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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 10, 2022 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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you can wrap in a musical. hamilton. reggie: how about mexican pizza? it will be great. good morning, america, an 11 day nationwide manhunt finally ended. breaking overnight, fugitive couple caught. murder suspect casey white is back in custody and former corrections officer vicky white dead. how the authorities finally tracked them down. two of the marshalls who led the hunt join us live. battle for ukraine. overnight the russian missiles track a port city as they vow they will defeat russia. gas prices soaring to a new
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time high as new concerns over inflation batter wall street. >> protesters gather in front of the home of supreme court justice alito over the overturn of roe v. wade. the white house sounds the alarm about republican plans for a national banl on abortion. concerns of queen elizabeth and why the monarch is missing an event for the first time in her 70-year wade and what she is turning over to prince charles and prince william. tragedy at sandals and what we are learn tact three americans who died at a luxury resort in the bahamas. and why some are pumping the brakes at soaring food prices and alternative prices at the supermarket near you. ♪ one way or another ♪
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and the king of three-pointers in a league of his own. >> curry, bam! >> steph curry's record-breaking nite and leading the warriors one step closer to the next round. and plus, someone is coming for another steph, steph steph. >> ali went worth is in times square. george, you have been warned. live in times square. good morning america. >> you see what i did there? >> it is not too late, george, to go home. >> i must say that ali got up extra early. >> and so she is ready. >> she is definitely ready. >> she is coming. >> yes. and we will have a possible new covid surge. >> and first, we will catch up with the alabama corrections officer and fugitive who were on the run. vicky white died after being rushed to the hospital. >> we'll speak with the u.s.
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marshals involved in the case in just a moment. but first, let's go to alex perez in evansville, indiana, where casey white is being held right now. good morning, alex. >> yeah, good morning. casey white is back behind bars and held at the county jail, and his capture a dramatic one. this morning vicky white, former alabama corrections officer who went on the run with fugitive casey white is dead after going on the run and the 11-day nationwide manhunt is back in jail. >> we have dangerous murder back behind bars and he is no longer on the run. h will never see light of day again. >> reporter: the scene chaotic as they narrowed in evansville, indiana, about 219 miles away from where they disappeared in florence, alabama, after their cover blown when a citizen saw them at a hotel and authorities quickly responding and leading to a
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dramatic pursue ending in a wreck. >> we could hear that she had her finger on the trigger. female is still armed. >> reporter: the female shot herself, and casey white still injured on the case but expected to survive. >> we can't clarify that until we speak to him. the vehicle had a date of may 3rd. we were lucky we stumbled upon them today. >> reporter: investigators were looking into a tip that the two were spotted in this pickup at this car wash on may 3rd. it was days earlier on april 29th when authorities say vicki, a 17-year veteran of the lauderdale sheriff's department helped to spring him from jail putting nim the back of the patrol car before ditching for it the ford edge which would be abandon and found in tennessee. the state of alabama had earlier filed criminal charges against vicki for purchasing that used car under a fake name. second degree forgery and identity theft.
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>> you're a sworn officer, you have taken an oath to uphold to law, and when you violate that law and help a person escape you have violated the laws of society. you broke all the rules that you basically were hired to protect. >> reporter: vicki and casey white who are not related are set to have developed a romantic relationship that started with casey as an inmate at the lauderdale detention center since 2020, and overnight, the defense attorney speaking overnight. >> casey is not a big time forward thinking when it comes to his crimes or his actions. this was thought out thoroughly, the escape, the changing of vehicles multiple times and my assumption is almost all of of that had to have been vicky white. >> reporter: authority in alabama questioning how one of their own fellow members of law enforcement turned on them. >> what prompted her to pull a
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stunt like this, i don't know. i don't know if we will ever know. >> reporter: and authorities have not said why they turned up here or if they have ties here and investigators working to figure out what they did over the last ten days. robin? >> so many unanswered questions. >> thank you. and we are joined by deputy u.s. marshal chad punt and mark healy. gentlemen, thank you both for being here. commander hunt, if i may start with you. vicky white died of a reported self-inflicted gunshot wound. how was it reported that it was self-inflicted, sir? >> at this time when we made the arrest yesterday afternoon and when we were taking casey white into custody, upon his surrender he said, help my wife, she just shot herself. that is what we are basing it on, and right now there is an ongoing investigation to determine it on, but that is the
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information we received from casey white. >> and since the pending arrest, has casey white made any statements about that since the jailbreak or their time on the run? >> to my knowledge, he has not made additional statements, and i am sure that the investigators will follow up in indiana and also when he returns back to lauderdale county. >> and the sheriff's office said that a vehicle connected to the case was located there in evansville last week. can you tell us more about that? >> sure. when we located the orange ford edge, our investigators were able to determine that casey an vicky purchased another vehicle out of tennessee, and a short time later this past saturday and sunday, we were able to find that blue f-150, and then we started to work the investigation in that area, and
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obviously we were able to verify the footage that it was casey white in the ford f-150, and from that point forward we were able to put the pieces together, and identify this cadillac that they were in yesterday afternoon. >> can either of you tell us how the police were able to locate them yesterday and how did the chase unfold? >> they were located through, just policework, good policework, with all of the agencies involved. we also had some information, tips that came forward and we certainly want to thank the public for giving us those tips, but we had obtain information after they had obtained the vehicle that they had possibly gotten into a beige 2006 cadillac. we dispatched our people into the area of the car wash and observed the vehicle at a hotel. >> commander hunt, we heard in alex perez's report just then
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that vicky white's law enforcement background may have helped them to be on the run for so long, and it was well thought out, and is that the case and any new information of why a career law enforcement officer may have done something like this? >> i think that we all wish we knew the answer to that, but yes, based on her experience in the corrections industry and law enforcement, yes, this is a well thought out escape, and obviously her preplanning and her involvement aided in the evasion for 11 days. >> and so what now with casey white? a violent criminal and suspected murder now back in custody and what happens now? >> he'll be returned to lauderdale county where he'll have an arraignment, and at that particular time what the sheriff
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has told me is that he is going to be moved to the department of corrections. >> gentlemen, thank you for your time this morning and of course for the work that you both do. appreciate it very much. please take care. >> thank you. >> george. >> robin, we are getting to the latest on the war in ukraine. president zelenskyy is saying that the country going to celebrate a celebration day over russia making some gains. ian panel is on the scene. good morning, ian. >> yes, good morning, george. more heavy russian air strikes as moscow is trying repeatedly to crush through the ukrainian defenses as they are trying to make a significant headway as they are doubling down. >> reporter: in the latest the air strikes in the key port city of odesa. and now in dombas in the east seen some of the heaviest fighting, the u.s. is calling the fighting there crucial warning that the fighting on the ground is dynamic. >> literally some villages and towns changing hands sometimes within a day or so. >> reporter: but in the east, the russian invasion is going backwards and ukrainian soldiers
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recapturing villages in the past week, and now president biden is signing a new law to make it easier for the u.s. to export more military equipment to ukraine. >> the cost of the fight is not cheap, but the cost of not helping is more, so that is why we are staying in it. >> reporter: and people are rallying around the war in ukraine, and now officials are saying there is an neck dotal ed that russian officials are not obeying the orders or with the alacrity that you would expect. and president zelenskyy saying that soon there are going to be two victory days, one for world war ii and this conflict. yuri agrees with that, and he is a highly decorated world war ii veteran who fought alongside the soldiers in world war ii. he says he cannot find the words of why the russians are doing this. he call it nonsense and such a tragedy. we have heard that from the ukrainian soldiers of the greatest generation who fought alongside the russians to defeat the nazis and saying that the fraternal ally has now turned the guns on them. there is no softening the mood here, and quite the opposite, because the ukrainians are increasingly confident that not
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only can they hold the russians back, but defeat them altogether. we have heard that from the ukrainian soldiers of the greatest generation who fought alongside the russians to defeat the nazis and saying that the fraternal ally has now turned the guns on them. there is no softening the mood here, and quite the opposite, because the ukrainians are increasingly confident that not only can they hold the russians back, but defeat them altogether. >> thank you for that report. and now, another wipeout on
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wall street. part of a steep slide as the dow has dropped more than 4,000 points since the beginning of the year. and while the dow is going down, the gas prices are going up. our chief financial correspondent rebecca jarvis joining us. good morning, rebecca. >> good morning, michael, and those gas prices hit a record high. the national average is $4.37 a gallon after the prices peaked in march after the russian invasion in ukraine and the u.s. released record amounts of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve, and that was for a short time but now with the key prices of gas prices and oil now climbing up above $100 a barrel, and as michael says this has sent the stock market tumbling in the last couple of days and we have seen dramatic shifts in investor sentiment and
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volatility and sent the stocks down 3%. and the stocks down which is the key part of people's retirement down 17%. >> and that is very volatile. what does this mean for the economy concerned about recession? >> the analysts are saying that the odds are rising for a recession. nothing certain, but deutsche bank is saying recession is expected by late 2023 or early 2024. goldman sachs puts tprobability at 35%. in the next 24 months. >> thank you, rebecca. robin? >> and now the showdown of the abortion rights. this is leading to tensions across the country and capitol hill, and this is while the security around the justices is being stepped up. our congressional correspondent
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rachael scott is covering all this. >> reporter: tensions are running high around this barricade. fencing is still up around the supreme court and now increased level of security around the justices. as the battle of abortion rights rages on, protesters are gathering outside of the home of justice samuel alito overnight. on the heels of protests outside of justices kavanaugh and others and job robert's home. now the u.s. marshals stepping in to protect the members of the high xourt and the senate quickly moving to pass legislation that would extend security to family members. senate minority leader mcconnell is accusing the demonstrators the of trying to intimidate the justices. >> it is an attempt to replace the rule of law with the rule of mobs. >> reporter: this as mcconnell indicates that overturning roe could be the beginning saying it is possible that the republicans
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could pursue a federal ban of abortion if they take control of congress. the white house is sounding the >> we're at serious risk. you noted mitch mcconnell and other republicans are talking about a national ban on a woman's right to choose. >> reporter: in 24 hours the democrats are going to force a vote to protect a woman's right to choose which is certain to fail. senator lisa murkowski who said she would support the legislation says she is a no. if "roe versus wade" is overturned as the draft suggests 26 states would ban or severely restrict access to abortion. and democratically-run states like connecticut and others are setting up access from other states. and now, over to covid, some of the numbers in the rising some experts fear the numbers could be even higher.
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we're in los angeles. we go to kayleigh. >> yes, george. we are seeing the alarming numbers in 45 states and territories the cases have jumped more than 10% in the last week, and that is just the cases that we know about, and some experts are fearing that more and more people are testing at home or not testing at all, these case numbers are under reported and the coming wave could be bigger than these numbers suggest. some hospitals are jumping ahead of 10%. adding to the problem, thousands of workers in california have walked off of the job. here in cedars-sinai, union workers are demanding higher pay and safer working conditions. the hospital says it is fully operational because they are bringing in supplemental workers and we are 2 1/2 years of this pandemic, and nearing another grim milestone and this country is expected to surpass more than a million covid deaths in the next week. >> thank you.
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>> over to the nba playoffs. the warriors with a big fourth-quarter comeback over the grizzlies to get a win, and one win closer to advancing to the next round thanks in large part to man himself steph curry. he took over the end of the game last night scoring 18 points in the fourth quarter alone. that is robin roberts' numbers. and the king of the three-pointer is the first player in nba history to make 500 career threes, and he is the best shooter in nba history no doubt. now, coming up on "gma" queen elizabeth is missing an event that she has only missed twice in the 70-year reign. and now, coming up we will have more on the mysterious bahama deaths. over to ginger. >> we had more than 80 severe storm reports. i want to show who you saw what. minnesota, you see a likely tornado there:there is a lot of damaging wind and hail as big as
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baseball sizeded knocking out windows. today, two pockets to watch for. let's get a check closer to home. your accuweather forecast, a cool day in the upper 50's to, lower 60's with the chance of an isolated shower this afternoon in the north bay. overnight, partly cloudy conditions. chilly night, 30's and 40's as we head into wednesday. we keep the chance of an isolated shower today, drier and warmer by the end of the week. the warming pattern continues
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irregular heartbeat, heart racing, chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue or lightheadedness, contact your doctor. this is no time to wait. this is abc seven news. reggie: about 20 schools in marin are experiencing covid outbreaks. connie public health officer dr. matt tueller says face coverings are less common. he does not plan to issue any mask mandates. dr. willis says the investigation shows the best cases are coming outside of school. administrators at some marin schools are encouraging students for some -- masks. >> this is our busiest spot. very different commute from yesterday. it seems to be much lighter on
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monday and friday. as we look at our 880 coliseum camera, -- really increased. it will be one hour and nine minutes tracy to -- dublin. reggie: you will speak to -- april: when i think about teacher appreciation day, i really think about all of the things teachers do that they think go unseen. rosy: my son's first grade teacher really made a difference. he went above and beyond. kiyoko: when a parent tells me that i've made a difference in their child's life, it means the world to me. terrence: when i think of my daughter's teachers, that's about as close to a superhero as you can be. announcer: because the california teachers association
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north bay in the afternoon. reggie: abc 7 continues next. for everyone
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mmmm (children's laughter) ♪ ♪ that is so cool! good job! ♪ ♪ hey!! how're you doing? it's so good to see you! ♪ and i am telling you ♪ okay, if you do not have chills, come on now. we're telling you that jennifer hudson could be on the brink of history, the star winning an academy award for that role in "dreamgirls" back in 2007, and now after that oscar, two grammys, an emmy, j. hud could achieve egot status with a chance at the "t." she's now nominated
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for a tony as a producer for the best musical nominee, "a strange loop." i guess the control room likes >> that is amazing. >> what a performance that was. >> and following the headlines this morning. could an 11-day urgent manhunt for the former corrections officer vicky white and casey white and they werevicky white and casey white is back in jail. and this morning gas prices have hit a new high at $4.37. some help may be on the way to ease the baby formula shortage crisis and get more baby formula back on the shelves. we'll have more on that in our next hour. and it is looking like tiger woods may be back on the tour after being officially listed in the field. woods competed at the last -- at the masters last month. his first major tournament since his accident. he is a four-time pga champion. >> he is going to keep it going. >> i will be watching.
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>> yes, you will. >> and more on the 6-year-old boy running the marathon and sparking outrage from the children's protective services and they defend they are decision, george. and now, queen elizabeth is she was absent this morning. she only missed twice before in her 70-year reign. prince charles stepped in, and maggie rulli is back with more. good morning. >> good morning. yeah. the opening of parliament just wrapped up behind me. for the first time in six decades the queen was not there, and this is the image that we will all remember today, this is the image we'll remember. just the crown in the room holding her place. buckingham palace saying that her majesty made the decision reluctantly due to mobility issues. at 96 years old, she has miss ed a few event, but the palace has not given explanations other than she has issues walking or standing for long periods. she also had covid earlier this
7:33 am
year. all eyes are not only on her absence but also on who is standing in her place, her son prince charles opened parliament instead accompanied by prince william. a reminder of what is next for this monarchy. and also there is this big question, will the queen be well enough to attend the platinum jubilee, the big celebration of her 70 years on the throne. it is less than a month away. george? >> let's bring in our royal contributor. what you are hearing from your sources about this decision? >> well, george, it was in consultation with her doctors and the prince of wales, but the issue is that she has mobility issues, george. there's a problem with this. she could not make the walk to sit down on that throne and read the speech. she could read the speech, but it is mobility is the problem, and prince of wales is there and
7:34 am
the naval uniform there, and significant to be wearing the uniform, because he is the king effectively without the crown at the moment. >> and she has the mobility issues and in a wheelchair or not able to get out of bed? >> well, she is certainly able to get out of bed, and we have seen photographic evidence of her out of bed, but the truth is that she cannot do these long walk, and we don't know if she is in a wheelchair, and there is speculation that it is the case, but we haven't seen any evidence of that, and the reality is that it is simply that she can't get to, you know, some days she can move better than others, and she is having physiotherapy, and maybe she has had an accident out riding according to some of the sources, but she is 96, and we have to bear it in mind, george. >> and we have seen prince charles giving the speech, and
7:35 am
what does this mean for prince charles and prince william? >> it is clearly a picture of what is the shape of things to come. we are looking at the transition of the crown before our eyes and history of the making, and in fact, charles was in the full naval uniform is what the king would wear in such a situation the head of the british armed forces and the head of state. and some say that after prince charles who is 73, the head of monarchy is there and safe, and the continuity there in the form of prince william in the duke of cambridge. >> thank you. michael? >> and now, to that mystery deaths in the bahamas and that mystery illness. the people have now been identify. will reid is there with more. >> good morning, michael. yesterday the police commissioner in the bahamas naming vincent chirella and mikey and robby phillips as the two americans that are dead. the investigators urgently search for a cause. >> this morning, authorities racing to figure out what killed
7:36 am
three americans vacationing in paradise. >> we really want to know what caused this. >> reporter: they were vacationing in the luxury village of paradise. the victims are now identified. michael and robby phillips of tennessee pass ago way in their beach side villa. of the ran a travel agency. robby specializes in sandals resorts and her nickname is the sand lady, and robert died in an adjacent villa and he died after being flown to miami. and her son commented. vincent died in an adjacent villa. he was celebrating his anniversary with his wife who also fell ill but was airlifted to a hospital in miami. their son said their mother had swollen arms and legs and couldn't move. >> just a lovely, lovely couple that is just full of life and, you know, enjoying they're time in paradise. >> all four reported feeling sick the night before, two went to a health care facility complaining of nausea and vomiting. the minister of health now telling abc news doctors recommended two of them be
7:37 am
airlifted off the island but they refused. the nerment morning, robby and michael phillips found dead. they both showed signs of convulsion. biological samples flown a lab in philadelphia. z >> our forensic scientists have collected samples from the room to determine if there are in i contaminants. >> officials say foul play is not suspected. >> the only this inning that makes sense in my mind because two separate couples that didn't have anything to do with each other saying in the same building, the only common denominator is the air they were building. >> sandals bay is a luxury hotel. it is $450 a night. some guests are concerned, others like sharon tasetti who said she visited sandals properties properties nearly 50 times plans to vacation as usual. >> the for myself and my husband, we are not going to dwell on it while we're here.
7:38 am
we're trying to make the best of it. >> now that victims have been identified and autopsies commenced, officials await the results of the toxicology reports from that philadelphia lab. and then after that, autopsy results according to the police commissioner could take weeks to determine a cause of death. guys? >> we are thinking of the families and loved ones. thank you, will. coming up next, inflation nation with the food prices soaring, becky worley has hit the road looking for solutions. >> hey there, becky. >> hit the road literally, robin, with the bus. it is a mobile grocery store traveling around the twin cities here in minnesota sharing savings, and when we come back, we will tell you how you can find one in your area. stick around. even their italians. woah. you talking italians? jimmy's gonna take it from here. refresh italiano see, subway now has italian-style capicola, and you can try it on top of belgioioso fresh mozzarella
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for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie. we are back with our series we are back with the series "inflation nation" and taking it on the road amid the soaring food prices added to the impact of the rising costs across the board. becky worley is in new hope, minnesota, with a new way to save on groceries. good morning, becky. >> good morning, robin. this bus represents an innovative concept in sharing discounts. it is a food co-op on wheels. the interesting thing is that it goes around the twin cities. this concept could other cities get on board with it? >> reporter: experiencing
7:43 am
sticker shock at the grocery store? you are not alone, the usda predicts that food at-home prices will increase five to six percent this year, and many families feeling the pinch, but the nonfood profit the food group are trying to ease the burden. organizing nutritious and high quality foods across minnesota and neighboring wisconsin, the organization impacting more than 50,000 households. >> you have the medical costs and other cost, and so for the inflation, you have to cutback somewhere. >> reporter: the food purchases in bulk, and the more the customers buy, the cheaper the cost. it is 32 "fare for all" pop-up markets bring the food directly to the urban neighborhoods each week, and the program is equal for everyone, and no registration required. participation has doubled since
7:44 am
january and the families who rely on it say it is a game changer. >> it is easier to hold on to the finances until the end of the month. it is the best thing going on right now. >> reporter: the mobile markets like these are on the rise according to the veggie van in new york who was recently awarded a grant to expand their center and coalition. >> it is an effort to harness resources, networking and really try to advocate for sustained funding and policy report at all levels. >> reporter: the best thing about this is that it is open to the all, and the more people who shop, the better for the organization, and the savings are significant and more than 30%. the eggs on this bus is $2 and in the grocery store yesterday when i checked were $3. a meat box with chicken and drumsticks and sausage was $11 and on the food bus but in the grocery store, it was $25. it is a great idea, robin.
7:45 am
>> what is the best way to find something like this in your area? >> search the local food farmer's market, and good luck. the farmers get the produce to the organizations too. i hope people find them and use them. >> i do, too. thank you, becky. we will keep you on the road, because becky is going to be in tampa where the series "inflation nation" will take on the soaring gas prices and what to do to keep the fuel costs down. i love the play of the day that is coming up. >> it is so good. >> it is so good. >> that is called a tease. >> this is cute. >> that's called a tease. "play of the day" when we come back. (vo) when it comes to safety, who has more iihs top safety pick plus awards— the highest level of safety you can earn? subaru. when it comes to longevity, who has the highest percentage of
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7:50 am
have a clue how much she just motivated me. this is the definition of not giving up with heart and grit. >> that is crazy! >> she goes back to get her shoe. [ laughter ] and blows the field away like that. >> and her dad terrence crawford is an incredible boxer, and i would say that she gets it from her daddy, but it is from the mama. >> that is good stuff. you know what else is some good stuff? ali wentworth, and she is here [ laughter ] >> i knew something like that was happening. >> look at how defensive he is. and everybody says that you are in a good mood todayb and so i will lie naked in the dressing room every morning with a boa, and you guys, it will be good
7:51 am
times, right? i am not going to streak across the camera. look at him. >> i cannot wait for this conversation. >> oh, my gosh. hi. i'm ali. nice to meet you. my god, 20 years. >> are you still -- it feels like we have had a my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪ ♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala reduces asthma attacks it's a once-monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing.
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7:55 am
7:56 am
moving forward, finding >> bu, solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: -- jobina: we are starting here with a look at our coliseum camera because northbound traffic on 880 is slowing and as i give you an overall view of the map, as i move in here, you can see there are slow spots and specifically around mountain view on markdown 85, the right lane is box and we have a two car crash. before shoreline boulevard. drew: oh? [laughter] live doppler seven. there -- we will find isolated
7:57 am
showers throughout the forecast. 30's and 40's. 50's on the board as we take you outside, a live look at the beautiful rooftop camera. probably cloudy skies. the best chance of finding a shower in the north bay around 4 p.m.. reggie:
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. good morning america. it's 8:00 a.m. fugitive couple caught. casey white back in custody and former corrections officer vicky white dead. how authorities finally tracked them down. >> what the fda is now doing to ease the baby formula shortage crisis. and get supplies back on the shelves. >> new fallout for that family who ran a marathon with their of-year-old. child protective service visiting their home. what they're saying this morning. >> the changing face of representation in comedy.
8:01 am
and trailblazer margaret cho who paved the way. >> i'm excited at seeing so many native-american communities represented. ♪ i got a good feeling ♪ >> harry styles talks therapy. what the singer revealing about his mental health journey one direction, plus his secret to filling more alive than ever. ♪ you better believe i'm back ♪ >> we're taking a trip down mayor memory lane and going back to the prairie with melissa gilbert. here now 45 years since the iconic show ended. >> and ali is back. >> watch your back, stephanopoulos. there's a new anchor in town. >> aliwhe whitworth is joining live in times xwasquare and she saying -- >> "good morning america"! [ laughter ] >> live in times square this is "gma." >> you guys don't even know.
8:02 am
she wants this job so bad. >> i've never seen you speechless like that. >> i've been trained to not know what she's going to do. especially on camera. >> we're not the only ones that have no idea what is going to come out? >> no, i'm building up to it. >> we also have a lot of barbecue coming up today. stay tuned. >> i'm glad i'm not the only one being barbecued. >> yeah, guys. i don't just do politics. we're doing barbecue out here in the city.
8:03 am
we have some smack talking chefs here. we have great friends. we have amazing judges. i have a husband here and some barbecue this morning. >> she has her husband. you got your wife. >> it's a love affair! before that, we have the capture of a fugitive that's been on the run for weeks. much casey white is being held right now. good morning again, alex. >> there morning vicky white and capital murder suspect casey white is dead. after both were taken into custody. white immediately sent back to jail. the urgent 11-day nationwide
8:04 am
manhunt now over. they zeroed in on the pair 219 is miles from florence, alabama. the cover blown after a tip from a citizen who spotted nem a hotel. >> they're still inside the vehicle. with he could hear her on the line saying she had her finger on the trigger. >> how is it determined it was self inflicted, sir? >> at this point in time when we made the arrest yesterday
8:05 am
afternoon and taking casey white into custody, upon his surrender, he said help my wife. she just shot herself. there's an ongoing investigation to determine just that, but that's the information that we were given from casey white. they're trying to get casey white back into the authorities in alabama. >> the white house said that the fda is prioritizing the issue and helping manufacturers to stock shelves. >> good morning, george. yeah, in some areas the shelves, as you saw in that picture, are nearly bare this morning. parents desperate to find preferred baby formula. in some cases, any formula anywhere they can. the white house now saying ensuring the availability of baby formula is a priority for the administration. for those parents it's a problem that continues to worsen. manufacturers and suppliers struggling to meet the demand after voluntary recalls. six states reporting more than
8:06 am
half of baby formula suppliers were completely sold out. some stores now limiting how much formula families can buy. white house press secretary saying in an effort to make formula more available, the fda is working with formula manufacturers to increase production enough so that shelves are stocked. they're also trying to work around supply chain issues, expediting the review process for specialized formula as well as looking to speed up the process for importing formula from abroad. jen psaki saying that the fda is working around the clock to address any possible shortage and also, for the families facing those shortages, experts warn you should not dilute your baby's formula to try to make it last longer and they warn against trying to make your own formula, but experts do suggest being flexible with brands right now. michael. >> definitely a challenge right now, janai, thank you so much. we're going to turn now to a record-shattering auction overnight, andy warhol's famous 1964 silkscreen of marilyn monroe's face sold for $195
8:07 am
million to an unknown buyer at christie's. it's the most ever paid for any work by an american artist at auction. mystery buyer. so when can we come over and see it? >> that would be a big mystery. mystery is not solved. mystery is not solved. but thank you, michael. >> just messing with you. coming up on our "gma morning menu," the family who ran a marathon with their 6-year-old defending the decision after a visit from child protective services. and the changing face of comedy from margaret cho. to the new stars stepping into the spotlight. plus round two of our "united states of bbq tour" competition, cecilia with her husband are in d.c., where two of the best barbecue spots are about to face off and lara, you have not one but two special guests upstairs. >> we're having a very important conversation over fudgie the whale. >> fudgie the whale.
8:08 am
>> and so many other things. >> and my book on "little house on the prairie." >> and my book about fudgie the whale. >> ali wentworth, melissa gilbert, both with us, both with new books. we'll hear all about them and trust me, george, so much more. >> oh! ♪
8:09 am
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8:12 am
♪ for a painting. welcome back to "gma." tomorrow the new design rules, how to renovate and decorate your kitchen on a budget. michael. now to our "gma" cover story. the family that ran a marathon with their 6-year-old is defending their decision after getting a visit from child protective services. erielle reshef joins with us that. >> reporter: this one has a lot of people talking from social media to celebrity runners, to members of the medical community, many sounding off about the crawfords' very public decision to let their son rainier run. child protective services now investigating but the family is not backing down. this morning, new fallout for two kentucky parents. child protective services now investigating complaints after
8:13 am
their 6-year-old son ran a marathon alongside them. rainier crawford's dad ben posting this photo on social media saturday writing, yesterday child protective services arrived at our house unannounced and interviewed our children, parents and grandmother. this is a scary process because their answers determine the agency's legal right to take away the kids. the family's initial post on may 1st revealing rainier had run the 26.2-mile flying pig race sparking a nationwide social media outcry. hundreds including professional runners weighing in, some critics accusing the parents of child abuse. cps confirming they visited the family. >> this case is unique because the family themself posted this all over social media and once there's an outcry and people make a report, cps is obligated to do an investigation. >> reporter: rainier's parents taking to facebook to refute the
8:14 am
claims. >> yeah, the real stuff that we got accused of was dragging rainier like physically dragging him on the marathon course after mile 13, if you guys have seen our finish line picture we all held hands for the last probably 0.2, 0.3 miles and we talked about that's what we're going to do. >> reporter: the parents of six were adamant it was rainier's choice to run. >> it's so weird because people are making these phone calls, they don't have any proof. they don't know like if i should be angry like -- i like to believe that people are doing the best that they can, like they're not trying to ruin our life or like, you know, they probably like are legit afraid for our kids but also where's the line? >> reporter: and they're standing by their decision to let him. >> i feel like we're doing what we feel passionate about. it would be kind of tragic to stop all of that. >> reporter: and doctors say parents should be aware that this type of physical exertion can take a toll on a child's health. young kids aren't as equipped to recognize the signs of dehydration, exhaustion or even worse, it's best to consult with your child's pediatrician before they engage in any strenuous exercise.
8:15 am
a lot of people just want to make sure this boy's okay. >> it's surprising that race organizers or somebody didn't step in. >> right. i mean i think that you see the 6-year-old running by and your instinct is to cheer, then i think a lot of people took a second and wondered maybe this wasn't the best idea. >> that's how tough it is on anybody, particularly a kid. thank you, erielle. now it's time for "pop news" with lara. hey, lara. >> lots going on. good morning to you all and to you, we'll begin with harry styles again, any day is good. this time, though, it's serious. he's opening up about his mental health journey in that extended digital version of his interview i told you about, the june issue of "better homes & gardens." in it he began therapy five years ago saying he initially thought that it meant that he was broken. he was reluctant to go but soon he discovered the giant benefits allowing him to open up and let it all out, he says. he writes, i think that accepting living, being happy, that is the most alive that you can be.
8:16 am
styles goes on to say that he realized getting comfortable finding joy outside his career, finding validation from himself, not just his fans, has been critical to his healthy mental health. there's more on this. terrific interview with harry in the june issue of "better homes & gardens," he is so honest and open. it hits newsstands may 13th and his album drops may 20th. >> great that many more are comfortable having that discussion. >> it's very much why i wanted to share. he has a lot of fans. he has a platform using it for good. also in the news, a major score at a thrift shop. ali, i see you offstage. we love a thrift shop. i am so excited about this story. laura young has been buying and reselling vintage finds for over a decade. when she came across this
8:17 am
50-pound bust at a goodwill shop in austin, texas, i haven't been to that one yet. you know i will, though. she paid $34.99 for the head. she knew there was something special about it. perhaps because it weighed 50 pounds, for three years she tried to find information about it, and now we all know, an auction house in london has verified the bust is a 2,000-year-old relic from ancient rome. no one knows how it ended up in the texas goodwill shop. they do know where it came from. the bust had been missing from germany since world war ii. and that's where she has agreed to return it. >> she's giving it back. >> she's giving it back. if you want to see dennis, as she named the handsome head while it sat in her living room, the bust is now on display at the san antonio museum of art before it heads back, pun intended, to its permanent home in a german museum next year. laura, i love you. she says i'm glad i got to be just a small part of its long and complicated history and, by the way, he looked great. >> generous. >> isn't that great? i love that story. so anyway, finally, a woman in tennessee posting on facebook
8:18 am
an image of a dog snuggling in her bed. super cute. we post them a lot and see them a lot. the problem is this wasn't her dog. julie and jimmy think the door must have been left open at their house and the pooch made himself or herself right at home. julia's three dogs, not one of them barked, so she assumed the warm body and wet nose was one of hers. but none of her dogs put their head on the pillow like that guy. yeah. that was the tell. nala got right in between them and thanks to facebook nala's owner who lives two miles away was able to get nala back into the bed where she belongs. >> our dogs would not be that accommodating. >> neither would little man lukas. >> wow. all's well that ends well. >> yes, it did.
8:19 am
>> "ali's well that ends well." >> nicely done. >> coming up, by the way. >> she is coming right up. now to ginger. sorry. >> i want more ali too, so let's do it. "ali's well that ends well" as it will in chicago today. high temperatures could flirt with records. so you're seeing a nice start from the earth cam there. speaking of records, abilene, texas, had three days in a row of record highs, lubbock, texas, broke a record, kansas city, garden city all tied a record and look at that warmth. we could see more of those records breaking today from memphis on up and then it'll drew: your accuweather forecast, a cool day in the upper 50's to lower 60's with the chance of an isolated shower this afternoon in the north bay. overnight, partly cloudy conditions. chilly night, 30's and 40's as we head into wednesday. we keep the chance of an isolated shower today, drier and warmer by the end of the week. the warming pattern continues into the weekend. saturday almost summerlike with
8:20 am
this says one of our favorites, no, the favorite guest of all time is bac this says one of our favorites, no, the favorite guest of all time is back. >> whoo. >> whoo. the hilarious "the new york times" best-selling author ali wentworth is here to talk abut her fourth book, "ali's well that ends well: tales of desperation and a little inspiration.” >> that's right. here, i'm just going to put that camera three. [ laughter ] camera three. there we go. by the way, honey, what -- is this your cell phone? >> yeah. >> what are you going to play wordle during my interview? >> i don't have any questions. [ laughter ] >> and just take it like a man. >> yeah, sure, i have a question. why weren't -- when i got back from chicago yesterday? >> hello, ali. >> hi, sweetheart. >> yeah. >> word on the street, you did not allow him to read until it is published. >> yes, that is true. >> right before it's published. >> right before. [ laughter ]
8:21 am
>> for divorce reasons, for legal reasons he reads it, but that's because he did one thing with my first book and he said, you know what would be really funny and i went, whoa. i don't say to you, you know what would be a better question for putin, so you just stay in your lane, buddy, and i will stay in my lane. so, yes, i let him read it just to make sure i can't get sued from ex-boyfriends and stuff but otherwise that is the holy grail of literature. >> you don't get nervous? i mean. >> we've been together 20 years now. the first book, i did read ahead of time and i did say you're going to get sued if you write this and she changed it and sort of accommodated -- she's found the lanes. >> i didn't realize he cared about his private life. [ laughter ] so, but these stories are how we coped during quarantine.p>> the. >> and they're all real. >> well, sort of real. >> i'm sorry. did you write this? you might want to be quiet for the rest of the segment. >> i am so nervous over here.
8:22 am
[ laughter ] >> i am too. >> i'm just like -- >> michael, mommy and daddy are really happy. stay married. >> so important we know that. >> i will tell you george was a rock star when i got covid, which was early on in march, and we had two teenage girls which if you've ever been locked up with two teenage girls for two years you know what i'm talking about. "orange is the new black" and he was shoving food under the door for me because i had to quarantine for three weeks and taking care of the girls and then doing "gma" from our dining room and, you know, he'd be in his undies and then his jacket and tie, but our dogs yap and so he would be throwing treats while he was doing breaking news so they wouldn't interrupt -- >> they only interrupted a couple times. >> multitasking. >> and look, after quarantine still madly in love. >> but you talked about having covid.
8:23 am
you had it early on in the pandemic. you say you hallucinated that he was don draper. >> well, here's -- >> that was not a good day. >> i had a high fever and i was, again, three weeks in a bed and i was watching "mad men," 2,000 seasons on a loop. you know how the next one starts and i got a little delirious and i actually believed that i was a very buxom lady married to don draper and worked for the draper cooper price agency and that he was cheating on me, and so george would come in with his mask and gloves and throw me some bread and i would say, i know you're cheating. i know you're cheating and he was just like, yeah, whatever. finally one day he came in, threw my bread, and as he was leaving i was like, he said i love you honey, i love you too, i said but i will get economy
8:24 am
perjury of the draper agency. my wife is crazy. it was a very bizarre, delusional thing to go through with a fever like that in an unprecedented time of a pandemic. >> and this is what you write about in the book. different ways of how you all as a family got through it. >> yeah. one of the ways we coped, robin, was -- well, first of all, we just let everything go. like parenting, we were just like download porn, we don't care, and george started getting addicted to -- do you want to say it. >> the "love island" thing. >> like you don't know. like you don't watch it every day. "love island australia," the girls were watching it. the girls loved it. george was like what is this show, you know, because he's reading the lyndon b. johnson diaries, and the girls were like, it's about people that hook up and get kicked off an island. who got into it? who got into "love island australia" and dressed up for the dinner in a bathing suit and heels.
8:25 am
>> not heels. [ laughter ] always takes it down one extra -- >> i have a photograph of it that i have in a lockbox at our bank just in case i have to bring it out for blackmail but, yes. >> you've got to stay married to her. >> no choice. >> all i'm going to do is this to this card. >> now ask me anything. >> you know what, love. it just comes but the laughter, how are you able to make this man laugh like nobody else? >> why, he's just a solid block of ice. >> no, no. >> he has a very joyful side. he appreciates the humor. i appreciate the gravitas and the anchoring and the, you know, personified meds for me so it works out extremely well and i think the quarantine was a real sort of test for most relationships like, you know. >> yes. >> you're in there 24/7. warts and all.
8:26 am
we'll get those taken off. but so we, you know, we flourished during it and i also found that i think humor is the best medicine and i think that certainly during covid i tried to bring as much levity to my children as i could because, you know, we were all terrified. it was a terrifying time and, you know, there was years ago i took my teenage daughter also years, i hope elliott to burundi, africa, and we were there, we were looking to help build this hospital there, and one day these beautiful girls from the village came in and we were beading and of course i bought lots of beading sets. 15 seconds? i'll do it when i'm ready. anyway, they all -- >> the computer. >> girls got -- oh, my god. >> four. we're getting divorced. we're getting divorced. [ laughter ]
8:27 am
announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. kumasi: good morning. checking in for a look at traffic. jobina: good morning. in oakland we have a car fire reported on southbound 880 before 20 3rd avenue and speeds are down to 50 miles an hour. it is also impacting northbound traffic. 880 at the coliseum camera, average speeds are under 20 miles per hour. it looks like it is because of the onlooker traffic from the southbound side will stop we will let you know when that clears. kumasi:
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> live with kelly and ryan, we chat with ken jong and the book "back to the prairie." drew: looking at live doppler 7, we are tracking and isolated showers. you can see near mount hamilton the rain showers mixing with snow at the higher elevations. we are tracking the risk of and isolated showers. the best bet in the afternoon will lie in the north bay. in the 40's and 50's. san jose, partly cloudy.
8:30 am
partly cloudy conditions with a chance of a shower this afternoon in the 50's and 60's. kumasi: another update in 30 minutes and you can find the latest on our app and ♪ ♪ let the good times roll ♪ we are heading to welcome back to "gma" live from sttimes square. we are heading to washington, d.c., in just a bit for our second "united states of barbecue" challenge. there they are. very spited. but first, we watched our next guest grow up on "little house on the prairie" and now, melissa gilbert is giving us a sneak peek into her current life in "back to the prairie: a home remade, a life rediscovered." melissa, thank you for being here with us. it's a very big anniversary. >> i just heard. i had no idea. >> 40 years to the day the original "little house on the prairie" was --
8:31 am
>> ended. it was the final episode. 40 years ago was the last episode so that means we're coming up on the 50-year of the first. >> wow. >> i don't know how that happened. i was 9 and i just turned 58. >> what's one of your favorite memories from filming the show? >> i have so many, but the one that pops out of my head the most is we were shooting the pilot episode of "little house" and there was a scene where michael landon rides up with a brace of rabbits he shot and hands them to me and i put them on a table and they were actual rabbits. he knew if i knew the rabbits were dead i wouldn't be able to do it. i would be shattered. so he told me that they were hypnotized. [ laughter ] but, wait, so i put the rabbits -- >> permanently hypnotized. >> i put these rabbits on the table and missed the table and fell o the ground and they just thudded and everyone went, oh. and i looked down at the rabbits
8:32 am
and i looked up at michael and said, boy, they sleep tight, don't they? >> how did the 49 years of therapy go after that? >> that's the thing is i had no idea until i saw him at his daughter leslie's wedding like 25 years later when he said, i have to tell you something. remember the rabbits? and i said, yeah, he said, they were actually dead. and all i thought was, thank you for not telling me then. you're right because i would not have been age to do my job. >> are you still in touch with anyone from the show? >> we're all -- the remaining surviving cast members still communicate regularly, fortunately with social media, and we're sort of able to email each other and we support each other and everyone, you know, they'll write a book and we all turn out for it. it's kind of -- it's great. it's really great. it's like a second family. >> and you left hollywood. you live upstate new york. >> uh-huh.
8:33 am
>> so what's it been like to leave hollywood for upstate life? >> well, there was a little place in between, though. we spent five years in michigan, in a very rural part of michigan before we came to new york, so i was already sort of on my way to finding this sweeter, simpler more comfortable life. i had to get out of los angeles to actually age which i wanted to do. i'm excited about this. i love all these changes and watching what's happening and getting to know this new person and i also feel so much stronger and i feel like i've really earned my opinions and i know what i don't want in life which is a bigger deal than knowing what you do. so going from michigan to here for work, back to new york city, we knew we wanted an escape and we found this rundown hunting cabin in the middle of 14 acres and set about restoring it ourselves and did a lot of the work our own selves. i just got the dirt out from under my fingernails. >> when you say we. >> myself and my husband tim busfield. >> who wrote the foreword. >> he did. he did. >> you all found love after -- >> later in life. >> how is that different when you find it later in life?
8:34 am
>> oh, well, again, the big thing is you know what you don't want. >> yep. >> and we both have been through it. we've both had a couple of marriages behind us and we -- i think we're both craving just a more peaceful partnership or be alone and we're really well suited. you know, we have -- we're just very much equals and we treat each other that way and i think that's what makes the difference. it's just -- he's my blanket. >> it's so beautiful. >> he's my comfort place. >> yeah. much like we saw with ali and george. [ laughter ] >> comfort, yeah. >> comfort and sweet. i will say this, though, we laugh all day long. we constantly crack each other up. he's one of the funniest people i know. i mean he will, he will walk into a door just to make me laugh.
8:35 am
>> does he call you half pint? >> he only calls me half pint when i do something very half pinty, like if i rescue a baby squirrel and i come in holding it like can i keep it, he'll say, half pint, you cannot keep the squirrel. no half pint. >> had he seen -- >> he has not seen "little house on the prairie." >> how could he have not seen it. >> well, he was in the navy at that time when he was younger and then he was a working actor and then he had a baby. i'll give him a pass, but he watched his first episode with me and got completely hooked not only on the show but developed such a respect for michael landon and the way he worked and his work as a director and michael quickly rose to become one of his favorite directors of all time so -- >> wow. >> beautiful. >> cozi-tv. you can catch up. >> cozi-tv. >> a lot did during the pandemic. >> they sure did. >> thank you. >> thank you guys for having me so much. this is always such a joy. >> looking forward to the book. >> always and "back to the
8:36 am
prairie: a home remade, a life rdiscovered, it's out now. make sure you pick up a copy. coming up, the comedians breaking barriers inspired by trailblazer margaret cho. we'll be right back. trailblazer margaret cho. we'll be right back. >> it's a great cover.
8:37 am
8:38 am
back now with our celebration of asian-american native hawaiian and
8:39 am
pacific islander heritage month. this morning, we take a look at members of that community making a mark in comedy following the lead of the trail blazer margaret cho. zohreen shah joins us from l.a. with their stories. good morning, zohreen. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george. margaret cho was on the very first asian american sitcom called "all american girl." it took another two decades for the next one, that was "fresh off the boat," but a lot has happened during that time. she and many others inspired the next generation of asian american comedians. in recent years asian american stars like ali wong, haan minhaj and jo koy have taken the comedy world by storm. today koy is one of the biggest names in comedy. >> i'm half white, half filipino, which means my dad was in the military. >> reporter: we recently met up with koy at the hollywood improv. he said coming up he was often told broader audiences wouldn't get the jokes. >> if i send my kids to school with a tupperware container, it has a blue lid. it says "tupperware" on the lid.
8:40 am
my mom's tupperware, usually an empty cool whip container. >> that joke took me over the top. what i like is not only did filipino americans relate to it but then everyone was relating to it. >> reporter: the 50-year-old is no overnight success story doing stand-up for 25 years before his big break. >> there were people that opened for me that were getting specials. i'm like, what is it that i'm doing wrong that i'm not getting looked at? like what is it? >> did you ever ask yourself, is it because i'm asian american. >> of course, that was in my mind. >> reporter: koy finally broke through with his hit netflix special "live from seattle." >> my mom cured everything with vick's vaporub. vick's vaporub. >> reporter: now hollywood has come calling, his film "easter sunday" opens in theaters in august. >> "easter sunday" is like the filipino super bowl. >> there he is. >> welcome home, bro.
8:41 am
>> reporter: koy says he wants to use his success to inspire other comics of color. >> when i found out rob schneider was half filipino, i can be a comedian too because he made it. that means i can make it. because it's hard. trying not to cry right now. but it's just like that's what you want, right, you want to inspire. it's like we're here. we're all here. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> reporter: but 30 years ago, koy was inspired by this groundbreaking performer. margaret cho was already paving the way starring in her own sitcom. >> look at me. i'm middle management barbie. >> reporter: one of very few asian faces in stand-up. >> actually i wasn't on real "star search" but "star search international." they had a real problem with me because i looked this way but i talk this way. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the groundbreaking star sitting down with us at flappers comedy club near hollywood. in so many ways you were so ahead of your time. >> i think it was just i was more interested in pursuing my
8:42 am
own dream of being a stand-up comedian than what i was doing in a world that lacked other representation. >> reporter: cho's bold spin on being korean american made it okay to laugh at sensitive subjects. >> i think white people want to tell asian people how to feel about race because they're too scared to tell black people. >> reporter: cho said she loves what stand-up looks like today. >> i'm excited at seeing so many different asian american comedians now. my greatest achievement isn't really my work as it stands on its own but it's the fact that i influenced an entire generation to pursue their dream in stand-up comedy. >> reporter: and she really has. okay, so another story that stood out to me, jo koy told us he had had to foot the bill to shoot his first show.
8:43 am
netflix finally picked it up, but he had to make that investment, but it's investments like that that helped the next generation. >> glad he did it. let's go to ginger. >> you know, it is time for the season to move north and when i talk about the season i'm talking about severe weather so if you want baseball size hail you can go to minnesota where they had that bounce there. that's golf ball probably sized hail but up to 3-inch hail reported and new severe weather threat. not only today, but thursday, it really opens up in north drew: your accuweather forecast, upper 50's to lower 60's today. the chains of an isolated shower in the north bay this afternoon, drier and warmer by the end of the week. summerlike weather on up next, we'll serve up two of our united states barbecues. cecilia vega in washington, d.c. for this morning's competition. ♪ let the good times roll ♪ titi.
8:44 am
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♪ we are back now with our search for the best barbecue in all the land. the best spots in four different cities will advance to our final four. >> the winners will come to new york city where they will compete for the title of "gma's" ultimate pitmaster. and win $10,000. this morning, cecilia is in washington, d.c., hold on, yeah, there it is. i know, i know. darn it, cecilia, take it away. >> reporter: guys, it's loud in here. it smells good here. we just don't do politics in washington, we do barbecue and we have folks from some of the best joints in this city this morning. we've got rob sonderman from federalist pig and brendan woody from fat pete's barbecue. these guys are friends, and
8:47 am
they're rivals, let me tell you they've been talking smack and they will do it this morning to try to get these coveted golden tongs and a chance to go to new york city and win 10,000 bucks. let me introduce you to some of the judges, some of extremely overly qualified like this gentleman right here, we've got rodney scott, a james beard award winner. a pitmaster. we have our friend britt waters, from our affiliate here in washington, d.c. and we have my husband, ricardo jimenez. let me show you why these guys are talking so much smack here this morning. take a look. ♪ here in our nation's capital two of the city's top pitmasters longtime friends and rivals, facing off in a barbecue sandwich royale. ♪ one called one of the city's best barbecue joints, the other labeled a thoroughbred among ponies when it comes to the grill. both believe they are the top dog in this political town. ♪
8:48 am
>> this is the best barbecue sandwich in d.c. i'm telling you. >> that piece can't hang with us. >> reporter: federalist pig's rob taking the traditional approach. >> a nice balance of sweet, salty, spicy, brisket, ribs and sausage. we won't disappoint. >> this is the best meat i've ever had in the city. ♪ >> reporter: and for fat pete's brendan it's all about the variety. >> memphis, kansas city, texas style, we have a lot of different styles. of barbecue. you can come and have barbecue any way you like it. >> reporter: the heat of the battle, though, not clouding their years' long friendship and admiration for each other. >> i've known brendan going on over ten years now and he is amazing to work with. his general demeanor, his attitude reflects in his food. >> i've learned some of my barbecue trades and tricks from rob but my food is better than rob's food. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: all right, guys, we are here in washington, d.c.,
8:49 am
and we have our friends from american university and howard university and we are about to eat some barbecue. federalist pig, my friend, you were just telling me you're going to let the food speak for itself. while we're talking barbecue, judges, you can start to dig in and give us a sense of what your first few bites are like. walk me through. carolina on my mind. >> so we got the carolina on my mind sandwich. definitely one of those, the sum is greater than the parts, so we've got pulled pork with some crispy cracklings, we got a nice crunchy coleslaw, we have a kind of a sweet, spicy, very vinegary sauce to kind of cut through the fat and of course a nice toasted bun. >> all right. >> that's pretty much it. it's a very classic combination of flavors, textures. >> i love it. got a little bit of crunch. while you are eating over here, brendan, walk me through fat pete's. >> the best barbecue sandwich.
8:50 am
two slices of texas toast, plus jalapeno butter, housemade bourbon bacon jam with a little bit of bourbon, coffee, offsets the sweetness, a little salty, i got a little wet rub for texas sauce and cracked black pepper texas style, two slices of american cheese, two slices of swiss, burnt in grilled cheese. you can't go wrong. >> good luck, rob. >> judges, we are coming over to you because this is -- we are getting close to the moment of truth, rodney. what do you think? >> i mean, this is amazing barbecue. you got brisket, pulled pork. >> delish? >> it's great. >> delish? >> it's amazing. i made my decision already. >> mr. jiminez? >> i've made my decision as well. had a little change of heart. i was surprised. i was thinking one way. but i know where i'm going. >> i feel like the judges may have been doing a little deliberations over here. what do you think. >> they didn't include me in that. i'm so torn. i love the kick this had from the federalist pig but that fat pete's, i love that sweet savory.
8:51 am
>> okay, guys, are we ready? are we ready to hear this and see this and do this? you guys, [ drum roll ]. let's see. drum roll, please. control room. judges, what you got? break down the winners. let's see here. go. rodney. >> federalist. [ cheers and applause ] >> federalist. >> britt? >> fat pete's. [ cheers and applause ] >> the winner of the golden tong, federalist pig. you got to present it. come on. [ cheers and applause ] all right. you are going to the championship cook-off. what do you think? >> well, i think it's pretty exciting. we'll see you in new york and come see us at federalist pig, or have us cater your next wedding, office parties, all that good stuff.
8:52 am
we are here for you. [ cheers and applause ] >> and any last words? i'm sorry but these look delicious. >> yeah. >> me and rob go back 12 years. taste buds make the decision. much love. much love. [ cheers and applause ] brisket. brisket squad. >> i think the smack-talking will continue here in washington. >> no doubt. >> i got to go eat. i got to go eat, my friends. >> well make a couple sandwiches. >> thank you, thank you so very much. get delicious recipes from both federalist pig and fat pete's barbecue by scanning the qr code on the screen or going to tomorrow, you know where we'll head? >> uh-huh. i do. are we allowed to show? >> chicago. >> they got some good stuff there. we'll be right back. ♪ 4x4 ♪
8:53 am
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8:56 am
i want to thank again all of our judges and our competitors and our team there in d.c. >> and we got to give a big thanks to ali wentworth. boy, she made our day, right. >> she made my day. >> are you okay? are you okay?
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
announcer: building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is kumasi: abc 7 news. kumasi:good morning, everyone. he was jobina with a look at traffic. jobina: thank you. we are going to start with live cameras bringing you the bay bridge toll plaza, because this time yesterday was beginning to clear. not the case today. that tuesday commute is when we see things ramp up in comparison. meter lights came on at 5:42. still busy at the san rafael bridge. high, drew. drew: partly cloudy skies. right now, warmest spots climbing through the 50's. the warming process will be slow to today, despite a lot of sunshine. we have partly cloudy skies out there, and here how is -- here is how the days shipping up. cool temperatures this afternoon with a bit of a breeze.
9:00 am
isolated showers in the afternoon. the best chance in the north bay. kumasi: it is time for live with kelly and ryan and we will be >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" come along. our virtual road trip continues. next stop, new orleans. today, from the new series "the pentaverate," ken jeong. plus, the author of "back to the prairie," melissa gilbert. also, a "live" check in from the famous cafe. and ali wentworth joins ryan at the co-host desk. and now, here are ryan seacrest and ali wentworth! [cheers and applause]


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