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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 12, 2022 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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surveillance cameras captured this car crashing all the way into columbus, ohio's convention center. the driver of the tesla cab told police his brakes failed. but witnesses say he seemed to speed up right before slamming into the building. damage is estimated to be at least $250,000, including repairs to the sprinkler system, power lines, carpeting, and wall coverings. the faa is investigating after a passenger jet lost control as it touched down in houston. the plane slid off the runway and onto grass after experiencing a steering issue. abc's mireya villarreal has the details. >> reporter: the faa says this united express flight from victoria, texas, had just come
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in for a landing around 2:30 this afternoon at houston's george bush intercontinental airport when the plane lost nose wheel steering. the bombardier crj-200 rolling off the runway and onto the grass. >> it looks like there's a plane in the grass that landed in front of us. >> reporter: authorities say there were no injuries among the 13 passengers and 3 crew onboard. >> this is the captain of the aircraft, the united express aircraft here off the runway. we need to somehow to get out of here. the passengers are fine in the back. there are no damages of any kind. >> reporter: those passengers bused to the terminal as ground crews moved in to inspect the jet. the runway will stay closed until crews can get the plane, move it off of the runway, and the faa comes in to investigate exactly what went wrong. mireya villarreal, abc news, dallas, texas. >> mireya, thank you. this may look like just a busy intersection. it happens to be in boynton beach, florida. but watch as one car starts
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drifting across the lanes. a woman behind the wheel had some sort of medical episode. that's one of her colleagues running out into traffic, calling for help. good samaritans come to the rescue, eventually stopping the vehicle. one of them gets a dumbbell, and a man uses it to break a window. he goes into the car and gets a door open. now, they were able to get the car into park and then rolled it into a lot, where the driver received medical attention. police are looking to identify the good samaritans in order to offer some thanks. >> that was amazing the way they all came together just in the nick of time. wow. >> people helping people there. and also just to have the awareness. >> uh-huh. >> no offense. there's some bad drivers in florida. everywhere, really. >> right. >> maybe you just think it's a bad driver. but, you know, no. somebody having a medical emergency. coming up, patti lupone unplugged. why the broadway legend went off on an audience member onstage. and later, this happened. the crane that fell onto a house. you're watching "world news now."
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if it makes you feel that way bro... i will probably do it. can i hug you? yeah. i love you, man. i love you too. ♪ a post-show performance by a broadway star gave one audience member more of a show than she bargained for. >> it happened after patti lupone's performance of her hit musical revival "company."
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our own will ganss is here with more on that. >> hey, mona. yeah. we're only about six months into the return of broadway, and not for the first time in her legendary career, patti lupone unafraid to call out audience members to make sure that broadway stays open. she's the eight-time tony nominee known for her show-stopping voice in shows like "gypsy" and "evita." ♪ don't cry for me argentina ♪ >> but her latest ovation has nothing to do with the part she's playing. >> put your mask over your nose. that's while you're in the theater. that is the rule. if you don't want to follow the rule, get the -- out. [ applause ] >> following tuesday night's performance in "company," patti lupone ripping into an audience member who refused to wear their mask correctly after repeated requests. >> who do you think you are if you do not respect the people that are sitting around you? >> we pay your salary. >> you pay my salary?
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chris harper pays my salary. >> this is not just a random person saying, hey, you need to put your mask on. this is patti lupone, and she's like the tom brady of broadway, right? >> indeed. really you don't get higher than patti lupone. she is -- she is the legend. she is the g.o.a.t. she is the original evita. she's the really fantine in "les miserables" in london. >> despite patti herself testing positive for covid and missing ten days of performances, "company" and most other broadway shows lifted vaccine requirements on april 30th. >> one of the safeguards that's been in place ever since broadway reopened has been taken away. masking is more important than ever. >> patrons are made aware of mask policies when buying their tickets. the telecharge website clearly states -- "everyone in the theater must wear acceptable face covering at all times. all face coverings must cover the nose and mouth. guests who do not comply with these protocols will be denied
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entry or asked to leave the theater." this isn't the first time the broadway beltress has done something like this. in 2009, she stopped a performance of "gypsy" to chastise a rogue photographer mid-show, heard here in this audio. >> stop taking pictures right now! >> okay. so the audience member at "company" was eventually escorted out. the team behind the show released a statement saying in part, we stand with patti and support her efforts to keep our entire community, from patrons to ushers, cast to stage crew, safe and healthy so we can keep broadway open. by the way, patti just scored a tony award nomination this week for playing joanne in the show "company." i saw her. she's amazing. but still, ooh, to be anywhere near that audience member. >> all you have to do is follow the rules, will. you know? >> you're so right. >> you know what you're getting into. it wasn't a surprise. >> i can't believe she talked
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back to patti too. "we pay your salary"? girl, please. >> not how that works. >> physically, bye. yeah, i mean, i see why, though. there's a lot of people whose livelihoods depend on broadway staying open. >> exactly.
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♪ we are back with "this happened," starting with a jaw-dropping video out of indiana. >> and it was likely just one of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time. >> yeah, but clearly, not this time. let's take a look. that is a crane trying to remove a tree behind that house in new albany. ooh! it's already jacked up at a precarious angle there. okay. but how's the tree? then you even hear as one of the crane's outriggers gives way, allowing the crane to fall backwards right on top of the house. >> mother nature, one. homeowner, zero. and how's this for adding insult to injury?
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the homeowner had reportedly just had her roof repaired before this happened. >> leave the trees where they be. next, to the piglet on the run in north carolina. >> i'm obsessed with this story. the piglet's name is dale oinkhart jr., and he went on a tear through downtown kinston outside of raleigh after escaping from a pen at a saloon. >> that's the best pig name since chris p. bacon. >> oh, yeah. >> remember that viral clip? all right. could it have had anything to do with his being brought to the saloon for a pig race at a weekend barbecue? i don't know. maybe. but his owner is glad to get him back. >> me and all the other five piglets are delighted to have dale oinkhart jr. back here at the saloon with us. it wouldn't have been the same without him. i knew he was going to come back. oh, lord. >> oh, lord! this is an "snl" sketch waiting to happen. okay. harper says he's glad to have dale oinkhart jr. back and considers him part of the family. hmm. >> this -- you know what? we can't make this up. this is actually hilarious.
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>> "oh, lord!" >> it was everything. >> i'm going to be him for halloween. all right. next, you'll never guess where this happened. >> yeah, i will.t's florida. this toddler repeatedly gets knocked down by a rotating jump beam at a trampoline park in coconut creek. >> you guys, every day gets harder to fight for my spot in heaven. despite getting repeatedly knocked down, that little guy just keeps getting right back up again. you can hear people laughing in this video, so we're assuming -- >> so this is me, and the beam is -- >> life. >> -- all my adult responsibilities. >> just whack! speaking of babies, a parade of baby bison delighted animal lovers. >> this happened in yellowstone national park. several bison calves were spotted trotting alongside their moms and dads in wyoming. >> oh, yeah. according to the national park service, bison calves tend to be born from late march through may, and their red-orange color earns them the nickname red dogs.
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