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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 9, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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this video of hale. they reported experiencing strong gusty wind followed by hail and rain just before noon today. this is a live look outside the bay area. you can see clouds, but is there more hail ahead? mike is here with a first look at the forecast. >> good afternoon. we could have a another round of showers that could bring pea-sized hail which won't accumulate enough to cause the roads to get too slippery but there is still a possibility. showers are across the north bay. northern sonoma county, blake and mendocino. these are moving east whereas earlier today they were moving south. if you see a dark cloud to your west, it is probably heading your way and it could bring us a few areas of small hail and lightning as we look at future radars through the afternoon and evening.
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the best chance of lightning mainly across the north fayette some storms could slip east. your evening planner, if you are outside the north bay, chile with the breeze. temperatures 10 degrees cooler than average, in the 50's before we drop to the 40's. another chance for storms tomorrow. that's coming up. >> a pregnant store owner is thanking the community for a vital piece of safety equipment she says saved her and her baby from harm. dion lamp shows you how a volunteer effort from last year is working. >> she remembers the details of what happened inside her international shipping store april 25 like it was yesterday. >> this person came in. he was trying to grab packages. >> 1:50 in the afternoon, surveillance shows that man walking toward a pile of
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packages, seemingly with the intention of taking them. eva, seven months pregnant, fearlessly grabs the airhorn from her desk and >> i could not afford to be afraid because i wanted to protect those packages. >> you can't see out on camera, but you can hear the moment the man hurls the hand sanitizer at eva's pregnant belly. as the man runs away, ava deploys the airhorn. the sound alerted nearby volunteer security team who flagged down oakland police who arrived in two minutes. airhorn's were distributed in chinatown in february 2021 thanks in part to the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce. >> the chamber of commerce demonstrated the airhorn. >> at the beginning, people were questioning, why should i carry an airhorn? but with incidents happening
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like the one you see here, it is helping our small businesses. >> during a time when many violent attacks on the asian-american community have been caught on camera, this is an encouraging sign the airhorn's are working. >> we are thinking to -- in chinatown and other communities as well. >> eva and her baby narrowly missed getting hurt bystac i th mor officers, especiay officers that speak the language. >>kristen: san francisco's chapr of the naacp is urging the city to take action to prevent hate crimes against asian citizens. the organization is calling on the mayor to issue a moratorium on hate crimes across the city.
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among the actions it's demanding, the naacp wants the city to guarantee confidentiality to all for it to -- confidentiality to all victims, provide emotional support and forward all cases to the fbi. mike: stanford is investigating a hate crime after a noose was discovered in a tree outside an undergraduate residence. a report on the university's reporting website says ropes were tied to the tree several years ago for a student performance and never removed. yesterday evening it was discovered one of the ropes had been made into a noose. this follows incidents of potential nooses found on campus last year and into thousand 19. kristen: a stolen master key to nearly 1000 uc berkeley student to part -- apartments led to pandemonium. mike: residence looked to find locksmiths to stay safe. as leslie brinkley explains,
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this has happened before. the prince have >> the master ke apartments was stolen from a lockbox over the weekend affecting the security of the uc berkeley graduate students living at the sprawling university village complex in albany. >> it is crazy. there's a lot of panicking people. everyone wants to get their locks changed. >> residents have been flagging down locksmiths and begging to get their locks changed. locks are in short supply now. the university offered to reimburse people for hotel rooms but some residents barricaded themselves in. >> our child sleeps in the living room at night. we put heavy stuff in front of the door. >> did this happen before? i checked my email and indeed, it did. in august of 2020. >> following the first stolen key incident, we did install a
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new key system to ensure that all keys were placed in lockboxes and secured. unfortunately, those measures were insufficient. >> the university says it's consulting with security experts to get it right this time. spits ts.nd different locks, there is no way to get a master key made. that would require the university to come in again later. that, ricci it all. residents will be getting yet another new lock. >> i don't know how they are storing the master keys but they need to do it differently because this is ridiculous. kristen: investigators have identified the two people killed in a plane crash. nifty seven-year-old michael greer and 52-year-old jennifer fox from sacramento died when the aircraft went down on a
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hillside friday west of the golden gate bridge. it is unclear why the plane went down but there was certainly heavy fog at the time. mike: now to the latest covid headlines piers san jose city employees are required to mask again as cases increase in santa clara county. the city said it anticipates lifting the requirement next friday. kristen: california nears 90,000 deaths. the state has the lowest cumulative death rate of the 10 most populous u.s. states. mike: scientists at rutgers have developed a lab test to detect the virus and identify which variant you are infected with. it could help officials track the pandemic more easily and help doctors treat patients more effectively. kristen: covid is hitting home for ucsf's bob watcher good -- bob walked her -- his wife has come down with covid. i talked with both of them earlier today.
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walked her to -- >> they did ask everyone be vaccinated but what they did not was that everybody test themselves before the first day of the conference and throughout the week and every morning. that is what i, in hindsight, should have suggested. given i am married to this guy who knows something. >> it's nothing -- nothing is perfect. the best you can do is if everybody is vaccinated and if you take your off, that everybody does rapid testing that day. kristen: the doctor shared this photo of katie. appearing hermetically sealed on an airplane the day after her exposure. he doesn't think she was infectious yet and she also didn't know at the time. this was taken she -- before she knew she was positive. she is resting at home with symptoms and on paxlovid. the couple are isolating in
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separate par mike: the city of phoenicia is asking people and businesses to cut back on water use. it is not because of the drought. it is actually because of a pipeline leak. amy hollifield has the story. >> the city of the niche is located on the water come on the strait. water is on their minds today, the lack of it. residents are being told to cut back on water use by 30% because of a supply issue. from what we hear, they are trying to do their part. >> they tend to over water my plants, so i will be cutting back on that and not doing that until i get the word. i took a little bit faster shower this morning. >> here is the source of the problem, the water treatment plant. city officials say crews discovered flooding early sunday and determined a back after pipeline had ruptured. >> it was determined that it needed to be shut off in order to address it. therefore, we were only able to distribute water from the
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already treated lines in our storage facilities. >> she says this will be a significant prepare. they don't know how long it will take, but residents will need to conserve. >> we are asking residents and businesses to stop any kind of landscape irrigation right now. we are asking for you to not wash your car or fill your pool. >> we already try to reduce our water usage as much as possible. the city is also asking restaurants to conserve but employees at rags cafe says there's not much more they can do. they are already careful about water use. >> we already try to cut back. when you are scrubbing your hands, don't leave the water running. washing dishes, try to let -- try not to let it run. don't waste it unnecessarily. kristen: early voting. the ballots are coming.
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they look ahead to the june primary. san francisco mayor london breed names the replacement for supervisor matt haney. heating up, the warning about ocean warming. larry: i am live at shea center while we count down to game four of the playoffs. the status of john behrendt who was seen limping into the building earlier, and dylan brooks who injured gary payton brooks who injured gary payton the second with his version big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna.
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kristen: we are a few hours away from game for dashcam four. -- larry: that is for sure based on the first three games of the series. we will see if we can get through an entire game without any controversy or flagrant fouls or twitter nonsense after the game. and then the league having to weigh in. let's start with the status of john durrant who has officially been listed as doubtful for game four. i want to show you the video of john walking into chase center. we can all play doctor but you can see he has a slight limp with a sore right knee. averaging 38 points per game. it would be a huge loss.
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if he can't go. steve kerr knows the grizzlies are dangerous with or without job. >> while it may change a scheme or two in terms of how we are guarding, it does not change our respect for what they are capable of. we will be prepared either way. >> we have got to scrap, rotate. this is a tough cover. it is playoff basketball. we've got to raise our levels. offensive line nothing changes. we've just got to execute better. that's what it's all about. larry: also we heard from dylan brooks for the first time since he whacked gary payton. perhaps ending his season. brooks says he was apologetic, he wished he could take the playback. he says he did not interred -- intend to hurt gary payton but
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his version doesn't match the video. [indiscernible] >> sometimes the way the play is, you fall down and you try to brace your fall. larry: dylan brooks said he jumped first and gp two adjusted to him. if you look at the video, payton jumped first, then brooks whacked him. it doesn't matter, hopefully gary payton will be back. brooks missed most of game to end was suspended for game three. he will be in action tonight and the grizzlies will need a big game. lots more to come from chase center. we've got a lot of news here, we will have that as we continue at 4:00.
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dan: we hope for a great game but a safe game. keep it cool, keep it safe. kristen: speaking of cool, i think we got that today. dan: in mike nico we have that. kristen: great to be back. let's take a look outside. it has been a cool and breezy day for all of us across the board. we have also had a few showers. let's start with the wind, it has really ramped up. pushing 15 to 25 miles per hour coming off the 51 degree ocean water. that is why temperatures are cooler than average. we should be in the mid 60's to the mid-70's. instead, just a few 60's like american canon, napa and concord . that is it. let's move on and talk about what is going to happen deeper in the forecast. cool breeze and showers, with the possibility of hail and
4:18 pm
lightning. the weekend is looking a lot like summer. quite a spread developing. antioch, concord and san rafael, only one 100th. one of our better selves is heading toward gilroy on the 152. there could be slippery areas there. clear lake heading to middleton, look at this, just north of mount st. helena. radar shows a little bit of snow. gives you an idea of how unusually cold this is. it has been dropping hail and thunderstorms have developed in the sacramento valley heading towards redding and corning. those are going to stay well away from us here they turned back into snow showers especially above 6500 feet. not a lot of accumulation, but a reminder of how cold this system is. it is taking over a lot of the northwest. you can really see the jet stream diving all the way down
4:19 pm
to just our south, opening that door for the cold, unstable air. this low is going to trigger more showers and the possibility for thunderstorms as it skirts us right along the coast as we head into the evening hours. we lose daytime heating. as a low comes through overnight it is going to kick up more showers. most of those are over the ocean but they will rotate and to they could even hit parts of the south bay by the end of tomorrow's commute. it dusts hamilton with a little bit of snow and we get another wave coming in from the northeast heading southwest as we head into the afternoon and evening. that will fall apart before it makes it down to the rest of our neighborhood. temperatures tonight are chili. 30's up in lake and mendocino counties. freezing cold temperatures possible from 2:00 until 9:00. low to mid 40's elsewhere. tomorrow temperatures are almost exactly like today. it will still be breezy
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wednesday. thursday we calmed down a little bit. temperatures don't change much from average and then they take off with 90's possible inland. 70's and 80's around the bay with low to mid 60's at the coast. dan: nice. predictions of a possible marine heatwave could give researchers an opportunity to better understand changes along the coastline. kristen co. spencer christian is here with a look at some of those changes. spencer co. a/-- >> certain species are moving into new ecosystems. that includes the appearance of juvenile great white sharks in numbers not known least -- not normally seen this close to the bay. each goers in southern california have been accustomed to the side of juvenile great white sharks for some time. this year, the focus for researchers to be shipping -- shifting farther north, to the bay area. >> these heat waves are going to
4:21 pm
start to really change the distribution of animals that white -- we either expect to see off the coastline or have never expected. >> professor chris has been documenting a northern migration of juvenile sharks along with researchers from the monterey bay aquarium. there were could take on an added wrinkle this year with scientists predicting a potential marine heatwave this fall. past events including a particularly strong one nicknamed the blob are believed to be contributing to shifts in the coastal ecosystems and the movement of marine species northward. >> after the last major marine heatwave we had where the strong el niño met the blob, the first time we really saw baby white sharks in monterey. normally they are not found. the water is simply too cold. >> i am taking pictures of as many species as i can. >> we caught up with researchers
4:22 pm
from the california academy of sciences were busy documenting the health of marine species along the coast, setting up an early warning system. dr. johnson says recent heat events decimated certain starfish populations and set off chain reactions up and down the marine food chain. >> without a big warm water event, our oceans are warming at a slow and steady pace. things are able to live in different places and they could have big impacts, especially creditors. spencer: researchers from stanford have tracked migrations of squid north to the gulf of alaska where there is concern for their impact on salmon. researchers say a heat event this year may offer an opportunity to better understand the ocean cycles in the age of climate change. >> this is where getting a handle on the oceanographic issues and being able to predict it is going to be the key.
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spencer: next month, volunteers from the academy and elsewhere will be taking part in a statewide survey called snapshot cal coast. dan: snapshot cal coast. thank you. rising prices from food to gas and that's not all. kristen: meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c.
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kristen: the spca is ushering in a new week with a new addition, four of them. these newborns have hatched. the wildlife center shared these pictures. snow we clubbers -- are a threatened species as they have lost much of their habitat in recent decades. these chicks are true warriors. they were found abandoned and had a local beach and wildlife experts were not sure the eggs would hatch. dan: we can't talk about checks without showing you the peregrine falcon checks at cal. two of the three eggs have hatched. this is video of the two chicks taken over the weekend. let's change. our producer is going to switch to a live picture. you can see annie sitting on the chicks. keeping them warm in these cool and breezy days.
4:27 pm
how neat is that? fun to watch. two of the three chicks have hatched and it is pretty sweet. you can see the wind ruffling their little feathers. mama is keeping the kids warm. kristen: i don't know why we can watch this 24/7. dan: it is a vantage point you don't could to see often. kristen: you should expect something in the mail soon. dan: your primary ballot. the upcoming election and the newest member of san francisco's board of supervisors. kristen:
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kristen: this year's state primary election is in less than a month. san francisco in person voting today began at city hall for the june election. it includes the recall of district attorney putin. marin and san mateo counties also have races and ballot measures to vote on. there are statewide races including the primary for governor. san francisco mayor breed has appointed matt dorsey to lee district six on the board of supervisors seat. the one left vacant by matt haney who is now an assemblyman. dorsey is a gay man living with hiv who is a recovering addict. leon melendez joins us live to find out why the mayor thinks those characteristics matter at a time when san francisco is grappling with a drug overdose epidemic. >> matt dorsey went up to the mayor and said, i'm the person you're looking for to be the next supervisor.
4:31 pm
he has seen people died during the aids epidemic and he himself says he knows what it takes to respond to an epidemic of drug overdoses that san francisco is experiencing. >> for the city and county of san francisco. >> congratulations. >> matt dorsey has never held public office before but has worked for and with those who have led city departments. two of which were present today. dennis herrera and chief william scott. >> what has been important to him is recovery, safety and the ability for people to live in a community where they feel safe and secure. >> former mayor willie brown says despite his previous employments, dorsey is his own person. >> this is an extremely well-qualified person. he can't be labeled as an extension of anybody.
4:32 pm
particularly the police department. >> outgoing supervisor matt haney had advocated for his aid honey mahogany to replace him. she is transgender and currently the chair of the san francisco democratic party. it was dorsey himself that convinced the mayor to appoint him. a recovering addict and alcoholic who understands the substance abuse problem that has plagued san francisco. >> although i have spent most of my life in recovery, i have had setbacks. that is why i feel personally invested in reversing the record shattering overdose deaths we have seen. >> following the recent redistricting process, district six will no longer represent the embattled tenderloin and will instead include the south of market, treasure island and mission bay neighborhoods. >> i solemnly swear. >> appointments made by the mayor have not always lead people to vote for them. rather than vote for susie
4:33 pm
loftus, voters went with chase. >> i must have been the worst of all of the mayors by way of the appointment process. i appointed six members to the board of supervisors and only two of them ultimately survived. gavin newsom and mark leno. kristen: not a bad batting average. dorsey will run for that position in november just like all the other appointments made by the mayor. by taking this new position, dorsey will see a substantial salary reduction. we reached out to matt haney, the former supervisor, but he did not respond to my request for a statement. >> thank you. gas prices are on the rise. jumping $.15 in two weeks. here in california and specifically the bay area, we are paying the highest prices in the country. aaa puts san francisco's average price at $6.02 a gallon.
4:34 pm
san jose gas was up to $5.90 now. open drivers are paying just a penny less on average. it's not just gas and food, credit card debt is also climbing. joining me is analyst ted rossman. thanks for coming on. >> good afternoon. dan: tomorrow the fed's quarterly report on household debt comes out. are you expecting to see a possible record? >> ym. there is a good chance we will see a all-time record, which would be a big jump. it would be at least eight point 3% above the previous quarter. this is the trend we have been on. early in the pandemic, credit card debt fell sharply. at one point it was down 17%. since then, we have given back half of those gains and all signs are that q1 was huge for credit card spending between
4:35 pm
inflation, pent-up demand, no more stimulus, a lot of spending. >> this is great news for credit card companies, but not for individual households. what is driving this huge rise in debt? >> there are positives and negatives. the positive is consumer spending. people are eager to travel and eat out. celebrate a better stage. that is discretionary stuff. unfortunately, the necessities are up too. groceries, housing and all of these things. this is where we have a proverbial tale of two cities. half of cardholders avoiding interest in getting rewards, the other half paying expensive credit card interest rates. >> >> let's talk about its effect on the economy. there's a lot of fear that we are perhaps entering a bear market.
4:36 pm
what does this mean in terms of the overall economy as prices go up and people charge more because they can't afford to pay for expensive services. and of course they have to service the debt which causes more debt. >> the irony is that while the economy does not feel great right now, it's doing pretty well overall. the unemployment rate is extraordinarily low. one of the best job markets in 50 years. we see other positive signs too. delinquencies on debt is low. the debt to income ratio is low. i know it doesn't feel good because of inflation and worries about higher interest rates in the war on ukraine. right now i think people are weathering it but i think the worry is what happens when rates go up and to the excess savings from the pandemic are gone. do people overspend? pullback? that's what we need to watch.
4:37 pm
>> if there's a recession, the job market changes. interesting times, ted. ted rossman. kristin kroepfl is working at the office a thing of the past? one company thinks so.
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kristen: we have larry and mike joining. the ceo of airbnb says offices as we know them are over. brian chesky told time magazine the office's predigital age. airbnb employees are allowed to work remotely for good from anywhere in the country. chesky told time the hybrid work model where people go to the office a few days a week is flawed as well. obviously chesky operating airbnb benefits if more people can work from anywhere, right? there? larry coda i think this ceo is a visionary. he has clearly tapped into the employees of america in the year 2022. this is one of my favorite topics because i love fireplace camera so much.
4:41 pm
i think mr. chesky should call our bosses. to make it easy, the number is -- [laughter]might go from a climate change perspective, get these cars off the roads. how much cleaner our air was when we were working from home. if we want to put a dent in climate change, let us stay home. >> mike and larry, norma rae. [laughter] spencer: another great topic, dr. strange and the multi-verse of madness made an estimated 185 million dollars over the weekend. the success of these films now has some theaters implementing surge pricing for highly anticipated movies. amc is charging one dollar to two dollars more regal and cinemark are also reportedly up
4:42 pm
charging guests for bigger movies. larry, there's another phrase for surge pricing, price gouging. i am not a big fan of this. are they going to charge me less for movies that are not as popular? >> i understand where the movie theaters are coming from because they have suffered through two years of virtually no profits. the other side of this is at this time right now, do you really want to be trying to jack up the prices another buck or two? is that going to make a long-term difference? i think it turns more people off then on. mike, you run the risk of killing a good thing if people are starting to go back to the theater. we've also got used to staying home. a lot of us during the pandemic upgraded our home theater system. mike: were just making it that much harder to spend extra bucks. or maybe they could do something
4:43 pm
on a sliding scale like rotten tomatoes. if it has a really good score, you pay this much. if it has a bad score, you pay that much. >> fair is fair. if they are going to charge me more for a popular movie, they should charge less for one that's not so. kristen: i totally agree. this movie, dr. strange, sold out at $26 per person. >> that's without popcorn. >> what's the difference between matinee and evening now? larry co. if your uber and somebody desperately needs a ride you can get away with it. i'm not sure a movie theater can get away with surge pricing. >> the videogame hall of fame has announced its class. ms. pacman has made the list. this female videogame character paved the way for many others to come. also on the list, the legend of zelda ocarina of time, dance
4:44 pm
dance resolute -- revolution and civilization. i definitely played pacman. i was good at it. >> i played those pure and my kids had me trying the dance revolution. that once hard. >> that will get you in shape. kristen co. i'm sure you score high. larry co. i used to dominate -- dance dance revolution. i have all these wires and a ball just came flying through and i would demonstrate. i've got too much stop. tristen know, now, do it. larry co. no. that is simple stuff. i will do a wolf turn for you later. as is a complicated thing. spencer: we want to see this. quite possibly the most unique collaboration ever, mcdonald's has you covered for mercury -- mercury retrograde. tenet -- teaming up with
4:45 pm
astrologist to offer free tarot card readings for a chance at one -- post your zodiac sign on tictac or instagram and they will randomly select a few people for custom readings. is this a collaboration that makes any sense? it will certainly get you talking. micah -- >> not for me, but may other people. >> you're not a tarot card person? >> i've been to new orleans. >> i thought that's how you did the forecast, with tarot cards. [laughter] >> i am not that advanced. i am still using yu-gi-oh cards. >> that's funny. >> larry, can you look into the tarot cards and find out how much the warriors are going to win by? >> i'm going to say 12. that was dylan brooks that walked past, the guy with the second situation. i'm going to be nice to him.
4:46 pm
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dan: -- larry: steep so that the grizzlies don't know what to expect. jonathan could manga is only 19 years old and is one of only a handful of players in the last 50 years to start a playoff game at age 19. he ended up with 18 points and 17 minutes in the last game three but was not a huge factor in the outcome. auto porter junior was even better. he had 13 points and helped memphis -- keep them off the
4:50 pm
boards as the warriors blew that game open. it is going to be porter orca mingo tonight. >> it is -- everybody that steps up and comes on the floor. we do our job when we do it together. that's the whole thing. it's about being together. going out there and playing as one. any time any guys come on or off the bench, you want to just do your part. >> it's not the way i wanted to go. for the most part, i was just doing some stuff that the team needed me to do and helping the team, especially winning that game. larry: the crosby jordan pool in the starting lineup in the nba said there would be no discipline after a swipe at the knee.
4:51 pm
i tweeted that if they were muted it would take two minutes for the nba to realize pool was still -- jal the ball. a routine play. let's move on to game four. which prompted this response from one fan. [beep] shot her. ah, twitter. reason a people, reasonable thoughts. the only thing about that exchanges we actually know is burner account. [laughter] dan: the truth revealed. larry: or was it kristin? [laughter] dan: we have been exposed. good fun. it could have been mike nico. mike: sneaky guy over here in the corner. kristen: we are watching you. mike: 15 minutes before tipoff. there's going to be a lot of
4:52 pm
traffic south of the bay bridge tonight. down to 51 admit will feel like the 40's thanks to breezy conditions. here's a look at tree pollen. it is moderate. if you have a headache, that's the reason why. we will be mainly good for air quality all the way through at least thursday. temperatures back below average tomorrow. we are off to average for wednesday and thursday but the breeze will hang around. friday when the breeze backed off the accelerator, the heat takes over and it is going to be warm saturday and sunday. right in time for the weekend. dan: perfect. a student on a mission. >> it allowed me to discover how great the community can be. kristen:kristen: meet this kristen:kristen: meet this distinguished student meet a future mom, kristen:kristen: meet this distinguished student a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van!
4:53 pm
yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. cha ching. and this mom, well, she's setting an appointment here, so her son can get set up there and start his own financial journey. that's because these moms all have chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours.
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out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, rotfothsees. homeless funds, too. i'm mark and i live in vero beach, florida. my wife and i have three children. ruthann and i like to hike.
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we eat healthy. we exercise. i noticed i wasn't as sharp as i used to be. my wife introduced me to prevagen and so i said "yeah, i'll try it out." i noticed that i felt sharper, i felt like i was able to respond to things quicker. and i thought, yeah, it works for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. kristen: this superintendence award scholarship is granted to six seniors in san francisco who have excelled in both academics and leadership. education reporter leanne melendez introduces us to one of the winners from lincoln high school. ♪ >> i am joanne and i am a senior at abraham lincoln high school.
4:56 pm
i am passionate about helping my community and i am ready to be my best. the most important thing i got from lincoln high school was being able to advocate for yourself and be your own number one supporter. >> joanne learned to not only speak up for herself but also on behalf of her community. as an intern in san francisco's district nine and later a volunteer at the mission food hub, joanne used her language skills to help the chinese community seek out needed help. >> from that i developed a strong relationship with the elders and i developed a sense that i want to -- i want to do something that would let me continue to reach out to the community and become one with them. >> at lincoln she cofounded the school's key club. an international organization intended to make the world a better place through service. >> it allowed me to discover how great the community can be when you have that connection. it allows for everyone to be
4:57 pm
heard and seen. and seen. >> san francisco unified school district took notice of her success, awarding her the superintendent's 21st century award scholarship. >> they informed me i won and i was one out of six. i was like wow. i did not know i had that capability. i have to thank everyone that supported me like mr. campos. >> i am omar campos, an academic counselor. we get sued once every 15 years you get a student that's like, that student is going to change the world. definitely her community for sure. >> joanne will attend uc berkeley, majoring in political science with an emphasis on advocacy. that path could someday allow for her to run for public office. >> there's a lot i need to learn but i am on the right track. kristen: go
4:58 pm
5 is coming up next.
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building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. my top priority is fighting inflation. and lowering prices for families and things they need the stability of the united states is economy system is economic system. excuse me is in jeopardy because of inflation and a sharp rising interest rates according to the federal reserve. and tomorrow president. biden is scheduled to discuss the issues and address the increasing criticism of his economic policies. good evening. i'm on dates and i'm dan ashley. thanks for joining us. this comes as south bay congressman. rocana calls for the government to do more to protect consumers against rising costs including food prices abc 7 news reporter zach fuentes. has the details you're not just imagining it the price of groc. gone up not just for the


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