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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 10, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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on this interactive show today. we will be here every weekday at 3: tonight, abc news obtaining video of the final moments in that nationwide manhunt. the police chase in evansville, indiana. the capital murder suspect and the former corrections officer who authorities say then shot herself. off the road, across a field. tonight, what was found in that car. casey white, 6'9", saying they planned a shootout with police before crashing. and what about vicky white? what they could hear her say before she fired the gun. also tonight, the american economy. president biden declaring inflation as his number one priority. gas prices hitting an all-time high and how the president explained these rising prices. republicans pouncing. mary bruce at the white house. the growing health concern tonight for parents and their children. news on this deadly hepatitis outbreak spreading across the u.s. at least 27 states now.
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what they're seeing, what they're saying about covid, and a different virus, and what parents should look for. the war in ukraine hand what the director of national intelligence saidintelligence s what vladimir putin could be planning. ian pannell in ukraine tonight. here at home, the medical emergency involving a pilot. one of the passengers calling air traffic control saying, i don't know how to land this. >> i have no idea how to fly the airplane. the verdict tonight in the sex assault trial against celebrity chef mario batali. what the judge decided. the chilling attempted kidnapping in massachusetts. surveillance showing a young mother fighting for her life. there is also news tonight on the three americans who died in the bahamas and the wife in the hospital. and later tonight, america strong. the graduation speech you will not forget.
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good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy tuesday night. and we begin tonight with new video obtained by abc news of the final moments of that nationwide manhunt. we now know how that 11-day search that spanned several states ended. the two in a cadillac filled with weapons. the chase and the crash in evansville, indiana. authorities say the officer then taking her own life. the murder suspect now telling police they were planning a shootout until they crashed. new images of the chase from the streets of evansville, across a lawn, right through a parking lot. officers vehicles close behind there. the murder suspect casey white, 6'9", pulled from the flipped car. authorities say the former corrections officer shot herself to death before police could get to the car. t this, of course, all began with the exit from that jail. tonight here, the weapons, the wigs, and the tens of thousands of dollars found inside that car.
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here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: tonight, exclusive new images of that dramatic chase. the capital murder suspect and his accomplice, a former corrections officer, in this cadillac. surveillance video showing the race through evansville, a fleet of law enforcement vehicles in hot pursuit. the pair, authorities say, armed with this arsenal of guns. police eventually t-boning the car, causing it to flip into a ditch. >> and we later found out had they not done that, the fugitive was going to engage in a shootout with law enforcement. >> crashed out, still inside the vehicle. we could hear her on the line saying she had her finger on the trigger. female is still armed. >> reporter: as they closed in, authorities say vicky white shot herself, later dying at the hospital. casey white in a white undershirt and dark sunglasses, swarmed, surrendering, handcuffed. the 6'9"38-year-old back in
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custody. is he cooperating? was he interviewed? what's happening now? >> yeah, he was pretty talkative to our investigators. and they had a lengthy interview with him. i spoke to the sheriff from alabama and the hopes is to return him to their state as quick as possible. >> reporter: also in that car, wigs police say vicky used to disguise herself and thousands of dollars in cash, believed to be part of the $90,000 she withdrew leading up to the escape. they had about $29,000 left over. >> reporter: authorities believe the couple may have been staying here in the evansville area for about a week, but it wasn't until they got a tip that they were staying here at this hotel only about a mile from the sheriff's office that they were able to crack the case. the 11-day nationwide manhunt started april 29th, nearly 300 miles away in florence, alabama, where authorities say the corrections officer lied to get casey into her patrol car and help him escape prison. ditching that vehicle for this ford edge, later abandoned in tennessee. on may 3rd, security cameras
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capturing casey at this evansville car wash, dumping this pick-up police say vicky bought. authorities now investigating how they ended up in that cadillac where they were finally apprehended. >> all right, alex perez live tonight in evansville, indiana. of course, so many unanswered questions here. why vicky white would set off on this journey that ended with her life. are they absolutely sure she was the one that fired the gun that took her life and had we heard anything from her family and friends? >> reporter: well, david, once the autopsy report is released, we'll have an official cause of death, but by all accounts, vicky white is described as an exemplary employees, even as a mother figure to some of her younger coworkers. many who knew her are still trying to figure out why she would do something like this. david? >> thank you, alex. we turn now to the economy tonight and gas prices now at an all-time high in this country.
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tonight, president biden declaring this inflation is now his top domestic priority. a gallon of gas now $4.37. the president coming before cameras today, his explanation for why this is happening, pointing to the pandemic, the global supply crisis, the war in ukraine. republicans with their own expla explanation. and feeling it all are americans who are faced with these prices from the gas station to the grocery store. here's mary bruce. >> reporter: tonight, with gas prices hitting an all-time high, americans like flor torres of silver spring, maryland, are having to change up their lives. >> i used to fill up for >> i used to fill up for $45, but now days that gives me about half a tank. >> reporter: the mother of two who works two jobs is now picking up extra shifts just to cover the higher ost of gas. >> you got to do what you got to do. >> reporter: president biden today tried to convince americans he understands what they're going through. >> i want every american to know
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that i'm taking inflation very seriously and it's my top domestic priority. >> reporter: the president blames the pandemic and the war in ukraine. he's already tapped into the oil reserve, releasing a million barrels a day. but it hasn't been enough to bring down costs. now with the midterms just six months away, biden is trying to turn the table on republicans with a new line of attack, going after what he's calling the "ultra-maga." >> my plan attacks inflation and grows the economy by lowering costs for working families, giving workers well deserved raises, reducing the deficit by historic levels, making big corporations and the very wealthiest americans pay their fair share. the other path is the ultra-maga plan. >> reporter: the president insisting republicans would raise taxes on families making less than $100,000 a year. but republicans argue that heading into november, biden owns this. >> we're going to make sure they
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own this. >> all right, mary bruce. and mary, we know the president and this white house have pointed to the pandemic, global supply issues, the war in ukraine making supply issues even worse, but republicans also know, bottom line here, every president is judged by the economy they preside over and how they handle it. >> reporter: david, no question. the economy is going to be top of mind for voters in november. and that is why from here on out, the president, we're told, is going to be arguing that if republicans take control of congress, he says average americans will suffer. now, this all comes as tomorrow we could see prices jump again as the latest inflation numbers come out. and david, today the president conceded he does not know when prices are finally going to come back down. david? >> mary bruce at the white house. thank you, mary. now to the growing health concern for parents and children across this country. and a new health alert involving this from the cdc tonight about hepatitis in children. at least 109 cases now of that rare form of hepatitis, a liver disease. at least five children have died here in the u.s. authorities say there is no link to covid vaccines. many of these children are too
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young even to get the vaccine. but what they do want to know is if there are any children who have had covid before. and there's another virus they're looking at, too. abc's erielle reshef tonight on what to look for. >> reporter: tonight, the cdc with a new health alert, now urging parents to look for signs of that mysterious hepatitis outbreak in children. concerns growing as cases of the rare but acute liver illness pop up around the globe. >> what's especially concerning about this increase in cases is that, for the most part, these children have been otherwise healthy. >> reporter: the world health organization now investigating at least 418 potential cases in at least 33 countries. so far, the illness accounting for five depths in the u.s., and affecting more than 100 children across at least 27 states. tonight, massachusetts and hawaii now reporting their first cases. researchers saying they've found no link to any specific geographic area or exposure to common foods, animals, travel, or toxins.
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but health officials today saying 70% of patients also tested positive for adenovirus, a common respiratory and gastrointestinal illness. tonight, the cdc again recommending parents to be on the lookout for any concerning symptoms that could be tied to a potential case. >> you can get yellowing of the skin, yellowing of the whites of the eyes, darkening of the urine. those are the symptoms that the liver is likely involved. >> reporter: experts say there is no connection to the covid vaccine. in fact, the median age of children with these severe cases of hepatitis was 2 years old. but what scientists are looking at is whether any of these children may have had covid in the past. and david, the symptoms can be similar to other illnesses. the cdc recommending parents look out for fever, fatigue, nausea, yell logue of the skin or eyes, and be sure your kids are up to date on their hepatitis vaccines, which are given from birth to 2. david? >> all right, erielle reshef tonight, thank you. now to the war in ukraine and tonight what the director of
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national intelligence said in this country about what vladimir putin could be planning. and in testimony before congress today, we learned how many russian generals have died since this war began. our senior foreign correspondent ian pannell from inside ukraine again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the director of national intelligence with a new warning about the war in ukraine. >> we assess president putin is preparing for prolonged conflict in ukraine, during which he still intends to achieve goals beyond the donbas. >> reporter: the director also warning putin may raise the nuclear threat higher with a large scale exercise if the u.s. continues to supply weapons to ukraine. putin's war has major problems here in the northeast. russian troops forced to retreat around ukraine's second-largest city kharkiv, leaving a trail of destruction. the ukrainian military releasing this drone footage, which they say shows a russian tank being destroyed outside kharkiv. the ukrainian military now saying they've liberated more than 30 villages in this region, and that some russian troops
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have even been withdrawn back across the border. the russian retreat leaving not just devastation in its wake, but evidence of war crimes. we're out with war crimes prosecutors who are basically investigating in mala rogan, which means small horn. it's a local village that was occupied by the russians just a few weeks ago. natasha and her husband were here throughout the occupation. she says she saw the troops loot and terrorize the local population, committing terrible crimes. "there are cases of rape," she says. "they killed a man, shaved a woman's head and cut her with a knife." the countryside is full of similar dark tales and the debris of russia's war. olexandr filchakov, the head of kharkiv regional prosecutor's office, is leading the war crimes investigation. he says american weapons and intelligence have been invaluable here. "as for the intelligence," he says, "many of our military and law enforcement victories are
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thanks to the data provided by america." >> speak of that u.s. intelligence, ian pannell again from kharkiv tonight in eastern ukraine, and ian, we learned today, the u.s. confirming the number of russian generals believed to have been killed since this war began? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, the defense intelligence agency director, their assessment that eight to ten russian generals have been killed. the ukrainians have an even higher number than that, but it really speaks to the woeful battlefield tactics of the russians and is damaging both for their capabilities and, of course, for their morale. david? >> ian pannell, our thanks to you again tonight. back here at home now and to the medical emergency involving a pilot, the passenger calling air traffic control saying, "i don't know how to land this plane." what followed is quite something. and here's abc's victor oquendo from florida. >> reporter: this chilling call to air traffic control over west palm beach coming just after noon. >> i've got a serious situation here, my pilot has gone incoheerntd. i have no idea how to fly the
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airplane. >> reporter: two people onboard the 12-seat single-engine cessna, coming from the bahamas. the pilot suffering some kind of medical emergency. >> 333 lima delta, roger, what's your position? >> i have no idea. i see the coast of florida in front of me, and i have no idea. >> reporter: sources tell abc news the controller involved happens to be a certified flight instructor with cessna experience. >> number three lima delta, no problem. just continue to stay wings level and maintain 5,000 and follow the coast. we're going to try to find you on the radar. >> reporter: first they had to track the plane down, then the hard part. >> i have no idea how to stop the airplane. >> did you say the passengers landed the airplane? >> that's correct. >> no flying experience. >> the person on the airplane who had no experience listened very carefully and obviously followed instructions with great calm. that's what made the difference. >> reporter: and david, the
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pilot was transported to the hospital. no update on their condition. the faa is investigating. david? >> victor oquendo. that's quite something, as i said. thank you, victor. late today, a verdict in the sexual misconduct trial involving celebrity chef mario batali. a judge finding him not guilty. what the judge said. and here's stephanie ramos. >> i'm going to find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: he was facing more than two years behind bars, but tonight, celebrity chef mario batali acquitted of sexually assaulting a woman in a boston bar. his accuser, natali tene, testifying batali groped her after she asked for a selfie in 2017. >> there was touching of my breasts, touching of my rear end, touching of my sensitive feminine areas, in between my legs, touching all over my face, his lips on the side of my face, his tongue in my ear. >> reporter: today, judge james stanton acknowledging batali behaved badly. >> it's an understatement to say that mr. batali did not cover
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himself in glory on the night in question. >> reporter: but on the stand, tene was confronted with text messages in which a friend advised her to "play up the story" to collect money from batali and she replied, "of course." tene also admitted texting her friend she could "hopefully" get $10,000 for photos. >> $10,000 is just an arbitrary number to me. i really honestly thought that's how this all worked, that celebrities, when they get in trouble, that's just how it works. >> reporter: but for the judge, that wasn't enough. >> complaining witness has significant credibility issues. they support the defendant's contention that her motive was financial gain. >> reporter: batali still faces a civil suit over this same incident. this accusation is one of several made against him from at least four women, which sunk his career at the height of the me too movement. david? >> stephanie ramos tonight. stephanie, thank you. tonight, elon musk says he would allow former president trump back on twitter if musk
3:47 pm
suck seeds in buying twitter. musk calling it a mistake and morally bad decision that trump's account was permanently suspended after the january 6th riot. twitter cofounder jack dorsey who was ceo at the time, saying it was a business decision it shouldn't haven be and that, quote, permanent bans of individuals are wrong. when we come back here tonight, news this evening of those three americans who died in the bahamas and the wife in the hospital. and that young woman fighting back during an attempted abduction near boston.
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now to the mistierout deaths of three americans at a sandals resort in the bahamas. autopsies being conducted on the three. the three guests who died, a couple from tennessee found dead in their villa. another dying in an adjacent room. his wife hospitalized. the couples didn't know each other. she's now listed in good condition. they were celebrating their 40th anniversary. police finding no signs of trauma. there is late word tonight, police arresting a suspect wanted for a chilling kidnapping attempt in massachusetts. a driver in an suv stopping to help her and calling 911. the victim heard crying in the background. >> i just saw some guy just trying to abduct a girl. i'm on the side of the road. >> thank you. >> you're welcome, honey. you're okay, don't worry, they're coming. >> thank goodness for that good samaritan. the victim was not badly hurt in that attack. when we come back tonight,
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tonight, in winter park, florida, a commencement speech like no other. it is definitely america strong. >> greetings to my fellow members of the elated class of 2022 and to the relieved parents, cheering siblings, and dear friends who supported us. >> valedictorian elizabeth bonker delivering the commencement address to her class at rollins college without speaking a word. >> today, we celebrate our shared achievements. i know something about shared achievements, because i am affected by a form of autism that doesn't allow me to speak. >> elizabeth was diagnosed with autism. she is nonverbal. but it hasn't stopped her. going to school, learning and communicating in her own way. using her finger to point out letters one by one, spelling the words. >> god gave you a voice. use it. and no, the irony of a non-speaking autistic encouraging you to use your voice is not lost on me. because if you can see the worth in me, then you can see the
3:58 pm
worth in everyone you meet. >> elizabeth graduating with a 4.0. majoring in social innovation and a minor in english. and right here tonight -- >> hi david. >> elizabeth, the valedictorian. >> we cannot speak, but we can hear, feel, and think, just like the deaf use sign language, non-speakers who learn to type will no longer suffer in silence. >> and tonight here, elizabeth with a lesson for us all. >> sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of who do the things no one can imagine. be those people. be the light! >> be the light. elizabeth certainly is that. and we celebrate you. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. from all of us here, good night.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, this is abc 7 news. >> you have seen a surge and cases we have not seen it impacted mortality. >> what we have seen now is what we have seen in mid february and it is more than what we are seeing at the height of the delta surge. >> covid cases on the rise again and end of the school year activities are not helping. >> dramatic new bodycam video of a police shooting in san jose. think you for joining us. >> let's begin today with the coronavirus. according to the cdc the ba.2 subvariant is now estimated to account for nearly 43% of all covid-19 cases in the u.s.. >> cases are rising as you hear cases increased by 14 present and new hospitalizations are up 11% across the u.s. >> the u.s. is closing in on one billion deaths, covid night -- california's on the brink of
4:00 pm
recording 90,000 >> deaths. we will start in the bay area, an uptick has the top health officials to once again -- urging people to use caution while gathering, though she is stopping short of announcing any new mandates. zach fuentes has the update. reporter: after weeks of lighter restrictions, health officer dr. sarah cody says covid cases are taking up. >>e seeing now is similar to what we are seeing in mid february and it is more than what we are seeing at the height of the delta surge. reporter: on tuesday at santa clara county's covid-19 dashboard, showing the average at 552 new infections. in march there were nearly 140. it comes days after the city of san jose implemented a mask mandate for city employees that work. >> we want to make sure our employees are safe as well as the community and continue to provide services to our residences. reporter: as for other


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