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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 9, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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instagram. good morning, america. breaking news for our viewers in the west, vladimir putin's new message for his troops in ukraine. overnight, putin's massive military parade. as russia keeps up its brutal assault, more than 60 people feared dead after a bomb destroyed a school. now, the new western sanctions on russia and first lady dr. jill biden's surprise visit to ukraine to meet with their own first lady. extreme fire danger. more than a dozen wildfires burning in the southwest, at least seven states under red flag warnings, from nevada to oklahoma. the dire situation this morning. abortion rights fight. demonstrators taking to the streets across the country. plus, what senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says
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about a national ban on abortion. new covid hot spots. growing concerns as hospital admissions climb. where cases are rising now. mystery at sandals. three americans found dead and another extremely ill at a luxury resort in the bahamas. the latest on the investigation this morning as we hear from the families of the victims. all-time high? gas prices not letting up, what they could reach as we head into summer and when inflation might peak. movie madness. "dr. strange" with the biggest opening weekend of the year, but why you may be spending more money to see the blockbuster. >> things just got out of hand. >> and what you can do to beat surge pricing. ♪ we are the champions ♪ the champions racing into the week, stars shining bright in miami for the first-ever formula 1 race in the magic
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city. and what are the odds, how rich strike struck it rich. >> rich strike has done it! >> racing from out of nowhere to win the kentucky derby. is a triple crown next? plus, our friend anthony anderson's winning moment, 30 years in the making. ♪ we are the champions ♪ good morning, america, and to everyone on this monday morning. and what a big weekend for anthony anderson. congratulations to our good friend here at "gma." and what a big weekend for f1 racing. i had a chance to go and watch this in miami. i was there. >> you have proof that you were there? do we have any photos of you? >> i got a lot of photos. i was the selfie king down there yesterday. serena, venus. dj khaled. travis kelce.
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dwyane wade. >> hanging out with us now. >> josh allen, buffalo bills quarterback. you know? what am i doing at this desk, everybody? >> look at all these names he's dropping. >> oh, i got plenty in the pocket. want me to keep going? but it was really was an exciting weekend. great to see everybody there. they really turned out in miami for the race. and look who else was there. we have lewis hamilton, michael jordan, tom brady, and david beckham. >> wow. >> wow is right. those are the g.o.a.t.s right there, but we're going to have much more on that grand prix. very exciting weekend. we have a lot of news to get to this morning. the latest on gas prices is coming up. they're likely to hit a record high today. but we'll begin with the war in ukraine and vladimir putin's annual world war ii victory speech. he had a new message for the troops. >> as ukraine endures russia's relentless assault. let's go to our senior foreign correspondent ian pannell in ukraine. good morning, ian.
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>> reporter: good morning, robin. vladimir putin, as you said, has just given his much anticipated victory day speech in front of thousands of russian troops. i think in many ways it was more remarkable what he didn't say for what he did. no doubling down here. there wasn't a mass mobilization. there wasn't a declaration of war. instead what he tried to do was use the success, the victory against the nazis in the past to try and justify the war today. ♪ this morning a massive military parade in red square with vladimir putin rallying his troops and the country behind the war in ukraine. the parade commemorates the anniversary of the soviet victory over the nazis. but putin using a word of choice and a war of necessity accusing america, nato and kyiv of provoking the war. he had a message to his troops and militias in ukraine saying, you're fighting for the motherland for its future so no one forgets the lessons of the second world war, so there's no place for nazis in the world, but with so many
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troops tied up in ukraine, this was a smaller parade, and the traditional flyby of fighter jets was canceled apparently due to bad weather. putin claims victory day is close at hand. but that's not how it feels here in the northeast. less than 20 miles from the russian border and putin's troops are in retreat. >> i mean, it's pretty shocking. you can see the level of destruction wrought to innocent people, to civilian homes, to a sleepy countryside village. that is what's left of the russian military here, so when vladimir putin declares victory, that's what his victory looks like. in a surprise and highly secretive move, the first lady crossed into ukraine on mother's day to meet with her counterpart. olena zelenska. >> i thought it was important to show the ukrainian people that this war has to stop, and this war has been brutal. >> reporter: russia's attacks in the country unrelenting, more than 60 people feared dead after
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a russian bomb destroyed a school in the east. government officials releasing these images, showing smoke rising from what had been a place of sanctuary for up to 90 people. the governor of the region saying, the chances of people still being alive are small. in the coastal city of mariupol, 170 more civilians flee, children and the elderly leaving the city by night, arriving at ukrainian-held territory exhausted. this man saying, every day we had doubts that we wouldn't be brought out and that we're going to be left behind there forever. at the besieged azovstal steel plant, bombs continue to pummel ukrainian positions as the russians push to take full control of the city. the far right azov holding a news conference refusing to surrender. >> we're basically here dead men. most of us know this. and why we fight so fearlessly. >> reporter: given what putin said, i think it's now
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reasonable to expect a long, slow, grinding campaign ahead with no clear end or victory in sight. george. >> okay, ian, thanks. let's bring in our chief white house correspondent cecilia vega, our military analyst, colonel steve ganyard. cecilia, let me start with you. before, ahead of vladimir putin's rallying of his people today, president biden tried to rally our allies. >> reporter: exactly, george. you saw some very strategic counterprogramming from the white house. they really wanted the president's moves yesterday to be seen as this split screen to vladimir putin's speech today and you're talking about it, that call with g7 allies, they lasted about an hour and did this on sunday to show this show of force, this unity among western allies ahead of that speech today. they came out of this commitment with allies to ban or even phase out russian oil imports. the u.s. has already done that. this is not going to be easy, and it's not going to be immediate given how dependent so much of europe is on russian oil. there's also, now, george, a new
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round of sanctions. let me show you right here. the u.s. going after three state-controlled russian tv networks. the u.s. is accusing them of spreading misinformation about the war. they're also going after or issuing new visa restrictions on thousands of soldiers and military officials who are suspected of taking part, you'll remember this, in that massacre in bucha. all of this is really, again, meant to ratchet up the pressure on putin and russia in this longstanding campaign. >> cecilia, thanks. let's bring in steve ganyard, and, steve, a lot of people expecting vladimir putin to make major news today, he didn't really. >> he didn't, george, he used it as he traditionally does to stir up national sentiment. the interesting comments, russia had been forced to act. and the other interesting comment, russian troops are fighting in their homeland, in the donbas signalling that's what's most important to mr. putin, but it's also noteworthy what he didn't say. there was no more talk of nuclear weapons, and he did not declare victory.
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so we really don't know anything or any better before the speech where or how this war might end. >> he didn't call for a draft in russia as many thought he might. >> yeah, i mean, what's the point of mobilization if you're really just going to put them into a military that has proven itself corrupt and incompetent, so more people aren't going to fix the russian military and making the same kind of faulty kit and equipment it has been, and so mobilization really doesn't make sense. i wasn't going to help the effort. now to gas prices not letting up. diesel prices reaching an all-time high, and now we can see record prices at the pump for the average american. our chief economic correspondent rebecca jarvis has the very latest. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning to you, michael, and we are basically seeing prices back where they were when they hit record highs in march. this morning, the nationwide average for a gallon of gas,
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$4.33 a gallon, and that comes after the united states has taken these massive measures like releasing oil from the strategic petroleum reserve. that is not the only place where we're seeing prices higher. we're also seeing prices higher for diesel, record high at $5.54 a gallon today. diesel is the fuel that moves the economy. everything that we do for the most part relies to some extent on diesel, the thing that truckers use, ships use it. some airlines use it. diesel is very important to the price we pay for things like groceries and diapers and with the memorial day holiday and summer weekends around the corner, that only means, robin, that prices are expected to continue to climb. robin. >> all right, rebecca, thank you. now to those wildfires that are burning in new mexico and the extreme fire danger across . zohreen shah is in santa fe, new mexico. she has the latest. good morning, zohreen. >> reporter: good morning, robin.
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extreme fire danger warnings were issued in new mexico, colorado and the texas panhandle. nearly 20 million americans are potentially impacted and here in new mexico, firefighters are fearing potentially explosive fire behavior. this morning, unprecedented high winds and bone dry conditions threatening to explode an already monster size fire in new mexico. the cav canyon hermits peak fire combining weeks ago, now burning an area bigger than chicago, nearly 1,700 firefighters battling the state's second largest fire, what the national weather service is calling a dangerous, long-duration, critical fire weather event. 1,300 homes have been evacuated but still firefighters say some have refused to leave. >> you can't outrun this fire. if it gets up and going, you are in the path of danger. >> reporter: many have evacuated. some multiple times as the fire keeps covering more ground. >> we got evacuated from our house and then we went to your
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moms and we got evacuated from there right after. >> you got evacuated twice in two days? >> yes. >> reporter: and many people don't know when they'll be coming back home, up to 60 mile per hour winds are expected in some places today. makes it very hard to battle this fire. michael? >> it does not help, zohreen. thank you so much. we're going to turn to ginger to tell us if those dry, windy conditions will persist. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, michael. not only persist, but expand and today is the peak of all this. straight to the map. i want the show you who's getting what, a combo problem, we have a megadrought, so all the fuels are extremely dry, unprecedented dry. then you have single digit relative humidity. up to 75, extreme fire danger goes through today, pueblo today, east of santa fe so las vegas to clayton, and remember it's also been hot, and remember to the east it's been record hot. amarillo, abilene broke records over the weekend. even roswell tied a record at
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101 and we're going to see more of those broken records and this is a long duration event. o the miesd george, elieve it, by the ech we'll get the latest on the battle over abortion rights after the leak of the draft opinion that would overturn roe v. wade. congressional democrats set to take action this week to preserve rights and our congressional rachel scott is tracking it all. good morning, rachel. >> reporter: george, good morning. this is shaping up to be a critical week in the battle over abortion rights and what democrats are calling the fight of a generation. over the weekend, thousands of people took to the streets rallying to send a message to the conservative-leaning justices on the bench. some gathering outside of the home of justice brett kavanaugh and chief justice john roberts. those demonstrators part of a majority of americans who believe roe versus wade should be upheld. but across the country, if roe is overturned, at least 26 states would either ban abortion or severely restrict access to it.
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leaders in those states say it wuld be a long time coming, george. >> rachel, given the divisions on capitol hill, this move by the democrats to pass a national law to protect abortion rights is largely symbolic. >> reporter: right, george. in just 72 hours they will force a vote on legislation to protect access to it. for millions in this country, it is all but certain to fail. republicans appear to be united against it. but this vote is about getting every single senator, democrat and republican, on the record on where they stand on this issue. mitch mcconnell says if republicans take control of congress, it is possible that his party could pursue a national ban on abortion. and now democrats are hoping to use those words as a rallying cry this midterm election in november. >> rachel scott, thanks very much. george, now the battle against covid, new hot spots are emerging as cases and hospitalizations are rising. eva pilgrim joins us now with more.
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good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this morning, as nearly every state in the country is seeing an increase in covid cases, the u.s. is now inching closer to a grim milestone, more than 997,000 people have died from covid in this country, and it's likely we'll cross the 1 million death milestone within the next week. the current hot spot for cases is the northeast, that's new york, new jersey, and all of new england. despite the rising cases the average number of daily covid-related deaths continues to drop. right now the average is 340 daily deaths. to put that in perspective, at the peak of omicron we were averaging 2,600 daily covid-related deaths. so what can you do? health officials say make sure you've gotten your vaccinations and boosters. 54 million americans are completely unvaccinated. another 91.5, about half of those currently eligible haven't gotten their boosters, guys. >> have to keep that in mind. eva, thank you. now we're going to turn to all the action at the first ever
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miami grand prix. formula 1 making a big splash in miami, and our victor oquendo is in miami with more on the big race. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, michael. i don't have to tell you, but hard rock stadium was the place to be this weekend. f1 taking over the magic city with all the star power and speed. >> max verstappen wins. >> reporter: with the wave of the checkered flag, max verstappen zooming past the competition to win miami's first formula 1 grand prix. the world's fastest and most popular motorsport racing around the track at hard rock stadium, home to the miami dolphins with all the exhilarating moments for fans watching every tight turn. >> lando norris has made contact. >> reporter: violently spinning on the track, britain's norris lando to crash on lap 41 forcing a virtual safety in his place. a star-studded affair.
7:17 am
drawing names like tom brady, david beckham and serena williams. >> we got the rock, we got the beckhams. >> reporter: but even with all the glitz, glam, and celebrity, on sunday, all eyes were on the drivers with organizers adding some american touches to a sport that has thrived in other parts of the globe. the podium leaders getting a police escort that had an air of pageantry. and later the victors handed miami dolphin football helmets to wear on stage. >> we need to keep pushing. hopefully from barcelona, we can do a step up. >> reporter: so f1 is here to stay in miami with plans to host the race for at least the next ten years, but with the sport just exploding with popularity here in the united states, they're also looking at other major cities including las vegas. guys? >> ooh. >> i can barely handle miami. i don't know if i can handle las vegas. but it really was exciting. good to see everybody come out,
7:18 am
and unfortunately, lando norris, my guy, was the only guy to have an accident in the race. you know, he'll be back. >> he's okay. >> he's okay. he's great. a lot more coming up here on "gma" including that mystery in the bahamas. three americans dead. we'll tell you about the investigation this morning. an 80-1 long shot, rich strike struck it rich. coming from behind to win the kentucky derby. will he run in the leg of the triple crown? the next leg, yeah. first, let's go back to ginger. >> the forecast already began. thank you, robin. i feel like we'll verify that one pretty quickly. let's go ahead and look at what happened over the weekend. it was cold and rainy in the northeast, and you had so much rain, more than 5 inches. this is in west virginia on the potomac. a barge set loose there, and very different than what was happening down south with all of those records. today, you've got this low pressure system, a lifting warm front and associated cold that's going to bring you with damaging winds and even a tornado threat from wisconsin back through minnesota. let's get to your local weather in 30 seconds.
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drew:drew: i have your accuweather forecast. it is cool and breezy today. numbers in the upper for these to the lower 60's with that onshore breeze dusting later today. later, partly cloudy skies. here is the accuweather forecast. an isolated showers chance today and tomorrow. otherwise, those numbers and temperatures warm up big time.
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and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today. some voters will start casting ballots today for the primary election. in san francisco, closing opens at 8:00 this morning for in person voting. county elections offices sending out ballots to every registered voter. last day to register may 23. ballots have two be postmarked by june the seventh and received by june 14. jobina: slow in emeryville the westbound direction, which is on the left-hand side of the screen.
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a crash on eastbound 580, eastbound 80 packed as well. also a crash on the bay bridge on the western span. it is going to slow you down as you make your way into san francisco. reggie:
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40's. 35 in santa rosa, 35 in half moon bay. sunshine, partly cloudy skies. partly cloudy skies throughout the day, midday the chance of an isolated shower. most of us remain dry. best chance close to the coast. cool and gusty today.
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ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein. ♪ ♪ be careful which path you travel down. stronger than you have lost their way. oh, strange, what have you done? welcome back to "gma." “dr. strange in the multiverse of madness” taking in $450 million worldwide. we'll have much more on the blockbuster's big weekend and why seeing some blockbusters on the big screen may cost you more. that's coming up. >> that is coming up. following a lot of headlines this morning, including vladimir putin's massive military parade in red square. russia commemorated the anniversary of the soviet victory over the nazis. putin made a speech accusing america, nato and kyiv of provoking the war in ukraine. this as the west announced more sanctions on russia. also right now, the extreme fire danger in the southwest is increasing.
7:31 am
dangerous winds, upwards of 75 miles an hour are fanning the flames of wildfires in new mexico that have already burned an area as large as chicago. thousands of people have been forced to evacuate. we turn now to the nba playoffs heating up with the heat's match-up with philly. miami's jimmy butler scoring 40 points. but james harden and joel embiid still managed to pull out a big victory for the sixers. harden had 16 in the fourth quarter alone. that series we're told is all tied at 2-2 here in the studio. he's very excited. yes! we've got a lot more ahead, including round one of "gma's" united states of barbecue. we're there in big "d," dallas. celebrity judges are getting ready to name a winner who will come here to new york and compete to become our ultimate pit master coming up. >> looking forward to that. now to that mystery in paradise. three americans found dead. at a popular bahamas resort. the state department is now monitoring the investigation into their deaths. and we're hearing from family
7:32 am
members of the victims. will reeve is there with the latest. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, michael. emerald bay on great exuma is everything you dream of. turquoise waters under sunny blue skies, but right now here, a nightmare. three americans dead. a fourth hospitalized and nobody yet knows why. this morning, a deadly mystery in paradise. three americans found dead at sandals emerald bay in the bahamas, the exclusive beachside resort now the epicenter of an urgent investigation. >> three individuals were found dead on a hotel property with one individual still alive. >> reporter: authorities say they've not yet determined a cause, but have ruled out foul play. vincent chiarella and his wife donnis there celebrating their anniversary when both fell ill thursday. the two visiting a health clinic for nausea and vomiting. officials say they were treated and released. then friday morning just after 9:00 a.m., resort staff contacting the police saying a
7:33 am
man was found unresponsive in his villa. vincent passing away. donnis airlifted to a hospital in florida. the chiarellas' son austin telling abc news his mother woke up friday morning and found vincent lying on the floor while she discovered she couldn't move, her arms and legs swollen, screaming for help. two other victims found in a separate villa also dying. according to police, there were no indications of trauma, but they did show signs of convulsion. >> we believe it's an isolated situation that involves four people impacted. >> reporter: the acting prime minister of the bahamas releasing a statement saying that multiple agencies including the u.s. embassy are working together. and sandals telling abc news, we're actively working to support both the investigation as well as the guests' families in every way possible during this difficult time. guests staying at the resort now on edge. >> it definitely gives me cause for concern because you want to know what happened. >> reporter: and local business owners like tomasina
7:34 am
ferguson who runs a restaurant down the street from sandals anxiously await clarity. >> everything is hush hush. everybody has been hush hush. everyone waiting on the coroner's report. not much talk about it. >> reporter: the sense of unease here is evident, nobody wants to speculate on the cause of the tragedy. official answers expected in the coming days. as bahamian authorities identify officially the dead and perform autopsies and determine what happened to these american tourists, guys. >> what a sad, strange story, thank you, will. now to that stunning upset at the kentucky derby, rich strike came from behind in the final seconds to become the second biggest long shot to ever win the derby. t.j. holmes with the story. hey, t.j. >> reporter: oh, we love a good underdog story, don't we? it's not just the odds. the kentucky derby, you have the top 20 horses who qualified for the race. rich strike was number 21 on that list, couldn't even get into the derby unless one of the other horses dropped out, sure enough that happened on friday morning.
7:35 am
the horse that got into the race last crossed that finish line first. >> rich strike is coming up on the inside! oh, my goodness, the longest shot has won the kentucky derby! >> reporter: rich strike shocked everybody at churchill downs and pulled off the greatest longshot upset in the derby since 1913. check out this drone shot. it shows the underdog emerging from the back of the pack to make history, moving from 17th to 1st in the final turn. his odds were 80-1. if you'd have bet $2, you would have won $163. adding to this incredible story, rich strike hadn't even secured a spot in the race until friday morning when another horse scratched. >> i don't know how i fell down the paddock when he hit the wire. i about passed out. i'm so happy. we're not supposed to be here but i knew this horse loved the track. and he had been training good all year. >> reporter: eric reed claimed rich strike for just $30,000 last september. >> that's what was incredible. we were fighting just to get in
7:36 am
the race. we knew the horse -- we knew our horse had a chance. on paper everybody didn't know much about it and can understand the odds. he should have been 80-1 but if they watched the race, watched the replay and saw him finish even run by everybody. >> this horse is america's horse now. it's america's horse and we're just proud of him. >> reporter: after the race, this video of rich strike appearing to bite his escort pony went viral, 2.5 million views, his incredible feat is a win for horse racing after last year's kentucky derby winner, medina spirit, was disqualified after failing a drug test and suddenly died in december. >> now we've got a feel-good good story to hang our head on with rich strike. horse racing is still a great sport. anything can happen. >> reporter: the new reigning champ, rich strike, jockeyed by 32-year-old sonny leon has turned the sport back into one of underdogs and hope. all right, you all and how did the horse do had? at one point the announcer, you
7:37 am
hear the race going and he's giving the play-by-play and gets to the halfway point and about to give the time and he stops and goes, whoa. that's blazing fast. they were atng of gas. rich strike doesn'tno better. he still got some in the tank, right? let's do this and that probably is a good reason why this horse was able to pull it off. it's unbelievable. this is a huge underdog story. >> the derby needed this. >> they bought it for 30 grand and the owners -- >> like going from the minor leagues to the world series. >> and the horse hasn't won pretty much anything but in all of its previous races it jumped. you could see it finished -- went from 11th to 4th. 8th to 3rd. like finishes strong in the end, stayed along the rail, everything lined up for this wonderful story. >> late bloomers. >> you guys excited about horse racing. >> thank you so much. coming up next, the new dr.
7:38 am
strange movie. becky worley says that's not the only way movies are going big. hey there, becky. >> reporter: you're right, robin. good morning. yeah, we're seeing price surges on some of the biggest blockbusters this summer. we're going to tell you what it means for our return to the hit and how to beat it.'go it's all coming up next. ever wonder what everyone's doing on their phones? they're banking, with bank of america. the groom's parents? they just found out they can redeem rewards for a second honeymoon. romance is in the air. like these two. he's realizing he's in love. and that his dating app just went up. must be fate. and phil. he forgot a gift, so he's sending the happy couple some money. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop banking. what would you like the power to do? panera chefs have crafted a masterpiece... succulent, seared chicken... a secret aioli... clean ingredients... in a buttery brioche roll.
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7:42 am
we're back now with that bo kicking off the summer blockbuster season with an estimated $185 million domestic weekend. something else is rising, too, though, ticket prices. becky worley joins us with what surge pricing could mean for you. good morning, becky. >> reporter: good morning, robin. from tickets to popcorn, the price of going to some movies could be going up for you this summer, blame it on inflation, streaming services, or even recouping losses from the pandemic. but the movie theater business model, it's changing. >> look out! >> reporter: this morning, summer blockbuster season is off to a strange but strong start. marvel's "dr. strange in the multiverse of madness" raking in roughly $185 this will, the second highest grossing movie in the pandemic era, behind marvel and sony's other superhero outing, "spider-man: no way home."
7:43 am
>> i can't savene. >> reporter: the major success of these megahit films paving the way for other highly anticipated summer showstoppers like "top gun: maverick." >> i just want to manage expectations. >> reporter: and the "toy story" spin-off, "lightyear." but like many things these days from gas to groceries, going to the movies is about to become more expensive with some theater chains already implementing surge pricing for tickets. it's thought to be a strategy to offset declining revenues from both streaming movies and the pandemic. >> it was really an experiment to see if people who were going to the movies were price-sensitive, like, whether they would pay a dollar more because they wanted to be there for the opening of "spider-man," and it turned out people would pay it. >> reporter: theater giant amc says it's already seen some success charging about $1 to $2 more for highly anticipated movies like "the batman" compared to other films that were released at the same time. regal and cinemark, also reportedly upcharging guests,
7:44 am
quietly raising prices for "spider-man: no way home" late last year. for this new "dr. strange" secret, audiences may not be able to travel to different dimensions but may pay a cheaper price depending on the theater. >> things just got out of hand. >> reporter: it shows amc and regal charging above the average domestic ticket price of $12.99 for certain screenings. cinemark was just under. >> the idea you're going to pay a little extra on the opening weekend so you can see it first and talk about it with your friends first, i think that's a thing that's going to be here to stay. >> all right, becky. are there any ways families can beat those rising prices? >> reporter: yeah, i have a few ideas. first of all, think about the loyalty programs at your local theater. so amc has their tuesday value days. if you come on tuesdays you pay $6.50 for a ticket instead of $18.49 any other day.
7:45 am
then you can buy discounted tickets and gift cards at costco. i saw one movie chain had a $50 gift card that was $39.99 at costco so that's 20% savings. and don't forget about the old matinee. i checked out one chain and the that were 30% off. i'm just saying, we could ditch work and go to the noon movie and just call it a day. i think that's on. >> yeah, but then they'll make the money back when you go to the concession stand with the popcorn and sodas and all that but it all evens out. yes, enjoy. enjoy. thank you, becky. coming up next, our monday "play of the day." it's a good one. d one.
7:46 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ hey, look, ma, i made it ♪ back now with our "play of the day." after our good friend anthony anderson celebrated eight wonderful seasons on his hit show "black-ish" this year more congratulations are in order. for the moment he says literally was 30 years in the making. anthony graduated from howard university with a bfa degree from the chadwick a. bozeman college of fine arts. anderson posting photos with other graduates and the commencement speaker was taraji p. henson. he also thanked his son for
7:50 am
inspiring him to return to school to finish his degree, but that is an awesome story for an awesome guy. >> wonderful. >> sure is. congratulations to him. >> congratulations. hey, we're going to throw it to kaylee hartung who is in dallas to kick off our road trip in search of the best barbecue here in america. hey, kaylee. >> reporter: hey guys, i'm caught in the middle of backyard ball with some dallas royalty. hall of famer troy aikman and dak prescott who are leading the cowboys into their seventh season. they are going to help us kick off this barbecue competition. dak, i've known you for a long time, but i don't know the answer to this. how are you behind the grill? >> ooh, i'm going to let the pros do that and i'll stick to throwing the football. not the best. >> we will let the pros take care of it. what's your specialty, troy? >> baby back ribs. >> okay. >> they should be in this competition. >> that seems like a challenge. maybe that's for another time. now these guys are going to stick around and we hope you do too. troy and joe buck will talk to us about their new monday night football gig. stick around.
7:51 am
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night or the next morning. you've been loyal. every order earns points redeemable for free mcdonald's when you order with the mcdonald's app. nearly 400 inches of seasonal snow, this is in washington state, at stevens pass. quite different because that's la nina, then, in the sierra well below, they did get some mother's day snow over the weekend. 24% of average is where we're at with the snowpack. not great for the season. coming up here on "gma," recalls and supply chain issues creating a nationwide baby formula shortage. what stressed out parents are doing to find it for their babies. and then priyanka chopra and nick jonas revealing their baby girl after 100 days in the nicu. their emotional mother's day message. your local news and weather, fanduel and draftkings,
7:55 am
two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
7:56 am
jobina has a look at traffic. jobina: we start with a live look in emeryville. packed westbound on 80 because of the crash that is really on eastbound 80 past macarthur. speeds around 16 mph. senator flake, sig alert on northbound 280. crashed on the bay bridge. it got messy fast. drew: temperatures in the 40's and 50's. the warming process this morning will be slow, partly cloudy skies. temperatures later in the 50's and 60's. midday, chance of an isolated
7:57 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. vladimir putin's new message for his troops in ukraine. russia's passive military parade as the country keeps up its brutal assault. now the new western sanctions on russia and first lady dr. jill biden's surprise visit to ukraine. she meets with their first lady. a "gma" parenting alert the growing crisis over baby formula. families desperate for shortage solutions. what new parents can do as supplies become scarce. ♪ this is heaven ♪ overjoyed. nick jonas and priyanka chopra jonas taking their daughter home after she spent a hundred days in the hospital just in time to celebrate mother's day. the new pictures this morning.
8:01 am
♪ i'm on top of the world, hey ♪ 46 inside the outof this world new guardians of the galaxy disney attraction. wow. reverse course coaster. ♪ so call me maybe ♪ >> better call bob, bob odenkirk is live in times square for the final season of "better call saul." reuniting with some familiar faces. ♪ let the good times roll ♪ and we're rolling into the new week, crisscrossing the country to find the best barbecue. this morning, we're kicking it off where everything is bigger, texas. >> yee ha! >> searching for the mvp, most valuable pit master as they say. >> all: good morning, america! good morning to everyone there in dallas, we're kicking off "gma's" united states of
8:02 am
barbecue this morning. we found some of the best barbecue spots in the country. they'll go head-to-head in our week-long competition. all hoping to be named "gma's" ultimate pit master and we're starting things off in dallas, and kaylee hartung is there for us this morning. hey, kaylee. >> reporter: hey, good morning, michael. you know that barbecue is a way of life in texas, so we have two of the best restaurants in dallas facing off in round one of our competition. we don't know who but these judges are going to help us out. you got troy aikman, the legendary cowboys quarterback here with us. our first judge joe buck, his partner on espn's monday night football this fall. let's hear it and, of course, dak prescott and from our affiliate in dallas from wfa, they have the tough job of picking a winner here. we'll see. tough work this morning, robin.
8:03 am
>> tough, i can see that, kaylee. they do everything big down there in texas. >> they do. also ahead, a "gma" parenting alert, the latest on the baby formula shortage, how parents are working together to feed their babies, plus what a doctor says you should never do. >> that is coming up. first the latest on the war in ukraine. vladimir putin gave a big speech this morning his annual world war ii victory speech with a new message for his troops, as ukraine endures russia's relentless assault. let's go back to ian pannell in kharkiv, ukraine. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, george. as you say, vladimir putin has just given his victory day speech, the 77th anniversary of the soviet victory against the nazis but what vladimir putin is trying to do is to take the success of the past and use it to justify the war of the present. this morning, a massive military parade in red square with vladimir putin rallying his troops and the country behind the war in ukraine. the parade commemorates the anniversary of the soviet
8:04 am
victory over the nazis, but putin using a war of necessity to justify a war of choice. accusing america, nato and kyiv of provoking the war. he had a message to his troops and militias in ukraine. [ speaking foreign language ] saying, you're fighting for the motherland, for its future, so no one forgets the lessons of the second world war so there's no place for nazis in the world, but with so many troops tied up in ukraine this was a smaller parade, now russia's attacks in the country unrelenting, more than 60 people fared dead after a russian bomb destroyed a school in the east. government officials releasing these images showing smoke rising from what had been a place of sanctuary for up to 90 people. in the coastal city of mariupol, 170 more civilians flee, children and the elderly, leaving the city by night, arriving to ukrainian-held territory exhausted. just outside of kyiv, u2 star bono visiting towns devastated by the war. ♪ then in the capital, bono and
8:05 am
the edge alongside a local ukrainian music group performing in a metro station that's been turned into a bomb shelter. ♪ stand by me ♪ >> reporter: george, in many ways putin's speech was more remarkable for what he didn't say than for what he did. there wasn't this mass mobilization of civilians, a draft, if you like which many people feared. there wasn't a declaration of war. instead what we should now expect is a long, grinding campaign to continue with no clear end in sight and certainly no victory imminent. george. >> surprising uncertainty from putin today. ian, thanks very much. george, we'll go to stephanie ramos with more on first lady jill biden's surprise visit to ukraine on mother's day to meet with her counterpart. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: robin, good morning. this trip was rare and a big deal, dr. jill biden's unannounced visit to ukraine is the first time a united states first lady has visited a war
8:06 am
zone since laura bush made a secret visit to afghanistan in 2008. the first lady focusing on education, military families and mental health. first lady dr. jill biden making a surprise mother's day visit to ukraine to offer support from one first lady to another. biden visiting a school turned temporary housing for displaced citizens, meeting with ukrainian first lady olena zelenska. who has not been seen in public since the start of the war on february 24th. >> i thought it was important to show the ukrainian people that this war has to stop. and this war has been brutal. and that people of the united states stand with the people of ukraine. >> reporter: zelenska praised biden for traveling into ukraine during her four-day trip, saying, we understand what it takes for the u.s. first lady to
8:07 am
come here during a war when the military actions are taking place every day, where the air sirens are happening every day. even today, we all feel your support and we all feel the leadership of the u.s. president. biden also meeting with refugee mothers in romania and slovakia. >> happy mother's day. >> thank you. >> reporter: emphasizing the mental health toll of being forced to flee their home and country. >> i mean, you can't go through that kind of trauma and not feel some sort of effects from it. >> reporter: on this trip, she was asked what she told her husband after her visit to ukraine. she said she shared just how important it is to support the people of ukraine after so many families have experienced the brutality and horrors of war. so, guys, she is taking those conversations back to the administration. >> she really is and so good to have you in the studio, steph. thank you. coming up, nick and priyanka chopra jonas bringing their baby home after more than a hundred
8:08 am
days in the nicu. their message this morning. and the baby formula shortage. how parents are helping parents through the crisis. plus, the new walt disney resort experience. guardians of the galaxy cosmic rewind. we have a first look at the fun. >> rewind is the key word there. and kaylee is in dallas where we're kicking off our cross-country competition in search of the best bbq in the u.s. our first two competitors squaring off. that's coming up. we'll be right back. [ applause ] ♪ huh. is that true? geico's been saving folks money for 85 years? yeah, that's right. wait — so if geico's 85, that makes you — are you asking if i'm 85 years old? i mean sea turtles live to 150, so...nn — i — i was not. do i look 85? what! no! you, you look young,, you look young
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8:12 am
but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. ♪ ♪ sounds urgent. >> that will get you pumped up. i'm over here going -- welcome back to "gma," everybody. >> whoo! >> oh, you know what, we are pumped up. we're excited because we have a big day tomorrow when ali wentworth joins us, live, george, are you ready? >> well, she's ready. so i better be ready. she's got a new book out. it's her best book yet.
8:13 am
i never get to read them until after it's done. which is kind of dangerous but fantastic. >> viewers love it when she's here, they love watching you when she's here. we cannot wait to see her tomorrow. we got our "gma" cover story right now, a happy homecoming for nick and priyanka chopra jonas, the couple announcing that their baby girl is now home after over a hundred days in the nicu. janai norman is here with that story for us. good morning, janai. >> reporter: good morning, guys. a hundred days. the couple reflecting on their first few months as a family of three calling it a roller coaster thanking doctors and nurses at two hospitals. they're overjoyed their little girl is finally hope. ♪ we go together ♪ >> reporter: the chopra/jonas family finally together this morning after their baby spent 100 plus days in a newborn intensive care unit. nick jonas sharing the news on instagram, saying every family's journey is unique and requires a
8:14 am
certain level of faith, and while ours was a challenging few months, what becomes abundantly clear in retrospect is how precious and perfect every moment is. >> it's a long time and now that they're home together it is a testament that they came together as a couple to really lean on one another for support during this time. >> reporter: the 29-year-old singer and 39-year-old actress priyanka chopra welcomed their baby girl via surrogate in january according to "people." nearly four years after tying the knot in december 2018. chopra giving her 77 million instagram followers a sneak peek at the baby's nursery in a february photo dump. ♪ this is heaven ♪ ♪ i don't know how this could get much better ♪ >> reporter: fans now getting their very first glimpse of her in the mother's day tribute, showing jonas holding the baby's hand while chopra lovingly embraces her giving tribute to her wife saying you inspire me in every way and taking to this new role with
8:15 am
such ease and steadiness. priyanka echoing the sentiment on instagram saying, there's no one i would rather do this with than you. thank you for making me a mama, nick jonas. i love you. very sweet to celebrate on mother's day and the couple writing, the next chapter begins now. what a chapter parenthood is, guys. >> happy for them. thank you. >> thanks, janai. the latest on the nationwide formula shortage, erielle reshef here with a look at how parents are coming together to help each other address the problem. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is a terrifying prospect for so many families and we've been talbout this shortage since february, but now some parents say they are facing a crisis. so they're leaning on the online community from instagram to ebay to find supply. this is a mom to 3-month-old son jack. >> hi. >> reporter: born a preemie, he requires formula to supplement breast milk. >> we landed on gerber gentle supreme. never saw it in the stores but saw it everywhere in stock online. >> reporter: three weeks later
8:16 am
she says that online supply seemed to evaporate. >> of course panic set in. >> reporter: her alarm shared by new parents from coast to coast amid a deepening nationwide formula shortage fueled by supply chain issues and a voluntary recall back in february of three popular brands manufactured by abbott. those products pulled following reports that four infants developed severe illness and two died. the company says after reviewing all data, it does not believe their facility is the likely source of infection. in april, 40% of the national baby formula inventory was out of stock. she's now trying a european brand for baby jack. >> we're slowly switching to that one. so far it's going okay. >> reporter: she's also relying on posts from instagram pages like the formula mom for info on where to find supplies. some turning to sites like ebay searching for what their babies need. >> one thing you can do is try to switch formulas, see if you
8:17 am
and your child can tolerate that. if they're turning to the internet option sites or social media to get formula, you have to make sure that you're using an fda-approved formula. fda approved to make sure it's safe and it has the exact nutrient composition that young babies need. >> really critical to remember that. abbott tells abc news it's doing everything it can to address the infant formula shortage including prioritizing production. there's no clear time line for when supply may be back to normal. doctors say in the meantime, be sure to check with your pediatrician before switching formulas. they can help you find the best alternative for your baby, guys. >> affecting so many families right now. thank you, erielle. >> critical issue. we'll go now to our "gma" first look, walt disney world resort, they have the guardians of the galaxy cosmic rewind, a family thrill ride with your favorite galaxy outlaws, star-lord, groot and the gang.
8:18 am
ashan singh is there. >> reporter: good morning, michael. i'm here at the epcots. i've got a star blaster behind me. we're about to take you behind the scenes of the disney's first-ever reverse launch roller coaster, buckle up, because it's a fun one. >> we're the guardians of the galaxy. >> reporter: it's disney world's newest, out of the world coaster. guardians of the galaxy cosmic rewind. a fully enclosed intergalactic chase between time and space. where guests become fully immersed in scenes, some larger than a football field. >> we have never done a ride like this before. and there isn't anything else out there like this. >> i understand you guys used some new technology to make this ride possible. >> we did and what we can do is rotate and turn you into actin in all directions. and everyone that goes on the ride cannot describe that sensation because it's totally unique and different. >> reporter: but before i teleport off the planet, i need to brush up on my
8:19 am
culture. i got nova corp uniforms here from a real zandarians. >> did you know that our home is located in the andromeda galaxy nearly 2.5 million light-years away. >> wow, that's really far. i saw a massive spaceship outside the pavilion, what is that? >> that's a starblaster, gifted to epcot to inspire parents to keep exploring the universe. >> what can visitors expect when they come inside the pavilion? >> they'll see the many wonders of xandar. we orbit three suns. >> are you like sun burnt all the time. >> not at all. we have very good spf. >> reporter: and then it was time to get riding. let's go save the galaxy. my co-pilot, my little cousin, rava. are you excited. >> i'm really excited. >> reporter: if you're wondering why they call it the cosmic rewind? uh-oh. it's disney's first ever
8:20 am
reverse launch coaster and just like in "guardians of the galaxy: volume 2," we're flung through jump points. >> we have a kosek generator that is an amazing piece of technology to create jump points and an ability to travel between vast distances on our attractions. >> let's go! >> reporter: all before landing safely back on earth, i mean, terror. that was awesome, right? that was amazing. guys, rava and i had no idea what to expect when we got on that ride, but holy moly, we had a blast. rava couldn't be here. she has school but she wants you to know you have to try it. >> robin is going, i can't wait to go and take a trip because it goes backwards. >> i love when it goes backwards. >> all right, we'll go forward to ginger.
8:21 am
hey, ginger. >> hey, michael. i know you were saying to me that it was so hot in miami when you were with your super celebrity friends. 94 was the record yesterday, and they felt like almost 100. now this morning, surfline camera in miami, not as hot but still, remember, most of us were so cold over the weekend. that chilly air mass is moving on, though and by the end drew:drew: i have your accuweather forecast. it is cool and breezy today. numbers in the upper for these to the lower 60's with that onshore breeze dusting later today. later, partly cloudy skies. here is the accuweather forecast. an isolated showers chance today and tomorrow. otherwise, those numbers and temperatures warm up big time.
8:22 am
now to "gma" exclusive. now to a "gma" exclusive. the biggest acquisition of the nfl offseason, troy aikman, joe buck coming to espn to bring us "monday night football." t.j. back with that. hey, t.j. >> let's bring in the fellas now, our newest co-workers here, there they are, the hall of famers, troy aikman and joe buck. fellas, clearly i came overdressed to this interview, you all look very comfortable there in texas for the contest. >> we're about to eat barbecue. >> that's right. but, fellas, george just called you the biggest acquisitions of the nfl off-season. live that you were free agents and everybody was after you. what was it like? >> hey, we'll take it. the biggest acquisition, that has a nice ring to it. we're not going to argue with that one. >> no. i mean, it was stressful, nobody has any sympathy for that. but it was interesting the way it all went down.
8:23 am
i know i speak on troy's behalf, we could not be more excited about being at espn and doing "monday night football." i mean, i'm 53. i grew up with "monday night football" and my dad doing the radio two boo-yahs over and to be a part of this is pretty surreal. >> it's good to have you. part of the disney family here. you have a big announcement for us about "monday night football" and that first kickoff weekend so tell us. >> yeah, well, here it is. two games, one night. two different spots to find them. so it is week two, it is september 19th, the early game will be on espn, it's tennessee at buffalo. >> yeah and the 8:30 eastern time game will be the minnesota vikings at the philadelphia eagles. so a big night for espn, abc, doubleheader. two games, one night, we're really fired up about it week two. >> big night for you all. the entire schedule, folks, will be revealed on espn2 and espn
8:24 am
plus this thursday at 8:00 p.m. troy, let me ask you here. you all have been doing this for awhile. 20 somethng years together so it's no necessarily secret new for you to be calling a big event and certainly a football but why. explain why this, the monday night booth is so iconic and still different from anything you've done. >> well, i think it's a lot like what joe just said, we grew up up like most of america watching "monday night football." the voices of don meredith and frank gifford and howard cosell echoed through our living rooms. when i was a kid, so it's obviously a tremendous property. to have an opportunity at this stage of my career to get to be a part of that historical booth is really exciting. joe mentioned it, we're extremely fired up about it. and the best part of it in addition to working at espn doing the only game in town on monday night, but to continue to get to work alongside joe who
8:25 am
we've worked together with for the last 20 years. it couldn't be better. an exciting time for us. you mentioned the thursday night schedule coming out, can't wait to see what the lineup of games are for espn on monday night. >> joe, he kind of alluded to it but you had an opportunity to kind of get away from each other. you have been in booth for 20-plus years, i mean, but you still wanted to stay together? >> yeah, i mean, you're right. this is the proof is in the pudding. i could have bolted. he bolted first. and it was like, hey, do i really want to work anymore with troy kenneth aikman? i weighed the option. i said yes. espn said come aboard, joe. we're going to have fun so here we are. year 21 together. and we really love working together. i guess that kind of shows since we both jumped ship at the same time. >> we love eating barbecue, too, which is also why we're here, so this is going to be fantastic. >> that's coming up shortly.
8:26 am
i'll let you go on this, troy, do you remember your monday night record as a player off the top of your head? >> undefeated, i'm pretty sure. no, i don't. >> 13-9. that ain't bad, right? >> i know we won a lot of games on monday night. >> 13-9 ain't bad. though, right? that's pretty good. 13-9. >> 13-9? what? >> you look surprised. fellas, it's good to have you. welcome, welcome to the family. we will see you all for the season on monday nights and for barbecue. we'll have more from dallas, the first round of the united states of bbq showdown. >> announcer: "gma" this week. we hope you're hungry because -- >> you know at "gma." >> we love barbecue. >> announcer: that's why we're heading out on the united states state of barbecue road trip. >> announcer: it's time for -- >> some of the best barbecue.
8:27 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. kumasi: good morning, everyone. let's get you jobina with traffic. jobina: we are following a sig alert in san jose. this is northbound 280 past ray street. injuries are involved. moving to a live picture of the bay bridge, crash here as well. it is right past the metering lights on the eastern span of the bridge. expected delays as you challenge in san francisco. meet a future mom,
8:28 am
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8:29 am
ryan: coming up, we chat with norman reedus about his book, and road trip week. >> temperatures right now warming to the 40's and 50's at this hour. partly cloudy skies. here is a live look at showing you there is bright conditions first thing this morning. partly skies to the day. midday we include the chance of an isolated showers for best chance along the coast. most of us remain dry. it is cool in the 50's and 60's. cool and breezy on your monday. temperatures below average. upper 50's in the 60's later on today. kumasi: another abc7 of in 30 minutes.
8:30 am
find the latest on our app and news continues with gma. ♪ ♪ let the good times roll ♪ ♪ let the good times roll ♪ and round one of our united states of bbq competition is coming up. first we welcome back the star of "better call saul," bob odenkirk. welcome back. >> i was here after my first season. a big deal to be on your show and tell people about the show that we were doing, here we are wrapping it all up. >> it's a big deal to have you back here. we're so glad to see you looking so well. i know you had a heart attack on the set while you wee filming. >> i did. >> how are you feeling? >> last july we were shooting a scene and we shot all day long and then i had a heart attack,
8:31 am
5:30. it took -- thank god there were people around, there weren't many because of covid restrictions, everyone was separated, you know, but luckily i was sitting with my other cast members, and they set off the alarm screaming. then we had some pros showed up who were in the crew, and they did great cpr, so if you haven't taken a cpr class. >> so you knew right away? >> i knew nothing. i didn't remember anything for a week. i had no memory for eight days. then it all came back and i got back to work after about five weeks and we finished the scene that we were shooting that day and then carried on with the season. you know, the experience has really resonated and continues to for me. it wasn't an experience like up's heard of someone seeing some vision moving towards it or something like that. it's a blank for me.
8:32 am
an utter blank. and yet everything that happened after that is what's impacted me. the social media response of people being so supportive and loving really and just thinking about, you know, this flurry of activity of my last decade of my life and maybe wanting to slow down a little so i can appreciate things a little more. >> boy, you are beloved. folks love you. >> what happened? [ laughter ] i had no part in it. i didn't help at all. >> you play this character -- >> i did nothing to make that happen. >> look at your memoir, because something you said -- that's later but right now, saul, how do you feel that the end is in sight now? >> it is. you know, it's so weird because we've been doing it for six years and truly i have been doing the part for about 10 years or 12 years. so i'm used to going away and
8:33 am
coming back to saul, so this is the first time i won't be coming back to saul. i think what's going to impact me is to watch the finale, i know what happens obviously, yet somehow i think i need to see it to really go, oh, this story is ending. this story is over. so in my mind i think in the back of my mind i'm still going, when are we going back to albuquerque? but really when i see that, i know what happens, and i know it's going to be a great, great ending. i'm so proud of the writers and thankful for what they went after in the ending of this show. >> "better call saul" is a prequel speaking of endings. >> it is. >> what's it like to film a show where the fans already know what the ending is? >> well, they don't know what the ending is. [ laughter ] you don't know. you don't know what you're going to see. they kind of know a point that
8:34 am
we will be at at some point. but the real -- you know vince and peter who created the show and all the writers and there are many writers from "breaking bad" as well part of "better call saul," they lived to create problems for themselves and then try to solve those in a way that has emotional logic. they've done it again. they'll come up with surprises. many of them. >> let's give everyone a look. >> i expanded the mission to be more inclusive. here we welcome all ages, all creeds, all stripes. >> and who is this saul goodman? >> you got it. what colonel sanders is to chicken, saul goodman is to the law. [ laughter ] >> that's a line. >> that's a line. >> yeah, yeah. well, you know, my character is
8:35 am
based on some real lawyers who sort of franchise out their work, what they do. so he wants to franchise out eventually, but that's his big dream, i guess. >> congratulations on the memoir. >> thank you. >> wanted to get that in. it came out in march. something you alluded to earlier. you said, i'm going to quote you here, you said you had no intention of making it big. >> no, i never thought about such a thing. no, i just wanted to be a comedy writer, and that's wat i did for most of my career on "saturday night live" and tenacious d and so many other shows, so many shows you never heard of, and then i just started getting these opportunities as a dramatic actor, and i guess i'm okay there. i do all right. [ laughter ] >> being under the radar isn't going to happen any longer if that was your intention. >> i think i'm under the radar but that's the kind of self-delusional you tell
8:36 am
yourself, right? i'm just a regular guy, i'm not on tv. people say, hey, i love your work. and you're like, what? getting coffee, grocery shopping or -- what work? oh, the work on tv, right, right. >> "better call saul" airs tonight on amc. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. thanks for having me. ultimate barbecue trip is coming up. ♪ let the good times roll ♪ ♪ let the good times roll ♪ you're a champion. you're not a quitter. quitters don't do what they're supposed to. champions do. and you're a star. and you shine. that's what you do.
8:37 am
that's what you do every day. [inspirational music]
8:38 am
8:39 am
♪ ♪ let the good times roll ♪ ♪ let the good times roll ♪ welcome back. it's time for round one of our united states of bbq. we're road-tripping across the country, we're hitting the best barbecue joints in four different cities against each other in our barbecue bracket. >> and the winners of each of those rounds will advance to our final four and come to new york for our grand finale where they will compete for the title of "gma's" ultimate pitmaster and also $10,000. we're getting started this morning where everything is bigger, in texas, kaylee hartung is in dallas to do the honors. hey, kaylee. >> reporter: you know, barbecue is serious business in texas like you said, michael, an ultimate prize of $10,000 on the line here, and it's a family affair here. the husband/wife duo against the
8:40 am
brothers of smokey john's. [ cheers and applause ] guys, a family affair here. and we have this esteemed panel of judges here from our affiliate here, espn's joe buck and troy aikman along with dak prescott. now, troy, i got to ask you, help us understand, what defines dallas barbecue. >> i think in texas it's all about the meat whereas in a lot of places it's more about the sauce. that's probably the biggest difference between the two. >> there we go. we're about to check it out. we're about to get a bite. >> we're about to get a bite. he shows me different sides of his personality, this guy knows everything. >> add to that resume, barbecue analyst, troy aikman. before we get to taste-testing here and judging competition, let's learn more about our competitors. this morning, two dallas
8:41 am
families turning up the heat. husband and wife due justin and diane fourton of pecan lodge facing off against the two brothers from smoky john's. serving up good meats, good sides and good vibes since they opened up 46 years ago. >> here's our dad smokey john reeves. when people come here, they're like, this is good. this is some of the best i've had. and that's one of the things we're very proud of. >> reporter: their hickory smoked meats not the only things getting rave reviews. >> we put a lot of effort in all of it. we don't want you to have half a meal. we want you to have the whole meal. >> reporter: across town, pecan lodge which opened up in 2010. >> pitmaster sandwich
8:42 am
for laelly. >> reporter: when they traded in their corporate jobs for the barbecue business. >> that jiggle right there, that's how you know it's ready. >> reporter: they're serving up nearly four tons of their slow smoked brisket every week. >> this is by far the best brisket in dallas. >> reporter: the flavors a blend of the styles they grew up with. >> we take a lot from east texas with a little heavier spice rub, a blend of what she remembers growing up and what i remember growing up. >> reporter: for both families, the restaurants and the diners they serve are an extension of their families. >> we have people who met here, get married here. seeing traditions build around this restaurant makes me feel like we have done a good job of passing that on. [ applause ] >> now, this amazing crowd has been hanging with us all morning long. these guys are hungry. so let's get to taste testing. we are going to start off with pecan lodge, diane and justin and we want to hear about this pitmaster sandwich as you dig in. go for it. >> after you. > tell us, what are they trying
8:43 am
here. >> the pitmaster sandwich is basically texas between two buns. you want to tell them what's on it? >> we got brisket, pulled pork, sausage, coleslaw, jalapenos. >> this is fantastic. >> joe, what do you think here? [ laughter ] >> there you go. there you go. you got it? oh, my gosh. >> the proof is all over his face. >> good morning, america! [ laughter ] >> reporter: that's a strong endorsement. if i've ever heard one, but hey, the guys at smokey john's. we got to come to you next. tell us about the big john, if you guys are ready for the next round of bites here. are you? >> give me a second. >> give him a second. we'll get you guys too. troy's been helping out too. we'll get some bites around here, too. okay, tell us about the big john. >> the big john is our hickory smoked brisket, our smokey sausage, and then we make our
8:44 am
own coleslaw dressing like glandma's recipe and we have to top it with onion rings. when you come to smokey john's all the meats are great, we had to garnish with a rib. >> just a garnish. a little bite of a rib. >> let's try some of this out. let's go. >> i'm going in for the rib. i'm going in for the rib. >> look at dak over there. >> oh, my goodness. >> falling off the bone. >> troy, you said ribs were your secialty. what do you think of this? >> you can't miss out on grandma's mac and cheese, either. >> mine is baby backs but, yeah, this is right in the ball game. >> right in the ball game. did you get a nice taste of grandma's slaw? >> yes. >> got to get a bite of that mac and cheese. yeah. >> what do you think? >> it's really early for mac and cheese. but i'm going in. >> it's never too early for barbecue in texas. never too early. troy's really selling it. okay, what do we think, guys, pecan lodge, can we get some cheers?
8:45 am
[ cheers and applause ] what about smokey john's? [ cheers and applause ] okay, guys, now, we're going to hand out these paddles. you guys have a tough decision to make. can you grab yours from under there, joe? oh, we're going to do hats. we're going to do hats. it just like signing day, dak. it's just like that, okay? okay, everybody make a choice, ready? who is it going to be? smokey john's or pecan lodge? >> oh. >> the chance to go to new york city and compete in our ultimate pitmaster competition. and perhaps $10,000 if you win. drum roll, please, everybody. can we get it? drum roll, drum roll. [ drum roll ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ let the good times roll ♪ >> smokey john's. we appreciate the hospitality from pecan lodge so much. appreciate the hospitality. troy, you got a job to do, present that golden tong. >> the golden tong.
8:46 am
there you go, buddy. [ cheers and applause ] >> your ticket to new york city to compete in our ultimate pitmaster competition. how are you guys feeling? >> we're excited. >> whoo! >> love it. we'll see you in new york city on monday. >> can't wait. >> thank you guys. >> thank y'all. >> thank you so much. >> all right, thank you, kaylee. robin said she's not eating all week because on monday we are going to grub. congratulations to smoky john's. >> i said i wasn't going to eat all weekend. i'm going to eat this week. not this weekend. a girl got to eat. [ laughter ] >> i got to say also congratulations to troy and joe and dak, thank you all for helping us out. we'll see those guys here next monday. you can get these delicious recipes from both smoky john's and pecan lodge by scanning the qr code on your screen, or by going to
8:47 am
tomorrow our barbecue competition heads to washington, d.c. >> can't wait. >> yes. and now we'll head over to ginger. >> thanks, michael. how about a shout-out to the dallas cowboy cheerleaders for our barbecue show. if you've ever dreamed of being part of the squad, they are holding auditions right now. online submissions are being accepted until midnight tomorrow. speaking of dallas, this week, it's going to feel like you're grilling or in a smokehouse even if you didn't w drew: cool and breezy today. 50's and low 60's. the chance of an isolated showers along the coast. otherwise, a b why am i so hungry right now? >> i am too. i want some barbecue. coming up, just in time for summer best-selling author jennifer weiner tells us about her new summer beach read "the summer place." we'll be right back.
8:48 am
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8:50 am
we're back now with one of we're back now with one of our favorite summer authors. number one "the new york times" best-seller, jen weiner is back with a new novel, "the summer place." just as the warm weather starts rolling in, it's a beach read, we hear, amy. >> yes, we were just talking about how we can't wait to bring this book to the beach very soon. when author jennifer weiner was trapped in her home in philadelphia during the pandemic, she tried to picture herself in her favorite place, cape cod. that's exactly where she set her latest novel. a fun beach escape we can all use right now. ♪ with 19 books, over 11 million books in print across 36 countries, it's no surprise best-selling author jen weiner was named the undisputed boss of the beach read. >> i can't even get my kids to make their beds, so the idea
8:51 am
that i'm boss of anything is like, it's very satisfying but also very ironic. >> reporter: we sat down with weiner at her favorite philadelphia hot spot head house books to talk about her latest novel, "the summer place." >> "the summer place" is about three generations of a family, all the members have secrets that they're keeping and there's this big wedding on cape cod approaching where everything's coming to a head. >> reporter: as the matriarch veronica reunites her family for stepdaughter's nuptials at their beachfront home, the family's secrets start to surface and come crashing to the shore. >> i love the idea of different generations of women and all of them sort of dealing with versions of the same thing, which is how do you balance a marriage and a career, the life you want, what do you sacrifice, what choices do you make? >> reporter: weiner wrote "the summer place" last year on the heels of her mother's death and said she kept the voice in the back of her head. >> i thought a lot about my mom and about her lessons and things
8:52 am
she would say to me and things she would say to my daughters and just the idea that she's gone and i'm now the matriarch, i think that's something that's really familiar to a lot of women in their 40s and their 50s. it's like trying to relocate yourself in your life when you're not a young mother anymore and when you're not the kid anymore, when you're the grown-up. >> reporter: weiner said she's also proud of the message of body positivity. >> i can't tell you how happy i am to have an actual full-figure woman on my cover. that's so huge. >> reporter: along the sandy shores of cape cod, weiner has the recipe for the perfect sum you arer page turner on the beach. >> what are we going to do? that's the feeling that i want to give reads. >> and from weiner's legion of
8:53 am
fans this book won't disappoint. and she says she is already hard at work on her next novel. "the summer place," though, hits shelves tomorrow. >> we're all guilty of eavesdropping on the beach and something about the sound that can really carry. >> we can hear everything. ♪ voices carry ♪ >> all right, amy, thanks so much. we'll be right back. it's true, it's true. we've got your back, road warriors. because we know you want to get back to going your speed, steering life at 10 and 2. you're hitting the road... and we're helping you get there with confidence. soon you'll get back to skipping the counter without missing a beat. back to choosing any car in the aisle. back to being the boss of you. go national. go like a pro.
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>> announcer: ali wentworth, when she comes to "gma," anything can happen. >> come on. >> announcer: just ask george. >> he is so red right now. >> announcer: now tomorrw ali went worth slashes on to "gma." don't miss this. don't be too afraid, george. >> watch your back, stephanopoulos. there is a new anchor in town. >> i really wish she could write a book. >> i'm getting stuffed up. [ laughter ] george will be here. we got to say great job by pecan lodge and smokey john's. we'll see you tomorrow, everybody. smokey john's. we'll see you tomorrow, everybody. ♪♪ ♪ let's go out of town for the summer ♪ ♪ i wanna go across the trees ♪
8:57 am
♪ just take my hand ♪ ♪ we will have fun till the sun goes down ♪ ♪ and we'll start over again ♪ ♪♪ under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. kumasi: here is jobina with a look at traffic. jobina: we are giving a live picture as the san raff i'll bridge. the speeds are going to be under the limit until you make it halfway across. the golden gate bridge, nice and clear and beautiful looking out there. drew: partly cloudy skies. temperatures slowly warming through the 40's and 50's. 48 in the city. sunshine mixing with cloud cover. there is the chance of an isolated showers midday. most of us remained dry but the chances are still there along the coastline. 50's and 60's today. temperatures below average for this time of the year. kumasi: time for "live with
9:00 am
kelly and ryan." we will be back for midday live. have a good morning. it's live with kelly and ryan. pack a bag and join us. we're kicking off our virtual road trip week. first stop, houston, texas. on today's show, "the walking dead" star and author norman reedus. plus, a tasty texas cooking class with top chef houston contestant evelyn garcia. and our viewers share their houston love on a special road trip inbox. also, we'll be taking you to the texas streets to show you what's happening in houston. all next on live. and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. what, what, what, what. -we're going on a trip. -we're going to houston. hi, guys. how are you? hi, deja. good morning.


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