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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 9, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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going next. >> this is a live look at truckee right now. it is slow moving. the traffic alerts to know about head. let's start the check of the forecast. drew: live doppler 7 showing an isolated shower. all in all, it is a partly cloudy day, cool and breezy. 48 san mateo and 43 -- temperatures are slow to warm up today. selling mainly clear conditions and partly cloudy skies. mid-day, the chance of a shower.
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a closer look at the, coming. >> a focus on russia as the country observes victory day. the military holiday is being closely examined for russia's next steps in ukraine. >> how will president putin direct troops going forward? a speech filled with false statements, vladimir putin compared the invasion of ukraine to the world war ii battle against nazis, saying he was preempting aggression from the west. there are new sanctions from president biden and g7 leaders, including calls to cut off imports. meanwhile, there is new video of
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an attack on a ukrainian school. the last remaining civiliansepe. ukrainian fighters continue to val a full fight. >> most of us know this. why we fight so fearlessly. >> a mother's day meeting was held with the first lady of ukraine. the canadian prime minister met with president zelenskyy. >> a concert fundraiser aiming to help mothers fighting for survival because of the war in ukraine. ♪ >> the classical notes helps
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kickoff a lot. proceeds from the concert go directly to organizations providing relief to ukrainians. >> the bay area has the highest prices in the country. this is according to aaa. up $.13 in a week. oakland drivers are paying just a penny less on average. good morning. >> good morning. take a look at these gas prices. i'm just going to let you see for yourself. this is a rough way to start monday, but hopefully it can help you consolidate your driving.
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aaa says that bay area has the highest gas prices in the country. to give you an example of the jump, san francisco prices went up in the last week. you can see prices above that mark. drivers say a way is worth it when dealing with these prices. >> it is kind of shocking with the prices. it just takes me back because you do not expect to put $60 in your car every week. >> there are a couple factors driving up the prices. one is the price of oil. there is concern about the supply of oil coming out of russia.
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the price of oil is expected to go up again. >> the governors as the process could take until october. they need to decide if everyone will be eligible for the money or only people of certain income levels. >> inflation continues to hit our bank accounts. the white house says the president's top priority will be getting prices under control and lowering costs. >> in san francisco, there will be in person voting.
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they are sending out ballots to every voter. the last date to register is may 23. matt haney's replacement for supervisor could be announced as soon as this afternoon. he followed up by saying he does not know who the next candidate is. >> major announcement on monday night football. giving away a big surprise. the exclusive reveal this morning and a gruesome discovery atop grizzly peak. shaking in taiwan. the look inside a tv station as the magnitude -- as it strikes.
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>> winter weather is sticking around in parts of the sierra. driving conditions are hazardous. they are frosted over like at this highway. restrictions are in place to myers. >> --
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drew: that cooler weather is in place across the bay. sitting and spinning the last couple days. bringing that cool air and windy conditions. they were barely struggling to get into the upper 50's. they have been some 60's on the board. it is a cool and breezy day. most of us dealing with dry conditions. winds gusting over 25 miles per hour this afternoon. a warmer weekend coming our way. >> we are going to begin with a live picture showing off the toll bridge plaza.
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working from home on this monday. we do have a couple wind advisories. san mateo bridge and also for the past as we look at those drive times. my on-time -- right on time. >> two games, one night, two different spots to find them. september 19. it is tennessee and buffalo. >> the minnesota vikings and the philadelphia eagles.
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>> we are really fired up about it. >> the monday night schedule will be revealed on espn2. a pair of mother's day grinches. the search for thieves that were caught on camera, in the act. what is this? a dog? a coyote? the baby animal being nursed back to health and the bay area. a live loo my a1c stayed here, it needed to be here. ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪) in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c better than a leading branded pill. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family
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>> a person was found dead near the road.
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the victim's name is being withheld while they investigate. >> investigators will examine pieces of the plane that crashed. two people died when it went down. a helicopter looked at pieces just west of the golden. road closures in the area i lifted and it is not clear why the plane went down, but it was extremely foggy when it happened. a crash killed jennifer fox, a parent of a student day. the other person has not been identified. two cases of suspected dui involving law enforcement vehicles. a drunk driver was speeding, ran a red light and crashed into a deputies vehicle in oakland. the deputy had to be taken to the hospital. a second, earlier dui case. the driver crashed into a
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motorcycle. no one was seriously hurt. the driver was already on probation. his blood alcohol test was three times the legal limit. >> two thieves were caught on camera. they got away with armfuls of bouquets that were supposed to be picked up for mother's day. it runs on you by online and you stop by to pick it up. >> a beatty fox is now a beatty fox is now wildlife rescue. the fox was stuck in a hole in a pipe. animal control was two officers used baby oil to get the fox free. she is doing well and is feisty.
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>> offices are over is what airbnb says about the current workplace. the office is predigital age and says it is time to move forward. he says the work model is flawed and hopes to have his workers meet up in person. this comes after employees were allowed to work remotely from anywhere in the country. shortly they after, they received more than 800,000 views. he said what he said. >> and the people responded. the people inquired. they wanted to see what was what.
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>> what are they going to do with that building? if the office is overcome is downtown over? >> it might be. we might be entering into a new world. things have changed so drastically. we might be getting there. >> are we going to have to airbnb all these offices? >> turned into housing. >> it is a new world. drew: embrace the change. he is like, i'm here five days a week. this is not fair. nothing has changed for us. outside, a beautiful picture.
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partly cloudy skies and it is cool today. it is breezy. there is a chance of an isolated showers. the weekend, get your outdoor plans ready. we have a warm-up headed our way. right now, it is chilly in the north bay. made to upper 40's currently. later today, a chance of a shower close to the coast. it is isolated in nature. look at the rainfall. a lot zwe have one that is iwi. 50's to 60's is about it for this afternoon. chilly once again in the 30's and 40's.
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we will track cool conditions and temperatures will do a turnaround. the end of the week feels a lot warmer. the coast will stay relatively clear. 80's and 90's saturday and sunday. >> now we will talk to ginger about what is happening on good morning america. >> good morning. coming up, we will begin with the latest on the war in ukraine. president putin addressing his country and first lady jill biden taking that visit to ukraine. why this is a critical week in the abortion rights fight. are helping oth mom and dad she doing to get there baby the
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nutrition that they need. a barbecued competition this morning. we are looking for the ultimate pit mastery. get ready-to-eat on gma. reggie: was it a peaceful mother's day for you? >> yes, and now we are at the pediatrician. one got strep and one had high fevers through the weekend. it is fun because when you start taking antibiotics, apparently that does not make you feel well. not a lot of sleep or peace, but true motherhood. reggie: i'm sorry that we jinxed it. >> it's all good. thank you so much. reggie: we will see you at 7:00.
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drew: it is beautiful out there. we are finding temperatures in the 30's and 40's. 37 in nevada. 47 right now in hayward. later on today, it is all about cool and breezy conditions. this is well below where we should be for this time of year. 70's and 80's making a comeback. kumasi: an earthquake hit roughly off the coast of taiwan. no reports of damage so fine. the wave was felt across the entire area.
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reggie: one of the biggest upset history. living up. eric reed almost walked away from the sport after an incident. >> i cannot be happy a. this horse was special. reggie: rich strike is invited to compete. kumasi: racing away in annual in thecaying contest.
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erarha bales, deepwater trenches -- it was first introduced in finland. reggie: d.c. this? kumasi: i'm trying -- do you see this? kumasi: i'm trying to watch and read. it is challenging. the next competition is in july. reggie: i don't like this. this seems obsolete to me. can't she get on the ground, use her legs and run? kumasi: did anybody in california participate? reggie: not that they admit to
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you. look at that video. why? kumasi: whatever brings you reggttg fkyn the fringrtype sche s tcngn and controversial. kumasi: a sneak peek at the new motorola razor. reggie: found dead at a luxury resort. they do not suspect foul play.
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i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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reggie: the site for abortion rights. passion spilling into the streets. the push for a vote in the senate this week to turn roe v. wade into law. kumasi: gas price problems. leading the way. we have the reasons behind the renewed spike. reggie: a small chance of rain. drew is tracking that. kumasi: what is happening? drew: we are starting l a little
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cool out there. by the end of the week, it is totally different, 80's and 90's. a couple showers off the coastline. with partly cloudy skies and cool conditions. 47 in the city. take the heavy jacket with you because temperatures are slow to warm up today. finding partly cloudy skies throughout the day. all in all, it is all about cool and dusty conditions. kumasi: gusty winds caused a tree to fall on top of this tree in san francisco. really, a lot of damage to the vehicle. it happened in the market.
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crews were working to remove the tree. there is a requirement to conserve water. residents and businesses are being told that they have to cut back by 30%. no outdoor water usage. this requirement could be in place for days. reggie: prices are going up again. up $1.50 more. they are paying $6.02 a gallon on average.
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reporter: prices are jumping up. as you plan your week, you might want to try to see if you can consolidate some of your driving to conserve gas. prices over six dollars a gallon. stations with lower prices, some of them have long lines of cars waiting to fill up. the bay area area has the highest gas prices in the country. they are trying to take it all in stride. >> it is a little frustrating. not much i can do. reporter: how much of a job are we talking about? there are a couple factors driving up these prices. demand is high.
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we could see it go higher. kumasi: learning more about vandalism. police say someone threw a montage that -- molotov cocktail and tried to start a separate fire. graffiti reads, if abortions are not safe, you are not either. >> what affected me more was what i saw out there on the graffiti because that is an overt threat. kumasi: office employees will be working from home today. reggie: chuck schumer plans to set up a bill that would make roe v. wade a law.
6:35 am
divina is here to talk about why this spaces such an uphill battle. >> they do not have the votes needed. if roe v. wade cannot be overturned, laws governing abortion will be left to the state. 26 states are certain or likely to outlaw abortion, if it is overturned. many did not have exceptions for rape or incised, including arkansas. >> i would prefer if they are in there. i asked -- i expect it to be a significant part. >> a bunch of supreme court
6:36 am
justices. >> the senators susan collins is one of the only -- they have their own proposal called the reproductive choice act that would ban states from imposing an undue burden on a woman who chooses to have an abortion. reggie: last week governors that democrats are not doing enough to protect a woman's rights to choose. >> i do not know why anybody would make that statement, unless they are unaware of the fight that has been going on. reggie: speaker pelosi says the politics of the court have changed. >> we are moving kumasi: bay
6:37 am
held a protest outside of san jose city hall. >> we are bringing attention to this to fight this. reggie: a witness supported finding bones on saturday. they are trying to figure out how the person died. they found a body stuffed in a barrel under the water. kumasi: a custody hearing is scheduled this morning for a mother who admitted to faking her own kidnapping.
6:38 am
he is going after custody of the couple's two children. she is scheduled to be sentenced july 11. a mother's day message of heartbreak. the final conversations this mother had with her teenage son, and her warning to keep watch for what she saw in her neighborhood. here is a live look. we had down about 460 points right now. another update on the markets, next. new at 6:00, the superhero supercharge. a big reason why this weekend's blowout may not be such a good thing. you can watch us for a whole extra hour now. today we are talking the new business.
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drew: here is a live look. a partly cloudy sky. that is the theme for tothis prs the next few days. it will reinforce that cooler air and windy conditions. hour-by-hour, later on today. keeping that cool weather in place. the best chance is close to the coast.
6:40 am
62 in santa rosa. by wednesday, that warmer weather hits us for the week. first, let's say good morning and see how we are doing with traffic this morning. >> we just had a new crash come in, and hayward. chapek is pretty backed up. it is mainly because we have a stall on the main bridge. it has not moved out of the way yet. we have one for the bridge and the pass.
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kumasi: sunday was difficult for a mother who recently lost her son to a sentinel overdose. she is warning that this drug is in your neighborhood, and you need to be aware. >> he said he was going to lay down. i said ok, i love you and he said, ok i love you. you in the morning. in the beginning, we knew that it was bad, but we just had faith because he was a healthy 18-year-old boy. he played sports his whole life. he did not do drugs. kumasi: that was the last conversation that brenda had with her son, kayden. he was 18 years old and close to
6:44 am
graduating high school in vacaville. kayden took 1.5 counterfeit oxycodone pills with his girlfriend. they were laced with fentanyl. he was rushed to the hospital. some of his organs recovered but his brain did not. today, alaska airlines pilots will start voting on whether to authorize a strike. pilots were protesting, demanding higher pay and more flexible schedules, as they are facing a pilot shortage. the airline has already cut some of its flights. reggie: marvel's dr. strange in the multi-verse of madness kicked off, making --
6:45 am
it is only behind marvel's spider-man, no a home. the major success of these films are paving the way for other highly anticipated summer movies. some are implementing surge pricing. >> it was interested -- interesting if they were price-sensitive. it turned out that people would pay. reggie: amc has already seen success, paying -- charging one or two dollars more for popular movies. you can save by joining theater loyalty programs and by discounted tickets at cosco, or you could always go to a matinee. the shortage of baby formula is getting worse. it jumped to 31% last month. they are limiting customers to three formulas per transaction.
6:46 am
targeting is limiting people to four. if you shop in person at target though, there is no limit. the tech industry is facing one of its most punishing shortages. it is struggling to find any footing. shares in bay area companies like lyft, netflix and metta are down 30% since the start of the year. there is no sign of whether this is a brief dip because of pandemic highs. you can see that we are now down about 485 points right now. kumasi: mother's day was celebrated style. they hosted this party at a
6:47 am
colonial restaurant in san francisco. about 100 moms and their families attended the event. the director of the program spoke with us about the importance of the celebration. >> it is important to honor the mothers in our program. everybody wants to do the best for their kids. kumasi: compass family shelter recorded many volunteers last year. reggie: staying out of landfills because of this event. about 200 homes participated. the event is an effort towards the zero-based goal. -- waste goal.
6:48 am
a computer shortage is impacting some new bmws. there was a change in chip suppliers. the chips will need updated software, expected by the end of next month. kumasi: we are getting what appears to be a first look at a third-generation motorola razor. it shows a boxer design. it up -- and has a fingerprint sensor on the power button. new at 6:00, you know of siu asking flavors, but consumers are now asking for savory ice cream. 13% of adults said the addition of savory elements would encourage them to buy more ice cream. they have already created some
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savory flavors, including macaroni and cheese, everything bagel -- despite the interest, industry experts says there is little to suggest that the demand for savory ice cream will surpass sweet. i do not think i have had savory ice cream. reggie: is black sesame a savory ice cream? it is not sweet, so does that count? i do not know. have you had it? manohad it. re i like it if it is paired with other things. i like a variety of taste profiles. drew: what was that one? it was like a thanksgiving -- reggie: thanksgiving dinner. i have had that. you can get the whole dinner in the ice cream. cranberry sauce, turkey and gravy -- did you like it? drew: yeah. it was not bad.
6:50 am
reggie: i had the bugs. drew: i do not need a conch like that. kumasi: i will stick with my secret breakfast that i had this weekend and i will live my best life. reggie: it is actually called secret breakfast. that is the flavor. drew: i want to know what heaven tastes like. reggie: not bugs. drew: good morning. you can see the raised bouncing off. partly cloudy skies right now. it is a breezy day. we had tracking the isolated chance of a shower. we will show you the timeline. it is never too early to talk about the weekend.
6:51 am
chile to low 40's in the bay. i would take the heavy jacket with you this morning because temperatures will be slow to warm up. by noon, we are seeing an isolated showers chance, but you do notice that most of us remain dry. tomorrow afternoon, the best chance in the north bay a lot of zeros on the board. isolated chances the next two days. 50's to low 60's. overnight tonight, partly cloudy skies. we keep the chance of an isolated showers and temperatures will do a 180 by the end of the week, friday. saturday and sunday, the coast is cool and comfy. mysteries surrounding the deaths at a sandals resort in the
6:52 am
bahamas. they do not suspect foul play. one person was still alive. they are now in a hospital in the u.s. there were no indications of trauma, but the victims showed signs of convulsions. officials believe there is no longer any threat to the resort. vocal business owners are looking to see what happens next. >> everybody is just waiting on the report. everything has been hush-hush. there is not much talk about it. reggie: autopsies are expected soon. the identities are expected to be announced they do today. kumasi: we now know the top contestants in american idol. two have covid. >> ♪ the landside brought me down ♪ kumasi: both seniors made it
6:53 am
through, along with leah marlene. >> it is time to push. i am ready. it will take me a minute to get there. >> next week, you definitely seeing a popular song that people have a lot of feelings for, that people connect to in a large way. kumasi: you can see who advances at 8:00 p.m. reggie: the western conference finals are within reach, if they can win two and around this week. one player is listed as probable after tweaking his knee. some fans claim that the injury was caused on purpose, but the
6:54 am
accused says he would never injure another player on purpose. >> nothing has changed from there. he has further evaluation going on. from what i have been told, there is a chance that he will not play tomorrow. >> we are playing basketball. we are up 2-1. we are getting ready for game four. i do not worry about any of the other stuff. reggie: tip-off pregame four is set for 7:00. this morning we are getting a look at disney's first ever reverse large roller coaster. it is the guardian of the galaxy ride. the ride in a fully enclosed
6:55 am
intergalactic chase through time and space. new technology made this ride possible. >> what we can do is rotate and pull this in different directions. everyone that goes on the ride cannot describe the sensation because it is totally unique and different. reggie: cosmic rewind opens may 27. abc 7 is -- belongs to our parent company -- i love a really kumasi: you -- i love a really good roller coaster. even i -- you would go on that,
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right? you have already been on the scariest ride known to man in colorado. the pterodactyl. kumasi: my spirit cannot take it. i just feel nervous thinking about that ride. reggie: i'm nervous thinking about you thinking about that ride. kumasi: as we had to break, we will take a live look outside. it is a ni we gotta see this selection for ourselves. tile, wood, stone, laminate and vinyl. this hardwood is beautiful. this vinyl is durable. and this tile? so affordable! but when it comes to everything our family needs... this one is... perfect. now this store is the real deal. at floor and decor, there's plenty of room to explore. because with everyday low pricing on quality in-stock products and on-trend styles, you can really bring your living room to life.
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kumasi: if you are just joining here are things to know. russia is celebrating victory day. as russia celebrates, president biden and other leaders are announcing new sanctions against russia. reggie: chuck schumer plans to file documents to set up a vote on a bill that would make roe v. wade a law. it could see a full senate. we do not expect it to pass. kumasi: oakland police say the victim's name is being withheld as they investigate the body
6:59 am
found near the road. reggie: aaa says the bay has the highest prices in the country for gas. it is over the six dollar a gallon mark. drew: it is a cool day today with temperatures in the 50's and 60's. midday, there is a chance of an >> bu ouriesters, but most of u orning. call up some friends and get together. kumasi: look at number seven. this is probably the most random collaboration, but mcdonald's is preparing for merge cree -- mercury retrograde. tomorrow and wednesday you could get a free mcchicken or make double with the purchase of a medium fry. you have to do it on the mcdonald's app. if you want the terror of eating, you have to comment on the astrology x-ray's tiktok or
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instagram. good morning, america. breaking news for our viewers in the west, vladimir putin's new message for his troops in ukraine. overnight, putin's massive military parade. as russia keeps up its brutal assault, more than 60 people feared dead after a bomb destroyed a school. now, the new western sanctions on russia and first lady dr. jill biden's surprise visit to ukraine to meet with their own first lady. extreme fire danger. more than a dozen wildfires burning in the southwest, at least seven states under red flag warnings, from nevada to oklahoma. the dire situation this morning. abortion rights fight. demonstrators taking to the streets across the country. plus, what senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says


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