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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 11, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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around livermore down south near laguna niguel it is degrees even stronger winds down there gusts to 26 miles an hour. the wind is coming off the ocean. out of the west which does transport higher humidity but once again down south they also have very dry conditions with a severe drought and then you add to that wind advisories in the surrounding areas. it is not for laguna niguel, but just nearby wind advisory in effect until 3 am tomorrow morning ama. all right, sandia, so let's get the latest now at least 13 homes have burned near laguna beach and orange county. this is a live look over the scene. you are seeing just a lot of are police have issued voluntary evacuations for people living near aliso and wood canyons orange county officials. say the fire broke out this afternoon near a water treatment plant. you can see a little more of the neighborhood now and that fire is quickly spreading because of the strong winds and is already
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estimated at 30 acres there have been no immediate reports of injuries. we have been streaming live coverage of this fire on our abc 7 bay area streaming tv app for the last 30 minutes download app to get breaking news anytime you want it with that. we say good evening. i'm on a dates and i'm dan ashley. thank you for joining us. we'll stay on that of course, but let's move now to tonight's other top story. yes flashing lights. they are red and blue, but what might happen next could be different depending on whether you're black brown or white if you're missing a license plate. tail light is out police could pull you over but some say these low-level infractions are resulting in racially driven traffic stops in san francisco. local leaders are making a case now ahead of this evening's police commissioners meeting where policy to prevent biased pullovers will be introduced abc70s reporter. tara campbell has a preview because working for racial and social justice of course is an important part of part of building a better bay area.
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an urgency must come an urgency for all of you who are sitting here. it must come from you a call to action from more than 60 civil rights traffic safety and community groups working to put an end to racially biased police traffic stops in san francisco. the latest data shows black people are six to 10 times more likely to be stopped by police than white people and 12 times more likely to be subjected to the use of you have been writing letters for years to the board of supervisors writing letters for years. to the police commission going to the police commission every wednesday to talk about these issues and now a new policy is being proposed to the police commission banning officers from pulling people over for more than a dozen low-level offenses, including not having both license plates tinted windows and objects hanging from rear view mirrors and a lot of muslim community members have something
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called that does big or prayer bees hanging from the rear view that their mirrors and i've actually had friends multiple friends who have been stopped for this reason and this reason alone. this will be a tangible. will have tangible impacts on the racial disparities that we continue to see jesus. yanez is a member of the police commission and says the proposed policy is a step in the right. kitchen embarking on these pretext stops looking for the low hanging fruit does not correlate with reducing criminal activity, but in a statement the san francisco police officers association says in part, the reality is routine traffic stops can lead to moving illegal guns off of our streets and given the level of gun violence our city is experiencing these traffic stops are literally saving live. police are offering a $10,000
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reward for help locating a suspect in last month's mass shooting in sacramento. they're looking for this man mtula to shambi peyton police accused peyton and two other suspects brothers smiley and dandria martin of taking part in the april 3rd shooting. people were killed in 12 others wounded at a downtown sacramento nightclub. gas prices keep going up hitting another record high on average the price for regular unleaded in san francisco is 606 a gallon in oakland. it's 592 and in san jose gas is selling per gallon at 594 but a lot of people are hoping for a fix to these skyrocketing prices that have been punishing abc 7 news reporter ryan curry looks at a new effort underway tonight. something or someone could do something patricia register shares similar feelings with many californians each time. she goes to the pump.
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she is spending more. this is the third time i had to pay almost a hundred bucks. california has the highest average prices in the country acco country according to triple-a and the bay area is feeling the worst of it multiple stations have minimum prices starting over $6 a gallon including from companies based in california. the oil refiners don't want us to know how much they're making because if we knew we take it back as an excessive profit stacks consumer watchdog president. jamie court says he wants the state to pass legislation regulating state gas prices the california oil refinery cost disclosure act would make it so state refineries have to report how much it costs to refine oil and how much they make from selling it. he already thinks some companies are making a full dollar more a gallon. no oil refiner should be making a dollar a gallon or even more than 50 cents a gallon. and if they do we should get it back in taxes. he says if the bill passes it would help californians who are struggling to afford gas right now. this is killing our economy.
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there is a public interest in curbing this type of profiteering especially for people like register who already are on a tight budget. she says now the gas prices sometimes limit her from using her car. it's hard to find, you know, it hurts my pocket because i'm on a fixed income in the east bay ryan curry abc 7 news. new poll released by our media partners at the san francisco standard shows district attorney tracey boudin will have an uphill fight to keep his job the poll surveyed 1,000 registered voters in san francisco. 57% say they plan to vote yes on the recall while 22% plan to vote. no, however a sizable 21%able 2y they still undecided today boudin sat down for a one-on-one interview with abc 7 new of liz. she joins us live with more liz. hi, i'm a yes, we had a wide-ranging conversation with the day today, and we asked him about those bruising poll numbers. he told us he doesn't trust polls and that he definitely doesn't trust this one. in fact, he told us he's
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confident that he will beat this recall. so let's start by talking about the recall. we're less than a month away now voters are already going to the polls for early voting. what's your message to the san francisco voters maybe haven't made up their mind yet and they want to hear from you about what you planu plan to do to make san francisco safer everything. i do my priority and my entire office is focused on making san francisco as safe as possible. we need people to be safe and to feel safe in their homes in their neighborhoods and everywhere in san francisco, and if you you look at the folks w'e been really paying attention to the work i've been doing office has been doing going after fencing operations selling stolen goods from auto burglaries prosecuting drug sales going after manufacturers of illegal ghost guns. promoting and expanding victim services the folks who are paying attention are saying loudly and clearly vote no on proposition. so let's talk about this overall feeling in san francisco that the not safe that there's a rising crime specifically. dirty crime that you can't go to
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park your car outside of a restaurant without the glass being smashed in that you can't go to a cvs or a walgreens without seeing somebody walk out bags of stolen goods. you agree that something has changed in the city in the past few years. absolutely. no question. we're living through a global pandemic everything has changed people are wearing face masks tourism dried up entirely businesses went under people lost their jobs. lots of folks decided to move out of a city, of course something has changed what's dishonest about the recall and the millions of dollars in lives and attacks that they're spreading. that they're suggesting that all the changes in the last two years are because of my election, but there is a feeling that your office is not holding people accountable. well sure. i mean there's lots of stories you hear every day, but if you look at the facts and i know as a journalist, you're working with facts, you'll see that my charging rate is actually higher than my predecessor or than other bay area district attorneys when it comes to pretty much every category of crime domestic violence drug
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sales property crime, you'll also see that i'm taking the lead in my office is taking the lead. on innovative solutions to those problems. i want to talk about one of the hallmarks of your policy platforms and that is diversion program. so instead of sending someone to jail or prison you send them to a mental health or substance abuse treatment program. how can you assure voters that the people who are being granted diversion are not just going back out onto the streets and reoffending. well, there's three really important points about diversion. the first one is it's not just my policies. it's state law. there's been a dramatic expansion in diversion programs because of the state legislature in the last several years the second thing that's really important to remember is that in every case that's sent to diversion. it's a judge not me or my office that makes the final decision and the third critical point is if people don't successfully complete aversion if they mess up if they get arrested again if they don't comply with the terms and conditions, our criminal case is still pending. we don't lose the ability to prosecute people in secure convictions one of the
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prosecutors that's been speaking out in favor of the recall. she's been on the tele. nas that we've all been seeing so that you created a culture where prosecutors feel pressured to give leniently deals yeah, it's just a lie. i mean the reality is that there's a lot of folks in the recall who have a tremendous amount of ambition and they won't let facts get in the way of their ambition. what do you mean by ambition? because some might argue that coming out and speaking out against your former boss could be detrimental to your career. well, they've got millions of republican dollars putting their face all over tv and they trying to get their names in the to be appointed district attorney if the recall succeeds which it's not going to do one person who has not publicly taken a position on this recall. is mayor london breed in a new york times interview you responded to that and this is what you said of her. you said quote. it is convenient for someone with access to those resources in power like she has in san francisco to have a foil when people are upset. what did you mean by that? i wasn't talking about mayor london breed. i was talking about the
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structure of the way san francisco government works and the reality that any may has an incentive to want to get appointments, but you did say here when you have that much power if people are upset. it's convenient to have a place to shift the blame. so not a referencing their breed at all. it wasn't response and in conversation about mayor breed and so are you saying that she's using you as a foil or a scapegoat. i'm not going to have you put words in my mouth. i'm being very there it is a structural issue in francisco the mayor oversees a 13 billion dollar budget overseas numerous departments including the department of public health and the police department and any elected official in any part of this country san francisco and beyond is of course happy to have somewhere else to take the blame when things are not going well. so overall big picture do you feel like you as the district attorney are responsible at all for this feeling of the city not being safe. i'm responsible for fighting as hard as i can every single day to make the city safer and i'm
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proud of the work we've done and i know how much work we have ahead and i know that the recall will make us less safe. it will undermine the work my office is doing it will destabilize the district attorney's office. it will make the work we've done on projects like operation autopilot that just yesterday resulted in a massive bust of the auto burglary fencing operation unable to continue. it will detract and undermine and destabilize law enforcement at a moment when our city desperately needs strength and purpose and vision. that's what i'm trying to bring every single day. and again, that was just a portion of our interview with boudin. we hope to post the full interview on our website shortly. we also pressed him on the success of diversion programs his relationship with the san francisco police department and reports that over 50 prosecutors have left his office since he took office. he would not confirm that but he did say much of the turnover is part of the great resignation and just being a natural amount of turnover that happens at a da office. and let's we're just four weeks
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away from the recall. what was your overall impression of the district attorney? does he seem concerned? yeah, i mean, you know spoken like a good politician. he told us he's not concerned that he does believe he's going to beat this but there's no way looking at these poll numbers that he can't be uneasy right now the mere fact that we're seeing him out here so publicly making the rounds doing interviews with us and with others. indicates he certainly knows that he needs to fight for his job mama. all right, liz. thank you so much. coming up here 7 on your signs. michael. finney is live with the eviction fears that are growing closer by the day for california renters. the day for california renters. we'll be back did you know that renovating your kitchen and bathroom is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home? i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations
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breaking news in orange county. we've been covering on our 24/7 live stream for the last hour it has. exploded in size from 30 acres to 183 acres we've watched at least 13 homes go up in flames near laguna beach evacuations are underway. firefighters say strong winds are blowing embers into the attics of homes making their job even more difficult the fire started this afternoon near a water. plant and firefighters are battling a smaller fire in the cortiva wetlands preserved near antioch because of its remote location it has been difficult to fight from the ground instead fire crews are bringing in choppers to drop water on the flames a fire burned in the same general area last year and you're just seeing some smoke coming off and you're seeing the helicopter there right now, and of course the wind conditions are critical both in antioch and down south have been very gusty down at laguna beachama. yes. let's get the latest from sandia sandia. yeah, and that's why dan and alma that fire has just exploded
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in size because the are driving this fire down south near laguna niguel. so let me show you a satellite picture of the smoke. you can see just how far that smoke has traveled from laguna niguel out over the open ocean. i mean, this is just shows you how intense that is burning right now as we take a look here, you can see just roughly how far it's moved in terms of the smoke about 55 miles. so that fire continues to burn there here in the bay area. we are tracking gusty winds as well. 39 miles an hour at sfo novato. you're on shore at 28 miles an hour and in case you're wondering how long these winds are going to last. well tonight. we'll keep it on the windy side at 7 o'clock 30 to 36 miles an hour. the winds will ease tomorrow morning only to pick up again tomorrow afternoon and evening about 32, san francisco 24 half moon bay 30 in hayward along the embarcadero the kgo roof camera showing you the windy conditions right now mid 50s in san francisco. you need that jacket 60 in
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oakland. 62 san jose 54 half moon bay beautiful view from our san jose camera where the sun is shining looking towards the shark tank. it is 70 in santa rosa by contrast petaluma. only 60 degrees upper 60s around concord and 62 in livermore few passing clouds on live doppler 7, but it's wyatt compared to what we were dealing with yesterday in the north bay. another system is coming in energy is focused to our north. so what we're going to see is lake and mendocino county's might see a few sprinkles tomorrow from our exploratorium camera notice those high clouds that are coming through san francisco. they'll just continue to filter the sunshine patchy fog and high clouds overnight big warm-up for the bay in inland friday saturday, and we do have a cooler pattern setting up sunday through early next week. so by hour we go those high clouds come through tonight tomorrow morning. you will see some areas of fog, especially in the southern and eastern end of our viewing area apache flag in the north bay as well and then nine o'clock in the morning. you will notice a few showers around mendocino county. that's pretty much where they're
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going to stay lake county going under a frost advisory tomorrow from 12 to 8 am. temperatures down to 32 degrees frost could kill sensitive vegetation. so a good idea. protect any sensitive plants morning temperatures upper 30s to upper 40s. once again, we will see some areas. low clouds and fog to start off the day and then for the noon numbers will be similar to today or a little bit cooler as that system passes to our north upper 50s to the low 70s mix of sunshine and high clouds a look at the accuweather's seven-day forecast and you will notice that it is a warmer afternoon friday. you're going to go up into the low 80s by saturday. we're talking 90s lease near the coast. so it's going to stay comfortable in the lows 60s and then cooler breezy or pattern sunday and monday before those temperatures rise again around the middle of the week. okay, sandia. thanks very much a team of surgeons in the south bay is showing support for the people of ukraine by backing one of their own employees aesthetics
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plastic surgery is donating thousands of dollars in medical supplies to the organization hearts for ukraine. the team learned about it from one of their own nurses a ukrainian native who had plans to donate her paycheck to the humanitarian cause the practice decided to match what she was doing. i was thinking that i'm like, well, that's crazy. you know we can do more and i talked to my team here at aesthetic surgery center, and we actually have a storage unit full of medical supplies specifically for surgery that we opened up and donated to this organization. so great the donation includes surgical gloves iv fluid and materials for general surgeries. all of those supplies have already made it to ukraine and are being put to good use. former abc 7 news. anchor carolyn tyler is celebrating a new position in her retirement. she was sworn in today as the newest member of the san. cisco film commission. hi, carol, and tyler do solemnly swear you solemnly swear that i will support and defend that i
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will support and defend the constitution of the united states a constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california and the constitution. ution state of california again just love seeing her the film commission aims to ensure every production has a successful shoot in san francisco. so happy for a number of us. we're at the ceremony today and she is so excited to get started promoting. film in san francisco. congratulations carol, that's awesome. yes. congrats. all well as we continue here the difference between six and nine isn't three it's 86 million. we'll explain. we'll explain. time. it's life's most precious commodity, especially when you have metastatic breast cancer. when your time is threatened, it's hard to invest in your future. until now. kisqali is helping women live longer than ever before when taken with an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant... in hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's proven to delay disease progression. kisqali can cause lung problems, or an abnormal heartbeat, which can lead to death.
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celebrity cruises. numbers push stocks into negative territory the dow lost 326 points the nasdaq dropped more than 373 the s&p 500 fell by 66 to its lowest level since march of 2021 mega millions has suspended lottery prize payments because of a mega mistake for the gold mega ball. that is six again tonight's winning numbers are 15 19, 70 61 20 and mega ball 6. well, it turns out the host of last night's drawing got a number wrong. he called the gold mega ball 6 when it was actually nine if you think you might be a winner mega millions officials say you should hold on to your ticket until the problem is resolved. last night's jackpot was
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estimated at 86 million dollars. it's day two and done for the professional business women of california conference. until when a person walks into the room if they celebrate themselves or not. we as women have to feel like we're in the driver's seat. that we have leverage. and what we have now is the greatest opportunity of gener. for change that's the kind of spirit. i'm talking about everything you have done in your career has value. not so true. the program is designed to inform engage and inspire. mobile community of women abc 7 has been a proud media partner of pbwc since the first conference. this year's two-day event was virtual. well, we've backed off from setting records, but ask anyone an inflation is still painfully high tonight a look at what's been done about it.
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covered rental assistance is no longer available for those unable to pay their rent. i'm michael finney head on seven on your side fears of a huge surge in evictions. and keeping an eye on that fire burning homes in southern california. this is near laguna beach in orange county. we'll have the latest next and you can stream this right now on our abc 7 bay area app.
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news. we are continuing to follow breaking news in orange county. fire burning near laguna beach is now jumped to main road separating two neighborhoods. the fire has exploded in size to 183 acres since it started at about am three and a half hours ago at least 13 homes have burned so far in the total is likely much higher than that. actually evacuations are mandatory and laguna niguel and voluntary in laguna beach firefighters. say strong winds are fueling these flames awfully gusty down there the fire started this afternoon near a water treatment plant and firefighters are battling a smaller vegetation fire in the corte wetland s preserve near remote location
6:30 pm
fire called in chopper support and caught one helicopter. you see they're scooping up water then dropping it on the flames now right now. the fire is small during this is a live look you can see some of the smoke on its way to full control well now to a 7 on your side report? a lot of people any renter in california who has been unable to pay rent since april will be in danger of being evicted by the end of june 7 on your side's michael finney joins us with a dire warning tonight michael the state agency which runs a rental assistance program says it will only cover unpaid rents through march 31st. now, of course that is bad news for those unable to pay their landlord. prim valverde and her husband gilbert haven't been able to pay the rent since the fall when gilbert suffered a stroke while in the hospital. covering from covid. they are one of 208,000 people who are still waiting for their application to be processed for rental assistance. unfortunately, the state says it
6:31 pm
will only pay the rent for the month's prior to the application deadline of march 31st. oh, my my whole world went upside down. my husband is just so provider. i mean, what can you imagine that the person that? takes care of your whole family is in the hospital. it might die lorraine lopez is from the western center for law and poverty. so folks are now being left pretty much in the cold at once. the application closed. her group has filed a lawsuit on behalf of tenant, right advocate saying the state is violating the law by not providing up to a full 18 months of rental assistance if they have not yet exhausted their 18 months of assistance. they should still be allowed to receive all of that 18 months of assistance. even if it extends beyond march 31st, 2022 community. housing and development stands
6:32 pm
by its decision it told us this program was designed to be a temporary support and we stand by the work. 8 the captain california's house during the covid-19 pandemic lopez says those unable to pay their rent since april could face eviction when the moratorium expires on june 30th. they have few options, unfortunately, and that's one of the things that we've been prognosticating since the beginning of the pandemic is once protections actually expired that this there this is when the eviction cliff was going to come. now the tenant rights groups behind the lawsuit against the state are aligned for california for community empowerment and strategic actions for just economy those facing eviction or advised to seek help through legal or groups in their community or from the department of social services. okay, michael. thank you. sure. the average interest rate for a 30-year fixed. gidge is now about five and a
6:33 pm
half percent redfin chief economist. darrell fairweather joined our 3pm show getting answers. discuss the market she says those rising interest rates may level out prices, but ultimately it will take a bigger change to bring them down. i actually don't think prices are going to go down. i mean they might go down a little bit, but it's not going to be enough to make it feel like things are truly more affordable. the only way to make affordable is to build more of it. so everybody who wants to live in the bay area. and and the bay area has a really big hole to get self out of when it comes to building more housing. fair weather says even if the steep price increases we've seen recently slow down prices are already so high may not make a difference for many buyers. new economic numbers out today show inflation has already reached a peak, but that doesn't mean prices. falling anytime soon the cost of things like gas and groceries jumped. 0.3% in the last year while that seems extreme it was lower than the 40 year record of 8.5% in
6:34 pm
march president biden visited a farm in illinois today to underscore his plan to lower food prices calling it his top domestic priority. i stand here today to thank american farmers were the where the breadbasket of democracy you really are. you know, we talk about, you know, every investment banker could leave their job of every farmer left. we'd all starve to death. the president blames the inflation spike in part on russia's invasion of ukraine saying it has created financial pressures worldwide. still there comes tonight a story of badminton and pizza. and yes, there's something actually someone who ties them together plus they encourage me to you know, try your best you'll see everything will work out. it's definitely working out. she's got a bright future ahead. she's got a bright future ahead.
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century awards scholarship is granted a six graduating seniors in san francisco. each winter receives a $3, our scholarship abc 7 news senior education reporter land melendez introduces you to one of the winners. jasmine guzman from john o'connell high school hi, my
6:38 pm
name is jasmine guzman. i on oklahoma high school, i am passionate about engineering and art and i am ready to create growing up in the mission district art murals are everywhere inspired by her surroundings. just mean guzman was exposed to construction and architecture at o'connell high school which in turn led her to a life-changing internship and being a part of that. architecture interns are really solidified the fact that you know, i want engineering or architecture in college because i really like it here. my name is mr. luis villalon suzuki, and i'm a math teacher at john o'connell high school. i think jasmine sets her apart from her peers in that she is very determined in achieving her goals and achieving her aspirations as a student representative. committee pushing for more exposure of latino art artists of color and lg.
6:39 pm
tq artists how hard was it to convince teachers to open up the curriculum to accept more diversity in art. yeah heart. no. no, you know with passion and with dedication teachers are happy to diversify the arts students are also embracing this cultural awareness a teacher felt that that she needed to teach more polynesian culture. she had a polynesian student and so when they taught that their student felt really appreciated and really acknowledged and being able to feel represented. finally jasmine wants to major in engineering and has yet to decide between stanford and harvard. she credits her parents who immigrated from mexico and her six older siblings all college graduates for being exceptional role models. encourage me to you know, try your best you'll see everything will work out like i said, like just do good in school and it'll
6:40 pm
all pay off and for that. i'm really thankful for that support of my family. amazing. congratulations jasmine stanford or harvard stanford harvard good for her voice. yes. absolutely. all right. are you ready for a weekend warm-up? well ready or not here it comes sandia. 7-day forecast is next. and breaking news to tell you about now another fire. this is burning along the border of oakland and san leandro. it's near 98th avenue and empire road. not far from 880 you some of the scorched earth there and a little bit of smoke billowing off of that. it's very close to a homeless camp and homes, but it doesn't look like opposed as much of a thread at this point. we've seen people with garden hoses spraying down the brush you see a firefighter on a roof there firefighters are making sure to take care of this stay with us.
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i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message. tesla's full self- driving technology. the washington post reported on "owners of teslas fighting for control..." "i'm trying..." watch this tesla "slam into a bike lane bollard..." "oh [bleeped f***]" this one "fails to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk." "experts see deep flaws." "that was the worst thing i've ever seen in my life." to stop tesla's full self-driving software... vote dan o'dowd for u.s. senate.
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and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex. available at your local retailer and club. unlikely matchup between people from different generations and different backgrounds. they're coming together over a love of badminton and pizza as we celebrate. asian pacific american heritage month abc 7 news. anchor dionne lim brings us this story of two communities an expectedly working together to
6:44 pm
make something wonderful what you're about to witness could be considered some of the best badminton play in the world kalia sean who at the ripe old age of 17 has been playing for over a decade started playing when i was six new badminton was in her blood when she started playing with her brother there have been competing, you know going to places and chasing their dreams pretty today with one for friends. caitlin's place those dreams are one step closer to coming true. this june. i had the honor of qualifying to represent kimi usa in chengdu china for world university games. it's a sporting event. so prestigious it's been described as second only to the olympics the feel for me actually there to play at bing tang badminton facility in burlingame another friend kelly yao. i've been representing. for almost a decade. there's a reason why there
6:45 pm
needed to be three players on this day. see badminton is a game of quickness. the shuttlecock flying at speed so fast blink, and you may miss it. it's a game of teamwork and this man tony gemiani is joining in a man who once was a badminton champ. that was on number one mixed doubles number one doubles at one time singles, but has not picked up a racket in almost 30 years in high school i play sophomore junior senior year. i played a little bit after high school, but honestly, i haven't played batman and probably 29 years because i graduated in 1991 upon learn. ing about tony was so inspired he offered to help them with fundraising efforts funding currently is very very limited in the us especially for badminton because badminton as a sport is not very popular like any other sport intern? kelly wanted to help tony with his game. it's a full circle journey one
6:46 pm
that perhaps brings communities together the honestly like one of the only white guys in the league because it was redominated. it was an eight, you know asian sport, so i was the minority they've always been welcoming. it's one of those things like if you like what you do do it, you know, who cares what people say this story doesn't end on the courts. it continues in san francisco at tony's pizza restaurant where he is a champion of a different kind. so i'll show you a tricks. you gotta get really good. tony. not only could be considered the king of pizza with more than 30 concepts across the country. he also is a 13-time world pizza champion think the harlem globetrotters of dough where in addition to the tricks like showing off his guinness world record-setting spinning for largest pie. tony's unveiling a special pizza he invented that'll be put on the menu just for them with proceeds going toward their badminton journey batman kind of touches my heart a little bit. so i'm like, you know what? i think i can help them.
6:47 pm
we can do something cool. i'll show them how to make pizzas and we'll dedicate a really amazing asian italian fusion pizza at tony's and it's going to be awesome the aptly named panda pie an ode to where the games will be held features local asian ingredients. the first thing i think was lobster, right? so you like this. it's cured sausage george chen's so famous chef in chinatown china live. i went to him. i said okay. i want to get this but i want to add my hot pepper oil to it and do that italian. chinese kind of flared to it after gathering all the ingredients you have to remember this because i'm gonna make you do this and a lesson in technique we ever do create a crust push down the middle tony shows how in 90 seconds. this is my badminton peel. a melding of flavors and cultures combine for a great cause it's soft it's a really
6:48 pm
true like neapolitan style pizza, but really a california. italian chinese twist shot at working together off the court. we like spending time together as for how they're doubles match played out. okay. how did he do? he did great at the beginning. it was a bit rusty but throughout the game. he went pretty well. he won't improving improving. well, tony himself isn't so sure i'm pretty it you know when it comes to anything, so i just wanted to do really well and i didn't want to let my partner down what is certain how three young women from a totally different generation helped him reignite his passion for the game. yeah. i'm gonna start playing again for sure and help our bay area qualifiers get one step closer to their dreams the big part of our lives as like and for tony to be so willing to support us in the sport. obviously. it's a big deal for the
6:49 pm
community not just for myself in bur. and san francisco dion limb abc 7 news. wow, and just before a story was edited we learned that the world university games have been postponed until 2023 while disappointing the qualifying players are still planning to participate in other tournaments around the world. you'll find a link to their shared gofundme on abc 7 and the panda pie is also available at tony's restaurant in north beach for dine-in until the end of the month. that looks so good. i just love the story. it does is it does look good. what a great story way around. all right, let's date the forecast watching a number of fires down south end up here and windy weather. i'm yes meteorologist sandy patel has the latest sandia. yeah, dan and alma the gusty conditions will remain not just down in southern california near laguna niguel, but here as well, but the winds are bringing us good air quality. take a look. everyone's in the green here locally a live view from our east bay hills camera. you can see that camera bouncing around right now good air
6:50 pm
quality tomorrow as we're expecting another breezy one start to see moderate air quality showing up friday through the weekend. we do notice those temperatures rising on live doppler 7. just some passing high clouds as we take take a look at the high temperatures for tomorrow upper 50s to 70s a few high clouds. sunshine accuweather seven-day forecast we're going to bump up the temperatures on friday and saturday inland highs in the 80s 90s. the good thing is the coast will remain in the comfort zone. i'm dan. okay. that is at least good news, sandia. thanks very much. we've just spotted another fire believe it or not. this is burning next to 880 in oakland by 98th avenue just blocks away from the fire that we showed you a few minutes ago. sky seven is live over the scene is you can see here smoke is blowing onto the freeway. all right, we continue to follow that but we also have a lot of sports to follow. yeah warriors tonight chris alvarez is here with that chris. hi guys coming up in sports. it is closing time in memphis warriors the chance to take down the grizzlies and rest up for
6:51 pm
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everyone gets the best of you.
6:53 pm
because when you invest in yourself, united way bay area warriors and grizzlies just getting underway in memphis to the 3-1 series league golden state can close out things tonight. john moran is out for the grizzlies a bone brews in his knee. griz is head coach taylor jenkins doubling down and passing up on the opportunity to apologize for jordan pool for that false accusation of him. yanking his knee acting head coach mike brown. the warriors leaders are stepping up as head coach steve kerr recovers from covid.
6:54 pm
that's the luxury of having guys like andre and draymond around, you know, draymond addressed the team and he said, you know was no different for us against denver right that closeout game was tough. he made sure that the guys heard that same thing again today and you know, he said bring your heart hats. this could be ugly. it could be gritty doesn't matter any of that. you just got to try to find a way to win our pace isn't where it needs to be. i mean we're obviously bus in our tails on the defensive end. i keep telling the guys we just gotta have that same urgency and effort on the offensive end. so just got to be by the collection of our guys. you know, anyone's got to bring it. we got to push it. we got attack. we gotta just get the ball. it's all on hands on deck. 15 years ago today baron davis. did this the warriors guard with one of the most iconic dunks in franchise history when he posterized andre kieralenko in the 2007 nba playoffs that of course the we believe warriors they won that game by 20, but eventually lost the series in five games, but that poster at his good to see to baseball
6:55 pm
where the giants ever responded to a five-game losing streak and counting it with a five-game winning streak finishing. today's series sweep over colorado this young giants fan. oh talk. out living your best life. he's got a baseball alex cobb struck out six in five to 30 means of work also got some help from the defense. so he's gonzalez makes the catch in left so nice. we show it twice good glovely work there bottom five giants up three. nothing runner on for brandon belts, and it's a two-run shot to right center. his third of the season it's five and then giants and how about a fifth birthday? you got the giants game ice cream and a crawford home run all checklist across the board and jack peterson was over 22 before this a squib. that stays fair. that's how you break up a slump folks giants within seven one five game winning streak. they've scored 41 runs during this winning streak. how about the a's and tigers from motown and it is a tiger carousel very cool there in detroit top of the second a's up one nothing christian pop che gonna bring in his teammate christian beth in court. you nothing a's top the third
6:56 pm
now a's up four nothing in oakland capping a three-run ride with this kevin smith two rbi double the deep left center made it six stuff in oakland at last check. it is seven nothing a's in the ninth inning the 49ers community work never stops early this month eric armstead read to elementary students' hometown of sacramento. they also provided glasses for eye protection for the kids. meanwhile fred warner and his teammates helping put together. are suicide prevention kits the boxes are aimed to educate provide awareness and encourage anyone who needs help great work from the 49ers as always sports on abc 7 sponsored by united way bay area and last check at the warriors are down 10 midway through the first quarter but a lot of basketball, let's play we'll have more at 11 they were in this the other night too always. the slow start. thanks, chris. all right now to new video of that breaking news. we've been covering here on the air and live streaming on our abc 7 bay area app for the first time. we're seeing what it looks like on the ground in orange county. look at those flames homes are burning in laguna niguel and
6:57 pm
evacuation orders are in effect. you can follow us online for the latest at abc 7 in the abc 7, baby area app. all right that it's going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. thanks for joining us. i'm on the dates and i'm dan. play for sandy patel chris alvarez all of us here. we appreciate your time. let's take you now to the east bay live sky 7 pictures of a fire in oakland 880 and 98th avenue traffic not affected so far despite smoke blowing over the freeway. we'll keep tabs on that for you and see you again at 11.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
♪♪♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" let's today's contestants-- a high school math teacher from san jose, california... a wine import manager from nashville, tennessee... and our returning champion-- a children's book editor from brooklyn, new york... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--mayim bialik. [cheers and applause] thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome, everyone, to "jeopardy!" mallory kass may have used a pen name
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when she wrote her successful novel, but she wants everyone to know her name when it comes to becoming a "jeopardy!" champion. we welcome our new challengers, micaela and daniel. good luck to all three of you. let's take a look at the categories that you will be facing in the jeopardy! round, starting with... each response will contain that number. and... mallory, make your selection. let's do american history for $600. oh, let's start with a daily double. you can wager up to $1,000. how much would you like to wager? let's do $1,000. here's your clue... oh, god. i don't know. uh... what is "live long and prosper"? [laughs]


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