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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 11, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> this is abc7 news. >> do you agree that something has changed in the city in the past few years? >> absolutely. no question. >> sitting down one-on-one with san francisco district attorney, what he says about his efforts to keep his city safe in the face of critics who want to recall him. good evening. i'm amia daetz. mike: we are less than four weeks away from the june #th recall election. amia: a new poll show that is the district attorney will have an uphill fight to keep his job. 57 of those surveyed plan to vote yes on the recall while 22% plan to vote no. however, a sizable 21% say they still don't know how they'll vote.
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the poll surveyed 1,000 reg registered voters in san francisco. anchor: if the recall is successful, it would destabilize the office. those interviews came with liz. and she is here with more. liz: we had a wide-ranging conversation with the d.a. today. and we asked him about the bruising poll numbers. he says he doesn't trust polls and that he definitely doesn't trust that one. in fact, he's confident he will beat the recall. let's start about talking about the recall. voters are going to the polls for early voting. what's your message to the san francisco voters who haven't made up their mind and they want to hear from you ant what you plan to do to make san francisco safer? >> everything i do, my entire office is focused on making san francisco as safe as possible. we need people to feel safe in their homes, in their neighborhoods, and everywhere in san francisco. and if you look at the folks who have been really paying attention to the work i've been
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doing and my office has been doing going after fencing operations, selling stolen go goods. prosecute drug sales going after manufacturers of illegal ghost guns, promoting and expanding victim services. and the folks are going to vote no. >> there's a rise in crime specifically property crime that you can't go to park your car without the glass being smashed in. that you can want go to a c.v.s. or a walgreens without seeing someone walk out with bas of stolen goods. do you agree that something has changed in the thing? the past few years? >> absolutely. no question. we're living through a global pandemic. everything has changed. people are wearing facemasks. tourism dried up entirely. people lost their jobs. lots of folks decided to move out of a city. of course, something has changed. what's dishonest about the recall and the millions of
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dollars in lies and attack that is they're spreading is that they're suggesting that all the changes in the last two years are because of my election. >> but there is a feeling that your office is not holding people accountable. >> well, sure. there are lots of stories you hear every day. but if you look at the facts and i know as a journalist, you're working with facts. you'll see that my charging rate is higher than my predecessor or than other bay area attorney general when it comes to -- district attorneys when it comes to property crime. you'll see that i'm taking the lead. on innovative solutions. >> want to tuck about die version program. so instead of sending someone to jail or prison, you send them to a mental health or a substance abuse treatment program. how can you assure voters that the people who are being granted die version are not just going back out into the streets appear reoffending? >> there are three points about die version the first one is not just policy. it's state law. there's been a dramatic
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expansion because of the state legislature in the last several years. the second thing that's really important to remember is that in every case, it's a judge not me or my office that makes the final decision. >> and the third, critical point is if people don't successfully complete die version, if they mess up, if they get arrested again if they don't comply with the terms and conditions, our criminal case is still pending. we don't lose the ability to prosecute people and secure convictions. >> one of the people that have been speaking in favor of the recall, she's been on television as we've been seeing said that you create add culture where prosecute ors feel pressure to give lenient deals. >> it's just a lie. there's a lot of folks ton recall who have a tremendous amount of ambition and they won't let facts get in the way of ambition. >> what do you mean by ambition? because some say speaking out against your former boss could be detrimental against your career. >> they've got mill.
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millions of republican dollars and they're trying to get appointed district. which is not going to. do >> one person who has not take an position the mayor in a "new york times" interview, you responded to that and this is what you said of her "it is convenient for with access to resource and power like she has in san francisco to have a foil when people are upset." what did you mean by that? >> i wasn't talking about the mayor. i was talking about the structure of the way san francisco works and the reality that any mayor has an incentive to want to get appointments. >> but when you have that much power if people are upset it's convenient to shift the blame. >> not in reference to the mayor at all. >> it was in response in conversation about the mayor. so are you saying that she's using you as a foil or a scapegoat. >> i'm not going to have you put words in my mouth. it's a structure issue in san francisco the mayor overseas $14 billion budget.
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overseas numerous departments including department of health and the police department. in any part of this country, san francisco and beyond, any official is happy to have somewhere else to take the blame when things not going well. >> so overall, big picture, do you feel like you as the district attorney are responsible at all for this feeling of the city not being safe? >> i'm responsible for fighting as hard as i can every single day to make the city safer. i'm proud of the work i've double and now the recall make us less safe. lit undermine the work my office is doing. lit destabilize the district attorney's office. it will make the work we've done on projects like operation auto pilot that just yesterday resulted in a massive bust of the auto burglary fencing operation unable to continue. it will detract and destabilize law enforcement in a moment when our city needs strength and purpose and vision. that's what i'm trying to bring every single day.
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amia: that was was just a portion of our interview with budeen. we pressed him about his relationship with the san francisco police department and reports that over 50 prosecute ors have left his office since he took office. we also asked him to respond to specific cases that his crickets say he left criminals off too easily. and he defend his record. he believes recalling him will only destabilize the d.a.'s office. what are a powerful interview, liz. and he may not want to specifically want to say that he was talking about the mayor. but mayor bean said they're on different pages. we're four week from the recall. what was your impression about the district attorney? is he worried or concerned? >> spoken like a good politician. he says he's not concerned. he believes he's going beat this. but there's no way looking at these poll numbers that he can't be uneasy right now.
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the mere fact that we're seeing him out so publically making the rounds, doing media interviews with us and with others certainly indicate that is he knows he does need fight for his job, dan. dan: he does and he certainly needs be doing exactly that liz. amia: san jose states students called on university leadership to better protect them against sexual assault it comes after a sex abuse scandal involving the director of sports medicine there. zac: dozens of students from different groups gathered at that time steps of the spartan complex. their call is for the university to run its title nine office where students and faculty can report sexual misconduct. >> we thought it was significant that we did it in front of the spartan complex because it is where scott shaw sexually abused over 23 students. >> the foreman athletic trainer
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was charged with civil rights violations. the department of justice says the violations over misconduct. he plead not guilty the for six counts. the d.o.j. found that san jose state violated title rules. and the university hasn't adequately responded. >> we haven't seen much change. we haven't seen engagement with the campus community. engaging in healing and education. >> the students were promised more funding would be going to the title nine office. and the staff was the focus on community engagement and increased response to reports. enter president says they have increased message for staff but need to do more. >> what happened here is appalling. we need to learn from it and respond it to. we've -- we are in compliance with what we've been asked to do with the department of justice. but question and will do more.
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>> title nine office currently has three of the staff positions saying they're difficult spots to fill. but thattening the protections for students is a priority. promises like ecock says they'll hold the university too. >> we want them to be staffed by the start of the fall semester. >> zac pew went test, abc7 news. dan: demolition have begun in the south bay that for many employees serves as tragedy and loss. a year ago, 10 people were killed during a shooting. the building being taken down is the location six of the 10v.t.a. employees lost their lives. it's been vacant ever since in the attack. the demolition is expected to be completed tomorrow. >> a federal appeals court has overturned the ban against semi-automatic rifle sales to anyone under 21 years old. they voted that the ban violates
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the second amendment. gun advocates challenged the ban but were initially rejected. today the ninth circuit court of appeals says that arming young adults was a tradition na goes back to the founding of our country. >> contra costa sheriff's office is hiring. they have 34 new positions the department says the deputys will provide increase services to the most underserved areas of the county. they will partner with community groups. nine new deputies and one sergeant will start on july 1st. and the remaining jobs be filled by july of 2023. >> one co visit sub variant is showing signs to become the next dominant strain in coiler catch and why more people will be reinfected. dan: and the first in california to unionize. what issue they hope to address first.
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ama: omicron sub variants making up 50% of new case nationwide. luz pena spoke to experts about what california could be facing in the coming weeks. >> it used to be that once infected with covid-19 your body would build-up enough immunity for weeks and sometimes even months. but scientists are noticing that omicron's sub variant b.a.2.12.1 is changing that. >> you don't have great protection. >> even if you had covid you can still get reinvented with b.a.2.12.1. the senior investigator for the gladstoniness -- gladstone institutes says why it's evading protections. >> it makes it like a stealth
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virus so we have our immune system at the ready trying to prevent these infections but the virus is now learning to elude the anti-bodyies. vaccines continue to protect against severe disease and hospitalizations. but dr. green believes more people will get reinfected. >> omicron, if it's one. then b.a.2 was 30% for infectious and this new sub variant is 25% yet more infectious. >> it makes up 56% of new covid cases. in california, according to the latest modeling, this sub variant makes up about half of cases in our state. stanford profess or alexandria payne has seen an increase in wastewater. >> concentration levels show that b.a..1 is almost nonexistent. b.a..2 which increed b.a.2.12.1 has taken over. >> yellow county where the
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concentrations in the wastewater right now are almost as high as they were during the omicron surge. and then oceanside in san francisco, you can see that the levels at oceanside in the wastewater are currently twice what they were two weeks ago. >> in san francisco, luz pena, abc7 news. dan: meantime kaiser permanente is honoring the employees who worked so hard during the covid pandemic. they thanked the doctors, nurse and staff even as covid-19 continues to circulate. there have been more than 2,000 deaths and 340,000 covid cases in the greater san jose area. >> and yet, you are all here. you didn't run. you didn't run. you didn't hide. you're here. you were there for the commune tip and each other. >> well deserved praise.
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amia: two people were hospitalized today after pg&e hospital crashed in livermore. both men survived with nonlife-threatening injury. the chopper was damaged. fortunately no one on the ground was injured. pg&e uses the site to train workers. they're going toes in gait the accident. dan: a president bush fire is burning homes near laguna beach. you can see how smoke-filled the air is. the police department has issued voluntary evacuations in elso.
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we watched several homes go up in flames. orange county fire officials say the fire broke out this afternoon near a water treatment plant there you see a house that has just been devoured by these flames unfortunately. and another up with in very close proximity. there's some smoke on the roof tops and other houses as well. there's another home that has burned sadly. and they're trying to keep water on some of these roof tops. but as you can see as we know what happens from up here, the embers start fires down the linebacker. there are a lot of homes being threatsenned. we've seen a number of homes burn. you're watching some of that happening now. homes appear to have fires starting on them. ama: let's see dan if the winds are affecting us at all? dan: that's okly the big factor. >> i just took a look at the latest report, and right now, winds are gusting to 24 miles an hour. that is certainly a factor. nearby in the surrounding areas
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of southern california, as you take a look here, there are wind advisories up. and they're in effect until 1:00 a.m. so the winds are not going to help the matterses in that vicinity. bringing you back to the bay area, we do have some high clouds passing through. temperatures are up today. you probably noticed it. 11 degrees warmer in santa rosa. 12 degrees warmer in fairfield. winds, well, they're gusty as we had experted along the coastline. around f.s.o.30 miles an hour even though it is milder. it may not be feeling like it near the coast because of the winds. hour by hour we go. 6:00. over 30-mile-an-hour winds. as we go into tomorrow morning, they's up a bit. you're looking at 25 to 30 mile an of winds tomorrow life doppler showing you a few clouds. no rain on our radar. next system looks pretty good on the live doppler 7. but it's going to take the
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energy in the pacific northwest possibly down to lake mendocino county. beautiful skies from our golden gate bridge camera. 57 in san francisco. low to mid 60's from oakland to san jose. currently a 54 at half moon bay and it is gorgeous from our cram camera crew. 68. 70 in fairfield. ful levermore. one more live picture. big warm-up for bay and inlead friday, sad. we do have a cooler pattern through early next week. those of you who don't like the warmth, don't worry it's not going to last very los angeles. tomorrow morning we will see some areas of low clouds and fog. and then here comes the sprinkles really around 9:00 a.m. we're not expect ago whole lot out of this other than sprinkles to our north. that's exactly where we're expecting a frost advisory. 12 to 8:00 a.m. temperatures down to 32 degrees. that means frost could damage
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some sensitive plantsle you'll want to bring them inside or cover them. >> morning temperature not as they experienced. up xl's. as we head into the afternoon hours, i think temperatures will be cooler than today for some areas. we're looking at upper 50's to low 70's. mix of sunshine, high clouds and breezy conditions near the cost. mix of sun and clouds. most nobilities bay and inland. wide range. t 0's inland and clearer and prisonnier for the second half of the weekend heading into early next week before the temperatures come right back up again. ama and
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made to do anything so you could do anything. get supersonic wifi with a new xfinity 3 for 1 bundle. unlimited gig internet with a 2-year rate guarantee, a free streaming box, and add xfinity mobile. switch today. am: the guardians of the city reopened the first responder museum today the museum has been closed since 2020 because of covid protocols. it's located in the presidio. has a collection of fire department equipment. today's reopening marks the first law enforcement and emergency medical services displays to the museum. >> we are now just about up with hour away from game five of the western conference semifinals.
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ama: and the warriors looking to advance to the next round. kristen: chris alvarez with a preview of the game. chris: warriors looking for the gentlemen sweep also known as winning this thing in five the warriors will be without steve kerr. he's recovering from covid. ja morant has a knee injury golden state hold ago 3-1 series lead. they expect to battle from the grizzlies tonight. >> we have an instinct of doing whatever they can to come out with a win. and so i don't think it's any different. but you know, this game is just as important as the other games that we played. we have to come out with that same mentality too. >> we're on the road. road. -- we're on the road. they play better at home. for us, it's stay resilient and stay within our game plan. >> much more coverage tonight 6:11 if yow looking for a great spot spot to watch the games. those warriors in front of chase
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center. sit a lot of fun. the weather is pretty good tonight. guys, dan, and ama. ama: back now to our breaking news. this is out of orange county. look at that time smoke there. this is where a brushfire is burning homes near laguna beach the police department has issued voluntary evacuations for people here eliso and thian on. you can see water being spread on it around the left-hand side there. just awful. moments ago we watched several homes go up in flames. the fire broke out this afternoon near a water treatment plant. there's no word on how many homes are destroyed. rite now, you can't even see anythinger except for that water being sprayed in the middle. you're try starting to to see the roof of a home. way will continue to stream these live pictures on our website, abc7
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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. the passenger jet off the runway in houston. the united airlines flight at bush airport. what pilots reported just beforehand. emergency crews rushing to the scene. the abortion showdown on capitol hill. the democrats' efforts to start a process to protect roe versus wade, to make it federal law, fail. senate republicans blocking the vote. the democratic senator joining them. rachel scott live on the hill. the major headline tonight after that horrific condo collapse in surfside, florida, that killed 98 people. a tonight, nearly $1 billion for fmilies of the victims and survivors. the judge appearing stunned by the number. what the judge said. the newly released 911 call tonight. you can hear the capital murder


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