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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 11, 2022 1:41am-2:01am PDT

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welcome back. boxing hall of famer mike tyson will not face charges for hitting a fellow passenger on a flight last month. prosecutors in northern california say they made their decision after considering all the circumstances, including the behavior of the man tyson punched. a spokesperson for tyson said he reacted to being harassed and having a water bottle thrown at him. now to a terrifying emergency landing in florida. the pilot suffered a midair medical emergency, and a passenger with no flying experience had to swoop in to land the plane. abc's victor oquendo has those details. >> reporter: this chilling call to air traffic control over west palm beach coming just after noon. >> i've got a serious situation here. my pilot has gone incoherent. i have no idea how to fly the airplane. >> reporter: two people onboard the 12-seat, single-engine cessna coming from the bahamas. the pilot suffering some kind of medical emergency. >> 333 lima delta, roger.
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what's your position? >> i have no idea. i see the coast of florida in front of me, and i have no idea. >> reporter: sources tell abc news the controller involved happens to be a certified flight instructor with cessna experience. >> number 3 lima delta, no problem. just continue to stay wings level. maintain 5,000 and follow the coast. we're going to try to find you here on the radar. >> reporter: first they had to track the plane down. then the hard part. >> i have no idea how to stop the airplane. >> reporter: our affiliate wpbf getting this exclusive video of the plane miraculously landing safely. >> did you say the passengers landed the airplane? >> that's correct. >> oh, my gosh. great job. >> no flight experience. >> the person on the airplane who had no aeronautical experience listened very carefully and obviously followed instructions with great calm. that's what made the difference. >> reporter: the pilot was taken to the hospital. no update on their condition. the faa is investigating. victor oquendo, abc news, coral gables, florida. >> that is just remarkable.
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i mean, i used to play the flight simulator game on, like, windows 7, and couldn't even get off the ground. >> no. i think it's more than just following directions. like they were downplaying it. i really think this person just has natural instinct. okay. >> all right. also from florida. a wild scene at a boat party. >> a police helicopter was flying over the mayhem at a lake george event last weekend. a fight broke out at a deejay platform. several guys taking each other down into the water. >> a dozen people were arrested, both for fighting and boating while intoxicated. that's a bui, they call that. one person was evacuated for medical assistance. a b-u-i. coming up, helping to unstick a stuck camel. stay with us for "that's wild." first, tips on surviving the overnight shift. that's next. you're watching "world news now."
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>> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. scene 103, take. here we go. my name is wesley, and i'm with my knucklehead brother. my friend nafi. my boyfriend doug. i thought we'd be on the same page about this and we're not. how do i know the way i'm going to respond to it? there's not that long term research out there yet. i don't want to be on the front line. but you're human. you're going to make a mistake. i'm just saying everyone has a right to make their own decision. but why would you want to take that risk? can you imagine being the person that goes to somebody's house and gives them the virus that kills them? what if you end up in a hospital? yeah. that's what i'm scared of. if you were to die, man... that would literally kill me, man.
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if it makes you feel that way bro... i will probably do it. can i hug you? yeah. i love you, man. i love you too. ♪ it's gonna be a long night ♪ ♪ it's gonna be all right ♪ ♪ on the night shift ♪ >> ah -- for those of you, including us, on the night shift, today's our day. national third shift workers day. >> and thankfully we have our own ray of sunshine to get us through these long nights. our own will ganss. >> did someone say sunshine?
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yes! happy third shift workers' day to you two, andrew and mona, and all the other a.m. newsers who are out there as well as firefighters, police officers, nurses, and health care workers, custodians, security guards, rideshare drivers, hospitality workers, restaurant workers, and so many others. happy third shift workers day to all of you. okay. so andrew and mona, i brought you guys a third shift workers survival kit. they should be in front of you. >> this is so nice. >> which would make a great gift for any third shift workers on this national third shift workers day. many of these ideas come from our own friend, diane macedo in her new book, "the sleep fix." first up, reach into your bags there. a sleep diary. okay. diane says to keep a sleep diary. >> this is high quality. >> yeah. right? to log info about what time you went to bed, what time you think you fell asleep after that, your overnight awakenings, what time you woke up for the day, and anything else that might affect your sleep habits. like your workouts, caffeine
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intake and so much more. the purpose of that, you guys, it will help you notice patterns that are disrupting your sleep or keeping you awake. they'll also encourage you to ditch the silly habits that are keeping you up because you're embarrassed to keep writing them down, right? like if you're scrolling on your phone until 2:00 in the morning and you have to write it down, you'll be less inclined to do so. >> i'm writing "i am tired." >> i wrote, "dear diary, my crush texted me at 1:57 yesterday." >> and then tomorrow you'll be inclined to ditch the phone and tell your "crush" to text you at 9:00 in the morning. right? next up, grab those sunglasses. we can train our body to sleep at a certain time by diminishing the amount of light -- >> oh, are these gucci? >> yeah! in the four to five hours leading up to your bedtime. especially for you guys, if you're walking home and it's light outside, literally you can wear sunglasses. so remember the four ds. dimness, lowering the brightness or wearing sunglasses. distance, being farther away from the light, if you can.
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duration, cutting the amount of time you're exposed to it. and direction, facing the light away from your eyes. if you have a lamp or something you can point to the corner of the room, as opposed to at you, that will help. >> it helps with the studio lights, too. >> do the rest of the show in your sunglasses. right? >> these are not gucci by the way. >> no. they're target., by the way. >> no. they're target. next up, some sleep aid. so experts say to take your melatonin at the same time every day because it regulates your sleep cycle, and limit yourself to three milligrams or less. those gummies that you guys have there are 1.5 grams each. so you can have two, if you wanted. >> i think the lid is also adult-proof. >> yeah. >> or at least it's andrew-proof. >> we've been specifically instructed not to eat these. >> right. not right now. finally there should be a candle in each of your bags. this is most important. my favorite tip. when it comes to falling asleep, you've got to treat yourself. you can take a warm bath or shower. light a candle. the candles that you guys have, both amber and lavender scents are proven to help you relax and
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get a good night's sleep. >> dear diary, i love the gifts that will got us today, especially these fucci glasses. >> there you go. >> that stands for fake gucci. >> happy third shift workers day. >> thanks, diane macedo. >> thank you. you can sell your policy - even a term policy - for an immediate cash payment. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized we needed a way to supplement our income. if you have $100,000 or more of life insurance, you may qualify to sell your policy. don't cancel or let your policy lapse without finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if your policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance.
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♪ if you guys noticed, our costume budget is going up, okay? this is a popular segment on this show. we've got glasses now. we've got binoculars, and we got will an outfit. >> i found it. my script. there it is. >> i've made it. i've arrived. >> i look like i'm going to coachella, but i don't know about -- we're safari-ing right now. >> all right. we're starting with a real deep dive. >> yes. so how deep? how about more than 20,000 feet? >> that's wild! that's almost four miles below the surface of the ocean. a deep-sea expedition off the coast of australia has netted the deepest ever catch of fish,
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but that's not all. >> man, this would be so cool if i could actually see it. in addition to the video of some of the most exotic of deep sea creatures, researchers managed to capture two types of snail fish that could be new to science. >> whoa. >> those are the things you see in nightmares, guys. >> what do they always say? that we know more about space than we know about the ocean. >> i believe it. >> i don't know if it's true, but people say that. >> well, next -- to an equally unusual sight on land. >> it's a badger inside of an english nature park that appears to be defending its territory. here it is caught on camera chasing down dogs and their walkers. >> is that a chase-down? it's more like a, you know, get out of here. >> is she having to cross a river to get away from this badger? >> a little chunky there. british wildlife officials are warning people to avoid the animal since such behavior is not normal for badgers. >> uh-oh. >> okay? which are -- >> generally scared of people? >> nocturnal. >> oh, yeah.
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>> hmm. >> that's wild. >> that's wild. next, to a sight that nobody could have predicted, even with binoculars. >> three people driving down the road in the uae spotted this camel in distress nearly halfway submerged in wet stand. i don't know if that's quicksand. is it the same thing? i don't know. >> maybe. >> it was trouble. the three quickly rushed to its aid using emergency shovel in the car. oh, they say it was like quicksand. >> wow. putting the "hump" in humpday, no doubt. after locals arrived with machinery, eventually 15 people took part in the rescue, successfully freeing the camel. >> i don't know if you guys knew this or not. our own mona kosar abdi is no stranger to camels. >> i was also in east africa rescuing the camels, not from quicksand, but from myself. >> i've also been on a camel. >> yeah? >> yes. >> you know what the number one tip is to ride a camel? >> what? >> lean back because when they get up, they go forward first. so you've got to lean back. ♪ lean back ♪ finally, closer to home, a glam-up on four paws.
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