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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 10, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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of cash. drug operation being run from a local high school parking lot. local high school parking lot. dan: ♪ pop it like it's hooooot. pop it like it's hot.♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot.♪ ♪♪ pop it like it's— pop my $6.49 classic and spicy 50/50 popcorn chicken combo. only at jack in the box. my classic and spicy popcorn chicken with 100% all-white-meat chicken.
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and good good sauce. ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ pop my $6.49 classic and spicy 50/50 popcorn chicken combo. order on the jack app today. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. dan: we begin tonight with alarming allegations in the south bay. state police audit examined bias within the san jose police department and for other law enforcement agencies. the report uncovered disturbing content communicated by some officers. 4 ama: of the state ama:'s recommending reforms for the departments. a reporter explains what comes next. reporter: no surprise, but unsettling. that solves him or describing the results of the state police audit released recently. the report alleges some officers at several law enforcement
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agencies, including the san jose pd engaged in biased conduct. mocking marginalized groups. the state auditor writing to the governor and legislative groups in the departments of not enough to prevent it. >> what we don't want our people who are patrolling our neighborhoods were races in biased against people of color. they are not going to be there to protect us. reporter: retired judge also served as independent police auditor for the city of san jose over a span of five years until 2015. one example involves a san jose police officer predicting what a landlord, who happens to be vietnamese, would look like. embracing stereotypes, denying a request for a translator. the officer received a suspension without pay. auditors and others are pushing more preemptive action.
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reporter: san jose assemblyman introduced this bill last year, the clear act would require police departments to screen applicants for ties to hate groups and make it easier to fire anyone with such connections. >> the fact we are not pushing for today, and this report coming out what happened on january 6 and the sentiments that people have shared regarding the trust necessary with the local police department, is all coming together. reporter: the audit did not find officers who were members of hate groups, but highlighted examples of bad behavior including conversations between officers and their social media posts. >> that is relevant, the next day they are out on the streets, patrolling, trying to keep the community safe. reporter: the police chief responded to the audit with a statement reading, findings and recommendations will help us build community relationships and ensure exceptional service at all levels. the chief says some changes have
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already been made, with more planned. ama: san jose police are also conducting an internal investigation of an off-duty officers arrested on suspicion of dui. according to chp, the officer was involved in a two car crash friday morning 880 north of tennyson road in hayward. no one was injured, responding officers determined the driver was under the influence and so far the officer has not been placed on administrative leave. last week we learned s and has a police officer was being investigated for being allegedly under the influence while on duty. dan: in the north bay, wild wet wet weather. in sonoma county, one glenallen resident saw a tree involved -- engulfed in flames at set his home after a lightning strike. >> after the fire that swept through here, this is a
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once-in-a-lifetime event. dan: fire units arrived right away, fortunately the fire did not spread because of the moisture from the hail and rain. certainly an unusual sight around these parts. for more on conditions today, let's go to abc news meteorologist sandhya patel. sandhya: a far cry from what we saw earlier. let's look at live doppler 7, you will see those slow-moving thunderstorms in the north bay. lake, sonoma, napa counties. solano county, all experiencing those thunderstorms. i want to show you, this low pressure that has dug in across the state. that is what brought the unstable air is a butte at the heating from the sun and this is what you got. this was sent to me on twitter. you can see the hail coming down for 10 minutes. here is a picture posted to my facebook looking towards napa from vallejo of the lightning
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strike. here is a live view from our camera, ring all totals, 700 in fairfield. point 25 inches in st. helena, vacaville. about .5 inches here. i will let you know if there is a more rain and snow -- rain in-store. ama: alarming news about remy -- water use. urban water use was up 19% in march. we spoke to experts about why. >> the numbers are alarming. reporter: stanford's felicia marcus referring to the 19% jump in california water use in march 2022 compared to two years earlier. there had been a hope for a 50% reduction. >> the messaging at the local level is having a hard time getting through, perhaps because there is extra, so much going on
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between the pandemic and the work in ukraine. -- wars in ukraine. the lark -- alarms should be we are in dire straits. >> forms represent severe drought and red representing extreme drought. with this in mind, the question is where is the additional water being used? i spoke with charlie ely, conservation manager with the state waterboard. >> people have been watering more and trying to compensate for the lack of rain. >> i think it's concerning. people will be furious if they waste water making their yard a certain shade of green now and the water tap runs dry next year. >> the san francisco bay area, water use increased by just 2.5% compared to the south coast, where we saw water use jump 27%
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relative to march 2020. reporter: both recommend trading in your grass for low water plans. the perfect habitats for bees and butterflies whose populations are on the decline. >> transitioning out of wants, not having the bright green all the time, plugging leaks in your home and the lines, that could be 10% loss,. dan: new developments to knights of the san francisco board of education is putting on a plan to not lay off hundreds of teachers. this comes after over 200 employees were sent a luminary layoff notices in march. the district says now only 28 certified employees remain on the left list for next school year. 15 of them already have offers to be rehired next year, leaving
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only five people without jobs. if a position opens up, those people will be contacted. ama: in the east bay, detectives sees this large amount of drugs from detailers allegedly operating out of an oakland high school parking lot. the kind sheriff's office as the dealer would use the hectic as of student drop-off and pickup as cover. some -- it is unclear whether a students were sold to. investigators say the seizure totals 15 pounds of fentanyl, one kilo of heroin, $139,000 in cash. four people were arrested. dan: today marks the first national fentanyl awareness date, a nonprofit that created test kits is expanding across united states. it is called fentcheck, a reporter shows us where the demand in the bay area has become overwhelming. reporter: it is a quick test the
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aims to save lives. and the bay area. >> the demand is desperate. reporter: allison heller and dean shold are the founders of fentcheck, a nonprofit that contracts with the canadian biotech lab produce test strips. their harm reduction mission started in alameda county is growing across the country. >> is a culture except we started to do covid testing at home. a lot of people are familiar with pregnancy tests or testing their hot tub. this is simple technology. reporter: he makes the drug with water, dip the test strip in the water for 15 seconds and wait five minutes for the results. even the tiniest amount will be detected, as little as three grains of salt. >> if there's 20 nanograms of fentanyl per milliliter of water, it will show as positive. reporter: these kids are being offered at bars, restaurants,
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art galleries bookstores and thrift shops. most venues are selling out at least two to three times a week. >> in the first quarter of 2021, we went through about 200 test strips. now each week, we go through over 2000. reporter: fentanyl is a synthetic opioid, 50 times more potent than heroin. his devastating youth. according to the journal of the american medical association, from 2010 to 2019, around 500 adolescents aged 14 to 19 died from fentanyl across the u.s.. in 2021, that figure doubled. according to this, as of 2020, san francisco county reported the highest rate of overdose deaths in the state. 44.5 per every 100,000 people. it is the only county colored deep red on this map. they are working to change that.
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>> the demand is desperate. this is the future of harm reduction in public health. fentanyl is not going away. dan: fentcheck is buying and distributing about 2000 test strip per week. 1500 are being distributed to venues across the bay area. the organization has partnered with uc berkeley. drug use can affect anyone. if you or someone you know it needs an ally it's a started by going to action. ama: today marks the first ever fentanyl awareness day in the u.s.. coming up, we show you the bay area nonprofit working on a solution to the epidemic. dan: in a space of an investigation in the walnut creek channel. mysterious smell coming from the water tonight. ama: the giants and dodgers will
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♪ and we'll start over again ♪ ♪♪ ama: san francisco prosecutors say a boba shop is suspected to be the front for an international fencing ring. her burglars would take their stolen goods to this shop where they would be shipped around the world. they said the undercover operation used bait vehicles with electronic devices left inside. he recovered tens of thousands of dollars in cash, and more than 500 electronic items. >> our team gathered 130 boxes of electronics that we believe be stolen. we knew we were onto a major fencing operation. we also knew they are moving storm products through fedex and ups every day. ama: they say while clete will
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be -- quoc le will be charged with stolen property. dan: a newly released video providing more detail about a police shooting that happened at san jose's taqueria six weeks ago. they posted the video online today. it has the moments before an officer shot green. he can be seen backing up the front door of the restaurant holding a handgun he had just wrestled away from a man inside. from the restaurant came out, and officer orders him to drop the gun than should some four times. they identified the officer as mcnamara, for your member of the department. green received an online learning injuries. the d8 will determine if the shooting was justified. ama: santa clara county seeing a significant uptick in covid-19 outbreaks in schools, worksites and social gatherings. earlier this week, the city of san jose announced also the
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workers must wear a mask at work. as the county heading toward implementing asked mandates for everyone? >> we don't have any plans to do anything with regards to mask requirement. the state still strongly recommends masking indoors. still strongly recommend masking indoors. ama: the county recommends people get vaccinated and boosted. you can find the latest covid headlines and updates by visiting our website. we have a full-page dedicated to this at /coronavirus. dan: zuckerberg san francisco general hospital is asking the public's help to identify patient. the woman is believed to be about six years old, 5 foot 5 inches tall, she has blue eyes and blonde hair, she was admitted to the hospital sunday night, just before midnight. anyone with information about her identity is asked to contact the san francisco sheriff's
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office or the department of public health. ama: reports of eight strong smell from walnut creek. it is located in downtown will not craig. it was reported monday. the water district working to identify the site -- the source of the discharge. cover and at least 20 feet across the canal. hazmat cruz say it is not dangerous, and their working to soak up the spell. dan: new developments, sonoma county has imposed a temporary ban on new short-term vacation rental permits. the band will put a stop to what they say has been a rush on new permit applications. takes effect immediately and will remain in place for the next 45 days. during that time, the county will stay the impact of short-term rentals like airbnb's are having on housing, waste, garbage and parking issues. they are expected to consider permit regulations in august. we will keep tabs on that. ama: we are always checking the
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weather, too. dan: our meteorologist is here,. sandhya: we are going to dry out. it is going to be chilly tomorrow morning. let me show you what you can expect tomorrow. a lot of this, sunshine from our mountain camp tonight. after 8:00, things started to dry up quickly. we were left with nothing but son and clouds mixed tonight. a few passing clouds tonight, other than that in the clear. the sierra about it, several inches today. they pretty much ended. all in association with the same system the boss the pasta hail and thunderstorms in the northern part of our viewing area. if you were in the south or east bay, or san francisco, pretty quiet. 40's and 50's on those temperatures right now, look at fairfield, already down to 39°. as we look onshore winds,
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gusting to 26for the rest of yot winds. tomorrow morning starts up receipt near the coast, the winds picked up as we had two or 3:00 in the afternoon. over 30 mile an hour winds. this continues into the evening hours, expect some gusty winds, typical for this time of year. from our lifeblood from our tower cam showing a sparkling san francisco. without wind, expect good air quality, not just tomorrow, thursday as well. but friday and saturday, as this temperatures climbs up we are going to notice moderate air quality entering the picture. emeryville camera, a beautiful view. chilly overnight, milder tomorrow afternoon, sprinkles possible in the north bait thursday morning, warmer and friday and saturday away from the coast. tomorrow morning we have a frost advisory and freeze warning for lake and mendocino counties. 2:00 to 8:00, expecting this
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temperatures to plunge low to mid 30's. the prosper is condemned to -- damage sensitive vegetation. tomorrow morning, mid 30's to upper 40's, it is going to feel like winter, for the afternoon, mid 50's in places like half moon bay, receipt, all the way to 74 in fairfield, 71 in antioch, 61 san francisco, 68 in san jose. here is thursday, a week system bringing mendocino county some showers. that's about it. extra clouds for your thursday, holding temperatures down, but friday, 80's into the picture. by saturday, 90's inland. sunday, still going to be warm inland, along the coast, comfortable zone. a morning chill and the milder afternoon, some morning sprinkles not of the question thursday. as we head toward the end of the workweeks of a gang of the
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weekend, we bring you summerlike spread. 60's to 90's before we cool off next week. dan: out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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angeles dodgers will wear pride caps on uniforms to honor the lgbtq plus community. it will be the first time to mlb teams will show their support for pride during the match up. a limited number of pride caps will be available in the giants dugout store. the game is scheduled for june 11. dan: that's awesome. the warriors are one went away from the trip to ama: the western conference finals. ama:ama: ama: chris alvarez is here with sports. ama:chris: coming up in sports, the warriors have a chance to close out the grizzlies tomorrow night.
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diagnosed with the bone bruise in his right knee, he is doubtful for the rest of the playoffs. the injury likely happened when he jumped in to clay johnson in. -- klay thompson in game three. while the grizzlies are without their stars of the warriors will be without head coach steve kerr as he recovers from covid. >> i am hoping -- [indiscernible] it doesn't look like he'll be available. chris: sons host the mavericks, bodies everywhere, devon booker in transition, coming up right here is going to hit the triple. game-high 28 for phoenix. the sons outscored dallas, phoenix took a three to seriously. giants host the rockies is a bottom of the fourth, giants of 4-1. brandon belt to deep right
11:30 pm
center, the giants office served -- 34 runs in the last four games. flips it to brandon crawford, almost got the double play, so nice we showed twice. check it out, giving it maximum effort, the giants win 9-2, they can sweep colorado tomorrow. a's in detroit, doubleheader. both were able to walk off, sixth inning, jonathan schoop at the plates of drinking montage on the hill. that's up homerun. a's take the first 16-0. base hit into left, kevan smith scores, makes it 3-0 oakland. bottom eight, line drive and tony kemp, what a play that was. looks like a board, a plane, it
11:31 pm
is tony kemp, 4-1. angels working left under dialer -- 12th no-hitter in angels history. he becomes the youngest angel to fit a no-hitter, they beat the raise 12-0. sharks forward announces his retirement, he is the nhl's all-time leader in games played and holds nearly every major offensive category in sharks
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ama: that is it for tonight. dan: for sandhya patel, chris
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alvarez and the entire team, we appreciate you. right now jimmy kimmel >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, zac efron, alfonso ribeiro, and music from parquet courts. with cleto and the cletones. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: well, thank you, thank you, thank you. oh, that's very nice. i appreciate that. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for coming, thanks for watching. i want to give a special shout-out, as the young people say nowadays, to those of you breast feeding your kids as you
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watch the show. a lot of womenel


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