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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 11, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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by i-95? reggie: that too. jobina: send us the link. [laughter] kumasi: let jobina handle it. fest. >> test.> good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, the big question on this wednesday morning, has inflation finally reached its peak? the critical new report out this morning. eyes around the nation on those new inflation numbers as rising prices spark growing recession fears. is the worst over? what the white house is doing to try to bring some relief. plus, "gma" shows you the best ways to drive down what you pay at the pump and the simple ways to improve your car's fuel efficiency. breaking overnight, escaped prisoner casey white back behind bars in alabama, making his first court appearance after 11 days on the run. and this morning, exclusive new
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images of that dramatic high-speed chase to capture him and former corrections officer vicky white. what authorities found in their car. abortion rights showdown. democrats calling this the fight of a generation. the senate set to vote on a bill in the wake of the leaked supreme court decision. is it expected to fail? overnight, the house voting to send $40 billion more aid to ukraine as a top intelligence official warns vladimir putin could turn to more drastic means. also this morning, a would-be kidnapper trying to drag a woman away, scared off by a driver stopping to help, the assailant now in custody. we hear from the two women this morning. taking control. a midair scare with an incapacitated pilot and a passenger with no flight training. >> i've got a serious situation here. i have no idea how to fly the airplane.
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>> how an air traffic controller was able to guide the passenger to a safe landing and return to his pregnant wife. the faa investigation this morning. the end of an era for the apple of our eye. say good-bye to the ipod. ♪ heaven is a place on earth ♪ >> he's done it! and heaven is a no-hitter. l.a.'s 22-year-old rookie in disbelief. reid detmers shutting out the rays and celebrating with his angels in the outfield. ♪ good morning, america. congratulations to reid, a no-hitter, 22 years old, way to start out. can't get much better than that. also this morning, take a look at this house in north carolina being swept away by a strong coastal storm. there you see it right there. ginger will have more. there are new coastal flood warnings for the east and severe weather headed for the heartlands. we'll begin with the latest on the critical inflation
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report from the white house to economists to wall street all looking for clues to where the economy is headed. our team is covering all the angles beginning with our chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning, robin. as you say, this report is critical to assessing the health of the u.s. economy. prices have really been climbing rapidly since last spring, up 8.5% in march from a year ago and the trouble is it's inescapable. if you look at the prices, food prices are up. energy prices came down a bit, but still up 30.3%. shelter cost, up 5.1%, rent, the cost of housing. also going up airfare and the prices of new cars. that's weighing on things.
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particularly if you think about wages are up 5.5% from a year ago, but they're not keeping up with inflation. it's not only a question for american families, keeping things out of reach, making it too expensive to go to the grocery store, it also raises questions about the economy broadly. it could mean a recession. many economists believe the odds are increasing for that. you've seen these rising prices precede every recession. >> all right, rebecca, thank you. as you know, record high gas prices are to blame for some of the rise in inflation and now the price at the pump soaring again. trevor ault is at a gas station right here in manhattan for us. good morning, trevor. >> reporter: good morning, robin. i mean you can see the price for a gallon of gas, $6.19. the last sedan to fill up here, it cost him 100 bucks to fill up 3/4 of their tank and this is certainly contributing to yet another national record for a gallon of gas. on average now we're up to $4.40. that's up 3 cents from what was
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already a record high yesterday. the worst unsurprisingly is in california. they've soared to an eye-popping $5.84. the cheapest is arguably still eye popping too in georgia at $3.93. we have seen the lines form across the country. people trying to find discounts anywhere they can hoping to shave even a few dollars off the total and if that is you, experts do have a few tips for you. number one being, try driving more efficiently. slow down even a couple miles an hour. that can stretch how many miles you get in a tank, especially at high speeds. if you cut down from 75 miles an hour on average to 60 that would save you the equivalent of 75 cents a gallon. it's also always a good idea to stay plugged in to oil prices and which direction they're going because those are your window into the future, three to five days in advance, for example, oil prices down 10% from the weekend. we might hopefully have some relief coming in the next few days if you can hold off.
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george? to the white house now where president biden spoke out against rising prices. >> i want every american to know that i am taking inflation very seriously and it's my top domestic priority. >> let's bring in our correspondent cecilia vega. cecilia, inflation weighing on so many americans. political peril for president biden. >> reporter: yeah, exactly. his top priority, a top concern for voters too and here's the problem in that, george, for this white house here. polls show that voters overwhelmingly trust republicans over democrats to start to tackle this, so this has been really frustrating for this president. the republicans have tried to put this blame squarely on him for these rising prices so now he's really tried to take back control of the narrative. he's deflecting the blame. he is saying these prices are rising because of the pandemic, because of that war in ukraine, and he really now wants to remind voters that he has tapped into these oil reserves already releasing a million barrels a day to try to bring down these gas prices, and that really it's the fed that has the biggest tools to control and try to
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tackle inflation. the white house, what you're seeing now is basically them laying out their argument that you're going to hear over the next six months leading into midterm, the president going after republicans with this new term that he's been using calling them ultra -- their ultra maga agenda. you'll hear that a lot, george, between now and november, perhaps today when the president heads to illinois to talk about rising food prices with farmers there. >> cecilia, thanks. of the final chase of that deo - fugitive couple after 11 days on the run. the escaped prisoner taken into custody after the former corrections officer took her own life. casey white is now talking to police. alex perez has the latest. >> casey, did you kill vicky white? >> reporter: overnight escaped prisoner casey white led into handcuffs into this courthouse facing additional charges following the end of that jailbreak and 11-day manhunt that left his accomplice, former corrections officer, vicky white, dead.
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inside the courtroom a stone-faced casey was surrounded by officers as he was formally charged with escape in the first degree. >> right now he's on the way to prison. and i got every confidence he's not going to get away again. >> reporter: dramatic new police camera video captured the moments he was apprehended in evansville, indiana. >> they just got him. >> reporter: in this newly released 911 call vicky is overheard urging white to run. >> get out, run. >> reporter: with nowhere to hide, officers piling on 6'9" casey in a white undershirt and dark sunglasses. the 38-year-old finally in handcuffs and back in custody. and these exclusive new images taking us inside that dramatic high-speed chase that led to his arrest and vicky's final moments. casey and vicky here in this cadillac fleeing a caravan of police vehicles in hot pursuit. the car chase ending in this ditch. >> some members actually rammed their vehicle, pushed them into a ditch.
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>> reporter: that maneuver authorities believe was key, the pair who investigators say had a romantic relationship for as long as two years was armed with this arsenal of guns according to the sheriff. >> we later found out had they not done that, the fugitive was going to engage in a shootout with law enforcement. >> crashed still inside the vehicle. we could hear her on the line saying her finger was on the trigger. >> reporter: as they surrounded the duo, vicky shot herself later dying at the hospital. discovered in the car, police say wigs vicky used to disguise herself, camping and survival gear, and $29,000 in cash believed to be part of the $90,000 vicky withdrew leading up to the escape. and authorities say they're still building a time line of what exactly the duo did during the escape and working to determine if casey white could still face additional charges. robin? >> all right, alex, thank you. we have the latest now on the war in ukraine. overnight the house approving a new $40 billion aid package
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after that new warning from america's intelligence chief that vladimir putin could resort to, quote, more drastic means. our senior foreign correspondent ian pannell is on the scene for us there in ukraine. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, robin. we're in kharkiv in the northeast where the ukrainian offensive has been pushing putin's troops ever closer to their own border, and this as you say america signals it's ready to double down on its support for ukraine. overnight, ukrainian forces pushing putin's army back closer to his own borders in northeast ukraine retaking more than 30 villages around kharkiv. ukraine releasing a video tuesday that it says shows a strike on an advanced russian tank in the area. and in the east russia's advance slowed. this video posted on may 9th showing the destruction of russian military equipment according to the ukrainian military. u.s. officials now warning the war may still get worse.
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>> next few months could see us moving along a more unpredictable and potentially escalatory trajectory and the current trend increases the likelihood that president putin will turn to more drastic means. >> reporter: innocent civilians continue to bear the brunt of putin's war. local police releasing this video saying the woman was in her yard when the force of a strike nearby threw her yard into her own basement. we met natasha near kharkiv whose village was occupied by russian forces for more than two months. >> how did they treat you? [speaking foreign language] >> reporter: there were cases of rape she tells me. they killed one man. they shaved one woman's head and cut her with a knife. investigators collecting evidence of what appear to be multiple war crimes. this is the lead prosecutor for kharkiv. >> how does it end? [speaking foreign language] >> reporter: there is no other end besides contributory he says, because we stand for the truth. america now signaling growing support for ukraine.
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the house voting to send a $40 billion aid package to the senate. >> the ukrainian people are fighting the fight for their democracy and in doing so for ours, as well. >> reporter: well, some rather sobering figures from the u.n. this morning. the number of people who fled the country since russia's invasion is now approaching 6 million. the u.n. also saying that real number of civilians killed in ukraine since the beginning of the war, is, quote, thousands higher than the real number. george? >> ian pannell, thanks. the latest now on the debate over abortion rights. in the face of a looming supreme court decision likely to overturn roe v. wade, senate democrats set to vote on a bill to ensure access to it nationwide. rachel scott is with us, and rachel, the problem for democrats, they don't have the votes. >> reporter: george, good morning. that's right. they do not have the votes but for democrats, this is about getting every single senator on the record and showing a contrast ahead of the critical midterm elections and so in just a few hours the senate will take up legislation that would protect access to abortion. it would also put an end to
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state restrictions like mandatory waiting periods. this is expected to fail. democrats do not have the republican support they need to get it passed. in fact, only two republican senators, lisa murkowski and susan collins support abortion rights. both of those senators told me they are a no on this legislation. they call it too broad. collins says she has concerns about providers that might have religious objections. the majority of americans support upholding roe versus wade, but the future of that landmark decision now rests with the supreme court. michael? >> all right, thank you so much, rachel. now to those fears of a summer covid surge. new cases on the rise nationwide with those omicron subvariants making up most of the cases in the country. whit johnson is outside of a hospital in the bronx with more. good morning, whit. >> reporter: michael, good morning. in recent weeks the numbers have been going in the wrong direction. only adding to concerns about a possible covid resurgence this summer. new daily covid cases in the u.s. up 127% in the last month. hospitalizations also up about 28% during that same time. those two omicron subvariants now accounting for the vast majority of all cases in the u.s. and health experts say it's
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becoming increasingly difficult to track covid cases because testing in this country has plummeted. more and more americans are using those at-home testing kits so the fear is that the true numbers are being underreported. another way that they're tracking this virus is through wastewater testing and right now more than 60% of wastewater testing sites across the country are reporting an increase in the presence of covid. robin? >> whit, thank you. now to the extreme drought in the west and signs of fatigue when it comes to cutting back. in march california saw its highest water usage for that month in seven years. kayna whitworth is at lake mead in nevada which provides water to millions of people in three western states. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: robin, good morning. so behind me you can see the hoover dam.
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when that was created it built the largest reservoir in this country. and each passing day lake mead is reaching a new and historic low. putting the west at risk not just of losing water, but our ability to create hydropower and grow food. this morning, the water level at lake mead, the largest reservoir in the country, has dropped to an all-time low. authorities say each day the lake that provides irrigation and drinking water to 25 million people continues to decline due to climate change. >> there is more and more realization that what we're seeing is unprecedented. >> reporter: over the weekend skeletal remains discovered by paddleboarders. >> it was kind of freaky. we had to keep questioning ourselves if this was really real or not. >> there's still many secrets that the lake will unveil as the water goes down. >> reporter: low water levels also revealing a water intake pipe. you can see back there in the distance that is a water intake valve built for nearby henderson and you can see it was built for high water. by summer's end the bureau of reclamation anticipating they'll drop to a criminal point. california had the driest january, february and march ever recorded. yet they had the highest march water use since 2015.
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and, george, we have to keep in mind here that conservation is incredibly important because most of the fruits and vegetables grown in this country rely on that water. >> okay, kayna, thanks very much. now to an emergency landing in florida by a passenger with zero flight training. an air traffic controller was able to guide the passenger to a safe landing. victor oquendo has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, the faa is investigating after a passenger with no flight training took over the controls from his incapacitated pilot to land this plane in palm beach, florida. this was the chilling call to air traffic control. >> i've got a serious situation here. my pilot has gone incoherent. i have no idea how to fly the airplane. >> reporter: that passenger taking the controls as the single engine cessna returned from the bahamas tuesday. >> lima, delta, roger, what's your position? >> i have no idea. i see the coast of florida in
7:17 am
front of me, and i have no idea. >> reporter: that's robert morgan who spoke to our affiliate wpbf. he was able to give the passenger a quick course in steadying the plane. >> he told me that he was going to go home tonight to see his pregnant wife. it was a relief to actually help somebody because he's never flown a plane before, but i knew that if he just kept the plane, the nose pointed down and head to the big runway that he had a really good chance as long as he didn't panic. >> reporter: then the hard part. >> how do you stop the airplane? >> reporter: landing it all caught on camera. >> before i knew it he was like i'm on the ground, how do i turn this thing off? >> did you say the passenger landed the airplane? >> that's correct. >> oh, my gosh. great job. >> reporter: still no word on exactly what happened to the pilot. he was transported to the hospital. no update on his condition but, guys, this could have had a very different ending. >> wow. >> how calm he was. >> incredible.
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>> how smooth the landing was. >> i know. that too. >> well done, well done. thank you so much for that, victor. we are following a lot of other headlines this morning. including celebrity chef mario batali found not guilty of sexual misconduct. and caught on camera, a woman grabbed on the street in an attempted kidnapping. a good samaritan scaring off the man. the pair reuniting for the first time. but first, good morning, ginger. >> good morning, robin and everyone. it is not shocking that this is happening but it's shocking to watch. what i'm about to show you is a home in rodanthe, north carolina. collapsing into the ocean. we know this is possible as we see ever creeping sea level rise, but they had a trifecta. this coastal storm, and some high tides that matched in, and right now within the last 24 hours, they would usually get there and clear things up, but the debris is floating in the water and saying some of the roads are closed so it's tough to get there. they will get a lot of that out. there is a lot of toxicity that comes in homes and anticipate more homes could be falling in relatively soon. coastal flood advisories from seaside heights down into morehead city, waves could be 10 to 15 feet even as this sinks south you could see two to four
7:19 am
feet of inundation. your local weather in 30 seconds. drew: i'm drew tuma with your forecast. a lot of sunshine today, warmer afternoon, 60's and 70's later on with dry skies. overnight, partly cloudy conditions and numbers mainly in the 40's as we head into -- for the next seven days, warmer weather continues to increase on friday, 80's make a comeback and look at the weekend. outdoor plans, saturday feels
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alert in livermore on eastbound 580 at greenville road. speeds have dropped to five miles an hour. a big one in walnut creek. southbound traffic on that right-hand side, crawling this morning. we do not have a crash, it is just picking up from the commute. at the toll plaza, no let up on the back up there. the back up there. reggie: april: when i think about teacher appreciation day, i really think about all of the things teachers do that they think go unseen. rosy: my son's first grade teacher really made a difference. he went above and beyond. kiyoko: when a parent tells me that i've made a difference in their child's life, it means the world to me. terrence: when i think of my daughter's teachers, that's about as close to a superhero as you can be. announcer: because the california teachers association knows quality public schools make a better california for all of us.
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from santa rosa to napa. fairfield at 36. we have a lot of sunshine. baby blue skies, the are in store for a warmer afternoon later today. we expect a lot of sunshine. by midday, we are in the 60's away from the coast. a milder afternoon. 60's and 70's for most of us.
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winds gusting over 20 miles per hour later today. reggie: if you are streaming on the app
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you remember everything you forgot to order? like. without. fail. who drank all the milk? fresh groceries and more. unlimited free delivery. walmart plus. ground ball, throws across, he's done it. reid detmers threw a no-hitter. >> you heard the man. what a night for that rookie pitcher, reid detmers, 22 years old, no-hitter. his 11th big league start. he shut down the tampa bay rays as l.a. exploded for 12 runs and a comfortable win. asked about his performance he said -- he was at a loss. he just blacked out. he didn't even know what he was doing. >> woke up with a no-hitter. >> not bad. not bad at all. following a lot of headlines including the critical new
7:31 am
report out on new inflation numbers as rising prices spark growing recession fears. also, there's breaking news overnight, an al jazeera reporter was shot and killed in the west bank. al jazeera is blaming israeli forces while israel is saying palestinian gunfire may be the cause. the mysterious outbreak of hepatitis in children, five deaths here in the u.s. the cause of this alarming uptick in cases is unknown and dr. jen ashton will be here with the latest details in our next hour. and it is the end of an era. apple is discontinuing one of the most important product lines in its storied history, the tech giant has ended production of the ipod touch. the last ipod, it's still made. apple has been slowing phasing out the mp3 player which debuted two years ago and helped inspire the creation of the iphone. i remember walking around with that case with all the cds in it. it revolutionized the world. we have a lot more ahead including how you can get better fuel efficiency to cut down on
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your gas bill. plus, chicago is the next pit stop on our cross country quest to find the best barbecue in the united states. t.j. holmes is there to bring us a battle of the brisket. that is coming up. right now the latest on mario batali. the celebrity chef found not guilty in a sexual misconduct case stemming from a 2017 incident in boston. amy here with the story. good morning, amy. >> good morning, george. batali opted to have the judge decide his case rather than a jury and that judge ruling in his favor saying it came down to serious questions about the accuser's credibility. >> i'm going to find the defendant not guilty to the charge of indecent assault and battery. >> reporter: celebrity chef mario batali walking out of court a free man after being accused of forcibly kissing and groping a woman while taking selfies inside a now closed boston restaurant in 2017. on monday his accuser taking the stand. testifying about batali's alleged sexual misconduct. >> touching of my breasts, touching of my rear end.
7:33 am
touching all over my face. it was just a lot happening. >> reporter: the judge acknowledging batali behaved badly, but questioning the victim's credibility and whether she was financially motivated. text messages revealed in court showed a friend advised her to play up the story to collect money from batali and she replied, of course. she also texted a friend she could hopefully get $10,000 for photos of the celebrity chef. >> i wrote, omg, i know, lmao, give me 10k. i thought that celebrities when they get in trouble, that's just how it works. >> reporter: the judge ultimately siding with batali who opted to forego a jury and leave his fate in the judge's hands. >> the complaining witness has significant credibility issues and they support the defendant's contention that her motive was financial gain. >> reporter: batali now avoiding two years in prison but suffering major fallout from multiple sexual misconduct allegations in 2017.
7:34 am
>> so we're watching. we're watching. we're watching. there it is. it's the moment. introduce the tomatoes. >> reporter: the star of the emmy award winning abc show "the chew" losing his role on the program and hold of his multimillion dollar food empire which includes brands like eataly. he denied all charges he's faced. so batali found not guilty but he did issue an apology back in 2017 when he was facing accusations of misconduct from multiple women saying much of that behavior he was accused of did match up with how he had acted. guys? >> okay, amy, thanks. let's bring in our chief legal analyst dan abrams. pretty speedy decision from the judge. >> yeah, there were only two witnesses who were called. it was the accuser herself and a friend of hers and, you know, i think there were a number of issues here for the prosecution. there was the photos themselves. the selfies at issue. none of them showed the conduct that she described. it doesn't mean it didn't happen but there were two sets of photos taken three minutes apart and the defense said, why would
7:35 am
she be coming back for more photos if he was behaving in this way? the text messages i think were hard for the prosecution to overcome and there was one incident i think that ended up affecting the judge. that is she said that after that happened she said i'd never go back to one of mario batali's restaurants and then there was evidence that she had actually gong back to one of mario batali's restaurants. >> and the judge also alluded to the credibility. >> yeah. these to me felt smaller, the credibility issues. she was held in contempt of court recently for lying as a prospective juror and then as a juror on a case. she didn't follow the judge's instructions. she claimed she was clairvoyant to try to get off the case. she and her mom had cooked up some scheme to get out of a gym membership, et cetera. the judge seemed focused on those sort of broader credibility issues. to me the bigger issues were the issues related to this case rather than some of these other things about the accuser. >> he chose a bench trial having
7:36 am
a judge decide instead of a jury. is that risky? >> it's very risky and may have been the reason for the outcome. i mean, when you put the decision in the hands of one person instead of a 12-person jury, you are completely changing the dynamic there. and here it clearly was the right decision for the defendant. imagine if there were 12 people, and two people thought, well, you know what, we think he's guilty. could have had a hung jury. could have had a different outcome. the judge -- i'll bet you that the defense knew a lot about this judge. >> i was going to say take us inside the discussions between mario and his lawyer. i know it's speculation. what would a lawyer say to him about this decision? >> the first thing he would say is let's get to know who this judge is. i want to understand where this judge may fall. what kind of risk are we taking here? but, again, when you're talking about a case like this, i think that they decided they had a better shot of a judge being willing to say not guilty than maybe some jurors, at least a couple of them, who might not have been willing to do so. so it's definitely a risk but in this case clearly paid off. >> all right. dan abrams, thank you so much. appreciate you.
7:37 am
now to an arrest in an attempted kidnapping that was caught on camera. a man trying to drag a woman away on a massachusetts street only to be scared off when a car stopped. this morning we're hearing from the hero driver of that car, she reunites with the woman who she helped get away. stephanie ramos is here with that. good morning, stephanie. >> michael, good morning. the woman who stopped to save that complete stranger says she was on her usual route home from work when she saw a woman in desperate need of help. she says she didn't think twice. she knew she had to stop. this morning, a sigh of relief as two strangers from massachusetts reunite. >> they got him. >> reporter: in this abc news exclusive -- >> i love you. >> reporter: zayra mendoza and ariel naylor embracing for the first time since ariel saved zayra from an attempted kidnapping. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: zayra says she thought those were the last
7:38 am
moments of her life. >> i just saw some guy just trying to abduct a girl. i'm on the side of the road. she's got no shirt. >> where are you? >> reporter: in this surveillance video you can see the moment she realizes he's being followed. she tries to make a run for it, but her and her attacker end up in an intense pulling match. the beam from ariel's headlights a signal of hope. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: she says god sent her an angel because only ariel was brave enough to stop her car and help. >> i don't know where he went. he took off when i slammed on my brakes. >> reporter: the suspect taking off on foot. ariel says she didn't think twice about stopping. >> i did what any person should do when you see somebody in trouble. >> reporter: ariel refuses to call herself a hero saying it was zayra who fought to save herself. >> she knew to get to the light and to get to the side of the
7:39 am
road so somebody could help her. so she made it possible for me to help her. >> reporter: this morning the thwarted attacker identified as 23-year-old tyler healy. facing multiple charges including attempted kidnapping and assault. a shared trauma now bonding these two women for life. >> i don't know her, but i feel like i have that connection with her. i held her. i'd do it again. i mean i'm so happy she's okay and i will forever cherish our friendship. >> she was at the right place at the right time. s zayra said she did not know the suspect. as you can imagine she is beyond grateful to have been saved by this complete stranger that just stopped and said, i need to help that woman. >> she said it right, angel. absolute angel being there and helping as she did. >> absolutely. >> thanks so much. >> connected for life. >> yes. coming up next, how
7:40 am
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7:44 am
clients are coming in asking for fuel efficiency tips. do they need a tune-up? we'll get to that in a second but first we wanted to ask, how and where can you get the absolute cheapest gas here in tampa and in your neck of the woods. for tampa resident alexis fowler going back to the office has meant a 40-minute commute both ways. >> i'm driving 150 or 175 miles a week. >> reporter: with the price of gas continuing to rise nationwide and here in florida, those fill ups are crushing her budget. >> now i'm spending, like, 50 to 75 bucks a week. >> reporter: we asked where and how can you pay the rock bottom price for gas? we start at some of the national branded gas stations. >> gas companies offer rewards programs on top of that. sometimes fuel companies will actually offer discounts with their apps. >> reporter: the loyalty program from exxon offers 3 cents off a gallon. citgo, 3 cents with additional discounts on tuesday and fridays
7:45 am
and sunoco 3 cents off per gallon. how you pay could save you. >> reporter: the bank credit cards will typically save you more money than the gas station credit cards. >> reporter: he says that's because gas station cards typically offer a fixed 5 to 10 cents off a gallon but bank cards offer a percentage back. as the price of a tank of gas goes up, so does the amount you get on cash back. the flex chase card offers 5% back. the citibank custom card offers 5% on your highest spending category which for many is gas and the pnc cash rewards visa as 4% off gas. but remember you don't save anything if you carry a balance and pay interest every month. crunching the numbers best opportunity for savings may come from a totally different strategy. warehouse clubs. in tampa where the average gas price is $4.24 a gallon we found sam's club had it for $4.04 and costco, $4.03. that's the starting point.
7:46 am
you pay with a sam's club mastercard you get another 5% off in cash back. that takes it down to $3.84 a gallon. at costco share card's final price, $3.87 a gallon. now, that cash back, the rebates and the price of gas, they're all fluctuating so use that as a guide. in fact, from yesterday when the price was $4.24 a gallon, it's gone up to $4.34, 6 cents in a day. that is crazy. >> it really is. are there any other ways to get better fuel efficiency? >> reporter: yeah, well, the owner of this automotive shop says start with your tires. are they properly inflated, at the right psi? then your air filters, do they
7:47 am
need to be changed? does your oil feed to be changed? is it the right weight? and if you have a rack or one of those rooftop car carriers on your car, if you're not using it every day, take it off. they increase drag and reduce fuel efficiency so just a few tips to help this pain at the pump be eased even a little bit. >> yeah, a few tips that can help big time. are you heading home now? you've been on the road for us, becky. >> reporter: i have but i have to say i've really been enjoying seeing everything. in tampa it reminds me of my little house in hawaii. smelling the flowers. >> hawaii girl at heart, always. thanks so much as always. becky, appreciate it. coming up next our "united states of bbq" showdown. is chicago ready? we're going to see. ♪ ♪ whoever you are. you have a style. and we want to help you own it. cause anyone can sell you clothes. ♪ ♪
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back now with t.j. holmes in chicago for day three of "gma's" united states of barbecue. t.j., looks like it's going good for you this morning. >> reporter: oh, stray, nothing says breakfast like brisket. might not think chicago first but chef dominique and chef d'andre have something to say about that. stay with us. eening for colon cancer... when caught in early stages it's more treatable. i'm cologuard. i'm noninvasive... and i detect altered dna in your stool to find 92% of colon cancers...
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7:57 am
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♪ ♪ [announcer] call now and get $3,000 off! good morning, america. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the critical new report out this morning. eyes around the nation on those new inflation numbers as rising prices spark growing recession fears. is the worst over? plus, how you can drive down what you pay at the pump. cdc alert. the mysterious and deadly outbreak of hepatitis in children. how you can spot the warning signs, what parents need to know this morning. fight for protection. judge esther salas' crusade to make sure the tragedy that struck her family does not happen again. how the battle has reached washington. judge salas joins us live only on "gma." with violence against asian
8:01 am
americans spiking during the pandemic, meet the chefs coming together to stop hate. >> the first time you experience another culture most likely it's probably through food. >> using food to fight back. ♪ renovation nation. families across the country getting redesign fever. this morning, the new rules to help you transform the heart of your home on a budget. ♪ who's gonna save the world ♪ plus, don't miss my next big adventure and the race to learn about the fast-moving climate crisis. where am i going? "gma's" "extraordinary earth." ♪ that's my kind of night ♪ it's our kind of morning. "gma's" united states of barbecue is headed to chicago for a battle of the briskets and they're saying -- >> all: good morning, america! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
8:02 am
it is live in times square. we are "gma" and i've never looked forward to monday more because that's when all the finalists are going to be here for that barbecue challenge we have. it's round three of "gma's" united states of barbecue today. >> and t.j. holmes is getting a taste of what chicago has to offer. hey, t.j. >> what is he doing? >> reporter: just hanging out with my golden tongs here. you know, it's a brisket kind of morning here in chicago, right? i'm not just here by myself. of course, look who i got with me. they came out for some breakfast brisket. i got family and friends, vinny in the back. i got my judges -- jeff, greg and alyssa here with me. the stars are these two chefs, chef d'andre and chef dominique and they'll show you what chicago barbecue is all about and, yes, we have a brisket battle for breakfast competing for the golden tongs and a chance to have ten grand in their pockets and become the "gma" pitmaster, grand pitmaster. so you want to stick around for
8:03 am
this, guys. >> we are going to stick around for that, t.j. first, we have a lot of news to get to. we start with the critical inflation report out. rebecca jarvis has the latest. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning, george. the headline here is that the nmbers are better than march, but still elevated. inflation in april versus 12 months ago up 8.3%. that's a 40-year high. it shows that prices are still very high for most americans. in particular they're high in food which has gone up for 17 consecutive months. over the last 12 months prices up 9.4%. the energy costs, those up 30.3%. shelter costs climbing, now up 5.1% from a year ago, that's rents and the cost of houses. airfares and new cars driving prices higher. the bottom line, this is not only more costly for american
8:04 am
families, it can also cost the economy. there's worries of a recession. what we've seen since world war ii is that most recessions are preceded by rising prices. the odds of a recession according to wall street continues to rise as numbers are weighing on american consumers and the economy. the fed and the white house now have to choose their next steps. michael? now let's go back to trevor ault at a gas station with more on those record high gas prices that just keep climbing. hey, trevor. >> reporter: good morning, once again, michael. yeah, here the cost is $6.19 a gallon. if you look closely at the pump, a person paid 26 bucks for four gallons of gas as we've hit a new high for the average cost of gas. $4.40 across the country. that's up 3 cents from yesterday which was already a record high. unsurprisingly the worst in america is in california, $5.84 a gallon and the cheapest is
8:05 am
still crazy expensive in georgia, $3.93. experts say the demand for gas right now is simply outpacing the supply, particularly with russian sanctions kicking in and it's not out of the realm of possibility as we head into the summer we might according to experts go as high as $5 a gallon on average across the country for gas. michael? >> that's a scary thought. and trevor, what can people do to stretch their dollar at the pump? >> reporter: well, there are some things you actually can do. number one, by examining how you drive, if you can reduce your speed a little bit, that will add up. particularly on a highway, the more you go above 50 miles an hour, the more your efficiency is going to plummet. if you can reduce speeds you can save cents, dollars that will take care of your vehicle and get problems checked out and keep the tires full. don't weigh your vehicle down too much and keep an eye on what oil prices are doing too. that's your window into the future of what gas prices will be doing three to five days in
8:06 am
advance. oil prices 10% down for the weekend. we might see a little relief in the next week or so if you can hold off that long. guys? >> okay, trevor, thanks very much. coming up in our "gma morning menu," those mysterious cases of hepatitis in children, the warning signs parents need to watch for. also, judge esther salas joins us live with her mission to protect judges and their families. this after her own tragedy and how the fight is heading to washington. plus, emily henderson is here with simple ways to renovate your kitchen on a budget. and t.j. is in chicago for a brisket battle between two of their best chefs. it's all coming up right here on "gma." we'll be right back. ♪ let the good times roll ♪ ing h node-positive breast cancer felt overwhelming at times. but i never just found my way, i made it. so when i finished active therapy, i kept moving forward and did everything i could to protect myself from recurrence. verzenio is the first treatment in over 15 years
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welcome back to "gma" and we want to get right to our cover welcome back to "gma" and we want to get right to our cover story. the cdc issuing a health alert raising the alarm about the mysterious outbreak of hepatitis in children around the world that has become deadly in the u.s. our chief medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton is here with more. and, doc, this is alarming.
8:11 am
109 cases, five deaths. so what do we know about this outbreak? >> the cdc put out an alert for health care providers two weeks ago. they're tracking these cases back to october and they do expect this number to grow. we're talking about hepatitis which is a catch-all term for acute liver injury. in the pediatric population right now, they think that most of these cases are associated with an adenovirus 41 which is a common gastrointestinal virus but not all of them. 90% of the children affected have required hospitalizations. there have tragically been five deaths and 14% have required liver transplantation. so this is an evolving situation that right now they're just in the stages of accumulating, you know, data and observation. >> could covid somehow be involved? >> they don't think so. remember, again, some of these children coincidentally have had covid but i just spoke to the cdc director, dr. rochelle walensky this morning. she wanted me to emphasize that the majority of these cases have
8:12 am
been in children ages 2 to 5. these children as we all know are not eligible for the covid vaccine. so this has nothing to do with the vaccine. but right now, you know, they can see cases of hepatitis following any virus. they're still unclear what's causing these. >> speaking of vaccines, aren't kids here in the u.s. vaccinated against hepatitis? >> they are, but not this strain of hepatitis. there's hepatitis a, b, c and d. these cases of hepatitis are none of those, so it's mystifying public health officials at this point so right now the cdc is really increasing the alert to parents now to be on the lookout for signs and symptoms. >> and just really quickly, what are some signs and symptoms? >> there's a big long list when you talk about hepatitis in kids. but fever, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, joint pain, a yellowing of the white part of the eyes or the skin or
8:13 am
a change in the color of urine or stool. this obviously should drive the parents to alert the pediatrician as quickly as possible but i want to emphasize even though the cases are growing, this is still very uncommon. >> but i'm glad you told us what to look out for. >> awareness is key. >> awareness is key, doc, thank you so much. robin. >> well said, guys. thank you. we turn now to judge esther salas and her fight to protect the privacy of judges and their families. it was almost two years ago when a man shot and killed her beloved son daniel at their home. the shooter went there intending to kill judge salas. we're going to speak to her live in just a moment but first here's more of her story. >> from the moment that little boy came to this world, he was the center of our universe. >> reporter: nearly two years ago the unthinkable happened. judge esther salas' beloved son daniel taking a fatal bullet after a disgruntled lawyer posing as a delivery driver attacked her family at their home. >> i lifted his shirt and i saw the bullet hole, and mark managed to crawl back and we
8:14 am
were both just watching him fade away. >> reporter: her husband mark critically wounded, together slowly picking up the pieces to heal and move forward. do you feel the love? do you feel the support? >> yes, yes, every day. >> people continue to fight because daniel expects that from mom and dad. >> reporter: judge salas tirelessly advocating the passing of daniel's law in the state of new jersey which we discussed last year. >> what we're asking is that we protect our personal information, our home address, our social security numbers. this is what the shooter did in my case and he used that information to target us. >> reporter: now as protests erupt outside supreme court justices' homes in response to the roe versus wade leaked draft judge salas urging support for a new bill that aims to protect the judges' families. judge salas is going to join us
8:15 am
live this morning. it's always, always a privilege to be in your presence, judge salas. and you first advocated for daniel's law, named after your son, of course, which has passed in new jersey in your state, but it still means federal judges everywhere else and their families are not protected. the house will vote today, as you know, on a similar bill but will only protect supreme court justices. tell us why you think it needs to go further. >> good morning, robin and thank you for having me this morning. the law that's presently before the house will cover the supreme court justices only that it will allow the marshals to protect their immediate family. it does not address the personal information, the information got leaked and now everyone is going to residences and protesting. so it remains an issue for all judges, justices and judges alike. our personally identifiable
8:16 am
information is still out there and we need to button that up. we need to seal that. daniel has been now -- we're headed to 22 months, the 19th of this month, where my son was killed in our foyer. the lawyer and litigant took that information and stalked us. we all are on the front line here. justices but the lower federal courts stand at the front line to protect democracy in this country. and we need to make sure that federal judges are protected everywhere. the rule of law mandates that. this country and what we are all about in this country mandates that we protect the judiciary. >> where do you stand right now with daniel's law, judge salas? what's next? >> it stands in limbo. it's been before the senate and the house for months now.
8:17 am
we have been advocating for the passage of the law. the irony, robin, the irony is that if this law would have passed, the justices' addresses would have been sealed a long time ago. that's the irony. but we're in limbo and i think we have to start asking ourselves why are our leaders not passing this law? why are they not moving it? to my knowledge there is nothing controversial about protecting judges' home addresses and our social security numbers. and yet it's not passing and i tink the american public needs to start asking, why are our leaders not passing this law? i think we saw a little bit of that when it originally didn't pass in december. i understand members of congress may want protections as well. i understand that. but the daniel anderl bill is ready to go.
8:18 am
it's been ready to go for months. it's to address this interest, this governmental interest vital to democracy. let's pass this bill and let members of congress do what they need to do to protect themselves as well. but i am just saying why are we waiting? what are we waiting for? another tragedy to happen? i mean, what mark and i are living we wish on no one. we wish on no one. it is very hard. i think of daniel the moment i open my eyes in the morning and i think about him every single moment of my life. and you know what, we need to know that we can do our jobs without fear of retribution, retaliation or death. that is all that judges are asking for. >> daniel's legacy lives on at the school. you have a scholarship that you have established. the baseball field is named after him. as you said, light is -- love is light. hate is heavy. love is light. tell us about your husband mark. we know that he was seriously
8:19 am
injured in the attack. how is your husband doing, judge? >> you know, thanks be to god mark is doing so much better. he sends his regards, robin, and, you know, he is someone that i -- quite frankly is a hero to me. he has been so strong. he sustained five injuries, severe injuries, almost lost his life three times but he gets up. he left today at like 7:00 in the morning or before 7:00. he comes home. he works. he does what he loves to do which is help people and he continues to struggle with -- you know, there's still issues that plague him, but he is a strong man with a strong character and strong faith and i love him dearly. >> and he has a strong woman by his side. judge esther salas, i know how important it was for you to come on this morning and to share this message and your mission and we appreciate you keeping in touch with us. you take care. give my best to mark. give him a big hug. >> i will.
8:20 am
thank you again, robin, and let's hope that this bill passes now, not tomorrow, but now. thank you so much. >> you're very welcome. take care. ginger? >> robin, thank you. we're following the severe storms not that just happened but lots of damaging wind. this is from st. croix falls and they saw within wisconsin tornadoes of ef-1 in nature. today we end up having this dry line to kick off a few more of those storms in eastern new mexico and the panhandle of texas and oklahoma. a little bit here with the tornadoes, hail, possible in the northern plains too but look at this. this is st. helena, california, and this is hail. that omes from thunderstorms, a warm weather event. even though it falls as frozen people get it confused. that storm will move east and bring this huge area from grand forks down to grand island with an enhanced threat by tomorrow. that's drew: i'm drew tuma with your forecast. a lot of sunshine today, warmer
8:21 am
afternoon, 60's and 70's later on with dry skies. overnight, partly cloudy conditions and numbers mainly in the 40's as we head into -- for the next seven days, warmer weather continues to increase on friday, 80's make a comeback and look at the weekend. outdoor plans, saturday feels like summer in spots, getting to the 90's, closer to average now to our celebration of asian american and pacific islander heritage month and this morning taking a look at a group of chefs working together to fight hate with food. juju chang here with that story. good morning, juju. >> good morning to you, george. good morning, everybody. you know, let's face it, food is love and it's also culture and tradition and childhood memories. so when attacks against asian americans spiked during the pandemic, two renown chefs gathered a bunch of chef friends
8:22 am
and got things cooking. ♪ vietnamese flavors fused with his cajun childhood, it's chef kevin tien's specialty in his hot d.c. restaurant, moon rabbit. >> my mom was still in her teens when she had me and as the oldest in like an asian household it's always the responsibility for us to take care of all the siblings. so for me it was cooking for my little sister. >> why is food such a great window into culture? >> the first time you experience another culture most likely it's probably through food, right? it's kind of like the gateway into learning about someone's like family, their history, their culture. >> reporter: chef tim grew up in arkansas. his parents' chinese restaurant, the only one in town. back in the '70s they didn't always feel welcome. >> me and my sister's bedroom, our window faced the street. something got hurled. we heard glass breaking and we heard words and then we heard people driving off. >> how did that come into play when you started seeing incidents of aapi hate in a modern setting?
8:23 am
>> it was more thinking about the older generation because that was who you saw in videos. that looks like my mom, my grandfather. >> reporter: last year during the height of the pandemic with attacks against asian americans spiking 339% across the country, the friends felt a call to action. >> growing up it's always like keep your head down. don't let things bother you. ignore everything and brush it to the side. but i think like years and years of brushing it to the side i think a lot of people think you can take advantage or talk down to the asian community or never think they'll speak up. >> reporter: together they formed chefs stopping aapi hate as a way to fight back. the best way they know how, with food. >> me and kevin and a few other asian american chefs in d.c. in the middle of the pandemic, the only thing we could do was take-out dinners. okay, five chefs, five courses, let's do a dinner and it sold out immediately. then it just kind of like snowballed from there. >> reporter: it has raised about $500,000 expanding to new york, detroit, san francisco. >> table 53.
8:24 am
>> reporter: pivoting to support causes as the needs arrive hosting benefit dinners to help ukrainian refugees. >> this is insane. it is so beautiful. >> reporter: at the center of it all the incredible food. >> our fried chicken is based off of -- [ speaking foreign language ] which is a vietnamese street food. this is our fish sauce carmel with smoked chilies. >> reporter: while we dig in, the pair can't help but point out it's not just the food that's hot and spicy. >> did you know in 2013 tim was d.c.'s sexiest chef? >> wait, i did know that. weren't you "people" magazine's sexiest chef? >> i was. it's nice to see because normally like asian men aren't perceived as sexy, right. >> 1,000%, but that's changing, you guys are changing that. >> yeah, absolutely.
8:25 am
>> if food is love, then chefs stopping aapi hate are fighting hate with love, right? robin is already digging in. these are dumplings courtesy of tim. [speaking foreign language] from the human province so some of these flavors are very hunan inspired. dumplings are great across asia, right, whether it's filipino or indian or korean dumplings and that's why it's such a celebration of culture to be able to dig in. >> you know what, robin is digging in with those chopsticks because she's -- >> what's going on over there? >> i almost lost them. >> tried to help her out. >> thank you, juju. >> sticking with the chopsticks. we're coming back with the best barbecue in chicago.
8:26 am
8:27 am
announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. kumasi: good morning. let's get to jobina for a look at traffic. jobina: good morning. we want to get to santa rosa because we are following an alert causing a backup on eastbound 12 past dutton avenue. speeds at two miles an hour. a new crash in san francisco on northbound 101. expect minor delays. also delays in walnut creek southbound on 680. kumasi: thank you.
8:28 am
i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message. tesla's full self- driving technology. the washington post reported on "owners of teslas fighting for control..." "i'm trying..." watch this tesla "slam into a bike lane bollard..." "oh [bleeped f***]" this one "fails to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk." "experts see deep flaws." "that was the worst thing i've ever seen in my life." to stop tesla's full self-driving software... vote dan o'dowd for u.s. senate.
8:29 am
drew: we will chat with mike mayers plus allie wentworth tells us about her new book. 9:00 abc7. see you then. we are tracking temperatures this morning climbing to the 40's and 50's. already 51 in oakland. 49 in the city. 50 in san jose. santa rosa at 42 degrees. we have plenty of sunshine and that is how the day is shaping up. sunny skies throughout the day. a few clouds this afternoon. winds over 20 miles an hour.
8:30 am
going into the 60's and 70's later this afternoon. kumasi: we will have another update in about 40 minutes. find the latest on our news app and add he was strapped into a he was strapped into a rocket. >> stray is good. >> announcer: and soared into outer space. >> oh, my gosh. >> announcer: and now michael strahan will take you to the land of fire and ice, live from breathtaking iceland. the powerful glaciers and wa waterfalls and volcanos with lava shooting 1,000 feet into the sky. "gma's" "extraordinary earth," first we made history from antarctica then live from the amazing beauty of the galapagos aisles and now be prepared to be blown away when you see the wonders of iceland live. are you ready for this, michael?
8:31 am
starting next tuesday only on abc's "good morning america." >> wow. >> he conquered space. now he's conquering earth. >> after that promo, i'm more scared of earth than i was in space. no, i'm good. i am good to go, everybody, because there is so much to learn about our ongoing climate crisis. one scientist told us iceland is a living lab for global warming so i'm excited to go. "extraordinary earth" goes to iceland. it's going to start on tuesday. >> yep, but you're going to be there on monday so you're going to miss the big finale. right now it's time for round three of our united states of barbecue competition, pitting the best barbecue joints in four different cities against each other in our barbecue bracket. >> save me a plate when i get back. the winners of each round will advance to our final four and come here to new york to compete in our grand finale on national barbecue day. the winner will be crowned "gma's" ultimate pitmaster and they're going to take home
8:32 am
$10,000. this morning, t.j. is in the windy city of chicago. hey, t.j. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: hello, hello, hello. good morning from chicago and, strahan, robin, george, i know what you're thinking, t.j., it's "gma" barbecue week. it ain't "gma" deep dish pizza week. what you doing in chicago? well, don't sleep on chicago barbecue and i got chef dominique here from lexington betty smokehouse and chef d'andre carter from soul & smoke. these two are continuing a rich chicago tradition that many will tell you go back to the great migration when many people left the south to come to chicago.
8:33 am
they are continuing that tradition as we speak. they're about to compete. i got my judges here. jeff mauro, you know him, love him, food network host. [ applause ] i got greg dutra from our chicago station, meteorologist here and then i have two-time world cup champ and goalkeeper for the chicago red stars, alyssa naeher is with us. they'll judge the dishes but before we get that let me tell you about these two. take a look. ♪ a windy city barbecue showdown as two fine dining chefs are about to go head to head. first up, chef d'andre carter who runs soul & smoke with his wife. he started cooking in his grandma's kitchen and eventually ended up at le cordon bleu. >> it was always about sharing a love, comfort food from the heart. >> reporter: his brisket starts with high quality ingredients and his signature spice rub. >> look for like that color. >> reporter: on chicago's south side we've got chef dominique leach. she opened up lexington betty smokehouse named for her grandma betty whose cooking inspired
8:34 am
her. >> i want them to feel like they're in my living room or dining room enjoying themselves and having a meal made with love. >> reporter: chef leach describes her style as memphis barbecue meets chicago and that brisket cooks low and slow. >> these smoke at 230 degrees for ten hours. >> reporter: both chefs talk a good game. >> the best brisket in chicago. >> i am the best in chicago. everyone just needs to know. >> reporter: convinced their brisket is the best in chicago. >> you got to come to soul & smoke for chicago's best barbecue. >> who is the best barbecue in chicago? we are. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: all right. nothing, nothing says breakfast like brisket. so to my judges you all can actually go ahead and get started on chef dominique's dish. yes, the other one.
8:35 am
all right. so i'll come to you first. chef d'andre has me nervous. he is taking this so seriously. i'll start with a friendlier face. tell me about the dish and what was your inspiration. >> my inspiration behind this dish is just some bomb mac and cheese. it has wonderful smoky flavor, a beautiful texture, it's southern style baked mac and cheese with our smoked wagyu brisket on it with some butter, toasted bread crumbs and green onions. >> you got wagyu over there? >> do they have wagyu brisket in evanston? >> i love it. you said your grandma was inspiration. >> grandma is in the building. [ cheers and applause ] >> and i've heard some grunting. what is this i'm hearing? >> it fall as part in your mouth. great. >> unbelievable. >> good move making that wagyu brisket. it's very special. great texture from those crumbs. >> the crunch. >> unbelievable. >> how are we doing? >> delicious. absolutely delicious.
8:36 am
>> let me come over here to my man taking this competition very seriously. [ cheers and applause ] tell me what we got. tell me what we got. >> so what we got here is our famous brisket sandwich. we got 14-hour certified prime brisket. it's topped with our signature kansas city style barbecue sauce, house made bread and butter pickles and a fresh brioche bun. it's full of flavor, good texture. >> how is it coming together? >> oh, my gosh. >> i love asking people while they're trying to eat. it's one of my favorite things to do on television. >> i have to roll my sleeves up. that's what you're supposed to do. >> you got to get in there. >> i just met my quota for beef fat this morning and it was in literally three bites of the sandwich. unbelievable. great rendered fat, beautiful bark. smoky. they both know what they're doing. >> i want to ask you as well, your grandmother was an inspiration for you as well grew up cooking with her.
8:37 am
>> i spent all my weekends pretty much growing up, you know, right underneath my grandma, great inspiration. i know she'd be proud right now. >> everybody is proud of you. all right, folks, it's that time now. i know we didn't give you a long time to eat, but we have to have you all make the call for us, about who is going to be going to new york, who wins the golden tongs and gets a chance to compete for $10,000 and be the "gma" pitmaster. so i will start with you, you got to give me a vote. ready? let's do it. oh! [ applause ] oh! that must have been good barbecue. all right, alyssa, it's you now. >> no losers here. >> oh! [ cheers and applause ] >> why you doing that to me? >> did it on purpose. >> hey, a couple things thrown
8:38 am
my way would do good. t.j., are you ready? chefs? >> your decide who is coming to new york. sorry, jeff, but it's on you, man. >> i feel honored to do it, best barbecue, most underrated barbecue in the country, both people. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ let the good times roll ♪ >> i love you. ♪ let the good times roll ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> chefs, thank you. she wins the golden tong and comes to new york next week to compete and become the ultimate pitmaster. y'all, this is all about fun. we talk about the competition, they have been great this morning and the sportsmanship is going to continue. it's been great. you all come together. it's been fun this morning. [ applause ] >> so really, thank you all.
8:39 am
guys, they are carrying on an absolute tradition and trying to get chicago more on the map, the barbecue, more than it already is. i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, t.j. >> this competition is getting serious. >> trash-talking. they come together. see that look when they hugged. they still want to go at it. you can get delicious recipes from both soul & smoke and lexington betty smokehouse scanning the qr code on your screen or going to coming up, our barbecue competition heads to tampa, florida, tomorrow. so you sure you don't want to be here on monday when all the finalists are here? you sure you going to iceland? i'm sure we're going to emily henderson next here to show us how to give your kitchen a new look on a budget. that's what she's going to do. >> she'll teach me how to cook my own barbecue. >> "gma's" united states of bbq is sponsored by king's hawaiian slider sunday, every single sunday.
8:40 am
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♪ ♪ we are back now with budget friendly tips to renovate your home. according to zillow, 72% of homeowners will consider at least one home improvement project in the coming year. we're joined by emily henderson, author of "the new design rules: how to decorate and renovate from start to finish" with some smart ways to revamp your kitchen for as little as $500. >> it's true. >> whoa.
8:43 am
>> okay, so a lot of people have these kind of builder grade maple shiny cabinets from the '80s or '90s. nothing's wrong with them, and you don't want to completely rip them out but make them feel modern. it takes elbow grease, but you can actually just pop them off. there you go. you might want an electric sander, but yeah. you can refinish them in a weekend. you have to prep, prime, paint. >> an electric sander is great but this is great for the triceps. >> it really is. you also need to fill the holes. it's a thing, but it's doable. >> it's doable and this is all about saving yourself some money. when it comes to the kitchen, kitchens can be expensive and it can be intimidating. >> yes. >> this is great way to get through all that. >> look what you can do, michael. look at that. >> that to that. >> yes. >> and in a weekend. it's doable. there's a tutorial on the blog if you want to check it out in the book, but that's a good solution.
8:44 am
>> what if somebody wants to splurge, how do you splurge? >> so you might want to go with custom cabinetry, it's basically going to cost a lot and have a lot of lead time but what you can do is order new fronts for your cabinetry, make sure you measure properly and whatnot. these are shaker cabinets in my opinion timeless, they go with every single style. this is the profile you would want. then what you do is choose your color palette. i'm into moody tones right now and modernize it and blues and greens are neutral and most commonly found in nature. you never get sick of them. >> that is true. >> or go with white which makes it feel airier and lighter and bigger but this is what i'm using in my pantry actually. >> when i look at these three, the thing that stands out, is the hardware. hardware is big and can change the look of everything. >> like the jewelry, in fact, if you have basic white cabinets right now, this will amp them up a lot. so here's what we have. i put together my favorite
8:45 am
combos. in fact, what i am using is a lacquer brass. have you heard of that? it's a live finish. it's not for everyone because it will patina but if you want your house to look more aged which we do it will create a really, really beautiful look to it. but then most of these like the polished nickel can be so warm and beautiful. black is a good way to edge up the white and make it pop more. >> i like a good pop. >> you need to make sure you interact with it. have you -- let me show you -- >> i got to make sure my hands fit. >> my brother has like sausage fingers and is always like -- he doesn't like the little knobs. >> i'm sure he's glad you just said that on tv. >> we talk about it all the time. it's like a thing in our family. it's fine. >> what do we have here? backsplash. >> yes. this is your basic subway tile which you have seen in the subway. classic timeless, never goes out of style. dark grout creates a pattern and gives us texture and easy to clean. if you want something more streamlined, more quiet, airy,
8:46 am
just do the white grout, or you can shake it up and do what's called the stick so you can either vertical stack or horizontal stack. >> change it up. >> this is a company in portland, and it was color matched to match my levi jeans. it's going in our kitchen. >> we're looking at your whole house in the show. >> i'm in the middle of this massive renovation. >> what about this right here? this could be for somebody who wants to take a risk. >> okay, so this is a classic herringbone that people sometimes don't think about. take your brick profile, put it on like a "w" or "m" and gives it more of a pattern and more style or if you're ready to take a real design risk, you can do something that feels more like a statement like a real mural. so this is a more contemporary geometric pattern which i love or the more moroccan fun, just make sure you have the space for it. you don't want to cram it into a
8:47 am
small backsplash. make sure if you use it, you use it. >> we'll use all these tips. thank you so much, emily, and emily's new book, of course, "the new design rules: how to decorate and renovate from start to finish," it is available right now. now we're going to go to ginger. hey, ginger. >> i love how involved the crew was. if you watched weather like the way you watch unlacquered, brass i would be impressed. how about a look at texas in that's a dust storm straight ahead, and in the middle of the day it looked like this. visibility down, winds up to 87 miles per hour. we'll see more of those damaging winds throughout today all ahead of this extreme heat, records broken all the way up to travers city, michigan, where they hit 92. the earliest warmest. later that night they dropped 31 degrees in just 10 minutes. >> no way. >> see. >> no way. >> robin is into it. i hear her. the he drew: i am meteorologist drew tuma with your forecast. lots of sunshine today, warmer weather, 60's and 70's this afternoon.
8:48 am
warmer weather on friday, saturday feels almost summerlike. stay right t coming up, my girl sara haines is here live. cannot wait to see her. there she is.
8:49 am
♪ ♪ this is awesome for any type of plant, especially for a beginning gardener. [ barks ] - yeah? i think he likes them. create a season full of celebration. your happiest spring starts at lowe's.
8:50 am
back wit back with sara haines who is just talking. she wanted to start the segment right away. co-host of "the view" and "the chase." welcome back. >> thank you. i spent the whole morning running around seeing everyone. it's been so nice. >> season three of "the chase." what's different this year? >> i think the game is faster and we have new chasers. we have three new chasers including a woman who is the number one quizzer in the world. >> number one quizzer in the world? >> there's a whole quizzing universe. i had no idea. but we had the "jeopardy!" g.o.a.t.s to start and added these quizzers, brandon blackwell and victoria gross who are literally in the top quizzing in the world.
8:51 am
>> how do you keep these geniuses on their toes? >> the same way i would here. pranks and jokes and try to make them play games that don't involve trivia so i make them play cranium and other goofy things to laugh at themselves. >> let's talk about "the view." right now still an open seat? >> yes. >> on the co-host panel. who are your dream co-hosts? >> it's funny. she's been to visit the show, but i would love for hillary clinton to sit in -- i know she would never do it, but -- >> do you think she'd do it? >> i don't know, but when she comes on to that set even when the cameras are off we are grilling her with questions. she's just so different in person and she has such a wealth of knowledge that to sit there and look at hot topics, i don't know if i'd chime in. i wouldn't have that -- i'd want to listen to what she said but i love every time she comes. >> that hot topics can be controversial. >> yeah. >> how have you learned to navigate it? >> to listen more. i think it's easier when you're on tv and there's nerves and
8:52 am
adrenaline. you come in and know what you want to say but so often the best way to handle that table is to listen to what other people are saying and then respond. it definitely makes you stronger in your beliefs because either someone sways you or you double down and say, wow, i think i'm going to stay where i am on this. >> how does it work every day? if you come in with something that happened in the news and there's something you want to talk about, is it your choice? >> we all have a say in that. we all pitch what topics we want to talk about. in the morning, we make sure they're still timely and it's what everybody is talking about. if it's something we're passionate about it'll make it to the table. >> how do you juggle this with three kids at home? >> dropping a lot of balls. you know how that goes. there's no juggling. there's no balance. there's just -- i know when i get to work i'm a better parent because i'm probably better at my work than parenting. that's such a humbling experience that i come home a little recharged and ready to take on three very energetic young people. >> they are so cute and i hear they're big michael strahan
8:53 am
fans. >> alec specifically. he only says michael's name if he says michael strahan because michael used to play with him when he came here. >> you said michael. [ laughter ] >> guys. >> you know this, michael. he is obsessed with you and only says his name with both names so he runs around and -- he's been asked. >> it's one name, michael strahan. >> michael strahan. we have videos of saying, is momma funnier then michael strahan. michael strahan. you want to be a fireman or michael strahan? michael strahan. >> i taught him well and -- >> he makes an awful fort, by the way. don't ever let him play with your children. >> you make an awesome host and awesome mother. >> they are taking us to commercial. "the chase" airs tuesday nights at 9:00 eastern on abc. view them the next day on hulu. catch "the view" at 11:00. that's also on abc, and we'll be
8:54 am
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we want to say thanks to our competitors, lin competitors, lexington betty, soul & smoke for hosting us and our chicago crew. there nay they are. >> still smack-talking. have a great day.
8:57 am
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. kumasi: good morning. here is jobina with a look at traffic. jobina: good morning. i will take you to the maps because we are following a couple of spots due to some disabled vehicles. those two icons eastbound 580 before grand county -- grand avenue, steeds around -- speeds around 17 miles an hour. another disabled car. drew: we are taking a live look attempts right now. we are in the 50's already. numbers are warming a lot faster compared to yesterday. here is a live look at santa cruz. it is beautiful along the coastline.
9:00 am
today features a ton of sunshine, warmer weather in the 60's and 70's away from the coast. kumasi: it is time for "live with kelly and ryan" and will be >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" buckle up, our virtual road trip continues. next stop, washington, d.c.! on today's show, producer, creator, and star of "the pentaverate," mike myers. and joancarlo parkhurst prepares us terrific puerto rican dish. and what's happening live at the national mall? and "ali's well that ends well:" author, ali wentworth, returns for another week of cohosting. all next on "live!" and now, here are ryan seacrest and ali


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