7 saying in a statement "vladimir putin's actions bring shame on russia and the historic sacrifices of its people." president zelenskyy releasing this video saying millions have lost lives. crippled destinies, tortured souls and millions of reasons to say evil never again. this year, we say never again differently. we hear never again differently. pro-russian separatists releasing this video of putin's deputy foreign minister touring the key port city of mariupol, today, ahead of a possible victory day parade. just miles away, ukrainian fighters mounting a last stand at that bombed out steel plant there, a day after the last remaining civilians were evacuated. the far right azov regiment holding a virtual press conference, refusing to surrender. >> we are basically dead men. most of us know this.
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this is why we fight so fearless. >> reporter: russia escalating attacks in the east. 60 people feared dead after a russian bomb obliterated a school in a village of bilohorivka where dozens were hiding. images posted by government officials show smoke rising from the rubble. and in irpin, we spoke to kateryna. russian bombs leaving the home she shares with her partner and 4-year-old daughter destroyed. >> my child is with her grandmother in a safe place. she is going to have a birthday on may 30th, and a few days ago i asked her, "what is your biggest wish?" and she said i want the war to stop. at that moment, i just cried out. >> reporter: but even in a war zone, this mother is optimistic about the future. >> everything is going to be fine. we just need to fight for our freedom. i hope it will end soon. >> it has to end. >> it has to end. it has to end. we have to win.
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>> that remains the hope of ukrainians. marcus moore joins us once again from kyiv. we know the u.s. has reopened the embassy in kyiv. we're now just a few hours away from russia's planned victory day celebration. what more are you learning about that tonight? >> we know that the ceremonies are expected to be smaller than last year with 10,000 military personnel compared to 12,000 in 2021. and president putin is expected to deliver a speech, and throughout these last two months, he's only referred to the events here in ukraine as a special military operation. and the british defense secretary and other western officials are concerned that he will use this occasion to declare war on ukraine. >> marcus moore, our thanks to you. for more on those new sanctions on russia, let's get to karen. the announcement is meant to show unity but also hit russia where it hurts. what's left for the u.s. and its allies to go after at this point? >> the u.s. has already banned russian oil imports, but now the
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other g-7 nations are committing to banning or phasing out russian oil. a senior administration official admitting this is not going to be easy or immediate. but the goal here is to limit vladimir putin's ability to fund the war in ukraine. the u.s. is also placing sanctions on three state controlled russian television networks that the biden administration says is spreading misinformation about the war in ukraine. there's also a new ban on americans providing accounting and consulting services to russians. the white house says this latest round of sanctions is meant to ratchet up the cost on vladimir putin and russia. >> really trying to put the squeeze on russia. karen, thank you. we turn to the extreme fire danger in the southwest. in northern new mexico, more than 176,000 acres have already burned and firefighters are now struggling to contain the flames. zohreen shah is in new mexico for us tonight where they're bracing for what might be ahead. >> reporter: tonight, the worst combination of high winds and
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bone dry conditions threatening to explode the calf canyon hermits peak fire in new mexico. the smoke billowing for miles from the wildfire that's already burned an area larger than chicago. firefighters working around the clock to try and stay ahead of what the national weather service is calling a "dangerous, long duration and potentially historic criticl fire weather event." >> we've done everything we can so far and are continuing to do everything we can to stop this spread. but it really boils down to, is we're just humans and mother nature is driving this ship. >> reporter: the fire has been burning for more than a month and has forced 12,000 families from their homes. we met some of them at a selter on this mother's day. i see you getting emotional. what are you thinking about right now? what's going through your mind? >> just my family. i'm worried about my family. i'm worried about everyone back home, and i just want everyone to be safe. >> there are still people in the evacuation areas refusing to leave.
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you can't outrun this fire. if it gets up and going, you're in the path of danger. this is a time to leave, get out of the evacuation areas. >> the time for greatest concern is right now through tomorrow night. that's when we could see wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour in some places. that means it's incredibly easy for new fires to start and very difficult to battle existing ones. linsey. >> thank you, that fire danger in the southwest is certainly a major concern. let's get to cheryl scott from our chicago station, wls. >> this is a dangerous combination of relentless strong winds and very dry conditions that will persist through at least monday. the fire danger stretching across several states. red flag warnings in effect from california to texas and strong high winds could bring down trees and power lines. just east of the fire danger, summer like warmth breaking records in texas, building into the middle of the country, near 90 as far north as iowa. this warmth sliding to the east coast later this week.
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>> many will welcome those warmer temperatures. cheryl, thank you. >> we turn to the battle over abortion. in the wake of that leaked supreme court draft opinion, this weekend, abortion rights protesters targeted the private homes of two high court justices. faith abubey is with us tonight. >> reporter: tonight, protestors back on the streets and in front of the u.s. supreme court after last week's bombshell leak of the supreme court draft opinion. from california -- >> abortion is health care and it's 2022, i can't believe we're having this conversation, but here we are. >> reporter: to texas -- >> i do believe in the right to life and i believe this right to life is being denied. >> reporter: demonstrators showing the abortion debate is far from over. and in d.c., dozens protesting outside the homes of conservative justice brett kavanaugh and chief justice john roberts. in a statement last week, the court saying the draft opinion which suggests the conservative majority on the court plans to
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overturn the landmark 1973 roe v. wade ruling, quote, does not represent a decision by the court or the final position of any member on the issues in the case. but house speaker nancy pelosi, today, saying the draft is still a slap in the face. >> here we are on mother's day, a week where the court has slapped women in the face in terms of disrespect for their judgments about the size and timing of their families. so the fact is, let's keep our eye on the ball. the ball is in the court of those justices. >> reporter: and there are renewed calls for congress to take action. the women's health protection act, which would codify federal abortion protections, passed the house back in september, but has stalled in the u.s. senate. >> my democratic friends are trying to pass a law wednesday that will allow abortion right up to the day before the baby is delivered. different states will take different approaches, so the abortion debate will not go away in the country, it will be decided by the people, not a
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handful of judges. >> reporter: senator amy klobuchar telling abc news that if wednesday's scheduled vote fails, democrats are ready to take the issue directly to voters. >> we march straight to the ballot box, and the women of this country and the men who stand with them will vote like they've never voted before. >> and linsey, the reality is democrats need at least 60 votes in the senate in order to pass this measure. however, at this time, they don't have the support. that vote wednesday is expected to fail. >> still planning on going ahead with that vote anyway. faith, thank you. >> tonight, covid cases are on the rise across the country with hospitalizations also climbing. there are now about 19,000 patients being treated for covid. that's up 10% from last week, and the warnings tonight from american tech giants about the impact of covid on their operations overseas. phil lipof reports from new york. >> reporter: tonight, covid infections and hospitalizations climbing across the country. more than 40 states and territories seeing an increase
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of 10% or more in the last week. in new york, governor kathy hochul announcing on twitter she's tested positive for covid, as the mayor of new york city isn't ruling out a new mask mandate. the biden administration pushing congress for additional covid funding. >> this virus continues to evolve, and we may see a pretty sizable wave of infections, hospitalizations and deaths this fall and winter. >> reporter: concern, tonight, as well about the global supply chain after covid lockdowns in shanghai and other areas of china continue to disrupt business across the world. apple, tesla, procter & gamble among the companies having to close factories, saying the ripple effect could last into the summer. >> i didn't see my kids for three months. i didn't see the world for three months. >> reporter: in las vegas, rowena salas spent this mother's day thanking the doctors and nurses who saved her life. she gave birth early while struggling with covid, then quickly fell into a coma just after thanksgiving. three months of care, finally meeting her son oliver for the first time. >> i am grateful to be here
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today and to care for my babies and see my family and everyone that cared for us, i'm grateful for all of you. >> even as hospitalizations and infections continue to rise, the daily death rate continues to fall. proof, the cdc says, that vaccines and booster shots are working. still, the u.s. could reach 1 million covid deaths this week. linsey. >> just a staggering number. phil, thank you. now the investigation into the mysterious deaths of three american tourists in the bahamas. they were all found friday at the sandals emerald bay in exuma. a fourth person, the wife of one of the victims, survived and is recovering in a miami area hospital. lama hasan with the search for answers. >> reporter: tonight, nearly three days after three americans on vacation died at this exclusive sandals emerald bay luxury resort in exuma, neither bahamian officials nor the hotel have announced a cause, only that they don't suspect foul play. >> we are conducting our investigations as we speak.
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>> reporter: austin chiarella tells abc news his father vincent is one of the three who died. his mother, donnis, airlifted to a miami area hospital, is lucky to be alive. she is said to be in fair condition and is expected to survive. austin describing the chilling details, saying his mother "woke up and my dad was laying there on the floor. her legs and arms were swollen, and she couldn't move." two other victims were found in a separate room. officials say they all sought help at a clinic the day before. >> there were some signs of individuals presenting to the clinic with nausea, vomiting and some symptoms. they were eventually seen to and subsequently discharged themselves. >> reporter: police say two of the victims showed signs of convulsion. sandals saying, "we are actively working to support both the investigation as well as the guests' families in every way possible during this difficult time." linsey, local authorities believe this is an isolated incident. the state department tells abc news they are closely monitoring the investigation. the u.s. embassy says they're
3:46 pm
working to assist the families. linsey. >> thank you. tonight, a further escalation of violence in israel. a police officer was stabbed in jerusalem. security forces shot the alleged assailant outside the damascus gate. the officer is expected to survive. this is the second stabbing this week. israeli forces arrested two palestinian suspects they say were involved in thursday's ill isel and there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday. the investigation into who may have set a fire at the offices of a prominent anti-abortion rights group, and why gas prices are skyrocketing once again as we head into a new work week. wayfair has everything i need to make my home totally me. sometimes, i'm a homebody. can never have too many pillows! sometimes, i'm all business. a serious chair for a serious business woman! i'm always a mom- that is why you are smart and chose the durable fabric. perfect.
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tonight, police in madison, wisconsin, said a fire at the headquarters of an anti-abortion rights group was targeted arson. the fire was reported early this morning. someone also spray painted a message on the outside of the building. no injuries have been reported, but the president of wisconsin family action says she considers the fire a direct threat against her group. >> tonight, americans are being forced to dig even deeper into their wallets when they fill up. aaa says gas prices are now averaging close to $4.32 a gallon, up 13 cents just in the past week as crude oil prices soar. hard to believe but one year ago, gas was less than $3 a gallon. when we come back, why baby formula is disappearing from some stores nationwide and how the extreme western drought revealed a decades-old crime.
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3:52 pm
major retailers are limiting the amount that shoppers can buy. the shortage began in february, batches of three brands of powdered formula manufactured in one abbott plant were recalled after reports that four infants had developed severe illnesses. two of them died. >> tonight, a special honor for one of ukraine's most beloved heroes. president zelenskyy alongside canadian prime minister justin trudeau awarded a medal to patron, a bomb sniffing dog. david muir introduced us to him a few weeks back. the fearless 2-year-old jack russell terrier is credited with helping to discover at least 90 explosive devices. and the summer movie season is getting off to a strong start. dr. strange and the multiverse of madness took in an estimated $185 million in the u.s. and canada this weekend. that's the biggest opening of the year, and it's more than double the opening of the first dr. strange movie six years ago. disney is the parent company of marvel and abc. and when we come back, how
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learn how abbvie could help you save on rivnoq. finally tonight, marking this mother's day with just one of many moms who is truly an inspiration. >> cali's mother's day began this morning like millions of other moms. >> happy mother's day. >> happy mother's day. >> but her journey to this day
3:57 pm
celebrating it with her husband kevin and 7-year-old daughter kenzie is rather extraordinary. >> it's really the first mother's day in five mother's days that i am fully able to just be present with my daughter. >> that's because in december 2016 when cali, already mother to then 1-year-old kenzie and pregnant with her second child, developed a rare complication, causing her to lose the pregnancy. she then developed a serious infection. to save her life, doctors had to amputate both of her legs below the knee and part of her left hand. cali would spend the next year and a half in the hospital undergoing dozens of surgeries followed by months of rehab. two years later, she was finally strong enough to return home to her family. >> i was getting up on my knees for the first time, and my daughter had seen me and the way that your child loves you and just the pure innocence and happiness. >> i'm giving you a hug by your back.
3:58 pm
>> she ran over and gave me the biggest hug. i instantly melted. >> once she was strong enough to be fitted with prosthetic legs, her life changed again. with each step, a renewed sense of confidence and independence. kenzie right by mom's side. >> you never expect that your daughter will be watching you take your first steps. you anticipate, you are excited to get to watch her take her first steps. >> cali says through it all, kenzie doesn't see her as anything other than mom. >> i'm thankful to be alive. i'm thankful to be here with my daughter. and to be the mom that i get to be with her now. because i almost didn't get that chance. >> happy mother's day to cali and all of the moms. david muir right back here tomorrow night. i'm linsey davis in new york. have a great evening. good night.
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