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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 9, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. my top priority is fighting inflation. and lowering prices for families and things they need the stability of the united states is economy system is economic system. excuse me is in jeopardy because of inflation and a sharp rising interest rates according to the federal reserve. and tomorrow president. biden is scheduled to discuss the issues and address the increasing criticism of his economic policies. good evening. i'm on dates and i'm dan ashley. thanks for joining us. this comes as south bay congressman. rocana calls for the government to do more to protect consumers against rising costs including food prices abc 7 news reporter zach fuentes. has the details you're not just imagining it the price of groc. gone up not just for the
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shopper, but for the stores themselves l lopez owner of artiega's food center says high costs start with manufacturers distributors then her so i add my pricing increase. so therefore by the time it gets do is three times already an increment the us bureau of? statistics reports that the food price index has gone up by more than 8% in the last 12 months meaning that the average price of goods on a year over year basis has gone up but in perspective what that would mean is that your groceries would double in price every eight to nine years. so so that gives you a little better sense. we've probably been used to groceries doubling in price every 30 years monday afternoon congressman. rocana held a roundtable discussion with lopez and her employees along with officials with the city of newark the home of this rtega's location. he heard multiple ideas from the panelists and offered his own insight when i you know push for when i go back to washington, is that the president needs to call for the government intervening
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buying food across the world at a low price and selling it. american markets at a low price to bring down food now a lot of promises have been made not just by congressman rocana, but by other government officials as well, so we ask the experts how much can they actually do if that is being caused by loose federal reserve monetary policy than yes the federal reserve can you know step on the brakes slow the the money growth rate down and hopefully bring price is down if there are supply chain issues. there's possible. so government responses that might be say to reduce certain regulations that have to do with shipping outside of that. i don't think there's a lot of government can do when we're looking at a general increase in prices zach fuentes abc 7 news. prices and interest rates for homes continue to rise the average interest rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage now sits around 5.3% that's the highest.
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it's been in about a decade prices for single-family homes in the area jumped more than 20% since last year real estate experts expect interest rates to continue to and gas prices are on the rise again as well. you've noticed that jumping 15 cents in the past two weeks a nationwide, of course here in the california area and specifically the bay area we're paying the highest prices anywhere in the country aaa puts san francisco's average price. it's 602 a gallon. that's up from 589 a week ago, san jose gases up to of 90 now oakland drivers. they're paying just a penny less on average concerns about inflation the major us stocks. to new lows for the year the dow fell another 653 points over investor concerns that inflation will eat into corporate profits the nasdaq plunged 521 points taking most of the big bay area tech stocks with it the s&p 500 dropped 132. it's at its lowest level since march of last year.
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and some breaking vallejo. you can see a backup in this caltrans camera at manuel campos. way that's 10 miles away. the actual incident is located at interstate 80 at alamo drive. there is a police presence around that location soon as we get more information. we will pass it along along to you, but you can see the traffic is affected adversely by this breaking news happening now blue skies in san francisco. here's a live look at the conditions. a golden gates, but this is not the case everywhere in the bay area in the north bay. there was hail this afternoon take a look at this video tweeted out by the santa rosa fire department. it reported strong and gusty winds followed immediately by hail with some mixed rain hail lasted for several minutes, and there was also hail in the south bay our producer sean dobie shot this video of hail in belmont around 10. i'm sorry one o'clock this afternoon. he says it lasted about two minutes then sprinkled and was money 15 minutes later. so for details on today's
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weather and what we can expect in the forecast. we want to update you right now. yeah, let's get to meteorologist sandia patel for the latest sandia. yeah, dan and alma it's still going to remain on the interesting and unsettled side. let me show you live doppler 7 right now. i know it's spring. we have some showers moving through parts of the north bay as we get you in closer right around upper lake lucerne over the higher terrain. it is switching over to snow where it is cold enough as we get you down towards the south bay right around gilroy mantelli drive, southside drive street level radar showing you some wet weather. so let's really widen out here show youe show you what's going to happen isolated showers will continue we go into tomorrow morning. you see some showing up around san mateo county also around the east bay and this really continues into 10 am mount hamilton may pick up a little bit of snow flurry activity as we go into the new ten o'clock hour by noon time. another batch is developing. i'll let you know how long this is going to continue coming up. all right, sandia. thank you so much in the north
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bay. the community is coming together to support a beloved flower stand in petaluma. that was ransacked early mother's day morning as abc 7 news anchor liz kreitz reports the thieves took off with more than 1,200 worth of flowers on the shop's busiest day of the year. it's like something out of an old movie a charming little flower stand on the side of the road and petaluma where customers pay for these perfectly crafted blooms through the honor system, which typically is a really joyful for everyone involved people come in and they leave us a little note saying things like, you know, i didn't know that the honor system still existed in this world, but on mother's day that trust was broken and brazenly after working several 15 hour days straight to prepare for the holiday owner lenny. can woke up to learn her shop had been ransacked her surveillance video showed thieves taking off with more than 1,200 worth of flowers just hours before her busiest day of the year one slow, dude, and then a faster guy who like like
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the grinch just crept over to my beautiful flowers and gobbled them all up. but and they were in and out within i think 15 seconds lenny says she implemented the honor system at her shop for economic reasons. her margins are too slim to support employees, but she's also come to love the nostalgic aspect of it how it reminds people of a simpler time. so has your opinion changed at all after? bend no, you can see him still smiling. i mean it took me a day lenny says the outpour. support has been incredible florists from around the country have chipped into reimburse her for the money that she lost on monday. she put out stems of her specially grown peonies as a thank you for all the community support her next step getting a second security camera and filing a police report farming is hard work. it's joyful work, but a lot of time efforts but tears money went into that product and i hope they consider that it's not it's not a victimless crime, you
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know in petaluma liz croix abc 7 news. listen to this oakland police are reporting a spike in armed robberies after at least two dozen in the city within 72 hours. they say on friday. there were seven robberies and two carjackings then on saturday. there were nine robberies one attempted robbery in a car jackie on sunday. there were four robberies one carjacking one attempted carjacking and most of the cases the suspects were armed with either a knife or a gun. police say they have arrested three people in connection with it to at least seven of these cases a pregnant store owner in oakland's chinatown is thank unity members for a vital piece of safety equipment that she says saved her and her growing baby from harm abc 7 news. anchor dion limb shows us how a volunteer effort from last year is still helping keep people safe. it's a story you'll see only on seven. cooking oil, even you remembers the details of what happened inside her international shipping store april 25th, like it was yesterday.
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this person came in he was trying to grab those packages. at around 1:50 in the afternoon surveillance shows the man walking toward a pile of packages seemingly with the intention of taking them even yells out. eva who is seven months pregnant fearlessly grabs the air horn from her desk and runs after the man i couldn't afford. to be afraid because i wanted to protect those packages from the customers. you can't see it on camera, but you can hear the moment the man hurls the ham sanitizer bottle at eva's pregnant belly. as the man runs away eva deploys the air horn the sounds scared the man away and also alerted nearby volunteer security team the blue angels who flag down oakland police who arrived in less than two minutes thousands of air horns, like the one eva used were distributed throughout oakland's chinatown. february of 2021 thanks in part to generous donors and the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce. cheryl ho from the oakland
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chinatown chamber of commerce demonstrated the air horn for jeweler at lean lee at the beginning people were questioning. why should i carry air horns, but of course, you know with i feel incidents happening like the one that you are seeing here is actually helping our you know, small businesses during a time when many violent attacks on the asian american community have been caught on camera. this is an encouraging. air horns are working. so we're thinking not only to just build air horns in chinatown, but we're hoping to disappear to other communities as well as for eva she and her baby narrowly missed getting hurt by the hand sanitizer bottle i was trying to protect my stomach. so i turned and it hit my ribs. she says despite this the work is far from over to keep oakland's chinatown safe. i like to see more police officers, especially officers that speak the language the suspect and eva's case has not yet been arrested in oakland dionne lim abc 7 news and there's this san francisco's chapter of the n-double-a-cp is urging the city to take action
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to prevent hate crimes against asian citizens. the organization is calling on mayor london breed to issue a moratorium on hate crimes across the city among the actions. it is demanding the naacp wants the city to see confidentiality to all victims of such attacks provide medical and emotional support for the victims and ford all cases to the f i for review. after the break another bay area city has now reinstated its mask mandate for city employees will have details of the new requirements plus repair work is underway after a pipeline break at a water treatment plant, but mandatory water cutbacks are in effect while that work continues abc 7 news at 5 continues in
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what are you recommending for muscle pain? based on clinical data, i recommend salonpas. agreed... my patients like these patches because they work for up to 12 hours, even on moderate pain. salonpas. it's good medicine that breaking news out of vacaville chp now tells us that they are investigating reports of a possible freeway shooting you can see the scene from sky
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7. just a huge backup. this is interstate 80 at alamo drive. there is a police presence all around that location, but you can see how many cars are backed up as they investigate again a possible freeway shooting as soon as we more information. we will of course pass it along to you. the city of san jose has temporarily reinstated a mask mandate for all city workers inside city buildings. this comes out of an abundance of question after a recent surge in covid-19 cases within santa clara county. it was reinstated last friday and is expected to last through next friday, may 20th. the temporary mandate could be extended if cases continue to rise and while we're talking about the pandemic covid is hitting home for ucsf department of medicine chair, dr. bob. doctor a friend of our program despite taking numerous precautions. his wife has come down with the virus after a recent conference an abc 7 news anchor christian z talked with both of them on our 3 pm program called getting answers. they did ask that everybody be vaccinated and show proof of
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vaccination, but what they didn't ask was that everyone tests themselves before the first day of the conference and throughout the week the best you can do. everybody's vaccinated and if you're going to be taking your mask off that everybody does rapid testing that day. dr. walker walked her also shared this photo of katie masked and covered up on the airplane recently. this was the day after her exposure. but before she tested positive for covid, so she didn't know she was infected. she is now a symptomatic and the couple is isolating in separate parts of their house so far dr. walker has not come down with covid. we wish them both well. still ahead exploring the climate changes along the california coastline what predictions of a marine heat wave mean for great white sharks and their presence here in the bay area. join abc 7 for the virtual professional businesswomen of california conference, may 10th and 11th and hear from keynote speakers, mindy kaling lena waith rita moreno and more.
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because when you invest in yourself, marine heat wave could give researchers an opportunity to better understand changes happening along our coastline that includes the appearance of juven. great white sharks in numbers not normally seen this close to the bay area abc 7 spencer christian explores the changes. beach goers in southern california have been accustomed to the site of juvenile great white sharks for some time. but this year the focus for shoes could be shifting farther north to the edges of the bay area and perhaps even closer these green heat waves. are going to start to really change the distribution of animals that you know, we either expected to see off our coastline or have never expected to see we going to start to see. professor chris lowe has been documenting a northern migration of juvenile sharks along with researchers from the monterey bay aquarium the work could take on an added wrinkle this year with scientists predicting a potential marine heatwave
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reaching the bay area coast this fall past events, including a particularly strong one nicknamed the blob are believed to be contributing to shifts in the coastal ecosystem. and the movement of some marine species northward after last major major marine heatwave that we had. strong el nino met the blob was the first time we really saw. baby white sharks showing up in monterey. normally, they're not found north of point conception. otters simply too cold. i'm taking pictures of as many species as i can abc 7 recently caught up with researchers from the california academy of sciences who are also busy documenting the health of marine species along the bay area coastline setting up a kind of early warning system, dr. rebecca johnson says recent heat events decimated certain starfish populations and set off chain reactions up and down the marine food. so without a big warm water event, our oceans are also warming and just a kind of slow
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and steady pace and so things are able to live in different places and they can have big impacts like especially predators researchers from stanford have tracked migrations of squid north to the gulf of alaska where there's concern for their impact on salmon researchers. say a heat event this year may an opportunity to better. and the ocean cycles in the age of climate change and what long-term impacts may occur. so this is where getting handle on the oceanographic conditions and being able to predict. to a certain extent is going to be the key. us to start to predict where these species are insertionally know in san francisco spencer christian abc 7 news. well next month volunteers from the academy and elsewhere will be taking part in a statewide survey called snapshot cal coast for information on joining the survey and downloading the smartphone app yourself. check out our website abc 7 all right. let's get a check on our weather
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pretty interesting today. it is really interesting and more interesting is the week goes on it. sounds like sandy. yes, we're gonna see a big warm-up later on this week at dan and alma. but until then i want to show you a live picture from our east bay hills camera. you might be seeing this sunshine a few cumulus clouds and you're going what rain? hey, they measured in the last 24 hours winds are 1800s 500 in santa rosa moraga 800s of an inch richmond 200th of an inch live doppler 7 still tracking some showers. as we get you into the north bay street level radar knees lose cern cutoff road seeing some wet weather also down towards the south bay around gilroy picking up some showers around church street monterey road, so we're not quite yet with this there is a trough that is just dropping down it is producing lightning strikes up to our north. we do have a slight possibility of some lightning here in the bay area certainly have seen hail across. some parts of the north bay and in the sierra, nevada as you will notice it is snowing right now. they're chaining up on 50 as we take a look at a live picture.
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now. this looks like winter from mount rose just a beautiful view. it is snowing in tahoe right now in gusty up there gusty here as well. you will notice 28 mile an hour winds, san mateo 25 in livermore. it's an onshore wind. it's a really making it feel even cooler than it is outside, but it is chilly below average 54 san francisco 58 in oakland lowe's 60, san jose mountain view as we look live picture from our mount tamkam vertical development of the clouds still there. unsettled atmosphere 57 in santa rosa napa 55 chilean petaluma and 58 in livermore gorgeous view from our golden gate bridge camera. it is breezy out there seeing a mix of sun and clouds and spotty showers through tomorrow chance of hail and lightning will continue much warmer weather towards the end of the week as we go hour by hour really isolated tonight. tomorrow morning, you might see a shower or two around 4 am as we go into 8 am it's focused around the south bay mount hamilton could pick up a little bit. snow flurry over the higher elevations not just mount
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hamilton, but up around lake county and you will notice here at around 4 pm another band of showers develops in the north bay and parts of the east bay, so keep that in mind. it's pretty much winding down fast after that now rainfall totals. this could be anywhere from a couple hundreds to nothing through tomorrow night a freeze warning hard freeze warning for parts of lake and mend. counties tomorrow morning down to low 20s where there's a hard freeze warning 30 degrees for the freeze warning. so protect those sensitive plants morning temperatures 30s to 40s grab the umbrella. you might need the umbrella, but certainly a jacket or a sweater as well. it's gonna be chilly tomorrow afternoon remaining on the cooler than average side breezy with some spotty showers mid 50s to mid 60s accuweather seven day forecast. we'll call it isolated showers tomorrow breezy and milder midweek and then really cranking the heat. i mean we're start seeing 90s inland this weekend 60s though comfortable at the coast ama. all right, sandia. thank you so much. we want to get back to our breaking news that we continue
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to follow. this is out of vacaville. the chp now tells us they are investigating reports of a possible freeway shooting. this is a live picture from sky 7 above a car that appears to have several flat tires as you can see and what appear to be those bullet holes toward the gas tank. i believe on that side toward the rear end there now, this is near interstate 80 at alamo drive as soon as we get any more information. we will pass it along to you stay with us. we'll be righ
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under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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to keep san francisco safe. about an hour and a half away from tipoff of game 4 the western conference semifinals. we are abc 7 sports anchor and director. larry beale is live at the chase center as the warriors get ready. the grizzlies game four tonight. he's live larry. hey dan, ama. we have some major breaking. is that we learn just moments ago and that is warriors head coach steve kerr has covid and he will not be coaching tonight. we were waiting on the news conference that it was scheduled for 5:15, and we got word that steve is unavailable. so in his absence assistant coach mike brown will be the head coach of the warriors tonight and for who knows how
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long one of the interesting things that a number of us in the media have noticed in recent. phases that steve kerr has been doing. pretty much all of his interviews with his mask on that is no longer. requirement here at chase center. so it kind of raised some. and his voice was a little bit hoarse. we didn't really think anything of it. i want to ask him today, but obviously we're not gonna see steve kerr we are gonna see mike brown who's been in this role before it's something he's accustomed to he's he's been a head coach throughout. league in fact, he was just named head coach of the sacramento kings. sacramento he's going to be a little late. he's busy so mike brown subbing for steve kerr. here's the challenging part for the warriors as they try to go up three games to one on memphis tonight is that we don't know when steve is coming back, right? so we'll have to just wait and see and we'll react as everybody else does but a major a major bit of breaking news here at the know chase center, so we'll see what happens as we continue.
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certainly, add some intrigue to game four tonight. thanks. larry world news today with dave ramirez next. i'm dan ashley. i'm a dates for sandia all of i'm a dates for sandia all of us. meet brett from apartment 2b. i'm a dates for sandia all of us. he's not letting an overdraft alert get him stressed. he knows he's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. overdraft assist from chase. make more of what's yours. i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex. available at your local retailer and club.
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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. the dramatic capture after a chase in the nationwide manhunt for an escaped murder suspect and a corrections officer. moments ago, investigators before the cameras after a manhunt lasting several days across several states. where they found them. tonight, the capital murder suspect in custody. the corrections officer accused of helping him in the hospital. it comes after surveillance of a stolen pickup in indiana. and what authorities are now saying about that former officer, vicky white. also tonight, the alarming new numbers on covid in the u.s. cases rising in at least 45 states tonight. and what they're now seeing in new york city. and these are just the cases that are being reported. so, what are the real numbers? tonight, the major hot spots, including boston. and news tonight on pediatric hospital admissions just coming in and why they're so concerned.


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